My Love From Another Star – After Kiss Scenario

[wrote this scenario after the flying kiss…was hoping for a conversation along this line….and….YES! the writer gave it to us!…it’s kinda similar to mine, lol…kinda]

*a few hours after the kiss*

SY: what happen you’re sick again?
MJ: yeah, don’t take me to the hospital
SY: hey, you’re starting to make a girl feel bad…what’s with this being sick every time you kissed me
MJ: Well…you see I’m not suppose to exchange saliva with earthlings or I get deathly ill…but don’t worry I’ll live
SY: YAHHHH!  what kinda crazy deal is that???
*SY look at MJ with a stump expression*
SY: so are you saying…what I think you’re saying… *looking at him up and down* what happen if we, you know….
MJ: *look affronted* what do you mean?
SY: well….you know….THAT, what happen if we do THAT!  *trying to say “sex” with her eyes* (kikikiki)
MJ: *looks horrified* how am I suppose to know!!!  Do I look like I’ve been doing that, you’re the first girl that I’ve even kis…….*shuts mouth abruptly and look away*
HAHAHAHAHA…..too obsessed with this show now I’m even making my own script!

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