My Love From Another Star – Hideout Scenario

[this scenario was writing while waiting for the next episode to air with the preview of seeing MJ out at the fishing lake again]

*Camera zoom into DMJ lying in bed trying to sleep but couldn’t, he’s still thinking about the earlier conversation*

MJ: now she got me really curious about what will happen if we….*sigh frustratedly and closed eyes*

*SY voice can be heard in a whisper*

SY: Min Joon ahh, Do Min Joon ahh

*MJ opens his eyes abruptly, he can hear her calling him*

SY:  Min Joon ahh, you can hear me right?

*camera jump to SY’s room with her lying in bed talking to MJ*

SY: I’m just thinking out loud here, I hope you can hear me….I miss you, I want you next to me right now.  Can’t you come over here and be with me? I don’t want to be alone *sat up abruptly* Or I can come over?  I don’t think you’re well enough to be by yourself, I should come over…

*camera back to MJ bed*

*MJ got off bed with his hands to his ears trying to block out her siren voice, his face gradually turning red.  Went to bathroom and splash water on face and look into mirror*

MJ: what is that woman trying to do to me?

*doorbell ringing*

*MJ was so startled he stumble a few steps back*

SY: Min Joon, open the door, it’s me

MJ: go away!!

SY: I’ll go away when I see that you’re fine, so open the door

MJ: I’m fine, really I am so just go back to your room!

SY: ok but let me just see you, I haven’t seen you since our last talk…

*MJ opens the door*

MJ: alright, you see me right, now go back *making gesture to close the door but SY held on to his rope going under his arm and letting herself in*

MJ: what are you doing?

SY: spending time with my boyfriend what do you think?

MJ: whkkss *choking on his reply*

*SY walks over to his fridge to get some fruits, she started eating something and offering it to him talking in the background*

*MJ couldn’t really hear anything, his face is glossed over, he’s seeing her in a dreamlike state seductively eating the fruit, hair flying, and giving him alluring smile, her finger making the gesture for him to come to her*

*SY slam the fridge door and the image poof into smoke while MJ shook his head with a horror look in his eyes.  SY look at him curiously and ask if he’s ok.*

MJ: I’m ok, just go back

*SY looks puzzled*

SY: you don’t look ok, actually you look like the fever is taking over again, let me get some cold water *ran to bathroom to grab a towel, MJ ran in after her…camera showing SY is talking away but we don’t know what’s she’s saying while wringing the towel under the water*

*MJ is looking at her but is fantasizing again, SY is now in a sexy rope that falls off exposing one shoulder she’s giving him a sexy grin again and calling him over with the gesture of her finger, MJ looking flabbergast, his face got redder*

*camera zoom in on SY lips, eyes, face, neck, expose shoulder.  Camera then zooms in on MJ throat as he swallowed audibly*

—Cut to classroom scene—

*MJ is giving a lecture in class about love interest between the man and woman*

MJ: When the relationship have reach the acceptance stage where each of the partner had acknowledge each other, the stakes become higher and male and female will behave differently.  The female will want to initiate intimacy by wanting to be closer to her partner.  She will make excuses to see him, she will want to be held closer, she will want to talk to him about everything and share everything to create a closer bond.  The male on the other hand will have his basic instinct kick in to fully possess what’s his.  Physical desire will be at its peak for him as she comes closer for comfort and warmth.  If there’s nothing in the way of this male desire, he will quickly seizes what he wants.

—Cut back to MJ bathroom scene—

*SY came closer to him and put a hand on his face trying to gauge his temperature with concern look in her eyes.  He grabs her hand and looks deeply into her eyes.  Her concern look melted away as her eyes turn mesmerize by the look of passion in his eyes*

MJ: *whisper* go

SY: *whisper back* no

*MJ grabs her whole body and pushed her against the bathroom door, shutting it, swoop down and kiss her passionately.  Her hands went to his shoulder to pull down his nightgown*

*MJ stop abruptly and pushed himself away from her, both are breathing heavily*

MJ: I have to go

SY: *looking dazed and could only reply* Oh

*MJ opens the door and left*

—Cut to scene of him sitting alone at the cold lake, shaking in the cold—


6 responses to “My Love From Another Star – Hideout Scenario

  1. Uri MJ does care for his health a lot 😂… I really like how you cut off the romantic scene by having MJ teleport himself to the lake to avoid SY’s seduction. I love the way you tell the story… It’s so vivid that can activate my byeontae mind and of course blood and saliva are everywhere :)). I’m truly your fan, Safiresea writer nim. Pls keep up your fantastic work for our sake ❤️💐

  2. 100% agree with Thao Weo !! I am backreading the blog posts because I want to save all the story and these are pure gems. Ahhh I wanted more why did MJ stop???
    It’s ok we already saw what happened in the future during the honeymoon anyway hahaha.

    BTW unnie, I really like how you stay consistent in what you write. Some authors say something here, then forgot and say something else there but so far from what I have read everything flows together in its own context (2Hyun, or MJ/SY, or Zam/Yen). Even though it’s the same people, the writing is so well detailed for each that you feel like it’s different characters. Really well done !!

    I am going to look for more treasure on the blog lool.

    • omo what’s going on Maddie, the last few days seem you been going around the site saving things like it’s the end of days….you know something I don’t know? lol don’t worry too much chingu it’s going to be on the site for a long time.

      Wow! Thank you for noticing this Maddie 🙂 I do try but it helps that I’m just naturally a detailed person as it is 🙂 but I’m so happy to hear that you can distinctly separate these 3 couples even if they are all the same…that means I’ve done my job pretty decent

      HAHA, good luck on the treasure hunt and I’ll be adding more too (some from the past) so look out for new posts 😉

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