My Love From Another Star – Meet Up Scenario

[a continuum scenario from the last while waiting for new episodes]

–Scene opening at the frozen lake–

*MJ is sitting in a chair, huddling and shaking from the cold, he looked back at the tent behind him and turned back around*

*MJ narrates to self: I’m feeling colder and colder without that person beside me *sigh* as sure as I feel the cold, I don’t feel so sick anymore.  Am I getting immune to her saliva?  What exactly does that mean?  Do I dare to hope….*

*In the background tire wheels screeched to a stop, camera pan down to a pair of snow boots walking towards MJ*

SY: I’d thought you’d be out here

*MJ still shivering but look shocked at seeing her beside him*

MJ: why did you follow me out here for, go home

SY: I’m not going anywhere without you.  Come home with me, you’re still not feeling well….

*MJ looks away from her and silently, went back to his brooding look*

SY: yahh DO MIN JOON!  Are you purposely trying to make me worried sick???

*SY walked briskly and determinedly to his side and yanked him up*

SY: you stubborn alien!  Go into the tent with me right now unless you want to turn into a popsicle.

*MJ looks terrified.  SY taken aback, rolled her eyes and laugh sarcastically*

SY: Wahhh, are you serious?  Who do you think I am?  I’M CHEON SONG YI *stressing her name* do you really think I’m that desperate for a man that I might…jump you? *sarcastic laugh* TTWWW *roll eyes some more*

*MJ looking defeated followed her into the tent*

*SY open the blanket and scoot MJ into the blanket, his back to her, and she follow suit, laying down next to him*

MJ: *turns around and look at her suspiciously* what are you doing now?

SY: what do you think?  Keeping you warm!…..and besides, I’m cold too.

*SY push his body back to face the wall of the tent and lay next to him hugging his back*

MJ: *mumble to self* you bad, bad woman. (reference to Dream High here, kiki)

*Sy pretends she didn’t hear him*

SY: do you know what my dream was like before you came along?  I wanted to be even more popular than I was, I wanted everyone to love me…the men to always fall for me and the women to always be jealous of me.  *laugh softly*  I didn’t realize how ridicules that dream was until I met you.  Now, whatever dream it is I have, you are always in it…now, for the first time I realize you are my dream….a dream I want to make into reality.

*SY leans in and kiss him softly on his neck.  MJ start shaking vigorously and try to scoot farther from her but she held him tight*

MJ: *voice breaking in a whisper* stop doing that *referring to kiss* you’re not helping.

SY: ohh, sawwry….sawry

*SY smiled contently and lay her cheeks on his back, hugging him tighter*

— a few hours later—

*MJ couldn’t sleep, he turned over and looked at SY sleeping face*

*MJ narrates to self while looking at SY face: I didn’t think I could love this woman any more than I already am, how do I even begin to say goodbye when those last few days come? *

*MJ eyes started tearing up, he lean down and kiss SY forehead, kiss down her nose, kiss down her lips and linger a bit longer.  As he pulled away SY opens her eyes slowly and look straight into his eyes*

SY: Min Joon ahh…..I want you to know, that no matter what happen I’m going to hold on tight to you.  I’m never going to let you go.  So you better stay with me ah?  *pause, look at him lovingly, smile sadly as a tear falls down her cheek*  Saranghe (I love you)…..

*MJ face broke, he grabs her tightly and sobbed uncontrollably into her chest while camera zoom in on SY serene face as she stroke his hair*


4 responses to “My Love From Another Star – Meet Up Scenario

  1. Just found your website, finally I got my oasis here. You’re a talented writer, my dear.. can’t wait for more. If you don’t mind, may I got the permission to read the protected part ?

    • yup! I just added you to my email list, you’ll get it shortly 🙂 And thanks! I’m so happy to know that this place can be an oasis for someone, that’s exactly what I had hoped for 😀

  2. You’re a very talented writer. I really can’t get enough of mlfas :))) I’m still not used to your site. Where do I start reading ❤

    • well, if you want to chunk them out, then start on the left menu where it says “CATEGORIES” there’s 7 categories there just pick whichever interest you first and always read post starting from the bottom up 🙂 Or you can click on the Archives/Calender from February, starting from the very first post….or from the main page just scroll all the way down and hit the “Older Post” button, scroll and hit “older post” button, and continue like that until you reach the end then read from the bottom posts going up the ladder….basically you want to read the bottom up or the earliest post the the present post. Hope that make sense? 😀 enjoy!

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