My Love From Another Star – The Final Deed Scenario

[this script is my reaction after hearing Suzy was going to cameo in the show…so in return, I made my couple “do the deed” wahhahahhaha]

–Camera panning into DMJ as he’s walking to class–

*DMJ smiling to himself (thinking about SY), from behind we see a girl running up to him and linked her arms in his, camera close up to his shocked face then pan down to Suzy character*

S: Min Joon oppa! *smile widely*

*MJ recovered his shock and smile*

MJ: what are you doing here?

S: Didn’t father tell you?  I’m starting class today *referring to lawyer Jang*

MJ: you’ve grown that much already?

S: let’s have lunch together, it’s been so long I haven’t seen you, you look as handsome as ever oppa.  Do I look all grown up to you?

MJ: *smiles again and pat her head* yes you do…ok we’ll do that *look away and grin again*

S:  wahh, what’s with you I don’t remember you smiling so much *shrug*

*both walking off camera*

—next scene—

*SY is driving and calling MJ all smiles and excitement*

SY: Min Joon ah! Where are…

*skip to MJ sitting at school café with S enjoying coffee and lunch together*

MJ: *pick up SY phone but is distracted* ahhh, I can’t talk right now, I’ll call you back later *hung up the phone*

S: who’s that?

*MJ looks to the side with a small smile*

MJ: …so you were saying?

*camera pan out further as we see them in the background conversing, from afar we see SY parked her car and squint over at the glass window showing MJ and S talking and laughing, SY fuming, gets out of the car and slam the door*

*camera back to MJ and S*

S: *laughing* oppa, I don’t remember you being like this, I’ve missed you *put her hand on his*

*camera zoom in to their hands and a third hand, SY, took S hand yank it off MJ.  SY look down at MJ with a cold pissed off face*

SY: so this is what you’re busy doing?

S: oppa….who’s this?

*MJ opens his mouth but SY spoke before him*
SY: yes Min Joon, who am I? *MJ looks uncomfortable and stutter a bit* Do Min Joon Manager may I have a word with you in private.

MJ: *to S* I’m sorry we’ll continue this another time…

*SY stomp out and MJ follow suit, they drove in silence and stopped the car at a quite deserted park*

MJ: you shouldn’t have done that *does not look happy*

SY: SHOULDN’T?!?!  You told me you were busy…that’s what you were busy doing?  Holding another girl’s hand?!??!

MJ: It’s NOT like that!  *MJ yelled back, then calms down*

SY: You kissed me not even 24 hours ago and now you’re holding another girl’s HAND?!!? *her voice raised and eyes become watery* what am I dealing with you better tell me now, what am I to you?

MJ: it’s not the appropriate time to be talking about that right now, *looks uncomfortable again*


MJ:  This is crazy, let’s just go home and talk when you’re calmer ok?

SY: Yes! It’s crazy, I’M CRAZY…I can’t believe that I’m this crazy over you!!!  I wish I’ve never….

*SY didn’t finish her sentence as MJ grab a hold of her hair in the back of her head and push her in kissing her senseless, she’s trying to fight him off but he gently put his other hands around her waist and guide her body closer to his, deepening the kiss even more.  SY stopped fighting and grab the back of his head with both her hands in his hair…then, realizing what’s happening she sat back and pushed him away.  He looked at her with a drug passionate look, lean in and kissed her again, even more passionate this time.  SY melted…then remember what happened and pushed him farther away this time.

SY: I don’t want to talk to you right now, *her voice broke* I don’t even want to look at you right now just take me home.

*MJ expression turns steely cold, sat back down, turn the engine and peel out angrily*

—Later that night—

*MJ is pacing around his living room, getting more and more worked up*

MJ: *talk to himself* what is this? Why is she so worked up over something so trivial?!

*doorbell ring, it’s SY*

MJ: *opens door, sigh* yes

*SY barge in, still angry*

SY: I want to know now, am I just someone you’re passing time with?  Am I just an amusement to you? How many girls don’t I know about?

MJ: I told you it’s not like that *sounding exasperated*

*SY is waiting for him to say more but MJ remain quite*

SY: you know I really don’t need this right now, I don’t think we should see each other for a while until you can confidently tell me what it is I am to you.  I think you know very well how I feel about you and it just hurts too much when you don’t even acknowledge who I am in front of other people.  You never even once tell me straight to my face how you really feel about me.  I keep guessing…and hoping….

*SY looked sideways at his pained expression and sigh*

SY: don’t look for me, I’m going to go see HK for a while….right now I could really use someone on my side.  At least I never have to guess about his feelings for me.  *turn around to walk out the door*

*MJ grabbed her hand so fast SY was shocked; he dragged her down the corridor to his bedroom, pushed her in and slam the door closed.  SY looked stupefied and couldn’t believe what was happening*

SY: yahhh, Do Min Joon, what are you doing?

MJ: *breathing heavily*  I thought you wanted to know my feelings towards you *he walks towards her with a deadly serious look on his face.  SY falters and step backward until her back is against the door.  His face inches down closer to her*

MJ: What do you want to hear…that I see you in my mind the moment I woke up until the last second I fall asleep?  That I would give up everything in this world and mine to be with you every second of everyday?  That I want to marry you, make love to you, have kids with you, grow old with you, and never leave your side?…when I know all of that is not possible? *his voice break down and he starts to cry* You turned my life upside down and inside out.  To say that I’m crazy in love with you is an understatement of the century….what more do you want me to say?  That the last 400 years that I’ve lived is a waste of time until you come along?  ……..DON’T EVER…mention another man’s name in front of me again!

*SY is crying and looking at him, her hand slowly grabs his…without breaking eye contact she walked them both towards the bed.*

*Camera pan outside the room, outside the empty balcony, up into the night sky*


27 responses to “My Love From Another Star – The Final Deed Scenario

  1. So there was such a great version here and I didn’t know. The last part is my fave when they are fighting and MJ gets all mad.

    We didn’t really see him like that in the drama. That would have been so sexy lol.

  2. So much passion… So much love… I’m so touched during the last scene when MJ finally bursts out his true emotion for SY, what a man, i say!

    • yeah…..all sexyness….I wanted to see something like that on the show (even though I know it’s K-drama and all….but the scene when he pinned her down on the couch was pretty darn close hihihi)

  3. Eonni ah….jinjja jjang!!
    Can i join here with some silly scenario? Wkwkwk
    Since i’m not capable enough in byeontae scene just like u eonnie
    Just kidding

  4. I’m deeply in love with your story.. there’s only one word for you unnie… DAEBAKK.. Keep up the good work.. looking forward for the continuum of the story..

  5. Daebakk.. i’m deeply in love with your story.. keep up the good work unnie.. looking forward for the next episodes… Hwaiting unnie!!!!

  6. Love it sooo much…Daebakkk…. looking forward for the next episodes… keep up the good work unnie.. HWAITING!!!!

  7. when I heard suzy will be a cameo, I thought her character was going to be something relevant,and make dramatic scene or whatever, but it turned out that she was just annoying student that does nothing but aegyo lol. Your script is so much better, but fanfic is always better anyway lol

    • I thought so too…yeah I really think that scene was really unnecessary even if it’s someone else beside Suzy…I really think they squeeze her in that scene because she’s a fan of the show and she’s chummy with our lead….and another way for the show to tie in another drama as they’ve been doing all along with Heirs, My Sassy Girl, Flower Boy Next Door, Reply 1997, etc.

  8. hi
    i am a 2huyng shipper
    i made a page on facebook about my love from the stars season 2
    actually i put ur episodes on the page
    if i did something wrong just tell me and i can remove it

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