My Love From Another Star – Episode 22


SCENE 3 – Investigator Room

Detective BH and Prosecutor YS sat watching a video intently.

Camera shows video screen of JK in jail pacing sporadically…he then hit his head continually on the wall until blood spill down his face.  A guard and assistant ran in to stop him…struggles ensue, JK then “fainted”.  Screen skip to camera in psych ward: They haul him in a rush to the psych ward hospital area, a nurse is seen wiping his blood off while a doctor was getting a medicated syringe ready.  JK stood up suddenly, pushed and knocked the nurse down hitting her hard on the floor, she fainted.  He grabbed the syringe and stabbed the doctor with it…the doctor fell to the floor.  JK looked outside the 2 story window, look back around the room and found the camera.  He walked closer to the camera, gave a chilling half smile through his ragged beard and smashes it.  Camera goes dead.

Detective BH: (slam his hand on the table, then tousle his hair looking frustrated) How could this happen? (talking to Prosecutor YS)

YS looking thoughtful, still at the dead screen.

Detective BH: What should we do now?  I’ll notify every station for standby…we gotta catch this bastard soon before he does something crazy….should we notified Min Joon?

YS sigh and glanced away from the TV screen, looking conflicted.

SCENE 5 – Song Yi & Min Joon In Bed

SY ran out of bed and straight to the bathroom.  The door is closed but noises of her vomiting can be heard. MJ sat up quickly in bed and ran to the door opening it.  He looks at SY pale face then came by her side and helped her up from the floor with a worried, concerned expression on his face.  He helped her wash her face and mouth.

MJ: Cheon Song Yi this has happened 3 days now, when are you going to listen to me and go to the doctor?

SY: I’ll be fine just give me a moment.  It’s probably just fatigue setting in.  My filming schedule is a little hectic lately…

MJ: (helped her back to bed) I’ll go make breakfast.

SY: no, don’t go…I really don’t have an appetite right now anyways.  Just lay here next to me for a bit longer. (One of her hand slip inside of MJ pajama and trailed upward to his chest.  He stopped her hand with his own, holding it still against his pounding heart)

MJ look at her intently with a small smile mix with a bit of awe.

MJ: weiiih Cheon Song Yi?!  You should be resting right now.

SY: I want to feel your heart beat fast like this…I love this, I miss it dearly.

MJ blushed and then a thought came to mind and he pushed away from her slightly.

MJ: could it be…you’re getting sick because….because….we….um….did that too often? Maybe the side effect is not on me but…perhaps it’s you that’s getting the side effect?!  Just in case (he pulled her hand out of his shirt and pushed her further away)

SY: I told you I’m fine now (gets mad and cross her arms across her chest)…I swear sometimes you’re worst then a great great great grandfather would be!  My dear Alien husband! Your age is really starting to show, ah? (Sneers-pout over at him and getting ready to get out if bed)

MJ pulls her back closer and rolled over on top of her.  He linked his arms into hers and presses it down onto the mattress.  His lips hover above hers while they both stare at each other intently.

MJ: Song Yi-ahh I’m going to make you regret bringing up my age…but if you get sick one more time you’re going to the doctor, even if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming….got it?

SY:(display victory smile) got it! (then she kissed him passionately to shut him up)

SCENE 12 – Song Yi & Yoon Jae Breakfast Conversation

SY sat at the table staring at the food but doesn’t seem to have the stomach to eat them.  YJ looks at her from across the table.

YJ: still feeling that morning sickness?  Where’s hyung?

SY: he had an urgent matter to take care of, said he won’t be back till later this afternoon.

YJ: you should go to the doctor and check out how far along pregnant you are.  And get some more rest ah, it’s not healthy for the baby.

SY throws a spoon at his head but missed.

SY: YA! It’s not like that ok?

YJ puts down his silverware and stopped eating, looking at SY sarcastically.

YJ: are you really going to start with that innocent act?  You guys are married for like a year now….(turn head and whisper under breath) As if I can’t hear what you guys are doing at night.

SY: (slaps hands on table) Yoon Jae!  You want to get kicked out of this house or what?!?!  …….if you really must know we already discuss about this way back when.  It’s not like that because his kind….his people…they don’t make babies like the way we do, it’s not possible for it to happen….they…..never mind!  Just finish your food and go to your interview.  I’m going to head out to see a doctor anyways, Min Joon will throw a fit if he finds out later that I didn’t.

YJ: (perk up with complete interest)  REALLY?  He told you more about his people.  What else did he say?

SY: I’M GOING!  If you’re so curious ask him yourself and stop pestering me!

YJ: (looks defeated again) it’s not like I haven’t tried asking him about it, he’s so stingy and tight lip about everything. (starts eating half-heartedly again)

SY stepped outside of her house looking a little more perk up and talk to herself…

SY: well…he is with me, Chun Song Yi, a miracle could happen.  I can have a little hope right?  What should I name her if we have a girl? (shakes head) ayyyyja….I shouldn’t get ahead of myself….(let out a small girlish giggle and walked to her car).

From a far, the camera pan closer to JK cold face covered in ragged beard.  His eyes bear down a woman getting into her car from a far distance….zooming in, the camera reveal it is SY as she happily speed away and passed JK without a second glance.  JK continue staring at the disappearing car…his hand tighten on the handle of a gleaming knife.


18 responses to “My Love From Another Star – Episode 22

  1. Oh my, writer nim. Can you be more specific about how MJ ‘ people make babies? You make my already byeontae mind even more cray cray now *thinking hard on Avatar* XD

  2. ahhhhh…when can i view the full episode????? please pleaaassssssseeeeeee release it the earliest!!!!

    • kylie, I’m not sure what you’re asking for sweetie…are you referring to episode 32? or are you referring to getting access for Special Editions?

  3. Hi there I love your work here ^^ I’m so happy that someone decided to continue the story of that special couple! But can I ask why did you start here with 3 scene not 1? How’s it counted?

  4. Min joon was a doctor in his past, isn’t he? He also has super ear which could easily made him aware of another heart is beating inside her, wouldn’t he? I just thought it would be more satisfying to experience seeing him realizing that the second thud is actually not her heartbeat but it is coming from the precious thing growing inside her. It will be marvelous wouldn’t it, if the first reaction when he realized this was like when he heard jjh won daesang award, clapping hand and goes teary. (in the same time all Seoul area having blackout, I pictured the chaos will be epic)

    • wow! that is indeed a cool idea! 😉 wish I thought of that….hmmmm…well, I guess I would just say he wasn’t expecting that at all….usually he only tunes in to what he wants to hear like he told SY (he doesn’t hear when she’s in the bathroom, haha) he already knew they couldn’t have baby because of their genetic differences but alas, this is a gift from the universe 😉

      • Unnie, thank you for your fast response, you’re the best.
        When I rewatched episode 12, I just noticed that he dreamt about her being pregnant. I guess, deep down inside, he wants it all, experiencing all the ordinary human thing with her. For me it is not because he wanted for an heirs, only just because he thought that it will make her happy. That’s why in episode 19, he respond positively to her questions about planning to have kids and replied that he wants 7 daughters. Most importantly, he, himself personally and equally wants all and each things that make her happy as much as she does. In general, everything that makes her happy, makes him happy too.

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