My Love From Another Star – Episode 23


SCENE 7 – DMJ Drive Home

DMJ is driving at a hurried pace, he’s zooming past other cars and continue speeding up.  His thoughts flashes back to the conversation he had with Detective BH and Prosecutor YS.

Detective BH: what are you going to do now that JK is on the loose?

MJ: I don’t know.  I’d have to try and find him first…but knowing him, he’s not too far behind.  He’s coming for me…that I know.

Prosecutor YS: are you going to let SY know?

MJ: for now I don’t want her to worry about it yet…she’s not feeling so good lately so she’s going to be in the house a lot more which abate some of my worries.  I’ll try to weed him out and if we still can’t find him in the next few days, I will tell her so she can safeguard herself…for her own safety.

Both Detective & Prosecutor agreed by nodding their heads.

MJ: just keep doing what you’re doing on your end…I will have a visit with HK and see what we can do.

Scene pan back into MJ car as he’s driving.  His phone started ringing, he picked it up seeing that it’s CSY.

MJ: Song Yi-ah? (he couldn’t help but smile because the excitement in her voice is so apparent).

SY: Min Joon, my love…my adorable husband Min-Joon-ah, we can stop the adoption process.

MJ: weii Song Yi?  It’s almost done…we just need a few more…

SY: did you hear me Min Joon….WE DON’T NEED TO ADOPT ANYMORE (screaming in excitement)!

MJ couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he swerve the car to the side road and screech to a halt.  He’s breathing heavily like he had run a few hundred miles

MJ: Song Yi…what are you saying?  Are we (he gulped as tears gathered in his eyes)…are we?

SY: (screamed out her answer as she couldn’t contain herself any longer) WE’RE GOING TO BE PARENTS!! WE’RE HAVING A BABY MIN JOON!! A BABY!  OUR BABY! OURS! WE MADE A BABY! WE’RE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!!

MJ dropped his phone as he let out an unbelievable laugh at the same time the tears fell down.  He could hear her saying “hello? Hello?” on the phone.   He picked it up quickly.

MJ: Yes, I’m here (still laughing and crying).  This is not a dream?  It is not a mistake?  How is that possible?  I feel like I just stepped into a dream fantasy.  Tell me it’s really real…..I wish you could pinch my cheeks right now!

SY: (laughs happily on the phone) I checked and double check and triple check at the doctor’s today…3 months, it’s been three months.  Now we can really have that 7 kids we always dreamed and talked about…we made it happen Min Joon-ah.  I want to see you right now, where are you?

MJ: I’m heading home, I will see you soon.  He hung up the phone, still grinning from ear to ear with fresh tears in his eyes.

SCENE 15 – SY Struggle with JK

SY slowly opened her eyes…she’s in a moving car, her hands are tied.  Panic set in and she started to struggle.

JK: there’s no use wasting your energy, just sit still.

SY looks over at JK at the driver’s seat.  He stopped and she looked around at her surroundings.  SY thought to herself “why does this place look oddly familiar?” and recognition dawn on her as her eyes darted around trying to think of what to do.  She has much, much more at stake now.

JK: get out of the car. (SY shook her head.  JK got out of the car, opened her door and drag her out and dumped her on the ground.  He went to get something in the trunk.)

In front of her is a massive empty field and even if she ran he would catch up to her in no time….she looked behind her, it’s that cliff again where her car almost ran off the last time she was here.  SY try to stand up with her shaking legs and not look frighten, thinking she may negotiate with him.  JK came back in view with a tripod and recorder.  He set it on the ground and starts assembling them together.

JK: it’s too bad your beauty and talent ended like this.  If you want to blame, blame Do Min Joon, he brought this upon you.

SY: no, you’re the worst thing that happen to me…to everyone unfortunate enough to cross your path.

JK rushed over to her and grabbed her hair pulling it backward, he pulled out his knife and put the blade dangerously close to her throat.  SY doesn’t dare to breath.

SY: why are you doing this?  If you want to hurt Do Min Joon, why don’t you go look for him and fight him like a man…aren’t you ashamed of overpowering a defenseless woman?

JK: (at her words, he uses the knife to cut the ropes from her hands) fight him like a man?  I’m not dumb…and he is no man!  To get him where it hurt most is through you my dear Song Yi. (he dragged her to the camera and pressed the record button) Do Min Joon, as you can see I have a little gift for you…here’s your beautiful wife, she’s about the die a brilliantly horrible death because of you.  How do you feel?  Hmmm? HOW DO YOU FEEL?!?!?! (to SY) look into that camera and beg me to let you go….call out for Min Joon to come and save you…go ahead.

SY looks straight at the camera with tears running down her face but she remains silent.  JK yanked her hair harder but SY refuse to make a sound.

JK: is this how you want to say goodbye to your beloved alien husband?  Silently? Huh?

SY: (with a slightly shaking yet calm voice SY started talking to the camera) Min Joon-ahh, you know I love you right?  We have a lovely life together and I don’t regret anything…so please….no matter what happen don’t blame yourself because…(she couldn’t finish her words as JK hand came up to her throat, replacing the knife…he squeezed her hard and she couldn’t breathe)

JK: (looking back at the camera and grin.  He squeezed her harder as she tried to struggle to breathe)  I want you to feel her pain…just as you take away everything from me, so I will take everything back from you.

Tears are falling from SY eyes rapidly…feels like her life is about to fade as her eyes start to close she could see faintly JK hand wielding the knife, aiming at her stomach.  SY screamed in her mind “I’m sorry Min Joon, I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay alive for us….I’m sorry I couldn’t protect our love…I’m so, so sorry please forgive me!”

Suddenly everything seems to stop, there was no noise, even the air seems to stop its flow.  She opened her eyes quickly and realized everything was in a time freeze.  SY claw JK hand away from her throat and moved gingerly away from the knife that is now inches from her belly.  Free at last SY started running as fast as she could and then suddenly time started moving again.  With dread, she stopped quickly and looked behind her just in time to see JK unfreeze and stabbed himself in reflex thinking that he’s stabbing SY.  Blood is pouring out of him as he looked around in shock, looking around for sign of DMJ.  He backed up further and further, not realizing what’s happening and fell off the cliff, still in shock.

SY let out a sigh of relieve, she then looked around searching for DMJ.

SY: Min Joon!  Min JOON-ahhh!  DO MIN JOON!!! Where are you!?!?

…But no one answered back, there was no other noise except hers…there was no other soul around except her.  SY looked around in confusion, she shook her head wondering if everything was a hallucination….yet there is blood on the ground where JK has been and her throat hurt badly, probably bruised so it all can’t be a dream.

SY: What is happening?  (SY double over with a jolted pain in her stomach and started to vomit violently.  She took a few steps back as her vision blurred out and gradually collapse on to the ground).

SCENE 16 – MJ Long Wait And An Unexpected Visitor

MJ is pacing the floor looking more and more worried; he’s been waiting for his wife for over 2 hours now.  It’s not like her to be so late.  The happiness he felt earlier starts to wan and in its place is a sense of dread.  MJ can sense something is not right.  He went outside to their yard and stood by their swing set.  Clutching the swing he closed his eyes and tried to scan the areas for SY, farther and farther he expanded the search.  He thought he could faintly hear her calling his name and tried to zoom in on her location but he was suddenly interrupted by a voice from behind him.

Unknown Alien: Kisohn, it’s been a long time.

MJ whirled around, completely in shock…staring in disbelieve at the alien standing beside him….his people came for him at last….not just anyone…but Ahnya….why did they send Ahnya?  His world feels like it’s spinning out of control…fast and furiously.  For the first time in a long time, he felt fear once again.  Fear of loosing everything he has worked so hard for….fear of once again loosing Song Yi…fear for their unborn child…and fear of the unknown and the unexpected with the reappearance of his people.

MJ: Ahnya?!  (it was all that he could manage to whisper out loud).

[meet our new alien Ahnya (played by Song Hye-Kyo)]



7 responses to “My Love From Another Star – Episode 23

  1. Really enjoy your lines but have to save and read it little by little cos i want to imagine and live in their fantasy. You are such a great writer, thank you very much for making it this amazing. Just wondering whether u are a professional writer, your imagination and story structure are wonderful. Thanks again. And by the way, can I also read the protected parts?

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