My Love From Another Star – Episode 24


Scene 4 – MJ Apology to SY (hot scene alert, minors please avoid!)

SY, in a wrapped towel, stare blankly at the mirror while the running water gush in the background onto the bathtub.  She touched her neck gingerly and grimace at the dark purple-blue bruises. SY turn to the door as she heard a small knock.  It opens and MJ walk in hesitantly.

MJ: are you sure we shouldn’t take you to the hospital?

SY: yes, it’s just some minor bruising…I’ll be fine.  I’m going to try and stay away from hospital for a while if I can help it *laughs*

MJ: you were on the ground, fainted on the ground when I found you (he rushed over and hug her from behind, his agonized voice muffled in her hair) when I thought how I could have lost you….when I wasn’t there to save you (his voice became raspy)….I’m so sorry I failed you.  I’m never going to leave your side again.

SY smiled into the mirror and rub his arms that still cling tightly around her

SY: so you’re saying I can’t get rid of you even for a moment? (laughs at his silliness) you’re not wetting my hair with your tears are you? I was planning on bathing…but not like this.

MJ laughs and disengage his arms around her and wiped his face.  Both his hands came up to her bare shoulders and rubbed up and down her upper arms while looking at her in the mirror.  He lean in and place a soft kiss on her bare back, then another…and another.  SY abruptly turn around, tangle her hands in his hair, and drag his lips to hers.  She kiss him passionately, deeply and without any reserve.
[SY narrates in background: “in that moment when I thought I would lose this person forever, when my life was about to be over…I never felt a fear so deep…never felt a sorrow so vast, it seems as if even forever is not enough”]
MJ broke their kiss and trail his lips down her neck to her dark bruises.  He burrows his face in her neck and hair kissing her shoulders and continues trailing lower.  [camera pan down to the floor….a second later SY towel was thrown down onto the floor, all the while SY end her narration].

[next moment camera show MJ and SY in the tub together, the bubbles covering most of their bodies.  SY had her eyes closed laying contently on MJ as he strokes her hair from behind.  He stare at the flickering candlelight as the camera pan out further and further, he narrates in the background: “in this moment when I’m most content with life…but still, why do I have a feeling that a storm is brewing somewhere out there?  I never knew that fear is such a strong emotion…it could render a most honest love… mute….now I fear…that fear itself”]

Scene 6 – SY Testing the Possibilities of Powers

SY is watering the plants in her garden but she’s not thinking of the task at hand.  Her mind had drifted off, deep in thoughts.

SY: (talk to self) that’s not possible…could it be possible?  Did I somehow absorb some of Min Joon powers by default of just being his wife? (making mischievous faces then with a determined grin) well, I won’t know until I test it out.

SY: (looking at the hose with flowing water, she squint her eyes) Freeze! (nothing happened) Stop! (nothing happened) Time stop now! (nothing happened – looking more determined SY shook her hands in the air and buckling her legs with her eyes closed in complete concentration) I command you (time) to STOP! Jazamm!  Freeze already! (opened one eye and then the other, stood up straight with a perplex expression, and talk to self again)…well that didn’t work did it? Shhhhh…am I missing something?  Do I need to cry?!?!….

From a few distance away, SY’s mother holding bags of food in her hands could only stare at her daughter in disbelieve.

SY’s Mother: Waeee?!? what is wrong with this girl?  Is she really my daughter? Now that she’s married, she’s even weirder than before.  *tsk, tsk* I should come over more often and cook for Do Min Joon, thank god for him. (her eyes roll upward in a silent prayer)

Scene 9 – An Uninvited Dinner Guest

Everyone was quiet at the dinner table.  There was obviously some important news about to be disclosed yet no one seems to make any move.

SY’s Mom: (put spoon down on the table looking exasperated) ok, so what is it? Why are we having a gathering if no one is going to talk? (SY’s father nudge her on the side, looking uncomfortable as YJ glair at his mom)

Lawyer Jang: why are you always so impatient? They will tell us when they are good and ready…just eat your food.

SY’s Mom: Ya! Was I talking to you? (She got another nudge and glare back at her husband)

Semi looked over at Bakja and both shared a bemuse smile. HK glance up briefly and continue busying himself with eating.  SY looked over at MJ and grab his hand and held onto it.

SY: We have good news and wanted you to be the first to know… (pause) I’m actually…(doorbell rings.  SY looked at MJ surprisingly) are we expecting someone else? (MJ shook his head)

YJ: I’ll go get the door (he stood up and walked over to the door)

YJ opens the door looking bored and disinterested.  But as the door opens, camera zooms in on his face, changes expression to complete and utter shock, his jaw opened…speechless.

Ahnya: this is Do Min Joon house right? (camera back on YJ but his face hasn’t moved or register anything…he just stared at her stupidly) erhhmmm

YJ snapped out of his trance momentarily and nod his head…

Ahnya: May I? Come in?

YJ just stepped aside as she waltz in, he trail behind her with a worship look on his face, one hand reaching out to her, the other clutching at his heart

YJ: (mumbled to himself) you may anything you please…(he sniff at the air left behind in her trail) what is that heavenly smell?! (He momentarily tripped on himself.  Ahnya, with a quick reflex, reach for his arms and steady him before the fall.  He looked at her with his puppy eyes) marry me?

Ahnya laughed at him and let him go.  Everyone’s eyes are now on them.  SY looks curios, turns to MJ.

SY: who is she? (She notice MJ doesn’t look happy in the least…it suddenly worries her and she turned her attention back to the mysterious woman).  You are?….

MJ: she’s an acquaintance of mine (he jumped in, stood up to walk over to Ahnya’s side) we just need a quick chat outside, I’ll be right back.

Ahnya: I’m sorry, am I disrupting your evening meal? (Her soft sing-song voice seems to put all the men in a trance except for HK who looked at SY curiously as the two friends shared a curios glance)

Lawyer Jang: (stood up the same time as SY’s father stood up and pulled an empty chair out by his side) since you’re here why don’t you have dinner with us…

SY’s Dad nod his approval as YJ came and push-led her to the table.  SY looks annoyed as well as her mother.  Semi and BJ looks uncomfortable and unsure.

MJ: I don’t think that that’s necessary….(but no one was listening to him….all eyes are on Ahnya)

Ahnya looks so elegant, compose, and breathtakingly beautiful that she stick out like a sore thumb amongst the casual surrounding.  Everyone went back to eating awkwardly as YJ, Lawyer Jang, and SY’s dad kept giving glances to Ahnya.  MJ stare blankly at his food as SY looked at him with concern while HK looked at SY with that same concern look.  Ahnya ate the food gingerly and with a bit of awe as if it’s the first time she’d ever partake at such an activity, either not realizing it or not caring about the high tension surrounding her appearance.

Scene 16: Ahnya Negotiation with MJ

MJ and Ahnya are alone on the balcony overlooking the garden.  Both staring up at the night sky.

Ahnya: This is wrong Kisohn…I know deep down you know this, why are you being so stubborn? (She turned to MJ) come back with me.

MJ: This is my home now. I’m married to that wonderful, amazing woman in there and I’m not leaving her….EVER…if I could help it.  What do I have to come back to? No family, no friends….just a cold society that I don’t belong to anymore.

Ahnya look away into the night, at nothing in particular.

Ahnya: how should I feel when you say that? Hmm? I understand that we are more highly intellectual beings that had shed away most of our emotions but how could you say that to me?  Did you forget that we are “partner” since birth?  What about your duty to me? To our people….to them, I’m nothing without you. You and I are a part of the continuum of our race, how could you throw away that duty so lightly?

MJ: I’m sorry.  It wasn’t my intention…I wanted to get home for almost 400 years but now…

Ahnya: I looked a little older to you now don’t I? For you to stay here for over 400 years….it hasn’t age you one bit, you still look as young as the day you left….but look at me, 10 years I’ve aged….you were gone for 10 years.  A lot of things have changed you know. We can monitor earth with better frequency even though we are not close by.  You are quite the celebrity at home.

MJ looked at her in disbelieve waiting for her to say more but she just closed her eyes in silent.  He looked back up into the night sky.

Ahnya: Kisohn, do you know this intergalactic marriage of yours is causing quite a stir out there in the universe?  I can’t say I think it will end well for you. (sigh) Let’s put us aside for one minute….do you think it’s wise to continue defying the law of the universe for the sake of your love?  Did you think there will not be any consequences with you messing up the flow of nature here?  Your defiance will come with a price that I hope you’re ready to pay.

MJ: (rubbed his eyes in defeat) I don’t know anything anymore.  All I know is that I love Song Yi, more than anything I’ve ever known and I will hang on to that until my last breath…that is all I know, is that so wrong?

Ahnya: (harden her feature).  My job here is to take you back, so I suggest you get ready for it (MJ stare at her defiantly with a look that says “no”) don’t look at me like that, it’s going to happen regardless of what you want.  I’m staying here to monitor you until the day you’re ready to leave.  You should be thankful, I’m giving you all the time you needed to wrap up all the loose ends here.

MJ: I’m not leaving.  And you’re not staying here.

Ahnya: I beg to differ…I am staying here weather you like it or not.

MJ: we’re done talking, you’re leaving now.  (He turns his back on her and about to walk away but stopped in his track as he heard Ahnya spoke behind him)

Ahnya: how do you think she’s holding up now that you’re not there? (MJ slowly turn back to face her).

MJ: what are you talking about?

Ahnya: oh, I think you know WHO I’m talking about.  I’m sure you haven’t told your wife yet right?  Are you sure she will still love you unconditionally after this?  I may not make much a dent in your relationship, even if we are life partners, but I’m sure this….other woman will.  Should I enlighten her? Or maybe… (She didn’t finish her sentence as MJ push her small frame against the wall)

MJ: Are you threatening me?

Ahnya disappear in a white smoke and reappear at a different spot on the balcony.  She gracefully walk over to a vine climbing on a railing and touch it.  The bud start blooming at a rapid pace to full bloom. She pick the flower off the vine and look back at MJ with a serene smile.

Ahnya: When should I move in?



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  1. ack,you’re making it harder to withdrawing from them..nevertheless, im waiting for every next episode u’ll write lols..thanks safiresea!

  2. OMG, finally, I found ywcfts’s fanfic LOL. I love it! I hope you will write ahnya and song yi scene, it will be hilarious to see song yi jealous hehehe

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