My Love From Another Star – Episode 25


Previous Preview: SY learned of the reason why Ahnya came for MJ, causing MJ and SY to have their first big fight.  HK, feeling protective of SY, confront Ahnya about her motives.  But while everyone believe Ahnya came to earth for MJ, her true reason began to unravel behind closed doors.

Scene 2 – HK Confront Ahnya

HK open the car door, walk over to the other side and open the passenger door.  Ahnya was sitting in the seat, staring up at him bemusedly and got out of the car.

Ahnya: I haven’t been here all that long and it seems I’ve already somehow made quite a number of people uneasy.  (she walks towards the edge of the water, breathing in deeply the morning air) so what is it you have to say to me?

HK: (looks sideways in thought for a moment) I’m wondering should I be honest…and ask you straight out, what’s your exact reason for being here?

Ahnya: Why? Why are you so interested in what I’m doing here?  Or what I plan on doing here? What is it to you?

HK: (he shrug) I don’t care about you…I care about Song Yi…and if you come here with the intention of harming her then I definitely have something to say about it.

Ahnya smiled at him and look at him up and down as he follows her eyes looking at himself as well.

HK: what are you looking at?

Ahnya: you. obviously.  (taken aback HK was momentarily at a loss for words)

HK: yah! What do you mean by that?!

Ahnya: (smile and ignore his question as if she didn’t hear him) I just thought out of everyone, you’d be happy that I’m here to take Kisohn away.

HK: you mean Min Joon. I think there’s more to it than that. (breathe in deeply) but if that is all there is to it…my Song Yi will be devastated.

Ahnya: (turn her back to him) Interesting choice of word.  She’s never yours to begin with but if I take Kisohn away, she could be.  Isn’t that what you always dreamed of?

HK: what do you know about me and my dreams? I’m not such a bastard to want something that will break her heart.  I’d rather break mine a thousand times and a thousand times more before I do or want something to hurt her.  So I will say this again, don’t you dare do anything to hurt that woman…that includes taking her Min Joon away.

Ahnya: (she turned back to HK and looks him straight in the eye. HK shift uncomfortably from one foot to another and had the urge to turn away, her eyes seem so sad he thought he almost see tears in them…it makes him feel extremely uneasy) I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is bigger than some three way lover’s triangle affair.  There’s much more at stake then you or anyone realize. Do you think I just came here, galaxies away, just so I can tore two lovers apart?  We’re talking about intergalactic merging of two very different species…and all of you think that there’s no side effect to the universe at large?  How utterly small and one track minded your kind is. (she walked closer to him, he stood his ground but his mind was screaming for him to step back) You honestly think a few threatening words from you is going to make a dent in anything?  Just save your breathe for something you can actually control, this is beyond your scope, even Kisohn…even me.  If you don’t have anything else to say then I’ll be taking my leave now…

HK: Hey! (but before he can utter another word, she had disappeared in a white smoke…all that’s left behind is a trail of a unique smell that lingers in the air…he cursed and kick the car tire, then wince in pain and cursed again)

Scene 6 – SY and MJ First Big Argument

SY is sitting at her vanity desk in front of a mirror but her eyes was looking elsewhere and vacant.  She combs her hair over and over in one area as her mind drifted back to what happened the dinner last night:


Camera pans around the dining room table.  The mood is filled with tension and curiosity.  Everyone is pretending to eat but each has a thought or two that’s troubling them.

SY’s Mother: (looks at Ahnya) So who are you again? (turn to MJ) Min Joon?

Ahnya: (before MJ could say anything Ahnya replied) I’m Ahnya.

SY’s Mother: Ahnya…?

Ahnya: just Ahnya, we don’t have long complicated names like here

YJ: wait, what do you mean “like here”??

Ahnya: (turns to look at YJ and gave him a dazzling smile) I’m not from here. (he melted immediately)

SY’s Dad: (laughs) ahhh, so you must know Min Joon from somewhere else…were you both close friends, colleague maybe?  What province did you come from?

Ahnya: not province…I came from the same star as Kisohn…

At this point, no one is bothering to pretend to eat any longer.

SY: Kisohn?

Ahnya: (look back at SY with a bewilder look)…did he not tell you his real name? (referring to MJ)

SY turned immediately to MJ with daggers in her eyes as he shifts around in his chair uncomfortably looking like a lost boy.

Lawyer Jang: (feeling his best friend’s unease, he felt an overwhelming urge to protect him) This is the first time I met another one of his people.  What is the meaning of this?  Why are you here now then?

Ahnya: (continue eating even while everyone else is staring at her expectantly) this is more delicious than I thought. (she dab her mouth with a  napkin) I’m here for Kisohn of course, why else would I be here?

YJ: you mean to visit him? Oh please, dear god, stay longer than a few days, I have so much questions I want to ask you! (BJ gave a disgusted look to YJ but he didn’t notice, his whole attention is plastered onto Ahnya)

Ahnya: (stated mater of factly) no.  I’m here to take Kisohn home. (she looked back at SY’s Dad) you ask what I am to Kisohn? I’m his life partner on our home planet. (everyone was in too much shock to say anything)

Semi: (question in a small voice) life partner?

Ahnya: (nod in confirmation) yes, we were chosen as life partner for each other since we were both first conceived.  In your world it would be kind of like we are a married couple since birth (SY coughs and choke by her explanation, Ahnya turned and look at SY) oh don’t worry, we don’t have that kind of love-bond attachment and connectionship like you people do.  That’s just our way of procreating by matching and pairing up the best compatible genetic genes. Kisohn is needed at home if we are to create the next generation in line. We are actually a few years late since Kisohn has been here for so long…

Chaos ensued.  Everyone is now talking all at once (“married? He’s married?” “making a child?” “he’s leaving? What about Song Yi?” “Do Min Joon!”…) except 4 people; MJ have his eyes closed, his face contorted in a pained look, his hand to his forehead as if a massive headache just broke out.  SY is looking at MJ in disbelieve…and disappointment.  HK is looking at SY with a mixture of worried and protectiveness. Ahnya is looking at HK looking at SY with mild observant curiosity.

SY: (stood up abruptly and slam her hands on the table hard still looking at her husband, everyone stop their rant and looked at her.  She in turn looked over at Ahnya…and practically screams loudly) I’m PREGNANT!!! With Min Joon’s baby!  And we’re planning on making 6 more!  The only baby making activity he’s going to be doing is with ME! So you just pack up and go HOME!

Everyone’s eyes are wide open in shock…maybe from SY’s pregnancy announcement or maybe the scandalous way she announces their marriage activity.  MJ is now red in the face looking like he wanted to teleport out of there, HK looks sad and shocked and even the cool and collected Ahnya looks completely lost in astonishment.


A hand reaches over and grabs the comb from SY’s grip.  She snapped out of her thoughts, look up in the mirror, realizing it was MJ and stood up to leave.  He put a hand on her shoulder and gently pushes her back down to the chair.

MJ: (he held her hair lovingly in one hand while the other brush down her hair slowly) Don’t leave me just yet…I need to talk to you.

SY: what about? (in sarcastic voice) oh, yeah the fact that you have a real name that you never once shared with your wife?  Or the fact that you have another “wife” ever since you were born? Or maybe that it’s in your pre-destine plan to be having a baby with a totally different woman?  Yeah, when did you plan on telling me any of the above?

MJ: (sigh) I didn’t mention any of that because it wasn’t a life I expected to ever come back to…it wasn’t relevant.

SY: IT WAS RELEVANT TO ME! (she stood up and stormed over to the bed to get away from him. MJ follow behind her.)

MJ: (sat next to her in bed and hugged her from behind) can’t you just let the subject go my Song Yi-ah.  I love you and no one else, please believe me.  Even when I was Kisohn, our ways is not like earth here…Ahnya and I don’t have that kind of relationship and the baby making thing…

SY: yes, please do explain that.  How do you guys plan on making that baby without, well without…(turns away further from him) Forget it! Just thinking about it makes me angry all over again.  I don’t want to think of her touching you, of anyone touching you!

MJ: (gave a small laugh and hugged her tighter) it’s not like that my darling, they just needed me because my blood is needed to mix with Ahnya continuously for a period of time in order to create the new life-form.  There’s no touching between us involved…I promise you.

SY: (feeling a little better, her lips perk up in a slight smile) well, she still can’t have you, not even for a little bit.  I refuse to lend you to her and absolutely refuse you making babies with her!

MJ turns her body around, put his hands on both side of her face, looking at her lovingly.  He leaned in and kisses her gently on the nose then with his own nose he nuzzle her own, moving back and forth in a cute gesture.

MJ: my wife is so cute when she’s jealous, didn’t I say I’m never leaving you?  I intend to keep that promise always.

SY: (pushes him away playfully and giggled) well then you can tell her to go home without you. (MJ smiling face fell suddenly) that’s what you’re going to tell her right?

MJ: about that…she’s going to stay here for a little bit.

SY: wait, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! Stay as in not just stay on earth? AS IN STAYING IN THIS HOUSE?!?! (SY voice is nearly screaming now)

MJ: calm down, it’s not healthy for our child…

SY: calm down…CALM DOWN? How could you say something like that just now and ask me to CALM DOWN?!  Are you out of your mind? You want your hometown “wife” to stay together with your earth-bound wife?  ARE YOU MAD?! Is this a normal thing for you people? UGGHHH!!! (she fan herself and pace back and forth frantically) I’m so mad right now Min Joon I can almost kill you…leave this room right now before I do.

MJ: (stood up from the bed and walked closer to her) are you just over-reacting a bit? She’s NOT my wife, you are…why can’t you be a bit more understanding?

SY walked up close to him and smack him hard in the chest and glare at him.

SY: tell me! What is there to understand? Do you even understand ME right now? If you do you wouldn’t ask this of me!

MJ is feeling the frustration, helplessness, and anger building up inside of him…not at her but at his situation.  How could he even explain to her that he have no choice, no choice what-so-ever.

MJ: for once can you listen to what your husband says?  And I say she’s staying here until she has to leave.  This is MY house after all! Can’t I make any decision in this house without you throwing a tantrum? (right after he said it, he knew he’d gone too far in his emotion but he couldn’t take it back now)

SY: (step back away from him; one, two, three steps) so you’re reverting to this male-macho insult now right?  YOUR HOUSE huh? (she stormed out of the room.  He could then hear the front door closed as well…and a few moments later a car engine as it peels away)

MJ stood rooted to the floor.  He still couldn’t register what just happened.  A few seconds later all the glasses, mirrors, light bulbs in the house shattered in unison.

Scene 14 – Ahnya Check In On Her Assignment

Its pass 2am in the morning, Ahnya is the only one sitting on a bench in a closed park.  She looks out into the night sky and sigh heavily.  Her fingers came up to her right temple and presses her skin like an imaginary “button” as she closes her eyes briefly.  When she opened her eyes a smoky hologram of a man’s back in a library room is in front of her.

Ahnya: you called me?

Unknown Male Alien: why did you not give him a deadline that we have discussed?

Ahnya: I hardly think one month is sufficient to let Kisohn wrap things up here.  And as you can see how reluctant he is…

Unknown Male Alien: I know you have a soft spot for him because he’s your life partner but don’t forget your duty first and foremost.  I don’t want to see another “Kisohn” case happening to you.  Our people are confused enough as it is.

Ahnya: I understand this and you don’t have to worry about me, you know me well enough.  I just don’t think that giving him a deadline is a good idea.  I know what I’m doing.  Besides, it doesn’t matter much to us, the time here and our time back home is a stretch different, even if it takes a year or two here, back home time would have hardly moved.

Unknown Male Alien: I still don’t want to wait needlessly.  I will say this again, wrap things up and bring him home as soon as possible.  We have our own pressing matters to attend to…and we need him.

Ahnya: Yes, I know.  I will do my best.

Unknown Male Alien: and another thing…about her pregnancy…find a way to get rid of it.

Ahnya: (look genuinely shock) I can’t believe you just said that.  We are not that type of people to do such a thing.  Our people are peaceful intellect, have we not been studying all these different colonies around the universe for hundreds of years for no reason?  Did we not learn anything?  Why are you even asking me to revert to such barbaric tactics? You know I can’t do that, I won’t.

Unknown Male Alien: (with a much softer tone of voice) I know this. But there is a lot of pressure on me, no one here knows about her pregnancy yet.  I’m trying to keep it underwrap.  I don’t know what will happen when the news gets out…and I also don’t know what’s the effect will be since it will be the first cross-species baby that anyone know of.  We are baring quite a bit of weight in responsibilities right now as it is…I just can’t imagine more than this…

Ahnya: then don’t! don’t jump ahead of yourself.  Like you said, this pregnancy is nothing short of an anomaly so perhaps then, without us interfering, it won’t even survive to be born.

Unknown Male Alien: Regardless, I need you to keep close watch…and if necessary…

Ahnya looked frustratedly away from his hologram back…he never once turned around to look at her.


Camera now show Ahnya teleporting back to MJ house.  She called out to him in her mind.  The front door opened immediately.  MJ barely gave her a glance as he walked back in leaving the door open.  Ahnya, walked inside looking at his dishevel state.

Ahnya: I’ve never seen you look so bad, what happened.

MJ: (turned over and stare at her with a dead gaze) what do you know, this is the first time you’ve seen me in a long while.

Ahnya: (looking bemused and muttered under her breath) if only you know the half of it. (then more loudly to MJ) Where’s Song Yi? Is it because of her?

MJ: she left. Gone. Because of you.

Ahnya: me? You mean me staying here? Hmm…this is easier than I thought then.  When are we leaving?

MJ: don’t get your hopes up.  I’m getting her back tomorrow.  I’m just letting her get off some steam with her friend Bokja.  Don’t think I like you staying here for a minute though just because I give in to your blackmail.  There’s a bedroom on the second floor to your right. (with that he disappear back into his room).

Ahnya walked up the stairs looking around at the pictures, the furniture, the paintings and artifacts, looking down at her hand touching the carved wood on the railing.  She smiled to herself and walks off camera.

Camera now show interior of a bathroom, the door open and Ahnya stepped inside, then locked the door.  She walked over to a vanity chair and sat down looking at the mirror reflection of herself.  Then, thought better of it and stood up walking over to the sink and turn on both of the water faucet to its max flow.  She walked over to the tub, climbs inside fully clothed, and pulls the curtain close.  Camera angle from top view looking down at Ahnya awkwardly lying inside the tub. She pulled an object out of her pocket, the camera could not see what it is from afar as her hand held most of it, blocking from view.  She seems to press something and a recording of her own voice could be heard.

“When I first started following him as my subject of study, I couldn’t help but feel his ignorance really annoyed me…it’s fascinating” she fast forward “this feeling? Is it anger? I never felt it before but I just want to slap him for being so infuriatingly stubborn, what does he see in that woman anyways?” skip forward “he’s breaking me to pieces…are these what human called tears???” skip forward “I have a chance to go to Earth, and I took the assignment without a moment’s hesitation… all I can think of is what will I do, how will I react, when I’m finally standing in front of him…” recording stop.  She click it again, this time the newest recording: “today, earth year 2014, earth month March, the day of the 14…I am in front of him today and I’ve never felt sadder, more lonelier in my life.  My experiment had become my own living nightmare…” her voice continues on but fade out as the camera pans out further.


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  1. Omoooooo, this is really good! I know this ep is just released, but I can’t wait for the next ep already. Safiresea unnie hwaiting! ^^

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  3. @Thao I have worked hard, lol, thank you for the hugs…I NEED THAT!
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  5. Great writing safiresea! You’re Jjang! awwww…HK is such a sweetheart. I hope he will find his destiny (still ship him with bokja lol) and omo…. it feels like Ahnya has feelings for min joon? I kinda confused right now.. anyway.. can’t wait for next episode!!

    • I know, I love HK he has that unwaivering faithful heart that any girl would be lucky to have him! lol, unfortunately SY heart already belong to DMJ/Kisohn all her live & previous lives so HK never have a chance…here’s to hoping he find another heart to be faithful to 😉

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    • Mila, I’m so glad to know even this drama attract fans from so many nationality, Russian! wow! I don’t speak Korean either (I’m Vietnamese & live in US)….HUGS out to you! lol, yes, let’s cross our fingers on another wonderful love on the sideline 😉

  7. Unni, thank you for the update !! You truly improved my day yesterday :). After reading it a second time, I enjoyed more of the small details and I think I love Ahnya now. Poor her, she is going to become a second MJ without realizing it and be a babo in love with HK (that’s my guess). These two would go so well together. Now make the man in the library come to Earth for SM ㅋㅋㅋ. She is too lonely.

    Anyhow, I am impatiently waiting for eps 26! You really know how to build the angst. You give us a lot yet there is still something that is not said and we keep wondering about it hahaha.

    • Maddie dear, wow you read it twice? Jjang! I love that you re-read it to look for more clues, it’s true that you might miss something if you read things briefly…some scenes you have to kinda read between the lines 😉 I’m not sure if I can do that for SM, lol, that’ll be too perfect everyone paired with their own Alien…I know, I don’t like to see her lonely either. I’m gonna think more on it and see what i can do (then I know someone’s gonna ask me about Bokja too and YJ….hahhaha, it’s tough being a writer kikikikiki)

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  18. Im confused. Am I missing a lot of scenes? Ive read episode 24 and the intro of episode 25 says tha MJ and SY had a fight, but I havent seen any fight in Eps 24. Alittle help here? 🙂

    • Hi Xing! welcome 🙂 no worries you’re not missing any scenes, lol…starting from Episode 25 is when I give a preview before actually putting up the “full” episode a few days later….so what you’re seeing at the beginning of episode 25 is actually what’s going to happen if you start reading episode 25 🙂 and the format continue on for 26, 27, 28, etc. I hope that help out your confusion 😀

      • Yup! Thankyou! Teehee. I realized it after reading the flash back of SY. Hehe. Excited for your update. It’s kinda mind boggling when i read the 4yrs ago part! Esp when you revealed the black haired girl. :O and i was like OMG. Hahaha

        • hahaha!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it and by the way I sent you the password for the Special Edition 🙂 read it soon before it disappear on 3/31!!!

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    • hahahha….well, now it’ll be with Bokja and Semi since they are friends again 😉 but to ease your mind Ahnya is the least of SY’s worry kikiki 😉

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