Take 1: SPECIAL (byeontae) Edition Dedicated to SH & JH


UPDATE: This story was originally taken off the website due to respect and protection to our couple with no plans in sight for expansion.  But because of recent events at Samsung that had disturbed this author greatly, she had vowed to take vengence on them as well as pacifying broken hearts across Delulu Paradise Island.  Therefore, this story is now re-edited and re-release under the name: Re-Edit of Take 1: Special (Byeontae) Edition for KSH & JJH.  Please go directly there to read the full story.

………Revenge……….never tasted so good!

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  1. Unnie it’ amazing… one words yo describe, DAEBAKK…. It feel so real,, i can feel soo hyun love and desperates.. my heart beats faster.. i’m Speechless… If only it’s real (cross my fingers).. Thank you so much unnie.. you made my day…

  2. @kireisakhi awww, thank you dear for indulging with me in my or rather our fantasy together, lol
    @aid I know you’re crazy about it but i better not catch you back in here reading it for the 5th time! haha
    @Noor 😉 what a great compliment from our Gangster byoentae queen!
    @viluven hi my twin! I hope it’s a good speechless, kikikiki

      • omo…So you’re one of those byeontae that read it for 10x!!! CONGRATS!! here’s your diploma for graduating at highest honor of byeontaeness, hahahaha

  3. You should really write some dramas because swear some producers will want to look at your work! this is so awesome!

  4. @yufen not sure what those characters means….but I’ll take it as a good thing, hihi
    @yorie omo, don’t temp me! hahahhahahah….yeah, my heads always in the clouds lots of stories up there.

  5. OMGOMGOMG! My heart is racing so fast! Loved it! I think I’ll forever ship this couple but not in an too possessive way (as in wishing for JJH to break her marriage). I did try to move on but it’s too hard. So, I’ll just let nature take it’s course… Once again, thank you so much unnie!

  6. @crazy4ywcfts yah!!! I’m glad you liked. Yeah, I don’t condone cheating in a marriage believe it or not, lol, I just think it’s great to relieve some stress writing about it and ofcourse to satisfy many fans here….yes, I’m with you, let’s nature take it’s course, what’s meant to be will find a way, and what’s not will never be no matter how many voices say otherwise 😉
    @Deny oh honey, I’m glad you liked it!….we can only dream this happy dream as SY & MJ would say….

  7. OMG! OMG! I have just got the code and I’m already this excited. Man oh man, can’t imagine how much tear and blood I’m gonna lose after reading this lmao. Gosh, if I read it now I’m gonna be a mad lady tonight lmao tsk tsk it’s almost 11:30pm here in CA…But who cares about my poor neighbors…the temptation… Oh buddha, pls give me strength!!! XD

    Ps: I’m completely out-of-my-right-mind rite now huhuhuhu what’s this drama done 2 me??

      • ARE U KIDDING ME? ARE U KIDDING MEeee??? I’m just gonna saying this briefly:

        Enough of what’s been said:


        Ps: i will come back and rant more about this awesome edition kekeke

        • Oh gosh! lol, your comment is DAEBAK! now that I get a Trophy can I say my thank you? “Hi Everyone in the Byoentae World that we live in…I like to thank those that make this site possible…and for believing in me…I love you! thank you for being my friends and supporting my addiction to MLFAS and my fan-fic!” HAHAHAHA….i’m so delusional right now 😉

  8. I’m a cruel fan. I don’t want your hope come true. I’m poisoned now but strangely I want to be poisoned more and more, ha ha.

  9. As of now I can’t find words to describe this well written special edition..wow you have describe beyond what i have imagined for them..Now I leave their fate to the universe as you said ..to the One up above who has all the authority of their fate..for now let us all enjoy this..Thank you very much..can i say some more?

  10. @yvy hahaha, sorry for poisoning you…but you ask for it!!! hahaha
    @grace I’m glad you enjoy it dear….and YES please say more! I love comments keep ’em coming guys!!

  11. Unnie Faye Jjang!! You know I love you right!! I already told you how much I love your writing and how much I love this byuntae special edition.. This is my 3rd time re-reading it tonight!!! I’ll probably read it again and again.. Just keep up the good work and I hope you still spent some time writing coz I know you need to focus on your regular life (all of us actually). Anyway, I just wanna say in my byuntae mode that this is RAAAAAAWWWWRRRRRRRRR!!! I want moaaaarrrrrrr!!! ^^

    • Angie, Angie…tsk tsk, I know you were byeotae…but now you just confirmed it for me! 😉 ….don’t worry you’re not alone….I never knew there was so many byeotae peps around, hahhaa now I’m bombarded with requests to read this hihihi, so shock and surprise at the same time!

  12. oh my god..i’m burning here…this is so crazy but why i want more…how do i live like this..ur so naughty dear safiresea..hahahahahahaha…

    • Lyana, please don’t blame me for being bad gurl kikiki….I do it for the love of the fans! too many byoentae requests that I finally give in, lol.

  13. I love it~ My imagination was going wild while reading it LOL. Do u know what I did after reading? Bang my head against the wall to stop my imagination LOL. Thanks so much for this amazing fan-fic

    • lol, love I hope you didn’t bang your head too hard….ouch, that could really hurt! instead….just re-read it again like many others! hahaha….so many people reading this I’m tempted to go back and make sure I fix little mistakes….I didn’t even EDIT this post at all….I need an editor! EDITOR ANYONE!?!? KIKIKIKI

  14. OM to the G! what did I just read? 😀 soooo much feels! waaah, how can I move on,this is sooo daebak! thank you for sharing this! more please? 🙂

  15. Daebak! Thank you for sharing. Almost like a movie reeling in front of me. I love how you weave everything together. If you don’t mind, a spelling error, I think you meant “waist” instead of “waste”. So now, how to get back to work?

    • haha, thanks jaimex I fixed it!…really this is my first draft, just wrote it and post it I haven’t had the time to go over and fix all the spelling and grammatical errors that I’m sure is everywhere. I wish I was getting paid to be a writer, lol, then for sure I’d look into every sentence to make certain all is in good order…..wanna be my editor??? sorry no pay though 😀 kikikiki

  16. Thank you for writing this story! It’s a great tribute to our beloved KSH-JJH. This story sure satisfied this byeontae here. 😛 I love how passionate and lustful you made KSH in this story. It just made him that much sexier! And that man sure don’t need to be any sexier for the sake of our heart health lol.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. LOL, I actually feel that that’s how he is in real life believe it or not. KSH have that adorakableness about him that’s super adorable and cute but when it comes down to getting it on with the opposite sex, I can see him totally being extremely smoldering 😉

  17. I’m lost in this world. there seems no way out.. what to do?
    Thank you. this was great! I think I’ll come and read it few more times until I memorize it hehe..
    I think you captured their special personalities here. I can totally see KSH doing this. and I can read JJH lines with her voice saying them in my mind.
    You are such a talent.. when you get to write for a drama project in the future, please let us know! 🙂

    • yes, read away until it cures you! I have known at least 2 person that read it 10 times already in the two days that it’s release (byeotae much people? haha). I just hope you guys forgive me all the grammars and spelling errors you’re probably bound to catch after a few read. I just don’t have time right now to do editing work 😦

  18. Thanks unnie for the special edition! Wow just wow! It was very well written and i can feel KSH angst like its really for real. You’re a great writer and I Can say that this is the first time im liking a fan fiction about a show or a OTP. Im not a hard shipper of KSH/JJH but your fanfic made me want to ship them now like crazy! Have a nice day! Keep writing!

    Ps. Haha i already sent this message to you at soompi but i feel like i have to post it here too. Sorry for being redundant

    • Jade, I’m very glad you liked it and wow….I didn’t know the words I wrote can slightly change your views on them, lol, that wasn’t my intention but it’s the best compliment just hearing that! Thank you for sharing that with me 🙂

  19. Guess what? After reading your fanfic I couldn’t get myself to sleep until almost 3AM this morning lmao. Normally I have to rely heavily on coffee, tea, and other methods to stay awake for studying for midterms but now I know what will help me stay straight up to dawn hehehe *with panda eyes with drooling saliva of course*. 🐼

    Dear Safiresea, your work is truly and absolutely amazing🙇!!! You are also so detailed at collecting every news that you have gathered about our OPT to create this fantic, thus I feel like I’m reading a documentary film of KSH and JJH. Indeed, this is a phenomenon realistic fanfic that beyond compare and in truth like many others I cannot look at KSH or JJH as norrrrrrrmalllll like before anymore cuz Gosh!! I can stop myself from fantasizing lmao…😍

    Yet, probably I’m not so good with words and expressing my thoughts about your writing but I feel the realistic presence of love that occur between KSH and JJH in your story, it’s not just fanfic… for me, it’s real… somehow. I did convince myself to move on after the show ended cuz anyhow it’s just a drama, and I get that drama fever like that quite often (once every 2 years lolz). Yet this time I don’t know why but this is quite severe… yeah, it’s been like 2 weeks and 4 days, yet I’m tucked here in the world of happiness of DMJ and CSY, and simultaneously I experience the desperate world of sadness between KSH and JJH. Call me crazy if some of you may like but I’m happy because I live true to myself, I don’t guarantee that I will ship them forever but… at least for the moment I feel like home and I found my comfort by reading your story and being around with all of these byeontae people here… Am I ranting too much here? Lolz

    Anyhow, again I do really really x n appreciate your work and your dedication for the sake of these byeontae people who are currently in vain for not knowing how to withdraw themselves from this awesome drama as well as shipping the forbidden love between our OPT.

    Yet, last but not least I just want to request you to close down this fanfic in a near future. I’m sorry but for me it’s so real that It’s just so DANGEROUS and SCANDALOUS. I knew you might sensed this already and this fanfic has been SHARED VIRALLY among others and among those people, there could have been hater/basher/ whateverser may want to take advantage of this and cause something bad… therefore, I try to think as a 400 years old grandma and request you put up a deadline/ deadtime for this fanfic… so that this will remain as mysterious story/ rumor among KSH and JJH’ love line. Yet, it is always the true story in the heart of everyone who are KSH and JJH’ shipper…peace ❤️

  20. Wow, Thao….that is one heck of a comment….I LOVE IT! can I declare you the best commentator on this site? lol
    I’m glad it can serve other purposes than what it suppose to be….caffeine people!, this is the new caffeine! I’m glad that you noticed that every event on here (except for the future part) is an actual event that happen…I just added the fan-fic of what I think may have happened behind closed door. It wasn’t hard being that I stalk so many sites about this show that I know all the details and such, lol, you obviously know how that is.
    I’m the same as you…I’ve never ever ship actor and actresses I ONLY ship characters….this is the first time that I actually bleed over to semi-shipping the actual person themselves and not just their characters….scary, lol….like you and many others I’m sure, we definitely feel like there’s something there, like an invisible string that tie them together, I don’t know how to explain it either…maybe like an intuition perhaps?
    And yes, I do feel somewhat the same as you…that’s why I put a password here so not everyone can view it. That being said, this is still just a fan-fic, no matter how much of a great writer I am, it’s still fictional and not release as “official news” so I hope that give you some relief. Giving that some thought, I do think taking it off the site is a good idea so I do plan on taking it off by the end of this month. That will give it enough time for all Soompi fans to have the chance to read it.
    Thanks so much for your input, I love it….keep it coming!

  21. Wow!! Just brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! ..I don’t know how you do it but you’re really talented!! I’ve been a shipper of this two since the thieves and it is so awesome of you to start the story from there….if I hadn’t known better I would really think that what you wrote really did happen to them….that’s how good you are!…I know they are impossible to be together anymore…. .but atleast have this fanfic fulfilling my dreams! And Thanks to you because now I really think I can move on from here!!😆😆😆

    • yren….can you keep a secret? whatever I was writing…..it’s really how I felt had happened, except scaled down a few notch!! ahhahahahah….I’m bad I know. Well, it’s a release for me and now I can move on without them *right* Oh yren! Thanks so much for your praise, it’s every writers dream come true!

  22. Dear Linh, pls do me a favor. Let’s make another version, in which KSH’s less experience than in this one. Based on the way his body reacts when doing intimate gestures (his red ears, red face), I think that will be more realistic and interesting. Told you, I want more poison, right?

    • yvy…sorry to burst your bubble my dear but their stories or version will not be continued…even this special edition will be taken out by the end of month. You can check my reasons on Soompi. As far as KSH reaction, lol, I really wrote him how I see him (the real him) to be. I don’t associate his red ears and face as shy and bashful as much as “uncontrolled heatedness” as in he got the hots for her. I’ve been keeping an eye on news and such about him and I must say I think he’s indeed VERY experience 😉 and a bit of a playa, lol. I see him as an adorkable cute boy that he can be but when he’s in an intimate situation I can see him totally turning into a completely smoldering, passionate, in control type…lol, that’s just my observation thou. You will just have to shift your byoentaeness over to DMJ & SY 😉

      • I understand your reason to take out this chapter because I also think it’s necessary. I’ve just known KSH recently, so my observation may be wrong. I admire your talent in writing so whether KSH/JJH or DMJ/CSY, I’ll keep looking forward whatever stories you share with us.

  23. My god Faye….I just finished read it the second time…WoowWW….I got the same WOW like the first time.. its so much love and hot….I’m speechless. ..u r awesome….xoxi

  24. Oops sawry! Arggggggghhhhh!!! What’s wrong with me??? Keep on instinctively visiting this thread without knowing *cough…cough*. Just want to clarify I only read this fanfic for 3 times ok, not more than 10 times ok!! I come back to tell you I’m not so crazy about this couple okay? And more importantly I’m here to salute you okay, my dear writer-nim, Linh 👍🙏. You are the best!!

    Here are🍗 and 🍺 for you so dont be sad anymore ❤️. I’m under-age so only 🍼 for meee lmao

    • Thao, lol, when I said someone watch it 10 times, I wasn’t talking about you………..am I??? hmmmm……now you got me wondering about your level of byoentaeness! Girl you better be over-age or else this unnie is gonna give you a lecture for why you shouldn’t be lurking around this area! HAHAHAHA

  25. your imagination is wonderful. nothing is impossible on that world. I hope I can move on. I think the way you describe KSH’s mood is really really deaback.

    • and you know, right, your fic’s perfect, and I set up it as a nice love story that I could think about when I upset with the world. I like everything about your fic. My heart skip a beat when reading it. Saranghea, unnie.

      • awww, I’m so glad that this little “side story” can be a bit of a consolation for you. We all kinda know in real life nothing like this is gonna happen but that’s what we have fiction writing for right? to keep a little dream in our heads alive? *muah*

  26. hello unni, im dominjoonxxi from soompi thread xD
    i read the fanfic yesterday but didnt leave comment immediately.
    u’re awesome unni, i really enjoyed the story. i ship KSH-JJH more. OMG!
    pls write another special editions, writer-nim T^T u’r awesome!

    • aww, I’m glad you did dear…lol as of right now there’s nothing in the works for KSH & JJH, this was suppose to be it for them….but to tell you the truth I don’t know what the future might hold, I may end up doing another special in the future depend on what events unfold. Just today I saw him sing the song “Nobody, nobody but you” OMG…in the middle of it his eyes looks sooo sad and then he looks down and I swear to god, he looks like he was about to cry. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind but I actually felt “hurt” for him….I hope he’s actually not pining for JJH, that would just be too too sad…..but then we all want them to have feelings for each other right? oh the conundrum!

  27. Oh my! I think I’ve read this at least 5 times. I have to say, I don’t ship KSH and JJH. I can truly say that I’m one of those people that can effectively separate the actors from the characters and not drown herself in delusions. However, I do appreciate their obvious connection and chemistry and I also appreciate a well written fanfiction. Safiresea, what I liked the most, aside from the hot scenes, was how well you included all of those real life moments and places where they were together, making it seem all the more plausible. Made me think, wow, yes, this could have really happened. Ok, now I have to go and cool off… I’m so turned on… how do I turn off? XD oh crap, I need a cold shower.

    • Misai, I agree with you…I actually never ever was into actor & actresses, just their characters…and when I’m in love with a couple it’s always the characters themselves and not the real people. But for some reason that I still couldn’t put my hand on, these two really emit some kind of invisible vibe that I had somehow picked up and now…well originally I thought in real life he’s too immature for her and kinda a playa and what not even though I still feel the “feel” between them in a real sense and not just characters….but gosh, when I watch the recent live video of him singing “Nobody, Nobody But You” he actually looks really hurt, looks like he was about to cry…I actually felt hurt for him and hope fervently that it wasn’t his noona he’s missing too much 😦 omo, I really am loosing it!

  28. OMG, I think, my heart is going to burst. That was… There just are no words to tell just how amazing this was. Your writing sounds so real, I could almost hear them exchange the lines you out in their mouths in your fanfic. It was like watching a film instead of reading…
    I think I need a cold shower now.

  29. oh may gawd~ this is so damn hawt :p
    i think i need some tissue for my nose bleed

    i do agree that they have some “chemi” in the serial, dunno if that’s only act or… well… you know… x)

    • LOL, I think I warned you ahead of time to keep tissue close by right? There’s actually a lot of indelph research to this, lol as some would point out that’s why it seems very “real”….an act or not, only they would know right? we all shall be in the dark unless they do end up together in the future….then I can say, I CALLED THE SHOTS!!! hahahaha

  30. Oenni,,this story is very very very daebak…
    I think it’s very realistic that this story really happen in their life. OMG!!! It’s make me more harder to ship them together. And the future story that you made, make my hope for them to become one is more higher…

    • thank you sweetie…and yes, all the events itself is real, just the interaction between them was of course fan-fiction….so truth blur into fiction….and who knows….there even may be some truth in those fiction, we can only speculate because only they would know.

  31. Thank you safiresea! The moment I receive your reply at soompi, my hearts been pounding so fast. And when I read this waahh! its like i was gonna explode because I was not expecting the story to be so awesome feels like so real or I just want it to be real. I dont tolerate adultery too but its gonna be winter I am hoping for the first snow so I will be forgiven lol. This is really super awesome lol. I couldn’t look at KSH-JJH the same way. It’s like they are up on another level. I like ji hyun eversince now I am shipping KSH-JJH hardcore. thank you again for granting me access! You are amazing, keep writing!

    • awww, I’m so excited hearing how excited you were…no wonder why I love writing for you guys so much! hmm…yeah as far as adultery I tried to steer clear of it as much as I could….I mean technically they did it when she was only dating someone else…..that’s not TOO bad right? she wasn’t married yet, lol. And I wanted to write it so that JJH never really truly “cheated” on her hubby even though it was pretty hard and even if this is just a fan-fic, I still want to keep the integrity of her character intact 🙂

      • I completely agree. You’ve thought it so well thats why I say you are awesome but my byontae mind couldn’t help but dream this to be real haha sorry to you know who. But still I admire both of them and would forever ship them in my dreams. Lol forever hoping… 400 yrs haha You are one hell of a writer. Thank you for sharing this to us. You don’t know how much this means tus whose silently shipping KSH-JJH. Now I can read this again and again until you decide to delete them. But do you really have to? Lol

        • well, we all could dream lol…on to better news! I’m so happy to hear that they are doing a CF together!! finally!! I’ve been chanting and hoping that they would do one together and they finally will be doing it! That alone makes me very very happy 🙂 and of course as always I’m so happy to know that my writing makes you and some folks jump for joy 😀

  32. Wow..Daebak..I can help but thinking its really something that happens between them..& not just ur fanfic 😉 Really..u should give a try on scriptwriting a real production…u do have a talent girl!..Fightingggg!!

    • hasmah, even though it’s fan-fic I’m glad it comes through as realistic as it can be…that’s the effect I was hoping for 🙂 awww, you guys really JiJang! so many have said that, really makes me think should I give it a shot, lol.

  33. thanks for the password.
    your fanfic just… WOW…
    cant stop asking my self what if this really happened to them???
    you should make your own script and drama sista! you can do it

    • Ashriey, thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I’ll take that into my dreams tonight…and every night….and hopefully I can mold it into something that’s tangible…..like a script of my own drama!!! you will be watching it right?!!?

  34. I’ll admit – I was one of the first few who read this 10+ times the first few days it was posted. What can I say? It’s my new crack. Anyway, tried to stay away and distance myself from anything KSH/JJH but guess where I am again? HERE @ your awesome fanfic re-reading for the nth time after getting news of their Samsung CF deal *don’t judge me please*
    thank u thank u thank u for feeding my addiction. any chance for a part deux? *begs on hands and knees*

    • haha, it’s ok glamfan, the first step to recovery is acceptance 🙂 Funny you should mention a “part duex” my intention was not to write anything about them since I’d given them a “happy” ending here…thus time for me to move on and concentrate on DMJ & CSY. However, like you I got ubber excited on recent development of said CF as well as “coincidental” same travel date to China “meetup in airport”….and at the same time my ever crazy mind is at it again and I thought of an extra crazy twist to their story, ahhahahhaha….I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t…..but you being on hands and knees really….ugh….almost did me in….ALMOST 😉

  35. Omg I can’t move on now..I was on the verge of “moving on” but after reading this, my imagination exploded aaaaaah! Thank you safiresea for making my night…I will take this story along with my imagination to dreamland tonight…(and maybe re-enact the scene with hubby). ;P wheeeee!

    • lol, oh no…but you should move on…that’s the hole point, they got their happy ending here…so we poor poor shipper in a sinking ship should move on, hahahaha………..now go and re-enact with that lucky hubby of yours!! 😉

  36. wow….just wow….what a story…it’s making me sad though I can’t imagine if this will happen in their reality, I just want for their happiness may it be in each other’s arm or with someone they love…but I will still hope/dream of a happy dream with them together and forever 😀

    • I was sad too Kalainess 😦 especially when he sings “Nobody, Nobody but you” then follow by “In Front Of Your House” *sniffle, sniffle*

  37. Dear Safiresea, your writing never fail. DAE to the BAK. As always.
    Here I am back to this Special Edition to copy and paste, after you announced that you will delete this chapter by the end of this month.
    I decided to save it on my note so I can re-read this beautiful story whenever, wherever! Hahahaha..

  38. OTTOOKKKEEEE *cream*……… *sigh*… Now that many events are going to occur between 2hyun CF, China trip, FM, airport meeting (i hope) ect… How I wish I get to see more of their imagine-behind-closed-door-activities in this special edition. After the drama ended, we were kind of hopeless to see 2Hyun’s together activities after the wrap up parties so my guess is you wrote this fanfic out in desperation and for the sake of our consolation right? Right? Not sure if my wish can come true but here I am chanting my wish to the universe hoping, praying to hear more of their behind-closed-door stories from my most beloved writer Linh Nguyen.💋

    I know I’m being hypocritical here but why is everything so wrong feel so right?😭💦💦💦

    • hahahaha…….YES miss Hypocritical *I still love you though* ya, you’re the one who request me to close this byeontae world for JJH & KSH, lol….now you’re back asking for more??!?….wait, let me laugh some more……HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

  39. Yes yes yes i’m soooo hypocritical so *boom bang boom*💥💥💥 my head to the walls now until I can get risk of my byeontae thoughts. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!! 💦💦💦That really hurts!! Oh well, what doesn’t kill me make me stronger!!

    SO, *back to my spinning my ring business* Have you been taking care of your health lately, writer nim? I want you to take a very good care of it (meaning no skipping meal, no overworking, no over-lurking for news about our OTP too much without having rest) because I really want to see you and your writing for a long long time, okay??

    Ps: why are we turning into some sorts of alien-like monsters like this huh my dear writer nim? Is it your intention? (But i love my monster though, fit me perfectly lol)

    • hahahha, you even admit your own craziness, oh I love it! It’s ok, it’s all great therapy. I’m glad you’re not asking after my health in THAT sense….I was a little scared there for a minute, lol. Yeah, don’t you just love the new Aliens aren’t they cute?!!?! I mean we ALL can’t be as good looking of an Alien as DMJ…..so let’s just all settle for “cute-ugly”….”cugly”????

  40. Safiresea, It’s so realistic! I felt love and pain experiences. All comments reflect my thoughts. You pass a huge talent atmosphere of love. I want you to meet a nice man – to love and be loved!!

    • OH Mila…you don’t know how happy to hear that you felt all that from reading my script, I’m really honor and touched…..and thank you so much, I’m waiting on that nice man to love and be loved as well, tell him pali pali, quick quick, lol i’m not getting any younger! kikikiki

  41. It’s so realistic in the most dream like fantasy sense and oh my gosh I really like it!! This is what all byeontae fans have been waiting for and thank you a million for writing this daebak story!!! I love every moment and every scene and now I’m gonna read for 2nd time with more tissues!! 😉 ❤

    • lol, go go tissues! don’t worry KSH no one will judge if you go for seconds….there are those that went for 10th and not ashamed to admit it hihihihihi

  42. Eh hem… I’m back… again… (Gosh!Why am I so attached to this thread?!)
    ……….ah…………..uhm…………………thank you for not JUDGING………………..(continue)

    Uhm…I’m here to input some thoughts on how to edit this awesome byeontae edition (I know you, yourself are debating whether or not continuing this edition, and I know you will do it eventually, right my dear writer nim? Nae? Nae? Nae?) And it’s absolutely possible for you to alter or make a part deux of this story.

    Linh, I will never say this enough but you are a gifted writer. For that reason, I know you have the ability to make twists and turns to this edition although the future ending has already been final. I have to point out that luckily, you chose to lead the story by using time-jumps so having extra acts shouldn’t be a big problem. In fact, adding more scenes and events would improve the story line. And more importantly, 2hyun’s reason of love could be unveiled and the beauty of their love through hardship will be enhanced and proven along the side stories ===> Voila! A story does not end happily if there is no love, and a story without lesson/cost cannot be remembered.
    In sum, adding more dates and times to this story would make it even more plausible like a byeontae love journal, you know? *wink wink* It’s like the real newspaper shows this, and on the other hand your journal also reveals delusional details of 2hyun activities LMFAO. Your journal definitely would definitely win the show ‘cause it has the spice and this is gonna be a big hit!!
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    • HEY! you look familiar….oh YEAH it’s that crazy Thao fan again! HAHAHAHA. Don’t worry girl we don’t judge here…er, I don’t think? I love your rant, it’s amusing and insightful at the same time….lol and yes you are right of course I thought about it as soon as I follow their “same time going to same airport” and then JH appeared for like 8 minutes, lol….I have my own behind the scene reasons and set up already believe it or not! Right now there’s some wheels cranking and some interesting works are going to show itself soon…can’t say as of yet but it may have something to do with me (MAYBE extending this further with more facts that came along…and you might be able to get your hand on a hard-copy *wink wink*) Ok, all that aside, lol, you should move on out of here missy….did you read the new Chapter 26 yet? GO read that instead of being stuck here in byoentae world. Besides, you writing me a novel here….you could use that talent of yours and write your own scenes yes? I think you would be great! Give it a try! and if you do, don’t forget to share with me 😉 Oh…and good luck with the psychiatrist….if he’s any good, erhm….I might need you to recommend him to a FRIEND of mine….that’s right a FRIEND of mine….not me, not me at all I tell ya!!!


    Hehe I read every single one of your chapters already (at lest twice) but I don’t have the time to rant just yet, perhaps sometimes tomorrow since it’s my Spring break. I get myself a notebook filled with questions ready for ya :)))

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    • HAHA…you found me on Facebook 🙂 so now we’re friends! Alas, I rarely show myself on FB so you’re better off chatting here with me 😦 I’m always glad to get your comments but….lol, you’re scaring me a bit about a notebook filled with questions!!! hahaha.
      “horrible at writing” and “lack of self-discipline” just about explains me right there, lol, so nothing is really far out of reach 😉 *GASP* you’re preparing something for me?!?!! EXCITED!!!! can’t wait!!! uuuu…is this gonna be my first gift from a fan?!?!!? KIKIKIKIKI, how do I go to sleep now? *cheers, cheers*

    • Hi Mila, lol, you’re not the first….Jade, another of my reader already request this and I told her I will write it for her 😉 it’s in my mind right now but I don’t know when it’s going to be out as I’m busy with the regular story-line…perhaps in a few weeks time 🙂

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    well…….keep up your greattttt work unnie,thank you soooooo much for this special..♥♥♥♥♥

    • Novi, I’m very glad to hear you loved it 🙂 aww, lol, I was hoping it can help shipper close that chapter by giving them a happy ending here, but somehow it had a reverse affect for some. Well, let’s look forward to DMJ & CSY love affair then 😉

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    • awww, thanks much V911, I try 😉 Oh, now that’s something….if you love the story even if there’s no hanky panky…..wow, that really say something! ThANK YOU again! Yeah, *sigh* unfortunately, all we have is wishful thinking….oh well, life is long one never know what might happen 😀

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    Thanks so much for writing this story (and the other chapters too!). It’s so awesome! and really helps this helpless Hyun2 shipper heart a lot :))). Are you still planning to take it out from this site by the end of today? If so, do you mind if I make a copy for my own keep? I promise that I won’t post it online anywhere…It’s just I need it as a little dose for my shipper heart until I can fully move on…and your story is so gooood to let go… pleaseeee…pleaseeee…*batting watery puppy eyes*
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    • awww…hi oceangreen, so sorry for some reason your comment was sent to spam…hahahahah…..I’m glad you wrote to me in Soompi too or else you’d missed the story (even if you did I would have sent it to your email anyways, lol) but yes, you should not have a problem with comments any longer as it only need me to approve the first comment 🙂 they do this for spam purposes.
      BTW….watery puppy eyes…always gets to me….always 😉

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      • Oh how I wish I can take credit for your stats (fine, maybe 2000 of it *keke*) but seriously, that’s ALL YOU my wonderful Faye! Your powerful imagination+soulful writing has obviously touched many lives here. Out of curiosity, I read some other hyun2 fanfic and it didn’t move me like your writing did, yknow? So you’d better believe you’ve got an avid fan in me. And i just have to commend you for replying to EVERY single comment in here…and they’re not just one-liners like “thanks” or “glad you like it”. You put 120% effort into everything you do – just like uri couple! Truly admirable imo. Loves back!

        • oh gosh glamfan, I just woke up are you gonna make me cry early this morning? lol…I do hope, like you said, that my writing can touched many lives out there, heck even if just one person…makes the sacrifice of my time truly really worth it…every minute of it 😉 REALLY? there’s other Hyun2 fan fic out there? you must point me the ways! When I have time I do like to read what other’s take on the story/couple…it’s fun and sometimes I can learn a thing or two kikiki. awwwww …..*blush* I do try….I think I just love to type/chat so much (as I don’t really have the chance to interact with people too much in real life…2 year old doesn’t really count, haha) but more than that, I’m a “fan” at one point too so I understand how it is….when you write to someone it’s nice to get back a reply, a true reply and not some lazy half-baked one. If time permitted, I’ll always find ways to interact with you guys….I’d rather enjoying hanging around with you guys then flying high and mighty above the rest sorta deal…..hahhahahha…..wouldn’t it be cool if I was a celebrity? I’d talk to you guys all day! hahahha

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            Alert! Ovaries have cracked up a bit! LMFAO
            *Hug hug* @glamfan, finally another sweet friend from this byeontae world, MLFAS has brought to me so many happy things! Let 🍻 n have 🍗 to celebrate this new byeontae friendship 😘

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      But before handing this “secret treasure” to ya, my poor soul. I must have you read, understand, and sign the consent form that states whoever reads this is bound to this Byeontae world for life.. You cannot turn away, run away, or betray us in any way and methods. If you agree please sign_______________ here. Lol!

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              Btw, this is FYI please keep them away from direct sunlight if you dont want the colors fade away. Also, they are the only ones, ORIGINALS, and no copies will be made so be a proud owner of the cutie pair. 😘

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    • Cinzia….welcome to our home!! 🙂 I’m happy you’re here to join us and don’t worry about your english, you communicate just fine 🙂 and I’m so happy to have you as a fan. Technically speaking, this story is now closed…..but you are indeed relentless 😉 in more ways then one and i do admire that a lot…check your email shortly for some questionnaires 🙂

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    Anyway don’t worry friend!can i call you like that?in ani case i am over 18 so don’t worry and about the marriage thing i think the same as you,and i hope that she will be always happy with her husband,but like you said is for fun.
    Also i am crazy this way only about this couple,so please don’t think i am strange, sorry just a little for this couple can i?
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      • HI ADDA!!! I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay here…I do try to add content regularly for you guys 😀 I hope to hear more thoughts and comment from you on future episodes!

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    • haha, don’t worry about it adda, I’m just glad you took the time out to write, I could still understand you just fine 🙂 check your email for pre-screening first in a bit…

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    • awwww, so cute of you to make an account just for this….lol…ok well check our email for pre-screening…then we’ll go from there. I’m glad you found us here and hope you continue enjoying your stay.

      If you haven’t read the follow up stories yet you should, it get’s really good 🙂 and you can follow along with everyone else.

      • Authornim~

        I’ve read and…
        Aaaaaaa surely what you write is happen and with the reality basic. Cuz i’ve read some news about our dearest otp.
        Hope you will continue this and please tell me when there’s a take two.. Kekekeke~ ^^

          • It’s okay, as long as it’s them i would loved the ff dearly cuz i know your writing is amazing XD and don’t forget to inform me when the take two is out, please authornim ^^ kekekeke

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    • awww, I’m so glad to hear that I’m useful somehow in helping us cope with the ending of this show. It goes the same for me, writing it is like my therapy, else I’d watch their MVs and cry all day! hahahahaha….oh wow, you read it that many times? lol…no wonder why the read count on this site was so high, lol…it’s all due to the byeontae readers around here, you included kikikikiki…..no worry, next one is coming up….and I dare say even sexier than this one….omo, is that even possible that two virgins gonna make us blush?!? hahaha….at least longer scenes anyways…

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  58. Hi I am a new follower of your page. I wanted to read this fanfiction and the Take 2 one, but it says it’s password protected…how do I get the password? Thanks for making this by the way. I am crazy about this show and now that it’s over I just keep rewatching it and searching for fanfics to fill the void! 🙂

    • HI NEW FOLLOWER! 🙂 <— that's kinda long…what would u like me to call u instead? glad you found us here….oh and uh, you should have gotten the password for the recent one by now yes?

  59. Hi! You are awesome!! I also love this drama and otp. could I have password to your other story versions please. Thanks!

    • you mean for the Take 2: Special Edition? please check your email by end of today…

      ps. reminder, to everyone else please make any request through the feedback form guys, thanks 🙂

  60. Sis, can you email me the password for take 1 and 2? i’m new here and I’m so so excited about it lol XD

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    • Hey Mench, just sit tight for a bit…because I’m rewriting Take 1 and will republish it soon (for revenge reason, so you can read the new update to get the full details)

  62. Hi! I just found ur blog and I’m getting curious about this story so I decided to make a wp account to read this hehe –v can you email me the password of take 1 and take 2? Thankyou 😉

    • aww, you didn’t need to sign up to wp or anything, lol….all the episodes here are available here…as for Take 1, you just have to wait as it’s being re-edited right now….and Take 2 I will send to your email tonight 🙂

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    Ahh~ Today seems to be a good day to pick up my poetic mood…

    Well~ ….The lovely scent of the night is comforting my fast beating heart… As the wind passes by, it picks things up and carries me along with those restless souls… Finally we have landed on this island, a real living paradise. Strangely, this place is indeed foreign but it’s not… Haven’t I been to this place before, I wonder…And surround me are the familiar faces… Yes I’ve seen them somewhere in my past…. Yes, yes they are my beloved friends: glamfan, jade, Kisohn, Vall, Mila, henny, Maddie…etc

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    Our little secretive treasure…and it’s about time for it to reveal itself… Only the heaven light will shine upon us…

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    Ps: sawwry for my double post but I’ve found out I post at a wrong address hehehe

    • hahahah…I don’t know what you’re talking about but I thought you were pretty poetic there, kikiki….but….mystic goddess?!?!?! ROFL…..you know how to crack me up though. Oh my dear, I doubt that this will be finished tonight sorry to disappoint you. I wasn’t feeling good earlier today so not much writing was being done. Also, I had decided to make up a few more scenes to make it more complete….a higher level of vengeance (that has nothing to do with byeontae reasons)….and so I ask you guys to please wait a little bit longer. Since this might be the last time I write about them (unless there’s juicier gossip coming out, lol) so I want to make it as complete as possible. You heart me chingu?

      • Oh my are you ok dear? Never mind my cray cray post above I had nothing to do so just want to kid around with you. No rush no rush at all please take care of your health first you’ve been writing too much lately already, rest well dear. I don’t want to see you sick huhuhu.
        Actually for this comeback edition, I already thought over it even before you made your announcement on this Samsung vengeance and I have no problem waiting for it at all. I even can wait until the deasang or beaksang award and see your byeontae edition ha! Again I was only joking since this morning with you. I hope all is well with you.

        • oh, thanks for worrying about me sweetie, I’m ok, nothing serious…I just delayed doing a few things while I rested a bit. Awww, come now…I’m not that cruel…I would not announce the re-make and make you guys wait endlessly like that, lol….i’m trying my best to finish it as soon as I can….and then I’ll take my time with episode 31. But then I said that before and I keep end up writing every chance I have (even chances I don’t have! haha).

          • I’m glad that you are feeling better now. Just get more rest if you can dear. I really admire your discipline and commitment to your work although it’s only fan fiction but you put in 10000000000% and more effort. You really move me and a lot of people here.

            No worry sometimes I’m hot tempered but I’m really good at waiting so do not stress yourself out too much. So far we get to see the continuum of this we feel extremely lucky enough. Besides, everyone has her own story/ difficulty so I and many folks believe you don’t have to deliver this in a timely manner especially when you are not feeling well. Well I think I may end up saying this a hundred or thousand times but I appreciate your work so much, pls feel free to let me know if you need anything. I’m more than happy to be under your command 🙂

  64. safiresea how are you now?don’t worry we will be patient and wait but the most important thing is your health so take care don’t worry and recover well 🙂

  65. Hi! I’m new here. I was looking for kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun fanfic when i saw this. I’m a fan of their loveteam and ofcourse their drama. I want to read your fanfic… can i get the password??? Pleaseeeee…… thank you!!!!

  66. Sorry I think I’ve posted this request earlier in the wrong thread. So here it is again. May I please have the protected password? I’m enjoying your work here very much. Keep it up! Thanks.

  67. Hi.

    just found your site earlier. This is a well written my love from the star continuation. Can you give me the password so that i can read the specials? Thank you so much.

  68. I wish i could also ask for the password. Oh my gosh your fanfic was just great. It was moving me that much and I tend to always imagine the scenes in my head. Continue writing please.

    • awww, readers like you makes me want to try my best…I want you to have a great moments dreaming of sceneries in your head because frankly we don’t know if a MLFAS 2 will exist and if we can have the same actors right? 😦 well….that’s where I want to create a place for us to dream here 😉 so enjoy darlin…and I got your email of the passwords

  69. I just found your site..and i’m so happy reading it..could i have the passw too..thanks..keep writing..i love theres someone writing the sequel instead of me having my imagination going nowhere..:D

  70. to the amazing writer safiresea, are you sure this is just purely fiction? cause it looks pretty real to me,lol. there is a good chance that this really happened and you were there on some of the events that is why you can give detailed description on what actually happened ( crazy thoughts, i know…) well, a girl can dream… looking forward to the next special edition of Z and Y : )

    • Lol, that’s funny…but since you’re going that far why not just think me as JJH or KSH writing the account of what happen, lol….ultra delusional there 🙂 on a serious note: most of these scenes did happen (I follow their news and rumor often), only their interaction is made up, lol (or so I said) kikikiki

  71. hello can you send me the password? i have been away from the site sorry?
    but please will you send it to me?thanks

  72. Thank you fr providing us such good stories. Shipping an onscreen couple that’s quite impossible to be together in real life is hard. It also hurts as well, but since you are writing this great stuffs it feeds my mind though it’s just all imaginations. Keep up the good work. I hope Zampano and Yenicall will also have one of this. Haha 🙂 Anyways can I ask about one scene here about KSH saying he like JJH? Did that really happened or was it just added in the story?

    • oh no problem 🙂 it also feeds me kiki…and yes Zam & Yen will have an upcoming one shortly 😉
      yes…I’m not an expert in Korean language so I can’t confirm 100% BUT it has been said many many times over and so far no one really contest it…that KSH did said “Ji Hyun noona saranghanda (I love you)” twice, once in the radio interview and another one at another interview. You can see this clip on the post “New Content Director’s Cut DVD” if you scroll down just a bit you’ll see the link from Tudou watch and judge for yourself. 🙂

    • oh by the way…they are not “all imagination” about 50% is taken from real events and real circumstances…the other 50% (their relationship interaction) is what is made up by me…..or so we believe (who knows what really go down behind closed doors eh?)

  73. hello how are you?it’s been awhile i left a previews comment but can you give me the password for the byeontae edition?

    • Cinzia…you confuse me….did I not already send it to you a long, long time ago? you wrote on April third that you got it already? scroll up and see your comment above…and I have you at #47 (out of 200+) on my list of emails so I know whatever I sent out, I sent out to you as well. there’s only two Special Edition, the Take 1 (KSH & JJH) that was recently Edited…(which use the same password) and the Take 2 for (DMJ & CSY). Which of those haven’t you read???

      • Hi again. I haven’t got the password yet. So just asking, is the next batch of email yet to come and I should continue waiting or……………….? Hahahaha I really don’t know what I should do.😂😂😂😂

        • I sent it a while back already but because you didn’t give me the correct email address it didn’t go through…I will send it again, please check your email

  74. hi. can i get the password? please? i really love mlfts and can’t get over the drama for almost a month since i finished watching it. also for the other take 2. thanks!

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