My Love From Another Star – Episode 26


Previous Preview:  Min Joon bought a special gift for Song Yi to make up for their last fight.  Song Yi, Bokja, and Se Mi gang up on Ahnya with unexpected results.  In secret, Song Yi ask Hye Kyung for a drastic favor.

Scene 2 – MJ Went Looking For SY

DMJ looked down at the black velvet box in his hands, breathe deeply and knock on BJ apartment.  No one answered.  He knock louder this time.  He heard feet shuffling and farther in the background he could hear SY.

SY: (practically yelling at BJ) tell him I’m not here! (to MJ) and yes!  I know you can hear me…and I don’t care! Go back to YOUR home! (yelling at BJ again) go tell him I’m not here, GO!

MJ: (shook his head slightly and disappear and reappear inside the house almost colliding into BJ, he steady her and she grabbed his arm, looking at him in desperation) you ok?  I’m sorry I barge in like that I just couldn’t wait any more.

BJ:  that makes the two of us! (still clinging on to his sleeve) Please, please, please take her home…I’ll do anything just take her home! Song Yi is a bad girl before but now that she’s angry at you AND pregnant…(shook head dramatically)…I can’t, I just can’t.

MJ: (smile down at her and nod his head) where is she? (BJ turns her head in the bedroom direction with dreadful eyes)

He walked into the room, seeing her spread out on the floor, her back to him as she’s laying with one knee bent and the other leg crossed over it.  Looks like she’s on the third helping of chicken thighs.

MJ: Wae Song Yi, what are you doing? (she stopped eating and threw the chicken back down onto the plate but didn’t look in his direction)

SY: didn’t I say I was not here?  that wicked girl when I get my hands on her….

MJ: (walk over to SY, sat down at her level but she still refuse to look at him) let’s talk.

SY: (she turned around and look at him her eyes turning red) what do you want to talk about that we haven’t already talked about?  That you want to allow another woman to live at our house? Oh wait, wait…sorry, not OUR house…YOUR house. (she turned away from him again)

MJ: (looks hurt) Song Yi, I’m sorry if what I said hurt you…you know I didn’t mean it like that.  It’s just, the last few days have put a lot of stress on me.  Please accept my apology and come home.

SY eyes travel back to his face still looking angry and doubtful.  She sat up to be on level with him.  Then she spotted the rectangular, black box in his hands.  She rolled her eyes and made a *tshhh* sound.

SY: Men are so typical…what is that?  A necklace?  A bracelet? You think you can just buy my anger away with jewelry?  Well, you can forget it! (she pulls herself up to walk away but MJ pulled her back down)

MJ: (he place the box in her hand) open it before you say anything and let me do the talking for once.

SY opens the box, her face going from bored disinterest to a bit of shock and she kept staring at it unsure how to react then look back at him with a questioning look in her eyes.  The camera pans in to the content of the box: there lay two tags, one white silver in a shape of a bone with the engraved word “Fate”…and the other is a pink fishbone tag with the engraving “Destiny”.

MJ: (he grabbed one of her hand in his and rub his thumbs over hers) You know I’m not someone full of words.  Sometimes I still can’t express fully how I feel about you. (sigh heavily) I’m sorry to make you angry and I’m sorry that Ahnya will have to stay with us for the time being.  I know it’s hard for you but I have my reasons…reasons I can’t yet say but that I hope you can give your trust in me…trust that I will resolve it to our best interest. (he held her hand tighter) You probably know what this means (referring to the tags) I know you said you don’t want to have any pets before we have kids but you are carrying our baby now and I think it’s time we started expanding our family like we dreamed of. (she kept staring at him, unblinking as he took his hand away from her and pick up the tag “Fate”).  This is for our male Rough Collie pup, I named him “Fate”…you can think of him as me.  (he look up into her eyes) He will be forever loyal to you…and only you.  Love you…and only you.  Protect you…and only you (he picked up the pink tag) this is for our white Turkish Angora kitten, one of the most ancient breed out there, she’s like you…timeless, regal, beautiful, graceful…very playful, intelligent…and protective of those she loves.  I named her “Destiny”. (He place both tags into her hand and close it).  I never thought much about it before meeting you.  Now that I loved you I know in my heart that we will be forever linked together in one form or another.  Don’t ever forget that I am your Fate and you are my Destiny.  Nothing in this world or any world is ever going to tear us apart.  I promise I will always find my way back to you, just as you found your way back to me even when you don’t yet realize it.  My point is: don’t feel threaten by anyone or anything…especially Ahnya.  She will leave when she understand I won’t budge.  (he pulled her up to a standing position)…should we go home to be with Fate and Destiny?

SY: (she smiled at him with love and amusement and place the tags back into the box) whhaaa, who are you and what did you do to my husband?  Where did you learn how to sweet talk like that?

MJ: (he grin down at her and put his forehead on her forehead, hugging her and rocking both of them slowly side to side) I miss you so much…please, try not to leave again when you’re angry.  You can throw whatever you want in the house…you can even throw it at me…just as long as you don’t leave.

SY: Even your precious artifacts? (she laughs and he laughs with her)

MJ: yes, even that if you want. (he leaned in and gave her continuous pecks on the lips with his own smiling lips)

SY: (pulled away from him and look dubiously at him) I was gone for one day and you already forgot how to properly kiss your wife?  I’m a little disappointed…for a make-up kiss this is really underwhelming Min Joon-ah (he look down playfully at her and shrug his shoulder)

MJ: you might just have to re-educate me on that.

SY; (grabs his coat jacket and shook him lightly) oah, oah, oah! So you want to play that game huh?…(she slant her eyes at him and purse her lips then trail her fingers on his shoulder and walk around to his backside, he smiled boyishly looking downward) well…for one you wouldn’t be wearing so much clothes around me (she yanked off his outer jacket and threw it on the floor.  She hugs him from behind as her hands trail up his abdomen, upward to his chest as it start to rise and fall rapidly.  Unbuttoning a few buttons she leans in from behind getting closer to his ears and whisper) does this bring back any memories? (she trail kisses on his upper neck and around his ear) do you remember our first honeymoon night? How you stood behind me like this whispering in my ears that you’ve never…

She didn’t finish her sentence as MJ swirled around so quickly and crush her to him, his lips covering hers so fast, so urgently, she was a little shock.

BJ: Ya! How much longer is this gonna take…(as BJ step in the room no one was present, both DMJ and SY had disappeared.  BJ looked at the chicken and bones, a black gift box and a discarded jacket on the floor.  She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, turn around to walk out but changed her mind and swirled back again, screaming out to the empty room) YAAAA!!! WEAAA! What do you guys think this is?  A motel!?!?! AISHHH!!!  (shook her head in frustration, then storm out of the room).

SY: (tore away from his kiss) why are we in my closet? And why am I whispering?

MJ: (pulled her back to him and continue kissing her, talking to her while kissing) Bokja…(kiss) came…(kiss)…teleport…(kiss)…home, your brother…(kiss)…he’s close by (kiss)…let’s keep it quite…(his kisses spread down her shoulder, down her arms, down to her hands, he lightly bite one of her fingers and suck it lightly.  He put her hand on his heated face as he claimed her mouth again.

The next thing SY know she’s rolling on the wooden floor of what seems to be a small cabin as MJ rolled on top of her.

SY: WHAT THE??! Where are we n…(her question muffled by MJ’s insistent kisses)

MJ: (broke the kiss) stop talking Song Yi and make love to me…I swear, you’re gone for one day and it feel s like 100 years (he lean in to kiss her again but she grab his face to stop him and gave him the “look”.  He sigh) Ahnya came back….she would hear everything, so….

SY: She already moved in?!

MJ feeling defeated, he rolled off of her to lay on the floor looking at the ceiling, not saying another word.

SY: (sat up and poked him on the side) ya! what’s wrong with you now? (he didn’t respond, looking childishly miffed and defeated)

A few minutes pass and he still didn’t say anything, just lying there staring at the ceiling.  SY rubbed the polished floors with her fingers, glance over to look at him again then a thought came to mind as she gave a mischievous smile.  She quickly climbed on top of him, straddling him as she sat on his lower abdomen.  Her hands grabbed both his hands and push it up above his head.  He looked at her in shock.

SY: don’t move, don’t say anything (she quickly opened the remaining buttons on his shirt and spread it open and trailed a finger down the middle of his abs as he sucked in air)

Camera pans out of room as MJ hands move to touch both sides of her thighs and pull her down closer, his head came off the floor eagerly meeting SY’s lips.

Scene 10 – SY Bring In Reinforcement to Deal With Ahnya

Week 1: (background funny music cue-slide in scene from left to right)

SY is preparing food in the kitchen muttering to herself as she chop the food with gusto.

SY: why am I feeling like Cinderella making food for her wicked step sister….aishhhh!

Ahnya walked in laughing prettily at something YJ is saying.  YJ walk straight in to his room with a daydreaming grin on his face as SY glared after him.

SY: YAH!! (she screamed as he closed the door) what? You don’t greet your sister anymore? ….ungrateful little bastard…

Ahnya:  (walked up to her in all excitement) what are you cooking today?  (she put her hand on her chin and look at SY with a smile and amusement in her eyes) are you going to poison me today?

SY: no, but I definitely thought about it for the 100th times today.

Ahnya: well, that’s an improvement from 3 days ago. (she grabs an apple and bite into it with a look of ecstasy on her face)

SY: (rolled her eyes…suddenly she had a thought in her head) Hey…you’ve been here for a week now, shouldn’t you try cooking for us for a change?

Ahnya: Well, we don’t really cook at home or eat per-say…everything is in pill size…

SY: it’s not that hard and I’m sure Min Joon would appreciate it.

Ahnya: (perk up) you really think so?  How do I do it?

SY: here, I’ll just turn on the cooking channel for you, you’re smart right?  just follow what they do (she put the knife down and took the apron off) I’m going to go take a bath and then a quick nap…kitchen’s all yours! (Ahnya looked at the TV screen and nods her head in awe)

SY is lounging in the tub, smiling and giggling to herself.  She imagined MJ and YJ faces when they ate the food Ahnya made, Ahnya reduce to tears and run off as MJ and YJ continuously gagging.  She laughs louder and louder.

SY came out of the bedroom after her nap to a dining table setting of 6 different dishes of food.   Her face fell and thought to herself, it can’t taste as good as it looks.  Everyone sat at the table.

YJ: woow you made all this Ahnya? (Ahnya nods her head.  MJ didn’t say anything but he looks around, impressed)

Ahnya: this is my first time cooking, it’s so much more fun than it looks!  (she look at MJ intently) how is it?

MJ: (put some food in his mouth and ate a little bit, then he grab some more and continue eating, YJ on the other hand is stuffing his face with food) umm….(he continue eating) it’s really good, you should cook more often.

YJ: (talking with his mouth full of food) Ahnya, oh my god, I can’t remember eating food this good.  You’re a goddess!  You’re perfect! Is there anything you can’t do? (Ahnya’s melodic laughter grates on SY’s nerve, she gulp down the plain rice in her bowl, fuming)

Week 2: (background funny music cue-slide in scene from left to right)

SY: (playing with Fate and Destiny on the couch) mommy gotta go, yes I do…yes I do….yeah, I love you too…my baby…oh… you want to come with mama…huh? Huh?… (in the corner of her eyes she saw Ahnya walking down the stairs, then she grin at a thought)  Ahnya!

Ahnya: hmm?

SY: Min Joon is not home right now and neither is Yoon Jai and I have to run an important errand…can you take care of Fate and Destiny until one of us is home? (Ahnya visible flinch and step a few steps back)

Ahnya: those little furry creatures?  I don’t know what to do with them…we don’t have them in our star.

SY: oh it’s not that hard, just feed them, play with them, and walk them.  That’s all there is to it.  I’ll be back shortly. (she walked out whistling and grinning ear to ear)

On her drive back home, SY is laughing to herself as she recalled how Fate had bit her dress and drag her around the house and Destiny clawing everything in sight, it drove her crazy and took them at least a week to start warming up to her…she thought of Ahnya fragile frame screaming as Fate chew on her shoes while Destiny claws at her dress.  SY turns the music louder and started dancing happily in the car.

As SY opens the door she could hear peals of laughter and follow the source to the living room.  There, she saw Ahnya rolling around on the floor as Fate kissed and licked her face while Destiny curled up in her arms toasty and content.  She threw her keys on the counter and walked up the stairs in a zombie-like daze.

Week 3: (background funny music cue-slide in scene from top to bottom)

SY is looking out the window along with BJ and SM.  All of their eyes are fixed on Ahnya watering the plants in the sunlight.  Her dress float in the small breeze as her hair flutter dreamily around her.  A butterfly landed on her shoulder and she put out a finger for it to climb on as birds chirp happily around her while the grass seems to hug her feet.

BJ: (nudge SY)  wah, she’s like a character right out of a Disney theme movie (SY glare back at BJ but BJ wasn’t looking at SY, her eyes still glue to Ahnya)….Princess Ahnya…has a nice ring to it.

SY: YA!! Bok Ja! Are you my friend or hers? (BJ turned around and gave SY a sneering look)

SM: (turned to SY) are you sure we should be doing this? She’s an alien Song Yi…what if…I mean, if she have powers like Do Min Joon…

SY: (pulled the two girls closer to her, she looked half crazed at SM) she’s an alien and scary right? (SY turned to BJ) she’s seriously flawless right?  But do you know what’s scarier?  A pregnant, moody, hormonal Song Yi who couldn’t do anything with her husband because of said alien presence in the house.  And if she don’t have flaws now, I will dig deep and I will find whatever necessary to bring her down and out of this house….out of Do Min Joon’s life forever.  Alien or not I. WILL. CRUSH. HER. …….so are you guys in or what?

BJ gawk at SY incredulously and shook her head

SM: how could I say no to that…right now you’re scaring me more than anyone.

As the camera focus back on Ahnya, she turned around and look at SY, BJ, and SM approaching.  Camera doing a slow motion of the three approaching looking cool and mobster-like.  Camera back to Ahnya’s calm smile.

Ahnya: You know I can hear everything you say even from miles away right?

(bg funny music skid to a stop as all three falters & almost trip in their track) Ahnya turned and walk towards an open grassy area and sat down patting the grass area next to her with an inviting smile.  BJ look at her with a bit of awe and came to sit down next to Ahnya but SM remain standing next to SY.  SY crosses her hand over her chest sending death stares towards BJ.

Ahnya:  (turned to look at BJ) Princess Ahnya does have a really nice ring to it, thank you.

BJ: Tell me your secret…I mean beside being an alien, how do you mesmerize the men and even the women like that? Men always run away from me…I just don’t understand why. (Ahnya genuinely smiled at BJ and sweep away a stray hair flying into BJ’s face.  BJ was slightly taken aback by the gesture)

Ahnya: the answer is simple Bok Ja, you haven’t yet met the one you belong with but don’t worry too much about that because he’s not as far as you think.

BJ: you know who he is??? Do you read into the future too?

Ahnya: (grin) no, it’s nothing like that.  I have my ways in knowing…we should meet up sometimes maybe I could give you some pointers. (BJ looking at Ahnya reverently and nods her head eagerly.  Ahnya looked back up at the other two staring at them) Ummm….Se Mi right?  (SM look at SY then look at Ahnya pointing a finger at herself)  I really admire the strength and determination of your love for Hwe Kung, that hard-head doesn’t really deserve you and I’m glad you moved on to dating other men.

SM: how did you know about that……(she look at SY asking with her eyes if SY said anything but SY just shrug in response and shook her head)

Ahnya: (kept a steady gaze at SY but reply to SM) I know a lot of things…things that maybe I shouldn’t know (SY stare back at Ahnya intensely trying to figure out her meaning.  Ahnya abruptly change the subject).   Well, I think I’m going to go get take a bath, you ladies enjoy the rest of the day. (she poofs and disappear)

SY: what happen to your legs? Can’t even walk that short distance? ….lazy alien (her eyes turned on BJ and return the death-stare.  SY grab a branch nearby and break it and came charging at BJ trying to whack her with it as BJ ran away shielding herself while SM’s trying her best to break up the two.  All three of them  making a huge ruckus in the garden.

Camera zoom up into the window on the second floor, Ahnya is looking at them with a serious face, unsmiling and deep in thought.  Her fingers came up to the glass window as she touch it longingly…a single tear escape and fell down her face.

Scene 16 – SY Asking HK for a Secret Favor

HK: (walking down the park, looking left and right) where is she? Am I in the wrong park? She’d say she’d be in this area.  (He looked again at his watch)

SY: ppsss!! Hey! Ppsss!! (HK turn to the left and right looking for the familiar voice.  He spotted a figure all wrapped up with sunglasses waving at him.  He point to himself with questioning look and walked over.  She yanked him down to sit next to her) what took you so long?

HK: (looks at her disbelievingly) Song Yi? I was looking all over for you…what are you doing all wrapped up in disguise? Are you hiding from the press for some reason?(He looked around again. She looked left and right, he follow her gaze)

SY: (she pulled him in closer) secret mission…I need you.

HK: (taken aback for a minute) what are you up to Song Yi? (She took off her sunglasses and look at him with dead seriousness)

SY: I desperately need you right now (HK look shock and a bit taken aback)

HK: (he took her hand in his) Song Yi, you don’t know how long I wait to hear you said that…but what about Min Joon?

SY: what about him? It has nothing to do with him. He can’t and won’t help me anyways.

HK: it’s not?

SY: no, this is about me….you’re going to be with me in this right?

HK: (shift uncomfortable) I’ll do what I can, but…you’re married now Song Yi-ah, don’t you think it’s wrong?

SY: no, I don’t think it’s wrong at all…especially because I’m married (he pats her hand and squeeze it but still look thoroughly confused) about this, don’t tell anyone…it’s our secret ok? No one must know.

HK: but…Song Yi-ah I really don’t think it’s a good idea what you’re suggesting. It’s true I’m not fond of Min Joon because he’s my rival but it’s just wrong for one man to do that to another.

SY: what? What are you rambling about?

HK: well, what are you talking about?

SY: I’m talking about you seducing Ahnya.

HK: WHAT?!?? (He stood up abruptly and stares down at her flabbergasted) what nonsense are you talking about now?

SY: (she pulled him back down) shhh….keep your voice down, they have super powers, they might hear you.

HK: have you lost your mind? (He look at her with concern) is the pregnancy going ok? Are you experiencing any weird symptoms?

SY: what’s my pregnancy have to do with it? Don’t be dense…can’t you see Ahnya is a big threat to my marriage?  She’s a dangerous creature and I need you to help me take her out.  I can’t depend on anyone else…they are all under her spell.  You’re the only one immune to her charm.

HK: say something that make sense. (looks frustrated) is that it? Is that what you urgently call me out for? I’m going back to work (he stood up to leave but she yanked him back down)

SY: so you’re going to help me right? (she give him a pouty face) please. Pleaseeee.  You’re my best friend, can’t you just help me out this one time.

HK: (looking at her with exasperation) even IF I entertain this delusion of yours…what is it?…seduce her you say? Even if I do that…what exactly is that supposed to gain or help with?  It sounds like an absurdly childish plan…NOT saying that I’ll do it or anything of that sort.

SY: well, hear me out…if we could make her fall in love with you.  Then maybe she won’t want Min Joon back to her planet for procreation and what not, she will abandon the thought and will leave the house and Min Joon. (he stares her down for a long while)…what? You don’t think it’s a good plan?

HK: if she falls in love with me…WHICH…I highly doubt, but if she did, then what about me? How long do I go on pretending? How long do I need to string her along? What  am I supposed to do then?

SY: hmmm…I haven’t thought that far. (She grin and nudge him playfully) but don’t you think it’s time you get yourself a girlfriend anyway? Eh? Eh?

HK: with an alien? Ya..I’m not that desperate! No thank you. (look affronted) just because you don’t want me doesn’t mean I don’t have girls lining the streets for my picking ah!

SY: well, at least just try to get close to her so we can find out her weaknesses. There has to be something I can use against her.  She has powers so I can fight her head on but I need information about her to be playing in the same field. (Looking at him in desperation again) please Hae Kung please ah?  Of all the years you know me did I ever beg you for anything? Did I? So please….just this one time? (She’s giving him the puppy eyes again)

HK turned away and rubs his hands on his forehead in utter dread and resignation.  He internally curse himself for not being able to say “no” to her absurd request.

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    • this is actually my first public writing project 🙂 (I did write some poetry and stories when I was way younger but those are collecting dust somewhere in some hidden drawers, lol) I didn’t expect so much love from you guys, my fans, and I’m loving it…keep it coming guys you might just change my fate!!! hahaha. Awww, yes please fall for Princess Ahnya, she’ really very lonely girl and really…I write her out to be a representative of us fans 🙂 not many people is getting that yet…but hopefully it’ll come through in the future episodes.

  18. Daebak unnie!!! I really like Anhya!! Thank you for writing this for us.. I can’t wait for the next episode! ❤

  19. that was the absolute most epically perfect apology gift ever in life! you have once again succeeded in making me jealous of fictitious character. job extremely well done:)

      • not at all! i love the fact that you write well enough to make me jealous. I just feel bad for my future boyfriend/husband. DMJ set the bar really high with that apology:)

        • hahahah….I feel bad too for my future bf/husband… mind is a giant cobweb of lovey-dovey romantic epicness…, no wonder why I’m still single.

  20. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE , LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! How very sweet of DMJ! I wish I could see these scenes acted out by KSH and JJH it will be totally daebak! How I really, really wish…

    • Jade, that makes the two of us 🙂 er actually all of us fans could would love more scenes of them…and it doesn’t even matter what they do, hahaha….check your email, I sent it there

      • Oh not that unnie becoz i already read KSH-JJH special edition. And believe ME you really got me crying and hurting with their fanfic. What i mean is a “a detailed special edition” of DMJ and CSY. LOL i feel like a b….tae here hahaha…and unnie dont be pressured by us you know we will always wait for your updates.. We are good in waiting just like CSY.

        • OMG, Jade that’s what you meant??!?!?!! GENIUS! For you I will dedicate the next Byoentae chapter of DMJ & CSY Wedding Night! HAHAHHA……not sure when I’ll write it, but I definitely will so keep a look out 😉 ahhhhhh…..the things I do for my fans…..

          • Weee!!!!! Im so excited unnie!!!! I will be waiting for that chapter patiently because I know you wont disappoint us! I love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! Thank you! Mwuuuuuaaaahhhh!!!

  21. I love it..I hope Ahnya falling for HK and want to see more SY jealousy he he
    Faye…I.m waiting for the next episode

    • mila, between me and you I think it’s the other way around….I hope HK falls in love with her 😉 he’s still stuck on SY and 15 years habit is hard to break……i’m gonna find a way to get him good 😉

  22. I’m always move reading your fanfic, I love the dog tags, that MJ, got Cheon Si Yi, had lots of lol moment with SY jealously toward Ahnya. When Ahnya made the six different dishes, and SY exceptation. priceless… Looking forward to the next chapter.

    • Hi Prettynoona! warm hugs and welcome! oh yah! I’m glad you enjoy those scenes as much as I enjoy writing them….even though they were the hardest scenes for me to write, ugh, maybe I’m just not as funny as I hoped 😦 haha but I’m still very glad that some folks “get” it 🙂 It just sometimes, some scenes play out pretty funny in my head but I find it harder to convey that funniness in writing. Now I have a whole new respect for writers, especially Writer-Nim for this show…because going from drama to comedy is NOT an easy feat!!

  23. “YAAAA!!! WEAAA! What do you guys think this is? A motel!?!?! AISHHH!!!” OMG that was so funny, I’m laughing so hard hahaha..poor Bokja, and that kiss scene omo so hoooot xD. Thank you so much for the writing onnie. The next episode gonna be on wednesday or…?

    • YAHHH…lol, finally I made someone laugh! lol….I’m so happy 😀 ….I think I’m going to spread it out a bit so it come a little sooner…maybe Tuesday. Hard to say because of my schedule and also, writing within a few days (sometimes in one day) can be pretty challenging.

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    sorry for my bad english,

    • Hi Novi, you should get the password in your email by now 🙂 yeah a lot of us have serious withdrawal….so this is my way of dealing with it as well as giving you guys something to look forward to, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it sweetie 😀

  25. Hi, thanks for being so nice to write sequence to the drama. I think you are so talented in writting. Can i possibly recieve the invitation to read thia episode? Thanks. Will be looking forward to it. I am so lovesicked by this drama…

    • hi Eunike, yes…I believe most of us here are all lovesick by this drama and this couple 😉 the password will be emailed to you shortly….read them within the week as it will be taken out by the 31, end of this month.

  26. Hii i love reading your fanfic.You are so creative!!I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode.Do you mind sharing the password for the special edition?Thanks 🙂

    • Hi kshstar! I’m glad you’re enjoying it here…. 🙂 i’m going to send the password to your email shortly, please read it soon as possible as it will be taken off the site on 3/31 🙂

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    Also could you let me know where is the special edition story and the password?


    • a preview for 37 is coming soon 🙂 as for how many left, I’m not positively sure myself…but it’s probably going to be around 42 or so…another 6 or 7 left i’d say

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