My Love From Another Star – Episode 27


Previous Preview: As SY move further along in her pregnancy her strange sleeping habit became a worrisome concern for MJ.  Meanwhile MJ is trying his best to cope with the increasing persistent of his dreams where his most secretly guarded secret began to manifest into this current world.  With the  encouragement of SY request, HK devise plans to get closer to Ahnya in order to find her weakness.

Scene 5 – MJ & SY Both Have Trouble Sleeping At Night

[Camera showing MJ in bed with SY both sleeping, panning closer to his troubled face as he turns about restlessly.]

In Dream Sequence: two pairs of hands shyly reaching for each other until finally touching one another.  Skip to MJ sitting on a blanket under a tree, the sun shining on his smiling face as he look far off into the distance then look downward to his lap.  A woman lay there sleeping peacefully hugging his waist, her straight black hair cascading around her like a blanket as she snuggle her face into his stomach.  Skip to him chasing her around by a river, both laughing, she splashes him with water as he picked her up all wet from playing in the stream.  “Kisohn, do you love me?” a sweet, soft voice said in his head along with those images.  Skip to a dark room, MJ is walking around in a dark empty room, he hears the voice “Please don’t leave me Kisohn…where are you?” the same woman is crying softly. “How do I live here without you, please tell me how…”

MJ woke up  in a sweat, his heartbeat extremely irregular.  He turn over and look at SY sleeping serenely and look at the clock, it’s 2:39am.  He toss and turn trying to erase the image…before long he realize the morning dawn has come.

two nights later: MJ is standing looking out a big window, waiting…the double door behind him thrown open as he turned around.  The woman ran to him in exuberant and breathlessness, she hugged him tight then kiss him excitedly all over his face and neck.  He laughs and held her face to stop her as he leaned down closer to her, the tip of his tongue trace the entrance of her lips before diving inside her mouth.  Skip to her light laughter as the music float in the air, her graceful fingers dance and float on the piano keys.  “Thank you for this beautiful gift, my love”.  Skip to MJ flying backward being sucked into the blackness as she chased after him, her hand desperately trying to reach for his outstretch hand.  [Camera’s angle from her back, showing her white dress floating backward with the wind as her long, black hair swirls in all direction.  Their fingers almost touching but not quite reaching…]

MJ woke up breathless, sweating, and in tears…tears he didn’t know he shed.  He wiped it away quickly then turned over to check on SY but she’s deep in her sleep.  He glance at the clock 3:10am, gingerly he got up from the bed and walked out.  He’s now sitting in the kitchen with a cup of hot tea, in deep thoughts.  He’s not sure why this is happening after such a long period of time has gone by…why are the dreams now more persistent and more frequent than before.  He didn’t want to think about her…not even for a second.  Because if he did…if he did…suddenly the slamming of the fridge door made him almost jump out of his chair.  He looked over and shockingly SY is standing there with a giant carton of ice-cream, eating it.  When did she came in?  How come he didn’t notice?

MJ: Song Yi what are you doing up this late? (she didn’t answer him, her eyes doesn’t even seem to register that he’s there.  She continue eating the ice-cream in gulps, chocolate smeared all over her face but she doesn’t seem to care.  MJ is in too much shock to do anything but gawk at her)  I think you had enough, let me take you back to bed. (he stood up and was getting ready to walk over to her side when she just poofs and disappear on him.  He thought he must be seeing things for being sleep deprived but he glance over at the almost empty chocolate carton.  She was definitely here…and she’s now definitely gone.

Three nights later: MJ woke up from another restless night, he turned over to check on SY but she’s not there sleeping as he had expected.  He teleport out to the kitchen but she wasn’t there.  Panicked he close his eyes and tried to scan for sounds of her.  Then he teleport out to the backyard, there he found SY sitting in a pile of sand.  He had previously order some sand delivered here so that he can make a sandbox area for their future child.  In her nigh gown she spread her legs out and moves it in and out, playfully with the sand.  MJ is so deeply perplex, walks over to her as she plop down laying full body in the sand with a silly grin and started making snow angel.  When he’s about to touch her, she again, poofs and disappear.  He follows her.  She’s back in bed again, sleeping soundly…with sand all over their bed.

The next morning SY is sitting at the table with a breakfast plate in front of her.  She look tired and worn out.

MJ: eat your breakfast Song Yi-ah, you need to eat more. (he looked at her with concern)

SY: I’m not hungry though…I just feel so tired these days (she put down her fork) I’m going to go back to bed. (MJ got up along with her and guided her body into the room)

Ahnya and YJ look on with concern.

Scene 8 – HK Ask Ahnya Out & Butting Head With YJ

HK knock on the door.  A few moments later YJ open it.

YJ: Song Yi is not here.

HK: I’m not looking for Song Yi (YJ momentarily taken aback) is Ahnya here?

YJ: (crosses his arms) she is…why are you looking for my Ahnya?

HK: (pushes YJ aside and walk in.  Ahnya walked down the stairs with her eyes on him)

Ahnya: why are you looking for me?

HK: (look thoughtful for a moment as he continue walking towards her. He shrug) nothing.  I’m just doing Song Yi a favor.  She ask me to take you around town when I have time.

YJ: (walk over to HK, grab his shoulder to turn him around) if she need someone to take her out I can do that.

HK: Ask your sister.  Aren’t you busy with your research on some new cluster of comets or something?  I remember Song Yi vaguely mentioning it.

YJ: (unfazed YJ replied back) aren’t you busy with running a company?

HK: ahhh, yes….well we don’t work pass 6:30pm.  New company rule I implement.  (look at his watch) it’s now 7pm I’m here and I’m free.  (look back at Ahnya) How about a movie?  If you haven’t watch a movie we should check that out first.  I heard there’s a really good one out right now…I think…Assassination? Or something like that.  Jun Ji Hyun is playing the main character, you probably don’t know her since you haven’t been here that long but she’s one of our top actress.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

Ahnya: I’ve been to the movie with Yun Jai (YJ smiled and nod his head).  Why would Song Yi ask you to do that?

HK: (shrug again) I think she mention something about privacy and spending time with Min Joon.  How about dinner then?  I’m hungry myself, could use some food.

Ahnya: (she came down to his level, he’s a least a head taller than her…she looked up at him while he looked down at her…they both momentarily didn’t say anything but look at each other) dinner sounds good.

YJ: (squeeze his way in between them and stare at HK) I haven’t eat yet, I’m coming too.

HK: ok suit yourself (he turned around away from them as he pulled out his phone and text SY, walking out the door…Ahnya and YJ follow behind him)

YJ, HK, and Ahnya sat together at an upscale restaurant.  HK pretending to look at the menu as he make subtle glances to YJ and an Ahnya, sitting a bit too close to each other.  She laugh at something YJ said.

YJ: I still can’t believe you guys don’t eat real food.  I’m still trying to process that.  Pills? How do you get full or any satisfaction from that?

Ahnya: well, when you’re raise in such a society it’s pretty normal to us and our body is condition to only need that.  Besides it has all the necessary nutrients you need not to mention extremely convenient.  Can you imagine carrying around a piece of stake with you all day? (she grin jokingly at YJ…a phone ring)

YJ: (picked up the phone) yeah…(he listens on the phone for a bit, looks annoyed…a few moment later hangs up the phone looking pissed)  I have to go (turn to Ahnya) you’re going to be ok? (she smile and nods her head)

HK: (waive nonchalantly as YJ walked off without a second glance to HK) where’s that boy manner (shook his head in humor, turns and look at Ahnya as she stares at him with a knowing smile)

Ahnya: so why are you and Song Yi trying to get rid of YJ?

HK: (shift uncomfortable in his chair, this woman doesn’t miss a thing, he has to change tactic) that’s true…I…well, Song Yi came to me and ask me for a favor: to help keep you occupied.  You don’t know Song Yi as much as I do, that girl has always been very possessive of what’s hers and she gets jealous easily.  (he grab his wine to drink) you’re too beautiful to give her any peace of mind when you’re around Min Joon.

Ahnya: (leans in towards him and gave him a dazzling smile, he stop drinking his wine and falter) you think I’m that beautiful?

HK: I didn’t say that.  I meant that Song Yi thinks you’re beautiful.

Ahnya: hmm…that’s not what I heard.  And you didn’t really answer my question.

HK: well, you heard wrong.  I’m only doing this because Song Yi ask me to (Ahnya sat back in her chair and look down briefly)

Ahnya: of course, you’d do anything Song Yi wants.  (she impulsively grab the full glass of wine that’s been sitting there untouched and gulp down a few gulps)

HK: So tell me more about yourself while we’re here, what’s your home planet like?…(then he venture further) what you like…and what you don’t like that sort of thing.

Ahnya: (grin widely at him looking a bit tipsy) AH HA!….so you are snooping, looking for information.

HK: information to what? If you don’t want to talk that’s fine I guess we can just sit here politely without talking while we eat, doesn’t matter to me.

Ahnya: (she gave a slight giggle and waves her hand up in resignation) what do you want to know?

Her voice started muting out as camera stays on her animated face talking and waving her hand as she continue drinking the wine.  HK call the waiter over with a gesture to pour more wine in her glass.  He sat back, continue looking at her.  [Camera zoom in on her in dreamy, slow motion, laughing face while trying to explain something. The camera zoom in on HK face as it soften and he smiled without realizing it]

[Camera on HK face looking out of breath and hunch over]

HK: oh god, she’s heavier than she looks (he groaned as he shifted Ahnya higher on his back) I’m almost there, I’m almost there…(he walks a few step up, through the gate, across the yard.  He finally buckled and they both fell down on to the grass.  He lay there, breathless for a moment looking up into the night sky.  He turned over and look at the unconscious Ahnya.  All the trouble he went through tonight, all for nothing.  He didn’t learn anything of hers that Song Yi could use.  All he gain was a lot of insight on a girl living in what seems to be, a very lonely planet.  He learned too much about her and yet nothing useful at all.  He glance over to her, sigh, then put his hand under her head getting ready to pick her up.  Instead, she rolled over and hug him tight and laid her face on his chest)

HK: (panicking he tried to push her away but she just hold on to him tighter) yah! Hey! Ahnya! Get off! (she moan in protest softly and leans closer, her lips almost touching his neck.  He froze in horror, for the first time he’s experiencing some kind of heat radiating from the bottom of his toes to the tip of his hair) what are you doing to me!? (he tried to push her away again and they both disappear.  Flabbergasted HK look around at the new surroundings, look down again he realized that he’s lying in Ahnya’s bed as she held on tight to him.  He quickly disengages himself and jump out of bed so quickly he stub his toes.  Unfazed he hobbled to the door ready to open it but heard SY and YJ arguing over something.  He went back to a chair and plop down, his hands covering his face.  How’s he going to get out of this room without incident or speculation?  Now he can only wait for the right moment…frustrated HK leaned his head back and close his eyes, letting out a long sigh.  This day hasn’t gone as he had expected at all.

HK woke up with a pillow thrown at him.  He was disoriented at first, then realized the morning light streaming through the window, he’s sitting in a chair inside the room of…(he sat up straight fully alert now)

Ahnya: (sitting up in bed glaring at him) what are you doing here?

HK: (he stood up defensively) WHAT AM I?  did you know what you did last night?! (she look confused) YOU TELEPORTED ME HERE (realizing where he was again, he lowered his voice) you teleported me here!

Ahnya: I heard you the first time…why didn’t you leave?

HK: are you mad? How do I explain me coming out of your bedroom? (she look up apologetically at him)

Ahnya:  It’s not like anyone would believe anything happened (she walked closer to him but he step back a few steps)

HK: It doesn’t matter…when a man comes out of a woman’s bedroom. …It’s just doesn’t look right ok!? (she grab his arm but he yanked it away) ya…what are you doing now?

Ahnya: I’m teleporting you back to your car (he stood still as she grab his arm again and disappear.  They are now back in his car sitting awkwardly and silently…both spoke at the same time)

HK: let’s not…

Ahnya: forget any…

Silence again.

HK: let’s not think or mention of this incident again (she nods in agreement and before he could say anything else, she disappear…her smell permeating the whole interior of his car.  He peeled out and rolled down all his window releasing a long pent up breath)

Scene 12 – MJ Seek Out Ahnya for Advice

MJ is standing on the balcony overlooking the garden deep in thoughts.  His wife is visiting her mother now but he couldn’t help feeling worried for not being by her side.  What if something strange happen when he’s not there?  Even though he mentioned to SY’s mother to call him if anything seems off with SY, he still feel uneasy.  He thought about it some more then close his eyes, calling Ahnya.  He opened his eyes and she’s standing next to him.

Ahnya: why are you so troubled?

MJ: something is going on with SY.  I cannot completely figure it out and I’m a little worried.

Ahnya: is it her pregnancy? (he nods his head) I figure as much.  You can’t honestly tell me you haven’t for once thought that this is no ordinary pregnancy.  That child….that child is a result of two different species coming together to create this genetic anomaly.  (she turned and looked directly at him) to be honest I don’t believe it can survive this.  The universe is a strange and vast thing, tangible yet intangible.  After the thousands of years we’ve studied it, there’s still so many things we don’t understand.  (she look away again) As of right now no one can truly estimate the outcome of this pregnancy…if I were you I should be ready for any number of things that may happen, given the circumstances.

MJ: (silent for a while) I guess you may be right on that.  But when I’m with Song Yi, I never felt like I don’t belong, that I’m from a different planet.  It felt right, and it felt like home…and because of that the consequences of our differences did not register in my mind.  So I never really question the normalcy of our family or our baby.  (he sigh and look at her) But some events had occurred lately that I can’t ignore any longer.  Song Yi’s been teleporting in her sleep doing strange things.  I don’t know if that would affect her or the baby but I’m worried.  I don’t understand how she’s able to teleport and what other things she’s capable of but she’s not even aware or realizing what she’s doing which makes it even more worrisome.

Ahnya: (smiled at him slightly) I believe that sounds like the mischievous doing of your baby.  Maybe I worry too much.  It sounds like this baby is stronger than we thought (she look up expressively at the night sky, knowing she’s being watched).

MJ: I hope you’re right.  I will keep a closer eye on her and the baby just in case.

Ahnya: yes…I will be too.

After the talk with MJ, Ahnya head to the bathroom.  There, she pulled out her recording and started talking, doing the same ritual every night.

Ahnya: (recording voice) I’m not entirely sure how much longer I can stay here before they revoke my stay.  Events are happening around me that I cannot control and it cannot be hidden from view…(pause for a while) that person…why does it have to feel so good being in that person’s arms (showing flashback of her hugging HK on the grass then in bed where she teleported him…that she remembers)…I don’t want to let it go.

After the talk with Ahnya, MJ walked into his library.  He stood in the middle of the room, looking uncertain.  In his mind he could still hear the voice of that woman “Kisohn…Kisohn”…the sound of his name like the soft melody of a sad rainy day.  He look down at his feet, unsure of what he should do.  Finally, with determination he walked off the carpet and using his powers, levitates the large rug up from the floor.  He walked back to where he was standing earlier and below his feet is a small, secret enclosure.  He lean down and open the small latch.  Inside is a black wooden box about 10×8 inches wide.  He pulled it out and close the secret safe, walking with it to his desk…the rug fell gently back down to the floor.

His hand rub across the surface and traces the words engraved on there: “Forever Yours…Forever Mine”.  The key is still in the hole of the box but he never opened it, not even once in all the years he kept it.  This…this is the only thing left standing between him and Song Yi…the only shameful secret he hasn’t yet told her.  In truth, he doesn’t even know how to begin to explain it to her…sometimes he still couldn’t believe it himself.  But more than anything he’s afraid of what it could do to his relationship with SY, he’s afraid that this is the one thing that could actually break their family apart.  His mind made up, he grabbed the box and disappears with it from the library.


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    and thanks god i found ahnya little less annoying in here :p keep writing okay? i'm waiting for the next eps 😉

    • lol…yeah prepare for more “darkness” without it we can’t appreciate the “light” 😉 cheers to Ahnya winning over another reader, kikiki

  17. There is another woman in min joon life????? Oh and now I ship HK and ahnya. They’re adorable together ❤

    • yes, there is another woman…someone no one knows about except DMJ….and his people. And now, we’re about to find out as well 😉 awww, yea HK and Ahnya is really sweet aren’t they?

  18. Oh no it seem DMJ and SY, baby is already being mischievous . can’t wait for the birth … Little worried that Do Min Joon, might be in love with some one else while he’s telling Sy, that he loves her only. What? Can’t decided who to root for ahnya, with YJ or HK.. Is this the angst part of the drama. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you,

    • but…DMJ does love only SY….lol well episode 28 is out so….yeah it should give you some answer to that question. I think it’s safe to say that YJ is not really in the running now 😦 but who knows, there are still plenty of episodes….anything can happen (wait, I already know what happen in my head, why am I still teasing my fan? hahahha)

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