My Love From Another Star – Episode 28


Previous Preview: MJ resolve to dispose the last remaining evidence of his secret but failed as the identity of other woman began to unveil.  HK continues his effort to woe Ahnya.  SY and MJ sign up for maternity classes as they discuss the naming for their baby.

Scene 1 – MJ Intend To Get Rid Of The Evidence

MJ stare at the waves for a long time, the box in his hand.  The night is especially dark tonight…dark and cold.  He look sadly down at the box and took his hand away from it as it floats in mid-air, moving it outward hovering above the water.  His heart is beating fast but he tried to ignore it.
From behind, a woman arms envelope him, hugging him tight in a back hug as her cheek settle warmly on his back.  He knew who it was.  He remember her smell, he remember her touch…as if the years had never erase anything.

Woman: Kisohn…this is all that my heart can give you, and I won’t ask for anything more.  Just take this with you, wherever you go.  If you never open it, I’ll understand.  But just take it with you.  As for me I’m going to be here, waiting for you…I know you might never come back and I know you don’t want me to.  But what can I do? This stubborn heart no longer see anything but you.  You know I’m good at waiting right?  I don’t mind the wait (she sobbed quietly)…I can wait forever…

MJ didn’t move but the box continue hovering further and further out to sea.  He close his eyes as the box plunge into the ocean.  She hugged him tighter.

Woman: I love you so much…so much more than life itself.

The box stop it’s decent mere inches from the water.  He turned around and look at her, full of sorrow and regret in his eyes.  His hands shook as it came up close to her face.  When he touch her face to wipe the tears away her image fade and she disappear.  The box reappear back in his hands.

These were the last word she had said to him when they last parted…now her image is just a dream, a memory, an illusion…he no longer can tell the difference.

As he walked back with the box Ahnya appeared in front of him.  She put a hand on the box.

Ahnya: you need to come home with us Kisohn…the longer you wait, the worst off it’s going to be.  We can try and help you fix this.  Song Yi never need to know about this…

MJ: (he took her hand off the box, resignation in his eyes) Fix it? How? How do you plan on doing that?….unless during the time I’m gone our people have perfected long distance time travel to the past? (Ahnya remain silent) then you’re 4 years too late. (He disappear)

Scene 5 – MJ Tried To Coax SY To Take Maternity Class

MJ is pulling SY out from their bedroom but she’s refusing to cooperate.

SY: (clutching both hands on the door frame) Min Joon-ah I don’t want to go…you can’t make me!!

MJ: (turn back around to look at her in exasperation) You have to go, everyone in your condition have to go (he look down at her protruding belly).

SY: no! Not everyone! Listen, why don’t we hire someone? Hmm? Have them come to the house, it’s the same thing.

MJ: no, it’s not the same thing.  I’m going to be right next to you, what are so afraid of anyways?

SY: I’m not afraid!  (yank her hand out of his) I’m Cheon Song Yi! Cheon Song Yi! I’m a top star right now! I can’t be seen in public like this! (Looking down at her belly again) and no heels? I have my image to keep…what will the press say? (shook head again and give him puppy eyes) let’s just forget about it, just stay with me at home huh? We’ll watch a video on it! You know I’m not good with classes anyways…it’ll be the same thing doing it from home!  The Internet! (point at laptop in the corner) Plenty of information on the Internet!

MJ: (let out a big sigh) Song Yi-ah…you know I love you right? But right now you’re being completely irrational and childish.  I’m going to be there if you need anything…these classes and interaction will help you when you’re in labor and help us understand how to raise and take care of our baby. Also, everyone knows you’re pregnant, it’s already in the news…no one is going to expect you to keep your figure and look like you did before.

SY: (gasp) you really think so? Is it starting already…am I getting fat at just 5 months? (Looks around at herself in trepidation)

MJ: that’s not what I mean sweetheart.  (come closer and give her a big hug) don’t worry so much what people think…just worry about what your husband think…and I think you’re beautiful no matter what. (he cups her face in his hand) as a matter of fact, you radiate with beauty right now.  (he leans into her ears and whisper) When we get home I’ll make sure you know just how irresistible and desirable my Song Yi is (giving her ear a little bite)

SY: (gave him a defeated grin and hit him playfully on the chest) ok fine…but you have to in turn promise me we will go to an ultrasound together.

MJ: I already told you that’s not necessary, I can see and hear her just fine, she’s doing great.  Why do we need to take you to someplace to have some guy probe and touch you and tell you exactly what I’m telling you now?

SY: because I haven’t seen her…and I want to see her. (then turn and look at him suspiciously) are you by any chance jealous of a doctor?

MJ: what? phhfff…that’s ridiculous! I just told you I can tell if she’s doing good or not, beside I was a doctor at one point in my life, I already told you that…so why would you need to go see anyone else? (She disengage herself from him, stare him down with her eyebrow raised, her hand crossed over her chest, her feet tapping) WHAT?! I’m NOT JEALOUS!

SY: (walk back to her bed and plop down) well then if I you won’t let me go see the ultrasound then I won’t go to those maternity, birthing classes.

MJ: (looks up at the ceiling in frustration) ok fine! But we are only doing 1 ultrasound and that’s it!

SY: ….so does that mean I only need to take 1 class?

MJ: CHEON SONG YI!! (SY puts up her hands in surrender)

Scene 11 – HK Having a Fun Day With Ahnya At The Fair

HK: (pacing back and forth in his office) nothing happen last night…why do I need to worry so much for? (continue with self-reasoning) I’ve already put in this much effort might as well continue…(inhale deeply) but how do I get closer to her after what happen…without actually getting close? (turns to his office phone and dialed, turning on speaker) Secretary Jin can you please come to my office?

Secretary: (bow) what can I assist you with sir

HK: how do you go about…winning a girl over?

Secretary: excuse me sir?

HK: yeah you know, court a girl…without…you know…being too involved?

Secretary: you….take her to a movie?

HK: no, that’s not it.

Secretary: dinner then.

HK: already done. Anything else?

Secretary: (thoughtful for a minute) maybe just ask her what she like to do?

HK: (snap his finger and smiled) you’re a genius! Why didn’t I think of that?…good job (pat him on the back) make sure to remind me to give you a raise at the end of the month.  Ok you can go now, thanks!

HK pick up his cell phone and called Song Yi…

Song Yi knock on Ahnya’s door.

Ahnya: (opens door, taken aback) you never come to my room.

SY: (hand her phone over) Hwi Kyung wants to talk to you.  Ya, what’s with you people and no phone…shouldn’t you have one of your own by now?

Ahnya: (smile at SY with amusement in her eyes) so you’re getting used to the idea of me staying here then?

SY: (roll her eyes) puh! like that’s ever going to happen.

Ahnya: (shrug) you never know, one day you might really miss me.

SY: (push the phone into Ahnya’s hand) give it back when you’re done (turns and walk away)

Ahnya: hmmm, (laugh softly), I think she’s warming up to me a bit.  (Ahnya walked over and sat on a chair by her desk) Hello? What? You want to do what? (unconsciously playing with the buttons on her blouse and smiling) why? I thought after what happen….(stood up abruptly)…no, no…I’m ok with it…where do I want to go? Ummm…the fair?…I’ve been wanting to… (scrunch her face) why wouldn’t you think I like it?….well, I can have fun too you know!! ….ok I’ll see you later then. (Put the phone back on the desk but continue staring at it) what? Just because I’m an alien does that mean I don’t know how to have fun?…it’s  BECAUSE I’m an alien that I’m going to take this opportunity to have fun.  (Looking upward talking to unseeing aliens) …and I don’t care what you think either so stop judging me, it can’t always be about work and research you know? At least let me have this before I go!

Vignette scenes between HK and Anhya having fun at the fair (new OST playing in bg):

-Ahnya trying to hit all the popping animals and laughing staring back at HK….

-They walking in distorted mirror house making funny faces at each other…

-Ahnya closing her eyes and clinging on to him as they went down on a roller coaster.  He looked over at her and smile (a camera snap and capture the moment)

HK and Ahnya standing at the photo booth looking at their picture taken on the ride.

Vendor: it’s a great photo yes?  You guys look so in love….why don’t you get your beautiful lady this couple keychain with the picture engrave on it?

HK: oh no, you got it all wrong we’re not…

Ahnya: oh could you? How long would that take?

Vendor: not long, just give me a moment.

HK look away uncomfortably as Ahnya looked at him with mischief, shrug, and smile.

Now they are both walking together eating some vendor street food.

HK: did you have fun today? (Ahnya nods her head while still eating and smiling). Good. (Suddenly he looked up and saw a large group of students charging towards them, he instinctively grabs her body and pushes her towards him trying to shield her from being trampled over)…these kids really… (He looked down and realizes too late that one of his arm is wrapped around her waist and the other cradling her head in a close embrace as she looked at him frozen with shock and awe.  He quickly jump back away from her) erhmm….finish your food (look at his watch) we should be leaving now. (then he walk off in a hurry leaving her staring after him with food still in her mouth).

Scene 14 – MJ & SY Talk About Naming Their Baby

SY is laying on the swing as MJ sat on the grass facing her.  They both stare up into the night sky.  He wraps his arms tightly around her and pulled up the blanket for her.

MJ: Should we head in now Song Yi?  I don’t want you to catch a cold in your condition. (she shook her head)

SY: Not yet, stay with me here a little longer.  I love being out here, together with you at night, looking up at the sky…do you miss your home?

MJ: My home is with you Song Yi-ah (he brush his fingertips down her hair) you’re the only home in my heart.

SY: (she brushes her thumb over his lips)…you have some crumbs left from desert (laughs) what about a name?

MJ: what? What name? (he was distracted by her thumb tracing slowly across his lips)

SY: I don’t think we’ve discuss the name for our baby yet.  My mother is already giving me a list of names to pick from.  I told her that I want you to help me with the name (turn to look at him) have you thought of any yet?

MJ: (looks away guiltily) sorry love, I haven’t had the time to think about it.

SY: (pulls his face back to look at her) It’s ok Min Joon-ah, let’s think about it now…should she have your last name Do? I know it’s not your last name and your real name doesn’t have a last name…

MJ: we can use your last name, it doesn’t matter to me all that much.

SY: I’ve always known you as Do Min Joon…so, let’s just give her your last name then…so what about her first name?

MJ: Do you have anything in mind?

SY: (rubs her belly slowly) hmm…(looks back up at the night sky) since you are from another star, I want her to shine as bright as her father’s star…something that says how precious she is to both of us, a true miracle.

MJ: (thinking for a bit) how about Jin Sunhee?  (he leaned down and kisses her belly softly) Do Jin Sunhee…my precious girl of brightness.

SY: (closes her eyes and sigh happily) I love it…it’s perfect.  Everything is just perfect right now.

Scene 16 – The Other Woman’s Love

MJ stare at the black box sitting ominously on his desk.  He didn’t have the heart to get rid of it so now there’s only one option left to do.  His fingers inch closer to it then he took his hand back.  What is he thinking?  He shouldn’t open it…it could unleash all kinds of havoc.  But the box had been appearing in his dream more and more frequently…almost as if calling out to him.  He sat down on the chair, slowly his hand came back to the key protruding from the lock.  He closed his eyes and his fingers held the key and slowly unlock it.  The lid pop open and inside is a bundle of letters, there must be at least over 30 letters here.  His fingers trace over the letters and open the bow tie.  Opening the first letter, MJ nearly wept with joy seeing her hand-writing…only then did he realize how much he had missed her.  He lovingly trace her beautiful handwriting that is so like her before reading the letter.

My dearest heart,

I wrote this now as a memory from when I first met you.   Before you came into my life, I never thought much about writing letters.  But now you say you’re leaving soon, away from me, and probably forever.  How could I possibly let you go without a trace of me?  So I’ve been back-tracking my thoughts in these letters, to let you know everything that lays in my heart…something to take with you wherever it is you called home.  How I wish fervently that I can be your home but this world we live it, is too cruel a world for us.  If one of us could leave this place then I’m happy that it is you…that you could have a chance at happiness.  Don’t worry about me, I will live for you, I will live for us…and I will continue writing until the day you have to leave me behind and beyond all the years even afterward…even without you in it.  I don’t regret anything and I will live on like I had promised you…to treasure every moment we shared together and every memory we have created.

Do you remember that fateful day you saved my life?  I could never forget that day.  When your hand touched mine and your lips called out my name I felt my whole world tilting though I don’t understand why.  Even as my husband is standing next to me, holding me tight, I can’t help but look at you walking away…wanting to feel your hands on me once again.  And when you collapse, my heart collapse with you….this wretched pain I feel for a stranger was more real than anything I have ever experienced in my entire life.  My life…this life, which has been quite a fairy-tale, felt like a dream all of a sudden…a dream I now want to wake up from…was I such a foolish girl even from the very beginning?

MJ dropped the letter to the floor and cover his face as he silently, angrily sobs into his hands.

–Flash Back to 4 Years Ago–

MJ is standing on the balcony saying his last goodbye to SY but she’s crying, refusing to look at him.  Her heartbreak is tearing him apart and he vowed to himself that he will come back.  He would come back for her no matter what.

His body is disappearing…being pulled out to somewhere, he’s not quite sure where.  He dissipated and reappeared again.  A bit disoriented he stood up and look around.   There’s lots of trees, looks like he’s in some kind of forest or Preserved Park of some sort…it looks very much like earth.  This is NOT his spaceship…and NOT his home planet…so where is this? Why is he here?  He heard a woman screaming.  On instinct he teleported to the voice and saw a woman dangling off a cliff holding on to a slim branch as it start to snap off.

Not wanting to use his powers in case he frightens her, he lean down instead and reach his hand to grab hers.

MJ: hold on to me…I got you! (he lifted her up and away from the cliff in one quick pull.  He stood up and dusted off his jacket)

She landed on the ground still sitting at his feet, her hand to her heart breathing deeply.  She looked up at him and smiled with gratitude.

Woman: Thank you…(breathe) for saving…(breathe)…me…(breathe) …if it wasn’t for you I would have…(breathe)…died.

MJ stopped dead in his track and just stare down at her.  He couldn’t breathe, he could hardly believe it.  He rub his eyes just to be sure…her hair is different, it’s long, straight, and black…a little messy at the moment.  There’s some dirt smudges on her face and little scratches here and there…but….but….did he someone move back in time?  MJ is too happy for words.  He kneeled down next to her and hug her tight in his arms.

MJ: Song Yi-ah, I thought I lost you (hug her tighter)…I don’t know what this means but just seeing you again….I (before he could say anymore a male’s hand pulled his shoulder and yank him away from her)

HK: Who are you and what do you think you’re doing? (he pulled SY into his embrace and kissed her forehead)…are you ok honey?

SY: I’m fine…I’m fine now, don’t get the wrong idea Hwi Kyung-ah…thanks to this man here, he saved me.  I almost fell down that cliff over there (she laughs it off) clumsy me as always…(HK pulled her away from him and look at her in shock)

HK: …and I wasn’t here?  I wasn’t here to save you?  I’m so sorry sweetie (he rubs her hair and touch her face looking for further injuries) are you hurt anywhere else?  We should take you to the hospital.

SY: (looks at HK lovingly and patted his cheek) I’m fine husband, just a little shaken up.

MJ is in complete shock looking at the exchange in front of his eyes.  What in the world is happening?  His head is screaming…all his body parts want to explode with anger.  He grabbed her hand and yanked her back to him.

MJ: (nervous laugh) Song Yi-ah, what’s going on, why are you playing with me. (she didn’t reply but stare at him in puzzlement then stare at his hand on her arms, unblinkingly).

HK: (walk two steps over and grab her whole body back to him, looking at MJ with dead seriousness) you may have saved my wife and I’m thankful for that but don’t overstep your boundary.

MJ: sorry…I mistook her for someone I know…(turns quickly away)

HK look down at his wife, who still look dazed from the shock…he hugged her to him, his back to MJ…she faces MJ and continue looking at him curiously.

MJ took a step away.  What cruel joke is this?  He had barely say his goodbye to Song Yi, he could barely cope…just to land in front of Song Yi again…but….what kind of hell did he land on instead?  She’s Song Yi, but she’s not his Song Yi…he could see that now.  He took another step away, then another.  He clutch at his heart, so this is what utter-heartbreak feels like…another step…the world is spinning out of control….his visions, swallowed in a sea of tears…another step…he clutch his heart tighter willing it to beat again….another step….MJ suddenly collapse onto the ground in a dead faint.

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    I.m excited !..Hope to see lovey dovey scenes between uri couple and
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  2. Unnie !! How can it stop here, I want more T.T!!!
    Thank you for the awesome release. It was soo good and I am relieved to see that the person is not a woman from his planet but SY in another dimension or something.

    Now I can breathe. But WTH is MJ doing, he is obviously with SY so he should just destroy the box or he could love everything >.<,,,
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    • awww maddie! I’m relieved that you’re relieved 🙂 I’m hopping to not worry my fan too much 😉 ….as for MJ not able to let go completely…it’s kinda hard when said person is….SY…a different SY, but still SY, lol more complicated then what meets the eye…..there’s a special connection you guys won’t really full “get” until we go further along 😉

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    • Oh, grace, it is indeed very heartwrenching….EVEN FOR ME! I almost cried writing it 😦 I think because the other SY just had such a sad, sad road ahead of her….and the current SY will experience some of it as well….hahahha….delusional mind but I really wish a part of my script can become the next Season two…there’s a lot more going on and shock/twist around the corner that really fit with the story line… can only dream 🙂

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        • well…I think the feeling is….worse? imagine competing against your better half…someone you know can get to your hubby’s heart…even if it’s another you…it’s not you….yeah, i wish I can write it all for you guys….lol, but…wouldn’t that mean getting closer to the end….and then you guys won’t have anything left to look forward to HAHAHHA

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            • lol awwww, I understand how you feel….I’m trying to do more romance but it’s tough to move a story along if we only get lovey dovey scenes, lol…chin up though….now since the other woman’s out of the closet….MJ will have scenes with SY 1 and SY 2…..double the loving eh? eh? EH? lol

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    • JADE!! lol, you make me happy listening in on your comment 🙂 yeah….I’m not sure yet if MJ is lucky to love 2 great women or is he unlucky in love with 2 great women…who btw is really just the same woman *wink, wink* I feel really bad for this guy….talk about conflicted emotions hahahhaha *HUGS* yes Jade, please continue be patient, the next episode won’t come out for a while. You saw the dance video? lol awww, you’d be surprise at how many other things this unnie CANNOT DO! kikikiki

      Of course I listen! You guys are the reason why I write 😀 If it doesn’t deviate too much from what I already had in mind I totally don’t mind doing fan-service….hahahhaa….wait a sec, I am a FAN…wait…wooahhh, the irony…HAHAHHA

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    • yeah…it’s gotta be tough being MJ….but on the upside, he did get to marry the original SY….while HK get to marry his own SY 🙂 so happy all around…that is until MJ found out about the SY that’s married to HK and the battle…..well….that’s for another episode 🙂

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    You never disappoint me with your writing!! EVER!!! Daebaakkkkkk!!! Gumowoh unnie for your hard work 💐❤️.

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      OH YAH! you’re the first to mention the baby’s name! I did do quite some research on that….the meaning of the name to suite the baby….”Jin” = precious “Sun hee” = girl of brightness….it also sounds pretty nice too huh? I was kinda proud of myself for coming up with that combo, hahahha….yup, can’t wait to write more on HK and Ahnya, next scene ubber ubber romantic for them….let’s get some progress people 😉 kikikiki ……….and dare I say, another couple is on the horizon?

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    • awww, ashriey, I’m glad you like that bargaining scene, I actually like it lots too and it just randomly come to my head at the last minute haha. I guess it’s just the job of the writer to reveal one secret and keep adding on another….the hook? to keep fans invested? lol something like that I guess.

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        • awww, that’s good to know, had me worried there for a moment, I thought I lost you …haha. well…sorry luv but 29 is gonna take a bit, lol, need some time to do real life stuff….it sucks I know, but I have to deal with it, then be back to dole out 29 😉

  12. Er hem after reading this episode I think I need to rant really hard so be READY my dear writer nim!!😈

    To be honest when I first saw your fanfic came out I was like “yay! More DMJ and CYS!!” I thought to myself at the beginning: Doesn’t matter how the story line is going to be I don’t care as long as I get the weekly dosage of the 2 lovely couple. And yes!!! I was flustered by your holly-molly freaking-sexy-scenes between DMJ and CYS, I’m like living in a dream that’s soooo sweet to be awaken from… Oh yea!!! It is raining candies, confetti, and even fireworks ya know 🎊🎆🎉

    Then when you throw in new character, Ahnya (as expect to complicate MJ and SY’ relationship) there was fear that started to grow in my chest. Well, It’s necessary to have her in the story of course but upon meeting with the new character, the instinct of a reader tell me it’s either going to make the part 2 of the story more INTERESTING or BLUR OUT the image/ love line of the 2 main casts. In fact, I was kind of falling into the second supposition since Ahnya is your own created character so obviously you will treat her more special … And I was so scared for the fate of your story. How are you gonna capture the readers’ interest if only taking the advantage of the lovely dovely moments between DMJ and CYS…?( Note: I was expecting new surprising twist other than just regular aka usual twist, ya know… ah…um…I hope you don’t hate me after saying this much…) Ok… Continue… So I did wait patiently to see how you charm me with the continue episodes, no offense was meant but I have never disappointed in any of your works.😊

    And finally today is the day I can clearly declare that : your writing deabaakness STANDS FIRMLY in my eyes.🙇 Believe it or not, you should feel really proud of yourself for what you have done. Your writing moves me/ people in the way that not many writers can achieve. It’s even harder when you have to write the continuation of a happy ending story like MLFAS. Many people had thought it’s mission impossible so I congratulate you!!👍🎉

    About ep 28: some thoughts on it including my supportive level for Ahnya has INCREASED drastically and the DAE to the BAAK twist about MJ’s love affair. It makes perfect sense how you interpret his 3 years period time-jump journey. Indeed, I have to praise you once again for being totally brilliant of creating another CSY at the parallel world!! 👍How can MJ loves anyone other than SY, herself? Falling in love with a woman twice? Can it be possible?? Yes, you won my heart for this my writer-nim (another tiny thought on this, correct me if I am wrong but is there the lingering feeling of JJH and KSH here, the fact that’s she is married and how he wins her back?? Well, at this point I leave it up to you writer nim 😏)
    Let me SHOUT OUT LOUD📣!! This episode is officially a GAME CHANGING MOMENT! You have got me seriously ANTICIPATE/HUNGER for the upcoming scene!

    There is so much more that I want to say about your writing but I think I need to save my words here cuz if I say all at once then probably my future comments will be like “same as above/ previous post =)))) ” I think you will hate that kind of unconstructive comments like that rite? 😉

    Ok, just a reminder I recommend you to obtain a copy right for your fanfic hehe cuz you will make lot of profits out of it. Enough said, I/ we totally understand you need some rest for your writing maybe do some traveling would be great to stimulate new idea and story settings ( yet, I know you are already full of idea and byeontaeness). Ah… Um… When you have achieved this HIGH anticipation of audiences the EXPECTATION bar would be risen even HIGHER so I hope you get quality rest to comeback STRONGER and even more FURIOUS than ever. Don’t stress yourself out, ok? Take care of your health writer nim, and I hope you are still eager to see my comment in the future, don’t be scared okay? *wink wink*

    Ps: nomu nomu kyopta = very very cute 😘

    • WOW….ummm….WOOW! I needed a full day to digest what you said before replying back! haha….

      First off I proclaim you Queen commentator on this blog! kikiki
      Second off I just want to say I truly appreciate you taking the time to write such a long and thoughtful reply, I’m so moved right now you have no idea 😀 No matter if you’re writing bad things or good things…just you taking the time out and put in so much effort I’m already….so, so touched.

      I’m so happy to really get to hear and understand what goes on inside the heads of my fan as they read the story and you did that so well for me…I appreciate it so much! ahhaha Thao, I would never hate you for saying this….even if you straight out said “unni, I hate this chapter, it sucks” hahaha, I would just ask you why you think it sucks….it’s not like you said “unni, I hate you, you suck” now that would be a different story HAHAHHAHA….so if you ever feel the need to criticize do so openly, I’m very open minded 😉

      Wow, umm…if I didn’t feel proud before, I certainly am now reading your comment! And you are right of course! The continuation of this DAEBAK show, that ended pretty happy was kinda hard to follow up. That’s probably why we don’t see so much fan-fic? My initial writing was only a simple experiment of maybe just extending their happiness and answer a few more left over questions…but as soon as the first episode is out, I went took a shower…and BAM! the whole basic story-line just whack me in the head…even I was like “WOAHH, that’s genius!” hahaha. So yes, I’ve been waiting for like 3 weeks to reveal this, it was an excruciating wait for me hihihi. Then the next thing you know, there’s plenty of juices and twists and turns that started popping everywhere in my head, lol….now is only the matter of unveiling it.

      HAHA, you are the second person to point that out…the relation between MJ, SY, & HK to the JJH, KSH, and JJH hubby….there is a similar story line that’s developing…I guess my poor heart just couldn’t leave things well alone, lol….so I found a way to incorporate “their” story into “their” story…if you know what I mean *wink, wink* and more “fan-service” ahead kikikiki.

      HAHAHA, I just don’t see you running out of words though, so keep it up 🙂 I’m sure you’ll find something or another to discuss about in future chapters, hehehe.

      OH, goodness, I WISH I could make something money wise out of all the long hours I spent on writing this fan-fic. At one point I actually want to turn this into a book for you guys to purchase….alas, GETTING PROFIT FROM FAN-FIC IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE AND ILLEGAL. Fan-fic is actually copyrighted from the original writer as I’m writing on existing situation and characters…so if it’s printed or sold I can get sued unless I get exclusive permission from the original writer-nim. *Sigh* since then all I could hope for is that it can get so popular that maybe somehow someway it get the attention of the right people and, I don’t know they contact me for the rights (yeah, pay me something people I’m a poor single mother, lol) to use my story line for Season 2??? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!…..I WOULD PARTY WITH YOU GUYS TILL DAWN! HAHAHAHA

      OMG, you’re too funny….how do you put pressure on me and at the same time worry over my heath….all at the same time!?!?! hahahaha….yes, I think expectation is high and maybe some/most episodes later on might not be as grand as this episode here….but trust me when I said I still have some hidden cards in my hand *waaahahahha*

      ps. I can’t wait to see what surprise you are doing for me…can’t wait can’t wait *HUGS*

      • Jesus *sigh* are we secretly competing to see who write more would win or something? Lol I’m swimming in your words here yet I love your response and you are my favorite writer cuz you are actually willing to interact with readers and even EXTRA POINTS *ding ding* for doing fan service. How can I not love you?? *big <3*

        I never read fanfic before so I have no idea about the dilemma of the copy right issue… But it kinda sucks for all of that hard work for… Oh well, we/ your fan love you and will always continue supporting you. Perhaps, the best luck/miracle will fall upon your hands 🙂 and I'm praying for that to happen also.

        Whee whee I'm a Queen commentator you say? You've made my day keke but I will try to be just as humble as you are and admit that I'm only one hell of an ordinary reader 😀 yet you are the REAL DEAL 💰 here, I adore your writing that much!

        Ok, my main point here is I'm almost moving on to packaging process so I need the recipient address please *wink wink* are you excited😉?? I'm even more exciting than you 😜keke so please drop your whichever address that you want to receive this "mysterious gift🎁" to me as soon as possible. Thanks. And if everything runs out smoothly then your gift from this fan will be shipped out sometimes next week hehe.😚

        • Well, lol, if it was a contest, surely you would win! Yes, don’t we all at one point or another hope for a miracle? hihi….as of right now, I’m just following my passionate heart and if something nice come out of it, it’ll be extra toppings on this awesome MLFAS world that I created. Yes, pray for me kikiki, I could use some money right about now! hahaha….wow, first time reading fan-fic for you, first time i write fan-fic for me…we’re like a pair of first-timer 😀 …sorry to burst your bubble my dear….but there’s nothing ordinary about you 😉

          OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! are you for REAL??? it’s not something virtual? you ACTUAL got/made me something tangible?!?! O]O what in the world?!?! Now I feel like I’m in the twilight zone….MY FIRST FAN PRESENT?!?!? *gasp* HAHHHAHAHA…..I’m so excited I could crap in my pants, lol, hahahhaa…..wait, you’re not sending smoke bombs or stink bombs or anything like that right? right? RIGHT?………………………………………….*shrug* oh what the heck, send bombs if you want, lol, how often do I receive something from a fan? I’ll email you my address un pronto kikiki

          • Smoke bomb or stinky bomb my foot😤😤😤 I had to spend days to come up with idea and desperately fail from one to another idea to make sure I get the perrr~fect idea about this surprising gift. Gosh I think I have it so right this time that I become so possessive about these children (not one but 2 gifts okay!!) ottokkeeee. So cray cray now, why am I fangirling you too much?? I think I do have problem, don’t I 😂😂😂

            • WAH!!! you’re too cute I could pinch your cheek like SY pinch MJ! *pinch, pinch, pinch* kikikiki….I just sent it….and oh my….your email address have Sapphire in it too? LOVE LOVE! I’ve used Safiresea for over 15 years 😉

              • Good news!!! I’m done wrapping up your present! Will be sent out tomorrow for sure. So happy and exicted!!! 😘

                Will I get a video tape of your reaction to opening my gift keke 😚??

    • yeah, the parallel between of HK, SY, MJ….and JJH, hubby, and KSH will play out similarly to how our fans might hope for (I’m a fan doing fan-service after all)….that and the fact that it makes a better story and conflict 😀 I love the guessing keep it coming guys!

  13. Faye unnie..
    I like the idea of Minjoon fall in love with Songyi from another parallel. Here it is.. you gave a twist on MJ-SY love story without bringing another woman.. you are genious!

    About their baby’s name.. I like the meaning, but I don’t think “Jin Sunhee” is suits her parents names.
    DO Minjoon (father) + CHUN Songyi (mother) = their baby should be named with the father’s family name (DO *** ***)

    And bout Hwikyung-Ahnya development.. I’m glad that I was able to smell something between them since epi 22 *wink*
    (Do you remember my comment on that episode? Should I be proud? Hahaha :P)

    • I’m glad you approve of the “other” woman 😀 I didn’t want you guys to be too upset over it….and it does make a great twist ya?

      About the baby’s name….Jin is NOT her last name….actually Jin Sunhee is her first name like Song Yi and Min Joon….only her’s have 3 syllable (cuz she’s special, hahaha)….I didn’t come to a conscientious with myself yet as to what or even should she have a last name…DO Min Joon is not his “real” name after-all….then again, she could have her mother’s last name….or no last name at all….I just didn’t think it’s too important to mention kikikiki…so yeah sorry for that confusion. If you want just think of her as Do Jin Sunhee 😀 hmm…maybe I should clarify that in the story though in case of future reader may get confuse like you did….

      AND YES!!! be very VERY proud….I know a lot of people was leery of Ahnya and didn’t like her much but you sure did “smell” out that something something *wink wink* (and I probably compliment you in one way or another for “figuring” it out on my reply back then as well kikikiki)

  14. Unnie,
    i’m getting teary eyes reading your beautiful story untill the last word..the ending was so heartbreaking..poor MJ..
    although the scene was so sad but i’m glad that ‘that WOMAN’ is still heart can still accept that situation..
    ~i really got myselt deep immersed in your scene, unnie~ ..
    but i like it..:)
    unnie, you are very talented in how you arranging the plot, explaining the scenes, describing each scene in awesome word..i can’t get enough of your fanfic unnie..i give you a solid A++++…haha

    Thanks unnie, for writing this lovely fanfic..i’m really appreciate it..<3

    • awww, I’m so so happy that my story can affect you emotionally, but you’re not alone, I even tear up some when writing the last scene. Yes, SY will always be MJ only gal…no matter what shape and form she’s in 😉 WOOOWW….A+++, ahahhaha I feel so proud of myself….like passing an entrance exam or something! Please be my teacher! kikikiki, and please continue your support! I really appreciate you 😀

  15. No! How on earth do you stop there?! Thats just plain cruel:) (you must have been taking notes on all the cliffhangers mlfas left us with week after week). I literally fell off my seat at the way this ended. I cant wait to see what happens nxt. Great job, oh and i adore the baby name:)

    • leelu….I’m not so cruel am I??? lol….yes, yes I did take some notes on MLFAS cliffhangers, haha, I actually really love their cliff hangers….that must have carried over to my writing without me even realizing it. WAAHH!!! JJang! You really did fell off your seat?!!?!! or is that just an expression? haha… OMO, I’m so glad to hear you’re so into the story…makes me wanna squeal like a little girl kikikikiki …..yahhhh! I worked real hard on that baby’s name, lol.

      • I’ve heard it used as an expression, but its not a common one.

        However,I sadly, REALLY DID fall off my seat. I was sitting on the edge of my computer chair while reading this awesomeness and was so shocked with the SY vs SY thing and the way this episode ended that I jerked surprising myself, lost balance and ended up on the floor. It was actually quite funny (except now my butt hurts.but if the cost of reading your fanfic is a sore tailbone, well quite frankly Im ok with it:)

        As for the question of your cruelty, all Im saying is after I finished this episode all I could think was “Aww man! Now I have to wait for the next installment. This is, I mean it absolutely has to be the definition of Cruel and Unusual Punishment:) so you may be cruel, but no worries your the best kind of cruel. lol. does that even make sense? Oh well Im sure you know what Im trying to say:) If not just know that I mean it in the absolute best way possible.

        The babies name was perfect. I could tell you researched a lot of names and their meanings. I promise you your hard work shines through episode after episode.

        Until next time:)))

        • Oh MY WORD….leelu….ROTFL, You got me laughing so hard!!! HAHAHHAHA….I’m dying here! HAHAHAHAHA….you guys have the best comments. You really did fell off a chair?!?!?! It still hard for me to believe it! BUT MAN, that’s the best compliment, without actually complimenting! I’m sorry you hurt yourself 😦 but I still can’t stop laughing, is it bad? I’m sorry……..HAHAHAHHAHA….sorry, sorry….I’ll stop now.

          Yes! yes! I know what you mean 🙂 and I shall continue dolling out the “punishment” and being cruel! kikikiki *HUGS* and *SQUEEZES*

  16. Oh my! I think this was my favourite episode so far. Where do I even begin. I absolutely loved the twist about DMJ’s disappearance. Where was he during those 3 years? He went to an alternate reality? But he needs to get back to his planet at some point to recover is health… he can’t remain on earth. I can’t wait to see how this will be explained. About DMJ’s love affair I think this was a brilliant idea. Another CSY, the same woman, but different. Oh my… I think this is even worse than Ahnya, because I still remember CSY’s words in episode 16 – Do you know what the worst kind of love triangle is?
    The triangle with the girl in the man’s memory.
    If she existed in real life,I could find out who she is.
    I could go fight her face-to-face.
    But if she is locked away in your memory…
    How could I beat her?
    If it was Ahnya, CSY can fight her face to face, like she said, but if it is someone else in an alternate universe, how can she compete with her? And even worse, how can she compete with herself or another version of herself. If I were CSY I would be thinking: “Is she better than me? Smarter than me, prettier, sexier, more talented? Does DMJ likes this version better?” Maybe she likes the same things as him and so on. I feel so heartbroken for CSY ;_____; I wouldn’t easily forgive this if I were CSY… Even though DMJ returned to his real CSY, at some point in time, he was confused by this other woman….. 😦 ok I will shut up now xD I can’t wait for the next episode. I want to know what happens next ^_^ Fighting!

    PS. Safiresea, your dance video is daebak! 😀

    • YAHHH to favorite episode! I second that! Actually, I’ve been dying to reveal to you guys who the other woman was for like 3 weeks! But I had to be patience and built up the right atmosphere for it…so for finally revealing the other leading lady, this episode is indeed my favorite too in that aspect. Yes, there are all those questions…and more and I will try to explain most of it if not all through the remaining episodes so continue following 😉

      Oh, for sure this new SY is much much worse than Ahnya, not in terms of personality but in terms of situation and I had hinted this in my earlier comments that Ahnya is not really going to be the true conflict…it’s the “other woman”. Oh wow, thanks for requouting what SY said earlier in episode 16….yes, the competition for SY is going to be hard when she’s up against….another SY. It’s going to be a tricky road from here on out as MJ will be straddling the line between the two and I have to somehow…lol, make you guys love both SY equally and feel MJ’s pain as well….that’s gonna be tough, I especially would love to see who you guys end up routing MJ to be with….hahahahhaha *evil me laughing*

      P.S. awww, *blush* thank you, I enjoy making you guys smile (or laugh) at my crazzinesss ahahhaha

  17. Unnie cliffhanger!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! What happen? I want moarrrr!!! Awesome as always! ^^

  18. Ohhh so.. that’s the reason Ahnya came to earth…. Wow what a plot twist!! there are another song yi and HK in another planet/star?? but “that” song yi is not connected/related with our song yi right? I mean… it’s obvious that their personality is so different lol the whole thing is so messed up, I’m really curious with songyi reaction OMG. Onnie, fighting for the next episode!!

    • audi, are you feeling a little nervous yet?……kikiki… already see their personality is different? omo, I haven’t even gotten there yet! hahhaha hawk eye alert! YES! Fighting Song Yi, Song Yi!

  19. my dear Faye – what a twist to the story! Somehow, I feel your writing style is similar to writernim from MLFAS. Both of you move conflicts and plots along at the right pace and never let issues drag out unnecessarily. Your stories are vibrant and en pointe with so much creativity to spare. Also, you have the gift to “humanize” all your characters so your audience connects with them – case in point: Ahnya. I didn’t care much for her the first few chapters but now she has appealed to me as another protagonist. DAEBAK!!!
    If I may share one worry with you – I’m thankful that the other woman is SY from a parallel world (and not a random character) but I also believe that although it is another version of SY, it is still another woman. Have you seen the TV show Fringe? I’m envisioning two versions of SY and they both have similar characteristics but ultimately, they’re two different people. And did I read DMJ shared a kiss with SY2 (parallel world SY) in your previous chapters? *mental note: need to go back and reread previous chapters* My CheongDo shipper heart hurt a little with that intimate kiss because in my shipper’s paradise, MJ belongs to SY only. However, with the introduction to SY2, I DO like that Hwi Kyung has his own version of SY to love. He was such an upstanding character in the drama and I truly wanted a happy ending for him too.
    My opinions might be unpopular but I am hoping you would take these as ramblings from a passionate fan. I will continue to place my trust in you, my writernim Faye, and will continue to (try to) wait patiently for the next script.
    P.S. Jin Sunhee = LOVE

    • Awesome comment! *rate ❤️and 👍*

      Ps: dear writer nim, can you create more buttons here? Me wanna rate other people comments tooooo *puppy eyes* lol

    • glamfan, looks like Thao beat me to your reply…haha first time that happen! My girl really take her role as Queen Commentator seriously huh? WOOOAHHH….wait a second, let me rub my eyes and re-read again….did you just compare me to THE DAEBAK WRITER OF OUR BELOVED SHOW MLFAS?!??!! DANG!!! and I thought I heard it all! HAHAHHA….I’m flying higher than any drugs can take me! (whoops hello kids in case you’re lurking here, that’s just an expression ya? I don’t do drugs! lol…stay DRUG FREE! AND stay in school…a brief message from your writer…haha)

      Don’t worry, I share the same worry as you do (and I’m the one writing it!) haha, I haven’t watch Fringe but I heard of it (I don’t watch much TV if at all believe it or not, my life is really that busy). Yes, it may be SY but it’s still different, therein lay the major conflict!! Like I stated before it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for our OTP from here on out so you better strap in good! But don’t over worry, you should know me by now 😉 I’ll do it in such a way that the conflict will then become their biggest strength. Believe it or not I already have the gist of the whole story down pat in my head….even the DAEBAK ending! hahaha….


  20. Sigh.. u’re fic just made me miss them harder *sobs* oh,and i love the part where their daughter actually come to see CSY, brilliant i say!

  21. whaaaa Q-Q So cruel! He really must have been heartbroken seeing it! But that sweet HK and Anya date was awesome! :3 I feel puzzled reading nice and happy stuff next to the sorrow and sad ones q-q But I loce it!

    • hahahah, sorry about the mix emotion, lol guess I was going for what the show was like, sad happy all in one lol sawwry to confuse you chingu 😀

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