Hello Chingus (friends) here are some recent updates to the website listed below.  As you can see there’s more traffic and therefore more expansion being added on due to your requests and suggestions from my avid fans…you know who you are 🙂


1. The Special Edition is now taken out of the site, though the post is still up and available for public view for only the comments which are still left on there because….well….I’m sentimental like that 😉 but who knows I might revisit this post and re-edit that edition with more scenes and gear towards more PG-13 general audiences in the near future.

2. If you haven’t noticed on your left hand side bar, there’s a new Blog Stat added…yes it is live update…and no, the number does NOT indicate the amount of visitors (I WISH!) it represent the number of times visitors have read the websites & posts.  Underneath that is a place to put in your email address if you would like to be notified when new posts are being put up (so you don’t have to sign up for WordPress! haha).

3. The Categories have also been moved up on the side bar, it now have a few new categories beside just the fan-fiction.  This includes MVs, a place specifically for JJH & KSH, and News and Updates…there may be other new categories added in the near future too, so keep a look out!

4.  Now look on your right side bar and you will see a “TIP” jar (with money I wish I had, lol).  Why is this being added on?  Well, I write first and foremost because of my passion and my enjoyment of sharing with you guys the continuum story I have in my head…for all our therapy.  That said, I do spend an exorbitant amount of time on this, lol, even my family is berating me about it.  I can’t really print fan-fiction to make money and I can’t put up ads (all technically illegal as the content is originally copyrighted by the writer of MLFAS so I can’t make “profit” off of it) this is the only other way you guys can help support me and my future endeavors through donation/tipping for my time and effort.  I know a few of my fans have voiced their desire to support me financially and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.  Here’s your chance to give back some tips if you enjoy what I write…nothing serious, probably just enough for me to buy my two year old son some toy so he bug me less so I could concentrate more, lol, and Starbucks frappachino now and then to write away into the night kikikiki.

5. Also, due to another fan’s request (Thao) I have put up a rating thumbs up and down for the comment section.  If you like reading the comments as much as I do, you can now have the choice to thumb up what you like and agree with!  YAH for interaction!

16 responses to “WEBSITE UPDATES: 4/1/2014

    • YAHH!! *HUGS* for support! lol, now that I spend half the day playing around on here I should go and actually do things that make me money, HAHAHA…

      • I’m kinda poor right now, so it’s all I have.

        – director’s cut DVD I blame you <.< for sucking my savings dry –

        *pays the rest in hugs and kisses XOXOXOXO*

        • haha, I did say I should get out of here right? (still here)…..awww Misai, don’t worry about it….I love your hugs and kisses more 😉

        • an account? you mean WordPress? or Paypal? I think when it ask for City it usually means they associate it with a US State…and you’re not from the States but a different country?…if it’s for Paypal to donate, then don’t worry about it Mila. I know you love and support me, that’s all I need 🙂

            • awww, thank you Mila, you didn’t have to cuz I know it’s kinda complicated for you when it’s in a different country…I haven’t checked it yet but I will let you know it went through ok or not so you don’t have to worry….if it didn’t don’t worry about it ok? 😉

  1. I’m Safiresea, testing this comment area because someone mentioned that you need a wordpress account to post comment?? So now I have to test it out….but I think you only need an email, any email address guys….so here goes

    • omygosh, it’s me commenting on me! haha….so it seems to work fine guys….yeah just need an email address…your first comment won’t show because I need to approve it first but once approved your next subsequent comments should be ok 🙂 andd woow, look at MY ALIEN! it’s….it’s…’s so ugly! HAHAHHA but at least I have wings and horns! kikiki

      • Hi, my worry is the picture is assigned for each individual email address, right? Because I normally post up comments via my cellphone, so does it make a difference if I post something from my laptop?

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