My Love From Another Star – Episode 29


Previous Preview: MJ learned a little bit more about the shocking alternative world he landed in when he woke up in SY’s house with her husband, HK.  Ahnya is being hail and question by her leader on her methodology as she tries to defend herself.  MJ had a heart to heart talk with his daughter after coming back from an emotional trip to the doctor. HK, still convincing himself that he need to get closer to Ahnya, invited her to a company dance function but ended up alone with her miles away from town in an enchanted mountain.

*a quick note: this episode was written entirely on my iphone because I couldn’t wait to get it out to you guys (yes, while in the bathroom, while riding in the backseat of a car, while waiting at the doctor’s office, while playing outside with my son, while eating out, while in the theater, and so on, lol)…I hope it doesn’t disappoint 😀

Scene 2 – MJ Continued His Flashback With SY

MJ continue reading SY letter (voice over as the scene play out on screen):

…when you open your eyes and look at me, for a split second you smiled….such a tender loving smile, that I felt my inside melt like a candle touched by the flickering flame.

MJ opened his eyes to see SY by his side looking down on him, he smiled feeling as if everything is right with the world again.  The door open and HK walked in.

HK: you’re up? (SY looked at her husband as MJ suddenly realize where he’s at…he nods his head to HK question and sat up on the bed). Good.  Where do you live? I’ll have my driver take you home.

MJ: that’s not necessary (he pulled the blanket out, getting ready to leave but SY stop him with her hand on his arms.  SY turn and look at her husband)

SY: I think what my husband meant to say was that we’ll accommodate you as soon as you feel better…you just woke up after all.

MJ: I’m fine now, really.  I should get going (he can’t wait to get out of here before he break down again…he need to regroup his thoughts and find a way out of this place and back to his own SY)

SY: you should at least eat something first before you leave…it’s the least we could do after what you did for me (she look pointedly at HK).

HK: (rolled his eyes at the ceiling) I’ll go tell the cook to prepare something (he limp out of the room)

MJ: (noted HK limp which he didn’t before when he was still shocked at seeing SY. He look back at SY, reality is now setting in more firmly for him) what’s wrong with him? Why is he limping?

SY: ahh, that, it’s an old injury.  He has a prosthetic left leg (MJ was genuinely shock now) it’s from a long time ago, when we were young.  He came to my house to propose (she laughs) I was such a brat back then…that day I wasn’t in the best mood so I ran away screaming at him.  He ran after me and I almost got killed by a truck I didn’t see coming.  At the last minute  he pushed me out of the way, but didn’t move fast enough so the tire of the truck hit his leg…things were never the same since, I’m never the same since…I owe him my life…anyways enough about me, how come you know my name when we first met?

MJ: (looking down at the blanket thoughtfully and mumble softly to himself) so I was never here to save you…

SY: sorry?

MJ: (shakes his head) ahh nothing…about that…you just look like someone I know. (She smiled back at him with a questioning look)

SY: I look like someone you know….but she has the same name as me too? (laughs) what kind of coincident is that?

MJ: (look quickly away from her) I’m sure you don’t share the same last name.  Your first name…is common enough (she doesn’t seem to look convinced but left it at that.  HK walk back in)

HK: the food is ready.

Sitting at the table now all three ate silently.

SY: I’m sorry, with everything that went on I forgot to ask you your name…

MJ: Do…(he pause briefly) Kisohn (he had almost say Do Min Joon but somehow it felt wrong using his name from another place here so he quickly convert to his real name)

HK: Kisohn? What kind of name is that?

SY: (looks disapprovingly at her husband again) Hwe Kyung, sweetheart, aren’t you being kind of rude to our guest ( look back to MJ) I’m sorry he’s usually not like this.

MJ nods his head and both men went back to eating…avoiding each other for the rest of the meal.

Scene 7 – Ahnya Deal With Being Questioned

Ahnya is being hailed again.  She sat at the park on a moonless night feeling the dread looms over her.  She presses her temple and closed her eyes, then open.

Ahnya: yes?

Unknown male alien: I think you know why I called you.

Ahnya: I told you before I’m working on it.

Unknown male alien: you’re falling for that human.  And you’re not getting any closer to having Kisohn home.  I’m starting to question your judgment…

Ahnya: I know what I’m doing…and I have my own method.

Unknown male alien: and that method involves Hwi Kyung how?

Ahnya: (hesitate a bit) I need to get inside the head of Kisohn to know the best way to convince him to leave with me….the only way to do that is to experience what he’s experiencing…I need to know…in order to make the right move.

Unknown male alien: (still doesn’t sound convinced) are you sure that’s all there is to it?  Are you not going too far in your experiment and research?  Aren’t you afraid you’re going to be affected by this?

Ahnya: (steel her voice and answer him coolly) You forget that my rank is not that far off below yours, you have your methods I have mine.  And while I’m here I want to at least enjoy myself a little.  Do remember that I’m the top academic researcher you’ve got.  I know how to handle myself accordingly so don’t worry about me and my choices.  As long as I do my duty to you in the end, does it really matter how I go about doing it?

Unknown male alien: fine, I’ll leave that to your own judgement….but what about the baby?

Ahnya: what about the baby?

Unknown male alien: it’s been leaked out, now the galactic governing entities are demanding answers and asking us what we are to do.

Ahnya: what we are to do?  Who are we to dictate that?  Who’s to say that this baby is not a being created by the creator of the universe themselves?  Finding its way to correct the glitch?  Just tell them I’m keeping a close eye…I think this baby may well be an important breakthrough for us all.

Unknown male alien: you said earlier that you didn’t think it would survive…

Ahnya: and maybe there’s still a chance she won’t but now that Song Yi is halfway through her pregnancy I sense that she’s getting stronger (referring to baby) sometimes when I check in on her, I almost have a sense that she actually know I’m there and that she can understand me.  I’ve tried to analyze her brain capacity a few times but I’m left with more questions than answers.  Her mind isn’t structure like humans it’s much more advance but curiously, it’s not like ours either.  There’s regions of her minds firing off that I don’t yet understand. (confidently she stated) But, it is to be expected as she’s a new kind of breed. You entrust me to come down here not only because I was Kisohn’s partner, you know I’m the best of the best at what I do…so please, stop questioning me and let me do my job.  I will report back to you when there’s something of importance to share.  Are we done here?

Scene 11 – SY Took MJ To Get Her First Ultrasound

MJ fidget in his seat as the sonographer start pulling up his wife’s shirt to expose her belly, then pulled down her pants a little bit.  MJ immediately rush over.

MJ: I don’t really think that’s necessary…I can help, what do you need to do? I can do it. (why of all the female sonographers out there did his wife have to pick a man to go to?  Why suddenly listen to her mother?  MJ don’t care if he was the same man who did the ultrasound of SY’s mother and is a family friend, he’s still just a man)

Sono: (sigh with frustration) for the last time can you stop getting in my way?

SY: Min Joon-ah come here and sit next to me. (He walked over and sat down in the seat next to her still looking fidgety and uncomfortable)

The sonographer continues spreading the gel on her belly and started scanning.  He pulled the screen over closer to SY.

Sono: did your mother like the movie I sent her? (SY smile and nod her head) good…and I still don’t understand why you did this so late…you should have come to me months ago (he glare over at MJ, sitting there looking guilty) here she is…that there is her foot, there’s her heartbeat…I’m going to scan her head now. Hmmm…seems big for a baby girl at this stage, but nothing to worry about as of yet.

SY: (look hard at the screen tilting her head around) why does it look like a blob to me?

MJ: (patiently point out to her) see, this here is her head, she’s curling up, there’s her hand, down to her legs, she’s hiding her feet now.

SY: (suddenly her eyes light up and she scream out excitedly) I see it now! I see her now Min Joon! (MJ smile at her excitement)

MJ: she’s saying hi to you, there’s her hand waiving.

SY: she can do that? (look at MJ, he nods his head) she can wave already? (looks at sonographer, he shook his head sternly) oh it doesn’t matter, I can see her!  Min Joon-ah (she yank on his sleeve) our daughter, she’s so beautiful (SY touch the screen laughing and crying at the same time.) look at her cute little nose, she have your nose!

MJ: (concern in his voice) are you ok sweetheart?

SY: how could I not be? I’m so happy right now (another tear roll down her eye and she laughs still clutching MJ’s sleeve)

That night MJ is holding SY in bed, deep in thoughts.  SY is drifting off to sleep, the black and white ultrasound picture of their daughter still in her hand…his voice nudge her up.

MJ: Song Yi-ah…

SY: hmmm???

MJ: I’m very sorry for keeping you from seeing our child for so long.  I was wrong for wanting to keep you all to myself…you can do it again at another time if you like….(brief pause) but can we switch to a woman’s sonographer instead?

SY: (still half way asleep) Min Joon-ah…

MJ: wae?

SY: don’t ever apologize to me again.  You’ve done it too often lately.  You know how much I love you, don’t you?….I’d forgive you anything…(drifting off to sleep)…so don’t say it agai…..

MJ: Song Yi? (no answer) are you still up? (no answer, he sat up in bed and look at her sleeping face, kissed her lips softly and smiled…then decide this is as good a time as it may be to have a private chat with his daughter.  He pressed his cheeks to her belly).  Jin Sunhee…’s….daddy (he whispered a little hesitantly saying it at first, still trying to get used to saying “daddy” out loud).  Some things are going through my mind right now and I can’t help shake this foreboding feeling.  I know you’re smart and you can understand me….can you promise me no matter what happen you always take care of your mommy for me?…especially when daddy is not around.  I know now that you were the one that saved her from Jae Kyung before, you are so brave (looking sad) Although your mom thinks she could forgive me anything, there may come a day when she won’t recall what she said just now so you’re going to have to step in and take care of her for me ok? (He pat her belly softly)….good, that’s my girl….And another thing, you shouldn’t use your mother’s body for what you want, she will be very tired.  If you like something just let daddy know and I will get it for you. (MJ chuckle softly) yes, you can have more ice-cream but latter when your mom wakes up.  Oh, and another thing, this is a secret between us only, don’t let your mother in on your thoughts, she might not be able to handle it or understand it…(MJ sigh) for now not Ahnya either until Daddy figure out her real motives.  (He gave the belly a kiss) Ok…now go to sleep…….I love you too.

Scene 16 – HK Spends an Unforgettable Night With Ahnya

HK pace the floor feeling somehow nervous.  He look at his watch again then smile and shook someone’s hands as they walk passed him (camera zoom out, there’s a lot of well-dressed people mingling around).

HK: did I give her the right date? The right time? (Look at his watch again) how can that woman made me wait like this? (as if on cue, the door open shortly after and a hesitant Ahnya step inside)

Ahnya feels self-conscious all of a sudden, this is the first big function she’s attending and the first time mingling with people she’s not familiar with.  Her eyes search around for HK but all she saw are people’s eyes on her…gawking at her, which made it even more uncomfortable.

HK saw her the moment she stepped in but hadn’t been able to move from where he stood.  His eyes still fixed in her direction.  It’s true that he had finally admit to himself that she is indeed beautiful but his SY was just as beautiful so it didn’t really bother him too much.  Yet at the moment, she looks like a goddess stepped out from someone’s dream or a princess from some fairy tale land that someone just summoned.  Her pale pink multilayer chiffon dress hugs the top of her body and fan out to grace the floor, it swirls lightly around her like a coy seductress.  Her long hair curls down to her back with a simple small diamond tiera pin clip on the side.  He suddenly realizes too that the noise had died down significantly as most people are just out right staring at her.  She looks very uncomfortable.  He made a signal for the music to start, then walk over and link his arms in hers.

HK: you finally made it (the crowd started to slowly resume back to its activity)

Ahnya: yes….I wasn’t sure what to wear or how to prepare for such an event….so I had to enlist SY to help me out. (smile) she is such a grouch but she did picked this dress out or me…what do you think? Does it fit with the function (she look around) am I overdressed?

HK: no…you look perfect….erhmm (pretend cough) I mean perfectly fit the situation…let’s go (he faces the crowd again looking slightly nervous for that slip of the tongue, she didn’t reply back but continue staring at him with amusement as he pulled her along)

—a few hours later—

[camera panning around room, Ahnya is by herself staring at some couples slow dancing to the background music.  Not too far from her, a group of men stare longingly and openly at her while some of their wife’s came over to whack them in the head or twist their ears and drag them away. Ahnya is oblivious to everything except the dancing couples.  HK stare at her from across the room surrounded by all his business partners trying to garner his attention, he nods his head here and there in agreement but his eyes never left Ahnya.  She suddenly turns around and looks back at him.  They continue staring at each other through the short distance.

Ahnya finally smiled and tilt her head towards the dance floor hinting at a dance.  HK was more than ready to leave his group.

HK: excuse me gentlemen but let’s leave the work talk for another, more appropriate time (he pat someone on the back and walk towards Ahnya, still did not break eye contact with her.  Before he even reach her, a strong arm yanked him around)

Unknown man: (he stumble a bit looking shabby in his disheveled tux, his tie loosen from his neck) you think you’re so high and mighty huh?  Acquisition?! (He shouts and beat his chest drunkenly) you strip away my birth right and now you have the gall to enjoy yourself? You sleezeball!…you…

HK: aren’t you being too much? I paid your family more than what your company’s worth.  Ya…. (He pat the man’s shoulder) did I not tell you many times not to waste all your money gambling on that suspicious foreign dieting company?  You didn’t listen to me and now it’s all my fault?

Unknown man: yes! It’s all your fault!! (HK made a gesture for his guards to take him outside)

HK: just take him out and get him a cab home, I think he drank a bit much tonight. (He had forgotten all about Ahnya but as he turned around he saw her staring at him with concern in her eyes) sorry about that, it’s just a misunderstanding, he’s going home and sleeping it off.  Would you like to dance now?

Ahnya: I’ve never done it…but I’m a fast learner (his hand went behind her back and for a quick moment she was taken aback but he swiftly swirl her out onto the dance floor)

HK: My study in the states finally have some good use, don’t worry just follow my lead.  (He twirls her off camera’s view)

–an hour later–

Ahnya’s waiting on the step for HK as he stepped out of a car and approaches her.

HK: Common, I’ll take you home.

Ahnya: actually I’m not ready to go home yet.  I have something I’ve been meaning to show you…want to come with me? (She walks closer towards him)

HK: (nods his head thoughtfully) where do you want to go to? Just hop in the car and I’ll tak…. (they both disappear before he could even finish his sentence and reappeared somewhere in the wild). Ya!!! You have to stop doing that without letting me know….(he looks around) where are we anyways?

Ahnya: You’ve ever been to Muju mountain in June for the fireflies festival? (HK shook his head) how could you not? It’s one of the most beautiful thing on earth!  Come! I’ll show you!

HK: Wait, you’ve seen it before? I thought you only recently came to Earth?

Ahnya: (she grins at him) Who said I have to be here to see it?  I was a very good researcher back home. (He didn’t understand what she meant by that but let the subject dropped as she pulled him into an enclosed area surrounded by tall trees and in the center is a small waterfall that cascade onto a lake-like oasis.)

[camera zoom into Ahnya’s happy expression as she swirl and look around in amazement.  HK look at her and then look around him, the fireflies are floating around them flickering their lights. He could hear the crickets and the soothing sound of the waterfall and the moon’s reflection shown perfectly on the lake to illuminate more light.   HK suddenly burst out laughing]

Ahnya: what is so funny? (Look around her feeling a little lost)

HK: (he laughs even louder holding on to his stomach, she scrunch up her face, perplex, and disappear) yahh!! (stopped laughing) you can’t leave me here like this?  You know how far we are away from home?  Ahnya!!!  I’m sorry ok? I shouldn’t have laughed! Ahnya! (it’s almost impossible to explain to her or himself for that matter, why he laughed like this.  There’s really nothing funny about it…not the fact of how perfect this place is, like a true fantasy one only read in fairy tale books and him like the prince and she the princess stepping out of those books…how could he explain to her that he had to find it ridiculously funny, this whole situation…or else he might really fall under its spell…under her spell…and do something he might regret later on)

Ahnya: (she poofs and reappear in front of him again, this time with some sort of white, enclosed, see through lantern) you can laugh all you want but I’m going to enjoy myself. (she took it with her and suddenly floats effortlessly into the air, she swirls around and fly about catching the fireflies and putting them in her lantern which starts to glow more and more fiercely, her soft peals of laughter made everything even more surreal for HK)

[camera continue following Ahnya in slow motion, her pink dress and curly hair floating around with the wind.  She landed in front of him finally, out of breath and laughing]

Ahnya: Now that was fun! (just as she raised her head to meet his gaze, she felt his soft lips on hers.  She blinked rapidly not believing what just happened.  But too quickly HK took a step back looking about to apologize.  Ahnya didn’t waste any time, she took a step forward, dropped the lantern on the ground, grab his front shirt, levitate slightly up to his height, and gave him an open mouth kiss.  HK eyes went wide for a split second as he could only moaned with surprise from her unexpected bold kiss.  Before long he started kissing her back and pulled her closer to him.  The tingling sensation he felt all over his body feels stronger and stronger the harder and longer he kissed her.  His mind reasoned that he must have been drugged to feel so dizzy and tingly like this but in that moment he didn’t care about anything.  Camera pans out as the fireflies started escaping from the fallen lantern, floating with their flashing lights surrounding the two entwined bodies).

Epilogue – Ahnya’s Protective Side

Ahnya is standing outside waiting for HK car to pick her up to take her home.  She smiled thinking she could have easily teleported but he insisted on taking her home the proper way.  She wondered if he may have wanted to spend some more time with her perhaps, then thought better of it…he likely just wanted to see SY if she’s still awake.  Ahnya suddenly heard a rustle and looked behind her.  That same man who was drunk earlier screaming at HK is now lurking behind the side wall building with something that look like a gun in his hand.  She use her power to see how far away HK is at and is glad to know he’s still waiting for the car, the valet area is packed with people.  She disappears and reappears behind the building with the man.  She taps on his shoulder and he turn around in a panic, pointing the gun at her.  She looks at it as it crumbled into a ball of metal.  He dropped it to the ground and started backing away.

Unknown man: who…what….are you (his voice trembled badly)

Ahnya: it doesn’t matter what or who I am.  (Without touching him she flew him into the wall and pinned him there.  Casually she walks over to him and dust off an imaginary lint on his shoulder) the only important thing you need to know is that if you ever harm a hair on Hwi Kyung’s head…(pause) if I even hear he breaks a nail dealing with you…well…(she turns away from him and started walking away as his loose, lopsided tie started to tighten around his neck constricting his air passage.  His face turned red as both his hands tried to loosen it without success. She turns around and looks at him again). Do we understand each other? (He nods his head vigorously as she release him from being pressed against the wall…his tie started to loosen up.  He’s coughing in the background as she breath in deeply) you ruined my mood…now I have to do something fun to forget this incident ever happened.


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        • awww, thanks for sticking up for me Misai, though I do take some blame in that I shouldn’t have write that post to joke with her (not really knowing how she is) yeah her respond was a little harsh, lol, and yes a little lacking in social skills…no harm done to me though, just feel bad she pull the Mod attention to us and got us in trouble is all. Now on to happier topic 🙂

      • Nah… I don’t think it’s your fault at all. She just misunderstood but just because she did doesn’t mean she has to put those nasty words and tell on the mods (this is so obvious). Anyway, I did realize her cold sense of humor since the days she’s still there. Yup, I’m good at remembering ppl. As for the fanfic, keep it up. No worries, we’re here for you. Btw, I always come here, lol.

        • yes, I feel bad that she drag the mod in and got us in trouble with all the st*p*d rules and whatnot…that’s what I’m really sorry about for you guys, if I hadn’t riled her unintentionally, the mod would have left us alone for months on end. Yup, back to good old fan-fic!!! lol and thanks for camping here pinky-dink! 😉

          • Let’s not discuss that again here, its just ruining all the good mood. focus on episode#29 heereee~~ hehehe, ooh i hope it will be double episode,teehee…

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    • yeah, lol, it’s coming sooner than I thought….but I may have some other things to post before then, lol, so that’s occupying me right now and my push back the episode for a bit but not much longer though, hang in there…

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    its looks awesome anyway..:)..
    can’t wait for it!..
    you got me crazy for your fanfic like when the drama is airing..
    ~too much in love with MJ&SY, KSH&JH..~><

    • keep on getting excited dmjcsy! I love you guys as always…and hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint as I always hope for every chapter 🙂

  9. hello!i am new here and i am a big fan!can you plese send to me the special byeontae edition?please i really want to read it!!!!sorry for my bad english it’s not my first language

    • hahahhahaha…you’re just everywhere cinzia; in my emails, comments here, comments there, comments everywhere!!! hahahaha….I love your tenacity! Hence you got what you wish for…..and a happy early birthday sending to my new Italy friend 😀

  10. Unnie I miss your funny post in soompi forum… I love reading them truthfully… What have they done to my favorite thread? Its like the fun was sapped just like that… Im so sad right now! Huhu,.. Oh sawrry if im off topic here LOL

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    • lol, well…talk about pressure….hahaha you guys need to down it a notch I don’t want you to be disappointed if it’s not as DAEBAK as you think :D…..and umm….the scene might not be a crying one (not yet anyways…it’s too early to cry guys! but wait for it, it’ll come haha) but perhaps more….enlighten? I know I always have you guys to hugs, to hold, and to spazz together kikikiki
      LOL, love you guys and your off topic joke, no, never off topic here….talk whatever you like as long as it’s nice and respectful to the general masses…I really don’t foresee any issues here like in Soompi 🙂

  12. hi ms safiresea! thank you i am happy that it didn’t bother you that i am everywhere, i was worried, i am really relieved that you are not upset :).
    My birthday is April 16,like i said that scrip was a gift to me.
    One last thing,about soompi, don’t worry it’s not your fault in doing that i think they are ruining the thread, and i said it a lot but i will say it again your scrpt are DAEBAK!!! SO DON’T WORRY!! I hope you the best and let them say what they want,they don’t know what a big mistake the made.
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      ….see this is why I love you guys!!! *muah*

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    PS:when is your birthday?i have bad memories i often forget a lot of thing but i will try to remember,i will do my best! :))

    • bad memorories? That makes the two of us!!! hahahah….mine is in Septemper 9…so 9/9 pretty easy to remember right? 😀
      Yeah, I think their chemistry got a lot of folks just a little cray cray sisisiisisisis (that’s my new byeontae laugh guys)

  14. faye!! woahhh! with a handphone?? in the back of a moving car?? awesome!! awesome!!
    anyway, i love the conversation between daddy and his daughter the most. hehehe! * can we please have that kind of conversation again??*
    and thank you, for Anhya. now i love her.
    as always, you did it!!

    • yup! you betcha! lol actually I was writing my best at the backseat of a car, I was more distracted in the theater haha.
      awww, it seems a lot of people did too *blush* I didn’t even realize this scene would affect people all that much but I’m so glad for it 🙂 Yeah, this episode was written kinda with Ahnya in mind cuz her character development shine more in this ep…she can kick some serious a–s–s HAHA.

  15. Now the problem is what the link between 2 cheon songyi to do minjoon …. and how anhya know about that…. fay unn iam dead curious now ….. sub romantic scane between hwikyung and ahnya more more intimate love it ^^ ahnya more possessiveness than don minjoon …. is all from that planet inherited that gen ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • yufen…as always you’re following the right trail in that mindset….yup, things are building up to that point and how the side characters affect it as well 😉 lol there’s a good reason why Ahnya seems more “progressive” than DMJ, she did hint it a little on this episode….she’s the best of the best “researcher” afterall 😉

  16. Yay! I’ve read it and loved it! As always, your fanfics are wonderful! Now, for the comments of this episode… I’m making in point to make it easier.
    1. I pity MJ for his stay in the ‘other’ world. It must be very painful for him. Btw, I’ve just realized that it’s MJ as in short form of Michael Jackson.
    2. Hah! They’re finally done with the screening. MJ was really funny being guilty like that. I can imagine the look in his face. And SY was so happy she deserved it.
    3. Aww, MJ talking to their baby? THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTE!! It’s my favourite part in this episode. So sweet that I feel like eating a spoonful of sugar! (not that I’ve ever tasted it)
    4. Uhh… Ahnya the rebel, huh? Not really considered a rebel but yeah, me likey.
    5. This title: Scene 16 – HK Spends an Unforgettable Night With Ahnya. You really like to tease my byeontae mind, don’t you unnie? The fireflies were a nice touch. Must have looked romantic. *swoons*
    6. Badass Ahnya is badass.
    Okay, that’s all. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • pinkyjaguar/crazy4ywcfts….thao wrote to you on a long post asking for your name (don’t forget to read it, it’s cute), lol, it is kinda long referring to either of the above, haha

      1. Michael Jackson, hahaha…how’d he get into a Korean drama website? only you can insert him here….and yes, pity pity DMJ 😦 but at least he have his own other version of SY…I pity alt SY the most, her life is about to tumble and fall in the worst possible way.
      2. MJ is a grandpa old fashion and easily jealous haha, and yeah poor SY to wait so long for that ultrasound pic
      3. lol, I’m so glad you like that you guys like that moment so much, it surprised me actually 😉
      4. Ahnya is a lot tougher than she looks (I want her to be feminine, refine, and poise but can can hold her own in a smart way)
      5. hahaha….yeah I see where your mind’s at…when I had that scene in my head (I suddenly want to be Ahnya! haha but with MJ character instead of HK….sawwrry, I was wanna feel KSH lips guys!…..forgive me SY-ah!)…I used to love fireflies…they’re magical 😀
      6. YEAH! that’s my girl, kick ass, look cool, and never have to lift a finger! (MJ, you should learn a bit from Ahnya! hahaha….actually she’s been learning a lot from him, kikiki)

  17. Wow this ep is just so cute!! I luv it!
    The heart to heart conversation between MJ and Jinhee, the baby is just so adorable. I love the baby so very much, she is gonna a heroine for her mom right? But thinking if MJ has to go off somewhere in the future and leave the two alone again makes my chest hurt a bit. I hope it’s not going to happen soon…

    Awww I got so much goosebumps in the lovely moment between HK and Ahnya. They are indeed looking so good together, and it’s getting better and better, the love story line between the two.

    Although there was not twist and turn in this ep, I’m still glad you know why sis? I feel like you are letting us have a mental break before the real storm comes. Yea, you are blowing some breezy winds and gather them enough to pour the windy storm on us rite=> your next act rite? Anyhow I will get myself ready for it. Meanwhile, let me turn on my Chopin’s music and re-read this episode again. What a good night for wind to blow🌾

    • OHHHH….yah baby love!!! yeah, for someone who isn’t born yet….she’s becoming a character on her own at 2-3 months! and now making a splash of an appearance again at 5 months….all from the comfy room of her mother’s belly, still a fetus! (I just finished the installment of Twilight by the way because lots of fan refer me to that pregnancy…and I don’t mean to brag…but Jin Sunhee is way, way, way cooler than that baby!) ….can you imagine her further down the road, lol hahaha I’m trying hard to.
      Yes you are correct of course….enjoy the light and lovey….it’s really gonna get bumpy soon.
      HK & Ahnya, another forbidden relationship….wonder how that’s gonna work out…

  18. I need to change my username to “I want more” so I will stop writing it as the first sentence hahaha.

    Unnie you really took me by surprise with this kiss. I am so happy for HK but I feel he will go in hyper denial mode in next eps. He should embrace his happiness especially since his love may be even more fragile than SY and MJ’s case.
    Btw, MJ &SY’s part was so small and MJ’s convo with his daughter was so sweet. But I can’t picture KSH as appa lol.I want the baby to be born already so we will have more cute moments between them and maybe jealous SY.

    Sorry if we request too much but the development of the story is so daebak yet realistic. It is impossible to not want more and more and more hahaha. How do you do it? You are truly the best writer!!

    • HAHAHHA…you crack me up again Maddie…no don’t change your username, lol, it’s too long! kiki yeah he needs to move on from SY….but we shall see how he act next (oh please don’t disappoint us HK!….oh wait, I’m the writer right?!)
      Yeah, I realize too that current SY had a small role on this episode but can’t be helped….she’ll shine more on others no worry. This chapter is really made for Ahnya’s development (so you guys have a little bonding time with her so when “things” get tough, you feel more for her I guess)….lol don’t ask for the baby to be born just yet….that might signify being closer to the ending of this fan-fic 😦

      lol, tell you the truth I don’t know how I do it either, they just come to me as I write, sometimes I don’t even have prior planning of how an episode might go, the gist is there but the details they come as I write, for example talk of MJ & baby, very random and just come as I write 🙂 becomes most memorable in this ep, haha.

  19. Oh, I have a question. Why are your scenes not labeled numerically in sequence? Is there some kind of purpose or just to indicate time-jump differences? Please help me clarify on that. Thanks dear.

    • before I go to bed (for real this time) lol I decide to reply to this one comment, your DAEBAK comment. I’m shock and surprised that we reached 8 episodes already and NO ONE had ask me this before….hahahaha….YOU ARE THE FIRST!!! I will cover this in a post tomorrow because it’s a really good question deserving of a detailed answer and I also want everyone to know the reasoning as well so no one gets confused later on 😉

  20. Waaaaaaaah….I love it Unnie….I’m loving Hwi Kyung and Ahnya 😀
    imagining their cute moment together 🙂

    ohhhh and that cute baby girl i’m loving here too..when will she arrive? will it takes SY 9months pregnancy too? Would it be like Bella’s pregnancy in Twilight in which it did not take like 9months for the child to be born? 😀

    • they are adorable and I must say, creating their first kiss was so much fun for me and I think it’s as romantic as I can get it to be 🙂 baby is not gonna arrive for a while but…who said she can’t continue making an “appearance” kikiki (I did watch it recently due to some of my fan’s referral…Jin Sunhee is way, way, way cooler 😀 but…I haven’t yet decide when she should make her arrival…early, normal…or late)

  21. The sweetest moment, hands down, is between Min Joon and Jin Sunhee. What an awesome pair! I can’t wait for her to be born and to share the experience of her world through her eyes. Another winner Faye. But why does it seem it’s too short? Or am I in denial bec I don’t want the stories to end?

    • awww…another scene-stealer between father and daughter…love it when random moments gets the spotlight. LOL, really? because it’s around 8 pages as the past couple of episodes….hahaha maybe my fans starting to think 8 pages is not enough….ottoke, what am I to do??!?! so much writing in such a short time! HAHAHA

      • Yeah, I think every epi is getting short too, probably it’s so good that we just don’t want it to end. I feel like watching the real drama when reading your fanfic… Those good times like this should last forever… How about *me closing eye*… *open* voila! Time freezes, let me draw doodle in Faye unnie’s face while she is frozen lol ✏️💯✔️

        • hahahah….so you guys ARE getting more demanding….oh my poor, poor fingers. I’m afraid of what happen when the fan-fic is over 😦 ….yes….keep that time freeze you’ll need it…hahahaaaa draw my face…..should I make a time freeze video of me frozen in time….what am talking about, Movie Maker is not THAT advance, kikiki….

  22. And btw I just remembered that I didn’t ask this in my previous post. Is Ahnya gonna faint too after the kiss? If only they were not in that place, you could include a more advanced scene of the action XD… Ok off to bed now hahaha.

  23. omg that conversation DMJ had with his daughter … my heart sank while reading. Also CSY saying ” I’d forgive you anything…” you just know something foreboding is coming. Noooooo DMJ what the heck are you doing or have done >_<

  24. Read it again for the second time before posting this comment haha like when the drama is airing, watch without subs then with subs… and you know what that means unnie? Im as addicted to your fanfic as the drama LOL I love, love love this fanfic…for the reason that 1. It is daebak, 2. It is heartwarming 3. The scenes made sense and is explaining some unclear points in the drama 4. It makes me excited waiting for the next episode 5. Is satisfies byeontae thoughts on our OTP(haha did I really say this?) 6. Im hooked! 7. The scenes made me wish you and writernim will collaborate and made this into season 2 8. I love your writing style, its detailed and the lines perfect 9. You have your own way to develop the characters 10. i love that you are very creative in the conflict that this drama posed

    Oh sawwrry ive written too long haha…wanna read more of my ranting? Please proceed…

    Btw about the episode
    My favorite part is the convo between daddy and baby. How cute is the conversation between daddy and his little girl. DMJ will surely become a great father to his little baby. I want to see more interactions between them unnie, pretty please. And jealous MJ haha i can imagine his facial expressions while reading this. Im sure the scene with sono will be funny acted out by KSH and JJH.

    On a serious note, im sad that DMJ has to witnessed Song yi with another man. It’s painful seeing the person you love with another. Most heartbreaking line for me in this episode is when DMJ says “so I was never here to save you…”

    On a lighter note, i love that anhya and HK storyline is developing. Ahnya can really kick ass LOL. Their first kiss scene is simply the use of fireflies to make the moment magical.

    And unnie thanks for the epilogue. I’ve been meaning to ask you about it when this episode is release and then you posted this and there is epilogue…me? happy now LOL…

    Very very happy ^_______^

    • Hi dear Jade. Would you like me add 11, 12, 13, and so on to your list? I think I have more 😂😂😂

      • Feel free chinggu.. Im still thinking for 11, 12, 13 and so on since I cant seem to put them in words LOL if i did continue the list i will end up saying Unnie is amazing! for 11, 12, 13 and so on haha

    • oh gosh, you guys are funny….and Jade….I think you’re in the running to steal the Queen Commentator title from Thao, lol, uhoh….I foresee a duel coming on! kikikiki….Thao you better try and hold on to your crown! (gosh, I’m such an instigator)….well, like you I had to read your comments a few times hahahaha….all your listed points made me laugh and smile WIDELY like this ——> 😀 OMO you just voiced my recent day-dream. Lately, that’s all I’ve been daydreaming about; somehow someone related to the writer or director found my site and started reading, liked it so much and read all you guys comments, they contact me and made an offer for me to fly to Korea and work with writer-nim on Season 2. Of course I then ask if KSH & JJH will star in it they said they would try but can’t guarantee, then I’d say can I please help convince them? and well…lol, you don’t want to know the details of THAT! hahahahaha. But I help to pursued them to star again on Season 2 and get a bunch of their autographs for you guys……oh gosh, I have stars and twinkle in my eyes when I think about it, hahahahhahah….delulu much Faye-Linh? time to come back to earth.

      Oh wow, that scene of daddy & daughter really get to you guys huh, it wasn’t even all that thought out….hmmm…I definitely see what I can do to expand on their relationship without compromising the basic story line already draft out.

      Yes, sad for MJ…but he’s gonna make it out better than SY I think….wait, ah gee, I can’t really even say who’s gonna suffer most 😦 MJ, SY, or SY, HK….guess we’ll have to see. Oh I’m so happy you love their first kissing scene, I really had a lot of fun thinking it up, even research the place and the event kikikiki, it’s an actually place in Korea with actual firefly festival…I wish I could go one day, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireflies (none here in good ole city of Florida)…..

      WOOHHHHH…..I must of telepathically read your mind!!! seriously, there wasn’t gonna be an epilogue (that scene was suppose to be a quick flashback from Ahna) but at the last moment, I decide to change it to Epilogue….for some reason I thought it would be much, much more awesome and relate with the way the real drama was 🙂 wow, so amazed we can now read each other’s mind!!!!!!

      • Yes, your dream is also my dream as well. Talking about big dreams that collide together, I always hope you the best dear! Gosh, as if I know where the director, the writer, the investors live then I bring your fanfic over to them and make sure them read it word by word * me standing behind with 🔫🔪🔨💣* and I will make sure they hire you to write the season 2 of course. Lol yeah I wish, I really wish!
        But let me tell ya something, rather I not wish but if I do, everything always comes true. I’m serious cuz I’m special thru my bone 😊
        What? What? Who wanna over throne my crown? Whoever temps to do that I’d definitely hunt him/her down hehe. *ring spinning* geez but for suurre I will hold on to my throne very well 😛👑🚫

        • LOL…yes! bring out your special bones!!! well, we could dream a little dream couldn’t we? Really, I just love you to death and if I had the chance I’m flying to Cali to meet you 😉 (wait a sec, is the writer stalking the fan?!?! omo, this is a first!) hahaha

          • May your dreams come true unnie and dont forget our autograph from KSH and JJH okay?

            ” then I’d say can I please help convince them? and well…lol, you don’t want to know the details of THAT! ”

            LOL i badly, badly, badly want to know hahahaha

          • Wah wah wah you wanna meet me, I certainly can get you airplane tickets for two but I’m in denial mode cuz you will be so disappointed meeting me in person haha. It’s just exactly how “Wéo” I am in person. Only when it comes to writing then my byeontae hormone’d kick in and I become someone else than is more cheerful than her regular self. But I know Florida is a beautiful state, this summer is nice for out-of-state trip so who knows where my next destination is going to be hehe 🚀

            • HAHAHA….disappointed in you? ok….sooo you think that in real life I’m this super hot, super cool, charming and funny person? HAHAHA….then you’d be disappointed in me too! then we’ll be even and at the same level! If only my friends and family know how crazy I am when I write, kikiki….they have not a clue…I’m actually quite mellow and shy in real life BUT if I meet a good match personality wise my wicked sense of humor comes out and I can talk a mouthful 😀 YUP! Florida is infamous for tourist during Summer months, so come down and visit if you’re so inclined *wink, wink* I do have a home that you can crash in (albeit very messy right now due to my sister’s crap, Ayden’s messy play everyday, and of course me glued to computer 24/7 doesn’t help much either! haha…) Give me a month notice before you come so I can do Spring Cleaning! HAHAHAHA

              • Wow thanks for your offer, appreciate it 🙏. I’m think about the scenario about me meeting you like:

                First *hug* Hi, this Thao. *blush*

                *blushing and shying for hours…*

                Both parties are so shy, so…… Only doing eye contact…….

                Then a mysterious person covered in black 👤 jumps in: hi guys. Let me help you out!! here goes your beloved phones/ laptop 📱💻whatsoever. Let’s start talking via WordPress, and you guys will feel like home again.

                Me thinking, best solution ever lol! 😂👍

            • hahah…ran out of space so I reply here instead.

              I’m shy but I’m not THAT shy girl….don’t you worry, I can converse, I can pull you out of your shell, no worries 😉

        • Unnie faye I dont need a crown just give it to unnie thao…i dont wanna die early LOL

          Unnie thao deserves the crown, she has a keen eye for details and her comments will make you think while i just write what i thought at the moment 🙂

          But unnie writernim if only I can find the exact words to say it will be longer than the whole episode…haha…but sadly im not that good in putting my thoughts into words *sigh* the disadvantage of being a non native english speaker…if only we have the same language you’ll be amazed on how long I can rant hahaha

          Before I end this comment let me tell you something using my own native language “magaling kang manunulat, saludo ako sayo”! in english “you are a great writer, I salute you!”

          • awwww, that’s just too cute Jade when you break out your own language….lol, aww I wish I could understand your language too so I can hear precisely what your mind wants to say…but I’ve been reading all your comments and it seems like you’re conveying everything perfectly great to me in English 😀 so keep it up girl. I google translate 🙂 so you’re Filipino huh? ….see? I could always use google translate as well kikikiki though they’re not always that reliable.

  25. love the scene between father and daughter..hehe..kinda sweet..
    love love love..i’m falling more into your fanfic, unnie..

    btw, its funny when they first saw their daughter..every mum will act like her when seeing her own baby..they act a little bit childish..hehe..
    her daughter is waving already, poor sonographer, being stern because of that..hahaha
    MJ also so protective toward his wife..kekeke..even sonographers also cannot do his job properly..hahaha..


    • ohhh yah…I was waiting for your comment to see if you like it 🙂 now that I heard from you I’m so happy you likey….
      hahha…yes, that includes me too
      kikiki, yeah sonographer doesn’t know how special Jin Sunhee is only daddy knows 😉

      • i always happy reading your fanfic matter the scene is sad or not..><
        Jin Sunhee is so special, she can already take care of her your idea unnie..:)..

  26. It only gets better and better. The conversation with MJ and Jin Sunhee was awesome…. Waiting for the pendulum to drop, because I just can’t believe MJ and SY will have to go through hardship. The past with SY and HK interest me. But in the end I hope, rather past, present and future MJ and SY will forever and always be one. Keep up the good work dear author nim. I love the way you write.

    • OMO, it’s time to celebrate….A NEW COMMENTATOR!!! 🙂 Hi there Terah!!! welcome to our world 🙂 hope you’ve been enjoying your stay and come out to play with us more often…
      LOL, yeah this time around it’s even tougher than just the thought of MJ leaving…and the stakes are higher BECAUSE they’ve become a family so separation will be on a whole new level on top of which a different love interest for MJ…that’s not exactly different. Yes, SY & HK alternate world fascinate me as well and I can’t wait to expand on them, it’ll definitely be interesting to see more of that SY and compare with the current SY…from the way you said it…..I have a feeling you have kinda read into my mind on the ending 😀 if that’s the case, you’ll love it then!

  27. Deabakk!!!… sweet moment betwn daddy n dughtr… can’t wait fr the next ep.. palli.. palli.. come out next eps. Hehe… unni hwaiting!!..

    • Good! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I’m taking a break from writing the next episode….but the good news is, another byeontae speciial edition is coming out for DMJ & CSY first before episode 30…..some people complain of dry spell…lol, what can I say, gotta appease them dry spell.

  28. Didn’t expect this ep so soon but not complaining. Alternate world without DMJ with limping HK. Brilliant! But I guess lawyer Jang would have a short life then.

    • wow, haven’t seen you in a while 😉 …lol yeah it’s soon because I wrote it all on my phone at every possible break time I have in between kikikiki. OH I LOVE that YOU LOVE the alternate world, I’m trying my best to make it believable and relateable so the ending will be more epic 😀 Yeah, no Lawyer Jang 😦 DMJ have to grace this other world without him unfortunately…he wasn’t there to save him. (SORRY LAWYER JANG!)

  29. @Safiresea…Daebak!!! I really like the conversation daddy is having with baby….its sooo sweet and touching…I am really hanging for Episode 30 DAEBAK DAEBAK DAEBAK!!!!!!

    • ohhh yahhh, welcome by sweetie! I”m glad you’re happy on the script and waiting the next one….although ep 30 will be postponing a bit as I’m writing out a Special Byeantae edition for DMJ & CSY….errrhhhmmm….I hope you’re over 18 else you’d have to wait a bit longer for ep 30 and shouldn’t be reading the special edition 😦

  30. You are a rare gem, your writing is awesome, with a captial A !!! Lurveee the way you write, enabling the reader to imagine the surrounding…daebak, Chingu! Keep it flowing !! Can’t wait for Episode 30 and ohhhh, your byeontae edition Take 2 as well!!! The Take 1 got me hot under the collar for a long while..sheeshhhh, I m becoming pervish….imagining KSH doing all those with golly, so surreal LOLOLOLOL!!!

    • hmmm…you’re new here right Roxettew? I don’t recall you commenting on Take 1 that’s why, lol….awww, I’m so glad you’re enjoying everything, it makes me happy that people can come here and enjoy more “interaction” between DMJ & CSY because I love writing about them. I wish time wasn’t so much an issue else I’d make sure it looks more polished for you guys enjoyment, unfortunately most times it comes out as is the moment I finished it without really any look over or editing work, I crinch sometimes re-reading and finding bunches of errors, ahaha….but if you guys aren’t complaining about it then I’m GOOD right?! 😀

      lol, if you’re like that for Take 1, let me assure you Take 2 is even HOTTER! and LONGER hahahhaaaa

      • Been around here since your earlier episode and in Soompi forum almost 24/7 and have commented a ‘lil-here-there, lol! I.have wanted to comment every time after reading your write up but I get rendered speechless from your awesome skill of welding the pen….Take 1 got me wayyy hot under the collar, took me a longggggggggg while to recover my senses!!! Getting used to the byeontae mood which explains why I am able to sing your praises in writing this time around! Keep it up, my dear chingu!! Any more polished than it is now, I will have to check ‘meself’ into an insane asylum…from too much delulu-ing resulting in hallucination!!

        • OH GOSH!! roxettew…hahahaha…thank you for making me laugh so much on your comment….insane asylum, lol….hallucination….I think I’m just about there when it comes to this show and this couple….that’s probably the reason why I write so convincingly! kikikikiki. Well, I’m glad you’ve been around but yes, let us see you more often so we can get to know more about you. awwww….your compliment render me kinda speechless right now too….um….I guess thank you so MUCH! I’m very inspired when hearing my reader’s thoughts…it helps me wonder if I can possibly make it in the real writer’s world….lol, ok looking at what I wrote I guess I’m not that speechless, lol. I ramble a lot don’t mind me.

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    • *jump up and down* YEAHHH….so happy you love it. I keep feeling nervous that I would f*ck up an episode somewhere and you guys will be so disappointed in me….lol, I’m living in constant fear guys!!! kikikiki

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    • awww, I know sweet but we can’t have an epic get together without a little separation first now can’t we? just hang in till the end, it won’t be bad I promise 😉

      • little separation and epic love story …sound good enough to me…hehehe will read the separation part accompany by tissues, beer and chicken 🙂 not a bad idea at all haha

    • awwww wistywen, I’m so honor that you love my writing that much *blush* I guess comments like these from readers like you made me want to change my path in life and become a REAL TRUE WRITER! 😉 Thank you so much luv!

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    How can I read the protected part?? 😉

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    • did you get your DVD yet? lol….aww, I’m so sorry for drawing you back into this addiction, lol, I know how hard it was to ween yourself off….my bad (bad hand, bad!) I hope you had enjoy all the byeontae episodes so far and the latest one as well 😉

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    Its an alternative universe after all so..yeah
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    It’s one of the most scary thing! Anyway that sweet scene during ultrasound~haha
    But the best cene ever was a chitchat with little Sunhee!!

    • lol, yes I think that scene is everyone’s favorites in this episode 🙂 it was such a surprise for me as it was unintentional…but those scenes are the best when it comes unexpected!

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