Fan News Update: 4/3/14

Once upon a time there was a fan named Thao Weo…

Who fangirl a writer so much…

She decide to send a gift….

Handmade with care and love.

The writer received it in utter amazement,

She loved it so much…

And tried to find a way to say thank you back…

The best way she can….

So now, what you see below is the

Story between the writer and the fan 🙂 enjoy guys!!!


56 responses to “Fan News Update: 4/3/14

  1. Aww, that’s so sweet of Thao. Plus, she’s always leaving a long and insightful comments here. Heoksi, as expected from the Queen of Comments. The gift she gave to you is so cute. I’d wish I could give you something or contribute but alas, I still a high school graduate who’s waiting for a college offer. I’m obviously broke, lol. I’ll think up of a way, though. Fighting unni! Visit the thread once in a while and when the situation kind of dies down (I hope it does), let’s continue like we used to.

    • awww, sweetie, lol, don’t worry about it…I wasn’t expecting anything but Thao did surprise me with her gift 😀 I do thinks it’s supper supper cute and adorable and will “play” with it every day kikikiki….if you really want to send me something just send me a picture of you holding up a college offer letter 😉 and at the bottom say “this is for you Unni!” that would make my day 😀

      Yeah, it’ll get back to normal eventually 🙂 no worries

    • isn’t she just adorable??!! kikiki….ahhhh….I love my fans, you guys rock big time!!! even though today was kinda sad with the thing in Soompi and so much hate thrown my way….I couldn’t feel upset though and was actually in a good mood because of you guys. I had people defending me left and right, I have an actual gift from a my friend Thao whom I meet through this site, I have you (my great fan) using my character name for your handle, I even convert a mod from soompi to possibly come join my fan-fic! hahaha… is good 😉

  2. GIFTS is always nice!!!! I write a little, but always read everything you write. I am very glad that all became good friends.Safiresea Your Son lovely and so beautiful. Soon you will meet someone who will be your support and happiness. I and my Russian friends wish you a lot of good things. We will be grateful readers. We love you! PS I made ​​myself a copy of the special edition. LOL

    • Hi Mila! thanks you, he is getting to that really adorable age where he’s start talking kikiki….I’m still hoping for that too Mila…you married by the way? Oh, wow, tell your Russian friends hi for me, even though I don’t know them 🙂 I’d like to see them on here sometimes though, that would be cool ;D Oh nice, so now you can read it at night whenever you want to…with tissues of course hehehehe

      • I am married and my husband is younger than 5 years. We have two girls twins Alice and Albina – 6 years. I have a happy family. About two years I watch Asian films. I love Hyun Bin and all that is in Korea. Maybe in a past life I lived there with Binnie?????!!! “Wink”, “laugh” – I want to think so – ki-ki-ki. On these pages, I can dream and think a lot………….
        Good luck to you!! Rest a lot to keep you sick.

        • WOW, Hyun Bin is one of my favorite actor TOO! *high five* awww…I’m so happy for you Mila, a nice happy family is hard to come by so treasure it well…haha unfortunately for me my “family” been broken ever since I was born. I love your girl’s name Alice and Albina…both A’s mine is Ayden…we’re like the “A” family! kikiki

  3. Ok first off I wanna file my complaint here. The main character *aka ME* should have been saved for a front row seat but… But… Look at it, 7th oh no now is 8th place seat? How disappointed… *sigh*.
    Haha enough with my pretend act. WOW oh WOW, I didn’t even dare to dream of a story and a sweet video that’s solely contributed to me 😳. Thank you! Thank you unnie ❤️! In fact, I was only expecting to see your priceless facial expression when openning the box but I feel so heartwarming here. Aww~ Ayden even say “Hi Thao” to me. He is such an adorable cutie!!! Wow big hugs to your family ❤️. But you did scared me for a moment there when you left SY seat on the edge of your sofa and Ayden like jumping right to her rescue haha. They are merely goose egg shells so… Haha

    Attention@ crazy4ywcfts (May I get a shorter version of your name pls, it drives me cray cray to remember the long name of You Who Came from the Star whenever I want to call your name :)))))

    Ok, just decide to talk about my private life in a bit since we have crazy4ywcfts here, who is going to college this year. I just wanna rant about my experience so you can take it as advice or just for fun.
    Ok, here goes. I love arts and I happen to have a bit of talent yet I don’t use it. I drive my career path to a total different route to major in science which I’m not very good at. I still do pretty good in my academic life yea… But I’m almost near the end of my study and I finally feel I don’t belong to this field. It’s sad, isn’t it? So my main point here is that you should do something that your passionate about don’t listen to others nor letting yourself being seduced by the money/profit. What I am saying is choose something to study to make it become your successful career, not just a job. Because every morning when you wake up and go to work, if you love your job you will have the passion, the drive to do it without pushing yourself. Yeah, it’s like I go to play have fun without working!
    ~~~~~ I guess enough lecture from me to make you go lalalalala *i can’t stand this unnie no more* haha. It’s just after meeting with Faye Linh unnie, I share the passion that I once lost in her so who know some day, I may change my mind and start doing something big, something that I enjoy doing, and something that brings me succeed, happiness, 💰 and such. Who know haha but nice talk to you pals. We all fighting, araro??

    • HAHAHA…that’s what happen when you sleep at night…you loose your spot!!! Well, I’m glad you liked it, you should feel special because I don’t EVER like showing my face, but here it is…and my first YOUTUBE video at it too…hahaha, I look pretty bad shape though huh? 😦 too much sleepless night, litterally guys I sleep like 3-4 hours a night sometimes less….I’m turning into skins and bones huhuhuhuhu, I used to look passively pretty what happened!?!?! hahaha….who’s gonna marry me now? hihihihi. Anyhow, yeah my boy repeats after me like a parrot, he even repeat what I read on the note you sent, I’m glad you could hear him say hi cuz the volume was so low didn’t know if you’d be able to hear it. WAHHHHtttt…..that’s completely the opposite situation! lol, I was trying to keep the doll AWAY from him, as you can see I keep moving it around and finally to my lap so he doesn’t get his hands on it….cuz if he did….*shudder to think about it* OMO, goose eggs you say?!?!?! Here I thought it was those wooden eggs that you can paint on….now I have to be ubber extra careful with them…..cuz if they break, surely my heart would break in two 😦 😦 😦 only two made right? oh dear…I’m gonna have to keep far, far away from Ayden.

      Awww, I understand how it is with our passion and what we end up doing…a lot of times it’s not what we want or wish for in life. I still haven’t found my “passion” career yet, how pathetic am I huh? haha, airing my dirty laundry already. Ok I’m a stop now 😉

      • You are very skinny indeed, I’m as twice as your size so I’m like rolling everywhere in my house lol. Yes, you need more sleep dear, it surprises me that you are still awake at 2 or even 3am in the morning replying our comments ;( not good for your health. Our comments can wait so no worry :D.
        I guess you are so passionate on many fields that’s why you are not ready to settle huh? I love your writing though and I’m looking forward to your own signature project follow after MLFAS continuum. Who knows I’m friended with the second JK Rowling 😊

        • haha, I know I’m craycray…it’s 3am now and I can’t sleep….trust me it’s been like this for a few years now (my bad sleeping habit) ever since Ayden was born, I’m never the same sleepwise…I went from 95lb to 150lb when I was prego…and in no time at all I lost all the weight (lack of eating & sleep) and now I think I’m even under the 90 mark, omo! Yes…lol, it’s true I’m all over the place….but truly you guys have inspired to me to give writing a serious try. So after MLFAS I might start on my own, serious project 😉

    • Oh, hi Thao! Thanks for your advice. First off, lol. Yeah, I guess my ID name is pretty long huh? You can just call me Vall if you like. That’s definitely not my full name but… everyone calls me that. Secondly, whoa! Surprisingly, it seems that we have the same problem. I have a strong passion in the arts field. I don’t really have an ambition but having a career in that field, just anything would make me very happy. My parents are “encouraging” me to continue studying in the science field but I was like NO. I mean, how could they not know I can’t cope in science stream? All my science subjects got a big fat B in my public exam. I thought it was a God given opportunity for me to get stray away from the science field but nooo… Those guys are so adamant. I even made up a cover ambition (a fake ambition to cover up our real ambition) as my friends and I like to call it which is an accountant for they would probably go berserk if I told them about my real goal. But no worries, I’m quite rebellious. I’ll think up of a way around it.
      Now that you mentioned it, I just realized that I’m at the first seat! Oops, oh sawry. I’ll try not to next time, I think. 🙂

      • awww…parents will always be parents…lol but I like your fake ambition part, hahahah that’s cute and creative! wish you much luck!……….so no parents here………..what’s your real goal???? I’m curious 😉

        • Yeah, and kids will always be kids. Am still a kid? Yes. I’M FOREVER YOUNG!!

          …….ignore that, let’s get down to the real question shall we? Well, like I said I don’t really have an ambition. I’m still a teen, and I still have no idea what I really want to be. So for now, my real goal of what I speak of is take up any arts field course. I’m really into it and with all my cutie pie friends encouraging me to go ahead, how could I not? But… as you can see or read, the situation doesn’t quite allow me too…

          For now, that is. Right now, my pitiful brain is working out a plan to do this… Hehe. I sound quite rebellious right? Well, most of the times I’m not. Guess I have the Aries in me. Lol, I just read that Aries are born a rebel.

          Okay, before I stray further away from the real question, I better stop here. Hope my answer satisfies your curiosity. Good day!

          • yes, it kinda did 🙂 but….now I understand your parent’s predicament, lol…art…is a hard subject indeed (I was a major in art by the way) you need either one or the other to succeed: extreme talent or extreme passion. Hope you got one of those or both! For now, you’re young…you’ll live and learn. so, just do what you feel is right for you right now 😉

  4. That was an amazing gift! I feel like a troll compared to the both of you – no artistic talents whatsoever. Thanks for sharing Faye. It’s nice to see fan appreciation. 😉

  5. trust me, my memories are like…but i will do my best i really hope to remember! i got in trouble a lot when i was younger because i didn’t remember my parents birthday,at school when they everyone remembered it. Ahahahahahahaha, even now with my friends,i can remember only one or two of them and sometime it’s late ,i am like a granny, so if happen something like that i am really sorry. Well my bad memory is most of all about remembering date or things like that,( i don’t know if i said it right). Anyway your son is really too cute!!! is adorable!! also i would like to give something to you too but i am pretty much broken, in my country it’s really difficult to find a job, i am sorry. 😦 😦 .
    Also the site you made it’s really great you guys are like family and really funny i love it!!
    and don’t worry there is a man out there who is your fate! you are a great person you will find it soon and will be reeeeaaaaallly happy! i know it! 😉 and sorry i talk a lot and about unrelated stuff…saryyy to everyone on this tread!!!

    • we just about have the same memories, lol, I suck at names, numbers, and dates…but have excellent memory if it connected to an event/feelings (like I can sing to hundreds and hundreds of song and remember their lyrics haha, such useless memories) yeah…my friends of more than 15 years and I still don’t remember her b-day…or the way to her house! HAHAHA, I’m so bad.

      Aww, cinzia don’t make me feel bad 😦 I don’t mean to put it up so that you guys are “pressured” to give me something, please don’t think you have to send me anything or give me anything ok? just be an active participant is the most I could hope for all my fans 🙂 Yes, we are like a family here…especially when we are all passionate about one common thing, I made lots of “friends” through this show….it is…as MJ says…”DESTINY”

  6. don’t feel bad,i was sincere when i said it and i still am,i am not the type to say thing just because, and i know that you don’t wont to put pressure on us, i said that because i wanted, no pressure.
    Another thing….you know the byeonte edition was AMAZING,i hope you will do one or two more ch one day! hihihihihihi … 😉
    PS: oops! sawryy

  7. also the ep 29 is really cute and at the same sad is he planning to return to his planet or something? it seems like he won’t be with her in the future that’s why i am asking

    • cinzia, thanks again for all your sincerity….I’ll keep it safe in my heart 😉
      lol…yeah if you didn’t catch some of my comments on here, a new Byeontae edition is coming up in the near future for DMJ & CSY 😉 ….yeah can’t tell you just yet what MJ is planning (or forced to do) but it’s gonna be more heartbreaking nearing the end…so buckle up, lol.

  8. heartbreaking?!really? but i trust you and in the end they will be happy with their daughter….right?
    it’s like waiting the ep of the real drama, DAEBAK.

    • after a storm there’s usually rainbows 😉 ….no matter how heartbreaking….just continue putting your trust in me, I won’t fail you guys 😀

  9. I trust you!i really do! i think that this will be perfect if they make a drama with your scrip, seriously it will be the best i hope that you could do it some day i will watch every drama that have you as script writer, because you know what we want.
    And more important you are a really nice and funny person! keep up the good work!! 😉

    • OMG I think so too! haha….well, not exactly like my script since I’m sure they can tweak it to make it a little better…but the gist of the story line is actually pretty good….and I’m being very subjective, lol not just because I’m the writer. Cross fingers, lol, let’s hope Korea is watching….if not I can settle for China 😉

  10. Aww those cute dolls are so adorable. They look just like our uri couple ❤ Thai is really awesome Thao. But what I also found adorable was Safiresea's boy trying to get his hands on the package. Tooo cute 😀

    • hahaha, you notice huh? he’s handful, always want something new, nothing escape his little fingers regardless if it’s his or my stuff. Now that I know it’s goose eggs I have to keep it in high, unreachable places, kikiki

  11. i hope that you can make it one day! maybe the actors will be the same and jjh will do it to because she will like it and will be able to perform in a drama together with ksh again! hihihihi!!! please god make it happen!!!

  12. Here is the process of making uri couple. I hope the pictures already explain pretty much how everything was done. Otherwise if anyone is interested and have more inside questions, please feel free to ask. I’m more than happy to share with you all. It’d be fun doing this with your love ones during Easter holiday, let’s put your creative hat on everyone!

     photo image-2.jpg

    I had so much fun taking picture for them 😊. Don’t they look just as good as uri real couple? 😘

    Family picture time before their trip to a new home. Aww their friends tell me they miss them already 😌

    Ps: Unnie, pls help me fix it if the pictures don’t show up. Thank you dear 😘

    • Thao, I edit it for you 🙂 the link you put up is still not correct format…here’s an examle of what it should look like: sorry, I can’t get it to show up because the code change to pics all the time and I wanted you to see what the code looks like 😦

      But really you can just copy this code from your photobucket list on the right hand side…there’s a few option to generate codes, use the one that says HTML, click on that and it’s copied for you, then post it here….and see if that works next time 😀

    • Omo omo…Thao – you’re so talented! Look at DMJ and CSY with FRIENDS!!!!! That is one heck of a collection. What did you use to draw/color on…markers? And you drew their eyes so beautifully – like anime! Bravo!

      • *blush* thanks for your praises @glamfan. I’m so glad that you like them 🙂 Believe it or not but these friends of DMJ n CSY are like almost 1 century older than them lol (yes I started doing it ever since I was a little girl). I used acrylic colors to paint on them with brushes (not markers hehe). Yes I love manga a lot so my style is influenced by manga.

        • yeah – you can tell i’ve got no artistic bone in my body. can’t do anything with brush and paint. I would probably crush those goose eggshells b4 getting to paint them. *hides in the corner from shame* anyways, thanks for sharing your collection!

          • Aww come here let me hug you in stead of hiding yourself in the corner there. I believe each one of us is gifted with different talent ever since our birth. It’s just the matter of acknowledgement and exercising oneself to become better. I also think that you are one humble self too 🙂

          • glamfan…I bet you if I spend one week with you I’d be able to find out what you’re really good at that most of us suck at, lol, I think everyone had their strong and weak spot….so stop hiding in a corner and tell US YOUR TOP SECRET STRONG SPOT! hahahaha

    • yup! It used to be 2 a week but that was when the script was much shorter….now it’s more like one a week or close to a week. There won’t be one this week though, there’s gonna be a Special for KSH & JJH instead in place of it 🙂

  13. REAALYYY?oh! sorry…but this really mekes me happy! really! thank you a lot,i will be patiently waiting. 😉

  14. *take out my phone start typing* (mimic CYS)
    Faye unnie,
    why aren’t you answering??
    You bought the phone because I told you. So answer the phone (my email)!
    You thought I would give up?
    I’m going to call/ email you until you answer it!!
    Faye unnie!! 😱

    • hahah, oh honey I don’t mean to ignore you I just haven’t check my emails….as matter of fact I’m more often on here then checking my 3 emails, lol…so sorry I’ll go check it now 😉

      • No worry unnie, I’m just worrying about your health. Pls take care keke . Also I got emails already thx for your responses ❤️

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