Question & Answer Update: Scenes Significants

Recently there’s been a question raise in a comment (by no one other than our infamous Queen Commentator, Thao) that I believe garner an answer all on a post of its own instead of on the reply comments that I usually do.  The question is as follow:

Thảo wéo April 4, 2014 at 1:04 am · Edit · Reply →

Oh, I have a question. Why are your scenes not labeled numerically in sequence? Is there some kind of purpose or just to indicate time-jump differences? Please help me clarify on that. Thanks dear.

Now, I’m shock to think that this question was raised now after 8 episodes has been “released”.  Perhaps maybe not many people really pay attention to it or cared one way or another.  It’s a good thing if you are THAT into the story of course…but if it happens to be a burning questions in the back of your head, I intend to explain here so everyone can view and understand my methodology…regardless if you were curios or not 🙂

Everyone know that in an episode (like in a book) there are scenes (like in chapters)…scenes to me are like a long version of a “paragraph” it explain a certain thoughts/ideas…once that thought/idea changes it become another scenes.  So for me anyways (others might feel differently), in a normal episode, there’s about 16-18 scenes give or take (actually now that I think about it, maybe it’s less than that).  Now, let’s look at a recap of how the Episodes have been laid out:

Episode 29: Scene2, Scene7, Scene11, Scene16, Epilogue

Episode 28: Scene1, Scene5, Scene11, Scene14, Scene16

Episode 27: Scene5, Scene8, Scene12

Episode 26: Scene2, Scene10, Scene16

Episode 25: Scene2, Scene6, Scene14

Episode 24: Scene4, Scene6, Scene9, Scene16

Episode 23: Scene7, Scene15, Scene16

Episode 22: Scene3, Scene5, Scene12

Why was it done this way? And what happen to those “missing scenes”? You may ask…well, when you watch a scene on screen it usually last about 1-3 minutes and possibly upward to 8-10 minutes but there’s not really an exact formula, it takes however long it takes to finish convey the ideas across.  However, when you compare it being written out, it is a lot more work.  For example a scene that last 2 minutes on screen may take upward to 3 8×11.5 pages to describe (depending on how descriptive you are) ….that’s a heck of a lot of writing you guys!!! So that’s why I truncate it to a few scenes only in an episode to highlight the “main” point of that specific episode…the scenes I’ve chosen to write usually have a reason to them; to give important information, to further the plot, to create character development and or bonding between characters, to give clues for what may lay ahead….so yes, even when you think a scene seems irrelevant, think again 😉 there might be something you’re missing.  You might want to think of it like this…the missing scenes would be those that’s involved maybe more the sideline characters; lawyer Jang, Semi, Bokja, SY’s oppa and omma, ect…and maybe even the main characters themselves doing things not as important.  So theoretically speaking, if I wanted to, I can retrace back to episode 22 or any episodes and “add” in the missing scenes relevant to that episode and it would be ok.  Now you may ask is there a specific reason why it’s Scene 3, Scene 8, etc? no, the number doesn’t really matter….I just pick a random number, of course if I feel a scene should go first then it’s towards the beginning and if I want a scene to end an episode then it’s towards the end but there’s no rhyme or reason I choose a number.

So…to make all this explanation in a short way would be…yes, I could have written it like the style of a book (but I didn’t from the start so my format has to kind of remain the same) yes I could have written scenes 1-15 or 16 or 17…however many but….it would just take too, too long, each episode probably be like 20 or more pages!!! Hahahaha, who have that kind of time unless you’re a professional writer getting paid…or have NOTHING going on in your life and already filthy rich, kikikiki.

As you can also see that the first few episodes was shorter and less descriptive then the more recent ones because they are like tryouts…I didn’t think I’d be continuing it for this long or have a passionate fans following that I’m writing for…I do sometimes want to retrace back and rewrite it to match the levels of the current chapter…but, well…no time yet.

That’s it, thanks for listening to my extended explanation on something that probably could have been said in a few sentences….hahahaha.

19 responses to “Question & Answer Update: Scenes Significants

  1. Ok, I’m done reading your post. Here goes my rant:

    And then,

    😂😂😂😂 sawwry Faye unnie, I ate too much instant noodle yesterday, let me lay on my sofa and wave my hands and feet upward so my brain can function better lol 😆

    • did I make it too complicated?!?! HAHAHAHHA… need to shake around, here’s a quicker answer……”cuz I just feel like it”……lol that better?

      • Lol I tried (3 attempts) to post up pictures here to give you some laugh but no working muawahaha. Wae?!

      • Ok, I read your explanation again and again. And for a moment, I was like getting truck by lightning ⚡️ with another thought about your writing, my dear writer nim.

        You are way …way…. Way…~~~~ *huff huff*…. formidable than I thought. Lol 😂

          • Let me think hard before letting you know the answer hehe. Btw, I need to be fed with byeontaeness, I’m getting so old and dry ( that’s what my “Wéo” nickname stands for), pls slay me more of KSH-JJH/ DMJ-CSY byeontae scenes pretty please muawahaha

    • Posting picture no work?!
      Let’s me *crack my knuckles* try one more time, hey~ ya:

       photo image-1.jpg

       photo image.jpg

      *work or not now???*

      • YOU SEE?!?! YOU SEE?!?! how much I luv ya…I spend some time trying to figure out how to fix your post (which by the way went into spam, haha) so that the image show!! NOW IT WORKS!!! yahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Wow 2nd deabakness of this morning 👍. Now I can post picture like normal right or every time you have to fix?

          • I don’t know girl…try it out and let me know…but this time around don’t do the format of IMG (like you did before)….use the format of HTML instead and see if that works….if it still doesn’t, don’t worry and leave it be, I’ll go in and fix it 🙂

  2. Hi..may I please have the protected password? Thanks in advance. Enjoyed your work here very much.

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