–NEW UPDATE: 8/25/14–

NEWEST UPDATE: Now I’m actually doing a batch of 30 instead 🙂

UPDATE: Now I’m actually doing a batch of 25 instead 🙂

Wow, there’s so much Photoshop of our couple that I could barely keep up, lol…so I did an update batch of 20 instead of 10 haha (and I still have more waiting to post!)…in no time we will have a treasure trove of KSH & JJH together; love, wedding, kids and all…they don’t need to be together in real life, just go here to get all the hyun-hyun action! kikikiki

Hi everyone, here’s the first serial post I’m making for fans in mind.  This is a compilation of ALL photoshopped pictures of KSH & JJH made by avid fans world wide.  This post will be updated once in a while in batches of ten or more pics (for those signed up for notification, you won’t be notified after the first post, so check back here once in a while for new pics).  I’m partial to these because I major in Graphic Design and played extensively with photoshop before and some of these are really, really good…to the point where you can’t tell the difference from real and fake, lol.  Unfortunately, at this time I’m too busy to make one of my own and contribute but I’m hoping when things slow down a bit I might have some time to do one or two for you guys and join the art world fandom.  Why do we crazy fans do this?  Well, if they did more photo-shoot together we wouldn’t need to be so cray-cray would we? kikiki.  Anyways, enjoy these awesome pictures guys….and check back often for even more awesomeness pics and of course, if you have a pic that’s not listed I urge you to write to me and let me know so I can post yours 🙂

Oh, and another thing, I’m really terrible with taking down names so there’s no link back to the original maker (hopefully they are already in the picture).  I don’t mean in any way to “steal” their art.  If you know of a credit for a picture that wasn’t stamped in the picture please let me know so I can tag it appropriately or list the credit at the end.  I don’t have any money so please don’t sue me for not giving proper credit 😀

7th set couple199th set couple8

8th set couple29 8th set couple25a 8th set couple20 8th set couple13 8th set couple12 8th set couple8 8th set couple1 7th set couple28 7th set couple23 9th set couple3 7th set couple22 7th set couple15 7th set couple11 7th set couple6 6th set couple30 6th set couple7 6th set couple5 5th set couple10 15th set couple9 13th set couple28 12th set couple4 11th set couple19 11th set couple17 11th set couple1 Couple at autumn outdoors 9th set couple18 9th set couple11

7th set couple29a7th set couple29


6th set couple1 5th set couple30 5th set couple27 5th set couple13 5th set couple5 EXCLUSIVE Jim Sturgess and his new girlfriend, actress Bae Doo-n 4th set couple12 15th set couple16 14th set couple17 13th set couple29 13th set couple14 13th set couple13 13th set couple10 13th set couple1 12th set couple16 11th set couple18 11th set couple15 11th set couple14 7th set couple13 11th set couple10 11th set couple2 10th set couple24 9th set couple28 9th set couple2 8th set couple30 8th set couple6 7th set couple30 7th set couple25 6th set couple19 6th set couple9 5th set couple12 6th set couple17 6th set couple24 6th set couple26 6th set couple29 6th set couple31 7th set couple2 7th set couple7 7th set couple9 8th set couple4 8th set couple10 Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Sighting - New York 8th set couple16 8th set couple19 8th set couple22 9th set couple19 10th set couple1 10th set couple29 12th set couple9 12th set couple1112th set couple193rd set couple253rd set couple28 4th set couple23 5th set couple2 3rd set couple29 3rd set couple21 8th set couple2 7th set couple27 7th set couple16 7th set couple12 7th set couple4 6th set couple28 6th set couple25 5th set couple25 5th set couple26 6th set couple6 6th set couple8 6th set couple14 5th set couple24 5th set couple17 5th set couple16 5th set couple15 5th set couple11 5th set couple9 5th set couple6 5th set couple1 4th set couple26 4th set couple5 9th set couple12 8th set couple24 8th set couple22 8th set couple5 7th set couple24 7th set couple16b 7th set couple10 7th set couple8 7th set couple3 6th set couple20 6th set couple16 6th set couple15 6th set couple12 5th set couple21 5th set couple18 5th set couple14 5th set couple7 5th set couple4 4th set couple28 4th set couple27 4th set couple20 4th set couple19 4th set couple15 4th set couple13 9th set couple13 5th set couple3 7th set couple21 7th set couple5 6th set couple23 6th set couple22 6th set couple21 6th set couple13 6th set couple11 6th set couple10 6th set couple2 5th set couple29 5th set couple28 5th set couple23 5th set couple19 5th set couple8 4th set couple18 4th set couple16 4th set couple14 4th set couple3 4th set couple2 4th set couple1 3rd set couple30 3rd set couple26 3rd set couple20 8th set couple9 6th set couple18 3rd set couple22 3rd set couple18 3rd set couple17 3rd set couple11 3rd set couple9 6th set couple4 6th set couple3 4th set couple25 4th set couple24 4th set couple22 4th set couple21 4th set couple17 4th set couple11 4th set couple9 4th set couple8 4th set couple7 4th set couple4 3rd set couple24 3rd set couple23 3rd set couple1 2nd set ps couple28 2nd set ps couple20 2nd set ps couple13 2nd set ps couple12 4th set couple30 4th set couple10 3rd set couple27 3rd set couple19 3rd set couple16 3rd set couple15 3rd set couple14 3rd set couple13 3rd set couple10 3rd set couple8 3rd set couple7 3rd set couple6 3rd set couple5 3rd set couple3 3rd set couple2 3rd set couple 3rd set couple4 2nd set ps couple25 2nd set ps couple24 2nd set ps couple21 2nd set ps couple18 2nd set ps couple17 2nd set ps couple16 2nd set ps couple14 2nd set ps couple11 2nd set ps couple9 2nd set ps couple7 2nd set ps couple6 2nd set ps couple5 2nd set ps couple3 2nd set ps couple2 2nd set ps couple1 2nd set ps couple32 2nd set ps couple31 2nd set ps couple29  2nd set ps couple4 2nd set ps couple 2nd set ps couple35 2nd set ps couple34 2nd set ps couple33 2nd set ps couple27 2nd set ps couple26 2nd set ps couple23 2nd set ps couple22 ps_couple8 ps_couple7 ps_couple6 ps_couple5 ps_couple4 ps_couple3 ps_couple2 ps_couple ps_couple11 ps_couple10 ps_couple9

40 responses to “PHOTOSHOP COUPLE – KSH & JJH

  1. WOW!!!
    Soo awesome that you’re liking the new changes…yeah I’m trying to create a paradise here for DMJ/KSH & CSY/JJH ….happy viewing everyone! and check back here for more photos later on 😀

  2. You’re talented in everything!!! And to create a blog and photoshop to do and write scripts and sociable attentive to all. You bring us a lot of pleasant moments. How can we thank you??

  3. Oh, so great that you come up with this idea putting all DoCheon Couple Photoshop here! Thank you!

    And I think, even if they did shooting CF or photoshoot together, to us still not enough!!! Kaka, Isn’t that too obvious!?!, with those kisses and bed scenses from the drama, they’are still mearly enough…^_^…

    • hahaha Huong, I was trying to use a reason so we don’t look so craycray, you bust our cover…..yes we don’t care how much lovey-dovey scenes they have in MLFAS we still want to see them together…not enough CF? not enough photoshoot? bring out all the Photoshop experts!!

  4. OMG where did you get all those picture..I wish they aren’t photoshop…😄😄❤️❤️😋😛😜😂

    • hahahahah….don’t we all!! yeah, lol can’t you tell I’m a bit over the top in love with this show? get them from LINE, Soompi, and scouring the net. There’s over 20 more that’s not posted yet, haven’t the time but will soon post some more, so check back 😉 …..oh, AND WELCOME MY DEAR, since you’re new here let me give you a warm virtual *hug*!!

  5. Wow!! You pick some really great ones. I truly love seeing them together. Thank you for a place to come and check them out. Photoshop is awesome!!

  6. OMO… poor heart is hoping again after seeing all of these pics huhuhuhuhu… thanks Unnie

  7. i can’t seem to get enough of these two. my poor heart is struggling with withdrawal pains. Anything will do to help me make it through one day, even Photoshop pics,haaayyy…. thanks unnie for compiling all of these, it is like therapy ( i am really getting nuts, but i dont care, hahaha)

    • hahahha….oh honey, just think I’m more loony then you to create all this compilation right? lol…yes, there’s a lot more too and it’s updated frequently so keep a look out for more 🙂

  8. Wow so many photoshop! If I did not have eagle eyes, I will just believe that it is real! ❤

  9. I want uri couple to acknowledge how insanely goooooood they look together!!! I wonder if they have thoughts like “my gawd we’re hot together” or “we’re the ultimate visual couple”. Hats off to our fellow shippers who made these. Your ps skills are daebak!

  10. whoah! they are awesome~~!
    I adore people who make them! Some are so realistic! Q-Q It helps my imagination haha!

    • isn’t it?!?!?! we have some very, very talented folks around here who ship them (especially dominjoonxxi in Soompi) who made a lot of great and wonderful photoshop of our couple.

  11. I will officially change my name to twohyunlover! Love them too much! Have to ship them forever haha

  12. wow…. i just found it amazing…… hug for you unnie…… you are really talented…..daebak…… and credit also to all the fans of KSH & JJH all over the world, they are really making an effort to make all of us happy……

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