Parody Video of MLFAS & Secret Garden: Love Triangle Between DMJ, CSY, & KJW

For those of you who love not only My Love From Another Star but love Secret Garden as much as I do, here’s an absolutely phenomenal editing work of a parody between the two show…a love triangle between Min Joon, Song Yi, and Joo Won.  There’s Romance and Bromance abound in this hilarious cross-over.

There’s also little back story to this. This was originally not dubbed in English but when I saw it, I couldn’t help laughing my head off…not even knowing what they were saying in Korean so I know I had to get it subtitled somehow for everyone who doesn’t speak Korean to enjoy.  Long story short, I contacted our top team at Soompi to collaborated together so our wonderful Ayronics translated for us and Verona, our queen of MV, redid the video with the translation (THANK YOU GUYS!)…hence, now everyone can understand what they are saying in English….and it’s EVEN MORE HILARIOUS!!! 😀 hahahaha  Hope you guys enjoy your Sunday/Monday looking at this Video: YOU WHO CAME FROM THE MALL.

I know some of you might have watched it already, skip it if you did (this is more for those who haven’t)….or do like me and watch it again for the nth time! haha

p.s don’t forget to watch it till the very, very end for the DAEBAK epilogue, haha so cute.

p.s.s posting this up as a little gift for my friend Mila who loved Hyun Bin 😉 enjoy it dear!


14 responses to “Parody Video of MLFAS & Secret Garden: Love Triangle Between DMJ, CSY, & KJW

  1. I love this! The love triangle is adorable, and it’s nice how DMJ makes what seems to be peace (or even friendship) with KJW. It is indeed some epic editing. 😀

    • whoops sorry guest, your comment somehow went to spam so took me longer, kikikiki…um why don’t you have a name guest???? why???? I’m glad you enjoy it and hopefully get some laughs in for the day 😀

    • sooo agreed! they are almost professional (if not already) I think…and must of loved both shows very much to remember where scenes fit together…20 something episodes each drama is a lot to remember, lol.

  2. I felt it!! What is it and for me!! I’ve seen this video before, but without English. sub. Спасибо for your work. Always glad to see Hyun Bin, but really wanted to be his noona in the drama ….. “dream”, “sigh”, “thank”, “love”. Будь счастлива!!!!!!

      • My husband loves me very much and my “hobbies” do not frighten him. Hyun Bin my second reality, my parallel world. And this couple 2 Hyun – alien and earth woman-I like that can not be. They continue to live through our communication.

          • Dear Faye Linh, I know that it is time consuming, but in April you please us every day!!!!!! Respect you very much!! My husband does not have a brother. But I wish you found the perfect man may as Admiral (lol), met on your way and can be among friends and was happy with him and loved

            • lol, yes I tried Mila…because I know there’s a lot more people here so I wanted more varied content for everyone. ❤ ❤ *HUGS* about your husband with no brother, lol…don't worry I'm only kidding….yes, there's always the Admiral John, lol who makes me laugh that little boy…I'm trying to convince him to come on here and interact so I can read his funniness….let's wait and see 😉

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