For KSH: Marry Me? THE DANCE…by ME!!

Umm…so sorry guys, Weds is ubber busy day for me so I couldn’t hang around here so much…but I really wanted to release something for you guys to enjoy while waiting for the Special Edition (I’m still working on it btw, it’s much, much longer then I had originally thought! haha).  So I post myself here instead doing the special dance for KSH….enjoy…or laugh away guys!  I originally did not want this video out in Youtube because it was done for a special project in a small group and only for those in Soompi to see…but after I release myself in Youtube for Thao opening the gift, I guess this dancing shouldn’t scare me so much now, hahaa.  I know a lot of you might have seen it already on Soompi, skip it if you did 🙂 ….this is gonna be part of a project we are making for KSH…I can’t wait to see the final production.  And to be sure I’m gonna post it up here for you guys too when it’s done! Can’t Wait! Can’t Wait! Can’t Wait!

p.s yeah, there was no one to film me so I film myself on my iphone sitting on my telescope, it was standing straight up so that’s why it’s not covering the whole screen 😦 oh well….it’s my first time filming myself with iphone guys so excuse my clumsiness, haha.



21 responses to “For KSH: Marry Me? THE DANCE…by ME!!

  1. Looooove it! Of course i have seen it before. Lol.
    Theres really nothing you can’t do!
    Unnie, DAEBAK!!!!!!!!

    • haha…sorry that means you didn’t get any new content from me then…I just whoff down my food and now running to pick up ma-boy before it gets too late (almost 10pm yikes)…if I settle back home soon I might put up something that I’ve been meaning to ask everyone 😉

      …..and Kisohn….THERE IS A LOT OF THINGS THIS UNNIE CAN’T DO!!! lol, believe me! hahahaha

    • Uh… Oh… Someone got my first seat…
      Oh well~ just take care of your health dear… 😎 I don’t mind…. I’m serious…. Don’t mind at all LOL

  2. Too adorbs! Like I said before…you have CSY aura in this video! And kudos to you, Faye, for putting yourself out there. You’re one gutsy lady.

    • lol, I’m only gutsy lately for some unknown reason…must be too much craziness lovin going on for MLFAS, my mind is not processing things NORMMALLyyy, that’s probably why kikiki

      • Thinking of that unknown reason, my thought appear to be: ( could it be because of the Jsshen guy? the admiral head/ captain whoever he is, yeah… Yeah… It’s must be it. Otherwise my unnie is returning to her glorious teenage time again muawahaha)
        Wow wow do not hold your grudge against me okie if if has just spoken up your… Er… My mind. Ok hahaha too much trolling today, Yet I’m tapping my foot and wait for the big bang moment kaka. Don’t know if it’s going to happen tonight or not…. *sign*

        • you are trolling me! lol…captain admiral John? haha, he’s not on here and yet he’s been mentioned twice already. OTTOKE people, Just to clarify we’re just good friends ok?……..that happens to be married with tons of kids inside our writer’s mind ok? hehehehehe (John I dare double dare you to show your humorous self now…what? too busy you say? too shy you say? BALONEY! come out come out wherever you are! we need to fight off these byeontae girls together!)

          oh…and…uhhh, yeah not happening tonight…DMJ & CSY kidnapped me, they keep wanting me to write more and more about their sex life….virgins? VIRGINS MY A**! hahaa

          • Sawwry unnie, seemed like 2 ships have seen sailed. We, byeontae girls are very stubborn so… Umm one side’s denial does not work here. Yea, bring the boy in, use whatever seducing methods u have so I can hear his words and whatever he and you say *quote on quote*:
            You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. Er hem ☝️

            • haha, yes I tried to seduce him with byeontae Special Edition, lol….let’s see if he takes the bate! haha….omo, are you a lawyer?……… I under arrest?………who’s the officer?!?!! *let’s pray that he’s a cute one* 😀

              • Sawwry let me go back to the other reply of yours. I’m going to sleep now u better not troll me by posting the special byeontae edition when I’m asleep haha no fun no fun if ya do that. ;(( not tmr afternoon either let read it at midnight it’s the best time to activate our delulu mode kaka. Am I being to demanding?? Spare me people *puppy eyes*

  3. @Jade & @dmjcsy aww thanks guys! lol it’ll be much cutter with everyone else in it…I can’t wait to post up the final production when it’s out 😀

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