–UPDATE 6/3/14–

Here’s some new content for the Director’s Cut:  Note that I’m only sharing what I found, this is not from me…this content will be updated constantly whenever I find new pics, gifs, and videos 😉 so check back often for new content! UPDATE AGAIN: had to delete some pics with watermark of intoyou0508 to protect this individual from trouble, sorry guys. Again, you will see most pics here not tag or credit because I don’t want them to get in trouble if anything…these are NOT mine, I only collect them from different source:



You don’t want to miss this video if you are 2Hyun shippers, lol…this video have KSH confession on screen saying “Ji Hyun noona saranghanda” TWICE…and plenty of really great BTS moments! 🙂

here’s the direct link:


Here’s the script reading end scene where KSH said something that made JJH had this incredulous face and laughed at him, lol what funny thing did you say now KSH?:

Here’s a quick almost 6 minutes compliation of JJH & KSH great BTS scenes:

Here’s a clip on flipping the fish:

bts3 bts4 bts5 bts6 bts7 This is a cute 2 minutes or so clip of sick DMJ: Here’s an EXTREMELY CUTE couch kiss video! OMO, I can’t wait to get the DVD!: dvdcutscene dvdcut4 dvdcut2 dvdcut3 ———————————————————————– OMG just accidentally got wind of this new Director Cut DVD PREVIEW… you know I drool over anything new about this show? I do, I do!!!  I’m so excited I have to share….I HAVE TO SHARE HERE!!!! THERE!!! and EVERYWHERE!!!! (calm yourself, calm…let’s do some chant…ahhuummmm).  Ok, I’m fine now…I’m fine.  Enjoy guys! EDIT: Sorry for anyone who didn’t get to see it….the owner of this video had turn it private in less than 12 hours 😦 unfortunately…I’ll continue keeping an eye out to see if I can upload a new link….sorry guys.

Here’s a new link!!! hahaha….you can run but you can’t hide from me DVD PREVIEW!!!:


and some fun gifs taken from the clips….it went viral, very very fast! HAHAHA! update1 update4 update5

80 responses to “NEW CONTENT & Director’s Cut DVD PREVIEW!!!

  1. Just finished watching it on soompi, here I’m watching it for n th times to come!!! Argh… When is April 25th?? Pls come Pali Pali

    Ps: 1st place 👏

  2. unnie I dont know what’s happening to me, I keep replaying from 1:10 to 1:16 LOL. And while Im doing that im smiling like this ^________________^ omo! omo!

  3. i cant play the video :(( waeee.. is it protected by password or something dear..? HELP!! dying to watch this!

  4. Ayronics has a new link on her blog. I saw it there. I was too late for the youtube upload. The video was already made private 😦

  5. this is what is written there :An error occured: ‘this.detectWidthBreakpoint’ is not a function at undefined line undefined

  6. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i see news of our otp without your help!!thank you!!!!!!

    • i’ve been looking at that particular juicy clip for like ummm…unknown amount of time, lol….his throat, his cheeks….gave him away….he’s sucking at her lips like no tomorrow (last time I check most on screen kisses does not require sucking)

      • Unnie, I want to reply to your post with my observations again. ^_^. But i wonder should I post it a QUEST on soompi thread!? Haha, just like the cheesy line one. ^_^.

        But if put it there, could it in anyway affects him/them?

        • nahh….lol, there’s worst posts….and it’s just our opinion….lol or maybe he’s just a really, really good actor (yeah, right! haha)

  7. Tsk tsk tsk… (The kiss) it’s not what it looks like he says, the actors didn’t have to work much (kiss passionately) like showed on TV he says, only the director and editors did the work (kissing angle) he says… Tsk…tsk… What a KING of DENIAL, I say!

    • lol….yeah…look at that sucking….camera’s can’t do the sucking for him….that epic sucking really did me in, lol hahahaha I’m so…hahha that’s what no man for 3 years will do to ya.

  8. Sister, give me your password!!! I updated the page all day. I said I was patient – I lied – it is not so …… I can not wait 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Huhuhuhu am I being excluded from reading the special byeontae edition🙀??? No email, no password from ya??? Am I bring trolled??? Am I being to naughty??? I promise to be a well-nice-behave-byeontae , please dont toy with my fragile heart, my dear writer nim, please please please 😭🙏🙇

  10. authornim what happen???
    am i being excluded from reading the special byeontae edition???
    when i checked my email there’s no mail from you, no email and no password huhu
    am i not being good??
    please authornim, don’t excluded me juseyooooooo T_____T

  11. I like the fourth gif the most, when she playfully pushed him to the wall. Whenever looking at that pic, I can’t help myself giggling like an idiot.
    Am I the only one see him giggle after that push?

      • Whenever she smiles, he smiles. Whenever she laughs, he laughs as well and vice versa. With her laughter like that, I’m sure he didn’t just giggle but LOL.

  12. how much is that dvd of directors cut cost?
    i really want 2 buy it,but if it’s too expensive i dn’t think i’ll be able 2 buy it T___T

    • lol, it’s really expensive…I’ve never bought something so expensive (oh wait I didn’t buy it, I have others buy it for me for my early B-Day gift! haha)….it’s around $179 and up…depending on what site you buy from and what it includes.

    • just wait for people to share it online…I actually want it as a collection since it’s the FIRST show I’m so obsessed with, lol…but you can get practically anything online 😉

  13. Hi I’m Laura. I am that I can with my life. I laugh like a crazy with images of this series. I’m looking forward the videos when they can upload it without having problems. Thanks for all your effort, you make happy to others.

    • Hi and welcome Laura, lol…it is very funny yes? I’m glad you’re enjoying it 😀 I’ll post what I can and what I can find to share with you guys, no worries…

      • Safiresea OK and wait with eager your stories that I love. And one thing I am Laura from Spain 😉.

  14. I hope there’s season 2 of this movie, i’ve watch a lot of korean movie but this movie is amazing compared to the movie hat i’ve watch before . two thumbs up for this movie 🙂
    soo i’ve been waiting for the second season 🙂
    and I hope the part two of this movie will be realise because their’s a billion’s of viewers been waiting for the part two of My Love from the Star 🙂
    we’ve been waiting the script 🙂

  15. i smiled at that gif of bts sofa kiss sene.. omg she’s kissing him back and he’s smile over nooona smooch kiss kkk
    love it love it

  16. Thanks Faye…you are forever awesome…every single one of the those clips were cracking up the sides of my lips….from too much toothy smiles !!

    • hahahha…I know it’s real cute and funny right? when I watch CFs and BTS and such…I find that when it’s on others actors its kinda boring? but when it’s those two somehow things get more lively and fun (well KSH sometimes carry it all on his own cuz he’s a goofball naturally like that)

  17. hi there! could you be generous enough to send me the password for your fan fic… please….. tnx in advance and i enjoyed reading all your posts

    • lol…well I’m glad it’s a good thing. The first step is to admit that you have an addiction, so congrats jaimex! 😉 you’re halfway cured…….I think.

  18. Wooow thanxx alot you are the best <3333

    Saraneh chincha do min jon & choun song yi 😦 <3333

    • oh wow! Thanks for sharing CeRam24…I have a post that I post the full video but I don’t think it has a complete set and may missed certain parts…I’ll add this to that post if you don’t mind 🙂 thanks again!

      • Wahhhh im here again,, yes the chemistry is superb… Wahh i love the way KSH kiss JJH the lip bite wahhh i gonna die

    • It’s been out for a while, lol, where have you been vanman….that’s why I was able to write my reviews of it cuz I got my set 2-3 weeks ago. Granted I pre-order it so I got it sooner than most people….ummm….you should sit down before you read about the price………
      It’s roughly about $179 (and it doesn’t work in US unless you have a region-free DVD player or able to change your region on your DVD)…….but I think it’s still in the “special” category including other things not just the disc…if you want, wait longer until it come out with just the DVD? perhaps it’ll be cheaper then. I got mine at there’s a few other sites too I think but can’t think of the name right now.

  19. Hi, does anyone with the Director Cut DVD knows if the frozen lake BTS is also included? Thanks!

    • yes, the frozen lake is in the Making DVD…not the kissing part though, just the part where they play in the snow…….oh wait, that’s more of when DMJ is dreaming isn’t it…so I guess the answer should be no, there is no BTS for the Frozen Kiss scene but Frozen play scenes BTS is a YES!

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