1st Poll: Casting The Cameo Of “Unknown Male Alien”


Hello Chingu!  This is the first time the site is open for interaction! YAH!!! hopefully there’s more new and interesting stuff to come from my ever crazy mind, lol…

So lately, I’m tired of calling the other male alien “Unknown Male Alien” it’s long and lengthy…it’s about time he showed himself too…and get more screen time with not only Ahnya but DMJ as well.  So, what better way to get MORE, MORE eye candy then casting a cameo for this role.  THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!

I created a poll for you guys to pick out the one you want to play in this role.  I must apologize first as I know a lot of the more “popular” male was not casted because, well…too obvious I think.  Besides, there’s a specific look I’m going for.  This person looks like a flower boy but also looks “mature” enough to be carrying a higher status than KSH & SHK and make it seem believable.

After picking out the males (there’s 7 total) I realize that 6 of them seem to be paired up with similar names….lol, how did that happen?!?!  kikiki try not to get confused ok?  I put up a picture of them and quick bio if you don’t know who they are….And they are in order of the poll so makes it easier for you 😉

EDIT: some of you might over think too much and wonder what his role is…it’s the same as it’s been, and he’s not that important, hence “cameo”.  And no, he’s not evil (DMJ’s people don’t really have evil in them, lol)…he doesn’t interfere too much with either SY or MJ/Kisohn or involved with anyone else.  He’s just one of the higher rank that Ahnya report to.  I just wanted a name and face to him since he may appear a few more times.



KIM BUM: you might have seen him in Boys Over Flower, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, Padam Padam, That Winter The Wind Blows………cute as a button but I could see him do serious intellect very well.

kim bum



JOONG KI: you might have seen him in A Werewolf Boy, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Deep Rooted Tree, The Innocent Man, Running Man……….adorable with a certain rough manly appeal I could see him being alien-like.

joong ki



HYUN JOONG: you might have seen him in Boys Over Flower, Playful Kiss, Inspiring Generation, We Got Married, Running Man….his beautiful face couple with that gentle soulful eyes makes him great alien material.

hyun joong



IL WOO: you might have seen him in The Return of Iljimae, My Fair Lady, 49 Days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Moon Embracing The Sun, Golden Rainbow……oh lord I didn’t know he had worked with KSH before, lol, not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I just love his facial feature, he was great in 49 days as the reaper and I think he could do a great alien 😉

il woo



JUN KI (Joon-Gi): you might have seen him in My Girl, Iljimae, Arang and the Magistrate, Two Weeks, The King and the Clown…….this guy scream alien just by looking at his facial feature…it’s so darn unique!

jun ki



MIN WOO: you might have seen him in Pasta, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Full House Take 2, Monstar, The Blade and Petal, God’s Gift-14 Days…….not as popular but I’ve seen him around the block, usually in smaller roles but he does have that sharp yet boyish look, I think he can do alien (he did a fable character pretty well in Gumiho)

min woo



JAE JOONG: most well known for being a member of the Korean pop group JYJ but you might have seen him in Protect The Boss, Time Slip Dr. Jin, Heaven’s Postman……..well, look at that hotness, how could I not include him? that flower-boy face, that brooding poutyness could fit well with the alien character.

jae joong





42 responses to “1st Poll: Casting The Cameo Of “Unknown Male Alien”

  1. will he be a bad guy who will try hard to separate them? or will he fall for song yi? what kind of plan do you have for him? some spoiler? godness you choose some hottie! 😉

    • yeah…yummy yum hottie 😉 no his role remain the same, and not so important that’s why I call it cameo. I have updated the post to clarify so you guys have a little better understanding of his part 😉

  2. Joongki is one of my favorite actors ever since Nice Guy, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the Werewolf Boy but it just seems his pure/youthful/player image doesn’t emit the alien aura that I’m looking for. So, I have a higher reference for Min Woo especially after the charming/ sexily evil character that he portrayed in My Girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox. If he can carry that image over it’d worth watching. Nonetheless, I’m not quite sure the role of this unknown alien in this story so… Just my own option here: Since the death of our evil JK, this show has been missing its necessary evil character so maybe it’s a good change to throw a bad player in for the fun? Well, it’s just my 2 cents dear writer nim. 😁

    • lol I could say the same about KSH…he’s boyish and playful…but look how he charm us as the stuffy alien 😉 but yes Joong Ki compare to others on here maybe not so much alien material but possible, I could see it 😀 …just want to give you guys some good choices. The alien role pretty much remain the same, I edit the post to clarify this.
      As for evil character…when I started writing I didn’t think the 2nd season should have a majority time devoted to an evil character as it already went down that road in season 1…well maybe if I had more time to write more scenes and more plots then perhaps….but as it is right now I’m hoping to end this around season 40-42, sticking with 3-5 scenes each episodes….there’s plenty to write already kikikiki
      ………………..and who said JK is gone for good? who? (certainly not I) lol

      • Ack I did overthink too much about this so called “cameo” role😅. Well… Yea…like you said probably we have had enough with the evilness going on in the 1st season so after I reviewed of what’s been going, I do agree with you that things are already complicated to enough so no need to add on another evil character to over complicate the story line…

        ok so ending my point here with the “cameo” role, since it’s not important, then whoever plays it wouldn’t be a problem as long as he is mature and pretty enough to make the girls go wild… Haiz~ why do I only picture some kind of “ajushii” image after you give us more description about that unknown alien guy😂?!

        Wuh what? You actually let me know when this season two will end? 40-42? Only around 10 ep more? I already have a mixed feeling here…. i guess every party has its end so this is no exception 😢. But I can see myself become a wanderer after that…. Like a ghost… Haha…. ;(((

        Ok, another point to ask here. Let me quote you this “and who said JK is gone for good? who? (certainly not I) ” what is this writer nim?

        • in a word yes…it doesn’t matter so much who play it but I just thought you guys as readers should have a chance to pick out the guy……beside, it’s too tough a choice for me so I hand over the responsibilities to someone else HAHAHAHA

          lol, well, about 20 episodes is what the original have soooo mine is around 20 episodes as well, make sense…..but yes, I do wonder what will you guys do when it’s finish….is my inbox gonna be flooded with tears and begging for more?!?!! OMO, I better prepare myself to be strong when the day comes! But yes, all good things must come to an end. On the bright side I’ll still continue updating new stuff about our shows and good for me because then I can seriously look into writing something of my own….that way I can MAYBE actually make some money with the time and energy I put in….maybe an ebook, or publishing….something of that sort, HAHAHA, lol I think you guys are really getting to my ego…I really should take some REAL courses in writing before trying to REALLY write for real real. I have no official training or studies what so ever 😦

          ………..that my dear is what we writer called “a twist” and in my case “a trump card” ……..*spoiler alert*………………………..
          (…and the main reason why they separate, whhhawwwhahahha *insert evil laugh*)

          • I wish u all the best and always support you,my writer nim.
            About that “un reveal spoiler” of your I kinda, yea kinda see what will happen there. Let’s wait and see hehehehe

            Ps: good news I’ve finished another DMJ. CSY is still in working progress hopefully she’ll be done today afternoon. If u want to take a sneak peek on my new eggy MJ, check your inbox dear 😘

            • omo….I got it!!! my email sucks though so i can’t write back ugh have to figure what the heck happen to the email….anyways AWESOME!!! those are some cool props you got there! lol I’m not as cool as you…send me some more of different angles if you have it, if not I’ll just combine the two scenes 😉

              them paparazzi are GOOODDD!!!

              • more angles…ugh the pain…. I have just sent u more angles. But I guess I didn’t take as many good angles as yours so is think we are even haha. Anyhow MJ gets annoyed already since I made him posing too much today kakaka. Today I can experience how u felt on the release date of the 2nd byeontae edition haha too tired to judge my work anymore. Working under pressure of deadline is no joke, I better get start on the next project soon😰

  3. I do love joong ki… but tbh i prefer ill woo to portrays this sexy hot aliens,, ill woo is mature and something in his eyes can be so mysterious.. i supposed this hot aliens should be mysterious enough… besides ksh and ill woo has been collaborating together in TMETS.. and they built such a good chemy on it…
    Sorry for my poor english..

    • yes, ill woo does have that far away look sometimes, I didn’t see TMETS yet so don’t know on their chemistry I’ll take your word on it….as far as voting more than one? I think you can using different platform (ie: computer, ipad, phone) because it’s different IP? 🙂 …..yeah, I know it’s a tough choice.

  4. right i made a mistake sorry,anyway i voted jun ki, i don’t know i just think it will be interesting see him as an alien 😉

  5. Can i ask you one thing? some spoiler will there be a time that someone fall for song yi and make min joon jealous something like that? just curious

    • good choice for jun ki 🙂 he looks very alien like right?
      as far as someone falling for Song Yi, short answer no….long answer: SY current is prego so not really (besides HK lingering feelings that is) but SY alternate…she’s married to HK and….well, now that’s another story to come 😉

    • there was a time I didn’t even know who KSH was, didn’t even think he was all that after I saw him…then MLFAS finish and now I don’t see any man beside him…hahhahahaha I’m being too bias huh? I’m gradually weeing off….well, looking at these other hotness here helped greatly 😉

      • For me that time was when KSH starring Dream High n there’s uri cute n gentleman Taecyeon beside him.. My eyes just for Taec in that time.. But now..there’s no one else but KSH!! No one after him..

        • I only watched DH specifically for KSH when I was waiting for new episodes to come out for MLFAS, lol…so I love him from the start in DH (even though I tried to watch DH 6 months earlier but never got passed episode 2, haha the power of KSH!)

          • Akakakka.. The Power of KSH!! Hmm it makes me want to watch DH again.. My eyesight must be different now..! You know unnie, when it’s blackout here I just think that it’s because of DMJ power’s leak or him somewhere in condition can’t handle his power.. Kikiki.. MLFAS daebak!!

            • *giggle* yes…I don’t think I’ll ever think of a blackout and weather turbulence the same way again…in the back of my head I’ll be thinking DMJ or some alien somewhere is doing it…kekekeke

  6. ARGH! This is so hard! There’s like Joong Ki, Jun Ki and Il Woo here. So many favourites. I love them all! Okay, okay, I’ll just choose one then. Hrmm… who to choose? Eeny meeny miny mo. Lol, no. I choose Il Woo ’cause I think I want a sexy alien. He gives me that kind of vibe especially after his kiss in FBRS. My friends and I was screaming so loud because boy, that guy is one good kisser! I better stop here. I feel my fangirl self is surfacing…

    • haha, that’s why I pass the job down to you guys 😉 Il Woo….nice choice…..although what’s his kissing gotta do with it? kikiki it’s not like this alien will lock lips with anyone hahahaha

  7. Voted for kim bum done!! I think ilwoo is great too, but I just can’t imagine KSH meets him again without call him “hyungnim” . LOL. Btw is there anyone here think that MLFAS actually TMTETS 2nd season?? Since both of them have maximum awesomeness and have uri KSH in it!! It isnt just me right? Right??

    • …WOW…another character handle….so we have here Kisohn and Ahnya hahahha…you guys are great. Well, it’s nice of you to join us Ahnya 😉
      Can’t go wrong with Kim Bum hotness cutie overload. Well, I can’t say as I haven’t watch TMTETS but planning to maybe 6 months from now, lol…I want to see KSH and I’m sure the show is great but I’m not ready to see him with another woman and also Han Ga big eyes kinda scaring me hihi

      • Hahaha.. So much fun to join here, unnie..!! Well.. You must, no, definitely MUST watch TMTETS! If you that scary, just imagine that TMTETS is MLFAS 1st season or it’s the story when DMJ at Joseon era n Ga In as his 1st love before meet CSY.. Then it’ll be more easy for you to enjoy it I think.. 😀

        • I wish I had watch it BEFORE MLFAS… 😦 now everything is gonna pale in comparison and spoiled it for me….so that’s why I probably won’t watch anything for a few more months. Don’t worry TMTET is on my to watch list along with 50+ other dramas….but all of them is gonna have to wait….NOOOOO…the HORROR!!! no ONE EVER FOR DMJ but CSY, lol.

          • Me toooo.. Really hard to start watch other dramas now. >.<
            Kekeke.. Okok.. Stay calm, unnie..! Just continue the continuum then 😀 love you! *smooch*

          • Unnie, open your heart. Someone (another great drama) will come. Someone ( another great drama… Er uhm I hate repetition … Ok… Let’s replace that phrase by “THE 2ND SEASON OF MLFAS WRITTEN BY YOU) will come for you. But first you must open your heart. 😌👐🔑💗

            • kakakakaka…..YAEAH….I’ll only open my heart for another MLFAS, with our two OTP 😉 …….otherwise *shut door to heart* shoo, shoo other dramas shoo, go away!!!

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