My Love From Another Star – Episode 30


Previous Preview: After sharing their first kiss, HK now have to deal with an unconscious Ahnya along with his new inner turmoil. The first year of MJ’s past in the alternate world has resurrected itself in his mind as he continues secretly reading more and more of SY’s letters. MJ finally broke his silence and seek out Ahnya for an explanation as he’s getting deeply frustrated and perplex at his own impending problems.

Scenes 1-4: Year One In Alternate World

MJ looked up Lawyer Jang but there was no one by that name.  It seems, SY is not the only one here he wasn’t able to save.  Now he feels truly alone.  He misses SY, his SY, so much.

[camera follow MJ as he apply to become an ancient artifacts curator, settling in, getting apartment, eating alone….again.]

[camera follow SY at her house, she’s cooking and staring into space.  HK came home from work and hug her from behind, she smiled and moved slightly away doing something else.
Camera pan to different scene: SY sitting at black piano, hitting the notes over and over, a pencil in her hand, she’s staring off into space.  The music is muted as the camera show HK in bed alone looking sad and frustrated staring at the clock, it’s 12:32am.
Camera pan to different scene: SY is staring out the window and at the night sky as the music and noises of people chatting and laughing echoes behind her.  HK is talking and laughing with his mother about something then look over at his wife’s back with concern, drank the rest if his wine…turn around and pretend to smile at someone to his right as they say something to him]


MJ couldn’t understand why he feels so recharged but it seems he’s fully healed of whatever that was ailing him before.  In fact, his power seems to have a boost up somehow.  These days, nothing occupied his mind more than the thought of getting back to SY.

[camera following MJ researching in library, attending lectures about theories of the universe, practicing at home to teleport, getting stronger but still failing each time.]

If what he believe is correct then time should be linear in both world, calculating on how everyone’s age seems to be the same comparable to one another…if that is so then he’s been gone from the other world for nearly 3 months now.  It is almost time for their 100 days anniversary.  He have to try harder….he had promised SY, he’s not about to go back on his promise.

That day came and all his hard work was rewarded!  Although it was only a split second it had made him so happy….and so sad, just looking at her makes him feel alive with excitement again.  That night he couldn’t sleep…and he started having strange, desperate thoughts.

MJ started following SY the next day.  He reason with himself that if he see this SY more it will motivate him to work even harder to get back to SY back home…he just wanted to see her face, be motivated by that face.  So he follows her around from afar.  He observed her when she’s having lunch with her friends, she seems warm and bubbly.  He observed her when she went to her studio, apparently in this world his SY is a renown pianist that composes her own music.  He stare at her longer, SY looks serene when she’s playing…she also look deeply lonely.  He followed her to some sort of amputee hospital ward, apparently she’s a regular volunteer there.  MJ look at her reading stories to a group of kids missing arms an legs, she’s the most animated he had seen her.  Her laughter was different from his SY, hers was softer and lighter…more fragile, like the sound of her music.  MJ felt irritated….no doubt, this has something to do with her prosthetic leg husband.  He decided not to follow her here anymore.


SY is washing dishes but her mind is not in the task at hand, her eyes far away as she rub and rub the cup over and over.  A pair of arms envelope around her tightly and hugs her from behind.  SY look down at the arms and smiled.

SM: what were you thinking of just now, hmm?

SY: nothing that you should be concern of.

SM: (squeeze SY then put her chin on SY shoulder) you know we are like sisters right? You can confide in me about anything.  Did Hwi Kyung did something to make you mad? Just tell me and I’ll kick his butt for you.

SY: (laughs) even if he’s the one that sends you over?

SM: (hides her head on SY shoulder) I’m caught.  How did you know?

SY: how long have I known Hwi Kyung? And how long have I known you?

A male’s arms wrapped around both SM and SY from behind.

YJ: What’s my two favorite girls in the world discussing about now?  Can I butt in?

SM: (giggled, turn around and push him away) go away Yoon Jae, you’re interrupting me having a serious chat with your sister.

YJ: (putting his hands to his heart, his eyes puppy-like) sweetheart, the only actress in my heart, how could you say that to me? Did you forget that I’m the love of your life? (Pulls her in as she leans away from him)

SM: ha!…when did I say that huh?  Maybe I was just practicing my script.

YJ: (He looks over at SY) my future wife seems to have bad memory, excuse me while I remind her of last night…come here you little minx, he tried to kiss her but she duct, continue laughing.

SM: stop, STOP! (laughs uncontrollably) your sister is right there!

YJ: I don’t care, she’s married.  Come here, what did you said to me when you kiss me last night? Ahh…you said…

SM covered her ears laughing and running away as YJ ran after her, both of their laughter echo all through the house.

SY turn back to her dishes, her smile starting to disappear.  Was there ever a time she was that care free and happy?  She don’t recall.  As she picked up the dishes and started to rub, her mind wonders off again.  These days it’s all she could think about…that man who saved her over four months ago.  Since that day he’d never left her mind.  She hasn’t seen him since but just from that one meeting and his face seems to engraved itself into her mind.  She could see his feature as sharp as it was like it had only been yesterday that they’ve met….he’s haunting her now, day and night.  Why is this happening to her? Why is she like this?  It’s starting to cause a rift in her relationship with her husband but she couldn’t seem to fix herself.  Is this what poets write about being love sick? Is she in love?  Is this love at first sight?…if only she could see him again to confirm…her mind drift off again as it unknowingly called out his name over and over again in her head.  “Kisohn” “Kisohn” “Kisohn”….


MJ woke up smiling happily and then sat up abruptly in shock and horror.  Ever since he left SY he took solace in at least meeting her every night in his dreams.  Just now he was holding her at the beach talking about their future again. He leaned in to kiss her and as he pulled away and look at her, in SY’s place was SY here….the SY that’s married to HK.  She touches his face and said “Kisohn, my Kisohn…I love you Kisohn”….and in his dream, he felt an overwhelming love back for her, he had smiled and lean in to kiss her.

Now, he just felt all kinds of guilty.  Had he been watching SY too much? Too closely? Perhaps he should stop….he must stop.

Three days, 12 hours, and 37 minutes.  MJ turned away from the clock.  Her concert is tonight.  He’s not going to see her.  He’s not.  He looks at the ticket he went through so much trouble to purchased ten days ago…then walked out of his office.

MJ: (knock on his coworker’s door) um…are you interested in the concert “Transcending Stardust”?

Coworker: (look around then point at himself) are you talking to me? Kisohn…right? I don’t think we’ve ever talked before. (MJ looks uncomfortable)…er…I haven’t seen you around much at all, you always worked away from the office…surprising to see you a lot in the past three days.

MJ: (hold up the ticket) no then?

Coworker: wait! Wait! Do you mean the one tonight?  Isn’t that by what’s her name…(making faces trying to remember) the wife to…

MJ: Song Yi.

Coworker: right! Right! ….isn’t it a really exclusive concert?  I heard it’s pretty hard to get a ticket…how did you?….( MJ turned away from the door about to walk away) ….wait! Wait…(the man stood up quickly and ran to the door, snatching the ticket from MJ’s hand and gave MJ a sly grin) this is free right? I can just take it?

MJ stare at him without much feeling nor reply, then walked away.  The man looked at his receding back, shrug his shoulder and walk back to his office, grinning to himself and doing a silly little dance, then kiss the ticket.


SY stood up from the bench and bow down to the audience, now giving her a standing ovation.  She went over to the mic:

SY: I hope everyone enjoy my new collection “Transcending Stardust”…please continue your support of me as I strive to become even more polished next time.
In closing I just want to mention quickly that these songs that I recently compose is dedicated to a mysterious savior I was lucky enough to meet.  I hope to cross path with him again someday to fully express my thankfulness. (bows down and walk off stage as the crowd clapped harder)

SY: come in (to the knock at the door) …what is it Yi Ji? (Looking at the bouquet of red roses).

Assistant: I believe this is from your husband, he’s busy out working again huh?

SY: it’s ok I’m used to it.  He would have been here if he could. (She accepted the flower and sniff at it…red roses, after all these years knowing each other, her husband still buy her red roses…even though it’s not her favorite color.

Male assistant: unni, I have some flowers to deliver to you, (usher in his assistants carrying flowers) these are from your family, your in laws, your best friend…there’s one that doesn’t have a name…maybe it’s from your husband?

SY: no, I just got one from my husband…let me see that one (She pointed at a small bouquet but simply stunning in its elegance.  She smiled happily at it as he hand it to her) wow, it’s beautiful…I haven’t seen these particular white lilies in a long while.  I wonder where they come from and who sent them. (All her assistant look at each other, shrug, and shuffle out the room).

SY plan to come out and mingle with her guests for a few minutes before returning home…she dislikes social events, especially one centered around her.  She smiled, she shook hands, she bowed, say a few words…then an over excited, bubbly man came grabbing her hand.

Man: wow! This is my first time seeing you so up close I’m such a big fan of your music but was never able to go to any of your concert…just amazing work…(she smiled and bow, trying to take her hand back but he had it in such a death grip.  Finally he let her hand go to point at someone behind them).  So he is here!  I knew I didn’t see wrong! (She turns around to look but didn’t see anyone out of the ordinary)

SY: I’m sorry, who are you talking about?

Man: oh, nothing important I just thought I spotted a colleague of mine, he gave me this ticket that’s why I am able to see you.  But….I guess he must have 2, he’s a strange one that kid.

SY: kid?

Man: oh I don’t mean a real kid…ah, he’s young, maybe in his early twenties? But have an impressive range of knowledge on ancient artifacts (scratch his head) it still boggles my mind sometimes.

SY: ohhh (she’s angling away ready to take her leave)

Man: (laughs) on top of that he have a strange name to go with his strange background and behavior. (she look at him curiously) Kisohn…what kind of name is that? And no last name, just… (She grab him so fast he was a little startled)

SY: where did you say you work at again?

Man: I didn’t…but if you like here’s my card (she snatched it up quickly)

SY: you say he’s here? Where did you see him?

Man: he was a few feet behind you last time, then he just…disappears…maybe he went out the door? (She rushes out without saying another word)

In her hurry to find Kisohn, she tripped on the trail of her dress going down the few stair steps leading to the outside ground.  She’s about to fall face down on the concrete floor when an arm steady her.

SY: thank yo…(she look up into the face and eyes of the man that’s been haunting her dreams day and night.  She had hope for this moment so often but now that it happen she didn’t know what to say.  She’s again, awestruck by the sight of him)

MJ: are you ok? (They straighten up together)

SY: I’m fine, thanks so much to you…you saved me…yet again. I wouldn’t die this time (she laughs nervously) but it would have been really embarrassing.

…for the second time you saved me again…you held me again, but this time it’s different.  I felt all kinds of turmoil seeing you again, how often did I dream of this moment? Only hundreds and hundreds of times in the last few months.  I wonder if you can hear my heartbeat racing to be next to you?  When you take your arms away from me I feel so empty…I almost wept like a child…I realize then how much I’ve missed you.  But when I’ve composed myself and look up, you were gone.  I was left with nothing but a desperate mind, wondering if I had dreamed up everything.  I wanted to ask if you had send me that beautiful lilies bouquet but you were gone.  Somehow deep, deep down in the depth of my bones I know that you’re the one that send me those flowers.  But…I can’t help wonder if I have finally gone off the deep end?  Am I dreaming up all this in my head? Are you real? I raise my hand, still holding the business card…only one way to find out…

MJ sigh sadly.  He remember that day, he had to leave immediately.  It’s not like him to act so rashly…following her when he told himself not to anymore, sending her flowers that he have no right to give, lingering around her when he should have left.  And when he caught her in his arms…he felt a deep longing to steal her away, away from everyone and everything.  Only when he disappeared from her that he apprehends the magnitude of betrayal his feelings had caused.  SY here belong to someone else, she’s someone else, she’s a married woman….he have his own woman, a woman waiting for him with tears and heartbreak in her eyes…in another world. There is no room here for him and this SY…he have to remember that, he have to!

MJ put the letter on the table, his hand on his forehead, trying to rub away the ache.

SY: Min Joon what are you doing up so late, come to bed.

MJ: (quickly move things around his desk to cover the letter. He was so engrossed in thoughts he didn’t realize SY had enter the office) I’ll be there shortly, I just have some things left to work on.

SY: what’s going on? You’ve been acting kind of strange lately.

MJ: No… (SY wait for him to say more but he didn’t)

SY: ok, don’t stay up too late (she walked out the door and closed it behind her.  She glances back at the closed door.  Something is definitely not right.  MJ hadn’t been this curt to her in a long time.  She felt a kick in her stomach and rub it) don’t worry Jin Sunhee, we’re going to figure out what’s bothering your appa.

Scene 9: The Confrontation of HK’s Kisses

HK sat on the bed staring down at the unconscious Ahnya.  What have they just done?  His finger came up to touch his lips as his eyes gloss over again thinking about the kiss…the kiss that had him…he slap himself across the face.  Wake up.  He needs to wake up!

HK look down at Ahnya again, trying not to glance at her rose petal lips.  What should he do now? She said no doctors no matter what, had teleported them home to her room saying something about getting something for her ailment but had since passed out on him without saying what or where it is.  He had no idea what to do. She’s looking so deathly pale, he’s starting to feel extremely uneasy.  HK touch her forehead, her skin is on fire. She needs to cool down.  He needs ice.  He stood up and pace some more, how is he to get ice at this hour without waking everyone up? He looked over at Ahnya a bit longer and made his decision.  Quickly he step outside, look around, and tried to quietly walk downstairs.  He walk around the kitchen looking for some items he needed…finding a bowl and towels in the dark is much harder than he had hoped.

YJ yawned and walk sleepily towards the kitchen for some water, then saw a man’s shadow lurking around the kitchen counters.  How dare an intruder choose this house to rob?!!?  He’s not even going to bother MJ, he’s going to deal with this bastard himself.  YJ grabbed an umbrella nearby and walked quietly towards the intruder.  Then he attacked, whacking him in the shoulders and back.

HK: Oww, ow, what the!!! Who is it? Stop it it’s me! It’s me Hwi Kyung!

YJ: (stopped his attack and turned on the light) what the heck are you doing here in the middle of the night?!? (Feet can be heard running towards them.  MJ and SY’s faces appeared along with Fate, barking in excitement)

MJ: what’s going on here?

SY: what are you doing here Hwi Kyung? How did you even get in? (All three of them looking at him expectantly waiting for his answer.  HK put the towel he found on the counter twisting his head with perplexity.  Fate kept barking which irritated everyone more)

SY: Fate! Stop, go back to your bed…now! Go! (whines but hesitantly left)

HK: you see…(he stare at their faces) it’s like this…(he inhaled a deep breath) I needed some things in the kitchen, like a towel and bowl, and I think I need ice, lots of ice…I had to come down to get it because I don’t know what else to do, she said no hospital and I…

YJ: who’s she?

HK: Ahnya.

MJ: what? What’s wrong with her? (He looked upstairs and disappears. HK tried to raise an arm out to stop MJ but failed, now could only put his hand over his face in frustration an embarrassment.  When he took his hand down and looked up YJ face is inches from his)

YJ: why are you mentioning Ahnya?  Were you guys together?  What happen to her?  What did you do to her?

SY: (pulled YJ back and glancing pointedly at HK) YJ go back to bed.

YJ: the hell I am.

MJ: (appeared in front of them again and stare surprisingly and directly at HK) why did you kiss her?

HK: (making indignant and sputtering sounds) how did you even know I did such a thing…


HK: I never said I did such a thing!

SY: Hwi Kyung?

MJ: you don’t have to say anything…this is what happened when I first kiss SY so I know the symptom well.  Again, why did you kiss her? (both MJ and YJ started advancing towards HK as he stagger backward).

SY: (feeling bad for HK and responsible for this mess she took a step in between HK and the other two men) it’s not his fault…it’s mine. (Now she gained the death stare from both men)

MJ: what did you do now, wife?

SY: I…I ask Hwi Kyung to help me…to help me seduce Ahnya…

MJ: WHAT?!?  YJ: WHAT?!? (MJ & YJ said together)

SY: (look sheepishly to the floor) that was a while back, I just wanted him to figure out her secret weakness…in case I needed it… I kinda forgot about it after a while and didn’t realize HK is still working at it.  (turn to look at HK) I’m sorry Hwi Kyung for putting you in such a mess.

HK: forget about all this for now.  Min Joon, you said you know her ailment…so is she gonna be ok?  I honestly didn’t know this was going to happen if we….I wouldn’t have…but she said she was going to be just fine if she gets home and take something she brought along with her…

MJ: I’ll be right back (he disappear again)

YJ gave both HK and SY a disgusted look and storm back to his room. Alone at last SY pat HK on the shoulder.

SY: Sorry you had to go through all this. (Then pull in closer to HK and whisper) so did you find out anything good? (HK shook his head). Anything at all? (HK continue shaking his head)….hmm all this and nothing huh? She’s a tough one to crack.

MJ: (reappear again in front of them) what are you doing? (SY push herself away from HK.  MJ continue glaring at HK) You should leave now.

HK: Ahnya…

MJ: she’s going to be fine, I gave her the medicine she needed.

HK: but how did you know…

MJ: we are of the same kind…I don’t need her body to be conscious to speak with her.

HK: I see…well, I guess I should be off….uhhh, wait I don’t have my car here.

MJ: I’ll call you a taxi (HK nods his head in agreement)

SY: don’t be silly.  You know what time it is? Hwi Kyung-ah just stay for the night, there’s only a few hours left anyways…then you can call your driver over tomorrow. (HK put both his hands on her shoulder and smiled at her)

HK: hmm…we’ll do what Song Yi wants (they both smiled at each other…MJ continue staring at them seething from the inside out.  He came over and pulls SY closer to him and away from HK)

MJ: you can take the couch (he turns around and led his wife away and back to their own room)

–the next morning–

There’s a loud knocking at the door.  HK kept turning around in the couch but did not wake up.  The knocking continues and YJ opens the door.

SM: why are you all dressed to go out so early on a Sunday morning?

YJ: why are you here so early on a Sunday morning?

SM: ya! I ask you first…and I’m still your noona ah? Would it kill you to show some respect to me? (he rolled his eyes and sigh heavily)

YJ: again, why are you here?

SM: Song Yi text me early this morning about HK being here…

YJ: what are you guys…the three musketeers?  Aren’t you too old to be playing this game?

SM: (flabbergasted and affronted) Old?!?! Ya! What do you kids know these days about adult stuff anyways…go…go play with your telescope toy or something….god what did you eat this morning that you’re extra mean ha? (YJ continue glaring at her then lean in)

YJ: it can’t be helped I only act like this with flaky people…

SM: YA! WHAT DO YOU MEAN FLAKY!?!? (YJ grin sarcastically at her, pulled the door out wider, left, and shut the door behind him. SM stood rooted in dumbfoundedness…how could this boy always seems to know what to say to make her…speechless with anger?

Scene 17: MJ Seeking Ahnya For The Full Story

MJ: I need to talk to you (to Ahnya: they disappear from the house to an unknown field)

Ahnya: what do you want to talk about…if it’s about Hwi Kyung…

MJ: no, that’s your business…you deal with it however you want.  I wanted to ask you about something that’s been on my mind ever since you arrived (she tilt her head in his direction with full attention). I need to know everything.

Ahnya: Everything? (sigh and breathe in deeply) what is everything? Even I don’t know everything…

MJ: don’t give me that round about answer, you know what I’m talking about.  Why did you really come here? How did you know about “the other woman”? who else knows about her?  I kept myself from discussing this with you because I thought I could solve this on my own.  But, now I have to admit…that I’m the one with the least control here.  I need to comprehend as much of what you know as I can so I can better understand what’s happening here. (Ahnya continue staring at him without saying anything)

Ahnya: I can tell you what I know…what they know…and what I can deduct and theorize. But I hope you’re ready for the answers that you’re asking about. (he nods his head resolutely)

Ahnya: We waited for a long time, 10 years to be exact, to find our way back to this planet.  That day, we came here to pick you up but we were a few seconds too late, you were already being pulled away from us.  We were puzzled at first, not sure what was happening…you remember though that all of us has an ingrain tracking device embedded in our DNA right?  Well, to make it short, we made use of it and that’s how they found you…and found out about the wormhole that had sucked you in and spit you out into the other side of..I guess what you would call the alternate world for this world.  You can imagine how everything was flipped upside down, inside out.  We have never once witness a twin world before and this was the first…so we worked night and day trying to figure out what was happening, how it was formed, every questions you possibly wanted to ask…has been asked and looked into.  I was assigned as one of the top three researchers; I was also highly invested as well because you are my partner.  So after many researches, late night observations, and debated theories I think most of us agreed that the alternate world was created out of necessity.

MJ: out of necessity? What do you mean by that?

Ahnya: Kisohn, I don’t think it was meant for you to ever stay on earth stretching that long a period.  I don’t know when the wormhole and second world was created but we have gone back several times to look on our record and there was no indication of a wormhole at that location at the time we first came here.  You being stranded on earth was by sheer mistake…

MJ: no, it was my fate.

Ahnya: whatever you want to call it…but you have interrupted the flow of this earth, your presence here effected everything and everyone, changing everything and everyone.  The way mother nature, in this case mother universe, comeback to that problem is by splitting itself out like a double image except without you in the second one so that it can move on as it should really have normally been if you weren’t there.

MJ: wait…..are you really saying what I think you’re saying? (she raise an eyebrow at him)….are you saying….that I’M THE ONE THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN?  That I created this…this wormhole and alternate world?

Ahnya: well, not you exactly…the elements, but yes you could say that you’re the “father” since it is because of you that this happened.  You may not have created it with your own hands but you ARE the reason for its existence just by being where you shouldn’t be. (he rubs his hands over his eyes)

MJ: this doesn’t make sense…I was not feeling good and my powers was decreasing dramatically before I left, how could it be that it would suck me back into a world that tried to be rid of me…and then have my powers fully restored, even invigorated?

Ahnya: the same reason as before…because you are the “father”………..…what “child” not wants their “father” back?  There’s no other better explanation I’m afraid.  We could only speculate base on our studies and knowledge.  As for invigorating your powers or loss thereof…I believe that being earthbound for too long may have done that to you but once you were cast outside into the void, into space…(she shrug) it makes sense that you’d be rejuvenated.  Like you said, very curiously I wonder too why it wanted you to be in a place you shouldn’t be at all.

MJ: (thought for a bit and then his eyes light up) I think I know why…because Song Yi was in desperate need of saving.  I remember saving her immediately after landing there…perhaps

Ahnya: perhaps she is very important in all this as well.  Who knew she had such power as to be able to pull you from one world to the next (Ahnya grin at him teasingly, then immediately sober up).  Who do you love more Kisohn?  Song Yi here..or Song Yi there?

MJ: (answers immediately) of course my wife!

Ahnya: You might have answer that too quickly ah?….I hope that that is true.  I’d hate to say this but somehow I have a feeling that one day soon you’re going to have to choose between one or the other.

MJ look away from Ahnya and stare off into the distance….he hope that day never comes.




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    We said it many times but if you ever want to take up writing after this story, you have some future fans. We will totally support you unnie. You have some real talent!! (We can also follow you for each drama otp you will ship and read your stories lool)

    PS: The only positive thing in the other world is YJ/SM couple hahaha… why am I posting so long these days.

    • Maddie, indeed war is much better then this horrid internal conflict…which will only get worse with time 😉 but that’s what drives the story….without a good conflict there won’t be much interest….so I am sorry, I apologize first to everyone because….I know I said this many times before…that the ride is gonna get bumby….well, that’s really a MAJOR understatement, you guys just better get ready….kikiki there’s still about 8-10 episodes left and I’m already on the verge of tears just thinking about what’s gonna happen to them. BUT, remember to continue to have faith in them….you won’t be disappointed in their love, I promise.

      WOW, nice! horray! if you can’t guess what’s going to happen…..THEN I’M A HAPPY CAMPER!… to keep you guys guessing!

      HAHA, yes….lately I’ve been thinking of what my next project will be after MLFAS. Whatever it is, it better make me some dough, lol, else you’d see me in the street with a sign over my head that says “will write for food” HAHAHHAA

      Posting too long?!?!?! GIRL there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO LONG!!! I love it, every time a long comment came in I squeal like a little girl (and if I love popcorn I would have gotten some and eat while reading it!…like the scene below kiki)


  4. OMO! It’s finally up! I totally forgot about it because I was distracted by the whole special edition thing, lol. Anyway, my comments for this chapter:

    1. The angst in the other world, it hurts! Urgh, the pain! The part I find the saddest is when MJ found out that Lawyer Jang does not exist for he wasn’t there to save him. 😦
    2. Other SY sure is different from the real SY. Though I don’t really know which one deserves to be called the real SY… But there’s one common thing between the two: they both love MJ deeply.
    3. Somehow, my hardcore shipper heart tells me that the alternate universe HK=JJH hubby, SY=JJH and MJ=KSH. Well, I’m delulu as always… There’s really no cure for this…
    4. Lol, I forgot about Fate… When it was first mentioned that Fate barked, I was like Fate can bark? Then it hits me… It’s their dog…
    5. HK getting caught was funny. I can imagine the looks on their faces.
    6. MJ gets jelly again… Aww, you cutie pie! No worries, HK’s going after Ahnya now… I think…
    7. Hurray! Another new couple! SM and YJ? Yes to that! Though I have a feeling that someone’s gonna get jelly… (hint: B)
    8. MJ, I too, hope that day will NEVER EVER come. It’s going to be hard but I have a feeling (I was have this feeling) that it’s a hint that one day the story will lead that way…

    Of course, thank you so much unnie for feeding our addiction with your fanfics. Keep it up, it’s awesome! Take care of your health too… (I don’t mean this in a JK threatening way)

    • 1. yeah, such a sad fate for Lawyer Jang 😦
      2. yes…it’s tough to say which is the “real” SY…I tend to think the alternate one because that seems more like the original one but if MJ wasn’t in the first one for such a long time the second wouldn’t have been formed…I dunno, lol, now I’m confused. But yes, they both love MJ to death…because they are really THE SAME woman (in different time, different world, different reality, therefore different personality)
      3. YES!!! continue thinking of it like that (I write for a reason people…shipper’s heart this is for you!)
      4. haha, I almost forgot them myself and then realize if there’s a ruckus in the middle of the night…the DOG would be the loudest! kikiki (and the slight irony of “Fate” getting a hold of HK!)
      5. I love that scene too, I really, really wanted to see that scene.
      6. first kiss given to Ahnya….oh I think he’s hooked 😉
      7. this is gonna be a hilarious one, so keep an eye out…(a silver lining of relief when the going gets dark)
      8. ummm…… comment.

      Thank you love, 🙂 I will take care myself so you guys will have a great story ahead of you (although I just had 3 hours of sleep! haha I’m so bad, ok maybe I’ll take a nap then)

  5. Always and forever a huge fan of your work unnie!!!!!! I found it hard to even blink I kept on scrolling down the page and reading way too fast I was THAT curious of how the plots gonna unfold. Lol. Stay awesome!!

  6. OMG are very talented..
    i love it although, i have to re-read because its too complicated to understand,(part when MJ was asking Ahnya about the full story)….ahahaha..
    how came you have that brilliant idea to write it here..

    he got attracted for both of them..but why i feel like…hurmmm….
    i do hope that he will not have hard time to choose who that he love dearly because no matter what his wife is his truly “LIFE partner”….<3
    but if he is too hesitate to choose, oh NOO!!..its so painful to accept that..hehe

    p/s : but unnie, i will still support you no matter what kind of plot that you have in you mind..i will still like it because you are such a amazing writer that can make everything seem possible..

    ~sending you a lot of warm hugsss and kissesss..<3<3<3<3..

    FIGHTING unnie-ya!!..

    • really? lol, did I make it too confusing for you guys? I have to confess I was drifting in and out of sleep while writing that scene, haha…that might be why…wonder should I go back and tried to re-edit it so it can be less confusing…

      Well, the journey is still long….who he should be with….each of you is gonna have to choose 😉
      Thank you for your support dear…lol, I’ll need it shortly in case you guys might want to do an uprising on me (I have prepared a place to hide)
      Thank you for hugs and kisses…I ACCEPT! 😉

      • it ok unnie..although its seem confusing for me..i do not mind to re-read it for many times..because your fanfic is in my “love” list..kekeke..<3

  7. Just read it & thanks for saving my shipper life, unnie ❤
    Hopefully you can take a rest after finishing this episode 🙂
    And I'll keep waiting for the next episode, esp the special edition, lol

  8. I played that song while reading this episode and my heart was aching D: DMJ omg you cheat! You have a wife and she is pregnant with your child….. get your act together or you’re going to end up with neither of them.
    Safiresea, I seriously have no idea where you are going with this. I finished reading this episode and already want the next one. I have a feeling I’m going to get my heart broken either way.
    I like both CSY’s. Since they are both real and I don’t want to call them real CSY and fake CSY, I’ll call them CSY and AltCSY. I really like them both, though I really think its strange that DMJ is getting so confused. AltCSY is nothing like CSY. She is so much calm and softer, like an opposite personality. I guess she didn’t go through all of the hardships this CSY went.
    I really liked your explanation as to why DMJ ended up in the alternate universe, though I think it was a little confusing… maybe I need to read it again.
    I’m also loving all the side couples, you can really balance the funny and sad parts. I can’t wait to see how it all develops. ❤

    • Oh, yah! you listen to the song….isn’t that nice melody though? I was kinda hoping people might have it in mind it’s the song SY was composing, kikiki.
      awww, don’t berate MJ too much…he’s really stuck in a rather hard place to be. I feel bad for him but at the same time I’m like “LUCKY DAW!” he have the unconditional love of 2 woman…that is essentially the same woman…….I guess too much of a good thing….can be bad 😦

      Oh, I’m glad you liked both SY….that’s what I’m hoping for. Yes I think the current SY, while her family was broken and she was basically “sold” to the entertainment industry at such a young age, it made her became like a wild child, more independent, more spoiled, but more freedom as well. The altSY is different only because situation had lead her to be that way….she’s like a gilded caged bird with clipped wings…her life might seems more perfect, intact family, loving brother, loving friends, loving husband, great respectable career…but she’s not exactly who she wants to be or express herself as freely…I feel worse for her actually.

      haha, you’re the second one to say that…maybe it is….suppose to be? talking about the higher doing of the universe can be a bit much for us normal humans, heck half the time I didn’t even know what I was talking about hahaha….actually I was soo tired during that part I was nodding in and out. But I did re-read it a few times, I don’t think it’s that badly confusing after a few read…but who knows maybe I’ll go back and re-write it….anyone else confused? let me

      Yah to side couples!! 😉 I think they are fun to write too…

  9. Another awesome episode from my favorite writer. Wow at the explanations unnie. You really nailed everything. I love how it is similar to the original story with added touch of your own that is simply daebak!
    Important points I noticed in this episode.
    1. Is is just me or does anyone feels like DMJ seems to like/love the SY in the parallel universe more than SY his wife? I have this nagging suspicion while reading this episode. Im not saying im happy with it but I like how it gives MJ the internal conflict to choose who he wants between the two. But please unnie let him choose the feisty, crazy and sassy SY, his wife I mean. SY in the parallel universe seems so broody.
    2. Seeing Dmj being jealous is so cute…harhar i can imagine his facial expressions. You know the episode in the mlfas where DMJ imagined Hk and Sy? I really really love that episode haha and it brings back memories of that.
    3. Yoon Jae and Semi?!? Mworagu?! Then what about Bokja!?!
    4. Lawyer jang missing in the parallel universe is just so sad. You know he is one of my favorite character in the story and i can feel DMJ sadness knowing that he was not there to save him.
    5. hwi kyung and Ahnya’s love line….i love love it haha at hwi kyung being caught by everyone in the house. Tsk he is such a cutie boy with no idea what happened to Anhya

    Unnie Ive been very busy these days but know that Im always here stalking this site of yours harhar… Keep writing unnie! Im always here to support you. I love you mwuahhhhhhugs! ^________^

    • Jade, thank you my dear for taking the time out to write this long to me even though you’re busy….keep loving your support sweetie!

      I’m glad you think it’s still ties in well with the original story…yeah i didn’t want to loose that and I’m glad the connection is still there.

      1. hmmm…I don’t think MJ loves altSY MORE per-say…I think her personality (which is softer, calmer, more fragile) brings out the protectiveness in people (especially men) more….where as the SY now is more self sufficient and so her tough exterior tends to “intimidate” people more.
      2. yes! you got me there! that was my favorite part of the show as well when he was jealous sooo funny…I do try to recapture that whenever it’s appropriate because I love DMJ when he’s full of emotions 😉
      3. stay tune for BJ, kiki
      4. yes, very sad for no Lawyer Jang in alt world 😦 😦
      5. they are adorable…I hope they get even cuter later on.

  10. Unnie I had a busy day at work so I finally have time to leave my comment on the 30th episode. You were wondering if the quality went worse because of your mood right? Yeah, it is very disappointing, I’m so disappointed with this episode because……..again, it’s too short! I just want MORE! More and more kikiki. Also, I do really love your piano music selection, when I read this ep the 2nd time on my laptop, I get to enjoy the flow of the story more and more because of this expressively beautiful music that you embedded in this episode. Yah for the good taste!
    What do I want to say? Ah~ I don’t want to sound like a traitor here but I love your alternate Song Yi very…very much. I adore the original SY but I feel so close to this one as if I knew her for a long time, maybe because we are similar? LOL. I also love the fact that she is a pianist (unnie,do you play piano too? I’m so curious). In this episode, I do really enjoy the part that you spending time describe the life of SY this this alternate world. Everything happens in her life follow a rhythmic orders, it’s so peaceful, and simple that even sounds deadly boring for some people to certain extends. I wonder why Song Yi can endure such a life with no love. She doesn’t love her husband and they are together because she feels like it’s the responsibility that she has to take since he saved her life and become prosthetic. She is indeed living like a dead soul who accepts her fate with resignation.
    But what is the fun of living with some one that she has no love and desire then? And what sustains their relationship is merely just commitment. According to the triangular theory of love, the relationship that is characterized by commitment without intimacy or passion is just an EMPTY love.
    So when MJ walks into her life it’s like a touch that stirs up this calm water and awake the feeling to love and be loved inside SY. She unknowingly recognize her fate with this stranger and from that moment on her life has turned to a different page.
    The same goes to MJ, he was shocked and sad at first but my guess is the more he knows about this alternate SY, the more he would fall for her. Empathy occurs at first and then follows by vigorous love that may devour his soul until they are together. Perhaps, the forbidden love is the most unrefusable seduction as if even if it kills him just to have a taste of it. Yet, the guilty feeling toward his real SY that helps to stop him somewhat from crossing the line. And this unfaithful fate has been eating him alive, leaving him in this desperation, a mixture between sadness and happiness when it comes to choosing out which SY to be with (certainly, he love both). At this point, I feel so pitiful for MJ… but at the same time I’m excited to see what his choice is going to be or how he learns to fix this problem.
    Ok set aside the conflicting feeling that happens inside these characters, I want to give an really loud applause to your writing performance on this episode (despite of the *beep* Samsung event). Among other eps, I think I like this ep and 28th the most because I feel the two episodes really reveal the beauty of your own writing. I do not mean that you have been copying the style of the original writer but yea somewhat shadow her penmanship but I think I like your style better. It’s better in a way that I can see so clearly the inner turmoil of every characters without seeing them in real life. Your writing especially shines out when it comes down to the parts that describe MJ’s uneasy feeling/ thoughts and man oh man…you have such a descriptively beautiful writing. Sometimes it feels like I’m seeing a living painting, sometimes it’s like music to the ears. (I apologize for my poor choice of words to praise the awesomeness of your writing here, but believe me, I have good… or no… superior taste hehehe)
    Not to mention but I love the calmness of this episode, especially in the alternate world of the other SY. I feel like I’m watching an old time movie that MJ and SY are in it. The denial love and how they moan to see each other again… you have just killed me with this kind of oldies romantic love. I just wish to see more of their moments like that… nothing special… just MJ quietly watching SY from afar is enough to writhe my poor heart, it’s weird but I love that’s kind of love… can’t wait to see MJ’s next move.
    Wow I made such a long post, didn’t? I guess I better stop now since you have been yawning too much from reading this huh. But the QUEEN has finally made her comaback eh?

    • O-O <—-that's my eyes btw when I saw this looooongggg comment. I must of strike lottery! lol……ok, here's your crown back:

      Did you know that I got really nervious not hearing from you…I was thinking OMG….thao hasn’t comment, this is a bad sign….what’s going on did I do such a sucky job she didn’t want to bother talking about it?!?! I had to go back re-read to see if I went wrong somewhere…HAHAHAHA…..that’s how much I value your opinion my dear. And then I was HIT with this…litterally almost took my breath away just from sheer length of it….who said size doesn’t matter?!?! kakakaka
      Oh I’m so glad you liked the music! I’ve been trying real hard to get it on here but having a free site is very, very restricting and I have to resort to all sorts of tricks!
      YES!! get close to altSY, she needs LOVE people! lol and no my dearest I don’t play, in fact I don’t play any instrument…I’m music retarded I tried playing guitar, that didn’t work out too well, lol. I did pick up piano really quick when I was young at my cousin’s house but no one ever let me pursue it so….I’ll never know.
      I think she does love HK….but not the ways that truly mater, it’s more of a friendship kinda love and yeah….she’s like a gilded cage bird with her wings clipped off. I love how you dissect their relationship here….wow….where’s my popcorn….yes pity MJ he’s in a tough, tough place to be at the moment.
      OH gosh…I think I have to disagree….I think YOUR descriptive writing here is even WAY WAY better than mine….and I’m not exaggerating one bit.
      HAHAHHAHHA….yawning?!?!!? think again…………..

      • Lol I was just basically ranting with my bumpy thoughts but if you value my opinion that much I’m more than happy to accept it. But this time I was trolled by you for sure, I thought you play piano very well that’s why your descriptive writing about SY and her musical section in previous episodes sounded so convincingly beautiful.
        I’m not a pianist but I had 2 years of academic learning before I quit to study on my own. I’m not that great with my playing but if you don’t mind listening here it is, me playing “Love Hurts” by Yiruma.

        • OMGGGGGGG…..I’m soooo spazzing right NOW!!!!! *drool, drool some more* WHY DID YOU HIDE SUCH TALENT FROM US FOR SO LONG?!!??!
          I WISH I WISH I WISH I was that musically talented, I’d sit and write songs at home all day, lol….did you ever compose any songs?
          OMG ….hahah you should be scared of me, I’m thinking up all kinds of demands for you, hahaha.

          WoW….um…………, now I know what you mean by the Other SY…… and her….ugh……….same person? lol……….hahahaha have I inadvertently written you into the story?!?!?! OMO….SO AWESOME!


          • *blush… Blush some more* ☺️well, it’s just one of my random hobbies so it’s kind of pointless to share around.. but since you mention SY plays piano in this alternate world so I just post this clip of me to share our commonlarity (in singular, and I’m not presenting her… No way… I’m too 3D and 4D 😁to be compared to her awesomeness).

            But what are you up to again huh unnie? This time you are making me scared for real LOL 😱

            • omgosh, if that’s a random hobby, I’m afraid to ask what “other” hobbies you have. …ummm if you’re 3D and 4D then what is she? 2D? *cries* that’s not awesomeness, wae, wae, WAEEEE…..huhuhuhu

              hahaha….yeah be scared…..oh I was just gonna ask if you want to join a band with me, you play I sing….but then I remembered I’m a pretty terrible singer! lol…(no, that’s not really it….my plan for you is much more scarier, lol…I’ll just let you stew on it for a while)

              • Uh… Oh… I got myself in real trouble this time. First I read your line saying “you sing, I play”… It’s a bit scary but I performed in public b4 so it wasn’t too bad. (Oh I’m not a pro performer just some random recitals in class… And I wish to know how to compose music)

                *GULP* it’s not your plan?! What is going inside your restless brain huh unnie? I think I made a big mistake this morning then, I should flea away ASAP from this unnie *cry and run away* 😂

        • Wow!
          Yes I wrote many wows in this blog. Another friend with multitalent! Great job, Thao! Hehehe…
          Maybe this song can be used as background music here 🙂

        • WOW just wow! I wish I could play the piano like this..

          You’re great unnie thao! Gives you a round of applause + standing ovation *clap, clap, clap*

          • Wow thank you unnie, Kisohn and Jade, your praise makes me want to play my piano again… It’s been awhile and I was neglecting it. Should I go back to study and play you guys a song to show my appreciation? Do you guy love the song ” Way back into love?” Or “Falling slowly” or “Love story” muawahaha so many songs to choose and will take me a long long time to learn, yea but let’s the music return to me again. 🎼🎶

            • hahahah….funny you should say that…my evil plan was gonna ask you to play ALL the OST of MLFAS!!! HAHAHHAHAHA… that too much??? kikikiki, don’t mind me I’m just delulu like that….
              And YAAA!!! with that talent? I’d so hit the piano….ugh again I wish I can play like you, I love composing music, alas I have no instrumental-playing bones in my body (I don’t think)

              • A month ago I was searching desperately for the piano music sheet for Hello and Every moment if you and till have no luck on that. I found a korean official site that sells the original music sheet but unable to purchase cuz there is a pain of not knowing Korean 😭. Right now, I just have to wait until some nice folks post up their own transcription. Yeah, even if u don’t ask I will play these MLFAS songs anyway hehe. But learning them will take me a long time cuz I suck at sight reading.

                @jade: I have the music notes of Kiss the Rain on my hands for a long time but I haven’t had the urge to work on it, maybe this is the good timing ehh? I’ll share with you when the video is out, is it ok? ✌️

                • awww, I see 😦 well if I come across it then I’ll definitely send it your way (must keep a look out, must keep look out) Kiss the Rain? Ah I gotta go see it on youtube to see what it sounds like…

            • Unnie how about Kiss the rain by yiruma… I so love that piece makes me want to cry when hearing that…

          • that’s odd Mila, I think here it has something to do with your computer..make sure you can here other sounds like if you go to youtube can you hear anything? make sure volumn is on and if all else fail, restart your computer…it happens to me all the time where the computer sound went “dead” and after I restart computer it’s back on again 🙂 hope that helps

            • This is very unusual, all 14 videos on YouTube thaoveo at me without a sound. Mysticism is just ……….. all other video sound fine. tomorrow I’ll check on other computers. do not worry!

  11. After reread this long post, I found out there are also many other points I haven’t mentioned yet! Ottokkeeee?! I guess I will be back after the commercial break hehehe ✌️

    • uggghhhhh……..that’s really one loooooonnnngggggg commercial break….pali, pali….I’m waiting here, kikikiki….no pressure, no pressure

      • Never mind… I’m too lazy to write more hehe. Besides, I heard some chingus said your explanation on the creation of alternate world was kind of confusing so I want to make my critique too. For me, it sounds very logical and makes perfect sense so no need to edit/fix/elaborate whatsoever. Happy Easter unnie!! ❤️

      • I just made my reply but where did it go?? 😭 never mind, I’m to lazy to comment on the other parts hehe. But let’s me talk briefly on your explanation about the creation of this alternate world since some chingus complain that it’s quite confusing/ hard to understand. For me, it’s logical and make perfect sense so I don’t need you to go back fix/simplify/elaborate this anymore. It’s beautiful as is. Happy Easter unnie!! ❤️

  12. How cute you make YJ as SM’s bf in the alternate world 😉
    The story become more and more interesting. I hope SY in the alternate world will also have her own happiness!! 🙂

    • Kisohn! lol…they are pretty cute YJ & SM….let’s see what will happen next kikiki…….SY only true happiness is MJ….but what about MJ? where’s his happiness lay?

  13. omooo the alternate world seems like new story for me!good idea! I wonder how far their life will go on compare to the real world.I miss DMJ and CSY sweet moments! 😦

    • lol haha fahreina….I think both world is pretty real….umm….think of it as a twin, you can’t say one twin is real and the other is fake right? sometimes people won’t be able to differentiate which twin is which…that’s what I want to create, that you won’t be able to tell who’s he suppose to be with….he’s developing a relationship with the other SY now so yeah, sorry the current SY have to take back stage for now 😀 but worry it’s important to the story line because it makes the current SY comeback that much more impactful.

  14. Honey Faye you’re gorgeous, but tearing my heart. If SY in the alternative world is in a relationship with Kisonh, it is a betrayal of their real SY. If Kisonh will not like the alternative SY why he always thinks about her? But the honeymoon the first time he was with a woman – so he was not with the other SY??? Yes? He loyalty, devotion??? “Worried”, “confusion”, “Hope”

    • awww Mila, I’m sorry I’m breaking your heart already….it’s not even getting bad yet!! so don’t break yet!! lol…..well, they are not in a relationship…YET… for right now don’t worry (maybe next episode?) haha.
      That’s a good thing you point out kikiki, yes it’s his first time on his honeymoon 😉 soooo if you’re asking if he did any hanky panky with the other SY….the short answer will be no.

  15. How on earth did i miss this episode?????? *late bloomer
    Ahhh,you’re making a tough call for uri DMJ dear..i dont even know who i should cheer on! Cheon Song Yi or Cheon Song Yi? lols, i sound like a mad girl here.

  16. Wow! This is getting to be more and more exciting… i cannot wait for the next episode…
    You are indeed very talented Faye, being so creative and all… also loved the music added to this episode, it goes well with the personality of Song Yi in the alternate world… a very nostalgic feel in it.
    and I think Thao is very talented as well 🙂

    • yahhh…I spot you, I spot you 😉 nice of you to move from my email box to here YAH! I’m glad you liked this ep and the music, when I listen to it I thought that she’s playing it in the scene, lol. Yeah, I inserted Thao’s music in our Epi 24, kikiki.

  17. wow! i am really courious now,he maybe must chose between the two? i hope he will not betray his real wife!! CSY I WOULD FEEL BAD FOR HER AND SHE ALSO HAVE HIS CHILD! WAIT….the other is CSY too so… i think i am going nuts here!!what are you doing to me faye!!!

  18. OMG….the future…I don’t want it Unnie 😀

    but I want the password for the new byeontae edition hehehe 😀

  19. h

    really love thte entire story. but i am wondering if these will be seen.on T.V? I’ve been longing to watch these on screen.. please please hope you.made these.for T.V series.again. sure.its another.hit!

    • ummm…fenny, I’m sorry to break it to you my dear but this is a FAN site…meaning I’m a fan of the show…NOT the show or related to the show in anyway…I wish too that my script can be made to season 2, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! keep on wishing for me too chingu 🙂

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