For Those Who Love Kim Soo Hyun MV

I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to have some good laughs…and wanted you guys to have some good laughs as well. So I’ve decided it’s time to share this wonderful, hilarious, most adorable MV of all things Kim Soo Hyun for your exclusive enjoyment (yes, Soompiers I know you watched it already, humor me). I also adore the music used in this clip as well…if anyone know what the name of it is or where to download it, please let me know I really would appreciate that!

This video never fails to make me ROFL and if not that at least put a giant smile on my face. Go ahead, watch it…I dare you not to smile…I dare you not to laugh….you can’t do it can you? 😀 😀 😀 Oh, KSH…saranghae my most silly, adorable, sweet, handsome boy.



20 responses to “For Those Who Love Kim Soo Hyun MV

  1. ok….so I’m gonna comment on my own post…hahahaha….this is a first but I LOVE THIS GUY!!! his smiling face made me burst with happiness, it’s so genuine. And my god his voice!! speaking a few words in English is gawd oh gawd sexy-sexy….I’d die if he speak in English to me….or speak to me at all! hahahahaaaa…..sorry for fangirling so early this morning guys, lol.

    • Just woke up from my dream about our OTP (an ultimate chasing dream ever, they were being hunted down by other people (, media, paparazzi, fan?? No idea but they kept on running and thus I had to run with them LMFAO, I have run like that through out my lazy life) ~~~ its so great to receive your notification about this clip this morning… (After that long exhausted run lol). Please keep us updated about your wonderful findings, it’s always more meaningful to receive your news sometimes during the day, it helps to blow the stress away. We love you unnie❤️ 💨💨💨stress.

      • wow!!!! I wish I could dream about them!!! wait….would that mean my obsession went to a whole new level? even worst then now?….ok scratch that, lol. Running from the press huh? were they holding hands??? just saying, lol. Awww, I love sharing with you guys all the cute and fun things I find (you know I stalk Soompie and all things MLFAS related, haha)…..
        Thao, I know I said this before….but what the hell….SARANGHAE CHINGU!

        • Ugh can’t breathhhh~~~ haha but I love all of your virtual hugs and kisses. Must collect them all cuz one day when you become famous then I have my proof to brag about with other people.

          Are u kidding? U write about them everyday without dreaming about them… Geez even me, only by reading your fanfic (especially the special byeontae edition) already haunt me in my dream every night kakaka and always when I’m awake lol. Yea, this situation is terrible but it’s out of my control. I’m terribly addicted to this show 😱

          • hahahah….you know what? I just want to become famous just so you guys can brag!! that’s right! I wrote about them, I stalk them and still no dream…er rather I don’t remember my dream I suppose…maybe because I’m always so tired when I hit the sack, 3-4 hours tend to do that, lol hahaha.

            • Get more sleep dear… Get more sleep…dear. Just because you only sleep for 3-4 hours per day.

              About me, I in fact don’t sleep that much though cuz I think like this: normal people need to sleep at least 8hrs per day. 1 day has 24hrs so that means on average each one of us spend 1/3 of his/her life time just for sleeping … Whenever I think about that I’m like.. Hell no! There is eternal sleep why bother sleeping too much. Muawahaha that explains why my eyes look like panda all the times 🐼.
              Never mind me I’m talking nonsense here *automatically click off topic button for myself* 👇📴

  2. name of song is on the video title “一笑懸命” by Yusuke Kamiji. I think title means laughing hard.

  3. I remember first watching this vid. I was rolling on the floor laughing. It shows how 3D, no, 4D KSH is 🙂 Such an awesome human being.
    Unnie Faye, I’m starting my own wordpress blog for MLFTS too. Don’t know what the heck i’m gonna do yet, i just post the translation for the video there for now…but gimme some idea. And no. i can’t write fan fic. I wish i can :((

    • oh wow…so cool Yorie….hmm…no fan-fic…ok…can you draw? or maybe collect memes or do memes, lol….a picture is worth a thousand words they say….and laughter will always bring people to you 😀 or if you really crazy about the drama and patient enough to go back from the beginning then you can do a collection of the following sections: good quotes from them, all of SY’s clothing fashion, all of MJ clothing fashion (you can actually make a whole section for his shoes! haha), all of their kissing scenes, all of their scenes in bed, all their hand holding scenes, all their hugging scenes….those are a few I could think of…..HAHAHA, I would so follow that kikiki hope that helps hon. If I think of anything else I’d let you know.


  5. sure i will,also more importantly i hope you have time for rest,and again i will wait your script,since i don’t have much hope for them even to talk at this point,in real life i mean what a let down the event and the cf….SIGHT….

  6. this is so adorable unnie!.
    i adored him at dream high as sam dong before… i’m not a huge k-drama fan, but I love watching some from time to time. I’m glad I was able to watch My love from the star and now I’m stalking KSH AGAIN!.. lol.
    i’m thinking of making a tumblr page for him..or for MLFAS.. i so love how quirky he is… and his smile!! uughhhh!!! >.< i just wanna pinch his face… lololol.
    thanks for posting this!

    • I know right! I LOVE HIS GOOFINESS! lol…….sure you should make one then if you love him so much….there’s plenty out there with info and good stuff on him, just collect it over and continue the sharing 😉 Oh, there’s another cute MV of him too, I’ll post it later on.

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