Paintings & Drawings By Fans of MLFAS

–NEW UPDATE: 7/12/14–

Here’s my collection of paintings and drawings done by fans of this show.  If you have some that I don’t have please feel free to share 🙂 Especially if you do make art paintings and drawings please don’t be shy and let me know so I can put your work up as well…And once again I have to say that I’m terrible with remembering names and giving credits.  Most pictures should have the owner’s signature on it but if it doesn’t I’m sawry…if you know the credit let me know and I will input here.  None of these are my artwork, unless notated otherwise, these are collection from different artists out there put into one place for your enjoyment. These will be updated once in a while in batches of 10, so please check back often for new updates, thanks.


dmj10mj mj (2) gray hair mj

dmj9 dmj26 dmj25 dmj22 dmj15 dmj12 dmj7 dmj4 dmj3


  pd20pd25 kiss1 kiss dmj1 pd33 shower kiss6 kiss5 kiss4 kiss3 kiss2 pd10 mj2 kiss dmj5 dmj6 dmj2 pinch pd29 pd19 pd12 dmj watercolor pd35 pd32 pd30 pd27 pd23 pd7 pd5 pd6 pd2 pd1 sy1 pd18 pd16 pd14 pd13 pd11 pd9


22 responses to “Paintings & Drawings By Fans of MLFAS

  1. Unnie, where are my eggy sketches they are way more awesome? Haha just kidding.

    Hohoho I’m first place 😤

    • thanks Soc for sharing! lol…I actually have all of them already….they are just not posted up yet 🙂 like I was telling Thao, gotta stretch them out so there’s things to see while you guys awaiting….but keep contributing! you might come across something I don’t have 😀

  2. Very nice fan arts! But sad that they are not allowed to be together – cherish reputation. – Even on the plane were separately. Maybe they wrote – Love on the phone?? Miss for them!!! Urgently need special edition 2 Hyun 🙂

  3. Hi dear.ur fanfic i5s very nice im always emagining that if this is the part 2 its really making me crazy this kind of drma i feel the affection anf love for song yi and min jun.congratulation dear hope the director will read ur fanfic and give u a chance ehehe.keep up the good job.
    Im looking forward for episode 35 i cant to read hope u can post that soon.thanks a lot and more power to u♥♥♥♥♥

    • thank you Grace! I hope to get that chance as well, I just love writing the story so much and really want to see it happen on screen 😦 but that’s all up to fate now 😀 *FIGHTING!*

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