Sad Days Call for Sad MV’s

So it wasn’t too long ago that I posted a funny haha MV on KSH silliness that I hoped everyone had a great time laughing/giggling/smiling along with.  But today…well the last day or two anyways has been such a downer for those who happen to expect too much from Samsung…and GOT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back in return (more crazy rant about that on the next website update).  With that in mind I’m now in a sad, oh so sad (if not pissed off) mode….So….here’s to our couple………DYING on screen……can’t get any sadder then that.

Seriously though, I thought this MV combining 2 of their moves; Secretly Greatly (for KSH) and The Berlin File (for JJH) into one and made it like it “belongs” together was pretty well made.  I’ve actually didn’t watch both movies but have heard extensively about it.  When I first watch the beginning part of this MV I actually thought it was their new CF for Samsung!! hahha….should have known Samsung wasn’t that good.  This is an 8 minutes video but it’s really, really worth the watch guys…..maybe you might need tissues!


7 responses to “Sad Days Call for Sad MV’s

  1. I’m first but I’m not excited… The gloomy mood is now taken over the place. I hope you will come back your cheerful self soon dear. ❤️

  2. About the Samsung event… I never share this before but I didn’t put my hope so high for their together appearance in the CF., I know you didn’t either. But I knew something was weird when I first saw JJH and KSH promo pictures were out. Seemed like I did it separately. I’m not surprised at all cuz looking at their schedule… We as hopeless shippers already discussed and prepared ourselves for the best as well as the worst. I know its a very big and unpleasant frustration due to a long time we moaning to see them together again. Just this chance, this Samsung CF chance is probably could be the last we see them collaborate on a project… So I can feel you and your sadness.
    I’m sad too, heartbroken too, angry too… But we just have to take time to accept and digest this agony because c’est la vie! Life sucks and not all if our little wishes can come true even though this time thing did get so close… Yet till so far. What can I say? I just want to console you with all my best because you have become the head of this household, this family of byeontae. We need you and we want you to stay strong than anyone else cuz if the main polar collapses, everything else will follow… I want you to overcome this as soon as possible unnie, we have other important jobs to do and our show must go on despite what happens in real life. Are you gonna join me? You made this site, you made me and many others to unlurk and become crazy in this world you created so you have to be responsible alright?
    So let’s wrap up your uneasy feeling forget about it, and quit being a downer already. just believe in something juicier may come in the future. I’m not sad anymore so you shouldn’t be. At least you have us, your loyal fans around you, you shouldn’t be greedy ehh? In fact, I sense some promising sight coming so stay optimistic with me alright?
    I’m so sleepy and tired unnie, please consider my words and show your sympathy toward this poor sickly little girl who been going around and worrying over your mood. So put a smile on your beautiful face and let me see ok? Plwease pretty plwease?

    • lol, ok darling I’ll take full responsibility! I promise this feeling of sadness/anger won’t last long….and for sure it won’t effect the work I do here. have you check out episode 30 yet? did the quality went down? let me know because I did write the bulk of it during this depressing CF/Samsung event deal so I hope it didn’t show….

      Please don’t be so worry about me, just take care your health…you seem like you’ve been sick and weak lately, don’t stay up too late and spread yourself out too thin ah? Ok….just for you I’m gonna forget it all……….(wait I can’t just yet!!!! lol….my dear I need that feeling to exact my revenge on the Special Edition….you want that don’t you? If I’m too happy, maybe they might end up not doing much in the byeontae edition except making googaley eyes with each other, ahaaha….I’ll be normal again after I finish writing it ok?)

      This is for you my dear….me doing the jiggy in pink….kinda look like SY huh?

      • I guess when people age they become so “dry” and weak. Yup, that’s me. Especially my week is always crazily busy. Mon-Wed-Fri: school from early day to sunset. Tues-Thurs-Sat: working like hell. And being the first child and as well as the big sister leave me with quite some responsibilities and family obligations that I have to carry. So I’m better to keep up with my work hehe but no worry unnie, it’s not like I’m carrying the work of the society so this means nothing, just sighing with you kekeke

        Yeah, please make a beautiful devil revenge on this *beep beep beep* event for us, can’t wait muawahaha!

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