HAPPY EASTER Chingus! It’s that time again when I do an update on the website.  Please read all the content below because we have some very interesting development to talk about so bear with me as I break them down in bullet points:


Song Yi dancing


  1. My mind is always filled with floating ideas and I just came up with one a few days back.  I had to contact Thao to be my sidekick and once I have her on board I’m ready to divulge to all of you my plans.  Since this site has took off at such a wonderfully, surprising fast pace, I only have you guys to thank for.  So, thank you for supporting me all this time.  I would like to give back something to my fans in return.  Since we are approaching 50,000 Reads soon, I want to celebrate by making a fan give away drawing. Yes, you’re getting an actual gift from me.  Since I know everyone loves MLFAS and a fan, the gift will naturally have to do with MLFAS.  There’s going to be 3 prizes; 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.

The Prize:

–          1st prize: winner will get an exclusive EGGIE of DMJ & CSY personally designed and produce by Thao Weo.  You will be able to choose what scene/clothes they wear and will work with Thao closely to get your one of a kind personalized gift.  Thank you Thao for donating your time and talent 😀 on top of that you will also get 2nd place prize as well as 3rd place prize (at this time it is undetermined what that will be)

–          2nd prize: winner will get an undetermined prize (but most likely some sort of mini book) as well as the 3rd place prize as well

–          3rd prize: winner will get an undetermined prize (most likely poster?)

How to Participate:

–          1st prize: to participate or have a chance at this prize you must be a strong active commenter with insightful ideas/comments and regularly contribute to the liveliness of the community here.  When the 50,000 Reads benchmark is reached I will choose out the top 10 commentators on this site and will put out for you guys to vote for who should be WINNING THE ULTIMATE PRIZE! Kikiki

–          2nd prize: if you have commented 10 times or more, you will be put in this category automatically.  If you contributed 12 comments, you’ll have 12 chances to win, if you contributed 20 comments, you’ll have 20 chances to win, and so forth.  Then Ayden, my 2 year old boy, is going to pick out the winner! 😀

–          3rd prize: if you have commented 1 or more times your name will automatically entered in this category…again if you comment 3 times, you get 3 chances to win so forth.  Then Ayden will pick out the winner.

Drawing will be broadcasted on the site through Youtube!  What are you waiting for? Start commenting!  OH, lol and you don’t have to keep commenting on me or my writing, feel free to comment on OTHER people’s comments, that’s how you make friends guys 😉 and don’t worry if you don’t write English too well, a lot of time I heard that often but turns out you guys communicate just fine…if you’re not comfortable just write in your own language….that’s what we have google translate for ya? So no excuses!!!



  1. I like to take time out to thank everyone for their wonderful emails and feedbacks.  It gets a little crazy especially around Special Edition time because I get requests from so many different areas such as Soompi, emails, LINE, Feedback, Comments, FanFic sites….that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all.  If I missed you I’m truly sorry, just continue bugging me until you get it 😉  But hopefully it won’t be so bad next time around as I’ve been collecting everyone’s emails that made previous request so most of you should receive it through email automatically when next time comes around.  Please make sure the mail you gave me is valid and available because sometimes when I send it, it got sent back and that’s probably why you didn’t get it.  Also, if you’re new and need to request password, please do so in the FEEDBACK form and not in the COMMENT area, thanks.



  1. Recently you might have noticed in the fan-fiction episodes, I have inserted music on there.  I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now but because the site was FREE, it makes it very difficult to incorporate music.  I had to do quite some research…but it’s there only if you want to use it to relax while reading.  I tried to choose the mood that fits the story line but alas, there’s usually different set of emotion from one scene to the next so one soundtrack isn’t going to cover it all and might not fit with certain area of the storyline.  Ignore it if you don’t want to utilize it or play it as often as you like.  You will start seeing them in all the fan-fic (yes, I’m backtracking!)



  1. Well, this is not exactly newsworthy but I just want to let you guys know that I finally found some time to do a little photoshopping and here is the first couple keep a look out for this, which will be posted in with our photoshop couple’s collection perhaps in the next round or so:


4th set couple10



  1. Ok, so here’s my rant.  If you haven’t been privy to the news lately…a lot of folks (including myself) is not so very happy with Samsung and the event that KSH & JJH attended together to promote their new products & CFs.   They were in close (very close) proximity but did everything SEPARATELY…in fact so separately that not a one picture was taken with them together in one frame…NOT . A. SINGLE. ONE…didn’t even pose for 1 second for 1 picture.  I didn’t think that was right for fans and lovers of the show.  So….I want to say sorry first to everyone and to KSH & JJH…..but I MUST TAKE MY VENGENCE!!!  Originally, I wrote the Take 1 and even though it’s pure fictional I had decided to respect them and their personal life and take down that edition and have no intention of any further or future writing on them.  I only wanted to concentrate on the drama’s character themselves.  But, after the stunt they pulled? FORGET ALL THAT CRAP!  I’m sending it back out burning aflame with much, much more byeontaeness added!  That’s rights folks, keep an eye out for the re-emerging of TAKE 1…with new added scenes and this time around, it’s revenge writing so I apologize first if I offend anyone….that’s just how I cope people 😉  If you still have the password from last time, it will remain the same password from the Take 1.



  1. I tried to send out emails to those who contributed and donated but I might have missed some here and there, so I want to take this opportunity to list all the following people and say from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Thank you for not only supporting me with your phrases but also take the time out to go through the process of donating monetarily.  I promise to use it wisely and use it towards this wonderful site and community here.  You will hear more news from me on what I use this money for 😉

Claudia, Adiara, Susana, Lan, Nur, Quynh, Mayra, John




  1. Thank you everyone for your participation in our first poll!  85 people have voted!  It was a lot of fun yes?  Let’s do it again sometimes! 😀  The poll is now closed for voting and here’s the result below.  please give a warm welcome to our new alien: Joong Ki!!!

poll results
joong ki
joong ki

15 responses to “WEBSITE UPDATES: 4/20/2014

  1. RESURRECTING TAKE 1 SPECIAL (BYEONTAE) EDITION OF KSH & JJH !!11!! OH YEAH! BABY! BRING IT!!!111!!! This is what I call awesome news! I don’t even ship them in real life… but I do like to read fan fiction xD I have to agree with you, that event was crap, it made no sense to me. I don’t expect them to have feelings for each other, because I know they are professionals and as professionals I expected them to be comfortable together. I’m reminded of DMJ’s words to CSY “can’t you be like Se Mi, can’t you fake it?” well dears, you are actors, I’m pretty sure you can fake it, so don’t give me this separate crap event <_< I find this weird, so weird. I guess in my country when a couple from a telenovela starts to get a lot of attention, they appear together on tv and talk about their roles. Nobody f***ing expects or thinks they should be in love for real. omg. I promised myself to move on from this fiasco, but I'm still angry xD
    I like your idea of inserting music in every episode. It sets the mood. Awesome idea 😀
    About the prizes, I never win anything, but I want to participate anyway, so I'll be commenting ^_^

    • awesomeee!!! yes weird indeed….what are you guys trying to hide huh? huh? I don’t think it’s about different country Misai, it’s an obvious thing. Even he had a photoshoot with the married co-star after TMTETS….photoshoot here is too much to ask, but one regular photo, couldn’t even get that? geezzz
      haha, you’re like me, never win anything….but you never know 😉 I think there’s more chances to win here then elsewhere since you’ve been pretty active eh? 😉

      • Yeah, when I mentioned my country I was trying to give an example of how I’m used to people behaving, so when I see these two doing things separately… even I think it’s kinda fishy and I’m not even a hardcore shipper. I just enjoy watching them together, because I think their chemistry is just too good not to take advantage. Sigh….. Life….

        • yeah…I know what you mean….besides, they look good next to each other 😉 I’ve also found some interesting info I post on couple’s Soompi thread….about him and stuff he did with HGI, another married gal he worked with….so theoretically he should be doing some or all of those things with JJH as well…..if they don’t then it’s really confirming for me that there’s for SURE SURE something going on… so I’ll just wait patiently 😉

  2. Wow you always full of ideas! I’m drooling with the prize, esp prize number 1. Haha.. But there are many friends here that deserve the prize more than me of course 😉
    Btw, how about photoshop contest? 🎨 I think thats interesting?
    O yeah I’m happy about our new alien 👽 Joong Ki. He suit the role well!!!
    Ps: Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!

    • Oh Kisohn! what a great idea honey! lol though I wonder how many people here knows PS…and I shudder to think if xxi came here she/he would surely win the prize hahahahha. definitely will keep that in mind for future 😉

  3. Oh wow, what a pleasant surprise! My take on stuffs, as usual, in bullet points:

    1. Wow, the stats sure are increasing fast! In a matter of time, it’s going to hit 50 000 reads. As for the contest, it’s going to be funny if thaoweo actually wins the first prize, lol. She is the Queen Commentator after all.
    2. Music Insertion – I realized this on the 30th episode, I think? I thought it was a really good idea. Plus, I’m so behind this music industry… Might as well get to know some new stuffs.
    3. RESURRECTION OF THE BYEONTAE EDITION! OMG! I’m not really that disappointed the other day, but sure, I would LOVE to death this byeontae edition! In fact, I’ll be the one contributing to the blog stats ’cause I’d be reading it for so many times. Whoops! Did I just say that out loud? Oh well, I’m sure everyone’s a byeontae too…
    4. The donaters are awesome!
    5. Joong Ki? Haha, I voted for Il Woo the other day but I wouldn’t mind anyone else too… Well, congrats Joong Ki!

    Yeah, and I guess that’s all that I want to say…

    • lol, yes I’m actually afraid that it’s going to hit 50,000 much sooner then I can prepare the prizes for, haha.
      yeahh….you know I know that everyone read those byeontae for like a dozen times, that’s why the stat is crazy fast like that, so no need to tell me….I already know 😉 well, Il Woo was a close 2nd 😉

  4. But, after the stunt they pulled? FORGET ALL THAT CRAP! I’m sending it back out burning aflame with much, much more byeontaeness added! That’s rights folks, keep an eye out for the re-emerging of TAKE 1…with new added scenes and this time around, it’s revenge writing so I apologize first if I offend anyone…


    • YES! indeed yes we do….we’ll stick with delulu fan-fic, lol….btw how come I haven’t come across any fan-fic of them? why do I feel so alone here writing…*look left and right* ugghhh am I the only one around here crazy enough to write about them?!!?

  5. Not even one photo together I have never been so pissed in all my life i tell you, go ahead, cuz they could have taken at least one photo for the fans…it wasn’t to much to ask…rewrite that thing gurl!

  6. listening to the music while reading, ..its make the mood fell relax and enjoyable..that’s awesome unnie..
    n love the idea of re-write the Take 1..kekeke..~byeontae alert~

    p/s : pali pali..haha..:)

    • kikiki….no worry, it’s coming soon….coming soon….coming…..*oh wait, how come this comment seem so byeontae here? haha I gotta stop writing so much byeontae scenes guys!*

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