Cute Cartoons By Fans of MLFAS

–NEW UPDATE: 8/3/14–

If you didn’t think the drama give enough cuteness overload…head over to this section here where fans go wild with all kinds of My Love From Another Star cutesy, cartoon poses and recreating certain scenes.  I didn’t really start collecting these until way later on so I might of missed out on a lot.  If you have a collection of your own please do share with me so I can share with others here 😀  Thanks!

Again, a reminder that these are not my work of art, I only collect and share, please enjoy!

many dmj2dmj38 dmj35 dmj32

dmj29 dmj31

many dmj4 dmj19 dmj18 dmj17

dmj30 dmj15

many dmj5 dmj14 dmj12 dmj7

many dmj6

dmj28 dmj1 many dmj3

csy7 dmj33 couple3 couple2 kiss1 couple catdog bandage wedding touching shoe parents many dmj island kiss dmj16 before kiss bed bed kiss touching2 shoe2 Line2 jar2 flying kiss drawings1 drawings dmj5 dmj cute3 cliff both cuteness cute1 break bed2 15 sec kiss touching3 sy1 socart hospital horseriding grow old flying1 drunk dmj6 dmj4 pinch cheeks touching2 jar1 family cute us cleaning cute2 dmj3 cuteness1 shoes



16 responses to “Cute Cartoons By Fans of MLFAS

  1. So adorable. I know that the drama thread has some really cute ones. I just wish I saved those, because I can’t recall where they are now. the first one is hilarious xD I can’t get enough of that scene where she pinches his cheek 😀

    • yeah I know…lol I’ve seen them around but never really saved them so booo, too bad…er maybe one day when I’m really crazy I’d go back looking for them haha….me too! I love pinch cheeks scene!

  2. Aww… This is so cute like the title suggests. 🙂 My fav is the kuso design, happy family and the ET touch. I still can’t watch that scene with a straight face. It’s just too funny! Yoon Jae and his Min Joon hero worship, lol. Pity him, his sister found him first…

  3. There’s also some parody clips…. Very funny too, IMHO.
    Like “You Who Came From The Mall”, they merged the scenes of KSH in MLFAS with Hyun Bin in Secret Garden. Both competing for Cheon Song-yi’s.

    • Oh, lol…I have You Who Came From The Mall here already, you’ll find that in the Categories MLFAS MV’s & Videos… there other good parody too?

  4. Oops, sawry! There’s also a couple of parodies from Korean TV, from Hongkong, Thailand… Some of them without english subtitle so I don’t know what they’re joking about. There’s an all-girl parody version. Do Min Joon played by a girl named Yoona and Hwikyung played by one named Yuri. So the triangle love story now is all girls…

    • yeah I saw some of them too, lol does not know what they are saying at all…hahhaha but the all girl version sounds interesting 😉

  5. One of the “bears and rabbits” picture is from line ^-^ there is the do min joon one in line characters do check it out!

    • lol yeah I know I’m on line too 🙂 but for pics I only have this and the couple bears and rabbits but not the one just DMJ 😦 can’t find it online

  6. Awww amazing! haha really are ^^ Dear Safiresea would you mind If I try to make some based on your story? Q-Q

  7. these caricatures are so cute!!! I hope and wish that I can draw as good as them. hihi. and they also make it a point that what they are drawing are accurate including the things DMJ and CSY are wearing! haha. thanks unnie! ❤️ hope you can also write abt ur favorite CSY’s outfits in MLFAS (hoping) ✌️ More power to you 👍

    • lovegemsblog, lol funny you mention CSY’s outfit…I have that in my mind for quite some time now but I haven’t been able to get to it…I guess there’s just so much to do 😦 eventually though, eventually, I’m just not sure when yet.

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