MLFAS – Heart Wrenchingly Romantic MV

Today, I somehow just miss our couple DMJ and CSY so, so much.  I pulled up my collection and saw this MV and it really effectively bringing back all the feels without me having to go back and re-watch the drama again.  I especially love…LOVE the usage of voice over narration between DMJ & CSY confessing their feelings for each other.  Top that off with the song “I Do Cherish You” ugh, it’s just out to slay your heart!  I watched this and want to bang my head on the table because I miss them 10 times more now instead of less.  There must be a cure somewhere for this sickness?  Tell me there’s some brilliant Anti-MLFAS working on an antidote for those hopeless people such as myself  that has inadvertently fallen deeply in this love-trap….well, one can hope right? but until that time came….let’s watch this and *sigh* then *cry* then *sigh some more*


16 responses to “MLFAS – Heart Wrenchingly Romantic MV

  1. I’m marathoning the drama again to ep 11 now. It’s a miracle that regardless many times I watch, this drama doesn’t seem to get old. It’s interesting to see the love line between the characters and also the chemistry between 2Hyuns were getting better and better through every episode. And the moment that our OTP had me become their hard core shipper was when he sang the song “Promise” to her by the beach. It’s not DMJ that’s singing but KSH singing his sincere words to his noona… His voice touched me deeply… I wonder if it did the same to JJH…

    • ohhh yeahhh…that song he sings *sigh* i love that scene…..though I think JJH already gave him the feel before that when she touch his face and give him the speech about “doing it all again” with him……huhuhuhu

  2. This MV is so touching ;_; I’m trying hard not to watch this drama from the beginning again. I want to wait for the DVD and lock myself in my room for a day. I need to forget what I’ve and felt so I can go through it all over again. gaaaahhhh…. this drama is just… what have you done to me D: I haven’t felt compelled to watch raw live stream of a drama in a very very long time. That shows, just how much I think the main characters and story, are well written and portrayed in this drama. Yes the drama has flaws, of course, but the the main core, the love between DMJ and CSY is so real you can taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it. gah! I want more ;_;

    • yeah, I’m waiting on the DVD too….don’t you just envy those people that just started watching it?? Every time someone’s like “oh I’m at episode 10” or so and so….I’m like “lucky–&*#*” HAHAHHA
      Yep, their chemistry is “out of this world” and yeah, I think the main reason why the show is so popular (especially with women) is that we have an instinctive emotion radar that we can “pick” up…and this show was screaming LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, (real) LOVE everywhere. I’ve heard many a comments and it seems children as young as 12 believe they are in love for real just as a mother or and elder of over 60+years old believe they are in love for real………I’d like to think all (millions and millions pairs) our eyes and ears can’t be wrong, right?!?! hahahaha

    • lol, I’ll put pics up…but I’m not sure how to extract stuff from DVD….no worries though I know other people will and I will for sure put it up when it’s available 😀

    • lol I think a lot of people rewatch it too…too bad I didn’t have the time…I didn’t even finish rewatch it second time, only up to ep 10….because been too busy on this site here, haha

  3. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same results.|

    • Hi Kathaleen, thanks for the heads up…which link is it exactly can you tell me? I can’t tell because all of them seems to work fine to me….if you want just write to me under feedback form, that’s fine too.

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