MLFAS Quotes Project – Need YOUR Help!

Chingus! I’m working on a project (for this website of course) and need your help.  Since I don’t have much time to spare, I’m calling all of you MLFAS fans to trigger my memories.  I’m relying on the participation of those of you with great memories and or have watched this shows over many times to contribute (sadly because of lack of time I’ve only watched this show 1.4 times).  I need you guys to put in the comment below good quotes you remember/recall from the show….preferable something in regards to their relationship 🙂 also if possible (though not necessary) please list the episode number and approximate time range when this quote appeared so I can go and check to make sure quote is correct.

A few sample I can recall off the top of my heads are quotes pertaining to:

a) the last part where he read the book as he disappear, something about the rabbit finding his way home

b) MJ confession about growing old

c) SY self-reflection while in comma

d) SY confession to mother about her feelings towards MJ (in elevator? and in her bedroom?)

e) MJ confession to Lawyer J

d) SY talk to MJ on the island

Yeah, these are a few I can recall but I don’t exactly remember what was said….I’m relying on your help here GUYS!!!


38 responses to “MLFAS Quotes Project – Need YOUR Help!

  1. I think i’ve come across some scenes so let me help you unnie :). Will email you later today alright

      • Never mind me since many helpers showed up. I’m just gonna work on my eggies *sob sob* they are giving their mama a hard time…

        Ps: I remember DMJ said something about dust in his heart (ep13?). KSH personally likes that quote too but I can’t seem to find it yet. Hopefully some nice chingus will find it

        • yes!! that is a nice quote! hmmm…anyone? anyone? lol…
          awww….don’t cry over “fatso” MJ who couldn’t fit in his beach chair, lol…take your time I’m in no hurry 😀

          • I found it 😁✌️

            Ep13 at 37:52
            There is this saying:”Hyoong Joong Saeng Jin”
            It means I miss you so much that there’s dust pilling up in my heart.
            Wel, for her….far from dust, there isn’t even a space for a tiny particle, it seems.
            Is sorting through your feelings the same as tidying your room?
            Is it the same as tidying your desk? How can you do it so fast?
            You asked me if I’m mad right now? Of course not. I’m saying I’m relieved.
            The fact that she sorted through her feelings so fast and so calmly… I think that’s really fortunate.
            I said I’m not mad!

  2. (MJ sits by the frozen lake with lawyer Jang)
    MJ: Because you came… It does feel nice.
    LJ: my wife was about to start nagging anyway. I was getting tired. So I’m glad. She wasn’t like that when she was younger, but her nagging gets worse as she gets older.
    MJ: lawyer Jang
    Lj: yes?
    MJ: growing old together. What does it feel like? Together… I want to grow old with her.

    (I’m in my lunch break at work so this is how much I got for u so far. Will type some more when I get home today)

  3. Ep 5 @1:12 Cheon Song yi : “Hormones do not lie”

    Ep 5 @12:02 Do Min Joon To Cheon Song Yi:
    Do you want to know the method to not be hurt by people?
    Don’t give or take anything.
    Don’t expect anything either
    Then you won’t be disappointed and hurt

    Ep 7 @20:27 : Do Min Joon: A long time ago, there was a very beautiful princess. Like the star that comes out on the dark moonless night. It was a princess that twinkled like a star. For some reason, Edward gained comfort from those words. So he murmured it to himself.
    Like a star that twinkles on a dark moonless night.

    Ep 11 @47:23 : Do Min Joon to Lee Hwi-kyung : If you really like that girl, don’t mind My feelings for her, but protect that girl in your own way.

    Ep 12 @52:44 : Do Min Joon To Lawyer Jang:
    Why…Why do I have to do thatt?I have less than two months to see her. I like her. I like her! I…I like her.

    Ep 12 @ 54:04 : Do Min Joon To Lawyer Jang: Two months is good. A month is good.I just want to be with her.If I couldn’t leave… and had to die here like you said…I’d rather not wake up from this happy dream.

    Ep 13 @30:39 : Cheon Song Yi to Do Min Joon : If you saw me as a replacement for someone else, then you’re the worst. But if I continue liking you despite knowing that, then I’m even worse.

    Ep 14 @57:25 Cheon Song yi : Even if that person keep pushing me to go away, I can’t walk away. Even if I try to hate him, I can’t hate him. Again and again. I keep dreaming, a sad dream that he loves me.

    Ep 19 @33:38 Cheon Song yi to Do Min Joon : I love you. If you say you want to live on this star, I want to live here too, nnd if you say you have to go to another star, I want to follow you there ,even though I’m anxious because it feels like you might disappear anytime, the time we’re together like this, if it could only be stopped forever, I want to sell my soul for it ,Even if I were to go back in time, I would meet you again, I’d fight & fall with you again and I would love you again.

    Ep 19 @52:16 Do Min Joon to Cheon Song yi :
    Chun Song Yi, I may not be able to say all the words that you want to hear.But the future that you dream, it is true that I would want to be there with you.

    Ep 21 @56:50 : Do Min Joon “Once, there was a rabbit who found a way back home.”

    • Mayra!! aww, I’m so thankful for you! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…for taking your time out to help me on my request….ugh, where is everyone else ugh….I have a mind to just give you and Thao access to episode 31 and let everyone else wait. *evil laugh* wahhhahahhaha

      • Dear Faye I’m Glad you liked my little help, I’ll hope then be able to contribute more because I’m usually very constant of everything (read, and visit every day) but not speak or say anything because and I am rather shy, thank you for your work for keep this addiction alive! THANKSSS!!

        • no problem Mayra, and I’m glad you come out more…as you can see there’s really nothing to be shy about. I don’t bite, I promise kikikiki….and no one here really bites either 😀 so just say whatever you wanna say.

          • @Mayra: Welcome chingu, pls talk more to me I love to interact with other byeontae people ❤️

            Ps:Unnie doesn’t bite but be aware she might scared you with her delulu mind hehehe.

  4. Ep 1 @07:09 : Do Min Joon : Whether you want it to or not…Some things are just bound to happen.The people of Earth call it, ‘fate.’

    Ep 2 @ 57:40 : Do Min Joon: Type of girls I like? None.
    There are types of girls I hate: Drunk girls;I hate them.
    I hate girls who can’t behave when they’re even more drunk.Ignorant and arrogant girls.I hate them a lot.I know a girl who is all of the things I just talked about.She’s the worst.

    Ep 7 @ 5:38 Do Min Joon: Do you know why people fear death?
    Because they will be forgotten.It’s because the world will not change after they are gone. And they will eventually be forgotten.

    Ep 10 @ 34:10 Do Min Joon to Cheon Song Yi : Always stay on your toes.Whether you know it or not, the world is never going to go easy on you.Even if you’re innocent and you’re becoming the scape-goat they are not going to understand.

    Ep 14 @ 23:29 Cheon Song Yi to her Mom: Mom If you bother him…Then I’m just going to move in with him. I like him a lot.

    Ep 16 @ 08:32 : Cheon Song Yi to Do Min Joon: Do you know what the worst kind of love triangle is? The triangle with the girl in the man’s memory.”If she existed in real life, I could find out who she is.I could go fight her face-to-face.But if she is locked away in your memory.
    How could I beat her?

    Ep 20 @25:20 Mom.He is the only man I love in this world.There was no one before him. And there won’t be anyone after him.It’s true that he’s not ordinary.But to me, he’s just the man I love.

      • aww, don’t feel ashamed love I’m sure you would have written just as long…while myra cover lots of ground….I know there’s still some left out there that she hasn’t mentioned….sooooo yeah people where’s everyone else eh?

      • Oh Dear Tao I’m Sorry 😦 I didn’t for make feel you ashamed it’s just that when I have read the email I had the time to do it! A hug for you!!!

        • No worry chingu, I just like to joke around like that. I even feel glad to have you unlurk and help out unnie. Sometimes I feel like she puts it a lot of effort for this but not much support is shown from the fans so just glad that you show up and help. A big hug for you too 🙂

  5. I sent you all the conversation script of 21 episodes (except episode 22 – Epilogue – There was not much talking in it) through Email for your reseach. I sent you 2 sets, one translated by VIKI, the other one from DRAMAFEVER. Vina

    • hi Vina! nice of you to join 😉 even though I know you said you were shy…thanks for the WHOLE scripts! hahahah….ummm…but…did you just give me more work? kikikiki…….
      I see that you’re hard core…you even study the script of the show so i know you must be an aspiring writer, right? Sorry I haven’t had the time to reply back yet to your long email, I will though 😉

    • yeah? lol, and you can comment on each one too….OMG but don’t look too closely though….hahaha I’m sure all kinds of technicality, errors, & plot holes are abound…er, you might notice too that I’m all over the place mixing stories format to script format to my-what-ever format, HEHEHE, I’m sure you already know that oh hard critic…go easy on my please ;)~

  6. Sorry.. Forgot to tell you the scripts was .SRT files. You can open it using Notepad or Wordpad. Either one is OK.

  7. Ep 21

    00:00:21 (MJ to SY)
    I have stopped time countless of times and told you in the times that you don’t remember.
    I love you, Cheon Song Yi.
    I felt that if I told you this while time was running…then everything will just run out and disappear.
    That’s why I only said it while the time is stopped.
    I love you, Cheon Song Yi.
    I love you

    00:01:05 (SY to MJ)
    You in the time I know,
    and you in the time I don’t know about.
    I love you both.

    00:01:41 (MJ to SY)
    400 years ago, I came to a foreign planet.
    Ever since then, there is a principle that I have strictly abided by.
    ‘If it’s hard to bear when it’s lost, then I should never have it in the first place.
    Ultimately I’ll be leaving. And I won’t be take anything with me. Whether it’s an object or people,
    I should not own or love.
    That’s what I had in mind.
    And I abided by that principle well.
    But in the last three months…Everything fell apart.

    00:23:42 (SY to HK)
    He did everything in his power for me.
    What I can’t stand right now is that it took me too long to realize that.
    I couldn’t do anything for him.
    I couldn’t even say good bye.
    He’s going to do his best there.
    He told me to wait.
    I’m sure he’s trying over there.
    He may end up not coming back.
    But I won’t forget him.
    I won’t forget anything.
    And I will wait for him.

    00:34:50 (SM to SY)
    You’re only thinking about him.
    You can’t stop thinking about him.
    It’s harder to not think about him.
    But at some point, you will realize
    that you’re thinking about him.
    Then you think, ‘Oh, I was actually thinking
    about something else until I thought of him.
    That’s when it doesn’t hurt.
    That means you can have other
    thoughts once in a while.

    00:46:55 (SY to everyone)
    – I miss him.
    I want to touch him.
    I’m dying to be with him.

    00:57:22 (SY narrated in front of us )
    Of course it is.
    But it also makes me love him more.
    Because every moment that we’re
    together could be our last.
    And that makes every moment precious.

    p/s : i think that you already read the srt file already but i still want to put it here..hehe..
    feel sory unnie, for making you a little bit dissapointed with us..

    ~sending you a lots of hugs n kisses~..
    hope you can cheer a little bit..:)

    • thanks sweet! You add in some more great ones, hahaha…and I haven’t read the srt yet…ummm….I think that would be pretty long to go through, lol I’ll do it when I need a certain scene 🙂
      You did cheer me up 😀 <—-see?

      • yup..its quite pretty long to go through..but somehow reading it again make me feel that the script was too beautiful..its make me miss them again..uwaaaaaa..

        ohyeayy!!..hope you can having wonderful moment everydays..:)

        • aiiikkkkk….lol oh dear….I shiver thinking about reading it sooo lonnggg hahah…TIME, I NEED MORE TIME….I’m trying to make my gifts for you guys but we’re fast approaching 50,000 and I haven’t gotten it yet, huhuhu….

          Thanks love, lol, I don’t go out much so I only have you guys to love, hahahaha…(here’s where my family kept trying to push me out the door to interact with real people, kiki)

  8. Awww am I too late? D: You guys already listed all the best quotes aww
    But I especially like these quote from episode 18 and 20. I don’t think it was listed yet:
    Ep 18 DMJ minute 09:42
    Infinite time passed me.
    But I had no time left in me.
    I finally understand that the length
    of time is not important.
    What is important is the person
    I share the time with.
    I’m only going to share the
    remaining time I have with her.

    Ep 20 DMJ minute 06:39
    No one lives to die.
    The moments in life were the important part.
    That’s why you can be happy when the end is already decided.
    That’s why you can live on.
    It’s so simple, but it took me a long time to realize that.

    Ep 20 DMJ minute 23:26
    I, too, have someone precious.
    The thought of losing that person made me lose my mind.
    I couldn’t make any rational judgements.

    • no, not at all!!! thanks for contributing Misai…I actually still think there’s some missing quotes out there…no worries I’ll dig it up if need be….you guys been much help 🙂

    • it’s not about the videos itself…the passwords are refered to the three password protected posts on the site. Technically, they should be requesting it in the Feedback form and not making a comment on different posts to request for it, that’s why you got confused….sorry. So if you are requesting for passwords please do so in the Feedback Form 🙂

  9. If i were here earlier, i will give all the quotes i found on the internet! I got some pictures of it too but i am too late :/

    • charmaine…’re not too late chingus…if you still want to add something go right ahead…(shhh….I’m still working on this)

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