My Love From Another Star – Episode 31


Previous Preview: Ahnya received a harsh warning for her rendezvous with HK, forcing her to avoid him.  Meanwhile SM reaches a new self awakening from an influence in the most unlikely circumstances.  MJ continues digging deeper and deeper into his memory of the past in order to solve it’s connection to his current nightmares.  This left SY felling more and more alienated from MJ, leading her to meet and bond with a new mysterious friend.

Scene 4 – How YJ Save SM

YJ pulled his new bike up next to the coffee shop, took his helmet off and grin at two young girls walking by as they stare at him and giggle.  It’s high time he shed the nerdy mold that people cast him in just because his interest and field of study happens to be astronomy.  He pats his bike proudly then looks over across the street at some sort of grand opening event.  The press is clamoring for questions and cameras are shooting left and right.  Then he spot SM in the midst of them clinging to a different man in her arms, waving and smiling.  YJ rolled his eyes and shook his head.

YJ had his music blaring in his earphone, staring at the computer as he study a group of stars.  He glances at his watch briefly…9:38 pm…he should pack up and leave since they will be close in less than half an hour.  He started to pack everything into his case when he caught a motion in the corner of his eyes.  He looked out the window directly from across the street and saw SM standing there looking around.  Did this woman not know what time it is?  Why is she by herself at this hour?  He made an incredulous face then sat up with alert when he saw a group of street boys walking towards her, laughing and nudging each other.  YJ stuff all his belongings in his bag and ran out the door all the while cursing troublesome women.

SM rubs her arms from the cold breeze and curses all men within 10 mile radius.  That crappy man had used her for the press and left her waiting saying he’ll be back for her and then called her 15 minutes till 9pm saying he couldn’t make it.  Maybe it’s time she should just give up…she just have no luck with men whatsoever.  From now on she’ll just concentrate on her career.  Frustrated, she held a hand out for a cab but it just zooms past her.  Then out of nowhere someone snatched her purse.  She turned around and faces a group of three boys.

Boy1: hey beautiful want to hang out with us? (The others laugh obnoxiously and nudge each other)

SM: yah! give that back! (She tried to reach for it but one threw her purse to the other laughing…then one of them reach out and grab her mid-drift…she’s frustrated enough to want to whack them all in the head and was just about to do so when the guy holding her waist was yanked backward and away from her.  In a short span all she saw was kicks and punches, arms and legs swinging)

YJ: (chasing after the boys as they scurry off) Run faster if you know what’s good for you! (mutter to himself as he turn and walk back to SM, picking up his belongings) little bastards…(SM stare at him with open mouth).

SM: Yoon Jae, do you really need to do that?  I was handling the situation fine by myself.

YJ: (sarcastic tone) yes, I can see that.  You’re welcome by the way. (He flexes his fingers and SM realize his knuckles are bleeding.  She immediately grabs his hands and inspects it closely while he gazes at her unblinkingly.)

SM: it’s not bad but we should put something on it anyways (she looks up at him and sees him staring at her. She quickly drops his hand) what are you doing here?

YJ: does it matter? (He started walking off)

SM: where are you going? Do you have a car with you? Can you take me home? (He stopped walking and she bumped into his back).

YJ: (he turns around) this is my ride. (She looks over at the motor bike)

SM: did your sister know you have this?

YJ: (puts on his helmet and started the engine then glance at her) you’re getting on or what?

SM: me? Ride this thing?

YJ: no, I’m riding it…you just need to sit, look pretty, and hold tight…what? You’re not afraid of those three thugs but you’re afraid of a bike?

SM: (she grins widely) I’m pretty? I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve said to me since I’ve known you!

YJ: Of course that’s the only thing you could hear…(close his eyes in frustration) you’re coming or not? (She hesitantly climb on) hold tight (as her hands slowly wraps around him, he peeled out.  She jerks back a bit and clings on to him tighter, her cheeks pressed against his back as she closes her eyes tightly.  He glances back at her and smirk to himself).

After a while SM felt less nervous and more…invigorating.  The wind blowing in her hair, the speed, how everything is moving so fast around her…she never felt more alive.  SM took one hand away from him and stretch it out to the side, feeling the harsh wind like a living, breathing thing…she never thought of it like that before.  All her childhood to adulthood had been preoccupied with trying to measure up to her mother’s expectation, being a nice friend to her long time crush HK in hope that she could win his heart, and building a wall of jealousy and resentment towards SM that she’s not even sure who she is anymore.  Even now when she’s rebuilding her life and relationships she still felt as if a huge chunk is missing.  But in this moment, a moment she never expected to ever happen…the refined actress SM riding behind a motor bike with no one other than the only person on earth who dislike her intensely…this moment, for the first time in her life she never felt more freely alive….and herself.  She holler loudly to the wind and laughed happily.

Scene 7 – SY Meet An Unexpected Friend

SY push herself slowly on the swing and rub her belly unconsciously.  She looks around at all the kids and parents running around, laughing.  She started to feel much better.  These days the playground is her favorite place to hang out, to lift her spirit up when she’s feeling down…like right now.  Lately MJ’s been more and more absentminded and preoccupied though she still doesn’t know what about.  He just seems more and more withdrawn but she couldn’t figure exactly the reason why.  Is it because of the impending birth? Was he not ready to be a father?  She’s not sure but every time she tried to approach the issue he change subject or give her curt answer which worries her even more.  They’ve always have an open, straight forward relationship but why does she feels now that he had something to hide from her?

SY is lost in her own thoughts until a red rose appeared under her nose…it smelled good.

Child: for you.

SY: (stare down at a beautiful round face of a little girl about 6 years old) for me? Really? (she took it from the little girl’s fingers) thank you!  Where did you get such beautiful rose?

Child: at my house…my mom plants them along with white lilies and amongst other plants, she adore flowers.

SY: ohhh….well I just started gardening too but I’m afraid I don’t have much of a green thumb.

Child: (shrug) everything takes time.

SY: (couldn’t hide her surprise) you speak very well for your age, how old are you?  And where are your parents? (The girl went to the swing next to her and sat down and started swinging herself)

Child: they are together right now celebrating my dad’s Birthday…my house is close by here so I come here all the time.

SY: mine too but how come I’ve never seen you before?  But, shouldn’t you be with them? I’m sure your dad would want you to celebrate with him…

Child: (the little girl lean in closer to SY, her dark eyes looking too mischievously mature for her age, and with a hand cupping the side of her mouth, she whisper to SY) I think they prefer to be alone right now.  (Then she giggled and swing higher and higher)

SY: (laughs along with her) still…you are young you shouldn’t be here without them.  Your parents will be very worried if they knew you’re here all by yourself.

Child: oh don’t worry, I can take care of myself….but what about you? Why are you here alone?  Where’s the daddy?

SY: daddy? (The girl point to her belly) ohhh, yes…well….he’s busy….and….(SY look sadly thoughtful again)….it’s adult stuff, you won’t be interested in it.  (The girl assessed her words)

Child: you look sad.  You know what my mommy told me when I’m sad?  She said, whenever you feel sad about something, you should think of something happy and go celebrate it.  That way you won’t be so sad anymore.

SY: your mom sounds like a very wise lady. (The little girl nods her head in agreement.  She jump off the swing and came towards SY, her little hands reaching out towards SY’s belly)

Child: may I? (SY smiled and nods her head. She rub the belly with her soft little hands then started laughing and giggling)

SY: what’s so funny? (SY gave her a puzzled smile.  The girl shook her head trying to calm her laughter)

Child: it’s nothing, don’t worry about it…why don’t you go find daddy and celebrate something with him instead of moping here?

SY: well, it’s not my birthday, and he doesn’t have a birthday…and

Child: he doesn’t have a birthday? How come?

SY: (pats her head) it’s a long complicated story, it’s just…where he came from they don’t have birthdays.

Child: well that’s good then!  Why don’t you pick this day to be his birthday and celebrate it with him.  I bet he will be very surprised and happy.

SY: (looking at her incredulously) you know for a young girl you’re very smart.  That’s a great idea, I’m gonna do that. (The girl nod approvingly)

Child: you should get him a nice gift too, my mom is always really happy when she get gifts from my dad.

SY: (breathes in deeply) it’s hard getting him something, he doesn’t seem to need anything…

Child: well, what does he like?

SY: (thought for a bit) eeehhhmmm…he loves cooking, he collects books (made a face to the girl) really boring ones though (laughs) hmm…he can sing like an angel (she closes her eyes) I missed him signing to me.

Child: a piano! You should get him a piano.

SY: (ruffles the little girl’s hair) how did you come up with something like that?  I didn’t say he could play I say he’s a good singer.

Child: my dad’s a good singer too and he can play pretty good…but not as good as my mom.  I bet the baby’s daddy could play the piano too.

SY: wow…you come from a very musical family huh?  I don’t know…that’s a pretty big gift to buy…(the girl continue talking as if she hadn’t heard SY’s comment)

Child: my mom like going to the store called In Chen Music Box…that’s where she goes for all her music stuff.  There should be a good piano for you there.  (Her head perks up) I think they’re calling for me, I should get back home. (SY look around but didn’t see or hear anything).

SY: (looks back at the girl) I don’t hear anything…(her thoughts got distracted as the little girl looks tenderly at her, take her little fingers and brush some strands of hair off SY’s face)

Child: you’re even more beautiful up close.  When I grow up I want to be just as beautiful as you. (SY don’t know why, probably from the hormones of pregnancy, but she suddenly felt emotional as tears gather at the edge of her eyes)

SY: (shaking her head, her hands came out and cup the girl’s face) no darling, you’re going to be much more beautiful than me.  When I have my little girl, I hope she can be as smart and pretty as you. (the girl stood up and walk backward away from SY, waving at her)

Child: it was nice meeting you (she turn around and started running)

SY: well, wait! What’s your name?  Am I going to see you here again? (The girl turns around and smiled as the morning sun shine behind her, making her look even more angelic)

Child: (she screams through the distance) I’m Sunny!  My mom called me Sunny because she said I have a smile that radiates as brightly as the Sun!

SY continue looking off in the direction that the girl eventually disappear from.  Sunny.  Sunny.  The name rolls in her head.  Yes, Sunny suits her well…her smile was indeed as brilliant as the sun itself.  She looks down at the rose still in her hand. For the first time SY felt at ease and relieved though not really even knowing why.

Scene 10 – An Angry Ahnya

Ahnya is seething in the bathroom sitting in front of the mirror.  She just finished her daily recording but it didn’t make her feel the calm that usually accompany afterward.  She should have been more careful knowing how closely they are monitoring her.  It’s a good thing there’s privacy in the bathroom or else she wouldn’t even be able to safeguard her every thoughts and emotions.

She couldn’t believe it.  Qahnki had threaten her…threaten to revoke her stay and replace her with someone else, had even gone as far as threaten to possible even stripping her of her title and position once she gets home, knowing how hard she had worked to get where she is today.  She fumed again, if it wasn’t for his connection she would surpass him and would have been his superior now, not the other way around.  She was his tutor when they were in school for god sake.  She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself.  Her emotions are going off the chart these days and she need to rein it in.  This shouldn’t have surprised her…she had known ahead of time this is a possibility if she stray too far away from the task at hand.  Damn it! She should have been more careful, HK had distracted her to the point of…

Someone is knocking insistently on the door.

Ahnya: (said loudly) what is it?

SY: er…HK is calling and wanting to talk to you.

Ahnya: tell him I’m not here!

SY: hey you heard that? she said she’s not here…listen buddy, I don’t have time to be playing messenger here. (sigh and knock again) he said if you don’t talk to him he’s going to come over here.

Ahnya: (opens up the door and took the phone from SY) I don’t have anything to say to you, I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to see you, and if you come over you won’t see me. (then she hung up the phone and shove it back to SY, walk back into the bathroom and closed the door.

[camera on SY’s flabbergasted face as the door closed]

[another camera close up on HK’s perplex face looking at the phone]

HK: did that woman just hung up on me?

Scene 14 to 16 – Year 2 In The Alternate World

MJ teleported back to his apartment, covered from head to toe in white, construction dusts.  How could a woman be as careless as this?  Even his SY in the other world was not that far of a klutz as she is.  How could a woman be so accident prone?  How many times have he had to save her now? 10? 15? He’d lost count.

These days he had to monitor SY even closer than before because he never knew what kind of trouble she’s going to get herself into next… His anxiety level has tripled…no quadrupled ever since he landed here.  He thought of the incident just now…if he wasn’t there…if he wasn’t there she’d be crushed by a 2 ton brick.  He shudder and headed to the shower.

SY stepped out of the shower.  Sitting at her vanity desk, she started thinking about the incident earlier as she dried her hair.  Her heart is still beating fast thinking of how she could possibly die…but she’s safe now…safe as always.  But no matter how often she endangers herself the feelings of anxiety, fear, and hopefulness remain constant.  If people know what she’s doing they would think she’s crazy out of her mind or suicidal. Who would risk their life continuously on a whim that she’d be saved by a faceless man?  Certainly two years ago, she would have never dreamed of such a scenario…yet now…now it’s all that she could think about to the point of obsession.  It started out from a simple accident and a minor suspicion.  Then testing out her theories from minor incidents to gradually bigger ones…growing more and more life threatening as she grew more desperate for answers to all her questions. She knew now for certain that Kisohn’s no ordinary person…she also knew that he’s avoiding her at all cost.  Yes, it’s true that she’s married but SY have a feeling there’s a lot more to it than that.  Why is he keeping tabs on her? Why does he save her continuously? Who and what exactly is he? How is she connected to the SY he mentioned when he first saved her, because there must be some connection it can’t be all a coincident.  There are still so many things she couldn’t understand and she needed answers from him.  She’s determined to draw him out…one of them is going to break eventually and it’s damn well not going to be her.

–two weeks later–

Thief: give me everything.  NOW! Purse, keys, ring, necklace…everything…make it fast lady.

SY: (squeak softly) no.

Thief: sorry? Do I look like I’m playing around with you (he wave his knife in front of her as she backed up further hitting her back against the wall)

SY call out to Kisohn desperately in her mind as her heart gallop away in fear.  The thief move closer and closer to her with his knife pointing in her direction…she doesn’t have the strong stomach to face what’s about to happen and fainted.

SY: (woke up in a hospital bed.  She sat up quickly and called a nurse over).  Excuse me, what am I doing here? Who brought me here?

Nurse: you’re up…we thought you could tell us.  We found you on the bench in front of the hospital door, passed out.  Is everything ok? How did you get here?

SY: never mind (she grabs her stuff and walk out the door…this isn’t the first time Kisohn dropped her off at a different location then from where she’s at).

–at HK work parking lot–

HK: (click open his car and walk towards it then stop in his track as Kisohn walked in front of him, blocking his car) you again.  Can’t say that I’m happy to see you…so get out of my way (he move around MJ)

MJ: this is about your wife (HK stop walking and turned back around)

HK: my wife? You have no right to be talking about my wife…MY WIFE! (he got up close to MJ) if it wasn’t for you, if you haven’t shown up in our life, we would still be happy…but now…now…(HK couldn’t finish his sentence as he got quickly emotional)

MJ: I saved her life.

HK: and ruined mine!

MJ: is this what she had to live with? A self-pitying Hwi Kyung?

HK: you have no idea how much I love that woman so don’t you dare make judgment of me!  Do you know what it’s like for her after you leave?…what it was like for me?  She thinks I don’t know it but she’s drowning in love with you…she misses you more than her own shadow!  And what can a husband like me do, huh? (a tear fell down his face) all I can do is burry in work and leave her be, pretending like everything was like before…even when we haven’t share the same bed in over a year! (MJ flinch at his words yet his heart is flipping over with joy while his brain is berating him for being so happy about it).

MJ: if you love her so much then you need to take better care of her.

HK: what do you mean by that?

MJ: for the past 6 months your wife is getting into all kinds of trouble…life threatening ones.  So you should keep a better eye out on her.

HK: wait…what kinds of trouble?……and how did you know about it?

MJ: go ask your wife (then turn and walks away, stop, and turn back around again)  I have my own woman waiting for me to come back, she’s my home…and I WILL LEAVE…as for your wife…I’m not interested in her at all.  You can tell her that. (lies! His heart yelled at him as he walk briskly away…she’s the same woman that you love!…No! no, she is not!…yes she is!…Shut up, shut up!)

–MJ following SY to the airport–

After the talk with HK, MJ found himself even more attached to SY and followed her around even more frequently.  Does she really miss him as much as HK has said? He wondered.  He stops as she stops at her favorite flower shop and picks out some flowers.  She smile sweetly and inhale the flowers, he missed that smile.

What is he doing? He should be practicing his jump more frequently so he can fine tune it and be able to go back home for good.  He had a little more luck lately but also more frustration.  Still, if and when he’s successful wouldn’t that mean he would leave this place…he would never see this SY again.  So maybe…just a little longer.  He want to spend just a little bit more time with her…just like this, this is enough for him.  And when he leave…

He started moving again as she got into a cab and headed out with the bright bouquet of flowers.  Why is she dressing so pretty this morning and buying flowers?  Who is she going to see? MJ felt the ugly feeling of jealousy rearing its head again and tried to tamper it down…kept reminding himself that this is NOT his woman.  Let’s hope she doesn’t get herself into trouble again today.

SY hasn’t been this excited for a while.  She did miss him dearly since they were also pretty close friends.  She had come to him for all sorts of advice growing up and they had weather through some tough times together.  It’s too bad he had left soon after her marriage and had not been back home since except for a few letters she received of his travel abroad.  She paid the cab, held the flowers tight, smiled with anticipation and walked cheerily through the airport doors.

MJ felt anxious all of a sudden.  Why is she at the airport? Who is she seeing?  He tried to keep his eyes on her as the crowd of people bump and jostle around him.  She’s looking around for someone.  Then a tall man walks secretively behind her and put his hands over her eyes.  MJ couldn’t see SY any longer as the man hovering over her had covered her entire body.  Frustrated, MJ teleported to the front side of her, using a column as his hiding spot.

SY: (smiled and grab the hand covering her eyes) you can’t fool me oppa, I know it’s you.  (she turns around and look into the face of JK) why does it take you so long to come home huh?

JK: (grins down at her then grabs her and lift her up into the air and hugs her tightly.  SY laughs and tried to pull herself away, now looking at the crushed bouquet) god, I missed you!

SY: I see that…but do you have to crush my flowers…it was for you (then she slap the bouquet playfully at his chest).  Let’s go home, your brother will be very happy to know our family Veterinarian is finally home!

JK: I doubt that, if he was he’d be out here with you.

SY: (scrunch her face) I don’t think he still blame you for choosing a different profession and making him take over your father’s company…though I can’t say the same for your father.

JK: (looks at her and smile) I don’t mind if he’s still angry about that because I’m still angry at him for stealing you away from me. (he laughs and she laughs with him…but his eyes was not amused).

MJ affixed his gaze on JK still in utter shock.  How could he have forgotten about JK?  He’s alive and breathing here…and he’s too damn close to SY for comfort.  MJ continue following them as JK grab a cab and they both went into the car together.  MJ ran out from hiding and a strong gust of wind blows through and around him.  Several people nearby fell from the unexpected force of it.  His emotions are now in utter chaos and turmoil…he’s not sure if he’s jealous at their seemingly close relationship, angry at the comfort SY is showing JK, or sheer panicking in fear at the thought of what might happen to her when he have to leave now that JK is back in their life.


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  9. I’ve never never commented before but the recent entry of preview 31 prompted me to do so. A good writer doesn’t care how reviews they get for their story. I get 265 hits on a day but I’m not complaining I’m just glad someone did read it. Your “revenge post” was very immature and childish for the most part. I think you just want attention and that’s very disrespectful to your loyal readers. They take their precious time to come your website to read your stories when they could be studying or doing something fun. You are a good writer but I can see you botching it with”if you don’t give me attention, I’m going to quit writing” So what if people silent read, you should be more thankful people like your writing enough to come here when you post.

    • (first, I hope no one reply back to rainedays5 with angry words, I don’t want wars here guys…let’s be nice and respectful of each other’s opinion)

      Rainedays, well I’m glad you came out of hiding, too bad under such bad impression though. I disagree with you. I think a good writer should care about their story and more importantly should care about what their reader thinks. Without asking for interaction and feedback how would I know what you’re thinking? Many a times, my story had taken a swerve here and there due to people’s comments and what they wanted to see more or less of through their thoughtful observation. Even though I write, I don’t really think of myself as a “writer” yet as this is my first foray into writing so yes I need to know from my reader what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. I think that there’s a lot you can learn from your reader, and I’m open to that. That said, my reminder to silent readers is not about that so much as its about me taking a lot of my time out to create a nice place for people to converge and I’m just hoping for more of an active community amongst each other. When I wrote what I wrote I know someone is going to take it the wrong way but I do it anyway because the truth is I HAVE been slacking off on episode 31, not as like when I started writing…so I think it’s important to let you guys, my follower knows… I get nothing out of doing this, lol, attention is not gonna get my bills paid, so no that’s not what I’m after. As a single mother, trust me when I said the load of time I spent building this site up can be spent elsewhere…spending time with my son, working on making money for my business, up keeping a house & chores & paperwork, actually go out on dates, lol so forth…but because of my passion for this show and the passionate people that I know relying on something “more” after the show end…this is what makes me keep pouring my time here instead of elsewhere. I’m sorry that I’m not laid-back like you and just let whatever happens happens…I do get too involved and I actively seek to make this place a better place to be and hoping it to team with life, I always seek improvement therefore giving a better experience for everyone….because after the episodes end there won’t be much more left of that  ..and no one said you have to sing my praises, lol, EVERYONE feel free to critique my writing I don’t mind, but more importantly I love it even more when I see people started “talking” to each other…that makes me happiest. Again, I was voicing my thoughts out of curiosity for all the hundreds that’s missing, sorry if that offended anyone, and sorry you feel offended…if you’re still a silent reader then that’s fine, I’m not a police and I’m not gonna kick you off the site. Oh, and I never said I will not write again…I merely said that it’s going to take longer for the episode to come out (I’m so gonna finish this story even if there’s only 1 reader kiki), and that’s the truth because without inspiration I will spend my time elsewhere and everything WILL slow down so I just wanted to let my reader know…I’m all about communication 🙂 If you’re unhappy with me let me know….so thank you for letting me know. Woops I just wrote a novel, lol.

    • can you said like that..i my opinion, everyone will have more passion, and desire to do something is in high peak if they know others will appreciate what had they did..getting feedback from others make them feel “oh, people here like my story”, its make you love to create a story that make everyone here love it.. the story created will be more interesting because we know someone “want” to read it..what my point here, if you do something and no one realize it, you will become finish something that needed more time and no income, getting a feedback from readers make them feel its worth it..come on, you are human being..of course, this thing ever happened in you, you also a writer right..when other commenting in your must be really, everyone is like that..

      although, i’m not a writer but when i did commenting here..i feel happy when unnie safiesea reply back to my comment..she can reply back to us, so..why not we give her the same as she sacrifice her time to feed us with her wonderful story..she just need support from us to continue writing not she wanting attention and being disrespectful to her loyal readers!!..

      furthermore, she also take our suggestion into her story..she accepted our idea with open heart..we just a reader with non of skill to write but she still appreciate it..

      also, its not unnie @safiresea that have to be thankful..but its US to be thankful..she is the only person that can making us or feeding us with a continuation of that story..not everyone can do it..not everyone can contribute as much as her passion in writing write that long story needed much time compare to read it, just need a few minute..

      so, be thankful as a reader..><

      p/s :
      really really sorry for my bad english..but nobody is perfect..:)
      @rainedays5, i'm not harassing you but i just give my point of view about this matter..
      @unnie safiresea : chill always have my support..<3<3<3<3

      • Wow, when first I skimed through your post I thought you wrote about ep 31 and I was kind mad cuz I thought unnie gave you early access to the new episode but seem like your are chatting with a new friend hehe.

        I see what happens here chingus and Faye unnie. I intended to say something.,too but when I think about it I decide not to .cuz that chingu rainedays has his or her points. And my guess is commentator like that will hardly ever come Back after creating such a good comment like that though. So let’s chill of and have ice cream

        • @thaoweo “unnie” (i guess), coz i’m in my early 20an..><
          that no way i got early access to the new episode..haha..

          yup..maybe she/he has her/his own reason to said like that..and as @safiresea unnie fan's, maybe i'm a little bit overreact about this..kekeke..

          everyone have their own opinion…:)
          And yesss, let's chill and have ice cream ..**

          • I’m in my early 20 too (23yrs to be exact, getting old and dry hehe). As Faye unnie’s fans, we all want the best for her sake but because this site is open for public so we have to prepare to take in both positive and even negative comments. Certainly we can overreact to those like above but when you think about it, people like that come and leave (only bringing nothing but hard emotion for us and gone forever) So my point is (after suffering agony like you) just play it cool then. On another note, I feel a strong appreciation toward you on behalf of Faye unnie for speaking out loud and protect her, a fan like you is a gem ❤️

            • hahaha..i’m one year younger than you..kekeke..:)..
              so, i can call you, unnie..haha..><

              totally agree with you..
              but somehow, if we take it in positive ways, people like that can make others feel more burning inside..we can be more stronger than, FIGHTING SAFIRESEA UNNIE!!..hehe

        • hhahahaa…THAO, common now, you know me better then that…I would not do favoritism…lol, I was only kidding about giving early access….BUT if I did….wouldn’t you think you’d be the first to get it?….

            • HAHAHHAAAAA….go read some romance books! there’s plenty out there, lol some here would suggest Lindsey and McNaught, etc….else you’d have to wait until 4 episodes in before Zam and Yen story will form….kakakaka sorry *puppy eyes* not gonna work this time.

              • Can I suggest under water scene for that byeontae edition? Yeah with their hotness overload swimming pool is much bigger and movement free for them hohohoho
                Me front row watching them and enjoy my Popsicle. Delulu mind activated 😻

                • hahahhaha….OMG….you must be telepathically reading my mind!!!…..there is indeed an underwater scene coming up soon but not for them…it’s for MJ & altSY….hahahaha….sorry did I give out too much?…I just couldn’t help giving that tidbit out because you’re just so aligned with my mind…and it’s like “WOOOAAAHHH”

                  • Me take out the mic 🎤and sing “where have u been all my life???🎶”

                    Ok…Back to remaking smaller versions of fatso MJ n SY *cry*

      • awwww, thank you sweetie for giving your input in a very mature way 🙂 and for supporting me!!! *hug, hug, squeeze* ……..
        aren’t you suppose to be studying? lol, go study and get those A’s 😉

        • studying somehow make me dizzy..hahaha..
          getting all A’s is now not in my currently list..kekeke, i just want to pass that subject..i don’t want to repeat it again..><
          For the beginning, all A's is in my dream, but after go through the learning process, "its" rather been a memory..hahhaa

          p/s : but, i will try my best to success in my life..

          • as the saying goes, you should aim for the moon…and if you happen to land of the stars instead, it’s still nice right? better then landing no-where 😉

            • i will try my really really best in my studying..><

              Omg are so good in making us miserable for waiting the continuation of the story..haha..
              your plot is so came you have such a writer brain's..^^
              btw unnie, its JK in alternate world is the kind one or same as in the current world??..i'm so curious about that, whether he will harassing SY life or not.. hehe

              and one more unnie, i like the scene of SY and cute they are making them look so cute together..
              you are making all the scenes look really realistic and and flawless..<3

              p/s : ohh, many days was passed that i really want to read your story but today is the day that i get that change to read it from the start..
              before, i just opened your blog but cannot read it properly..hehe..biyanei unnie..~blame my uni busy life~..keke

              • that’s right Fighting dmjcsy! 😀
                JK…umm…in short he hasn’t killed anyone there…yet 😉 you’ll just have to wait and see luv
                awww, I’m so glad you love SY and little girl Sunny…I really, really enjoy writing the interaction between them too.
                I know everyone is busy…it’s ok, I’m glad you finally have a chance to sit down and read it 🙂

  10. ooh, i really really hope there’ll be a third wheel, and its gonna be a namja, so now its MJ’s time to get all crazy jealous *MUAHAHAHAHHA..
    ups, saawrry got a lil carried away there. FYI, I’m still back reading every other scenes that doesnt have CSY and DMJ in it, aaand of course, the special pervy one,heheh..don’t worry though i’m all legit to read that!

  11. Omo omo, can’t wait for the new chapter! And hurray for me being one of the 5%! Lol, am I?
    Btw, SM self awakening? Sounds good to me. I have a feeling that this YJ-SM pairing ship will be sailing soon! Whoo, bring it on babeyh! And for SY’s new mysterious friend… Hrmmm, I have only two guesses and I hope it’s one of them. Not going to tell who’s my guess until it’s revealed, haha 😛

    • hahha…pinky you’re like the top 2%….hahaha even better right?? kikiki….keep a look out cuz SM story is about to butt in on everyone 😉

      *GASP* I LOVE GUESSES!!! uuuuuu, tel me, tell me what’s your guesses?!?! I want to know if you’re thinking the same line as I’m thinking!….lol, besides it’s just fun and interesting to see who you might think it’ll be 😉 I won’t confirm or anything to keep the surprise up…but I just want to know…tell me, tell me, tell me… 😀

      • Sorry, no siree, unnie! Hahaha, you’re curious right? That’s how I feel. I’m curious to see if my guesses were spot on. I’ll tell you later when the her mysterious friend gets not so mysterious anymore. I won’t lie, I promise. Pinky swear from a pinky jaguar 🙂

        • aigo….ok, I guess it’s only fair, lol….keep your secret just let me know later who you thought it was…and no cheating ok! haha, makes me want to finish it now so I can hear your answer, lol.

  12. I’m sorry that I write a little, but I always read all the updates. Cute fairy fairy psychic – write for us and for himself. I can talk a lot, but I find it hard to express my thoughts in English. You’re small and fragile Faye united people around the world!
    Who does not like fanfic – nobody forces you to open these pages. It’s very simple!! Do not defile our international friendship. This is my opinion.

    • you’re doing fine Mila 🙂 I see you often here enough to know some personal stuff about you and we’re friends so don’t be sorry…that message is for lurkers who hasn’t made an appearance yet, lol.

  13. Omg i finally found ur page..i just want to say u may think ppl are not reading ur entries but we are.. ur post are being shared on many other sites on many different pages and ppl like me are constantly stalking these pages look lin for more entries..plz domt feel like were not here cuz we are and we really enjoy every word of ur extended versions.. im am a fan of urs and hope u feel my love and warmth throughout these words..Take care stay healthy 😉😘😊😋😜😍

    • awwwwwww SHY……thank you for coming out and letting me know who you are. No, I didn’t know it’s being shared on other site, lol, I put all the share buttons on the site but I didn’t know people actually use them 😀 yah for that! …and thank you for letting me know. XOXO…*hugs*

      • Yes Safiresea im a fan from facebook and i belong to a MLFTS group page so i figured if our page is so big wit many MLFTS fan ur page probably had no room for lil ole me..but i see ur page is just as friendly as ours even if u dont answer directly (which i see u alway do btw) ur fans will and for me that makes a new user lik me feel welcomed 😉

      • Also i think that is the missin 100 ppl ur lookin for they must come to copy and paste it on there pages and blogs..u should put a note up for “if u take my ep. u should leave a note first” something lik that so they wont get spooked and think its not ok to take the ep. and repost it somewhere else..

        • Hi again Shy 😉 thank you for all your input! Yes I do like to write back to the people here because getting to know everyone is part of the fun beside writing 😀 I’m very glad to know that you feel comfortable here and welcoming…that is what I hope for everyone that came here lurking or not. Hopefully your words will help others come out and have fun with the rest of us.
          Also, thank you very much for the suggestions…Iol, I didn’t think about that before, guess I should change my welcoming note a bit then. I never personal tried out the share buttons so I don’t know if it gives a link back to here or not (I thought it would) I don’t mind people sharing about in their own page as long as there’s a link -back credit.(hear that peps? kikiki)

  14. Sorry for being a silent reader, unnie 😦
    I read your fanfic & I think it’s written by a profesional writer, not by a fan, keke
    And I just want you know that you saved my hopeless ship by this fanfic. So please don’t give up, a lot of fans will keep supporting for your efforts ^.^

    • don’t worry Suney, I’m not giving up…not at all, lol…it was just the last few days was a little lagging for me I guess….I couldn’t find the “drive” to finish episode 31…but no worries, I’m now over it and will finish up soon 😀 …and don’t worry, wasn’t talking about you, I see you on and off here so I know who you are sweetie 😉

      • It’s a beautiful day when I got the news about JJH’s donation in the morning & your new episode in the evening, keke
        I’ll read it when I go to bed. Hopefully I’ll have a happy dream :))
        Hwaiting, unnie! I’m always your loyal supporter!! *hugs*

          • The new chap is really good, unnie!! I love how you let that mysterious little girl appear, keke
            I guess she is SY’s daughter who came from the future? 😀
            Btw, I really like when SY gets jealous of other girls, lol, hopefully you can write about this more ^^
            I also wait for the new chap of ChunDo’s honeymoon special edition, keke

            • oh great! thanks for your input Suney ;D now I can rest easy….until the next episode! ahhaha….aww, it’s getting harder now since there’s so many other plots and holes I have to fill in but I’ll try to put in some fun SY moments when I can luv.

              wait…new chap of ChunDo’s honeymoon? didn’t I write that already?lol I’m confused….do you mean Yen and Zam?

              • I think you read the news about the rumor plot for the sequel before? It said MJ would go back to Chosun era and their kid would help SY find MJ. I think it sound interesting, lol
                I mean this special edition. Hopefully you will continue to write it, lol
                Or you can write the sequel for The Thievies? The love story of Yenicall & Zampano is really cute ❤
                Sorry unnie when I requested too much ^^

                • no I didn’t hear about that rumor…where is it from? I only heard of the director himself thinking of a story line where they go backward to a different era and had MJ “fall in love” with a diff. version of SY? That one I don’t like…the one you mention sounds interesting but I want to know more about it to really make a sound decision if I like it or not, lol…any link?
                  ahh the honeymoon? lol…yeah it’s done with I think. and so is the Hyun2….now it’s Yen & Zam turn to take the spotlight 😉

                  • Unnie, are you Vietnamese, right? Can you read Vietnamese? Because I read that rumor news on a vietnamese site, they translated from the site QQ in China. I don’t know if there’s an english version of this news 😀
                    Yay, finally I can see the return of YenZam couple , lol. Hopefully you can “cast” a handsome thieves for the role “Zam’s rival”, haha

                    • but Zam might not need a rival though…we’ll see…but I think he’s hatin on Yen right now for abandoning him…

                    • Unnie, this is my idea, haha
                      After Zam was released from jail, Yen chanced on him while taking a walk. Yen thought Zam would feel happy with their reunion but he gave her the cold shoulder. So Yen tried to have a crush on Yam just like he did with her before
                      And after all, Zam realized that it was a misunderstanding because the day he was released, he run so hard to meet Yen but he saw Yen with another man (like Macao Park saw Pepsee with Popie in The Thieves)
                      Hopefully my storyline isn’t too bad 😀

                    • that’s good writing there Suney, keep it up…though I think it’s gonna be a bit more….how should I say this….more DRAMATIC then that, lol….oh there’s gonna be a misunderstanding alright 😉
                      this one’s gonna be tough love….revenge driven and full of “action” kikikiki

                    • Glad to hear it, keke
                      Hwaiting, unnie!! Can’t wait for your new fanfic about Zampano & Yenicall ❤

  15. Hi,,,Faye why do i get the feeling that the cute little girl is from the future…I am so sure….lol.Oh i love this

  16. I only had a quick glance at this ep, but I love the little girl, sunny. Why do I have the feeling that she comes from somewhere in the future hehe. And has special abilities like her dad 🙂 I could be wrong though.

    I’ll try to be back and make more thoughtful comment about this ep, but so far for me this part spots on the most. Great job unnie!!

    • kikiki looks like you and grace are in agreement there…you guys got good feelings 😉 but again who’s future is the question…ok dear waiting for more of your input, lol, cuz it sure is quite in here…probably the first episode that’s so quite so I think not so many digging it, lol…just give it to me straight up! It’s about time I get some real criticism! 😉

  17. Wow! I’ve been waiting for this…my everyday routine is to check on your site as often as I could for updates..hehe…I am still very impressed at how this ideas flows into your mind so naturally..just brilliant! Simply brilliant! .. hope you never get tired of writing ywcft fanfics because this is my only antidote for missing the drama so damn much!! 😊😊😊

    P.S. I am so loving the little girl already!! 😉😉😉

    • aawww shabs, lol, I’m glad to hear that you’re contribution so much for the website stats, hahaha…that’s awesome! As long as people continue enjoying my stories then my spirit will keep me high and writing 😀 I too hope the momentum don’t die down until I finish this Season 2 kikiki (it does get tough though guys, real life is b*tch sometimes and keep getting in the way but I’ll continue putting my best foot forward)

  18. OMG u really have thought about everything cuz i forgot about jk too.. omo will u make him a bad guy i think a real twist would b him helping the already problematic situation..think on it 😉

    • umm…I don’t want to give away too much spoiler but in a word (yes)….no matter how things might have changed, what’s fated and meant to be will find a way (this is what I’m trying to convey with the alt. world) hence JK was evil in the world we know him to be but in the alt world because of SY’s close friendship it may have swerve his “evil” fate a bit…but I guess MJ come interfere in this world….again….so changes will shift and perhaps “evilness” will find him once again 😉 ….the trigger now is different than before though….it might just be as simple as loving someone too much.

      • Woah wat a thought i can’t wait to see wat the turn out will be i know it will be good 😉 domt forget about the younger brother,the pen and his exwife i cant wait to see how u use those 😜

        • wooww SHY! thanks for reminding me, haha, I almost forgot the oldest brother! haha…now I have to figure out what to do with him…hmmm…

  19. It’s out! The moment of revelation has come is it, faye unnie? Hahahaha. Don’t worry, I’ll answer you honestly…….. later in my comments. So here are my comments on the new episode:

    1. I feel sad for SM when that bastard used her but, hey, YJ’s there to rescue her, right? Awww, it so cute when he saved her. I was squealing imagining the scene (I have a very good imagination)! They’re going to make a good couple. I feel it.
    2. Unexpected friend – Sunny.
    Hah! I say that’s her future daughter. I don’t know how she does but she’s her daddy’s daughter anyway. So, there’s nothing impossible. Guess she has her own unique powers. And if it’s really her daughter, then my guess is ….. [an awaited revelation, drum roll please] …. CORRECT!!
    My two guesses were other SY or their daughter. Hope this satisfies your curiosity 🙂
    3. I find the have-connections-to-get-higher-positions is very realistic. Sadly, this is the truth in the real world. Pity Ahnya and Hwi Kyung. What’s going to happen to them? 😦
    4. Whoa, I was kind of expecting other SY to be one who’s befalling danger to herself but I can’t help being surprised by that. I mean, she actually goes to that extent just to see MJ? Kudos to you, other SY. I do find this another similar trait to real SY. They’re both cray cray and are willing to do almost anything to get to MJ. (etc kidnapping)
    5. Lol, totally forgot about JK. Surprisingly, I missed him. I know, I’m crazy. Good thing you brought him in, ’cause he’s going to add some spice into the story. Wonder what’s he up to now? I think that crazy nature of real JK is in this other JK. Urgh, creepy!

    Faye unnie, you did an excellent job for this episode as always especially that freaking cliffhanger. I wouldn’t even thought of JK appearing in this story again, hahahaha. Now, I’m curious of what’s in his sleeves…

    • 1. lol yes I’m loving writing them out, I do think they will be cute together…though at first they weren’t my first picking but they’re growing on me (and I get to kill 2 birds with one stone, solving both their relationships status!)
      2. hmmm….satisfy me indeed 😉 i’m loving your guesses it’s fun let’s see if there’s any of that for next ep.
      3. in most aliens/galactic sci-fi movies have shown, their political/economical issues carry over to other worlds and other dimensions as well…so why not here right? hmm…as of right now I don’t know how Ahnya & HK is gonna play out yet….we’ll just have to wait and see
      4. well, they are essentially the same SY…only the altSY had a milder personal due to UPBRINGING/NURTURE…but her NATURE, the basic part of her still remain the same and I’m glad you spotted that because I wanted the core of her to still remain the same…the stubborn/strong fight-for-what-you-want part of SY is still intact deep down inside 🙂
      5. I’m sure you’re not the only one missing JK, lol, though I didn’t want him to “take over” season 2 as he did in season 1 so that’s why hes really only appearing at the beginning and nearer the end, while other conflicts take precedent here.

      Oh good, I’m glad you didn’t think I failed in this episode…hahaha…it was so quite, I was biting my nails thinking oh god, this episode is a failure! no one wants to talk about it!…It must be what people call “the filler episodes” in the drama when things get boring….hahahhahaa…I think too much! Just want you guys to enjoy it, as long as you do I’m happy.

  20. The SM-YJ love team is cute.. 🙂 it brings a good spice. However, SY being worried while pregnant is making me really sad. I wish MJ could find the courage to tell SY about the altSY. Good thing her new mysterious friend is around. (Looking forward for more of her sweet appearance). Will SY discover who she really is?
    Like SY, I also miss the loving MJ in the story.. hehe…

    And JK is back.. I wonder what will be his role this time…

    Thank you for giving us your time safiresea.. I hope you know that you are making a lot of people happy through your writing. 🙂

    • hhmmm….let’s hope he does soon before SY finds out and….well, disaster! ……SY will probably find out who her “friend” really is…but in a rather, dramatic fashion that will shock her as well as you guys (or so I’m hoping).
      you’re welcome my dearest, I’m very happy to hear you said that…it really makes me happy 😀

  21. shabs i agree with you her stories is my antidote too 🙂
    so good job safiresea i love your story,and the byeontae edition kikikiki….waiting for the zampano and yennical story i will wait patiently when you can

    • High five chinggu!…and I’m with you for the zampano and yenical fanfic…the love story that started it all!….I will be forever thankful to this characters because them ywcfts was made possible…hehehe!!😉😉😉

    • aww, thanks cinzia, lol…I’m multi-tasking right now…thinking and writing up regular episode and on the sideline putting the stories of what Zam & Yen will be like, haha

  22. unnie… forgive me cuz i’m not really participate although i’m cheking this site every day..
    ups… i think i have admit my mistake 😀

    okay, now i want to talk about the story
    semi and yoon jae!!! waaaa. another couple for us
    cant wait for bok ja’s reaction when she know bout them.
    and minjoon… whats wrong with him???? how could he treats uri song yi like that… haish…
    and… that little girl… hmmm… i hope she’s not a new trouble for song yi…

    • ashriey, lol, no worries I give you hug hug ok?
      bokja’s reaction…see? how you just influence the future story? lol 😉 so you matter here, continue giving your thoughts and imput.
      HAHAHHA…what’s wrong with MJ? umm…he’s in love with 2 different SY that’s essentially the same SY….it get’s confusing for him, lol.
      Trouble or not, we’ll just have to wait and see…

  23. shabs you are damn right the couple that started it all!
    they are amazing!
    ashriey i also can’t wait for their part!

  24. safiresea,do you know if there is any chance to see the cut?on sompi they said that it could be difficult because but is there no way? maybe if they don’t post it on you tube but only on the forum,what do you think?

    • Yes it will definitely be hotter. .hehe..sorry for being a byeontae but I can’t really help it after reading the 2 byeontae editions…lol..

    • Cinzia my problem exactly…I really want to see the dvd cut but there will be a problem posting it due to copyright issues…maybe if someone can share it in a more discreet way there is a chance…really hoping! !

    • I think it spook a lot of folks…and right now I think a lot of international folks (like myself) still haven’t received it yet…I imagine there would be more bolder people that would post once most got it through their mail. I’m sure there’s a “private” way of sharing it. Don’t worry I’ll try and keep a lookout and see what I can do. For now I posted up some updated BTS pics, that’s all that’s out there for now 😦

  25. Lurker here: I’m a mom of a newborn so I don’t usually comment bc it often takes multiple sittings to read an episode all the way thru with all the interruptions I get, but I love the storyline! And I check the other posts regularly too.

    I’m curious if the little girl is actually human bc there are hints that she’s not… could she be from another star?? 😉 And man it’s going to be tough for alternate SY to cope with DMJ leaving that world. And we know he does eventually leave… he’s not going back there still is he?? *It says I’ve already commented but I can’t see it, so I’m trying again just in case!

    • Hi AMY! oh mommy huh? lol yeah I know what’s its like, no worries. Sorry I replied late, for some reason your comment went into spam…so I manually have to take it out of spam 😀 awwww….thank you for a different view point Amy! Everyone here is very sad for Prego SY but no one really think about the SY that got left behind, which she did because MJ got back to present SY and married her so….THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for pointing that out! and yes, it’s going to be really really tough for altSY and you will see why 😦 …it sucks that prego SY is sad and uncertain about MJ…but overall I still think the altSY got the short end of the stick and had a more “tragic” part of the deal.

  26. Hello again…,on second thought she might be the daughter of the other Sy coz she said her mommy plays the piano well omg but that contradicts the story.whos daughter Hw or Dmj? Definitely not Dmj….remember the honeymoon.My heart is aching if she is the child of dmj and csy in the alternate world but the kid is adorable just like the parent

    • yeah, lol, the clues are there (and I’m glad you picked up on some of it)….well maybe when the episode ends you might want to revisit past episodes and probably would understand the clues more 🙂 Wait…who’s HW??

  27. Shabs,dear chingu! don’t worry! then what can i do i am in the same situation as you! the byeontae edtion is really addicting! sorry sorry! but what can i do!
    and the when it’s about KSY and JJH I AM REAALY HAPPY! because the reality is really cruel so i like that.
    Also shabs do you think that we poor shipper who couldn’t buy the DVD have some hope?do you think there will be some good soul to help us????

  28. wow! I need to gather my thoughts. I’ve read SY and Sunny part sooooo many times now. It was so adorable and at the same time so heartbreaking. I don’t know how things will develop and I don’t want to guess because safiresea has always been able to surprise me with her writing and I really like that. I feel bad for SY. MJ is so preoccupied with his dreams of altSY and the time he spent with her, he’s not paying attention to his wife. The more I read about the stuff he did in the alternative world the more I feel sad for SY. I bet altSY must be so confused and sad as well but… I’m sorry SY takes precedence. I really don’t want to hate MJ but its getting difficult.
    As for SM/YJ I like that you’re giving them a side story too. I felt that SM’s character was underused in the drama. I really hoped that she would have a bigger part. I’m also waiting to see what else happens with HK and Ahnya, but actually what I really want to know is more about MJ’s planet and what their agenda is. They didn’t talk much about DMJ’s planet in the drama and I felt like it would have given more depth to MJ’s alien nature.
    And at last JK – OMG! I had totally forgotten about him O_O I was so surprised while reading. I can’t wait what he’ll be up to in the alt-universe. This should be really good :3 Kep it up! I want moooaaaarr 😀 ❤

    • awww, thanks Misai for putting faith in me 🙂 I hope I won’t ever disappoint you. As for MJ, lol, well…maybe it’ll help if you put yourself in his shoe? would you be able to ignore altSY for 3 long years? and maybe it’ll help a bit if you think of it like this: at least SY have MJ now…where as MJ has abandoned the other altSY…what will become of her? what happen to her? wouldn’t you say her life would be more tragic then just “being temporarily sad because one husband is not as attentive as he should be?”…..just being the devil’s advocate and giving a different point of view here….be mad at him, but don’t hate him too much….it’s not a good place to be where MJ is in.
      Yeah, I agree with you on SM, I like to use her more too so I’m hoping to write more for her (I hope her story will come into my head, lol).
      As for MJ’s planet (yeah here I have tried to explain more about his people and planet, ect) but to flesh out more about his world, that’s a tough job and required mega sci-fi imagination, lol….hint: I’d have to do that for the last few episodes 😉
      Yes…keep a look out for JK, he’s the major reason why…..(to be continue)

    • ah, lol that’s what I thought….but HK and SY wouldn’t product a child that can jump time can they…since they are both human, lol…

  29. Awwwww!
    Unnie, so sorry I just read episode 31 today because I had a lot of things to do, and still have many…
    Really enjoy the story, but too bad there wasn’t a romantic scene between SY and MJ (lol forgive my byeontae mind). But overall I really enjoy the story. Hehehe…. Thank you unnie you really work hard to satisfy your fans!

    By the way.
    [MJ flinch at his words yet his heart is flipping over with joy while his brain is berating him for being so happy about it]. Lol, this is also KSH’s feeling when…. You know what I mean. Hihihihi….

    • awww, lol…sorry dear…but maybe there might be one next episode just to lighten the mood a bit….before the final fall! hahaha. lol…yeah I think some folks forget that MJ/altSy is really my code for KSH/JJH…hahahhaha 😉 glad you still remember *shhhh* don’t say too loud.

  30. Hi Faye… sorry, been kind of busy lately and pow!.. episode 31 is already out.

    Lots of interesting developments for this episode huh… SM finally getting a breather for herself, feeling free spirited which is so unlike her personality.

    And that little girl “Sunny”, is she the alternate SY daughter? 6 years old? hmmm, that got me thinking, ?????

    SY depressed during her pregnancy because MJ is pre-occupied on other matters that bothers him, I feel bad for the pregnant SY, because during this stage in a woman’s life, we really feel those erratic depressions and this is where we need someone to comfort us while undergoing those circumstances, in which MJ is surely lacking… awww, i really feel bad for SY, makes me want to hug her.

    DMJ getting more hooked to the Alternate SY, and even getting jealous? What the heck!.. no wonder his mind is all boggled up in the present because of what he did when he was in that alternate world, and JK in this alternate world who seemed close to SY and his dialogue “that HK stole SY away from him?” What??? Mworagu?

    haha. Good work Faye… now I’m really anticipating what’s going to happen….
    now my mind’s boggled up as well, hehe

    I just read in soompi that JJH was actually the one who suggested KSH for the role of Zampano in “The Thieves?” well… I am smiling all ears now…

    • it’s ok, I got busy myself 😉 yes…SM is going to start changing…maybe the help of influences from the alt world, lol…that’s all i’m saying for now. Well, that’s what a lot of folks here believe that little girl to be 😉 hahhaha….well, common you guys…you can’t expect him to live for 3 years in a place where SY is and NOT feel anything do you? lol…ahhhh MJ, all the girls here want to hunt you down, sawry…sawry. YAH to boggled mind 😀
      Yep, I heard about that suggestion of JJH, kikiki did you read my reply on that, haha er the scenario in my head is always so byeontae, lol…

    • Hi sweet, lol…welcome, ah normally you would request it in the feedback form…but since you’re here I got your info so check your email later ok

        • lol, it’s the first or second post on the main page that says “contact, feedback, and request form”…oh I haven’t sent the email yet, I usually wait for a group before I send out, save me time to do it individually.

    • no luv, they been mailed but I gather it will take at least 5-10 days to get here 😦 …lol I didn’t have the money to buy it either, I got my sister, my best friend, and my baby daddy to chip in and get it as my “early B-Day” gift, kikiki

  31. about ep 31 poor CSY i really am sad for her,, Yh DMJ you wife is pregnant you know dob’t make her be sad like that with the other girl arasso? Poor CSY,poor CSY…we have to punish him yea! kikiki………..safiresea what are you doing to me,do you want to kill me? Poor CSY sob,sob sob… bad DMJ….sob sob…
    Safiresea seee i am crying like a mad person!

    • awww, don’t cry cinzia, trust me…it’s important to the story line….don’t fault MJ too much, its hard on him…it’s not like he can ignore altSY….she is still SY you know, lol.

  32. Hello safiresea ,
    i’m new to your blog…
    Congrats on your good writing ….Keep it up and hope I will be able contribute in terms of idea for future episode.. Nonethless just to let you know reading from past episodes I ‘m more sympathy with the original SY.. MJ should not have change of heart or divided heart regardless in whatever situation he is in. It just not right called betrayal / cheater…sorry If I being direct in my first posting….Appreciate also if I can to get password byeontae edition….? Thank youu 🙂

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    • Hi Sofea! Welcome! I’m glad to see you 🙂 well, you just give your opinions here and I’m glad to know that (you’re not the only one upset about this situation) don’t worry and hang in there MJ is not all that bad…I think it’s easier said then done, it’s hard for MJ to just ignore altSY…I mean after-all he’s spending 3 years in the same place as she is, how could anything NOT develop? (it’s more unrealistic if he doesn’t develop any feelings for her) Even though she is slightly different than SY, his heart still recognize her as SY…so, lol, try not to hate him too much kikiki
      I got your info and will send it in a batch within today/tomorrow 😀

  33. What an episode! I really liked how you introduced several key transitions for the characters in this ep, especially for SM. She deserves happiness too….so it’s great to see her feeling alive and becoming her true self.

    I also love Sunny and I can’t wait to find out which future she is from. I’m guessing and hoping that she is from SY and DJM’s future, not from the alternate world. It was really sweet and touching of her to comfort SY at the playground. She really listens and obeys her father’s instructions.

    My other favourite part of the ep – JK’s appearance. I totally forgot about him!!! I think all of us have been enjoying SY and DJM’s happy moments so much that we forgot about the dangers or difficulties they could face in their married life.

    Totally enjoyed the ep! Thanks so much for all your hard work. Really appreciate and admire your writing…;D

    • Yeah, I wanted SM to get some lime-light here…the poor girl had a sad 15 year crush that didn’t go anywhere…it’s time to liven up her love life yes?
      Sunny…ah Sunny is gonna be an interesting character to follow 😉 hahaha…I think a lot of people forgot about JK because I killed him off by episode 23 that no one give him a second thought…even when I introduce a brand new world! kikiki…so it’s nice to shock a few folks 😀 Yeah, if everything went smoothly in their married life, my writing would last 2 episodes HAHAHAHA.
      I’m glad that you enjoy it dear and I do really enjoy your input a lot 🙂

  34. Hi safiresea.. Its me again.. Thank you for your comments on my first postage.. don’t worry that I’m not hating MJ too much… although deep inside my heart ,I still feel he is a heart cheater.. Lol
    I also would like to comment if the little adorable girl Sunny is true his child with alt SY..he shouldn’t left her ..although it would be hard for original SY waiting for him to come back but time possibly will heal her feeling….Don’t get mad with me but I feel Its a unressponsiblle act of him towards both SY.. Say if he really want to fulfill his promise to original Sy..why having child with another Sy and left her..and later married original Sy and later his heart remembering his alt Sy and their sweet encounter and later start neglecting his prego Sy……haha… the end of the day…he cannot live happily thinking about each of them…. It is just not fair to both Sy….my heart still goes with prego Sy because MJ is her first love…
    The world / planet ….original Sy and alt Sy live in which one comes first???? 3 years could resulted Mj to have change of heart..I rembember when Mj talking to original Sy at the balcony , he was telling her that the timing at his planet is quicker compared to time at original Sy live in… So time at alt Sy live in is it the same as Mj planet??? If the same, he is there less than 3 years??? He is having this secret rendevous with alt Sy where he is with her less than 3 years…..Can ‘t Mj be loyal to only one person regardless if say he meet so many Sy… The original Sy must have her own uniqueness compared to other Sy. Surely he knows the difference … If the original Sy can be loyal to him for the past 3 years…why can ‘t him….It just not fair….I’m waiting for original SY reaction when she find out his secret……..pls be patient with my curiosity…

    • a heart cheater, lol, haha i like that…that sounds cute somehow…well, don’t get yourself worked up just yet hon…umm a lot of folks don’t think like you do because they all have already read the Byeontae Special Edition of DMJ & CSY Wedding & Honeymoon…so umm…in a way it would eliminate certain doubts. I’ll give you access soon so you can read it ok? 😀
      hmm…which world comes first…well originally there’s only one world, the world MJ/Kisohn landed on but because he’s stranded he changes the “composition” or “fate” of everyone around him which is like a ripple effect wherein the fate of the whole world changes…therefore the universe had to “correct” itself in making a duplicate/purer form of itself where MJ is NOT there…the alt world could have been formed after 50 years that MJ stayed on earth or could be after 100 years, who knows…but my answer would be the altSY is the “correct” pure form of SY…and the SY that MJ meet in season 1 is the “altered” SY…just as everyone else’s life has been altered by him being there. Hope that make sense?
      Here’s another example: in the alt world Lawyer Jang don’t exist, why? because his fate is to die a young death (MJ is not suppose to be there to save him) but in the “original” MJ saved Lawyer Jang therefore creating all kinds of fate, like say Jang got married (alter the wife’s fate) perhaps have kids or grand-kids (bringing in new fate), and so forth and so forth.
      And no, the world and the altworld are like twins separated by a wormhole so they operated in the same time zone (2 years in original earth is 2 years in alt earth) whereas MJ’s planet is thousands of light years away so therefore their time is different then Earth time…..think of it like this….the alt world is STILL earth just with different fates for all the inhabitants. BTW this was explained on previous episode too when MJ figure both world have the same timeline because he calculated every one to be the same age in both world.
      lol, I think if the role were reverse and SY lost MJ but suddenly saw MJ again, except he’s altMJ…I think she’d still fall in love with him 😉 if he’s opposite to cranky grandpa…say he’s funny and charming…my god, how would SY say no to that MJ?!?! lol what I’m saying is…it’s hard when you really, really love someone and they disappear from you and then suddenly reappear in front of you not as a twin to someone you love but AS THEMSELVES just in different form…I think it’s extremely difficult…if it was me, I’d just love the “new” person by default without even needing to know them because all the feelings already developed and there already from the previous love.
      Though, I’m loving your conflict and emotions 🙂 strong feelings from readers (negative or positive) is a good indicator for a writer I think 😀

    • Hello! I was reading this episode again and decided to read some comments and I found yours. A part of me also agrees that DMJ is cheating, or maybe he did cheat…. I can’t understand a person who cheats, I really can’t, but we have to admit the situation that DMJ is in, is not normal, so I kinda understand him a little. To give you a better notion about what I’m going to say next, I love sci-fi shows and if they have romance, even better. One of my all times favourite sci-fi show is Farscape (the main leads chemistry is through the roof) and in this show one particular situation occurred that made me think of DMJ’s situation here. Farscape is about a human that jumps through a wormhole and finds himself on the other side of the universe with a bunch of strange aliens. (I’m going to give you a major spoiler about Farscpe, please forgive me xD) In Farscape a human man falls in love with an alien woman. One day in a random episode, one certain bad guy they happen to encounter in their travels, decides to duplicate everyone in the ship. One of the people he duplicates is our male lead. But it turns out, that later it is explained that he didn’t duplicate/cloned the man. He said that they were both original and the same, like he had made 2 from 1. Like splitting him in half and 2 exactly alike men come out. This made things very confusing for the alien woman. She already had problems dealing with feelings she did not understand, let along with two exact men fighting for her. Somewhere along the line, both men get separated. One goes with the woman to some planet and the other one stays on the ship and from then on they start to live separately. So the alien woman continues the love line with guy 1 – and the guy 2 has different adventures. But turns out that guy 1 ends up dying in the alien woman arms. When she finally returns to the ship and sees guy 2, she can’t face him. Guy 2 is hurt because he loves her, but the alien woman loved the one that died. She knows that they are one and the same, but she can’t accept it because in her heart there is a difference. It takes her quite a while for her not to see a difference in her mind and in her heart. I think the same thing is happened or is happening with DMJ. At some point, I don’t think he sees a difference between the two SYs. Even though they didn’t live the same things, they both have similar if not the same personality. So in the end, is it cheating when DMJ sees them as the same? Does he sees them as the same? Personally I prefer SY over altSY but who knows what goes on in DMJ’s head and heart 🙂

      • Hello! Misai… nice of you to read and reply on my comments to Safiresea.. Frankly speaking I’m new to any sci-fi show, so my understanding to the logic of this “ sci-fi” story is very limited..Your description on one of your favorite sci-fi show , Farscape story is quite interesting….. Nonetheless I suppose we just have to leave it to our talented writer to explore further on each character development to make the story more interesting.
        As for now I just want add my opinion on DMJ character . I feel DMJ in away do ‘cheat” on SY, I hope unintentionally. For me the benchmark of ‘cheating’ is taking time, energy, and affection from your significant other and giving it to someone else. If you are up all night remembering someone else while your mate is sleeping alone, then yes you are ABSOLUTELY cheating. We fully understand the circumstances he is in which is not normal ,stranded for 3 years in another world and meeting a person who is similar to his love life SY can be a difficult emotional affairs indeed.
        Remember, if DMJ continues feel the need to hide something from his wife SY, it is *probably * wrong! . And If DMJ seriously have committed to SY, then stay committed to her. And if he feels he can’t be with either one of them, then break up; or at least until he decide to settle with one or the other (if ever). Realistically, the time will come when you’ll be forced to choose between them; so unless you become polygamists, you won’t be able to keep juggling forever!
        The deeper issue is, do you *really * love two people, or are you confused, and possibly afraid of committing to one person, because of all the other things you might miss? Maybe in this , DMJ have confused himself on the reality of his alien life… But over time maybe he will realize that his feelings for one differ for his feelings of the other. We leave it to our writer on this..
        The question can you love 2 different person at the same time , although they are the same person? YES , but if it isn’t heart-stopping and joyful or basically the best feeling you have ever had, IT ISN’T WORTH IT. Well I could say EVERYBODY is not perfect, so that would be the basis for me to understand, the alien DMJ a little .. Don’t feel bad about the significant other, situations tend to work themselves out if they are meant to. He just need to establish for himself what it is that he really want….
        I do not doubt that a person could possibly love two people at the same time, but I don’t see it as a strong or lasting type of love. If you were married marriage is for life. In DMJ case he made a promise to love SY and be the best husband forever. Love is a decision not a feeling always.
        Therefore if he ever find himself stuck with feelings for two people, he must step back, understand what kind of feelings he is experiencing and then try to decide which of the persons he should commit to forever. It may not always be clear which person is right /best for him. But as long as he is honest, he will always have the answer sooner or later.
        DMJ have to know that loving someone and being in love with someone are not the same thing. When you love someone, you care about them, you want them to be happy and only the best for them. However If you are in love with someone, you want to be with her and only HER, you cannot imagine your life without her. So yes, you can love two people at the same time. But it isn’t the same sort of love.
        In the end, true trust and deep intimacy is most easily built within the confines of a loving, monogamous relationship with two people who share absolutely everything with each other. Not to mention, it gets tiring having to keep track of two lives; and that is assuming if DMJ are considering about “having” two people!……. If he is trying to hide it , then it will only be ten times harder to function. He ’ll just keep feeling more and more guilt that will later prevent him from truly enjoying either person, and if he aren’t enjoying it, what’s the point?

        • Yes Sofea, exactly, I do agree with you. DMJ is indeed cheating, in that sense you explained so well, he is keeping secrets from SY and he spends a lot of time thinking and dreaming of the other SY. If you read my other comments here, some of the things he has been doing really made me angry. I want to forgive him and I want to understand him because I like DMJ, but its getting hard not to hate him. Right now I’m trying to cut him a little slack, first because he is an alien, and because he is alien I think sometimes I tries to be more logical than emotional. And right now, I think he’s emotions are getting the better of him and he is so caught up in his own problems, he doesn’t realize what he is doing to SY. I don’t think he intentionally wants to cheat on SY. I think he clearly chose her, and he clearly loves her, or he wouldn’t have come back to her. I think the dreams he has been having mean more than some confused feeling of his. I think there is some bigger thing at work here, that will involve both worlds rather than DMJ having mixed feelings. Perhaps his mixed feelings are a side effect, a warning of some sort that indicates that something is wrong. We still don’t know all the details because safiresea hasn’t written them yet, but I trust she will not disappoint us. I’m ready for good and bad, whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a good read. So, I’m trying not to focus all of my attention on the cheating (like I was at first), instead I’m trying to take a step back and trying to see more of the big picture, because I think we still lack a lot of information. We still don’t know all of what happened during those 3 years he spent with altSY. I think the logical DMJ sees different SY’s, but the emotional DMJ sees them as the same person and that makes him feel guilty. What also makes him feel guilty is that he feels responsible somehow for everything that he caused by interfering in her life. Should he have altSY die? altSY also has a mind of her own. like SY, altSY also goes after what she wants. If she has decided she wants DMJ, she will try to get him, just like SY did. So I’m not placing all the blame on DMJ, because having an exact image of the person you love around you, must not be easy. I know that DMJ is trying his best. It may not be what we would like him to do or behave like, but our flawed alien is in a really tough situation right now. I’m sure safiresea will make him suffer for all the stuff he did. SY did warning him about other women before he left. She has a sixth sense after all. ahahaha XD I can’t wait for the next episode. 😀

    Dear Safiresea , just wanna to say I must salute your fanfic ability ..I don’t have that fictional imagination as yours. I must agree as an engineering student I simply don’t have the creative mind ……Not many people  have the  talent and creative mind as you , I must say….., keep it up .
    Nonetheless I hope you would not mind for me to pen some further comments on your fanfic episodes ok …its just based on my curiosity again upon reading your writings….
    1) If like what you said the world and the altworld are like twins and operated in the same time zone , are you saying this pure SY is still exist there  and is still there….if it is true ,it  may caused greater conflict to MJ if later he have to make a choice between the “correct” pure form of SY and the “altered” SY …or is he himself also the altered MJ ??? I guess this is fanfic all about.
    2) it must be hard and frustrated for prego Sy that she have to compete with different version of SY which does not exist in her world for affection of Mj as she can’t possibly erase the memory of the women that keep lingering in Mj mind… She must have felt not secured …maybe her unborn daughter could calm her down …..How she able to compete just like what she said in season 1 …and ultimately she could have emotional depression before accepting her fate and destiny… Or maybe later their strong love will save all the emotional obstacles .. suddenly I remember in season 1 when she was asleep/coma at the hospital , she was having this dream of being with MJ and not be able to hate him then felt sad that MJ loves her..maybe there is a connection for her to have this kind of feeling .
    2) One way of another maybe the prego  Sy have to take a stand by letting her Mj go until he sort out his mind ., she cannot hate  him for sure…but she seems to have a strong character eg determination ( like in season 1 where she asked MJ on the beach all sorts of question to confirm MJ feeling  and later decided not pursue MJ further ….)Being pregnant her emotion could be more sensitive with surrounding where she could have felt the feeling of alt Sy when Mj left her.This could be drastic decision that could trigger Mj to make his own decision… It just not right to keep on living with 2 women in your heart . But he  must have also suffered a lot deep inside his heart and he himself get confused.  Although these 2 women is essentially the same person with 2 different personalities,still they are living in 2 different planets so Mj have to make a rational choice…..rather than being indecisive  or unless IF later he decided to become  a two timer ..yuckkkkk haha …… either live with your past memory or the present to create a happily marriage . Both prego Sy and Mj will be  separated and eventually he will find his way back to her  perhaps via their daughter…
    3) we know this prego Sy have strong personality……can’t we have her torture this Mj a bit after she find out about his secret in a dramatic way..girl power….haha.( don’t forgive Mj so easily… Sorry safiresea ) .Let Mj suffer a bit for not having enough courage to be truthful to prego Sy from the very beginning( but pity him also having this emotional dilema. It must be truly hard for him ) ..Or reliable HK to defend prego SY in his own way just like when he told MJ in Season 1.

    4) Their goal to have 7 children, could it be with many different version of  Sy at  different time ,I hope its not..wahhhhh very scary ..unrealistic thinking from me I guess.  We know human does not live long but maybe alien Mj could …the little girl Sunny , could it be SY herself ? or the  daughter of “pure” SY and “pure” MJ , if there is what so called ” pure” MJ exist  or  the Unborn SY daughter ……Now I already make myself confused….
    Sorry dearie for  my long comments …I truly enjoy reading your writing….

    • Sofea, you may not have the “creative mind” but studying for engineering in my eyes, is a just a different form of creativity 😉

      1. Yes! altSY is still in her world where MJ left her (poor poor her)…and yes again….that’s the crux of the story and where the major conflict of the story will be.
      2.well prego SY does NOT know about MJ’s conflict or altSY yet….you will find out soon if MJ tells her, or she found out herself, or someone tells her…and of course what would her reaction be like? Even I don’t know yet.
      2a. well…lol, you’re looking much much farther into the future there…but MJ is going through this more or less because he’s being “haunted” and trying to solve a riddle to “save” his relationship with current SY more than anything…the side bi-product is him reliving the 3 years he was stranded with altSY (and therefore letting us in on his story with her). Prego SY is indeed very emotional and straightforward so we’ll see what she’ll do…though this time around they are married so I don’t know how drastic would she take it.
      3. lol…..oh trust me……MJ is gonna get all kinds of suffering….he’ll be in such bad shape you guys might beg me to take mercy on him *evil laugh* wuahhhhhahhaha
      4. I think the 7 kids is a fantasy between them…and really I think it should just remain a fantasy (I have ONE normal kid and I’m about to die, imagine having 7 ABNORMAL/HALF-ALIEN kids, forget it…the world would be in chaos! haha). Well, there’s only one MJ so it doesn’t matter if “pure” or not, it’s just SY that have two version.

  36. “Contradicting” is the word I’d say about this episode’s calmness. Is true that this ep is more quiet and all but it has upheaved countless uneasy feelings in many folks about MJ is “emotionally cheating” on his wife, SY. From my point of view, I have no problem about him having thoughts and moaning feeling toward the other SY. It’s just so obvious that he loves her… It’s not just the same face she shares with the other SY but it is more about the INSANE FATE that brought them together again regardless which lives SY in. For MJ, she is still SY, whose life is more pathetic than his wife, who has him (heart and soul) completely. MJ is indeed in difficult situation (I feel so sorry for him😢 but I felt like crying too when seeing the pregnant SY being so sad and all. This is so hard *ugh my soft heart*).

    Certainly, I understand that the alt SY is not the original character that many of us have known but I have to agree with our writer that she is nonetheless the “supposed to be” SY if there was no MJ’s presence (interruption). I kind of dislike on how many chingus here moaning over the story line that they say seem to be unfair to SY in real life. Just take it people! It’s the turning point which makes the story more interesting. We just gotta have faith in Faye unnie and our writer nim will nail it terrifically this time!! That said, I’m just gonna hold on tight and enjoy the ride. 🚂🚂🚂

    And yes not forgot to mention about the return of our love MATCH MAKER, Lee Jeakyung. I loved how he had MJ and SY engage into their relationship thru his evil acts in season 1. So I’ll wait in anticipation to see how his role in this second season turn out to be. Very interesting! Bring me your secretive juicy meat unnie! *evil laughing*

    Okie …lastly I want to sum up this episode. Even though our writer nim admitted this ep is more quiet than other episodes, I agree and also disagree because I know for sure Faye Linh unnie intentionally put it in a way that she set us ready for the super bumpy road ahead. Set that aside, It’s so nice to see a new relationship start sprouting between SM and YJ. The angry Ahnya and the clueless HW, I can see a love bond that forms stronger and stronger between these two. The mysterious angelic young little lady brought the refreshing feeling to the story. I don’t tend to put myself in prediction so I’m not going to put my guess on the little girl, Sunny, and whose future she’s in. I want to be surprised when the truth hit me. I love unexpected things and have my emotion bursted out keke. And last but not least, the cliff hanger at the last minute that finally made MJ bursts out his emotion as well as danger his identity in this alt-world.
    Well it’s that much I want to say for now and let me store up my emotion for the upcoming episodes. Whatever your breaking point is, it’s better to shock me real hard alright unnie, fighting!! Again thank you so much for your hard work *hug*

    • wow, finally hear from you 😉 sorry my reply come later than usually but between replying to long letters and comments, there’s poster that I was busy on too. So sorry luv.
      I think you’re one of the few person that I can ask….”so who do you feel more sorry for MJ, SY, or altSY?” ……and will wonder about your answer because I don’t know who you’ll pick. It’s nice to have someone that spread their emotion across the board, makes it more interesting that way 😉
      Awww, such faith in me my chingu…I like that about you, I’ll try not to disappoint but i think we have somewhat of the same ideal & expectation romance-wise so what I have in store for them…I’m sure you will enjoy (as I am enjoying it in my head right now, lol). And no worries, people have strong feelings I like that, makes my job more challenging as I wanted to see if I can start steering people into a different court (feeling more for MJ or altSY is my goal, haha).
      ahhh still have high expectation of JK I see….lol, well let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint.
      Yes…some things are still building up but within 2-3 episodes will start the bomb and from then on it’ll be a race to find a solution 😉 ….or something like that. Sunny have an important task given her before she’s even born, I hope that task is gonna be a shocker for everyone here 😀

      • Regarding who I feel more sorry for, I don’t have an absolute answer for you yet, triangle love is hard but love like this case is even terrible for the ones involve in it. There is no winner or loser here, but maybe I feel more bad for MJ because he is just right in the middle of extreme happiness and desperation. He is in such a difficult situation that he can’t even seem to enjoy his happiness without feeling guilty here and there. Too bad for him! But as the story progresses my feeling may change or move to a different one, could be more for SY or altSY. It all depends on your magical writing my writer nim.

        Final note, I’ll wait and see how you are gonna win over the readers’ heart for MJ and altSY. Yeah, make the ones that disagree with their relationship suffer the same agony like MJ hehe it’s be so interesting! *evil me laughing*

        • hahha….yeah I can try I suppose, lol, but SY have a huge fan-base so that’s gonna be tough even if it’s herself she’s going against. I think it’ll be much better on screen because when people actually see altSY, I think the connection would be stronger and more real…but try to write out a winning card for altSY I will definitely try ;)……..yes, I do feel bad for MJ too….but he’s still to me, lucky in a way…he’s lucky/unlucky….SY is mainly lucky….but I feel alt SY is just plain UNLUCKY. Perhaps it’s because she’s the character I pen so I feel more for her but…I think I’m still pretty objective, I just feel like the whole situation she got the worst end of the stick…then again no one is privy to the “whole” story yet beside my own head, lol….so that’s probably why.

          • Hmm… Now that you comparing who is lucky and unlucky of all… I still come back to my point saying that I feel more sympathetic to MJ. It’s not like I don’t see how sad altSY’s life is but for me, I think….time will heal it all…as long as they do not meet again. A side notes to this to reason why I don’t feel much pain for altSY:
            1/ last time you corrected me that her marriage life is not like loveless with her husband… So after all that she just come back to the opened arms of her forgiveful husband. So hopefully she will overcome her feeling about MJ… Not completely but yea whatsoever
            2/ I felt cheated/ betrayed by the latest pic of JJH with her man in their couple shoes… So I kind of link my emotion from real life to this story thinking it’s not that really bad for her marriage… Haiz

            About MJ, as far as I know about him, he is consistent with his feeling (he couldn’t even forget a girl from the past for 400yrs and he kept telling himself not to love, not to get involve in any kind of relationship after his lost) so that conclusion draw me to the point that I feel more sadness for MJ. I pretended I put myself in his shoes too… It’s just too crazy to be him…why? Because it’s too hard to keep on living and keep that burning feeling inside… I don’t know how to express his feeling here I just feel it in my way… He is in love with his SY indeed, but how can he forget the other SY… Yes like you said falling in love with 2 people with its turns out to be the same person is hard… This case is even more difficult. I hope you help them solve this tangle love well so that we as readers can ease our feeling after this show ends otherwise I will be continue haunting you….

            • well, lol that’s because altSY situation hasn’t been revealed yet, that’s why I said I’m siding with her because only I can see her clearer in my head since my head already know her stories, you guys haven’t yet. Though they say too much of anything is not good and it’s true MJ did have too much good thing…but he still have the “good” thing…he’s being extremely loved wherever he’s at and not to mention total marital bliss with SY for over a year and now expecting a baby, sure he have conflicts tough ones but he still got lots of goodies out of it. AltSY…well her life will unfold gradually but let me say one thing: her stubborn love for MJ is going to be her downfall, who’s going to be there for her? certainty not her slighted broken-hearted husband and certainly not MJ either….and then she had to….well can’t say now. You’ll just have to wait.
              As for JJH…lol, you mean her Barcelona trip photo with the man’s back? I got word from our own Saesang (investigator) and from Chinese report that it’s NOT her husband but one of her bodyguard (I think the shoes were sponsors from her CF)…of course all this who’s to be for certain of anything but that’s the word in LINE.

              HAHAHHA….trust me girl I solve their problem FIRST before creating such a tough dilemma so yeah don’t worry too much…though if you’re not satisfied with the ending it feel free to continue harassing me, lol….I do have a feeling that it will satisfy most if not all of you 😉

              • Haha hopefully the story of Alt SY will unfold gradually cuz I’m dying to know more of what happens to her life after MJ left her. But then pls don’t dramatize the story… You scared me saying:”her stubborn love for MJ is going to be her downfall, who’s going to be there for her? certainty not her slighted broken-hearted husband and certainly not MJ either….and then SHE HAD TO….” No suicide….no sacrifice ….no negative things please… I feel winning a reader heart by that kind of method is considered cheating haha, so big NO

                Well, I guess seasang was only made up a story of her going with a body guard/ manager/ assistant to make us feel better… Well, he didn’t wear any sign on his shirt so let’s hope like he is one of her bodyguard then *shrug*

                About how you end this show I have no idea but like I said many times I have faith in your writing so I’m just hoping that your awesomeness will even surpass ms Park writer

  37. Unnie im very, very, very sorry for being so late in commenting here… I feel so bad because Im too busy to give you my feedback the first time I read it. Im in school by the way and finishing a report which is already due that time. And I told myself, unnie deserves a long rant not just a word saying how amazing she is. Now that I read it the second time and have a few time to spare i will be giving you my rant on this episode.

    Well what can I say but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I hope you wont get tired of me saying you are:
    1. Daebak
    2. Amazing
    3. Awesomeness incarnation
    4. Great
    5. My favorite fanfic writer

    Now with the episode:
    1. I love how you give importance to semi in this episode because to tell you the truth, im quite sad when the character of semi seems underdeveloped in the original story. I know semi has potential to be a great character but she seems to be placed in the corner to give way to some characters like hwikyung, yoon jae and jae kyung. Thank you for allowing her a room to shine on her own. And unnie I like yoon jae more with semi than bokja now. I cant help but think she deserves someone who will truly love her. She’s a pitiful character that i can relate to. Always looking for love at all the wrong places haha.
    2. Mj stalking SY in the alternate world is just so, so, so… sorry i cant find a word for it. Its just that i feel so bad for the real SY and i wanted to smack DMJ in the head and tell him “Gather your wits you alien!” Of course she is also SY but does he have to think about her all the time when he is already with the REAL ONE? *spins my nail ring* (Im sorry unnie but this is what I call effective writing when I want to be in the story and put some harm into the character to put some sense in their head haha)
    3. Oh my sunny is just so adorable! Her convo with CSY is so cute. And DMJ having his own birthday? Wow its about time he has to have one.
    4. LOL at hwikyung and ahnya

    Okay so I wont comment on DMJ stalking CSy in the alternate world because…just because haha

    Waiting for the next episode. So sorry if ill be late again. But promise ill still come here to read and rant. Love you unnie, please take care always…

    • Jade, I’m sorry I think I forgot to reply back to you 😦
      awww…thank you for taking your time out even though you’re very busy with school and all *hugs*
      lol….you’re so cute xoxoxox
      1) yes, I’m really liking talking about more on SM’s end…at first from the show and even from my writing, she seems to lurk in the corner with not much to tell about herself….then midway in my writing I decide to pair her up with YJ (killing 2 birds with one stone) and I don’t know her character now is breaking out of her mold and seems more lively and asking me for more script time, lol. I actually think a lot of girls can relate to her as well about finding love in all the wrong places…aww, you are one of them? I’m sorry dear, lol…but count me in as well 😉
      2)hahahaha….I’m sure you’re not the only one that want to wrung MJ’s neck, lol….but think about how lonely he must be all by himself in the other world and then there’s his love…in the same vicinity (it’s basically as if she had amnesia) so I could see why he stalk her a bit because I’m sure a lot of that is because he miss SY so much…but gradually he sees altSY for her own self as well….so hence the complication 😉
      3) yup…one of my favorite scene as well is their convo….Sunny is…lol a little manipulative here kikiki

      Thanks darling, no worry and no rush, I’ll be here waiting for your comments 😀

    • I’m not sure I understand your question joyce…ummm I hope you’re not mistaken that this is the “real” show. This is a fan-fiction of season 2 🙂 ….Oh, I would love it if there’s video to this season kikiki

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