Samsung CF Take 1: Not Together, Far Apart

So after I’ve cool down by writing my revenge edition, I decide to go back and watch their CF again.  I still think it sucks (they both don’t seem very natural too) that they are not in the same frame but I’ve since moved on.  Honestly, I’ve seen much better CF’s each of them had done for other companies (Bean Pole anyone?) and I couldn’t wrap my head around why Samsung couldn’t make a more dynamic CF then this.  Even if they have to do it separately, you could have filmed it in such a way that MAKES it look like they are interacting.  I seriously was expecting much better caliber from such a huge company.  But, like someone mentioned before, maybe they are just easing into it like a little story unfolding…where eventually we will see more interaction and maybe if we’re lucky, they will stick them in the same vicinity of each other. (righhhhhhttt…I’ll believe it when I see it!).  Don’t mind me guys, maybe you like it.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is below…

UPDATED 7/10/14: I’m posting up the Photoshop pictures of them, I’m sure someone would enjoy it 😉



This is Kim Soo Hyun’s Part of the CF:

In reply, this is Jun Ji Hyun’s Part of the CF:


19 responses to “Samsung CF Take 1: Not Together, Far Apart

  1. I am so disappointed in Samsung…….they could have done a better job…..Like for instance the mini web series-ad that “L”..”from Infinite” was in had a better story line than this……and he’s an idol actor…..=_=

  2. God I really really miss them..this commercial is so disappointing and so frustrating!this was our last chance to see them together but then again samsung blew it up!!..what a shame!!! 😭😭😭😭

    • yeah, I was so happy when I heard they sign up together for Samsung…and then THIS happen, it’s like a slap in the face………sorry, we’re just teasing you guys…..they are with us (Samsung) but we’ll keep them apart to torture everyone…hahahhaha evil right? lol (I’m only kidding Samsung, I’m sure there’s more to it then just you separating them………….right?……….it better be else I’d hate you forever and ever kakakaka)

  3. i am disappointed to,guys dear chingu i also think the same,if it’s the start of a series of cf were they eventually interact with each other…well…i think the same as you safiresea, I WILL BELIVE IT WHEN I’LL SEE IT!

  4. TBH I haven’t watched it and I refuse to do it. What kind of crap is this?
    Maybe someday, in a long long long long time, when I have stopped dreaming of 2Hyun being together IRL I will watch it. For now, I will just keep reading the episodes and byeontae editions. Those are “realer than real” [from a book I recently read XD].

    • hahahah, omo, you’re even more pissed then me Maddie, I at least watch it 🙂 no worries you’re not missing much….I’ll keep you updated…if there’s a good CF out of them TOGETHER, I’ll notify you 😀

  5. I really disliked the CF. Not because it was poorly done, but because it underused KSH and JJH full potential. To me the commercial focused on product functionality more than telling a story using the Stars theme. What I mean is: If they are going with that type of CF they might as well use a couple of models or random people and get the same outcome. Because lets face it. What are they really selling here? If they just want to sell their product (like all they care is numbers), then they want possible customers to focus on the product itself, and not exactly on the people promoting it.
    I think the way you promote it is also important. Yes I know your product is of good quality, yes I know it does many things. Do I really need you to tell me that over and over. Show me something I don’t expect. This is why Bean Pole CF was so good. Because it told a story. You can make a connection between Clothes-Outdoors-People-Story-Quality. So they are not just selling you clothes, they sell you a fantasy. I think it was very well done.
    The Samsung CF on the other hand was too generic. They wanted to cash in on KSH/JJH/DMJ/CSY but utterly failed. You look at them and you can clearly see DMJ’s style – like the clothes and the bike, and you can also see KSH’s smile. You can see CSY’s playfulness and JJH’s class. So why does it fail? Because they wanted everything and ended up with nothing. While looking at them I don’t feel privy of their lives and they’re relationship. At first I see DMJ and CSY but then they are calling each other and you see Kim and Jun on their phones… err confusing much… and then random use of phone functions and that’s it. For this Samsung could have used anyone. They are not giving me anything I don’t already know. Why should I buy their phone? The other phones do all that stuff too. Tell me a story, sell me a fantasy, make me dream. I’m watching their CF and I feel bored. I don’t care about what they are doing or what they are showing me in this, honestly. I feel like Samsung is alienating the costumers by using the same boring formula. Like they are saying – here, lets bore you to death with our innovative product while showing the same boring CF and the same boring words, images and music. Samsung has DMJ and CSY for crying out loud… there is so much potential there.. can’t they do better? I feel like Samsung has a bunch of idiots working for them. Let’s face it – had they used random unknown actors/models it would just be another Generic Brand Video.

    Omg I need to cool down. I’m angry again at the stupid CF. *sigh*

    • Misai! wow, I don’t know where to begin…I SOOOOOO totally agree on everything you said! EVERYTHING! You dissect it very nicely indeed. And yes, I think whoever’s in charge for this section of Samsung need to be replaced or relearned what’s really important to consumer. It’s bland, boring, and unimaginative when you just trying to sell your technical points…people don’t really care about that…they want to be romanticize into a product and Samsung ALREADY have the perfect story-couple by default in their grasp and didn’t utilize it to their full advantage but instead did the opposite and made it worse! ugh….whatever…let’s hope they had harsh critique from high corporate…enough for them to change direction on the next one.

  6. Faye i dont have much to say about their cf…I am still mad at samsung lol..maybe if they could come up with the best cf i will soon

  7. i read on the yfas soompi tread this:
    And also I think sharing the clip publicly is unlikely since I think the producers said they will take action against it. But I’m sure there will be away to share it, maybe there will be a secret place to share it somehow or maybe some fan wont care and just share it. OTTOKE!!! what do you think? is there no way???

    • cinzia, don’t worry too much…stuff is still being shared….and as you know i will post whatever I find here and when I get the DVD I will share whatever I can 😉

  8. so much potential and yet samsung did not tap on any….I thought the CF was boring. The only thing I liked was the surprise cameo role by CSY’s manager.
    Although I expected JJH/KSH to continue playing the roles of CSY and DMJ in the CFs, I thought it would be interesting if the whole campaign had a different concept – not a follow up from the drama but something else which allows more interaction or at least some dialogue between JJH and KSH. I miss their chemistry…..

    • lol, yes it is pretty lame and not very creative…though I didn’t know that was CSY manager so that’s good to know.
      Yeah…I’m good both ways though…they can continue the show concept with family etc or they can create a whole new story line…maybe something dangerous and they have to use the phones for techy stuff that help out the mission or something haha, that would have been cool.

  9. Am I the weirdest person here? Watching their CF during Samsung event made me a bit disapointed. But watching it again after a while (I watch a combined clip of two versions), I don’t feel upset any more and even find it interesting. Maybe because I don’t hope and ask for too much, I’m satisfied with it at this moment. To me, this CF tells a realistic story, not the continuation of YWCFTS. They share many small talks/ messages during a day and end up with a long conversation as if they forget about the time and everything around (their outfits don’t change through the CF). I hope they can keep contact like that in real life too, even if they’re just friends, I’ll be more than happy.
    PS: Here is the clip of the CF I mention above:

    • YES! you’re soooooo weird! ;-P hahahha….I’m just playing you yvy I’m glad you liked it for the rest of us haters 🙂 ….see I’m not really caring about them doing continuing of MLFAS or even being lovey dovey…I just expect more artistically produced CF and for them to utilize both to the highest capabilities (this requires their interaction since they have such great chemistry together when they interact, romantic or otherwise…but we don’t get this in the CF, so that’s what so disappointing to me)…They work very well together and that’s what everyone wants to see. If that wasn’t possible, I still think they could do a better separate CF, that’s just me though kikikiki

  10. Oh gosh how late am I? I liked the one where fans put them together but I hate the seperate one alot! Omg samsung I feel that fans do one are better than original

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