2nd Poll: Choose the Official Printed Poster for MLFAS2


The stats are fast reaching 50,000 so I’ve been busy trying to finish the prize for our winners 🙂  I just recently completed the prize for 3rd place winner: a printed poster to go with this story.  As of right now there’s plan to only have 5 printed (3 for the three 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner, one for me, and one for Thao, who’s helping making the first prize…and she’s not in running, lol, if she did she win]

Anyways, so after doing many layouts; I ended up with this layout using only the main CHUNDO couple/family instead of all the main/supporting characters (too busy).  Now I need your help in choosing which poster will be the final one representing MLFAS2 Fan-Fic and the one being printed.

There’s a total of 4:

Here’s the Original Version


Here’s Version 1-Dark Tone:


Here’s Version 2-Blue Tone:


Here’s Version 3-Yellow Monotone:


OK, so VOTE for your favorite and let me know which of these 4 should be the final ONE! Thanks Everyone That Participate!


15 responses to “2nd Poll: Choose the Official Printed Poster for MLFAS2

    • I was so excited I forgot to comment on the poster itself. This is so cool! I love this young actress she’s the perfect Jin Sunhee, also what else… Ah um the real world and alternate world is well illustrated side by side. And yes, that number “2” is the magic note of this poster, how did you make it? Look like u got help from the original production lol

      • of course I gotta give you something for being super duper awesome! 😀 I’ve never seen her acting in TMTETS but I’ve heard of her and I think she looks a lot like their “daughter” too. hahaha…you don’t know what a pain it was to extract those korean words, ugh…and then painfully replicate the pattern inside number 2…ugh some more, lol, but it’s done now and I’m happy with the result (which is pretty rare as I’m such a crazy perfectionist)

  1. It’s hard to choose because all of them are so pretty. But I ‘force’ myself to look closely several times and then I find the second one (dark tone) is stand out the most. The beauty of all the characters, the earth in this picture is perfect.

    • yeah I like that one too…lol and like you I thought it was pretty hard to choose, so once again, I put that task on you guys 😉 i like em all but for me it really boils down to the dark one and the blue one….I’m excited to see which one would win!

  2. Hi everyone , my name is Donna . I’m a big fan of 2hyun also MLFAS . Today , through soompi ive found this site . And the more than the pass 8 hours i been reading eps 22-31 over & over , now i wanting for more & more lol . The drama was very good , but this fan-fic even better …i love it . If could i would like to give a tight hugs to the writer because of her excellent work & awesomeness xoxoxo . Also Thanks to her – a hopeless shipper like me feeling alive again *wink* …thats why right now I’m so desperate to know how to get the password for the especial ( byeontae) Edition DMJ & CSJ honeymoon . Can anybody please help me ? I promise taking you out for ice-cream whenever you in town ( California ) . Sincerely , 2hyuncrazyfan !!!

    • Hi there Donna BIG WELCOME….writer here 😉 thank you for your amazingly sweet comment, I’m gonna take it with me into my dreams tonight kikiki…..and you know what? I LOVE ICE CREAM! bribe me more with ICE CREAM, it works! (check your email soon for not just DMJ & CSY but also for KSH & JJH…if you’re 2Hyun shipper, you’ll love that one!)

  3. I agree with Yvy! They all look good but there is something about the second one. Did you make them yourself unnie?
    If yes then wow ! You are an artist all-around hahaha

    • lol, yes maddie I did….that’s why I’ve been so busy. Besides I think the “gift” have more meaning it it comes straight from me.
      thanks maddie, lol there’s some things this “artist” can’t do though (like paint!…if I could do that I would paint certain memorable scenario from the story!)

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