MY Detailed Account of DVD Director’s Cut 2 Disc NG’s

Ok, below is my rambling on what I saw on the DVD….I have pics of the products and will post later one in another post.  A word of warning, if you intend to buy this DVD make sure it works in your region because it’s only set to play on DVD of region 3, 4, 5, 6 .  Mine doesn’t work on my DVD and for the moment I’m playing it on my computer (again, I have to change my computer region, the TV/DVD was more complicated).  I know this before hand so I’m not terribly disappointed…worst case scenario I need to buy a $30 DVD to play it.

And by the way, my account is not exactly “wonderful” material because I don’t know Korean and probably missed a lot of great content and may misread certain things by only reading body language so excuse me for that please.

The total of CFs is about 3 hours.



50% of the NG here is pretty boring (I guess because I don’t understand Korean so
I have no idea what they are saying right/wrong)…but here’s the most memorable moments for me:

1. When KSH & JJH was at the rooftop and he ask her who she is by the glass window…she said something and I guess she messed up and started laughing. I thought it was notable that they were standing at least a foot or two part but when she messed up and laugh, she stepped in and lean into him, her hands on him while laughing. That’s a big suggestion of closeness to me because normally it’s unnecessary to take a big step towards your co-actor to touch and lean into him unless you are quite close with one another.

2. It seems KSH messed up a lot when it comes to the script about teaching/school related stuff, lol….bet he doesn’t like school very much hahahhaa

3. At the scene where DMJ took SY away in the salon when she argues with her frienemy actress and he broke the lights…well…he forgot to do something I guess and they laugh, JJH once again put her hand out and touch his arms (haha…I’m starting to see a trend here with JJH’s hand)

4. For the scene where DMJ knock on SY door because of her loud singing…lol, I don’t know what’s going on but he kept hitting his leg and stomping…as if his leg went numb or tired from standing or something, it’s funny…and then every time he look at JJH sticking out her head, he have this shy/laugh look, it’s so cute….it’s like he gets shy just looking at her hahaha….and then both of them stare at each other with the biggest grin….awwwww

5. One of the best parts and seemingling longest was when SY was drunk and come over to MJ house accidentally….hahahhaha….there was sooo much NG on that scene because they kept laughing and laughing. I think because of the close proximity her face is to his as well as her body and of course her drunk facial expression. From all the gifs you guys seen it’s like that very very touchy everywhere….close very close, sweet moments. The sound of his laughter is really adorable too.

6. One of my favorites was when JJH play that part where she’s acting all child like calling out to MJ to appear in her room…hahahhaha….I think these were even way cuter then what they’ve shown in the show, her voice and the different gestures she made was really hahahhaha funny as heck luv it.

7. And finally, we didn’t know that when MJ and YJ teleported to JJH house on the couch, then MJ use his power to get the bottle of water…hahaha, it was JJH that was throwing him the water all along kikikiki


Again half of the NG’s wasn’t that interesting…it might be if you understand Korean, lol.

1. hmm…the part where SY confess to MJ on the island and
they stare at each other…it seems pretty intense…in the show you see MJ just wiper her tears…but in the NG KSH actually did this thing with his hand where he crosses to the other side of her face to wipe her tears and brush her hair, it seem even sweeter…awww…and then they kept staring at each other until finally JJH said something (I guess she said to MJ to say something) and then the tension broke out between them. I must note from my point of view that when she’s delivering the “I love you no matter what line” KSH/DMJ seems to lean in as well as JJH/CSY lean in slightly like they wanted to kiss each other (lol subtle but I think noticeable body language there, or maybe I’ve just been too delusional these days)

2. This kid really…the scene where they were on the island and he gave her the handkerchief to dry her face…hahahah…I don’t know what he find so funny looking at her but he kept laughing this childish laugh….if only I understand Korean :(( booo

(a frustrated note: why oh why do we care about the NG’s of some reporter guy reporting the UFO? WHY? he occupied like at least 3-5 minutes…what they don’t have any other clips???)

3. The scene at the beach where he was singing to her…the bonfire plus the wind, bad idea…it kept blowing into their eyes and at one point his hand came over to cover her eyes awwww….and I must add, when he started singing JJH sat up look at him then lay back on his shoulder…she hugs him closer (I feel her that it’s almost TOO natural for her) ….then KSH had to ruin the moment, lol…well he got the smoke bad in his eyes and throat while singing and had to stop aww poor bobo….AND i must note that KSH I believe said “ahh s*hit” hahaha or maybe he’s just saying “aishhh”, this is not the first time I heard it either…somehow that just seem cuter if he had curse in English.

4. Again, I’d have to re-watch the scene when the Cheon family is eating dinner with DMJ…was SY hand grabbing MJ arm when she took the soup away from him? she did in the NG…and again when she gets him food (did she really need to hold his arm while doing this? hahaha) and then wrap her arm around his shoulder…..(JJH sure likes touching KSH, lol, and he just love laughing)

5. When he was lying in bed and SY thought he was dead…she came in and shook him…KSH came up awake abruptly and said something as JJH started laughing…she laid down on the bed next to him laughing, that was cute, kikiki

6. In the car when they were about to face the reporters after DMJ had expose himself…JJH messed up the speech in the car and once again she laugh and laid on his shoulder (so far guys…I’m seeing it all on JJH’s side who’s doing all the touchy here, hahahhaha)

7. Ahhhh…my favorite part…leading to the sofa kiss. I say JJH is totally taking advantage here kikiki….when she started trying to kiss him, they already started laughing, but she continue on anyway and climb on top of him while holding his face (really? does she need to climb on top of him? LOL…couger move, totally *wink, wink*) and then I love how they just stare at the camera…laugh…and THEN she proceed to climb on him again! before the camera cut out hahaha. Retake, she kiss him on the cheek and he leaned in of course…retake, she tried to kiss him as he supposedly tried to get away, then flip her over…AND a moment of total seriousness between them before he lean in for a kiss and THAT kiss her mouth was totally puckered up and into the kiss (not like what was shown in the show, well here his hand didn’t held her down like in the show though) then they both stare at each other, gave a cute little laugh and he fell down and she started laughing.

8. JJH tripped on some wires and fell into KSH and he catches her BUT…his hands really never quite touches her (whereas she’s always touching him)….hmmm…very interesting indeed.

9. and after their first kiss and DMJ got sick lying on the couch…SY came to check up on him…and of course JJH did that thing where she prop his eyes open and he started laughing that was cute…but then she went by and touches him and yank her hand out right away and he was like “owww” hahahah….did she just zap him………talk about major electricity 😉

10. He was sick in bed….and the moaning that he did….HAHAHHAHAHHA…I laugh so hard….erhh…even he knows it sounds….well he laughed too….I’m just gonna rewind that part right now and hear him moan again….hahahhahahha

11. ahhh…SY open up his shirt while he’s in bed…and whad da ya know…his “nipple” supposedly showing, lol, his half shut eyes is looking at it and then start buttoning himself up (noted: while his tongue is sticking out on one side of his mouth…hahaha one action says I’m shy, the other, lol…well says I’m teasing you kikiki) JJH is laughing on the side, saying something again I don’t know.

12. they are filming JJH inside the caterpillar tent thingy….and she started singing…OMO sooo funny….hahaha you can hear KSH laughing so hard in the background.

13. HAHAHHA…SY acting crazy in love with MJ at the Doctor’s office…was even crazier in the NG, I wonder what more was she talking about when she pulled her jacket collar down, lol…looks like they cut that out but dang, she look even crazier here then in the show 😀

14. WOW…the scene where SY got drunk and started singing with the bottle of wine from heartbreak…hahahah…it was longggg….AND there was some really great scenes, lol, especially funny when they made her voice into a chipmunk and all her crazy gestures, some of which was not shown in the show but soo hilarious!! I laughed all over again….and then SHE called “CUT” herself…she’s like omg, that’s enough craziness from me, lol……

15. When SY came to MJ class to confront/blackmail him to go with her else she expose his alien self…they were about to walk out the door and they messed up laugh….JJH again grab his arms (ahhh….I lost count how many times now….though I must say KSH’s been very careful not to really touch his noona or his touch is very light, VERY lightly on her…hmmmm….)….then they were walking outside arguing…and then suddenly stop, both of them stare at each other for quite some time without talking (lol, I guess they were wondering what they should be doing?) then both broke out saying something (well, I did say I don’t know Korean)….so you interpret that “something”….I thought that long stare was…well…..convenient 😉

16. When MJ was suppose to teleport out of SY’s room but couldn’t because he had a hangover and SY just kissed him….well he tried as SY looked at him…then KSH laugh spit seemingly in front of SY’s face, lol…she jump in surprise and laugh but doesn’t seem to faze her at all, lol. wonder if any of his spit landed on her kakakakakkaa….

17. The scene where SY was jogging and MJ and here were fighting….JJH actually ran into the mic pole, it hit her hand…KSH came to her right away and was very worried, awww sweetie pie (still I don’t see much touching from him, he again very lightly touch her)

18. KSH got really into he role when he was angry and arguing with SY then Suzy show up and he yelled at her too….don’t know what he said though, lol

19. When they (MJ & SY) went away together and holding hands in the kitchen while MJ make tea, JJH rubs his upper arm (yummy), then NG cuz of something outside the window? then they went back to holding hand and arm rubbing…and they are talking though it seems more informal as if they weren’t filming and yet…they are still holding hands? lol…I really need to know what they’re saying man….NG again….hmmm something about the steamer and they are not in character anymore as MJ look at the person the the left and JJH laughing….but….still the hands are holding each other still….

20. …and of course they both laugh at the farting scene (JJH again touch his shoulder, what else is new)

21. JJH did a crazy pose that was not shown in the show when they did the wedding photoshoot, lol…that was funny…..hahahhahaha….and then a bunch more crazy poses, LMAOFFFF

22. ahhh, the couch wrestling scene…lol, that was funny how he came over and took her leg and flip her around on the couch hahahhaha then made the funny pose like “I win” but saying “I’m sorry” instead….and when she tried to explain the situation with fake “dad”…JJH’s hand went behind MJ’s head and rub then landed on his shoulder (THAT wasn’t in the show) then when they laugh JJH took her other hand and grab his arms…so one hand on his shoulder one hand on his arms (that’s BOTH hands JJH-ahhhh)

Finally…what did I learn from all this CF’s??? …………”Cho-eh soong hahm-nee-dah” ….it means “I’m sorry”… hear it like a million times, lol, especially from KSH……and of course that JJH likes touching KSH…..(but gee I already know that so, it’s more just a confirmation)

That’s all the NG’s ….I don’t see the play in the snow scene must be something else BTS?….and no kissing scenes either….what up with that? ok…..I’m so tired and wonder should I check out the DVD for Pre-Order gift next…..


13 responses to “MY Detailed Account of DVD Director’s Cut 2 Disc NG’s

  1. Daebaak
    Omg omg
    I re read ur explanation again n again while trying to imagine it unnie
    The dvd is not yet available in my country I guess :(((
    I want it ! I want it soo bad

    • what do you mean not available? I bought it online and it suppose to be able to ship everywhere…I’m glad you liked it, still got some more DVD to go through 🙂

  2. unnie… big hug for you…
    thanks for the detail. since i cant buy the dvd so your detail explanation plus gifs and pics from soompi help me so much.
    btw just want to know, do you have any plan to write ksh and jjh byeontae edition part 2 after watching all of those NG’s???
    kekekeke 😀

    • hahahah…ummm…not so much, if I do it would be more on JJH’s side, lol, since from the BTS it looks like JJH is more the instigator of touches and feels kikiki… of right now too much writing on my plate lined up 🙂

  3. love love love..thanks unnie for sharing this with us..although we can’t watch it ourselves because the price is freaking expensive but reading your explanation of the scene is consider ‘ok’ already..<3

  4. Thanks for your details!! Can’t wait for the full video ❤
    Btw, how about the CD with unreleased OST, unnie? Is there something new?

  5. Unnie you really are the best!! thank you for posting the content of director’s cut dvd! Just by reading your writing, the feels is coming baaaack. Oh how i miss 2hyun couple. I’m perfectly happy lol, and by the way your blog is on my bookmarks, easier for me to check more updates from you 😀
    And i wanna ask you somthing, do you have any intention to share the bts video here maybe? I really appreciate that, yunno for the poor hardore fan like me who can’t afford the expensive dvd T-T

    • Hi fty, no problem I’m glad you enjoy reading it and that it can give you guys some idea of what’s in it. Of course it’s not EVERYTHING…but really just the main ones I feel is important pertaining to KSH & JJH. As for BTS videos….at this time just under the post NEW CONTENT & Director’s Cut DVD is where you find what I find….and it does cover a lot of the good ones in BTS & CFs. As of right now I don’t have the time to figure out how to capture and share video, I have a lot on my plate. If things slow down a bit I might otherwise it’s just easier for me to just post up what other’s had already share 😀 hope that answers your question.

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