Ok, this here I have very little to say about.  This is basically a commentary of 4 people, let’s use their show’s name: it’s JK, YJ, SM, and HK.  For each person you see them and the director and two other guys I don’t know who they are on a small screen while the big screen show their scenes.  For example, if it was JK, they show all the clips of JK from beginning to the end of show and once in a while they comment here and there about it.  Of course I didn’t really “watch” it because I don’t know Korean, how could I possibly make any intelligible comments?  It was pretty boring BECAUSE I don’t know what they are saying.  Also, I see now why KSH and JJH is not on here.  I mean if they were, they’d sit there forever because the show consists mainly of them….and then what?  Most of the clips would contain one of the following; DMJ kissing CSY, CSY holding hands with DMJ, DMJ watching her sleep, DMJ hugging her, DMJ carrying her, DMJ & CSY lying in bed together, they eating together, they talking lovey dovey stuff about each other, they talking lovey dovey stuff about each other to other people…and so on….ummm…can you imagine how awkward that would be for them to comment on it: “yeah, her lips was pretty soft when I kiss her”… “ah, his arms are pretty strong when he hugs me”… “my heart is beating so fast when she lay next to me” … “I really like holding his warm hands” … “noona is so beautiful I can’t take it any more when I look at her, I have to laugh to keep my nerves in check” …. “why is Soo Hyun laugh so sexy?” … hahaha…so forth and so forth….I mean what could they possibly say about ALL those interactions because there’s just WAY too many scenes of them together.  So now it makes perfect sense to me why they are NOT doing the commentary.  Not saying that I’m happy about that…because just imagine how funny that would have been!!!! I’d especially would like to see KSH comment on his kiss at the Red Carpet scene… “hmm…wow, that camera man…he’s really something huh? He capture that just…just so perfect, makes me look so good….and I didn’t even have to do anything!” <— (insert sarcasm here)


Nothing much to write about.  There’s 5 track of instrumental music each lasting approximately 2 minutes, the longest was 2 minutes and 28 seconds *wooptidoo*.  It’s mainly funny and comical music.  If you’re curious about it, later on I will post a post here of all MLFAS music and you can listen to it all ok?

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL DISC: (only available to those who Pre-Order the DVD)

May I say…I think this is my favorite Disc for one reason and one reason only.  RED CARPET KISS.  Enough said.

First section of the disc is nothing of interest, it’s more behind the scenes/the making sorta deal where you see the scene with equipments around and a bunch of other people in the scenes that you didn’t see in the show….you know the behind the scene people.  The only few notable scenes are: when SY pinch MJ’s cheek at the restaurant , he did the long speech about his people, then he move his mouth like a funny duck, haha….him and his facial exercise is really funny.  MOST NOTABLE SCENE: when they meet at their new house in the epilogue…JJH came out of the gate and KSH walk towards her (they are pan out farther away, closer to the camera are a few people probably equipment helpers), KSH look around as if checking to make sure no one is looking at him/them while JJH is doing a little dance he walked in and hug her, lol, but they patted each other like “let’s make it look really friendly and cute like nothing is out of the ordinary”…..hahahah…but what’s really funny is one of the three guy look at them hug and VISIBLE cover his mouth (he couldn’t help himself giggling/laughing).  Then with arms still linking with each other JJH started doing this silly dance and KSH joined in with her (are they deflecting their close behavior with silliness? possibly….the man took his hand off his face and look at the opposite direction but you can still see his silly grin…haha THAT MAN REPRESENT US, THE SHIPPER! Haha.  And the part where she’s thinking of him in the kitchen (when he disappear already) and him giving her the cup he supposed to disappear so after he gave her the cup, KSH duct down under the counter.  Erh…one comment here, I hope JJH is NOT wearing a skirt! Ohhhhh well….maybe I do hope, just a little kikikiki….so KSH might have a good view of long legs while waiting under the table, lol. (EDIT: no she’s not wearing a skirt but tights, lol).  The scenes of YJ jumping on MJ was also pretty funny as you can see in the gifs.  And lastly the scene of KSH taking pictures with the director, ahhh he gave such A DORKY laugh, lol, he’s such a goofball this guy!

The second part is the photo shoot for the show.  These had been released earlier before the show even start so not much is new.  Of course I love seeing how close their body is to each other when shooting.  Then towards the end where everyone shoot together, KSH was the only one sitting on the bench pole.  So when it’s done (this is what it looks like since there’s people’s heads in the foreground so it’s not as straight forward and harder to tell but going frame by frame this is what I deduct) a guy (he’s one of the original actor for the show but bail out last minute so he’s no longer in the show) to JJH’s left grab KSH’s hand to help him down (JJH did NOT extend her hand or anything but she is facing him directly when he got down.  Then he looked over at her (this lady’s head cover the part of their hands/arms so you can’t see anything) you could see KSH arm/shoulder extended towards JJH and when the head moved, you see both his hands clasping her and moving around in a little dance while everyone is pretty serious…gosh these two.  Again, I stick to my gun and said he grab her hands on his own and played with it

The third part is the After Party, a very short clip and nothing much of interest EXCEPT for ONE intzy observation here.  KSH and JJH sit at the same table…next to each other…facing the wall, their backs towards everyone else.  Another thing I observe is that I don’t think it’s base on the Show’s characters importance that sit together…I think it’s BY PREFERENCE.  The reason I said that is because their table consist of only two or three other people from the show the rest are people NOT in the show or those we don’t even know about.  Their table is in the corner facing the wall away from everyone else.  SOOOO frustrating because this MC guy stood there talking and talking and he’s COVERING both of them so can’t even see them at all except for one moment when the MC guy moved down to bow.  Speeches, then KSH had the honor of opening the Champagne which he bow to the crowd then shake it and spray everyone, lol.

The forth part is the script reading….ummm….nothing to say as I don’t speak Korean.  They read the script…end of clip.  OH wait! Lol towards the end…KSH said something, whatever it is he said, JJH look at him with this incredulous look and laughed her head off.

The fifth part is Director’s Birthday, don’t see JJH’s here.  But KSH did his hair really different then the show, looks more like he just got off from one of his photo shoot, lol.  He carry cake over to Director but the light went out so they have to relight it.  They sing, then KSH smash cake on Directors face, lol, then high five someone…he’s such a kiddo.

The sixth part…and THE MOST IMPORTANT PART…is our RED CARPET KISS.  I’ve written and post pics on this already so won’t go into too much but I’m watching it again (and again, and again)…just this clips alone I felt is worth it.  And I have to make note that the this kiss scene is probably only comprise of about 4-5 takes (not the 12 that was rumored so I really curious and want to see them all)…I would LOVE to steal ALL the camera’s there to see EVERY take, hahahaha….I seriously really want to see the one where his hands move up and down her back.  But I have to say….I think this scenes KSH really went all out, he really, really kiss her like there’s no tomorrow.  I’m interested to see if in the future he would kiss anyone else like that…I’d like to think not.  Noted too that JJH’s also did the same.  I think this last kiss comprised of all the emotions and frustration from episode 1-21 all together finally exploded in a final moment of goodbye and EVERYTHING JUST GOES, who cares who’s watching.  Realistically speaking, I think it’s really their first REAL kiss (even more real then The Thieves because I feel like in The Thieves JJH wasn’t really participating as much but more of a receiver and it wasn’t done in a “loving” way…hard to explain) so in retrospect if they did that for 12 takes…after the 2nd or so I imagine things just got more and more intense each time for them especially if they enjoy the kiss (which by the look of it, they do).  I’m sorry to have to say this but if there wasn’t a few hundred people there and if they weren’t standing outside in the cold…That kiss anywhere else where the two participant is alone would dictate that clothes won’t be on their body for too long…I’m old, experienced, and just being real people….sorry.  Hey to be honest, just looking at their kiss makes my heart litterly palpatate and I get hot and bothered, lol…so I can’t imagine being the ONE INSIDE THE KISS, participating IN IT!….I don’t care who it is…or if I’m married….kisses like that spell all kinds of trouble…especially trouble sleeping.  Sooo…my heart goes out to them and hope they sleep ok at night….

So…for reading this LOOONGGG rant of mine…I reward you guys with…that’s right THE RED CARPET KISS!!! Kikikiki

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT share this anywhere else…if I started seeing it on other sites I WILL take it down (viewers, if you see it anywhere else let me know please, thanks)


  1. It is a beautiful kiss. I look and I can not see enough. He’s like a hungry or thirsty. I have butterflies in my stomach fly and goosebumps on the strength of this aura kiss. Thanks for the video Cute Faye!!! 🙂 😉

  2. Finally finished reading all your bts’ commentary..
    Thank you unnie for making these..
    You are jjinja daebak! Make us who starve about the bts feel full. I read this and watch the bts from misai unnie so I was not just imagining… Lol…
    I love ksh jjh closeness in real life, but honestly rather dissapointed because at first I thought that ksh is so touchy towards jjh, but the fact is the opposite. Hahaha… Why do you think ksh try to not touch his noona? Huh? Huh? Huh? 😦 maybe because there were many crew around them right? im trying to make my shipper heart happy 😦 but knowing this all I know I’m crazy that I still ship them hard. Maybe because I already watch the red carpet scene bts. Ksh really went all out hihihi… Maybe he could not take it anymore… Didnt care about hundreds people around and just kiss her so so hot like that. It was trully ksh kissed jjh in my eyes.
    Hope you can post more cute bts later. Hehehe….

    • yeah I’m gonna make my observation on it soon and post in Soompi…I think it is hard since most, like 97% of the time in whatever scenes they are in there’s like 20 other people surrounding them, if that’s not a mood killer I don’t know what is. Still they find enjoyment in the safer route….laughter 😀 He’d be a fool if he didn’t take that opportunity and milk it for all that it’s worth for the red carpet kiss. He knew no one’s gonna judge him harshly on that because he’s suppose to kiss her and it was a reunited kiss after 3 years so he can do “whatever he want” though I think if you don’t have chemistry with each other, the kiss would have been less notable and “normal” in the world of Kdrama….but I really do see a lot of KSH in that kiss 😉 That was a real kiss and not an acting kiss….for me anyways…and I think he took his noona’s breath away a bit there. I really think she herself was shock at his kiss a bit, I think a woman’s intuition is very high and you can tell from an acting kiss to a real kiss…and so she herself got carried away with the kiss as well. It is (possibly) their last time afterall.

  3. hoho..unnie-ya..thanks for the detailed explanation, hee
    i’m really appreciate that..
    the bts sound so so hilarious..:)
    btw, for the kiss, is beyond the hot..they kissed like no one was around,,awwwww…*goosebumps*

    • lol, yes some of it is (skip all the boring parts thou)….I just love it when JJH or KSH is onscreen you can almost always expect laughter and great body language…it’s like you don’t even need to know Korean to understand or appreciate it 😀

    • no problem Kalainess…’s a drool-worthy kiss ya? Or rather I should say kisses (cause we know there were many many takes kikikiki)

  4. “Hey to be honest, just looking at their kiss makes my heart litterly palpatate and I get hot and bothered…” <=== she wants the I (for 🍦)

    What you said there is so detailed and hilarious. Thank you so much for spending time and give us this very well done commentary. (💐 for u)

    I've just received my DVD yesterday so I'm started watching the episodes in stead of the NG or BTS stuffs since I already read from your account. I want to enjoy the drama all over again…. And I can see from ep 1 the director did add some scenes and also changed the background music (when SY goes to school and HK escorts her there was "She" but it changed to "My LFAS by Younha". Then there is a scene where SY saw her name being mention on the news for not showing up in school, she was kind of crying in front of director ann to make him agree letting her go to the beauty salon for a beauty treatment (crying to much from last night makes her eyes become swollen)… And when she was singing her heart out in the bathroom and therefore bothered uri MJ, after singing and her infamous exhale she said another line which was not shown in the first version, but that line is very touch and emotional… Her eyes are watery too like she's about to cry but she holds it in well…

    Well, it's so far what I got before I mom broke into my room and made me go to sleep Lol

    Unnie, you are really busy these days I can totally understand… But…. But…. Is ep 32 coming soon? I want to know what happens to that cliff hanger scene. Palli palli hehe

    • Thao, thanks for the flowers 😉 I enjoy sharing with you guys I do. awww…I’m so upset I don’t have time to rewatch MLFAS…I still only watch it 1.5 times and I do want to just sit and watch it but…so much to do and so little time. That’s good to know that they added/changes some scenes up in the DVD, thanks for giving me the quick account of it 🙂 makes me excited for any more changes they might have.
      lol…yes…as a matter of fact, the preview is coming out right now. awww too bad you’d probably already sleeping. 😀

      • Oh no I’m still awake and been waiting for your preview all day hehe. Palli palli I want my first seat muawahaha

        I lost count how many times I rewatch the show at least 4 times for the first 13 eps and only 1 time for the final ep cuz I cried too much and also dun have the courage to rewatch it… But I think after your fanfic came out now I can watch the final ep again and again without feeling the “goodbye pain” cuz to me, your fanfic completes the happy ending of this show, yeah your work is that meaningful to me. I hope you never lose your drive in writing cuz it’s beautiful

        • hahah…it’s coming it’s coming…OMO I can’t believe you’re still UP!!!! This episode is more detailed and will be a little long…I’m already on page 8 and haven’t even finish what’s my outline for it yet! there’s still 2 scenes left…aik!

  5. After watching the gif…found that JJH was sasticfied … The way KSH lead the kiss….she smile …. M I rite….

  6. Hello Faye I already receive my dvds last week but because i was out of my hometown i just open the package today and watched only one disc..i just want to know from you how many disc you have including the preorder dvd cause i am confused..I have 15 disc .

    • Yeah that’s about right 15 disc, the details I’m giving here does not include the show itself…so NG 1 is in disc 10 (with ep 19-20), NG 2 is in disc 11 (with ep 21), then disc 12 is the Making, disc 13 is the commentary, the 14th disc which is the blue one is the Original Sound Track, then the last disc 15 is your Pre-Order Special disc…so yeah 15 disc (disc 1-9 are normal episodes)

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