My Love From Another Star – Episode 32


Previous Preview: Inspired by her new little friend, SY set out to celebrate MJ’s new birthday…but pleasantly shock to learn that MJ had a surprise gift of his own for their daughter.  Just as they both rekindle the flame, SY’s birthday gift sent him reeling back into the past.  Not knowing what else to do, MJ broke his secret and reveal his dilemma to Lawyer Jang.  Meanwhile, a flashback recall of the second year in the alternate world discloses JK’s intimate relationship with SY and his inner struggle.  SM and YJ continue their reluctant path towards a peculiar friendship for each other.

Scene 3-5: SY Celebrate MJ’s Birthday, Bringing an Unexpected, Familiar Gift

SY: (walks into the living room and look curiously at her brother) what are you watching? Not ET again is it? (She came closer to him and the computer screen)

YJ: (snap his laptop close immediately) none of your business.

SY: (shrug) have you seen Min Joon?

YJ: hyung? yeah he just got home 10 minutes ago and head straight to the library.

SY: ok thanks (turn around to walk away, thought for a bit and turn back around) you’re not watching porn are you? (He made an angry face and threw a couch pillow at her) it’s Saturday night shouldn’t you be out dating or something?

YJ: (squint at her suspiciously) you don’t want me at home…you’re up to something aren’t you? (SY gave a silly grin) does it have anything to do with that giant thing you had delivered here earlier?

SY: I’m celebrating MJ’s birthday today.

YJ: I thought he doesn’t have a birthday?

SY: well, from now on it’s going to be this day every year.  Ya! I’m trying to romance my husband here so make yourself invisible.

YJ: (roll his eyes, pick up his laptop and walk towards her) I’m going to my room, don’t disturb me (he walk off)

YJ slam the door to his room closed, then plop down on his bed with the laptop, opening it.

YJ: what user name should I use? [camera pan to screen, showing the fan site for SM]

SY walked into MJ library, but just as she saw him he quickly hide something behind his back.  Feeling suspicion rearing up she crossed her arms and walked towards him.

SY: what are you hiding back there my husband?

MJ: (look embarrass) it’s nothing…

SY: well if it’s nothing I’m sure you don’t mind showing it to me? (MJ look uncertain, then slowly pulled out a stuff animal) it’s a cute bird but what are you doing with that stuff animal?

MJ: it’s not just any bird…it’s a Bulsajo.

SY: er a Phoenix? why?

MJ: (shrug) Jin Sunhee’s favorite.  I want to give her a welcome gift when we meet her.

SY: really? (grin at MJ) can I see? (she grab it from him and was shock when she heard MJ singing “bbobbobbo” *.  She hug the soft bird and laughed uncontrollably) oh my god! You sound so adorable! (then jump into MJ’s arms and hug him tight) Oh gosh, it’s perfectly perfect! Where did you find such a cute bird that can do recording?

MJ: I didn’t. I had it made, they don’t exactly have phoenix stuffed animal lying around (looks embarrass) she likes me to sing her to sleep too so I thought this would also help when I’m not around.

SY: (eyeing MJ lovingly) you really have thought of everything.  I’m the mother and I still haven’t thought of a welcoming gift.  And here I thought you were nervous about becoming a father.

MJ: you thought that? (she nods her head)

SY: now I’m relieved.  I have something for you too. (MJ looks puzzle and point at himself) umhmm…close your eyes and follow me.

SY lead him to the backyard where their garden is.  Stood him at the entrance and told him to open his eyes.

MJ: (open his eyes but doesn’t understand, everything looks the same as it always does at night…dark) what am I looking at?

SY: …this…(SY pick up a cord and plug into each other.  The lights starts blinking on.  The grass has hundreds of light bulbs spread all over except for a pathway leading towards the big oak tree where a blanket was set up with covered up dishes, which he presume it’s food and a small cake.  Even the trees are lit up with hanging lanterns and more lights) your birthday dinner awaits…

MJ: My birthday? I don’t know what to say.

SY: then don’t…just come with me love. (she led him through the unlighted pathway to their picnic blanket) I bet you never had a picnic at night. (MJ still looking around a bit amazed but nod his head in agreement) I don’t really know how old you are since you said you don’t really have birthdays but I’m hoping that all these lights, each one can represent a year of your life.  I decided that today we should make it officially your birthday because your wife is determined to make sure that at least one day out of every year she can express fully how much she’s thankful that you’re here. Alive. And with her….(SY touch his cheek) I love you Min Joon…more than anything in this world combined.  I want you to always know that.

MJ: (he kissed her palm on his face) I know.  You don’t need a day out of every year to do fancy things like this so that I can be reminded of how much you love me…I already feel that love every day that you’e by my side.  I’m sorry if I haven’t been as attentive lately, I hope that hasn’t bothered you too much.  There’s just…some unfinished business I need to take care of before Jin Sunhee is born.  I want there to be nothing between us.  I swear to you, when I solve this dilemma I will tell you everything…please continue being a little more patient with me (SY nods her head, then suddenly MJ thought of something that made him look concerned) you didn’t do this all by yourself did you? You could have gotten hurt! Or you could…(she hush him)

SY: don’t worry love, I had help.  Your pregnant wife is pretty useless these days don’t you know? (laughs)

MJ: good…I don’t want you to exert yourself.

[camera pan out to earlier scene]

SM and BJ on their hands and knees spreading the light bulbs on the grass…

BJ: really? You couldn’t find something simpler to do?  Why are you making me suffer like this? Aigo, my back!

SM: Song Yi-ah why are you doing this? He’s already your husband. Is this really necessary?

SY: (sitting at the outdoor table eating a big bowl of fruits) chaaa, you guys quit complaining ah? I’m showing you how you keep your man happy.  Marriage needs rekindling now and then, you guys could learn a thing or two.

BJ: what man? Do you see us with any man? And this? By spreading light bulbs in the grass? Are you mad?

SY: tsk! This girl!  You have no sense of romance do you?  Just do it hah? If I could do it myself I would have…do you want a pregnant lady crawling all over the grass? (They both mumble “no” but gave her glaring looks. SY ignore them and continue eating) Semi, you miss a spot there.

SM: ughhhhh!!!!!! You better have that baby soon before I choke the life out of you! (she scoot over to the spot and placed the light bulbs on the grass then glare back at SY but SY just ignore her and continue eating her fruits)

[camera pan back into night scene of MJ & SY]

They finish eating and SY is laying against MJ’s chest as he rock her back and forth both facing the silhouetted of their house against the starry sky and the illuminating moon silently drifting in and out of thin clouds.

MJ: (hugs his wife while rubbing her belly, his smiling face pressed against the side of her face whispering in her ears) this is the perfect time.

SY: perfect time for what?

MJ: our daughter is finally asleep, it’s perfect time for your husband to make love to you.

SY: what??? (they are now in their bed) Min Joon! I’m not done!  I haven’t given you your gift yet!

MJ: it can wait.

SY: (sat up straighter) but…

MJ: wife, it can wait…(then he lean in and whisper in her ears.  SY blush)

SY: really? (MJ smile and nod his head)…I guess you’re right…it can wait.

–very early morning next day–

MJ woke up from a nightmare of the other world again and turn over to check on his wife like he always does, making sure she’s not disturbed.  He almost jumps out of bed from the shock of seeing the other SY in his bed.  Her long, black hair spread out over the pillows, the silk nightgown clung to her curves.  His pregnant wife is no longer beside him.  The other SY look at him with longing and sadness but before he could react to seeing her in his bed, burning hot flames out of nowhere engulf her and she disappears, chocking on a scream.  He called out her name in panic by sheer instinct and now in her place he saw his pregnant wife.  She sat up in bed and look at him accusingly.

SY: did you just call another woman’s name in our bed?!?

MJ: it’s not like that! SY please calm down…(SY started sobbing in anguish then held her swollen stomach, double over with pain)

SY: get out!  Leave!! I never want to see you again!

MJ: no…no please…NO!!!

SY: Min Joon wake up (she shook him a little bit harder.  MJ finally open his eyes and a blinding relieve snuggle his anguish mind.  It’s just a dream, a dream within a dream within a dream…but it’s still just a dream…) are you ok? It must be a really bad dream you’re having because you…

MJ: (he hugged her tightly, as tight as he could) I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to ever lose you…I don’t know what would happen to me if you ever leave me. I…

SY: I can’t breathe (he suddenly realizes how tight he’s squeezing her and relaxes his grip a bit) hey, hush love, I’m here I’m never going to leave you. (she kissed him gently on the lips) Forget about that dream (he nod his head but she could see he wasn’t convinced).  Oh remember I had a gift for you? Let’s go see it! I wanted to know if you like it.  I’m very excited (MJ just made a groaning sound instead and snuggle with her, holding her tighter. SY laugh) C’mon husband, let’s get out of bed!

MJ: Can’t I just hold you a little longer? What’s so important about a gift when I have you next to me? You are my gift…besides, I don’t care what it is, if it’s from you I’m sure I’ll like it.

SY: Do Min Joon! Do you know the length I go to get you this gift? Get your butt off that bed and follow me right now!

MJ: (grin/laugh into the bed sheet) ok, ok…you win wife, let’s go. (he support his wife as she lead them to one of the empty spare room they had) can’t I just teleport us there?

SY: tsk, stop showing off to your wife, besides it’s a surprise.

MJ: (mumble to himself) it’s not showing off, I just didn’t want you to get tired.

SY: (laughs) from walking a few feet? Don’t be absurd Min Joon-ah.  Here we are, close your eyes.

MJ: again? (He close his eyes as she led him in)

SY: ok! Open up! (MJ open his eyes and his silly grin at his wife’s antic quickly disappear) what do you think? Do you like it? (She look at his shocked face) you’re shock aren’t you? Aren’t you?  Yes, I know it’s a…big gift but I think it suits you. (She grin widely and proudly walks over to the white, grand piano) isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?  I feel in love with it immediately and there’s no doubt in my mind that I should get it for you as your first birthday gift (she turn and look at him again) oh tell me that you can play, I’d feel really silly if I got this and neither one of us can play (she laughs).

MJ still in a stupor, walked over closer, cautiously touching and trailing his fingers along the side of the grand piano.  It’s beautiful, it’s one of a kind…there isn’t another one like it.  He knew this because he had it commissioned as gift, he remembered every detail.  MJ sat down, open it and started hitting the keys hesitantly…it’s been over a year since he played.  Then gradually his fingers started playing the first song he had learned.  While playing he looked over sadly at his wife looking at him with a pleased smile.  She gradually turned into the other SY giving him the same pleased smile.

[scene fade to altSY hugging MJ/Kisohn]

AltSY: Kisohn! I love it! It’s the best thing I’ve ever received.  Thank you…this is the best birthday gift of my life! I will treasure it well (she leaned in and kiss him excitedly all over his face, then he leaned down and kissed her lips, glad that he finally did something that made her happy)

[fade out to a different scene]

AltSY: no (laughs) it’s like this…hmhmhm…keep your hands here but don’t forget to press your foot on the pedal.  Don’t press the keys too hard, softer like a caress…yes like that, you’re a fast learner (she sat next to Kisohn, they both play the piano together and smiled at each other)

[fade out to a different scene]

AltSY: I’m sorry Kisohn (she wipe her tears like a little girl) it’s all my fault.  I should have been more careful when I moved that heavy lamp.

MJ: hey don’t worry (he wipe her remaining tears) don’t worry, it’s just a small dent, I’ll have it fix.

[back to the present]

MJ finished playing the song…then thought about it again, he never got that dent fix.

SY: (smile with pleasure) what do you know Sunny was right…you can play.  That song was beautiful, what’s the name of it? I never heard of it before.

MJ: (sigh with resignation) it’s part of a composition called Transcending Stardust.

SY: (shook her head) Never heard of it…is the composer famous?

MJ: in her own ways she was…she was very well loved…(he choke then stood up and cleared his throat.  Out of curiosity he walked over to the back end of the piano, SY followed him.  His fingers came out to rub the dent there, he never did get to fix this dent for her.

SY: (gasp behind him then shove him aside to look at the dent) I can’t believe it!  The money I paid those guys to deliver it and look at the dent they made on your gift!  I can’t believe it! I’m sorry love, I’m going to call them right now!

MJ: (grab his wife by the shoulders and rub her arms) Song Yi-ah, my wife, please don’t worry about it, I’ll have it fix this time I promise.  I’m really tired, I’m going to go get some rest…we’ll talk later.  (SY looked at him and thought he suddenly does look really tired, how did his mood change so quickly?)

SY: but…(look back at the dent with a perplex expression) what do you mean “this time?” (Her question left hanging in the air as MJ had already walked out of the room)

Scene 8: MJ Reach Out To Lawyer Jang For Comfort

MJ knock on lawyer Jang’s door.  Jang open up.

LJ: what happen? Why do you look so haggard?

MJ: Can we talk?

LJ: (look back inside and scream out loud) honey! I’m going out, I’ll be back in a bit! (He step out and close the door) let’s go.

MJ and LJ sat silently in a private room drinking their tea.

LJ: (sip his tea thoughtfully then look at it) maybe I should get something stronger than tea. (He set it down on the table) let me get this straight…those three years you were gone you weren’t back home?  You were actually living on another earth? An alternate earth? (MJ nod his head) and this earth had Song Yi and everyone else in it?…except Song Yi is now married to Hwi Kyung? (MJ nod his head again. LJ put his hands over his forehead looking stunt).  Yeah, I should have order something stronger than tea.  Why did you wait so long to tell me this?

MJ: I didn’t tell anyone this…it’s…too confusing, even for me to comprehend.  I still don’t understand fully the situation but from some explanation by Ahnya, it seems to make sense that this other world exist because it’s nature’s way of correcting itself as I had inadvertently cause a shift in everyone’s fate here.

LJ: I see.  So did you look me up? Did we become friends again? Did I help you in those three years you were there? (MJ look away and became silent) Do Min Joon-shi…(MJ continue averting his gaze)….ohhh, I see (LJ look down sadly).  I guess you really did save me (he grab MJ hand) I’ve always been thankful to you but it never hit me so hard until now how precious my life is…how much I owe every moment of this life to you.  My marriage, my kids, my grandkids…(he held MJ’s hand to his face and sob).

MJ: it’s ok, you more than make up for it by remaining at my side all these years.  Those three years…it was really tough on me that you weren’t around. If there’s anything I did right in this world, it’s saving your life.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  (LJ wipes his tears quickly away and pat MJ’s hand lovingly)

LJ: forget about me…let’s get back to the problem here.  How did you deal with Song Yi in that world all this time?

MJ: (drank his tea and stare blankly at his cup) I fell in love with her. (He swallow a lump of emotion) this is the first time I voice this out loud…I never let myself think it and I never let myself voice it to me or to her.  But deep down I know that it’s there (he look up at the ceiling fighting back the floodgate of tears) I don’t want it to be like that…I love Song Yi…I love my wife Song Yi and I felt I have betrayed her in the worst way. (He cover his face with shame, then his hands wipe his eyes and nose as he continue to talk).  They are different…too different sometimes, but my heart can’t seem to see that difference…all it can see is that it’s her….it’s her, the feelings are the same no matter which one I’m with or how different they are.

LJ: (put a hand over MJ’s shoulder and pat him slowly) it sounds like a really tough place to be…but…Do Min Joon-shi, you have chosen this Song Yi right?  You have married her, she’s your wife, she’s carrying your baby now.

MJ: you don’t think I know that?  I choose this Song Yi because I love her more than anything, I wouldn’t be able to live without her…even if I’m with the other Song Yi, that’s why I tried my best to leave and came back here…but…

LJ: (he waited) but what?

MJ: I made a promise…I made myself forget everything about those three years as if it never happen and on that one rare occasion that I was transported back to the other world I tried my best to come back here immediately, it took me a few hours but I did it…I did it without hesitation to look for the other Song Yi. But…why? Why now? Why recently my dreams have been haunting me ruthlessly?  Even if I want to forget I can’t anymore.  Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m going mad with hallucination, I look at my wife and then SHE would appear in place of my wife instead.  I don’t understand why now of all time is this happening to me?  Why now when I should be celebrating and be joyful waiting on the birth of our daughter?

LJ: well, there must be a reason why this started…

MJ: I thought that too and kept thinking and thinking on why this is but so far I’m not getting anywhere. I’m trying to read all the letters she wrote me to see if there might be some clues in there…so far nothing.

LJ: Well, when did this happen?

MJ: About 6-7 months ago, around the time when Song Yi became pregnant.  It was minimal at first then it gradually intensified and became more and more frequent.

They both look down thoughtful for a moment, then looked at each other as if a light bulb just turned on.

MJ & LJ: (said at the same time) The pregnancy!

LJ: if this other world existed because you have disrupted this place then it’s not entirely impossible that a pregnancy, as special as the mingling of two species…the child, in this world…with your blood…might connect somehow to the other world.  This special child…might be the key player in this whole situation….have you tried discussing this with Song Yi?

MJ: (look at LJ with shock and horror) do you not know my wife? She would tear the whole house down…the whole city! before calmly talking to me about another woman…especially another woman…

LJ: (nod his head in agreement) …especially if that other woman is the spitting image of herself.

MJ: I don’t want to risk losing her and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize her wellbeing…physically and emotionally, she’s pregnant after all so this is not the right time.  Until I solve this problem I don’t think it’s a good idea to let her know just yet.  It will be even better if it’s after she gave birth and I know that everything is fine for both mother and daughter.  Then we can deal with this as a family.

LJ: I understand but you also can’t continue like this either, you might lose her anyways if she finds out…and your sanity as well if you keep on seeing the other Song Yi.

MJ: let’s hope she didn’t find out before I can solve it (pat his friend on the back) don’t worry, you have helped me a lot. I’m going to seek out Ahnya and see if we can come closer to an explanation and perhaps a solution to all this. (MJ stood up to leave)

LJ: wait! If you end up having to choose between one of the two Song Yi who would you choose? Who do you love more?

MJ: (stop at the door but didn’t turn around) I would always choose my wife, she will always be my one and only Song Yi….but as for who I love more…I don’t have the answer to that question (he walked out as LJ look down at his tea with a terribly perplex expression, this can’t be good).

Scene 13-14: Continuing 2nd Year in Alternate World, A Family Dinner

Everyone at the table ate their food in silence.  Finally, HK couldn’t bare it any longer and broke the awkwardness.

HK: Hyung, are you coming back home for good or are you staying in the states indefinitely like Han Kyung hyung?

JK: I don’t know…am I welcome here? (he looks over at his mom and dad silently eating their food)

SY: (looks around uncomfortably and tried to lighten the mood with a light laugh) oppa, of course you’re welcome home.  We all miss you very much. (their mother glare at SY)

Father: No one ask for your opinion.

SY: (looks down apologetically) oh…yes father.  (she turns slightly to JK but didn’t meet his gaze) I’m sorry.

JK: (glance at SY feeling his blood boiling over again…then turned to HK) are you going to let them treat your wife like that?

Father: Them?  I’m your father!  Or have you been gone so long you’ve forgotten who give birth to you?

JK: I wish I did, but no I didn’t..and here I am again back into the loving arms of my family (his voice drip with sarcasm).

Father: (slam the chopsticks on the table and huffed angrily at JK while his wife rub his arms trying to pacify him) If you weren’t my son I’d…

JK: what? Disown me? You already did father.

Mother: Jae Kyun-ah your father wouldn’t have done it if you have listen to him and not leave everything to become a Veterinarian.  Why such a useless profession like a Veterinarian?

JK: (couldn’t help but look over at SY) because it makes me happy and it’s what I want to do (he went back to eating).

HK: did you see Han Kyung in the states?  How is he doing?  Did he tell you when he’s coming back?

JK: why all the questions? If you’re so curious why don’t you go see him, you know where he live.

Father: Go see him if you want but he’s not welcome here with that low-life he married.

Mother: Can we talk about something else, you know that’s a sensitive subject for your father.

JK: mother please, you know almost every subject in this house is sensitive to him.  He disown Han Kyung because he fell in love and got married to someone father disapprove of.  He disown me for choosing a profession less then stellar in his eyes and not inheriting his lifelong work.  And the only reason why he didn’t disown Hwi Kyung for marrying Song Yi is because Hwi Kyung’s a crippled and father needs someone left to handle his business (both HK and SY shift uncomfortably in their seat)


JK: I’m full already (he stood up and gave a mock bow) mother, father…(then walked out of the private room, out of the restaurant and into his car and drove away).

–a while later–

JK: (opens the door for his brother) what are you doing here?

HK: you’re first day home do you have to turn it into a fiasco already.

JK: (ignores him and walk away to get a drink) how did you know where I am?

HK: it’s not that hard to find you…I’m your brother remember?

JK: again, what are you here for?

HK: why did you come back? (JK stop pouring the water)

JK: so you’re as welcoming as the old man…

HK: you know why I’m asking you this.  Don’t pretend to play dumb with me.  Song Yi might be clueless about your feelings towards her but I’m not blind brother.

JK: (took the glass and tilt it towards HK in a salute) well good for you (and walk away to sit down on a sofa)

HK: (follow JK and stood in front of him) You left because you can’t stand the fact that you lose Song Yi to me, that she married me, so what are you coming back now for?

JK: (laughs and lean further in the sofa) maybe because I think I can take her away from you…(he look seriously at HK, then burst out laughing) relax little brother! You’re too tense.

HK: just remember that she’s my wife (he walk out and closed the door)

JK drank another sip then thought for a bit and threw the glass across the room.

–half hour later–

JK step out of the shower and felt a little better.  What had made him decide to come back to this hellhole he’d never know.  Maybe he just wants to check up on SY…if maybe she had finally realizes her mistake in marrying his brother.  He opens his wallet and look at the picture of Song Yi that he took of her when she turned 18 and they celebrated her birthday together.  She had been crying because HK is having another angry pity tantrum of his.  JK saw how upset she was so he took her out to a movie and treated her to dinner.  They had a lot of fun together and he had taken this picture of her laughing while blowing out the cake as the waiters sang to her.  It was one of the happiest moments of his life.

JK close his wallet and walk towards the couch, sat down, and put his face in his hands giving out a loud sigh.  He had a whole album of their time together…him buying music sheets for her, him driving her to her piano lesson, they going together to visit HK in therapy, every moment that HK had made her cry, all her sad times he was there for her, when he’s upset with his family she was there for him.  Even though he was older than her by over 5 years, they’d find a sense of solace within each other’s friendship but he had hoped there would be more…he had hoped she would get rid of the thoughts of guilt she felt towards HK.  Every time they brooch the subject she always denied it vehemently that she’s not with HK because she felt sorry and guilty but that she genuinely like him and want to be by his side.  She could fool herself but she can’t fool him, if it wasn’t for the accident, SY would have lived her own life.  She would have become a great actress, she would be much stronger than she is now, a caged bird to his household.  He knew his father and mother resent her deeply for being the reason their son got crippled so JK knew it couldn’t have been easy for her.  He didn’t want to leave her alone to fend for herself but damn it, she made that choice when she adamantly want to marry HK.  How could he sit around watching a train wreck, how could he watch the woman he love for the past 12 years having a married life with his younger brother?  Every time he thinks about how unfair everything is he felt himself choking with resentment.

JK phone rang.  He looked at it, then picked it up.

JK: Song Yi-ah?

SY: Oppa, why did you say such harsh words at dinner earlier.  You know how sensitive HK can be and mother and father…they can be set in their ways you shouldn’t argue with them it gets you nowhere.

JK: so that’s what you do, just shut your eyes and nod your head?  Song Yi…why are you doing this to yourself?  When are you going to let go of your guilt and live your life already?

SY: right now what I’m most guilty about is thinking of that time we save that dog together and me telling you to follow your dream of becoming a Veterinarian…if I hadn’t done that…I didn’t know, I didn’t know father would react so harshly towards you.  You should have just forget what we had talk about and listen to your father.  Who takes the word of a 19 year old seriously?

JK: Me…I take you seriously.  But just for the record, I didn’t do it just for you but I want to have a mind of my own…I despise having someone telling me what to do.  And if I bow to father, he would own me for the rest of my life.

SY:  still, I don’t feel comfortable knowing that you got disown without any inheritance partly because of me.

JK: I’m not choked up about it so you shouldn’t be either.  I’m not exactly the family pauper so don’t feel sorry for me I’m doing fine.

(they both pause for a bit)

JK: how are things with you and Hwi Kyung?

SY: ….not good.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about a divorce.

JK: (smile and perk up immediately) you did?

SY: yes…I’m not proud of it and I’m very upset thinking about it but at this point I think it’s best for HK that he just let me go so he can find his own happiness.  We haven’t been true husband and wife for a while now and the guilt of that is also eating away at me but I can’t seem to make my heart change course.

JK: what do you mean?

SY: please don’t tell anyone, this is only between us…but I think I’m deeply in love with someone I met two years ago.  And even if he doesn’t reciprocate my feelings, I have to believe that I should give it an honest try.  I can’t do that when I’m still married…maybe he wouldn’t mind if I’m no longer married, maybe he would come out of hiding and…hello? Oppa?

JK had dropped the phone onto the couch where he’s sitting and stare off at no definite point, his eyes blurry as the world turn red.

Epilogue: SM Falling Deeper In The Trap

SM look at her computer screen getting worked up again.  Who is this Stargazer20 that kept commenting on one of her more popular fan site and stirring up trouble? (reads out loud to herself) “you are wrong, she’s actually not that pretty with all that make up on”….(someone else reply to Stargazer20) “So I was right, she’s a fake” (SM gasp: ooohh!)… “no, I did not say that you little punk, she actually looks very pretty when she’s natural in the morning without much or no makeup on” …reply: “and who are you to know that? Are you her boyfriend? Oh or better yet are you HER spying on your fans?”

SM: ya….ya….ya….do these people not have a life to keep discussing me like this? (her mom walked over and slam the laptop down.

Mother: what did I tell you about reading all that junk comments…

SM: mother! Ugh…. (SM grab the laptop and walk briskly into her room, she quickly open it up again and scan back to the conversation:

“…better yet are you HER spying on your fans?”

“first off let’s not call you her fan because you’re not.  And no, I’m not her boyfriend god forbid no…and she’s too busy making herself famous to be mingling with low-lives like you”

“so what are you her fan or anti-fan”

“why do you care what I am? I’m just here to give my opinion”

Another person chime in: “so how did you know what she look like in the morning, are you her lover?”

“what? That’s even more absurd…that girl couldn’t get a lover if her life depends on it”

SM: (whaaa….this person is driving her bonkers, one moment they are complimenting her then next saying something outrageously…just no words. And who are they to comment like they know her personally? She’s feeling frustrated again.  It’s time to release some steam.  SM took out her phone and text: are you up? If you are call me.  After 10 minutes or so had gone by, she was about to give up when her phone ring) What took you so long?…aiyyysh don’t ask, I need to let off some steam.  Are you free now? Want to take your bike for a drive?

YJ hung up the phone, smiling to himself.  He shut his notebook and stood up looking at his wardrobe trying to decide what to wear.


*Just for reference: this is the song MJ sang in the recording:


When Daddy Leaves To Work Kiss Kiss Kiss

When Mommy Hugs Me Kiss Kiss Kiss

Happy to see each other when we meet Kiss Kiss Kiss

When we part then see each other again Kiss Kiss Kiss

We are cuties Kiss Kiss Kiss friends Kiss Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss Kiss friends!

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  1. Finally new episode, im so eager to see what happens next!
    Aw so sweet of MJ and SY for the presents to surprise each other, but what is SY’s present that once again brings MJ back to his past memory? Hm…
    Wah what?? Alt SY has intimate relationship with JK??? Nuuuuuu this is so wrong ottokke??

    Anyway, I feel relief that new ep comes out because it’s been so quiet lately even on soompi and here…. Just got a little worried if everyone has gotten over this MLFAS sickness but only me get left behind…. I do really hope you will finish this continuum regardless what happens (just saying but surely you will rite? Rite my dear writer nim? *puppy eyes*)

    Alright, take your time dear, as long as I know the preview is out I can wait patiently again, fighting!!

    • lol…intimate relationship does not always imply sexually my luv, don’t worry…it’s just an intimate friendship ok? Well, I think it’s been quiet because everyone is occupied with their DVD….and umm…I think they all converge on LINE now, I see lots of activities there, lol…though i don’t have much time to join in and chat so it’s easier for me to post things now and then on Soompi and here. Don’t worry, they talk about MLFAS on LINE all the time, hehe it’s not forgotten. Yes of course I will finish even if no one is reading it, lol…for me I will, I want to see it till the end….because the end is the best part (at least in my mind it is) 😉

      • Oops I always have Byeontae thoughts when it comes down to intimate relationship between man and woman hahaha. Hopefully JK’s role will pull out some interesting aspect for your show. And I think he sure will.

        Ps: I feel kind of bad for not participating or contributing much on soompi and certainly here… I wish my summer come faster so I can do more productive things for you guys… But rite now what I can do is only seat and check for update… Such a lazy butt.

  2. Please don’t apologise….your updates on the DVD helped me get through the long wait for my own set. Thanks so much!

    looking forward to ep32! ;D

  3. poor song yi (the wife)what the heck it seems like he will chose the wife only because she is pregnant, nooo! sob sob poor song yi!!
    writer nim do something pleasee i bet that she will find it out first before he resolve this matter right?
    if it’s like this i can’t wait for that moment

    • lol…no dear, read it again. He choose her because he loves her first and always, not just because she’s pregnant…common, lol, give him more credit then that. But of course, where would there be any tension and drama if SY didn’t find out first 😉 gosh, you guys are blood thirsty I see, lol hahahha…I guess you guys won’t be over worried about what’s going to happen to MJ then huh….sawry MJ, you’re on your own.

  4. Before I carry on, I have to say… DMJ you are a cheater! What a bastard!!! Like we say in my country…. I’ll give you such a beating, you’ll forget from which land you’re from <.:/

    Omg XD My deductions came true. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad or angry or what, but I loooooved this episode! One thing is clear, DMJ can’t differentiate between both SY’s. That’s why he can’t say who he loves the most. He doesn’t love SY or altSY, he loves Cheon Song Yi in her essence, and he would still love SY in another 100 different worlds. That’s my take on this. It doesn’t matter in which form she presents herself, he would still fall for her and love her, and the same thing will happen to her, just like SY said to him at Jangsado Island. “I would meet you again. We would have the same arguments again. You would have fallen in love with me again. I would love you again.” It is inescapable. It’s fate, it’s meant to be. Of course in this situation, DMJ still had to choose one, so he chose the one he fell in love first, the one he made promises to. He came back he married her and they are going to have a baby. I don’t know what is the baby’s role in this, but it seems to me like their daughter is somehow bringing the two worlds together. I don’t know if that makes any sense. But I think she is part of the solution to this whole dilemma. I was glad to finally hear DMJ voicing his own feelings to lawyer Jang. LJ is always a lot more perceptive than DMJ when it comes to feelings and human emotions.
    I also really liked the different perspective you gave on HK and JK’s family in the alt world. About altHK, it makes me a little sad knowing that altSY married him out of guilt and that he seems to use his accident to keep her next to him. altJK being altSY’s confidant – I really like that. It seems that in this reality he doesn’t desire money or power, but a woman instead. And in essence he is not different from the other JK since he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. As expected altSY has a mind of her own too and she is not denying her feelings toward DMJ – she really wants him. I can’t wait to see what role JK will play in bringing altSY and DMJ together, because I’m sure he will. xD Safiresea I love your writing. I already want the next episode. And now I’m done talking before I spoil myself with my own theories.

    • Misai, first thank you for still being an active participant in this story 🙂 I really love hearing your dissection of every episode, it makes it really interesting for me to write…and having a discussion of each episode made the process more fun. HAHAHHA…MJ is getting a lot of heat, poor him….and he hasn’t even done anything with the other SY yet, kakakaka (except maybe kiss her). On your deductions, bravo on a lot of points (you are very, very perceptive on the path I’m going down). Because the show did such an excellent job of portraying their epic love story (overcoming time, space, species differences) so it’s tough to follow suite unless I take the more drastic road to introduce a love interest for his heart. Of course to me, no one would be able to take away SY’s position in his heart realistically…that is except another SY (and even then, it’s questionable). This is an internal battle of “is he cheating if he’s always destine to love her in whatever shape and form?” hmm…while others may despise him a bit more…I actually admire him more as a character, not only is this flaw humanizes him more but in how he’s handling it, I admire that. Maybe I’m in the minorities but I’m glad he’s not heartless enough to ignore the altSY…and glad that his heart can recognize her for who she is; still protecting her, still wanting the best for her…still loving her despite the fact that he already found and have a perfect love. I don’t know, just knowing that if there’s 100 SY’s out there MJ would cut his heart out 100 pieces to give to each SY’s…knowing that makes me love him more then I did in the show when he’s dedicated to just one SY (that’s just too easy to do)….well, that’s just me 😉
      And yes, I love your thoughts on the alternate world and it’s complicated relation within that household. I thought about it a lot and I truly think that would have been the natural progression (given their personality in the real show) would have pan out if HK did really have such a drastic accident at such a young age. It would have brought SY much closer to the whole family out of guilt and everything would have fallen into place as far as JK shift because he would have been closer to her, they would have bonded over the misfortune of HK and ultimately changes the game plan for JK. But yes, you are correct…his deep rooted personality while swerve to the curve a bit, it is there non the less with a different face, this time it’s love-driven. And we all know how “love” can drive some people crazy over the edge sometimes 😉

  5. Cheater! Cheater! How can you DMJ?!!! My heart just broken into million pieces. Poor SY(the wife). If I am SY and found out I would divorce him and giving myself another chance to meet another guy who loves me only. I feel like dying here but nevertheless this episode is real good. Can’t wait till the episode where SY the wife found out and never wanted to see DMJ again so he can live in guilt for the rest of his life if he still has a heart.

    • lol…ahh, the innocence of youth…I wish I still have that. Sorry if I shatter your heart there my dear 😦 you can lynch me any time you want, it’s my fault…DMJ is just following my lead 😉

  6. Hi Safiresea,
    I do enjoyed reading this episode ….although I have a mixed feeling of sad, angry, pity etc… overall it’s a great episode.
    Pity for the alt Sy because she seems to have a loveless marriage ……… The version of HK in her world seems to be different from HK in Sy world who loves Sy very much , responsible and quite a charming character…But at least alt Sy seems to have JK as her confidant during her bad time . And alt Sy, at least this time, she’s being honest with her own feeling towards Kisohn…… I think she still do not know the existence of Sy ……don’t know what would be her reaction when she find out.. Obviously her heart must be shattered because of her undying love for her Kisohn…… but I do hope our writer don’t make her life becoming pitiful in the coming episodes … its kind of predictable …
    I’m sorry to say that I would love if later our Sy decided to leave Dmj. My reasoning is TILL DATE he simply cannot differentiate these 2 women . Although he believe he choose her SY but he simply cannot love SY the way he should because he is also in love with the other Sy as well. Its so pathetic . Unless Sy is not strong mentally, I think she should just let Dmj go, because if not she will just end up wondering all the time, if Dmj really loves her or love her other half… Once she know the existence of the other women, the hurt of feeling betrayed by her husband is unimaginable..Moreover with her pregnancy, .things going really hard for her her emotional pain and physical condition is unpredictable although she seems to possess a strong character. Dmj had break her trust, love and their wedding vows…Dmj did not ask for this to happen and maybe I cannot blame Dmj totally for her heartbreak, he just simply loves the essence of Sy per say…..The feeling is there regardless they are coming in 2 different forms/characters ….How he differentiates and come into terms with his own feeling, I’m looking forward to our writer creativity..
    At this moment Dmj do not have my sympathy ….., his flaws made him such a jackass (sorry Safiresea ) for me mainly because him for not being honest with his own feeling to SY and alt SY from the very beginning. It’s his pattern ( for someone who already 400 years old, he’s already more humanized rather an alien). Just like in season 1, when Sy confessed her own feeling to him , he’s ending up trying to push Sy away and later trying to win her back when Sy started to come in terms with her own feeling to let him go… This is our alien pattern…..….If he’s being honest with 2 of them from the start…. MAYBE, the alt Sy will have some consideration either to continue love him, or started having deeper feeling for him and to pursue him further. At that time Sy will also consider either to proceed with their weeding etc, when she find out the existence of the other women…….she might be deeply hurt at first but with her strong character she might have come into terms with her own feelings and her perception on her one and only Dmj might also change …. Even if Dmj think he do not want to hurt this” 2 women ” for being in a relationship physically but absent emotionally is already hurting someone (SY) and being in a relationship emotionally but absent physically is also hurting someone (the other SY).
    I’m also looking forward to the character development of their special child as I can’t think what is her role logically in bringing her parents or 2 world together . Is she going to be his father savior?….What we know so far she have the “ power ”and can “communicate” with her father …. Can’t she communicate with her mother as well at least…haha ( mother and daughter normally bonded together emotionally )…and her connection if any to the other Sy….. As always looking forward to your next episode….

    • HAHHAH….mix feelings, as long as you have strong feelings! I’m fine wihth ANY! hmmm…about altSY, no she doesn’t know about SY, she doesn’t know about MJ being an alien, she doesn’t know anything yet, she only know she “loves” him, and that something is “off” lol they only meet twice in two years afterall. Well, I wouldn’t go so far to say loveless marriage, HK does love her a lot but yes, his character falls a little short from the other world because well, when you’re decapitated at a young volatile age and had to depend on your family, it changes your viewpoint some. As for altSY future if she’s going to be pitiful or not, you guys would have to judge, I’m only gonna write what’s true to her situation 😉

      As for SY…she is strong will and stubborn and still childish a bit….so you might have your wish after all….though I can’t say if that’s a good thing or not. May I ask how old you are my dear? asking just because I know people’s perception of the world have a lot to do with age and experience…don’t worry about me, lol, and keep to your opinion, unless you change it on your own…everyone has a different viewpoint. I enjoy reading yours 😀 when I was oh say 16-22 I had the same view as you…love was black and white, you either do or you don’t….but then life happens, love happens, and complications happen…and now at 34, I see the world no longer in black and white but at lease 50 shades of gray in between (haha funny reference there), that goes for love as well.
      To be fair to MJ he CAN differentiate the two SY and he knows they are different, BUT it’s his heart that FEELS the same weather he sat next to this SY or that SY. And actually, when he married SY, he had no more thoughts of the other SY (it will be explain later why) but that one year of marriage was pure bliss happiness only one SY for him….it’s only because of recent occurrence (which has a reason) that draw back out the altSY unwillingly for MJ. Well, technically MJ may had break her trust but he really hasn’t broke his wedding vows or promises, lol. Yes, look forward to that, I’m hoping I could do justice to his vast love for SY….and who knows, this time around maybe even he could not solve it but….the hero might have to be dependent on someone else entirely 😉
      HAHAHA…it’s ok dear, send out your wrath 😀 I’m all ears. Hmmm…yes you have a point he should have told SY when he came back about what happen but…if he had already decide to forget those 3 years, to marry SY to live happily with her…could he risk it? In MJ’s word, it’s true that when you love someone, you start to have fears. DO NOT underestimate the feelings of FEAR my dear…it’s strong, and sometimes, sadly it’s even stronger than love and life itself in some cases and it can cripple a lot of people. Not saying that it did MJ, but I just want to emphasis that fear of losing something you love so much is a real thing so I understand why he choose not to…he did not let anyone and even he himself had forgotten about the other world so why pull it out unnecessarily to cause hurt for the both of them? BUT he did not foresee that altSY and alt world will be haunting him like mad one year later so he’s in a race to figure out why and to solve it BEFORE it wreck his marriage…does that make sense? lol I hope. As for him not telling altSy, well that’s simple…he didn’t need to. In the two years they only meet twice, once when he first save her, then briefly at her concert when he save her again and that was it. He had no intention of being in “contact” with her BECAUSE of the other SY…granted he still watch out for her secretly….so how would he come out to her out of the blue and explain the other SY when he had to also explain the fact that he’s an alien and that the came from another world onto earth that’s the same except not the same as the earth here? that’s too much for anyone to take in and at the moment not necessary (but don’t worry that scene will come up soon 😉 ) He actually doesn’t even know the length of her love for him except that one time her own husband admit to it…remember her husband and MJ does not know she’s putting her life in danger BECAUSE she wants MJ to show himself and explain everything to her but so far he hasn’t shown himself to her, no one knows that secret but her.

      Ahh, I disagree with you there in regards to Season 1….I back him up 100% in what he does. To me he had loved SY and wanted her wayyyy before she even feel anything for him. He had revel in all the times they got closer and closer together BUT when SY voice her deepest fear, that she ONLY wants someone who would stay by her side for a long, long time….THAT is when MJ had to step back because he realize the ONE thing his love really really want is the one thing he could NOT give. It’s easy to love someone and it’s easy to take what you want….it’s NOT easy to deny yourself the things you love most in hopes of not hurting that thing you love (it’s like asking a chocolate lover NOT to eat chocolate and put the chocolate in front of their faces). What he did was a very selfless sacrifice on his end (even though I still rather he just let her choose but I could see his reasoning). Iol, I was actually pretty pissed and I’m sure MJ was too when SY walk away and said how selfish he was…..EXCUSE ME!?!??! *this is me thinking like MJ* “I’m sorry, but did she just called me selfish? When all this time I hold myself back from her deliciousness because I didn’t want to break her heart to pieces later on when I have to leave?…and she called me selfish? Does this woman even know the meaning of the word selfish??? THAT’S IT! I’ll show her what selfish is I’m just gonna take what I want to take and screw the consequences later…first up, her lips” *flew SY over* “what are you doing?” …“This…the most selfish thing I can do to you” ….take her lips, take her love…take it all and don’t cry me a river later SY when you realize I’m not staying…..ah wait…..and then she did cry a river, lol.
      As for their child, lol…believe it or not she already manipulated both her parents to go down the path she needs them to go on 😉 you’d have to reread if you want to figure out what that is.

      • I’m going to butt in xD I just love reading all the comments and insights.

        Writernim, about that last part in episode 15 where SY says to MJ “I would like you to know how selfish you are”. Of course, since we have the whole perspective, we know that DMJ is not being selfish. He is doing everything in his power to protect her and keep her safe. But the way he’s doing it, in her eyes, in her perspective, it is indeed selfish. He kisses her and then tells her to her face he does not like her. Then he tells her that he is an alien and the reason he got interested in her was because of this other girl from 400 years ago. With that reply, I would be so angry and hurt, I would spit on him xD. SY accepts that it can’t be and starts to move on. MJ is the one that can’t accept it all that well, as we can see from his hallucinations in episode 15. So why does DMJ go after SY again in episode 15? What are his reasons? First, he wants to make sure she is protected and safe from JK. Second, he is burning with jealousy because of the rumours about her engagement. Third, he simply can’t stay away from her, because he loves her so much. I’m sure that in DMJ’s head he won’t really admit reason 2 and 3 to himself. His emotions are all so jumbled up, he can’t even think straight.
        SY on the other hand doesn’t know anything about his reasons. MJ never tells her the whole story. He always makes excuses or half truths. She doesn’t know that he needs to leave forever to where he came from, otherwise he will die.
        Was it really necessary for MJ to become her manager again like that? Coming out of nowhere, sending the other guys away. I would be so freaking pissed. “EXCUUUUUSE MEEEE? Be my manager? You have got to be kidding me. The nerve. *walks away*” MJ never explains anything and just expects her to go along quietly with everything. And for some good part she does go along (which sometimes infuriates the crap out of me…. because of how easily she is manipulated).
        So yeah, in SY’s perspective, MJ is indeed being really selfish. At the shooting site, she clearly reminds him of all the hurtful things he said to her and asks him “Protect what? I’m too stupid to understand without specifics. Tell me so that I can understand why you’re doing this.” DMJ does not answer the question. SY is rightfully pissed and throws everything back in his face. Then, she says that last bit about him being selfish. I don’t think he was going to do what he did. But that last part threw him over the edge and he could not control himself any more. “What? Selfish? I’ll show you!” aaaand… *kiss* aaaaand… fails to confess love aaaaand… *faint* lol XD Honestly he did what he wanted to do all along ahahah.
        But as to the selfish part, he keeps on doing it. And on episode 17 after morning kiss, SY mentions again how selfish he is, and she brilliantly puts things in perspective for him. Of course MJ is not being truly selfish. He is just confused… but in the process, he confuses the heck out of SY. She never feels secure, she never knows where she stands in his heart. When she has all the info, in the end, she comes to understand that he tried to do everything he could for her, in his own alien way. In a way, by keeping SY ignorant of the important details, it only brought the two of them closer together. Because while MJ thought their obstacles were insurmountable, SY always pushed forward and followed her feelings. 🙂

        • Great reply Misai…I have to say I agree with a lot of what you say here kudos! 😀 Though I really still think “selfish” is not the right word to describe the situation even given SY’s perspective only. Me? I would describe it as contradicting, confusing, flighty, indecisive, fickle, mercurial, etc….I just don’t think selfish is the right word for the right occasion…I think it’s an EASIER word to use, but in my opinion it’s not the right word. That’s why when she use that word it sends him off the edge, heck it did me! lol
          Oh my, I think I’m the only female alive that was not put off at all by any of MJ’s antics, lol…as a matter of fact, I find it kinda mild and half-baked, like he doesn’t even have the heart to send her off properly, t’s not even believable (and to some degree even SY agree that it’s not believable). I was like, MJ, I can do a better job of it then you! Hahaha….(I guess people don’t call me ice queen for no reason, lol) I must be the only girl out there who, when he deliver that speech about only interested in SY because she looks like the girl from 400 years I was like, that’s it? That’s the best you can do? I would so be all over that…how come you fall in love with her? What is it about me that you find similar to her? Are you in love with me too then? Are we that alike? Are we that different? Is she me reincarnated? Do you have her pictures? I’d have so many questions for him, he’d have to fight me off with a stick then have a headache for a week…and in the end he’d still stuck with me hahahaha. I wasn’t even angry in the least bit but more like stirring up my curiosity (even though as a viewer I already know the answer to all that). HAHAH…and I know SY got lots of fan (me, myself her fan) but I have to say between MJ and SY…SY takes the cake in making me more frustrated and irritated (I guess in this case in point, I have more of a man’s and or DMJ personality).
          *now I’m gonna go hide in a corner before someone throw eggs at me, kikikiki*

          • Ehehehe. I guess the word selfish may not be all that correct. But I guess she means selfish in the way that he always says one thing, does another, pushes her away, pulls her in, then rejects her, then wants her. Yeah, I don’t even know what word to use here. Like writernim, I’m in my mid thirties. I’ve seen and lived a lot. At this point I take no bullshit from any man. Not even from MJ with all his good looks and achievements. I guess one of my strong points in that I’m very argumentative. Not in the sense that I like to argue, but when I present an idea I make sure I present it well and make it hard to rebut. I also pick things other people say and turn it around. Believe me, in a relationship where the other part can’t keep up with me in that department, it frustrates the both of us. That being said, MJ wouldn’t be able to walk out of conversations so easily like he did with SY. Many times he would weasel his way out of things, and it made it look like SY was the dumbest woman alive (when we well know she is not). In a way they both frustrate me equally. MJ for his indecisiveness and his silences, and SY for her passiveness and almost submission in some situations. She puts up with MJ’s crap without really question why he does what he does. So yeah, by episode 15 I was pissed at both MJ and SY. Pissed at MJ because he can’t f***ing answer her questions directly and pissed at SY because he gives her a kiss and no explanations and all she wants to know was “who was that kiss for…..” Dear I would have left him there collapsed on the floor after he failed to answer my questions. Kisses are not instant problem fixers and answer givers. I forgive them both a little because neither of them have any experience in relationships. They make all the mistakes there is to make and then some. One part that really annoys the crap out of me is in episode 17 when DMJ follows her while she is jogging and says “let’s talk” – after the whole suzy cameo and whatnot she says “DMJ, didn’t you have something to say to me?” at this time, I really want to hear what DMJ has to say… but NO….. she starts talking and he ends up not saying a word. Again I’m royally pissed at the both of them. At her, for going on and on and not letting him speak. And at him for leaving without really saying a word, when he was the one that came to talk to her in the first place. It seems like these two can’t even communicate and that is something that really irks me. XD Ok I’m done. I get insane sometimes… ahaha I over analyse things when I’m really into them. This is how much I like this couple. ahahah lol 😀

            • hahahah…it’s so fun reading your take on it….but I guess I didn’t really feel most of the frustration you feel. Maybe because my personality is really easy going (too much so sometimes, lol) I know we both have watch quite some dramas and I know there’s a lot of drama that take these kind of thing to the max of annoying where I actually dislike the hero/heroine, I feel that compare to most onscreen drama couple, they actually handle “misunderstanding” and “noble selflessness” better then others. It’s short lived, not whiney, not pathetic, and most time laugh worthy. So that’s one of the aspect I love about this show, it didn’t carry on needlessly and neither of the lead actually do anything overly stupid…there really isn’t a moment that I want to choke any one of them which is a good thing because in most shows either one of the lead at one point or another makes me want to choke them, lol.

              • Yeah, I have to say, that rom coms are not my top preference when I pick a kdrama to watch. I like when there is a love line, but I don’t like it when the love line is the main and only point of the story. After a while, in a few episodes there will be the same old clichés and the same old conflicts. One or both leads will make stupid, over the top, inexplicable decisions that will annoy me, and I’ll probably drop the drama way before the end. I prefer it when the love line comes second or like a side story to the main plot, or is even absent. I also like dramas that revolve around sci-fi and the supernatural. We’ve got a few of those lately and all of them were really good. When a drama involving an alien came along I didn’t hesitate and watched it since day one. Even though there were things that frustrated me, my frustration was merely temporary. The next minute I would laughing so much, I’d start crying. I almost fell out of my bed more than once ahahaha :D. Even when there were conflicts, they were dealt with in the same episode. It never dragged too much and the balance between sad and happy moments was so well done, I didn’t have time to be really be angry at the characters or really question their actions. Every episode was a roller-coaster of emotions. This is only drama ever, that made me read a fan fic (it helps that your fanfic its so well written. I’ve tried others and just got bored) or made me buy a DVD (which has not arrived yet *going crazy*).

                • OMGosh so much similiarities and differences hahaha….I actually only like to watch something with a hard core love line….if it fails in that department, the movie/show is kinda a flop to me ahhahahaha I’m so LOVE bias. I do love sci-fi a lot too though and that is usually my first preverernce; sci-fi/epic love story first and formost 🙂 And you just point out about everything I love on this drama! I never watch something that made me laugh then cry then laugh again…I love that so much, it’s such a rare gem…my first time writing a fan-fiction and first time buying a DVD for a show as well ahahaha…..has your DVD arrived yet?

                  • My DVD is MIA *sigh* I’ve sent a message to Yeasia and they suggested a reshipment because the package may indeed be lost… *bangs head against the wall*

      • Unnie Safiresea,
        Thank you for your lengthy comments. I was a busy with my class this morning so I ‘m taking a bit of time to response back to you.
        Unnie, I’m going to be 21, this September. I was growing up without a mother and went to boarding school since the age of 13 and now a university student. Living away from family most of time gave me sort of opportunity to reasonably mature and grow up with peers my age, while learning to make life decisions at an early age. I learn so much, not only about myself but other people around me as well and still learning…
        To me, age doesn’t matter, as long as I’m sensible enough to voice out my opinion and make my own decisions. Still when talking and understanding the subject of love, I’m not dare to compare myself with you or other unnies experiences … I have a long long way to go… But right now my analogy on love is just plain and simple. To me, Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like a bread, remade all the time, made new…,all the time, made new…” hope it make sense????
        Yes, you might be right, I was just look at the world /love as black and white. But to me it’s not gray either. It is beautifully resplendent with every imaginable color, sound, feeling, emotion, brokenness, and yes some gray – depending on the time of day sometimes there’s a lot of gray… and sometimes it looks purple.. lol
        I have many more to say but I think I will see how you pen down your stories further before voice out my opinion as I might have to reread previous episodes again….. As for now I’m very clear that I do not have empathy for Dmj..sorry unnie..I also understand your view if Dmj telling Sy too much too soon can make him vulnerable, possibly losing her…..
        However I strongly feel the closer he gets with his woman, the more he should reveal about himself. But the bottom line is that until he reach a certain comfort level, whereby both of them in it for the long haul, he probably feels like it would be better off keeping a few things under wraps….so my view might change later…I don’t know

        When I further analyze how feelings of each character develop, generally I feel these elements of: Infatuation; Obsession; Love have in Dmj, Sy and alt Sy, and also HK and JK. I learned a bit of human behavioral during my first year at the university. Just to share unnie, I hope you don’t mind..…
        The question is what love is if you’ve never been in it before? How do you know the first time? What if that wasn’t love? What if it was just infatuation or obsession? ….
        We could just said that infatuation is primarily an emotional phenomenon–you see somebody and you’re hooked; whereas obsession is primarily a physical psychological phenomenon–that you’re addicted to how this person makes you feel and now believe that you need this person to survive; and love is primarily a spiritual phenomenon–when two souls, come together and create a third entity all its own – the relationship.
        What are some other major differences between infatuation, obsession, and love?
        Infatuation is……that giddy, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that you get every time that other person is around.
        …the flood of relief that comes from finally not feeling lonely anymore….a fickle force that’s here today and gone tomorrow
        There’s nothing inherently wrong with infatuation, so long as it is recognized as such. Infatuation is only problematic if it’s mistaken for real love.
        Obsession is……feeling like you can’t live without the other person….not being able to get them off your mind for even a moment….a destructive force for both you and the other person.
        You can think of obsession as infatuation gone awry. When someone forms an unhealthy attachment to another, they begin to lose emotional control. With that loss of emotional control comes a loss of self-control which is how obsessive relationships can become dangerous where the obsessor becoming anxious about losing the other person, that can rapidly descend into violence and abuse… I hope HK or JK do not have this later on.
        Love is……wanting to care for the other person, take care of them, protect them, and keep them safe….putting them first and yourself second….wanting to be your best, and because they’ve given you so much….accepting them as they are and knowing that they accept you the same….a healing force for both you and the other person…..based in reality.
        And when we do find love, we have such a hard time “holding onto” it. You can attract and start to cultivate a romantic relationship based on love but not infatuation or obsession.…..see dear unnie …..we shall see which category they falls into and survives…

        • Thank you for writing back with such lengthy insightfulness 🙂 you are right of course age is not an issue (I actually age backward, I was older when I was young and younger now that I’m old, lol). what I meant was more that experiences changes you and that can only come with time (and time comes with age)….age doesn’t necessary make you smarter or wiser, that depends on each individual experience and how perceptive they are to the world and how they perceive those experiences.
          LOL, it’s not a bad thing on how you think of the world and how you want love to be…it’s sweet and wonderful and very ideal and I’ve been there once so I know. hehe, when I said different shades of gray, I just meant there’s a range of reasons on love and life beside only “what is” and “what is not”. I do hope you’re able to keep that mindset, lol, though it’s not an easy thing to do the more you interact with people and the longer you are in a relationship.
          Don’t be sorry about how you feel towards DMJ sweet, lol, I already know the risk of that when I wrote him out to interact with another “female” beside SY. I do like that challenge so….I guess it’s a good thing everyone is world’s apart from me so I don’t have to worry about being hit with tomatoes and eggs, hahahaha.
          I really like your break down of the different types of “love”….very, very insightful 🙂 though I’d like to add on to that from what my experiences are like (don’t take it too seriously because it’s only my feelings and had nothing to do with science studies, lol). I feel that Infatuation is not a bad place to start a relationship as long as it continue growing and evolving into other areas. Likewise I feel obsession can be tamed with the right amount of nourishment. Love by itself is a beautiful thing but it doesn’t move very far nor can it help evolve the relationship if there’s no other element mixed in. Then it won’t be very much different then say loving a family member or a good friend. What takes that love and separate them and differentiate between family/friends is that passion, that drive, that need, that light obsession and infatuation. I think, ideally in a romantic relationship LOVE should account for about 60% of it and 40% should comprise a little bit of passion, lust, infatuation, obsession, etc. One drives and sustain the stability of the relationship, the other part keep it from become dull, keep it alive and kicking and give it the spice of life…of course not so much that it would ruin a relationship that’s why it should be less then love. Kinda like a yin and yang…well, that’s just my take on it 😉

  7. Unnie, this is so well made plot..flawless..*thumbs up*
    its too beautiful and romantic when SY wants to celebrate MJ’s birthday..the emotion they get..the plot you are arranging is too perfect..i can imagine it nicely..its just too ‘double perfect’…><

    funny scene for SM and BJ..kekeke..but they are SY's true friends after all..<3

    for the part of MJ and LJ, its quite sad..:'(..poor MJ for having big problem in his life after what was happening he will overcome it..who he loves more..(i do hope, that is still SY, not AltSY)..if not, i will having mental breakdown for a while..hehe..

    also, unnie, its kinda funny about the fact that JK is in love with AltSY..hahahah..i cant imagine it properly..the bad personality in the drama is the 'person who love SY' in this came you think this kind of plot..but i like it..nope, i love it!!..this plot can make sure that he will never harassing SY..but i do not know what is in your mind, writer-nim..:)..but for sure 'what you will write in next ep, i'm gonna like it'..<3

    i also love how childish YJ in how to get to SM..hehe..being the one who did the harsh comment on the internet but taken aback when the other commenter agree with that…hahaha

    you are wrong, she’s actually not that pretty with all that make up on”…
    “So I was right, she’s a fake”
    “no, I did not say that you little punk, she actually looks very pretty when she’s natural in the morning without much or no makeup on” …

    all the scene is mind blowing especially the scene of MJ and SY on MJ's birthday..<3

    <3..thank you unnie, sending you a lots of kisses and warm hugs..<3

    • Dmjcsy, I’m so glad to hear you enjoy where the plot is going  yeah…MJ had a major decision that will make or break him….lol, awwww don’t have mental breakdown….oh dear, lol, the PRESURE the PRESURE!!! Lol gosh I don’t want to break any hearts but I went down this path and I cannot return, lol, sorry to all my chingus….please strap in and bring along tissues. Hopefully by the end of this Season 2 fan-fic, you guys might love me more instead of wanting to burn my site and feed it to the dogs, hahahaha.
      Lol, aww, you enjoy that plot twist too huh? I liked it a lot myself and I like putting a little bit more dimension to this version of JK, flesh him out a bit more then what he’s been in Season 1.
      Kikiki, I’m happy that you mention YJ and SM, I think they are rather quite adorable together with each other 😉

      • unnie, not make MJ loves AltSy more that SY herself..although they are the same person but the original is the original for no reason, right??..the other one will never catch up with the original..(copy paste from SY’s word)..kekekeke…
        please, please, please..i’m begging you><..i love to read although their scene is heartbroken one but i will felt so so sad if SY feel broke to the core because someone she love more than herself is loving someone else although 'someone else is her herself'..OH NO!!..she will ruin..OMG..cannot imagine it..and i do not want to imagine it..:'(

        and i would like to read, if after SY knowing the facts about her husband, she felt cheated although she try to be understanding (not until cannot face it) and wants to run away from him..but, you know, our charming MJ is a romantic one…and he can make up with her again with his lovely melted persuasion..hehe..

        please unnie-ya..

        hahahhaha….sorry unnie, for being too annoying this time..haha

        ❤ you unnie..

        p/s : hope you understand my English..:)

        • You are so cute, acting like a worried puppy for the sake of SY-MJ love line and all . But dun worry I think this ride we are on is the high velocity roller coaster, if the path that uri writer nim choose to go down and deeper in MJ-altSY relationship she might have a reason, but don’t you think what go down will eventually come up marvelously? Hihi

          • Haha..I hope so..but you know, as a fan i’m very curious in how uri writer-nim will continue the plot..I felt so so worried..hehe..its felt like left hanging on the cliff after watching the preview for the next YWCFTS’s..arghhhhhh, i want to read the next episode, NOW!!..><..

            ohh, my bad..haha..
            biyanei unnie safiresea..:)..
            take your time, ignore me for a while..^^

        • awww, lol you’re so cute. Ok just to pacify your worried heart…let me just confirm that MJ will never love SY less then anyone, even altSY. The most MJ would do is love them the same (as they are the same to him) but never more. Also, if I might add to that that MJ probably feels more sorry for altSY as well and might also feel responsible for her well being….but I wouldn’t go so far as to say he love her more then the regular SY. But, altSY has a fragility and a sweetness about her that will have men falling for her and want to protect her, she brings out the man’s protectiveness nature…that’s why the altSY have not one, not two, but three male vying for her heart 😉
          Don’t worry, for all you blood thirsty female out there 😉 SY is going to put MJ through hell and not even a thousand mouths could sway her….except one (and it’s not MJ) 😀

          • thanks for pacifying my worried heart about their relationship..haha..i felt more better..:)
            but unnie..why you left it hanging there..who can sway her??
            really, is not MJ??..unnieeeee!!…

            how can i survive waiting for the next episode..><

            p/s : you are so excellent in writing and make us wonder what going on after this, as usual, we cannot predict what are going to happen next in your can make us being like craving for it more than craving for food.. 🙂

            • aww, I missed replying to this comment 😦 well….your question will be coming up next either in episode 34 or 35 so watch out for it 😉 HAHAHHAHHA you crack me up so much girl….crave more then food? lol I’m sure it’s not that bad now, lol….omo, GO EAT! hehehehe

  8. Imo u don’t possibly know how excited I am rite now at this very moment. I can’t wait to have a seat so I can properly read this. Bless ur heart safiresea ;.)

      • I loved it! Definitely a cliff hanger. I’m like super stumped in awe rite now bcuz I can’t fully grasp what I’ve just read. Did MJ kiss AltSY on the lips and have a full on relationship? Like honestly I jus wanna say this, would it b so bad if SY found out about his relationship with AltSY bcuz really they are the same and lived the same life until 12 years old. I just couldn’t fathom them not being together in any situation and looks like she got a divorce first but idk I was kinda confused at that part so I must reread.(and u better believe I will) Case and point if she ever finds out and for some reason or another I think she will (#winkwink #pageturnner) that would that in my eyes would be completely more understanding then him falling for another woman entirely.

        Omo, and as fo JK I can not believe u intertwined him in the SY-MJ-HYK-SM love polygon now its a love into a love pentagon..Woah (o-0) koldoles to u safiresea great way to spice up his role..but..could this only mean his natural menacing ways would become of a different cause..dun dun duuuun..Lml so epic ;.0

        As for SM an YJ how about a “mate date set up scene”? I really think they make an awesome match. There’s a lot to go with there I can see that happening.

        Overall awesome job I can’t wait to read more ;.)

        • Hi Shy! Aww, I know I’m sorry if I confuse you a bit…but not everything is shown right away so you’re getting pieces of the puzzle, you’ll just have to wait for all the upcoming episodes to piece them together. But short answer is he did kiss altSY…but as for full on relationship? Complicated but short answer is “no” 😉 you just have to wait and see.
          Yeah, I really think it’s much more forgiving of him to fall for her again and again vs him falling some totally different random chick.
          Hahaha…I think you already got confuse, it’s not “SY-MJ-HYK-SM”…but it’s more like “SY-MJ-JK-HK-Ahnya”…..that’s right keep an eye out on JK, he might shock everyone.
          What’s a “mate date set up scene” my dear? Lol you mean like a date? don’t worry you won’t have long to wait.

  9. 1/ Bulsajo- Phoenix??? Unnie when did you start to learn Korean? Wow you surprised me, it seems like you sesiously engage in learning Korean now huh (MLFAS did impact our live in many ways er)? Um you have been known to be very good at throwing hint in your story so I’m wondering if the phoenix symbolizes for something keke. And MJ is so sweet of himself by preparing an early welcome handmade gift for his unborn daughter. Love the song (I think I will be giggling all day long if hearing the real voice of KSH singing that piece.)
    2/ The surprise party that you described was so romantic and filled with love in my imagination. I see another beautiful painting from your writing again! You are such a romantic soul, love the scene. The more I read your description, the more I fall in love with that scene, what a beautiful sunset…I also want a house like that. A house with a big backyard garden and a big tree so I can swing myself on a hammock leisurely every afternoon and enjoy the sunset. (haha I laugh so hard though after you reveal BTS of the party prep, poor …poor BJ and SM haha they were being taken advantage by the “meanie” pregnant SY). Aww I love the luscious MJ who still has byeontae thoughts with his 7 months pregno wife… darn it! too bad the director cut us just right at the critical moment when we almost get to see them in action … sob…sob… dry spell here it comes again…
    3/ Love the gift SY surprised MJ with, a white grand piano… such a big gift! You are so talented unnie not only as a writer but also as a director (I think you make a good job being in those roles). I like how you describe things and have the scenes of the different worlds set up side by side. SY becomes altSY. And the moments MJ had there with the other SY were so sweet. Talking about romance, I think I like your fanfic better than the original (Miyanhae Park writer nim…). Oops a kiss that shared between altSY and MJ, when I read to this part I kind of feel nervous for you dear, cuz the level of altSY’s antifans will raise higher but *shrug* I enjoyed it and I support this couple too… so go for it my writer nim! ( I do hope to see a hot water scene in the upcoming ep though muwahahaha, can you sprinkle some byeontaeness for the sake of this-so-dry-planet-that-I-live-in *puppy eyes*)
    4/ About MJ seeking for advice from lawyer Jang, now I started to realize Jin Sunnhee’s role does play a big part in this story, can’t wait to see what happens on/after her birth. (probably the tunnel to the other world reopens again? 2 worlds become one?? I think I should stop guessing before I become cray cray haha)
    5/ Hmm… now that you allow us to dive deeper in altSY life. I do feel so more sadness for her, such a cage bird life, this SY seems to be so weak and dependent but I’m feel so happy for her when she finally wants to end this unhappy marriage with a divorce and free herself from this prison heart. Aww… I love the new JK by the way, he is so manly and trustable here, and I hope this is his real face… but can’t wait to see the face off scene between him and MJ.
    6/ Lastly, I really enjoy the new sprout of love between SM and YJ, can’t they get any cuter? Are they competing for the cutest couple award with HK-Ahnya?
    Ok, as usual I want to wrap up my point by praising your writing again, my dear writernim hehehe. Please excuse me if what I’m going to say sound offensive to you but I’m just so glad that you write this fanfic at a very ripe age of yours. What do you call it? the ripe old age at your thirtyish?? Miyanea unnie for my horrible English but your experience and your maturity help the storyline a lot. No, way better than my expectation. Similarly to the first season, every episode here is just getting better and better, the scenes are very well plotted/ organized in a way that capture the heart of the readers entirely. Let me tell you my shameful secret of mine, but I think it’d make you proud…um.. ummm… to be honest I don’t like reading book, fiction, wordy stuffs… the only things I enjoy reading is some childlike comic books with little or no word as possible ( I recommend you Chi’s Sweet Home- a very sweet story of a kitten, you will definitely find your true peace and happiness just by reading that kitten’s journeys/ mini stories). Um, just got sidetracked…ok continue… but I read your fanfic!! Every episode for 2 times at least?? (er more than two 3 times at least I think) so, I congratulate you for successfully make me engage in reading and being a serious reader and also criticizer. Your writing is exceptional *2 thumps up*
    Oops, so sawwrry I’ve just written a novel again. Miyanae unnie hehehe

    • Thao, you have to excuse me…but after replying to SEVERAL long comments, I’m out of energy and have to recharge my batteries for yours 🙂 I’m saving yours for last because as always so very insightful and good, wait for me kay?

      • No worry unnie but so sawwrry I’ve just made another long spam reply to you lol. Just take your time dear, no rush no rush 😊

    • 1) HAHAH…Thao it’s not that I’m engage in learning Korean, I’m engage in trying to make this story the best I can. So yes, so far beside just writing the story, I have had to do a number of researches before I write the scenes I need to write. I did research for other episodes too but for this I had to dig to see if Korean’s even know what a Phoenix is, lol, that was hard digging but apparently thank god they do…and even have a word for it. Then more research on the songs (that was fun but my sister give me weird looks when I play all these Korean kid’s songs, hahahaha…she think I’ve gone to the deep end)….Yes, Thao of course it had an important meaning and role 😉 you just have to wait and see…or you can pretty much deduct what it might means, lol. It’s so true, I thought of him singing it and I want to die of laughter he would sound so cute.
      2) Kakakaka, I do have a pretty active romantic imagination (erm…real life too, lol my ex’s are pretty lucky when it comes to that). BJ and SM always do her bidding even if begrudgingly…that’s what friends are for….to torture them endlessly 😉 hahahaha yes, the director was like (wait this is PG13, let’s not reveal what MJ just whisper to SY *blush, blush*)
      3) You know my dear, lol, being a director of a film or movie, I’d like that too….that’s an on and off dream of mine as well…I guess because I love movies and films so much it just couldn’t be helped that eventually I would dream of being the director, lol. Wow, did I just reach another high? Better then Park writer nim? Errrr….that’s really sweet of you to say Thao but I think I’m still below par to her on many a levels….she had a great sense of humor (I’m kinda lacking) and she’s witty and wise in her dialog (I still haven’t reach there yet)…but thanks for saying so nonetheless 😀 HAHAHA….yes dear, I know that kiss is going to raise some hackles (but again it just tie in with the story so can’t be helped…remember one of his dream? Well, here it is tying up into that dream). I know it’s not popular views for MJ & altSY but trust me, without their close relationship, this story couldn’t and wouldn’t go very far. Your wish is my command! Kikiki…”hot” water scene is coming up next on episode 33 (though it’s not going to be too hot, lol and the situation is not as “fun”, it is with altSY so I don’t want chingus to kill me just yet…but for me this is THE MOMENT for MJ & altSY….just like the flying up to the moon on their wedding is THE MOMENT for me for MJ & SY)
      4) Why do you need to wait until she’s born? *hint, hint* she’s already manipulating both SY and MJ into doing what she wants without even being born yet…now that is what I call a “special” girl kikikiki 😉 Oh but I love your guesses! Lol….and it’s pretty close to what it’s going to happen.
      5) Well…I wouldn’t go so far as to say “unhappy” marriage, HK does love her a lot…remember she once wrote to Kisohn and said that she felt like she’s been living in a fairy-tale/dream…one that she now want to wake up from? So she does equate her life to like one of the “princesses” …only now does she come to realize it’s a princess that got locked up in a tower and now she wants to break free. Yup, I really kinda dig JK personality here too and I like that he seems to love SY even more than HK does….but at the end of the night our JK is gonna remain true to his deep dark nature  so sorry JK.
      6) Awwww, lol, YJ-SM are kinda competing script time with HK-Ahnya love story huh? They are so cute together though and so right now their story is demanding me more than HK-Ahnya…but I need to get back to them or else I’m afraid I’m gonna loose them, lol.
      Lastly, wow…well, you can’t really offend me even if you try cuz you’re just always too sweet 🙂 I’m glad of my age and experience as well, it does give things more color…and I have to say this first public writing that I did is becoming a most beloved experience of my life…very unexpectedly.
      LMAO, omg Thao, you’re like SY in the reading department! She only “read” the books with pictures. But oh, how I wish I can hug you for REAL…what a most amazing compliment ever!

      May I share with you the three best things that happened so far ever since I wrote this fan-fic?
      1. Someone wrote to me and told me they heard of the show but wasn’t interested in it, then a week or so later was looking for good fan-fic to read and followed an advise of a raving fan about my writing and found this site. She read episode 22 and episode 23, loved it so much and decided to give the show a try. She of course end up loving the show! (now I hope she still came back and continue reading the episodes here, lol) You have no idea how happy I was knowing I had indirectly swayed someone to watch the show (even I couldn’t convince ANYONE I know to watch the show)…and how rare is that? Usually people read it because they miss the show, not the other way around right; reading it, loving it, then watch the show?
      2. Someone else wrote to me and ask me if I wrote season 1, and is season 2 going to be aired on TV, when is it going to air, and is the main character KSH and JJH will still be the main lead. I laughed so hard! LOL but also flattered so hard! Someone actually thought this was the real deal, omo…died of feel.
      3. Lastly, there’s this sweet girl from CA that wrote to me and said she doesn’t like reading at all and only “read” picture books but that she read my fan-fic at least 2-3 times each episode….wahhh, I gotta slap myself to make sure I’m not dreaming all this up, lol.

      • haha another lengthy comment for me to surpass.
        You know what, don’t underestimate your writing talent, obviously Park writer nim’s writing is very witty wise and deep but we just have to keep in mind that MLFAS is her precious child that she might spend many years to nurture and collect the perfect ideas; hence, make up this beautiful story. Your case is indeed different, you have what? a few months, weeks and days to come up with ideas, yet surprisingly your follow up section doesn’t fail the original. Of course, it may not as deep like your strict judging level says, but I think it’s a huge success. To be honest, sometimes your long lines and dialogs gave me goose bumps haha maybe you can try to make it shorter and condense your thoughts down a bit. But on my second thought, I think it is beautiful as is because yours is fiction-like while the other one is script, so no one want to say or make long lines unless they want the viewers fall asleep. I know you are a perfectionist and try to bring out the best of this fanfic but to be frank you should either throw in everything you have in this MLFAS continuum including wisdom, life lesson whatsoever, OR SAVE your best findings for your other works if you seriously want to be a writer. From my experience, sadly not all writers make their every story become masterpieces, they are in luck for 2 times is the max, more than that it’s a phenomenon.. Like Kate Dicamillo the writer of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, she is very successful with that book but the other books of hers fail to capture my attention. But my other comic writer name Rumiko Takahashi, she is famous and well-known for at least 4 different series. I guess it’s a fair game and don’t lose your hope just yet because if one is a passionate writer, he or she will able to find ways to capture the readers’ heart time after time and because the world that we live in contains endless creativities.

        I’m quite exhausted today so this is the only point that I want to reply to you for today, will be back with more later hahaha.

        Aww, so sweet of you, unnie. Let’s me hug you back! I’m so happy for you for gaining more wonderful compliments like those, see they are the sweet fruits that you get from your devoted work. I hope and really hope that you will receive more and even get offered for the REAL DEAL, simply you deserved it, enough said!

        • hahahah…you know me by now, wordy is the word. I write like there’s no tomorrow, lol. hmmm…now that you point that out, it is true, all the episodes are written on the fly…in a few days and a few hours in a day (mainly at night when everyone is asleep, lol) that most of the time I don’t even have time to go back and correct simple errors much less making it deep and meaningful hahaha. I guess when i finish this season, I might go back and re-edit and print out just for my own memorable memories. LOL, I do try to throw in everything I got into this believe me, writing this takes a lot of passion because it’s a huge commitment yes? I couldn’t even fathom being able to write anything after this as I’d have to “create” my own passion first whereas I was already passionate about the show so it was much easier to write about it.
          Yeah, sorry about those longer dialog, as you can see, the episode progressively got longer and longer as it went further along. I guess there’s just so much to cover and I’m trying to do it in such a short time frame episode-wise that I tried to put as much in as possible in without having to carry that scene over to the next episode. kikiki just chunk out the reading if it becomes tiring 🙂
          You know what dear? I would just simply be happy as happy can be even if I’m a ONE HIT WONDER WRITER, I’m ok with that too. If I could have just one book that’s a hit, I’m set 🙂 I’m not obsessive to becoming the best writer there is or sustain my writing reputation either….life has lots to experience right? and it’s too short….Or maybe that’s just my personality, once I “mastered” something, I move on to something else completely different, I don’t like to stay in one thing…I like to experience it all, hahaha.

          Gosh, I’m with you. I’m so passionate about my story I really DO wish to see it onscreen 🙂 even though the likelihood of that happening is nil, I still couldn’t help but dream *sigh*

          • If I don’t remember it wrongly I think glamfan once said you always put even 120% and more in your reply comments to us. That’s what makes me appreciate and respect you more unnie.
            I guess I’m fangirling you too much so that I’m planning to spread your reputation around and hoping it will bloom widely. I’m not satisfied if you are only one hit writer, I want you to own the title UNDEFEATABLE WINNING HEART WRITER lol, I indeed have big dream for you. Ah~ I know the pressure 😅. Sawwry unnie just take it easy hehe

            *cry* you know what i have been printing out every episode and organize them nicely with cover head and such… But I’m so happy hearing that you will edit them. So if you have time to go back and edit the episodes, is there chance that you will repost it here dear? (Or at least share me a copy? *puppy eyes*)

            • hahaha…I have so much comment coming in so many different posts that I sometimes missed a few…so I’m sorry if I’m a little late in replying here 😦 huhuh….aww, I do try to get back to everyone’s comments because well, I think of it like me, if I were to comment somewhere I’d like it if I get a reply back 🙂 so that’s why 😀 Oh, continue spreading! the more I write the stories the more I desperately hope to see it on big screen TV, I want it to come alive *huhuhu* what to do….
              “UNDEFEATABLE WINNING HEART WRITER” lol, have I tell you lately how wonderful cute you are?

              LOL…my dearest, you are my closest friend and fan on here so to be sure if I make and do anything relating to MLFAS you’re in on it for sure 😉

              • Thank you unnie, I’m always happy to be a part of this wonderful site that you created. Your wish is my command 🙂

            • I’m so late to this party but better late than never! Mianhe chingus – life really throws me fast balls every once in a while. I read epi 32 when it was released a few weeks ago but I didn’t get the chance to comment or read everyone else’s insights. I know epi 33 is out now too but I will post here first to keep my comments relevant to this episode only.
              My dear Faye, I know I voiced my concern over the DMJ-CSY-AltCSY triangle and how I felt AltCSY was still a different person, albeit similar to CSY in many ways. I have to say that after this episode, what you made crystal clear to me was each character has inherent personalities which serves as their core. DMJ will always love CSY in whatever shape, size or form. This is why DMJ cannot, and will not, ignore AltCSY because AltCSY is another manifestation of his CSY. He is being true to his core self. I also found it interesting that AltJK has a seemingly better persona than JK but his core remains the same. If he’s “seeing red” towards the end of this episode bec AltCSY confessed to liking someone else, well, we all know what he’s capable of once his source of obsession is taken away from him.
              Which leads me to this rather confounding thought – if everyone has a core self, how do the other elements such as experience, upbringing, education, friends/company you keep, etc. make a difference? Are some born “bad” and some “good”? Or is it a mere façade that society enables us to reinvent ourselves however way we please but at the heart of it all, we are still the same?
              Sorry to sound so philosophical – it’s not by intent. Uri writernim just makes me have these deep thoughts!
              And Thao, I’m honored to be mentioned in your post. ;.)

              • Aww finally you’ve made your way back hehe. And seem like I have the feeling that although you don’t speak much but whenever you voiced out, your thought telepathically align with mine :D. I guess uri writer nim will surely feel happy since about your comment. For me it’s perfect! Very well said Glamfan unnie. Hope to hear more from you!! ❤️👍

              • Oh my glamfan! so profound!! your instight….wwahhhh, I have to re-read a few times, jjang! Well, weather you support altSY or not is not important as long as you understand why DMJ did what he did, which seems like you do so I’m happy for that 🙂 As for the age old question of Nature vs Nurture….that’s very very interesting isn’t it? This is my believe, I think everything has a base, a foundation…and each person have that base and foundation, which is why each person even when given the exact “nurture” environment, still react to things differently, because some things are inherent and cannot be learned. On the other hand, some things CAN be “learned” which pointed towards nurture. I think a part of how you react to life have a lot to do with your internal nature, it never truly goes away….I guess at the end of the day is which is more dominant in you; what you were born with vs your experiences and what you made of it.

                • Very well put, Faye. It is a rather controversial topic – one which I never truly put much thought into bec let’s face it, as far as life goes, I’ve had it pretty good so can’t complain much. But you have given me food for thought and I will chew on this for awhile. My regular visits to my shrink should start to become more interesting (if I had one). 😊

  10. can’t wait to read episode 33 already. im hungry and thirsty for more… so intense. it seems so real not just a fanfic but the real deal. good job!

    • wow, thanks and welcome rhebec 🙂 yeah you guys really got me excited for writing the next chapter… much to write about, lol….love your input dear.

  11. Unnie, first here are a hundred hugs and kisses for you. I told you this before right? You are one [freaking] amazing writer !!!

    When you gave us the hints and warnings about what’s to come, I was super doubtful about the story. When I read the preview, I was even more skeptical… and then you release this. It is so so so so so so (times that by 100000) good!!!

    Wow! I am actually liking the direction this is taking especially after MJ’s talk with LJ. [ Btw on a side note, LJ doesn’t call him Do Min Joon-ssi but Seonsaengnim, which is like “teacher” or a respectful way of saying “sir”… not that it takes anything away from the story lool]

    I feel like I understand MJ a bit more… So he is not being as selfish as I thought and the fact that he never admitted to himself that he loved AltSY makes it seem less bad in a way hahaha.

    Talking about her… I know you said she is like SY but I really don’t feel that. She seems so weak and conservative. I wonder why she became like that. The real SY has so much spunk and she wouldn’t take the abuse from HK’s father and keep her mouth shut when she hasn’t even done anything wrong (same for HK btw)… Is it because of that guilt? Aigoo, it’s unfortunate that the reality on this world turned out to be like that.

    Yea yea yea !!! Thx for going with the SM/ YJ pairing (at least I hope) but do you plan on making BJ go bald ? If not you better give her a man too hahahaha. Ahhh can’t wait for next chapter. Hope we’ll get updates on HK and Ahnya too :).

    Gomawo for the long chapter ;).

    • Oh Maddie…you made me wanna cry cuz I’m so happy:

      Lol, though I want to know what you were doubtful and skeptical about? Like where the story was heading? That it’s going to go down a cliff? Lol it still could because I’m taking such a high risk here…we will see if it pays off.
      *GASP* really? He doesn’t? I could have sworn I heard him say Do Min Joon-ssi before 😦 aww maybe because SY said it so much I got confused…but yeah, thanks for letting me know I’ll have to change that to Seonsaengnim, kikiki…………..are you sure?!?! He didn’t even say that once? I could have swear……

      Hmm…well, altSY was meant to be vastly different then SY…I said their base nature are the same, which you will gradually see in the altSY. She’s quiet and more timid but her defiance and rebellion is there too just not as obvious. Well, think of it like this…the SY who lost her father, who is the breadwinner in her family who only have a much younger brother and mother to take care of…she get’s the upper hand and grew up wild and free with no one to keep her in check, she’s pampered and fawn over by fans and agents so of course she’s going to be brass, brazen, outspoken, strong, etc. Now look at the other SY, who had the same personality UNTIL that fateful event, where because of her indirectly she had cause her best friend to go crippled. That’s a pretty tough load to put on your shoulder at the young age, her guilt alone would have crippled her but let’s put on top of that HK’s self-pity angry tantrum of a young boy who lost his “freedom” to the world and add to that the resentment of his family…and she couldn’t even contradict them because she probably does feel it’s all her fault. Guilt in an adult is already hard to deal with can you imagine such a young girl being responsible for such a fate? But don’t worry…while her personality has alter because of “nurture” her “nature” is still somewhat intact underneath all that layers and will show itself when it’s really necessary.
      HAHAHAH….BJ is going to go bald? We can’t have that can we. Oh, I have someone for BJ already before even writing this fan-fic….unfortunately there’s too much to write about already so her love story is not going to come out until near the very end and I’m not going to try to tie up everything “nicely” because too perfect is not necessarily a good thing 😉
      Yeah, Iol, I’m also trying to get back to HK and Ahnya….their story is fading away in my head so I’m trying to call out to them not to leave me hahaha

  12. balsajo. the return of the white grand piano. the pregnancy MAY become the bridge between the 2 worlds. the cuteness of YJ/SM. and DMJ’s heart.

    you are awesome!

    p/s: sorry for the word-by- word comment. i hope u’ll understand what i’m trying to say. i’ve been busy with my PhD thesis that is soooooo taxing. glad i have your website to take my mind off things that stressed me out these days. i’ll keep cheering out for u (loudly or silently).

    • Amazing!! 26 words to summarize and predict the whole episode. Good luck on your PhD thesis by the way 👍

      • but i am not as creative and as amazing and as helpful as you are thaoweo….
        thank you! i need serious luck with my thesis. hahahah!

    • awww….short but very effective comment nevertheless henny, I’m just glad you spend some time out to write here. This site is definitely NOT as important as your thesis. WAHHH thesis for PhD, that’s hardcore stuff….may I ask in what field it’s for? (I just love finding out things about my reader and getting to know you guys better kiki)

      • i’m doing my PhD in Accounting. dreadful and appalling i must say. hahahaha! think i’m getting crazier each passing day. i have 2 years more to complete, and i dont know what’ll happen to me at the end of that period. hahahah! i wonder how DMJ handle the tensions in doing his PhD (harvard!!) err… he’s an alien after all.. hahaha….

        speaking of which, of all things happened in this episode, the thing that had me felt concerned/anxiety was DMJ’s heart.
        i really want to know what’s going on in his heart and how he handled the stir in that alt world (or i called it “there must be an earthquake of 8.5 inside DMJ’s head and heart”)

        • yeah, lol it’s way too easy for DMJ…not so for us mere mortal! HAHAHA….the earthquake hasn’t started yet my dear…oh you just wait 😉

          P.S I’m hoping you’re doing good so far in your PHD 🙂

  13. Writer nim! I just found your website and I got quickly hooked to it! I love your fanfictions! Can you post them more often as I am quite impatient to find out what happen! I hopeyit will be good haha

    • Hi charmaine and warm welcome! lol as of right now the episode come out about 1 a week. I have a lot on my plate on top of which there’s much to cover here as well. And it does take me a few days to write out an episode. But you should try and drawn it out to enjoy 😉 it’s gonna end around 40ish or so…if I write it too fast (which I couldn’t even if I wanted to) it would end sooner…you don’t want it to end real soon do you? lol

  14. It’s been a while since I came here or soompi or anywhere else for that matters. Been quite busy these days. So, sawwry for coming in really late. Haha, and while I’m gone, it seems that there’s a lot of things happened. Anyway, for my comments:

    1. Haha, the ET joke again. I can’t get enough of that! But what makes it better is that he was browsing through SM’s fansite and is thinking up of a username.
    2. Bobobobo~ Lol, MJ must’ve looked real cute singing it.
    3. How to romance your husband when pregnant: call up your two reluctant friends to do the work for you
    4. Yay, Lawyer Jang! I missed him. It’s a good thing MJ told him abt the alt world. He needs someone to confide in for this issue. I mean, I like Ahnya but she’s of no help in this.
    5. Wow, I find JK more interesting as a rebellious sarcastic guy in the alt. Sounds a lot like me, I guess? Haha, but I’m sure he’s still creepy… so… yeah. It’s too early to say anything.
    6. Kyaaa! YJ is doing that on purpose so that SM would come to him? Man, that is soooo cute! I’ve got to admit that I definitely did not expect the username he’s thinking of is to put in that use. Still, props for his strategy.

    Keep up the good work faye unnie. I may be busy from this month onwards but I’m still going to drop by once in a while to backread. 🙂

    • Awww, don’t worry val, it’s never too late to comment here, take your time 🙂 I do understand we all have lives (every one except for me that is, lol)

      1. He’s mischievous that YJ!
      2. Yeah I wish I could hear him sing it, hahaha
      3. Friends are there to torture….why else would you have friends? Kikiki 😉
      4. Yeah I’m glad to pull back in Lawyer Jang too…he’s going to play an important role later on so people don’t forget about him!
      5. Yup, love his deeper personality range here as well even though I didn’t give him enough script time due to time restrain but I think his character pan out not too badly…yeah still creepy 😉
      6. YJ knows her well and know how to get to her, that bad bad boy 😉

      No problem dearest, whenever you can, no rush or hurry…it’ll be here waiting for you 🙂

  15. Hello unnie I think I can relate with pinkyjaguar since i am so busy too with work that i hardly come here and in soompi forums. I feel so drained but seeing that MLFAS is still very much alive here puts a smile on my face. I miss your writings and i wish i could buy time so i could come here often LOL
    Oh well, its just a short rant since im so excited seeing that there’s already a new chapter and i want to read it fast.
    I love the development of semi and yoon jae love story. They are so cute. More cute moments for them please…
    Sy celebrating mj birthday….i love it. About time he had to have a birthday right?
    The gift that sy gave to dmj….im so confused how is it able to exist in both worlds. .???

    • hahahha…Hi Jade, I miss you as always of course…but don’t worry we’ll be here for a while just come when you can. Trust me, I “should” be as busy if not more then you guys…I just have my priority more screwed then you guys, hahahaha, so don’t be like you’re unnie and get REAL work done ok?

      Yup, YJ & SM is definitely taking some stage time here no worries….yes to MJ’s B-day, more reason’s to celebrate (thanks to Sunny eh)….well…how does SY exist in both world? how does HK, JK, and everybody else exist in both worlds? people exist, why not objects? especially when it has a special meaning to it 😉

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