My Love From Another Star – Episode 33


Previous Preview: MJ confronts YJ about his relation with SM leading MJ towards his first meeting with Ahnya and Qahnki to discuss the recent phenomenon.  HK’s been left in a state of confusion in regards to Ahnya, seek out SM for advice.  This cause SM to in turn seek out YJ for tension release.  In her vulnerable state, SM ends up making a drunk, hasty decision by the end of the night.  Meanwhile, altSY confess to HK her desire for a divorce triggering her to risk all in a last attempt to reach out to Kisohn.  After 3 years, altSY finally had her third face to face encounter with Kisohn in an unforgettable first kiss.

Scene 2: MJ Confronts YJ About SM

YJ: (pull the motorbike to a stop on the side of the road and look back at SM angrily) DO NOT ever do that again on my bike!

SM: what? It was only for a few seconds.

YJ: that few seconds could have cost you your life! What makes you think it’s ok to stand up and put your hands in the air on a moving bike?

SM: ok! Ok! I just got a little carried away for a moment there.

YJ: the rule is, when you’re riding on my bike your arms must always be wrapped around me for safety reasons…I don’t want to have to explain to your mother why her daughter have a big gaping hole on the side of her head (his animated hands came up to his head to enact the imagery).

SM: (grin at him from the side) what like this? (She wraps both her arms around him and squeeze tight.  He momentarily at a loss for words and turn away) I guess this not only work for safety reasons but a good way to shut you up too huh?  Ok, you made enough of a scene, let’s go.  I promise this time I won’t let go.

YJ smile slightly and drove off.

On the other side of the street MJ held on to the groceries as he stare at the disappearing bike.  He had tune in to the conversation between YJ and SM and is genuinely perplex about this new development.

MJ sat on the couch, his hands crossed over his chest staring off into space.  The door open and YJ walked in humming.

MJ: you’re home finally.

YJ: are you waiting for me Hyung?

MJ: no….(pause) kind of. Your sister is taking her afternoon nap right now so I thought I’d talk to you.

YJ: sure. What about? (He walked over to the kitchen for a glass of water)

MJ: where were you and who were you with? (YJ gave a puzzle look as he took a drink)

YJ: uhh, no one I just came back from the university. Where are all these questions coming from all of a sudden hyung? I don’t think you ever cared about my coming and going before (took another drink)

MJ: are you and SM dating?

YJ: (spits out all the water in his mouth) I…how did you know I was with Se Mi?

MJ: so I was right…and you just lied to me.

YJ: (came and sat next to MJ) hyung I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. But it’s not like what you think…so don’t mention any of this to SY ok?

MJ: so you are or are not dating SM?

YJ: of course not! We are just…being friends, she’s really not my type. Do you know how much older she is then me?  It would be like dating my own sister! (he did a little exaggerated shudder)

MJ: but you guys knew each other for how long now? I don’t recall you being that close to her before.

YJ: you’re thinking too much, we’re not that close, I just give her rides on my bike sometimes that’s all. (MJ stare at him for a long time, then nod his head)

Ahnya came in the door and both MJ and YJ turn to her direction.  YJ stood up and quickly came to her side and gave her a hug.  Ahnya was taken aback a bit but hug him back. YJ let her go shortly and looking a bit perplex just head to his room, deep in thoughts.

Ahnya: (laughs) what was that about?

MJ: (his eyes follow YJ) I’m waiting to discuss that with you…do you have some time?

Scene 3: A Meeting Between MJ, Ahnya, and Qahnki

MJ and Ahnya at an empty field.

Ahnya: (ask MJ again) are you sure you’re ready to face him?

MJ: yeah, I want both your input.  At this point I need as much help as I can get.

Ahnya: (press her temple and a few seconds later the hologram of Qahnki sitting in a chair lit up) I brought Kisohn here to see you, he need to discuss some important matter with us.

Qahnki: (nod his head slowly) Kisohn…it’s been a while, you haven’t age a bit it seems.

MJ: let’s skip the pep talk shall we? I know you’ve been monitoring me and the two worlds for a long while, Ahnya has filled me in on some things.  Now I need to discuss with both of you about my new suspicion in regards to what’s going on and perhaps we can all come up with a solution for this.

Qahnki: why should we? Our priory and Ahnya’s mission was to only bring you home.

Ahnya: the reason we want him back home was to fix the imbalance cause on this Earth but now the game plan has changed and you know that.  Since they have created an offspring, everything is more complicated and his return home is not going to solve the problem.

Qahnki: (turn to Ahnya) you might be right but him staying is not helping either.

MJ: right now I don’t want to discuss about leaving or staying, I want to talk about the two worlds first. Once we solve that then we will talk about me.

Ahnya: I agree with Kisohn.

Qahnki: fine, let’s hear what you have to say.

MJ: I’ve been having stronger and stronger visions of the other world in my head and in my dreams, sometimes I feel like the daytime illusions I have of the other Sing Yi are actually real.  All this started fairly recent.  Actually to be specific, it’s about around the time my Song Yi got pregnant.  If my deductions are correct it may have something to do with that.

Qahnki: (thinking for a long moment) I’m not sure should I share this information with you…I suppose it couldn’t hurt as we are both trying to fix the same problem. (He pause further) We have been monitoring both worlds diligently and for the past few months I’ve had reports of the other world moving rather rapidly into alignment with the earth here.  Our team estimates it to be within a month or two.  I take it that might be when the birth of your child will happen?

Ahnya: (surprise) how come you didn’t mention anything to me about it?

Qahnki: it’s on a need to know basis. (turn back to Kisohn) you’re probably experiencing this “crossings” because you’re connected to both world.  From what you’re saying it looks like this child act as a bridge for you.  And since she will be born to this earth, you might be permanently grounded to this earth and won’t need to transverse back and forth between the two worlds.  That will be good for you.

MJ: what will happen to the other world?

Qahnki: (look thoughtful for a bit) we have our theories but nothing is known for certain.

MJ: (look over at Ahnya) have you seen Sing Yi’s gift for me recently?

Ahnya: the grand white piano? Yes…but I’m a little confuse, was that the same piano you gave to the other Song Yi on her birthday?

MJ: exactly the same…even down to the dent at the back, though the situation that causes the dent is separately different, it is there nonetheless. It’s like…

Ahnya: an inescapable fate?

MJ: (nod slowly) and just now, I found out Yoon Jae and Se Mi is developing a closer bond which had never happen before.

Ahnya: wasn’t in the other world those two were engage and about to get married?

Qahnki: so looks like one of our theories might be closely correct.  While the alternate world is coming closer to align with this one, it seems to mean the fates of those in the alternate world will highly influence those in this world.  When your child is born, it’s highly likely that the alignment will be complete and the existent of the alternate world will no longer be needed.

MJ: what do you mean by that?

Ahnya: (look over sadly at MJ) he means that the alternate world will simply dissipated into thin air merging its essence and life force onto this world…it won’t be a place you can go to any longer.

MJ: (swallowed audible as his chest rise and fall) I don’t’ get it.  That doesn’t make sense.  Song Yi…Hwi Kyung’s wife…(Ahnya flinch at the mention of HK and his relation to SY in the other world) is she…is she going to disappear as well?

Ahnya: (put her hand on his shoulder) theoretically it would seem so…is that not a good thing?

MJ: (turns his head away from both of them, his heart shook violently) yes, I suppose it is.

Scene 8: 3rd Year In Alternate World – A Discussion About Divorce

SY sat at the table eating dinner with HK just like any other day.  She sip at her soup then raise her head towards her husband.

SY: (said quietly) I want a divorce.

HK: (immediately put all his silverware down) you don’t mean that.

SY: I do.  I wouldn’t have voiced it if I haven’t thought about it from every angle.

HK: is it because of that guy? Are you insane? I know that you have a fascination with him but are you seriously considering a divorce with me over someone you met once?

SY: twice, but that’s not the point.  No Hwi Kyung, I’m doing this for me.

HK: twice?? When? (He put up a hand) You know what never-mind, I don’t want to know.  (Pause for a while) We were doing fine before he came along.

SY: no, Hwi Kyung, you were doing fine…I…I was living a lie.

HK: (look down at his food and started eating with gusto, tears falling down his plate) are you saying you never loved me?

SY: (she stare at the shaking hands on her lap…she can do this…she have to do this) of course I love you, you’ve been my friends for longer than I can remember.  But Hwi Kyung, I did not realize that there’s more than just one kind of love in this world.  Our love…it’s not the kind that last, I don’t love you like how a woman should really love a man.

HK: what? And I suppose you’re going to say your love for that man is the kind that will?

SY: I’m not going to pretend to know what kind of love me and Kisohn have or may not have.  All I can say right now is about us.  I want you to be happy, to find your own happiness because I can’t give that to you…not anymore. Even if Kisohn never came, this thing between us would have end eventually.

HK: (slap his hand on the table and scream at her) this THING you casually mention is our marriage vows, between two people…does that not mean anything to you?!

SY: (burst out with emotion) how could you say that to me? How could it not mean anything to me? Have I not given you all that I am for more than half my life? For almost two decades!  What more do you want from me Hwi Kyung?  I left my acting career so I can cater to your every need! I left my childhood behind so I can care for you unconditionally! (Her voice crack as her fingers twist in her dress) I just can’t do it anymore Hwi Kyung.  Please…I beg you.  Just let me go.

HK: (stood up and turn away from her. His tears continue it descends) so all along my brother was right…you’re only here out of pity and guilt.  I had hoped…I had wanted you to feel something more. (sounds tired and defeated) I’m sorry, Song Yi.  I can’t give you what you want.  If we get a divorce my family will destroy you…I can’t let that happen even if you’re bent on destruction.  And another thing you might want to know, the Kisohn that you treasure so much told me himself that he have a lover waiting for him back home and he will leave to come back to her…he doesn’t want anything to do with you.  I didn’t want to tell you this, I didn’t want to hurt you.  But you should know now what you’re getting yourself into. (he breath in a sniffle) I’m going to leave for the state tomorrow, do whatever you want. (HK left without looking back at her)

SY scream out her frustration and sweep all the plates and utensils to the floor, her face down on the table sobbing uncontrollably.

Scene 12: HK Intense Moment With Ahnya and Seeking Advice From SM

HK dazed off again for the…well he doesn’t remember how many times as he had lost count.

Secretary: erhhmm…. (clear throat)

HK: ahh, yes?

Secretary: this is the 16th time you zone out and rubbing that keychain.

HK: yes I see…(he look down at the keychain picture of him and Ahnya in his hand) do I pay you enough to keep track of my personal life too? Probably not…remind me to give you another raise at the end of this month. (look perplex and cock head to one side) why do you think a woman would ignore you just when everything was going good? It’s been two weeks…isn’t this a bit much for playing hard to get?

Secretary: if I may sir? (HK nod his head distractedly) from what I understand, did you not wait patiently for Song Yi for over 13 years? What’s so different now?

HK: (shook his finger at his secretary) you make a good point, that’s the more reason I want to find out.

Secretary: well, if the mountain won’t come to you then you should make it a point to come to the mountain (then drop the documents and left with a grin).

HK: …the mounta…this guy makes a good point! (dial phone)

Human Resource: yes sir?

HK: I need you to give my secretary a raise…give him a bonus for this month too.

HR: what? Again? (but HK already hung up the phone)

HK was just about to ring the doorbell when SY opens up.

SY: what are you doing here HK?

HK: well, I just got off work (looking around inside pass SY) wondering by to say hi and check up on you is all.

SY: (roll her eyes) if you’re looking for Ahnya just say so.  She’s still here last I check.  I’m going out or a little walk to the playground…be back soon. (then she left as HK step inside and close the door)

HK: (rub his hands together nervously, then walked up the stairs to Ahnya’s room.  He hesitated for a bit then knock loudly…no one answer) Ahnya, it’s me…can we…talk?  I need to ask you something.  Hello? (still no answer.  He waited.  And waited. No answer. Knock again, no answer.  Finally he gave up and walk away but change his mind last minute and step inside the bathroom).

HK turn on the faucet and splash water onto his face.  What’s wrong with him? Why is he being so sidetracked over a kiss? What was he thinking? She’s an alien after all…he should just let things be, what good is it to probe further?  He turns off the faucet, swirl around, and gasp in shock.

HK: why did you scare me like that!?

Ahnya: what are you doing here? Wasn’t I being clear enough last time?

HK: why didn’t you answer your door? (Ahnya looks annoyed at him then turn around about to leave but on instinct HK grab her wrist and pulled her back closer to him)

Ahnya: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

HK: I’m sorry (he let her go) but I just need you to stop running away and explain to me why you’re avoiding me? What happen, what did I do? (Ahnya stare at him intensely, and then without saying a word she pop a pill into her mouth and swallowed) what was that? Why did you just swallow that pill?

Ahnya: so I can do this (suddenly all the water faucet turns on as she pulls his head down to her parted lips. Once their lips touched HK was again besieged with that tingling fever, that heated hunger that’s now multiplying itself ten folds from the two week’s long absence.  He pulled her in tightly to his chest, turn around and sat her on the sink counter, angling his mouth for a deeper kiss with no intention of letting her go this time….their clothes getting wet from the spray of the faucet but neither one notice.
[camera pans outside the door and down the hallway, the only sound heard was of the running water]

–a while later–

SM: (rushed to the restaurant, then seeing HK sitting at a table, came over and sat down) so what happen? What’s the emergency? (A waiter came by and she breathlessly wave him away, then thought again) a glass of water please.  (turn her attention back to HK) what’s wrong?

HK: everything.

SM: can you be a bit clearer than that?…you look perfectly fine.

HK: Song Yi…I wanted her before…for a long, long time…that I can’t see anything else beside her, it became like a bad habit I couldn’t get rid of.

SM: (slum back in the chair) is this about Song Yi again? (glance away incredulously) ya! I thought I was stubborn all those years harboring this one sided feelings for you, but I had let you go when I realize we’re just not meant to be but why are you still hung up on her? She’s married and about to have someone else’s child!  Hwi Kyung-ah you need…

HK: it’s Ahnya.

SM: what?

HK: I think I’m falling for her.

SM: WHAT?!! (close her eyes with frustration) say something that make sense.

HK: that’s just it, nothing seems to make sense.  I don’t know how it happens, how she could get me to forget all about Song Yi when I’m with her.  But I can’t fall for her…she’s an alien!  What am I going to do when she leave?  I’m going crazy thinking about it.

SM: that’s the emergency you call me out for? (she quickly drank the remaining water and got up to leave)

HK: what? You’re leaving already? Aren’t you going to give me some advice?

SM: yes, here’s an advice for you…next time you want advice about relationship matter please don’t call out someone who have not a clue or experience about it! And especially someone who used to have a thing for you.  How could you get this old and be so clueless?

HK: (look naively shock and taken aback as SM walked out in a huff) but…who else am I supposed to talk to? Certainly not Song Yi!

SM driving in her car with full on anger, still couldn’t believe what just happened.  Still seething she called YJ.

SM: Yoon Jae? Yeah…no, I need more than a ride this time.  Take me out.  Where? It doesn’t matter where…what about a night club? Take me to the most happening place that you youngster hang out at. What? (look at her phone) don’t worry about me just take me there!

Scene 14: SM And YJ Went Dancing But Got More Then They Bargain For

SM steps out her room and bump into her mother.

Mother: (gasp) what in the world happen to you? (she gave a stare down at her daughter and could barely recognize her.  Her hair is a frizzy mess, she’s wearing street clothing, with holes…HOLES in it! netting and leather, dangling exaggerated jewelry…she grab her daughters’ hand, even black painted nails?…oh dear lord! Her eyes teared up…what happen to her refine SM?) honey…are you having a crisis?

SM: don’t worry mother, I’m going out so don’t wait up.

Mother: BUT…(SM rushed out the door) I should have gotten her married off (then grab out her phone and dialed) hi, yes it’s me…do you still have that number for the matchmaker?

YJ still shift uncomfortable on his bike thinking about the woman behind him.  He wanted to turn back around for the hundredth time to look at her again to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him.  Is this really SM? Is this the same woman who’s like a sister to him all his life? Just as pestering and annoying as Song Yi?…Always rubbing him the wrong way? Now, he swallowed again with a dry mouth as he thought about the leather covered chest pressing against his back, now it seems she’s rubbing him in all the right places.

They got to the club, most of people there were about his age but she didn’t seem to care.  SM just went out and dance away to the loud obnoxious music.  This is not YJ usual place to hangout but he had come here a few times with his friends. YJ continue drinking his drink and glancing at her dancing, she’s actually a pretty good dancer…he wondered how she could she end up being like this; certainly no one would have thought she’s capable of it.  SM eyed him from across the room again and made a gesture with her head for him to join her, he grin and shook his head yet again.  Just looking at her from a distance made his inside blush he can’t imagine being any closer to her.

SM: (ran over to YJ and order another drink…she laughs) this is great, I never felt so free and alive.  Why are you here for if you’re not going to dance with me? (She down the drink)

YJ: I think you have enough to drink, I don’t want to have to carry you out.

SM: aishhhh, you’re as fun as a log.  Tell you what, dance with me this last song and we can leave.  Hm? Hm? (She made a cute imploring face at him)

YJ: (blush and shook his head) I don’t dance.

SM: well I don’t either, but it’s not all that bad once you start, it’s quite fun….c’mon…C’MON!!!

YJ: (close his eyes and grin back at her puppy eyes antics) just this one song and then we’re leaving ok?

SM: (straighten up with an exaggerated salute and a wide, somewhat drunk grin) yes sir!

YJ awkwardly stood on the dance floor moving back and forth as SM move all around him.  Her hips, her hands, her chest, her groin…everything is rubbing up against him.  He’s breaking out in a sweat even though he hadn’t moved all that much. YJ is praying for the song to be over but it seems like the seconds ticked by endlessly.  Finally when the song is coming to an end, SM lean in towards him and put her arms around his neck.

SM: you don’t look so bad up close Yoon Jae…actually, you look quite handsome.

YJ: (glance around the room uncomfortably, anywhere but at her) you’re just drunk.

SM: hmmm…(laughs) you might be right, (she lean in closer) have your eyes always been this beautiful? (YJ cough)

YJ: let’s go, the song is over.

–outside the club–

YJ half supported SM as she stumble around.  They walk for about half a block when SM spotted something of interest.

SM: ahhaw, look at that! (she pointed to a shop and skip over there, YJ have no choice but to follow her) did you know I always wanted one?

YJ: (looks up at the tattoo parlor) what a tattoo? I somehow doubt that.

SM: no, no it’s true! Shhhh! It’s a deep dark secret of mine, no one knows it, not even your sister.

YJ: there’s a lot of things about you that people don’t know about huh? Where do you stash it all?

SM: hmmm…it’s true.  There’s some things that I don’t even know about myself until now…like how much I enjoy being around you, I never felt more at ease with anyone before.

YJ: (sarcastic tone) what? Not even Hwi Kyung?

SM: WHAT? Especially NOT Hwi Kyung!…Do you think maybe we could hang out more?

YJ: (shift from one leg to another) I don’t think that’s a good idea.

SM: you’re probably right.  And that dratted person is probable right too…no one wants to be close to me…no one wants to be my lover, I’ll probably die an old maid (her eyes tear up even as she flashes him a wide smile).

YJ: (pull her closer, put a hand on her face and rubs gently) I’m sure he’s very wrong and regret what he said.

SM: (stares at him intensely then laughs and broke out from his embrace) maybe…let’s go in.

YJ: what? In there? No! Why?

–3 hours later–

SM rolls over on top of YJ, her silk nigh gown feels cool on his skin.  She leans in to whisper something in his ears as his face blush bright red. She took his hand and guide it around her waist as her lips came down to kiss his chin, then his neck and just as she was about to lean down towards his lips…

Voice: hey! Wake up!

YJ: (startled awake and look into the eyes of a stranger then realize where he’s at and got up from the couch) where is she? (the woman cock her head to where SM is at laying fast asleep).

–back at SM’s house–

SM woke up the next morning in her bed with a pounding headache.  Her mother sat by her bedside waiting on her.  She groaned…not exactly the face she wanted to see this early morning.

Mother: why were you with that boy Yoon Jae and coming home so late? Drunk at that too!  If he was any other man you would have been taken advantage of!  What if the press gets news of this?  Are you going to be that reckless now that we’ve come this far?

SM: can you leave? I have a headache.

Mother: here, drink this…(get up to leave) don’t think you’re getting off this easy, we’re going to talk more on this later. (SM just put a pillow over her face and groaned)

SM came out of the shower, still feeling a little groggy but a bit better.  She feels achy all over too and moans.  She remembers tid bits of her and YJ’s adventure yesterday and smiled to herself.  As SM comb her hair the fog clears from the mirror and something caught her eye.  She rubs the mirror to completely clear it. Then look closer afraid of what it might be.  She touch at it gingerly and look down at her chest.  Then realizing what it is, tried rubbing it off frantically but it hurts terribly.  It’s now angry red, still puffy with a little blood…and even though she could only see it upside down and the backward mirror reflection of it, there was no mistaken what the permanent tattoo said.

[camera showing SM’s mother reading the papers when she heard SM scream loudly from the bathroom.  She immediately stood up and run towards the bathroom]

Scene 18: 3rd Year In Alternate World Continue – SY Met MJ For The 3rd Time

Male worker: I’m sorry he’s not in.

SY: is he ever going to be here? (the man just shrug at her) thanks anyway (she walk away dejectedly)

Male worker shook his head. The director walks by and looks at SY’s disappearing form.

Director: it’s her again?

Male worker: yep.  Twice a week, every week for the last two years…never fails to show up.

Director: did you mention this to Kisohn?

Male worker: yep, many times, he kept telling me to say the same thing weather he’s here or not.

Director: well, it’s not our business.  He looked in her direction again and walks into his office.

From afar another pair of eyes also looks at SY’s direction.  MJ felt terrible every time she comes looking for him but there’s nothing he could do but ignore her.  If they meet frequently, it wouldn’t be good for both of them.  But MJ followed her today…something about her posture and expression seems a little off to him.

SY walks aimlessly not know where to go or what to do.  She bumps into people or people bumps into her it doesn’t seem to matter as she couldn’t really hear what they say, she kept on walking.  There was suddenly a lot of honking noises which woke her from the stupor she’s in.

Cab driver: lady do you have a death wish or something?  Do it somewhere else! I have a family to feed I don’t want to go to jail just yet.

SY: (walks up to him) I’m terribly sorry…can you give me a ride?

Cab driver: erhmm…ok, well get on then.

SY: thank you.

Cab driver: where to?

SY: can you just drive to somewhere that’s quiet with a good scenic view?

–arriving at destination—

SY: (gave all her money to the driver) keep the change.

Driver: this is more than I need, are you sure?

SY: yes, thank you.

Driver: ok here’s my card, call that number when you’re ready and need a cab.

SY: (she took the card) thanks again (as he drove off, SY let the card flew away with the wind.  She saw the bridge and walk briskly towards it)

MJ stood afar not knowing what SY is doing here all by herself.  She stands on a bridge seeming to be deep in thoughts.  Without any warning he saw her dive into the water.  At first he froze, couldn’t believe what he just saw and then his brain started panicking and he teleported himself under the water forgetting that once fully submerge he have no powers to guide him except that he could hold his breath for an extraordinary amount of time.

MJ look around the water for a sign of her but he couldn’t see anything.  His heart is doubling over with fear, he didn’t realize how deep the water is and dive frantically further.  Then he spotted her lifeless form drifting downward and push himself as fast as he could to her side, he grab her from behind but she shook him off which gave him a little shock.  Angry, he pulled at her again, and again she fought him off.  He look up, realizing it’s a long way to break the surface and that she might not make it if this continues.  Making up his mind, he swirl her around to face him and before their eyes even reach each other, his lips closed around her.  He exchanges his breath into her mouth as his arms grab hold of her, pushing them both upward.

What feels like an eternity to him might have only been mere seconds before he realize that her lips is moving under his in a kiss.  When their tongues accidentally touch he felt a jolt of lighting slam into his chest.  Everything seems to move in super slow motion; her hair drifting in a tangle around them, the quite hum of the water, the small particles of light moving upward with them.  MJ didn’t realize until they broke the water that he was passionately kissing her back.  When he did, he pulled back abruptly but SY still has her eyes close as she lean in towards him instinctively.  He teleported them out of the water quickly and onto a nearby grassy knoll.

SY opens her eyes still in a daze and look into the turbulence face of Kisohn.  He angrily shook her, the weather around them seems to mirror his mood.  The clouds were almost pitch black with intensity, the wind blew fiercely as the sheets of rain slam down on them.

MJ: (screaming at her) DON’T YOU EVER! EVER DO SOMETHING SO STUPID LIKE THIS AGAIN!  DO YOU HEAR ME?! (then contradicting his anger by pulling her into a tight hug. He kept hugging her tighter and tighter she almost couldn’t breathe)

SY didn’t respond as she’s still shock from not only seeing him again, finally, after so long and so much longing…then sharing what had to be the most magical kiss anyone could ever experience in their life time, she felt its impact throughout every particles of her being.  But beside that, for the first time she had also witness him using powers she didn’t even know existed, which confuses her even more.  It’s true that she had suspected something fishy when he consistently able to save her but she hadn’t expected it to be this bizarre.

SY: (when MJ finally realizes how close he’s holding her, he pulled back away while she calmly looks up at him) Kisohn, can you please explain everything to me now?


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  1. 🎉I’m first🎊 muawahaha finally!!

    Ep 33 preview sounds so promising for many epic moments, I’m so looking forward to it! Especially MJ and AltSY first kiss!!! (Am I the only one get happy about this? Haha here is my basket for eggs and tomatoes go ahead chingus 😝)

    Ps: Ah finally the new alien comes to play and so glad to hear news of HK-Ahnya, it’s been a while…

    • hahaha, finally! it’s been a while since you got your first seat back right Queen Commentator?
      Yeah, I’m excited for this episode too…it has a lot of “confrontation” and lot of character’s intersecting with each other kikiki….well I guess that’ll be me and you that’ll get egged and tomatoed on hahahha I’m excited about their first kiss as well…I mean 3 years already! she deserve it!
      yup, here comes eye candy Qahnki 😉 and I’m trying to pull HK-Ahnha back in case they run away from me.

      • “and I’m trying to pull HK-Ahnha back ” Safiresea said.
        And if I ask a couple HK-Ahnha have a son to have the Star girls have a similar one FRIEND and may in the future become her boyfriend?? Well, at least dream …………………
        I’m afraid to kiss and Alternative Kisonh Sonu. I’m afraid, because he tasted another woman and because she will experience a false hope. Excuse my english;)

        • that’s a cute thought you have there Mila 🙂 I didn’t think of that….hmmm…HK and Ahnya kid huh? hmmm….
          and I’m not sure what you wrote there aout Kisohn kiss….er, you’re afraid of his kiss to altSY I take it?

        • Hi John and welcome to the site…I wonder, have you read all episodes from 22-33? If you did it should sufficiently explain to you what’s the difference…if not please be more specific in your questioning because your question right now can go in an number of different way and could take a long time to explain.

  2. at last!!! it’s about time. i have been checking your blog every day and almost every hour for episode 33, and now it is finally here. can’t contain my self, need to shout my excitement for this… weeeeehhhhhh!!!! thanks a bunch for the preview.

    • hahahha….lol pressure much? that’s cute that you’re waiting so for the episode, knowing there’s hard core fan like you make me more motivated to write, so thanks 😉 *shout along with you* WOOOHHHOOO!

      • oohh i did not mean to pressure you its just that I’ am so hooked already that i need it to function well in society. it is like my own personal brand of drug. my guilty pleasure. i cant help it and i dont want to. im still living inside the fantasy world of DMJ and CSY and i dont want to live yet. so please continue what you are doing cause a mere mortal like me appreciates and need it so much. 🙂

        • well, I’m even more so then you rhebec…after all I’m the one writing this right? So I think I’m even more addicted to them, hahahahhaaaa….so you’re not alone. You’re in a good group of people here 🙂

  3. Dear fairy, I admire your ability to work and dedication. I have not had time to leave a comment for episode 32, and already waiting (like a baby gift) new episode. Thank you so much that you find the time, energy and desire and bring us a lot of good time. We appreciate it and thank you forever! ❤ ❤ ❤
    PS has already passed 4 episodes, (we are ungrateful and selfish) – are you planning a new special edition????: 0:0:0 I was just wondering …….: 0:0 success in your personal life!! !

    • Lol we are all dry and hunger for the wetness of the special byeontae episode ehh? *just wondering if uri writer dearest listen to us, gosh but keep on chanting sisters she’ll hear lol* 😂

      • I’m silently waiting for MJ and SY to fight and break up. Then we can have the special byeontae episode for intense make up sex. *coughcoughcoughcoughcough* Did I say that out loud?

        • My reaction when I read your first sentence was like: What the @&)%*>#Ơ* ?!?! Why she wants MJ-SY to break up??? 🔫💥💥💥

          …then i’m like *drool drool* for what you say: ===> Then we can have the special byeontae episode for intense make up sex <===such a teaser Misai unnie Ah~ 😝

        • hahahah you’re so funny Misai, well I was just finish telling these gals here that after ep 33 is the special edition for zam & yen 😉 sooo ummm…no need for make up sex when you have these two around, kekeke

    • awww, you’re welcome Mila, I’m glad you’re still hanging around even though I know my story is making you nervious, lol
      hahhaha, you’re that impatience huh….well actually this episode 33 will mark the 4th episode in so after this episode will be the Special Edition for Zam & Yen…..ARE YOU EXCITED?!?!?! lol….

      • I’m not nervous, I’ll survive, excited, pleased. I accept all the plot twists that favorite writer Fayе invent and write. And even if I was very busy and a lot of, I always find time to come and read this blog.<3<3<3

  4. Oh god I can’t wait. MJ managed to control himself for 3 years. I wonder what trigged it to happen. Bring it on Safiresea! I’m ready. Shall MJ get the full length of my anger. We’ll see. *prepares fingers*

    • kikiki, er….maybe you might want to get your JK ring ready to twist? lol would that help? (oh and I’ll give you some free eggs and tomatoes just in case :D)

      • My JK ring? That is a very good idea, but I shall have to use my imaginary one, for my real ring is stuck wherever my DVD is ;_; *sobs* Why do I live on the other freaking side of the world -.-

          • I pre-ordered it. It was shipped on April 30th. I didn’t want to pay for express shipping because the DVD was already so expensive. 😦 I bought it on Yesasia, and on their website it says it takes from 6 to 14 working days for packages to arrive in Europe. Today is 13th working day and still nothing 😥 boooooo

            • hmmm…Misai, I didn’t pay for express shipping either but there was a tracking number (when you log back in to Yesasia) and it arrive relatively fast for overseas….and I think the US is farther then UK…you might want to make sure if there might be some issue with custom or something….try and check the tracking number to see where it is

              • Yeah, I wouldn’t be as worried if I had a tracking number. But they don’t issue a tracking number for standard shipping, unfortunately. I’ll just have to wait. 😦

                • really? cause I didn’t pay extra for my shipping either, it was free shipping…they send it fedex and there was a number at the very corner when you logged in…you have to look around or you might miss it. There’s no link to track it but you have to copy the number then go to the actually carrier website and enter in the number. Try checking again 😦

                  • Here, I took a screen shot. As you can see there isn’t one. I’m guessing that shipment works differently for Europe. I’m hoping that it will arrive this week. If it doesn’t, I’ll contact people in Yesasia to see if they know if my package has arrived my country at least.

                    • yep, I see now…that sucks…must be a different way of mailing or something 😦 yeah contact them if you don’t get it soon I’d be biting my nails too if I had to wait so long and no tracking at that!

  5. Writer nim. I don’t really understand about the altSY and the SY. Whats the difference? I am sorry but I don’t understand when I read the preveious episodes of fanfict =_= I am really very sorry

    • SY is the original SY as we already new from the drama. Alternate SY is the SY that uri writer nim creates. Remember MJ traveled to wormhole for 3 years and came back chingu? He was lost to another alternate world in which his SY is married to Haekyung and have a different life. If you go back and reread from ep. 27 you will understand 🙂

    • charmaine, can you be more specific about what you don’t understand? hmm…I’ll try to give you a quick explanation even though I’m not quite sure what exactly you don’t get.
      The regular SY is the same as what you see in Season 1.
      The altSY is diff. in that her life was changed because MJ is not in that world to save her but that HK did when she was about to get run over, HK got his leg decapitated I meant amputate, haha, for it which changes the course of her life…leading her to be more dependent and mild temper then the other SY. She’s also married to HK as well (most likely out of guilt and pressure)…like Thao said you should re-read from ep 27….but if you still don’t understand something let me know but be more specific so I can pin point out explain better for you 😉

      • I still do not understand the altSY part as it is so confusing… Sorry for troubling you to explain writer nim 😦

        • ottoke…I don’t know what else to say charmaine 😦 except try and go back and re-read? Well, my take is a little bit more into the sci-fi realm so if you’re not really a fan of sci-fi it might be harder to imagine. Just think of the altSY as someone who had lived without MJ interference and how her life play out is different then the regular SY.

          • So alt SY is someone who does not know MJ until then and the SY is someone we are already familiar with?

            • yes charmaine, at the end of the regular show they said MJ was gone for 3 years but we don’t know where he went just through a wormhole…so in my fan-fic he went to an alternate earth (where everyone is the same but the fate of the inhabitants are different then the current one because MJ was not in the alternate world to “mess” it up)…

  6. Writernim, *whispers* can I just point out a very small thing. A leg can’t be decapitated. The word decapitate refers only to the removal of a head. For arms and legs you can use amputate for example. 😡

    • HAHHAHAHAHA….you kill me just now, lol….yeah I’m still in sleep land….lol amputate of course, thanks. I am sleep deprive these days so don’t mind me my words get jumbled sometimes…..HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH, lol sorry so fuuny I have to laugh again.

  7. Hi writer safirasea, I’m a new fan of yours. I just found out this site like a week ago and have finished reading all the episodes already cos they are soooooooo greaaaaaat! (Y)
    I’ve been a silent reader all this long but now I have no option but to show myself cos I’m really curious of the content of the special edition everyone’s talking about. Can you give me the password pleaseeeeeeeee? For the 1st and the 2nd pleaseeeee…
    I’ve left a request for the password in your contact form too but I haven’t seen any answers yet…
    Thanks for everything and for this amazing season 2 of the drama we all love! Take care 🙂

    • Hello and warm welcome monikssi 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoy the new take on season 2, lol…and no worries, I got your feedback contact form. I usually wait a few days to get a few requests in and send them in batches instead of one at a time…it just saves me time, which I don’t have a lot of. But no worry you always get a quicker respond from me in comment area here as it’s just much easier to do for me 🙂 Promise you’ll get the email soon!

  8. love it. the conflict, the delima, the romance, everything.i love where the story is going. i know that alt SY is basically the same as real SY but i can feel the frustration that DMJ may have felt that time because although they are the same, they are not the same person at all ( i know i am not making sense here). i can’t help but feel that in a way he is betraying his beloved SY and he does not want to do that but he seems powerless to stop his emotion…. wow, i am so eager to see how the plot will go on from here. my dear writer safiresea, your imagination and story telling abilities are unequal. thanks for making my day by giving me a dose of DMJ and CSY… will be looking forward to next episode.

    • rhebec, you made perfect sense….really 🙂 that’s exactly where I want my reader to be even though I know some (ok maybe a lot) is still angry at DMJ and not understanding his relationship with altSY. Like you said, he doesn’t want to “cheat” on SY but deep rooted emotion and what you want are two separate things. His deep rooted emotion is that he will always love SY no matter what form/shape she’s in….think of altSY as like regular SY with amnesia (who doesn’t remember MJ and their relationship), and that’s pretty much what it is. Well, I have roughly about 6-8 more episodes to unveil more things and hopefully clear the air a bit. Wow, this is some challenge I set myself up for! HAHAHHAHAHA.

      • ^^Sorry – don’t mean to butt in on your convo but got really excited when I read your comment Faye…it sounded eerily similar to my post on epi 32 *woot*

  9. Writer-nim! You do keep people in suspense well! I hope the next episode will come out pretty soon. Can’t wait for it. I have been checking this page everyday and even in school 😛 best fanfiction I have read!

    • Hi charmaine, glad to see you again 🙂 oh nice! not getting tomatoed on from you so that’s a bonus kikiki….although, bad news…sort of…the next episode will take longer to come out because now it’s time to do a Special Edition of Zam & Yen, then after that will be episode 34…so I guess give or take about another 2-3 weeks for episode 34…sawwry chingu.

      • I shall wait patiently till then haha. I will read the fan fictions over and over again until the next episode comes out! I will never get bored of it 😀

  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ! It was very interesting, and very quickly ended the episode . Ended the most interesting place 😉 🙂 . Dear writer – I am a very patient , but ….. I would very much expect to continue . I had many questions : Ahnya and HK only kissed or was something more intimate ? ? What happened at Jae Yong and Xie Mi ? ? ? They kissed ? ? ? . Min Joon kissed another CSY , and to provide first aid to her under the water , so she could not suffocate ? (Like the Empress Кi – pink kiss? ) A new alien Qahnki: does not want to pick up the BJ on his planet – for experimentation or observation .. Lol :): D 🙂 Many more thanks! Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Success!!

    • lol well that’s a good thing that you have many questions! that means you’re invested in the story and that’s wonderful news for me (oh thank god you’re not throwing tomatoes and eggs at me! haha).
      hmmm…as for Ahnya and HK…did they or didn’t they in the bathroom….I leave it for now to your own imagination kikikiki. And as for YJ and SM, no they haven’t done anything yet, no kissing…although YJ is starting to have provocative dreams about SM and that is helping progressing the relationship right? LOL, I haven’t watched Empress Ki so I don’t know what kind of kiss but yes, it was initially done to keep her breathing and then turned into something unexpected 😉 HAHAHHAA….I know that most people would want Quahnki to come get BJ, lol…but no that would just be too messy and convenient, lol for now BJ is going to be single….but her destiny is coming too so have no fear.

      • Oh no, I’m not going to throw tomatoes and eggs. These are good products. Ha Ha Ha
        Look a little video. Emperor Toyon rescued injured girl from the chase and put it in his bath. Then she became his wife and Empress Yuan.

        Very interesting episode 33, but what turned out to be a piano from another world. I want to have born little sunshine!

        • Hahahah I laugh so muc when to said those are good products, lol so practice Mila 🙂 I don’t have internet right now 😦 just using my phone here but once I do I will watch your clip here.
          You are waiting for Jin Sunhee to be born is that it? Lol, but you might be sad when that happen…

        • Oh my Mila! I finally got the chance to watch this clip! it’s almost just like my description here ahahhahaaha……wow, so cool!!! see people this is how you save a drowning a person…in a sexy way 😉

  11. *Cricket chirping*
    It’s so quiet here… Hm probably…..

    Are you sure you wanna know the reason?
    It may break your heart, are u sure about this?

    People hated the kiss between MJ and altSY so much they just remain silent.
    And they are too busy to comment… Hm and the reason for their being busy is…
    Filing their knives and preparing eggs and tomatoes….

    End spoiler.

    • errrr… where’s your reply chingu Thao? I think I’m more curious about what you think here? why so quiet? are you also sharpening knives and getting ready to send me rotten eggs (since you know where I live and all…oh my! that means whatever I do I have to make sure to satisfy you or else I’d be receiving dead rats & roaches in the mail! HAHAHHA)

      • Unnie, please be patient with me. Im not quite done digesting this episode yet… I need more time before making my 1st serious comment *with a straight face*. (Note: it’s not the matter of egg, tomato, dead rat, or roach here)
        Besides, I’m also spending time study for my last final so bear with me. I hope you are also good at waiting..😉

        • Have you seen Sofia’s comment? Lol at first I thought it was you….I was like dang this is frigin lllloooonnngggg….then I realize it wasn’t…hahahaha she’s giving you a good race there

          • She has like 1118 words there geez… What was my record again? Let me go back and count lol

      • Yeah please be patient, it’s coming! Watch out for the mail :)) I’m serious! Again I’m serious!! *pressing my fingers on the table* lol

        • Hahaha I’m patient I’m patient!! Well, I have to anyways cuz my internet is busted and so no internet for 3 days 😦 I’m typing on my phone instead) huhuhu

          • Hohoho life without internet sucks a whole lot lot lot. But I had successfully trained myself from no internet for a while and what I can say is without it sometimes is better in a way…

  12. I am really really super disappointed at MJ having such a passionate kiss with the altSY. As a married man, he has already betrayed his wife SY not only mentally, emotionally but also physically now. I don’t think I can forgive him. With YJ jealously level I don’t think she’s able to forgive him too… Seems like if the 2 world is aligned, the second world is taking over the original (the existent of the paino, the relationship between YJ and sei me?). That means SY would disappear and the altSY is going to take over her place.

    • Hi Jet! thanks for your input 🙂 although I must clarify on 3 points that you might have been confused on.

      1) MJ had never betrayed SY as a MARRIED man, keep in mind that all this is in the past and happened BEFORE he came back and eventually married SY. Did he betrayed her as a boyfriend, yes. Was it really betrayal? and unforgivable? that’s debatable being that it’s also SY. lol…well, all I can say is I have my work cut out for me in future episodes 😉

      2. when you said YJ jealousy level…you mean SY right?….yes it’s going to be tough, lol, the conflict and the stake has to be high or else the payout wouldn’t be worth it kikiki

      3. Again, you took it the wrong way. Remember that he’s having a child with regular SY, current world NOT alternate world…meaning MJ is going to be grounded where his creation is…THIS world…not the other way around (for example, if he’s having a child with the altSY, then yes, the current world and SY would be the one disappearing) it’s the alternate world that’s disappearing but not without depositing it’s influences on the fates of the people in this current world …that is why YJ and Semi is getting closer (because in the alt world they are engage and happily in love)….and that is why the piano is NOW in the regular world.

      Hope that help out a bit, lol…and like I said before to other commenter, things are still in bits and pieces and the puzzle is not yet whole…perhaps you should reserve your judgement until then? lol or not either way I don’t mind…it’s fun discussing the many feelings and emotions and speculating where things are headed 🙂

      • Thanks Safiresea for clarifying even though I’m still confusing about the world and the alt world. Seems like the kiss happened while he is married to SY. MJ is still the same MJ but SY they are different?? Different personality, different fate, different jobs, different lives, etc Sawry I’m a bit slow here. I can’t wait to see how MJ going to dig himself out of this mess here.

        • no problem Jet, lol…I know it can be a bit confusing for some folks because right now it’s going back and forth from past to present. More things will be revealed and then you won’t be as confused. I just choose to let MJ and altSY story come out bit by bit as a form of suspense and putting the two world side by side even though one is in the present the other in the past. But for right now whenever you read MJ and altSY it’s in past tense as in it happened within the three years he was away from the SY in the original show. That is why whenever you read altSY story, you’ll see the caption said 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year…if you go back to previous episodes, that’s what you’ll find it will say. So just like in this episode when they kiss or when altSY discuss divorce….the caption said “3rd Year In Alternate World”….after this of course the two world will be at equals and it will be present-present time in both world 😉

  13. oh, no. MJ mustn’t kiss anyone except SY 😦
    @safiresea u’re deebak. how can u make this amazing fanfic? u’re full of imagination dear 🙂 Mmm…4 the kissing scene detail maybe u should learn from MJ aka. KSH. He explained very detail about “that” on his latest FM in Japan. he…he…May I ask u dear? This is always coming in my mind. Are u referring AltSY as the real JJH in real life? If so, really it broke my heart. Reality can be so cruel TT_TT but keep on going with ur infinite imaginary dear. After all thanks 4 the fanfic. I really enjoy it. & this fic story cures a little of this heartbroken hopeless shipper 🙂

    • MJ didn’t kiss anyone except for SY 😉 hahaha, I don’t speak Japanese nor Korean so I can’t learn from KSH, the master of kissing how it should be done, poor poor me hihihi. Omo, you found me out! Hahahaha, I tried sneaking in my OTP shipping and got found out! Hahahahaha only hardcore shipper would see that, so congested on your hardcoreness 😀 good, I’m happy to hear it helps soothes the pain a little bit.
      What’s that? You had a hard time commenting? Really? Oh no I sure hope that didn’t happen to other people too! What you doing to me wordpress!!!

  14. yes, I success to put my comment here 🙂 I’ve tried so many times but always failed 😦 But WAE i don’t see b4 post it???? I’ve typed my username twice. Oh no!!!
    so this is my real username my dear 🙂 (4nn1987)

  15. somehow the their kiss breaks my heart..i know its SY too, but its not SY somehow..i dont know yet how to respond to this ep Faye 😦

    • Awwww, well, let me hope I can mend that heart with later episodes my dearest, lol don’t worry dear….just breathe….breathe 😉

  16. Wow, I really liked this episode. Mainly because it made me byeontae, I think. Hahahaha. I can’t hide my nature, it seems. So, my comments:

    1. Yeah right, safety reasons… While that might be true…. but, I’m sure that’s NOT the main reason.
    2. Crossings, alt world dissipates. This is a good thing, right? But MJ doesn’t seem to make it look like a good thing. I personally thinks, it’s good.
    3. Scene 12: HK INTENSE Moment With Ahnya and Seeking Advice From SM. Wow, that was indeed an intense moment. See? I told you this episode made me think of byeontae stuffs. And I couldn’t agree more with SM. HK should stop asking for advice from her, especially on relationship matters.
    4. I would like to be HK’s secretary.
    5. Excuse me for being a byeontae but YJ-SM scenes in the club and after were, whoo! I mean, YJ thinks SM is rubbing him in the right places? Everything is rubbing up against him? He’s breaking out in a sweat even though he hadn’t moved all that much? SM rolls over on top of YJ? What was that? There’s still more I can expand on but yeah… not everyone’s byeontae like me… So yeah, lemme stop here.
    6. Alt SY is too fragile. No comment on the kiss. I don’t know what to feel.

    Once again, thank you for feeding our addiction with your works. As always, this episode is awesome.

    • Hey! It’s Val!!
      I thought I’ve lost you! Where’ve you been dear?? You are no crazy4ywcfts anymore? Lol doesn’t matter if you aren’t but I just really hope to see you around. A sweet friend like you girl it’s like a gem and hard to find, pls keep in touch! 🙏 *hug very tightly*

      • Hahaha, nope, still am cray cray though I must admit it has subsided. I’ve been busy preparing for college and all so, I cut off all my internet activities this few days. Never thought anyone would realised me going mia though. No worries, I’m back, well, at least for now. And, awww… Thanks, you’re so sweet yourself. We’ll keep in touch! *hugs back tighter*

        • Wish I can volunteer ill cut my internet activities for a few days….well now I kinda got my wish, except no internet INVOLUNTARILY! 😦 *cry a river*

    • Hahaha, let the byeontae out u say!

      1. Well YJ is getting very protective of her so we know that’s a good thing *wink wink*

      2. Yeah, I’m sure his head knows it’s a good thing but his heart is a bit engage. I think it’s one thing to leave her knowing she’s still out there somewhere but another thing entirely to know that she’s going to disappear all together.

      3. Lol yes, I likey me some action between HK and Ahnya as well. Yeah HK can be totally clueless about women

      4. ME TOO! hahaha, I need a raise every month please!

      5. Hahahaa why stop there, you’re in good company, this website have a load full of beontae peps, let me share you a secret, the two times that this site got the most traffic was when the Special Edition is out, see what I tell you! All byeontaes!

      6. Fragile? Haha she fooled you…lol she only seem so on the outside. Confused feeling on the kiss?….I’ll take that too!

      Ahhhhh so nice hearing from you again val, I know we all get busy sometimes and I’m happy that you’re here once again to give your wonderful input!

  17. Hi safiresea unnie,
    I’m not going to throw rotten tomatoes/ eggs to you , instead I feel like thrusting my unsheathed silver dagger into Dmj heart , if it is possible… but I know unnie and other Dmj hardcore fans will killed me first to protect

    Nonetheless it was an enjoyable read for me, although at time I feel like yelling at the characters…what else do you want in a story, right? As each plot develops in alt world and sy world, I seem kind of understand where the story is leading/going…

    Here is my take for this week episode. For Dmj , if he think it is bad now, wait. It gets worse. I say this because the longer he wallows around in his dilemma/turmoil/crap etc etc.., the harder it gets for him to climb out of the pit.
    Yes, I agree it’s got to be tough being Dmj, he is just both lucky and unlucky being loved / in love with 2 women and later get confused with his own heart. Although he’s an alien, supposed to be different from normal human being , look like he’s not so different from someone on earth after all. ..”there’s nothing better than someone on earth”, just like Sy said lol….
    I’m looking forward on how Dmj differentiate between his two SY and how he’s handling it …It had better be good, just kidding unnie …
    Alt world – alt Sy/Hk
    The way that alt Sy has viewed and loved Hk as just “ friend/brother ” and later married was the worst kind of torture for Hk…
    If she‘s being unhappy throughout her marriage life with Hk…why wait ? The situation can still look rosy, but in reality the relationship is dying a slow, quiet death. She was living a lie all this time. Finally for her to admit that, I’m happy for her.
    Well at that very young age, maybe she is not sensible enough to decide on her life, but after a while after being physical and emotional abandonment from Hk … I guess she should do something at that time …but I would just have to accept that’s her personality… and Kisohn is the pushing factor for her to take the drastic action in ending her marriage with Hk. Now should I start called Kisohn a home wrecker?……haha

    On the other side of the coin, I did get aggravated with Hk as well because he needed a clean break to rid himself of his heartache… it’s no point if alt Sy just doesn’t seem interested in him anymore. Why living in a denial, when things have started to go a bit sideways in the relationship from the very beginning … living in denial doesn’t fix things; it only causes his marriage to deteriorate to the point where that’s why alt Sy said that she had enough and cannot do it anymore .

    Kiss- Kisohn/Dmj and alt Sy
    To me the kiss between Dmj/Kisohn and alt Sy is not a big issue, I feel more towards the impact of the kiss.
    Generally men would never kiss women they are not attracted to. So, if you’re asking if a man is capable of kissing a woman he is not attracted to, the answer is a clear no. He might not have feelings for the woman but attraction is different and it comes in many forms. In Dmj case, the feelings and attraction is there in his heart regardless Sy come in different package. The question is it necessary of him to do like what he’s being doing? Simple answer would be he simply cannot control his emotion. It will be wrong to say the kiss sort of like a “conciliation prize” or goodbye kiss to alt Sy for all her effort in putting her life in danger just to see her Kisohn. That would be totally CRUEL and UNFAIR to alt Sy. It just she simply loves him and wants him.…after all that drives people crazy sometimes…
    The fact is Dmj know alt Sy feelings towards him but why make her falling deeper and deeper for him by his action…. when deep inside him knows that he wants to go back to his Sy unless if he decides otherwise. Now I would call him being selfish for his action. To me the shared kiss is the driving force leading to more deeper emotional attachment between them.

    By the way unnie, just asking when Kisohn giving his alt Sy that grand piano during her birthday ( ep 32), he kissed her lips, That was his first kiss with her isn’t ?

    I understand that all these 3 years , alt Sy was so desperate in seeking attention to reach her Kisohn but after her so called “ unforgettable kiss/ encounter ”with her Kisohn, I hope she could really start learning to love herself more and have more dignity ( don’t know whether that’s the right term) . She shouldn’t continue constantly put herself in danger as her “alien stalker” will not be there all the time to save her. It seems she’s too vulnerable/physically frail. Now if she dare to ask divorce from Hk and admitting her actual feelings towards Hk, her way of thinking should be more sensible /strong … …. I don’t know how to describe…

    Yes, this time I like the scene of Sm and Yj.. Hope she find comfort in Yj and Yj will love her and want her very much ….Sm deserves happiness after years of emotional heartache and headache with Hk
    It’s about time , Sm should just start giving that love to someone who will reciprocate the love and caring that she had in her heart / she needs to move on…

    For Dmj –if he really feel that he is in love with two persons, he should consider the 2nd one because if he loved the 1st one enough, he probably wouldn’t have fallen in love with a different person, although inside his heart she is the same person…….. It is very true when u TRULY love someone there can’t be another place in your heart for another………A word of wisdom from my house mate…lol

    If I were Sy I wouldn’t easily forgive this Dmj .… ..but maybe that just me.. after all true love doesn’t always run smoothly, it might not conquer all and most importantly, love is complicated.

    I can’t wait to see what is to come in the next episodes and sorry for the long rants( my bad habits )….. maybe I should start learning make simple comments next time…

    • Hahaha I say no to short comments! If you have the thoughts, then let it all out! Omo but I don’t have internet right now so can’t reply back sufficiently to you as I can only view on phone. Once I get back internet I will be on to reply to your long rant. In any case I feel like I should get popcorn and soft drink ready while rereading your comments later on to do my reply 😉

    • OK! So internet is back…and omo, 3 really really LONG comment to reply too, haha! you’re first so here goes:

      Woah Sofea, hold on to your knife, lol, let’s not get bloodthirsty just yet…I’m sure SY will do a splendid job of it 😉 Well, to be honest, I never see him as that much different than those on earth to begin with. I mean he might be alien and have different DNA structure and have “heighten” senses and abilities. I don’t see how emotionally he can be different except starting off as INDIFFERENCE because of his world there’s a lack of emotion so all his years here he learn to be more emotional if anything.
      HHAHAAA….hmmm, you can wait to see how he handle this but one thing I have to sorta let out….it’s going to take more then himself to solve this problem.

      With altHK & altSY: well HK here probably knows deep down what he’s getting himself into but because he loves her so much, it doesn’t seem to matter how he get her…just as how he is in the original world when he propose to her by trying to temp her with wealth and security. That is the truth of life, that a lot marriages is actually made base on some certain convieninece or one reason and another and love is actually 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, or even lower on the agenda *cries*. I think she haven’t done this any sooner because that’s all she had felt like her whole life, she didn’t know any difference but when DMJ appeared and she fell in love with him even if it’s just a “fantasy” because she don’t really know him, she still finally realize that she had never had this kind of feelings for her husband. It’s like someone being contend with some thing because they don’t know any difference or have any other choice. Haha, well if you want to call DMJ a home wrecker just because he happen to show up, then I guess…but to me, it’s really more on her end as DMJ never did anything to encourage her otherwise. Her eyes are just opened up to a whole different possibilities from her depth of feelings for him and she just started to follow a driven need she never had before. Idealistically speaking, lol, it would be nice if relationship end so swiftly and nicely…but the fact is it’s a mess, almost all the time because rarely are two partner on the same page. You have no idea how many messy, weird, awkward, bizarre relationships I’ve seen & witness, lol…that drag on for months and some for years and some still continue the way it is. I’m the type of girl like you, I’m clean cut in my relationship (but even I had some pretty tough times at times).

      Well, to be fair, thus far I don’t think MJ had done anything outwardly that lead altSY on. He had avoided her at all cost…and as for their first kiss, it started off as a panic, last minute attempt to save her life…it just happen that their tongue touched because SHE turned it into a kiss…and well, lol, DMJ was downhill from there because again, I can’t stress enough that SHE IS SY, she’s not SY’s twin, she’s not SY’s clone, she IS SY, so her total essence is the same and his attraction to her will always be instantaneous. No, this is his first kiss with her…the memory of the piano is the past…but it’s the future past…does that make sense…meaning that scene hasn’t come up yet….it only came up in memory relating to what happen. This underwater kiss is what will lead to the piano, the other kiss, etc.
      As for altSY personality…hmmm…I don’t see that. Maybe I haven’t fleshed her out as well? 😦 but I think it takes a whole lot of craziness and guts to do what she do. She definitely does NOT have a death wish, only a wish to draw out MJ. Maybe it started out small and just continue to escalate because of years of frustration where she KNOW he saved her but never showed himself…on top of which there’s a BIG mystery of why and how and if anything she’s driven by curiosity as much as love. Now that MJ is out in the open, lol, she probably won’t need to go to such dangerous means. See, to me the regular SY had a mouth as her weapon…this altSY doesn’t have “the mouth” but she’s more of an “action” person. She may quietly seem defeated but her actions will always speak louder than words.

      I totally agree with you that when you TRULY love someone you should and could never be swayed by another person, this apply to NORMAL circumstances….lol, I don’t think this circumstance is anything but NORMAL, that’s just my thought. HAHAHA….and SY probably won’t forgive MJ…EVER. Goodluck MJ! You’ll need it! 😉

  18. Unnie..
    love this arranged the scene perfectly..*thumbs up*..its not to difficult to be digest..hahaha
    the scene between SM and her mom was funny, her mom could not recognize her..kekeke..
    like the fact that SM and YJ spending their time together although SM just want to release tension..(yeaay)..
    Curios about SM’s tattoo..its related to YJ, unnie???..><

    Poor HK for going crazy because of Ahnya, hahaha..but glad to hear that, so he can totally forget MJ's woman after all..(hoorey)..

    the kiss!!..its so beautiful..although i'm not really like the kiss scene between MJ and altSY..haha..but its still memorable.. ^^

    p/s : can we survive for the next episode??..hahha
    but unnie, seriously, i'm want to know how MJ will tell SY about SY will reacts about it and "how and what" he will do to make up with can i survive!!..*cry in silent*..

    take you time unnie..also, take care of your health.. 🙂
    ~hugs and kisses for you.^^

    • Hi dongsaeng, glad this was an easy digestion for you 😉 no throwing tomatoes then?
      Hahahaha, yes I want you guys to wonder what kind of tattoo she got while drunk, lol take a wild guess 😉
      Who could say no to Ahnya? Lol what Ahnya wants Ahnya will get, a lesser bold woman could never get his attention away from SY, so I’m glad Ahnya can take charge and rope him in (even though she does have hidden insecurities in regards to his heart)

      Hahahaa…I love the kiss! Not as much about who it’s with but more about the cinematography of it and how shockingly it came out from a turbulently dangerous situation, if I was a good painter this will be one of the scenes I would paint! Lol I know folks are leery of altSY, but to me she’s the same so for me it was a very magical feeling *sigh, swoon*

      It’s funny how everyone is expecting MJ to somehow overcome this situation….who’s to say that he will? Perhaps…just perhaps there nothing he CAN do…Lol….it’s about time someone rescue MJ instead don’t you think?

      Thanks luv, I will try my best
      Hugs and kisses xoxoxo

      • ohh..i forgot that you already mentioned ‘someone’ will overcome the situation from previous episode..hehe
        waiting for it..PATIENTLY..yeay real ‘patiently’..hahaha..

        p/s : hahaha..everyone including me is expecting the same person to make up with her..keke
        episode 34!!..pali pali.. ><

    • No worry dongsaeng, I heard we shall have an intense make up $3x between MJ n SY after their big fight. U want that to happen? Let’s chant together !!

      • hahahahha….where did you hear that from? lol, stop spreading rumor around people will be disappointed if that didn’t happen.
        *innocently whistle whistle*

        • @thaoweo unnie : i’m too innocent for that..kekeke..*evil smirk*

          @safiresea unnie : ~a little bit dissapointed><

          • Oh come on, I know you are hella innocent but at least act a little bit anticipating with me ya! Let’s spread the news widely so that it’d be raining byeontaeness lol! *Hug*

          • *cough* if you read my special edition you’re no longer innocent my child 😉

            ….I’m just being diplomatic here…I’m not confirming or denying anything, kiki

            • @thaowea unnie : you statement can make more byeontea @safiresea unnie already stated that she can handle the, we will get more special edition!!..*wink*
              ~kekeke, say bye bye to innocent!!

              • Lol uri writer nim likes to take on challenges, I’m eager to see what she’ll bring to our byeontae table next time

                @dmjcsy: lol 2nd time, yes if I can I’d definitely try to convince/ persuade/ haunt uri writer nim for feeding us more with byeontaeness. My imagination sucks so I have to rely on others writing to find my happiness in this byeontae paradise :)))

                • @thaoweo unnie : lol..@safiresea unnie will definitely make us satisfy with her special edition..hahaha..we wait and get ready to comment it after that..kekeke..

  19. Another super great episode!!! I must say I read it since this morning and I have been thinking about it up to now – specifically some parts that I will mention below. (I also developed selective amnesia regarding some parts that have to do with water… )

    Ok that’s it unnie! Forget about the MJ/SY/AltSY drama and just give us more of HK and Ahnya!!!! I am so hooked on their story right now. Ahnya is the alien version of SY before she got pregnant. I mean if we have to wait for these MJ and HK to get any action, we would probably all have grandkids when they kiss for the first time. The bathroom scene was sooo glorious but also too short :(. No pressure here but I wouldn’t mind half the story about them next time lol.

    Then we can skip MJ’s cheating escapades and go back to our one and only OTP after the two worlds have merged and AltSY has disappeared hahahaha. Happy ending for everyone right?
    I just really really really love this couple. I can imagine HK being all sexy in front of Ahnya XD.

    So next YJ/SM, wow! I thought they were making out for a sec then I realized he was just dreaming. I wonder if more happened that night… I don’t mind the age difference but I can definitely see SM’s mom being a problem here. Um maybe if she finds out that Yoo Seok is dating BJ she won’t care much about SM?

    Also MJ’s inquiry about YJ’s night with SM was so cute. YJ lying to his hyung then apologizing like a little boy hahaha. Ah… I so wish this drama was reality but then… would that make me/ us peeping toms for wanting to see more of their life?

    Good job once again unnie!! I hope you’re doing well after spazzing on the DVD and I also hope chapter 34 will come out around the time I’m done with school so that’ll be double happiness ;).

    • All the byeontae scenes were too short, I know right? Haiz it’s because the regular episode are made for PG-13 dear… *sigh* the pain named PG-13… Lol

    • hahahah…amnesia on the water scene?….lol I guess that’s better than throwing knifes at me.
      Awww, I’m sooo happy you’re on the HK & Ahnya’s boat! whoohooo! I was chanting that when I first started writing her and people seems to be leery of her but yahhh! now I’m happy 😀 awww, I would love to write more about them, unfortunately time constrain sucks and I can only devote so much 😦 there’s YJ & SM to write as well…and a few other side characters…but most importantly, the main line will always be MJ/SY/altSY…lol sorry, I have a lot of work to do on these 3 (4 including their daughter) so I will apologize first.
      LOL, hmmm…I will take note of your reaction to altSY here and will monitor to see how you really feel when or if she disappear/dies 😉
      yeah, SM’s mom is a dragon hurdle to overcome….and perhaps SY as well? kikiki, we will see.
      NO NO not peeping tom at all! hahahha…we all want more of all these characters….and I’m so flatter you think my fan-fic is good enough to be made on screen *high jump* weeeeeeeeee

  20. Geez it was such a difficult final for me to prepare, so glad that everything is done so I can come back to my spazzing mode.
    Ok, so I finally have time to back-read this episode one more time before making my comment. And I think I do seriously have mixed feelings for this episode. It’s just between love and hate. Mainly, I feel a bit upset about the plot especially the situation that led to the kiss between MJ-altSY. Remember my comment on the other episode? I don’t know if you see it cuz I had no reply from you but anyhow I was hoping that you will not go for this scene but wae wae? What with the suicide act?? It’s cheating unnie!! I know altSY was willing to go that far just to make MJ appear and rescue her but don’t you think this is a little too much for SY’s personality? Although she is altSY but you said deep down inside she still has her natural characters as stubborn and upfront in love but this is just not so right (for me)… hm it’s true that altSY has that special something that guys want to protect her but I really hate when she’s being a little “overboard” with her love for MJ here. I totally understand that whatever actions she commits will make the continuation of this show but…but…..however on my other thought, it’s contradicting in a way that the situation they are in is so right, and if altSY didn’t make that move on purpose there couldn’t have been such a beautiful intimate skinship between MJ and her.( Sorry unnie, I hope my rant makes sense to you…)

    About the underwater kiss, it’s beautiful, enough said! That kiss of them can be considered competitive to the 3 years kiss of MJ-SY. So much emotion!

    Also I have to thank you unnie for your byeontae generousness. I remembered I requested more byeotaeness for the underwater kiss but I think it’s just too wrong to call that beautiful kiss with that adjective. Instead, I approve the byeontae scenes between HK-Ahnya and SM-YJ couples hohoho. Bring it on unnie! I love to see them in action more kakaka.

    In the 1st season, I think due to time constraint, Park writernim couldn’t do the right justice to SM character but your fanfic just did a fine job here. I think I’m getting to like and grow more acquaintance to her character. I remember I read it somewhere, some chingus said SM’s character is actually closer to us… I agree. She is very pitiful too but her role couldn’t shine on because she was missing some spice there. Hopefully under your magical pen, she will spark on more and more. Also, she has a tattoo?? Did she try to get rid of it in the last scene? Wow, that’s really something eh… Maybe there is a scene where YJ gets the undress her and he’ll help us find out what kind of tattoo it is lol, byeontae thought activated!

    When I read ep 32, I got a feeling about something wrong about that piano but I wasn’t sure at that time but in this episode you explained it well. Jin Sunhee, that special child seems to have the power to bring two world together. It’s a relief to know that the altworld will merge into the current world that they live in… but what will happen to the fate of those people in the altworld worry me the most. You are not giving us the easiest solution to the existence of both worlds, aren’t you unnie? Well, you got my curiosity to its peak again 
    Great job for this episode unnie and I am hoping to see news about ep 34 soon!

    • I’m so glad to hear that your finals are now behind you, lol…it’s time to relax now and enjoy! Waahh, co many long comments, lol I think my hands might fall off from replying. HAHA I’ll save my reply to Misai for tomorrow after I finish yours, lol.
      YES! I remember your comment and the reason I didn’t reply back (it’s really stupid) but it was running out of space, lol…next time you can just do a new comment when the space started to dwindle down ok? hahaha. And just to clarify…she IS being stubborn. I guess it was the last straw for her with what happen between her husband, what her husband said, when she tried again for the hundreds of times to see him at work I guess she just snapped 🙂 This is not a pity poor me I’m killing myself SY though….er, if anything I’d say she’s very manipulative, sure it was dangerous but as I explain in another comment…the regular SY had a “dangerous” mouth and the use of words, it’s her strength…whereas this SY, her strength is not in verbal confrontation as much as quietly doing the “action” that’s necessary. Here, the term “action speak louder than words” more or less describe altSY. You guys will see the “real” her coming out more in the next episode, kikiki.
      About that underwater kiss, lol I have to agree (I mean I have it in my head ever since I begin writing the show…I just didn’t know how they would get underwater and all)….but there’s something beautifully flowy and peaceful about the slow motion kiss and then breaking the water out of that slow motion into a fast pace, emotional passionate kiss. God how I wish I could paint!!! hahaha…I want to paint this kiss along with MJ & SY flying to the moon and HK & Ahnya firefly kiss *huhuhuhu*

      haha, I give you a little quick *spoiler* moment: this is PG13 (of course) but YJ & SM will find themselves in a very, very byeontae situation soon, and we will all know what that tattoo is all about kikiki….look forward to that! In the last scene? it ended with her screaming from the bathroom, so no she hasn’t try getting rid of it….YET. Gosh, I sure hope I can do her character a little more justice, I’ll try my best, lol that’s all I can promise.

      From what I see so far, it seems you’re the only who’s worried about the alt world’s fate, lol…I’m still praying to change that around soon to spread to more folks hahahha….but if that didn’t happen, oh well too bad, I’m still happy with where I’m leading the story though.
      Very happy to hear your interest is at it’s peak again 😉 YAH!!

  21. Ok! Brace yourselves. Misai is commenting! LOL!
    Now that I’ve read this episode a few times and checked back previous episodes for some minor details, I think I’m ready to comment. There is so much happening here, I wasn’t sure where to start, so I think I’m going to comment each scene individually and then make a more global comment at the end.

    Starting with YJ and SM, I’m glad that you’re giving more attention to SM in your fanfic than she ever got in the actual drama. Her part was completely overshadowed by SY and that is a shame, but at the same time I think SM lacked something. She was too trapped in her one sided love toward HK and I think that hindered her character. In that sense, I’m glad that in your fanfic she is able to break free from always having to pretend. Pretend as a career and pretend in real life too. Her moments with YJ are cute and adorable and from the likes of it, they are getting really intense too.

    This bring us to the next scene. I love to see more interactions with MJ’s people. I wished the drama offered some more insight about DMJ’s planet, but it was all so vague. I think writernim is doing a good job of giving more details about MJ’s world and its people. Sometimes it feels strange seeing MJ so lost when it comes to scientific or intellectual matters. But finally we have some clues on what is really happening with both worlds. MJ noticed YJ and SM’s relationship and he found it to be strange. I for one didn’t see the relationship between them as a side effect of both worlds colliding. I really liked that idea of both worlds coming together. In the drama MJ couldn’t stay on earth because his energy, his yin/yang were so different from earth’s that he would eventually die. An so, he had to leave. What I like about writernim’s fanfic is that not only he cannot stay because his energy is different, but also, because that energy in itself is creating an imbalance within the earth space and time. And the most wonderful thing is that MJ and SY’s offspring is somehow fixing said imbalance. Now, about the way its being fixed. That is still a bit blurry. The worlds seem to be coming together, but exactly does that mean? The events that happened in the alternate world seem to be reflecting on this world more and more while the worlds keep approaching at a fast pace. YJ and SM, the piano, MJ’s dreams and feelings. What else will happen? Will HK start to feel a pain in his leg? Will JK start to have weird and strange feelings for SY? Will SY suddenly start to play the piano? I’ll get back to that in a bit, for now, I’m going to continue with each scene comment.

    The scene about altHK and altSY divorce talk was so heartbreaking. You can see how desperate her situation is. She finally has a reason to make her want to take that final step and ask for divorce, only to find herself trapped and without solutions. HK’s accident made him to a different person. He is a broken man afraid to live his life on his own. SY is literally his crutch to lean on. SY is just the same. She gave up on herself, her career and her personal life to be trap forever in a loveless marriage. Now she is battling with these new found feelings for a man whom she has met but two times. I think that is hard to comprehend for both of them. How can one simply event turn everything upside down. It is the butterfly effect. One minor event can result in large differences much later on.

    Still with HK, but in the normal world, I would expect that he had learned his lesson by now, not to burden SM with talks about his love life. As her friend he should have a bit more tact when talking to her about his possible love interest. She was in love with him for many many years. Even though she was able to set herself free of that, it still hurts. On the other hand, poor HK. He was in love with SY for the longest time never giving up hope and now that he finds himself attracted to another woman, thinking about another woman other than SY, it makes him feel confused. Even more so if that woman is an alien. To whom else can he turn to? SY? She asked him to seduce her and he in turn got seduced. He can’t turn to his brother for obvious reasons. Asking MJ would be awkward as well as YJ.
    But Ahnya isn’t backing off from her feelings. Since she didn’t experience the same disappointment as DMJ, I believe she is adjusting much faster to earth and human feelings than MJ ever did. While he shut himself down, she opened herself up. Ahahah what is it with these aliens? Coming to earth and get all mesmerized by the earthlings. Oh boy what a kiss that was. And judging by what happened with MJ and SY, if they did what I think they did, then HK may not have a moment’s rest after that, for Ahnya may lock both them up in a room for the next weeks to experiment repeatedly. Oh my byeontae mind… have mercy on me. LOL

    YJ and SM are getting really intense, really fast. Perhaps in the alternate world, things gradually happened, but since the worlds started shifting closer together, their relationship also bloomed at a fast pace, to the point they are both acting erratic and doing all kinds of crazy stuff, especially SM. The scene between YJ and SM stirred up a lot of discussion in my head. Since the talk the 3 aliens had, about the events on both worlds coming together took place, I now look at SM and YJ relationship in a different light. Besides the cuteness and the hilariousness of it all, there is one thing that got me thinking. This is just my own supposition from what I’ve read so far. Continuing my previous reasoning about the side effects of both worlds colliding, those side effects must not be going on randomly. Somehow everyone that is closely involved with MJ should be experiencing some changes, like the ones I mentioned earlier. Writernim mentioned that MJ started having the dreams around the time SY got pregnant. Some of the dreams were of the past and the last dream MJ had where he saw altSY erupt into flames and SY rejecting him, sounded like a premonition to me or a glimpse of the future?. Now we see YJ having a somewhat erotic dream. Was that just really a dream? Was it a vision of something that happened, not to him but to altYJ? How is exactly the shifting of worlds affecting people in this world? What if both worlds merge instead? And by merging I don’t just mean events, but people will also merge, memories will also merge… maybe I’m getting too ahead of myself?

    And finally the most awaited scene. MJ and altSY meet for the third time. AltSY making one last attempt to meet MJ. I think she deserved to meet him already. At least to get some sort of explanation. This SY may be different but I think she can still act even though she is not a professional actress. She gathered all of her despair and hopelessness and made one last attempt to see him. Not that she really wanted to die, but I guess at that moment she was desperate enough and her bluff paid off. DMJ you got played!
    The kiss scene was actually very beautiful and ambiguous enough to make us wonder if that kiss would have ever happened if the situation wasn’t life or death. The kiss itself was just breath taking and swoon worthy. But I can’t help to be angry and sad because of it. DMJ managed to control himself for the longest time and he still got himself in such a situation that he could not escape his feelings. A part of me doesn’t know if he was talking to SY or altSY while he was hugging her tighter and tighter, just like the way he embraced SY after the bad dream he had. Both situations are so similar and gave off the exact same vibe of anguish and despair.

    Writernim managed to end this episode on a huge cliffhanger and there won’t be a next episode for a while * dies * I have so many questions. I wonder what DMJ will say to altSY. As we know in the drama he would always keep SY in the dark. Poor girl was always confused by his actions. I’m guessing altSY will be no different. She knows that he has some strange ability. To SY he always denied it at first and even told her that it was all in her mind. Will he keep his identity hidden? AltSY also knows about another woman. Even though HK was heartbroken, I think she knows he wouldn’t lie. Will DMJ tell her about that other woman? Will altSY ask about that other woman or is she afraid to ask? Even if DMJ gives her some excuse or tries to push her away, she may not buy any of it and keep pursuing him. She is SY after all. One thing is for sure. He kissed her back. No matter who that kiss was for, I don’t think she will give up on him, even if rejects her. The part where he gives her the Piano for her birthday comes after the underwater kiss, right? So I’m guessing DMJ will keep on cheating… or if he leaves her after saving her without any proper explanation, other situations may occur, that will bring them together again. JK doing more evil things maybe?
    Even though that kiss made altSY happy, we know that in the end MJ will return to SY. He is completely torn between worlds, between two of the same woman, so I’m wondering what was it that made him actively work on returning to SY. I’m not saying that he didn’t keep trying all these years, but it feels like there is a gap between attempts in the 3 year span.
    Personally I can’t wait for MJ to be found out on his cheating ways. I want to know what sort of suffering he will endure. Poor SY… how will she take it 😦
    I don’t know why but as much as I like the dramatic aspects of MLFAS the comedic moments had me always rolling on the bed laughing. I can just picture SY doing all sorts of passionate dramas with kiss scenes and bag hug scenes. Lol I can just see her her asking the writer to include lots of kissing scenes in the drama. Omg lol XD
    OK, I’m done being silly xD I trust writernim’s writing and I can’t wait for episode 34. This episode for me is the breaking point. Things are definitely in motion and can’t be stopped or fixed. What is meant to happen will happen and nobody can escape it. I know that we have a special edition coming up. I will try to put myself in the mood for that by watching Thieves once again. ^_^

    • 1966 words!!! m( o_O )m oh em geez!
      People of this blog are crazy commentators! 😂
      I just glanced through your comment, don’t dare to read it yet but let me get my popcorn and soda first lol

      • 1966 words o.o omg! I didn’t do a word count, otherwise I would have written a bit more to reach 2000 words ahaha xD But I’m going to save them for episode 34 eheheh 😀

        • Lol the wait seems a little bit longer than expect erh? Seem like uri writer nim really invests a big effort to write back a long reply to ya Misai… Normally she always replies more than our comment requires… Hm I’m wondering if there will there be >2000 words lol 😝

    • *deep breath* Ok Misai, lol, you are really giving me an arm cramp but here goes:

      First paragraph, I’m shaking already.
      I’m very glad for SM too, I do like her character and also had wanted more from her but like you said too little time not enough to spread around…if they had continue this show with a Season 2 where they had left off, I’m sure they would utilize her character more…I think. Well, I hope I do some sound writing for her part. Well, I think they are there for tension reflief as well, but I think the intensity will belong more for HK and Ahnya, lol.

      Yes, I remember you mentioning it before that you want more “sci-fi” and look deeper into his world. I’m trying to do that without getting too sci-fi for people, lol….believe it that the last few episodes you will love it if this is what you’re angling for….whereas I will wrack my brain like a mad women trying to make up a whole new world and it’s rules and regulations, lol. Again, I’m setting myself up, not sure yet for failure or for victory…hahaha you guys be the judge! Well, MJ’s been getting a little be too used to martial bliss his brain is a little rusty, lol where in his people and Ahnya are still active observer and scientists…he’s been kinda out of the loop. How to fully explain the fixing of the imbalance? Maybe it won’t be fully explain…some things are just not that easily explainable (doesn’t mean I won’t try, hahaha). I like where you’re head is going with this Misai, congrats congrats…yes if indeed the other world is influencing their fate….HK’s leg…hehe… JK CAN’T have feelings for SY in this world because he’s dead, um…I think you forgot about that?……(you forgot to mention one crucial person that might have a life-changing issue here, hehehe).

      Bravo on the dissecting of altSY and altHK divorce scene, that’s what exactly I was going for 😀

      Hahahhaa…current HK is still kinda clueless sometimes, that’s from being in an all male family (beside mom)? Possibly…and yes, I think it’s tough for him to confide in anyone else though, both brother’s dead, not exactly close and understanding mother/father, can’t go to his ex-crush SY, MJ and him is still not exactly buddies and Ahnya is his people, and he thinks YJ is hung up on her…so yeah that only leave SM (since I don’t think he gets close to BJ). Interesting that you mention how Ahnya haven’t experience MJ’s heartache so therefor she’s more open and forward. To be honest I didn’t think of this at all, there is a reason why she is the way she is with HK…but not like you mention although, lol, but that theory works too 😉 hahahaha…now that you ask why these Aliens are so fascinated with Earthling, lol, it’s because they HAVE FEELINGS/EXPRESSIONS….isn’t it written somewhere that opposites attract? lol, given that the alien planet is kinda devoid of these emotions/feelings? HAHHAHAA….yes, your byeontae mind is definitely going to dark places! Keep it up girl, keep it up I love it 😉

      Awww, I actually tried to make YJ and SM relationship to start as “smooth” as possible…is it really going too fast? I didn’t see that coming *huhuu* But yes, I guess you are right, time is of the essence and everyone is running out of those. *RING BELL* hahaha girl you are very very close to the target 😉 let me reward you with a BIG FAT YES! Yes his dream is a premonition of the future, he’s just too emotionally entangled to see it for what it is. Ahhhh….as for the dream YJ had….I will leave that to you guys to interpret either way…but I do love how you look deeper into it then just a mere dream….you got the brain of writer as well eh? Lol. WOOWHHH, yes…don’t get too carried away! Ahahhahahaaa….can you imagine the chaos if that happen? People be like what’s with all this memories? What? Why am I with that person? So forth and so forth…major chaos…no I think it’s more subtle then that…in a way that won’t disrupt lives but using the current situation to just “shift” things a bit without anyone even realizing it.

      WHOOAA….you’re talking about the underwater kiss scene! Sweet! As most people tend to have amnesia right at this point, hahahah. LOL….yes….yes indeed played by sweet little SY (muahhhahhahaha). I mention this on another comment and I’ll mention again I suppose just for kicks. This altSY is about action not words, the other SY is crafty and outgoing and slay with words…..they are similar, just using different tools 😉 To me I don’t think that kiss would have ever happened if it wasn’t life and death. MJ might be stalking her and rescuing her on a daily bases and have feelings but he have more self-control then people credit him for. “DMJ managed to control himself for the longest time and he still got himself in such a situation that he could not escape his feelings” hahhaha….that my friend is call fate 😉 that’s wonderful that you compare this with his talk with his pregnant SY….they are indeed similar…because to him there is no differentiate when it comes to matters of Feelings, he can differentiate intellectually but when that life and death scary moments come there is no differences between the two.

      Really? Cliffhanger? I didn’t think it was that much of a cliffhanger…lol but believe it or not I’m anxious to write the next as well, it’s like a ball rolling downhill, I find it hard to stop as well. Not to spoil anything but I think you’ll be surprise by both MJ & altSY’s reaction as well as how they handle things….together 😉 ahhhh…MJ suffering days will come…as matter of fact from next episode onward (with no end in site)! (hahahha I wonder if there’s anyone gonna plea for his sake, lol) I feel you girl, I LOVE the comedic moments as well especially when done so perfectly and so classic along side by side with the sad times….*huhuhuhu* unfortunately I’m no writer Park, I really, really lack humor and just darn right melancholic! But I’m trying…I’m trying so please take it easy on me kay? Well, your imagination is really great…there’s only one hicks, she’s 8 months prego so no acting for her.
      You and me both girl….I’m having major block on Yen and Zam, it’s much, much harder then I thought. Their story wasn’t as fleshed out in the thiefs so now I have to almost write a whole new storyline for them and I don’t know yet where it’s going…I mean, I can’t just make them have meaningless sex only right? MUAHHAHAH….or maybe I can, lol.

      • I wanted to quickly reply to this post before I comment on episode 34. I had been missing uri couple for so long and I was putting off commenting here because I’m so busy with other things and yet my mind still thinks about them every day. So I’m just going to briefly comment on some points.

        – I remember you mentioning it before that you want more “sci-fi” –

        Yaaay! You don’t have to include sci-fi parts just because I mentioned it, but if you do I’ll be very happy 😀 Let me know if you need help.

        – JK CAN’T have feelings for SY in this world because he’s dead –

        I know that JK is dead, but because I was trying to come up with comparisons to explain my point, it momentarily slipped my mind xD You say I forgot someone, then don’t tell me. I spoil myself as it is with my own theories. I want to be surprised too 😀

        – lol, given that the alien planet is kinda devoid of these emotions/feelings? –

        The reason I say this is because DMJ and Ahnya are capable of such emotions, but they never displayed them in their planet. It is something new to them. If they are capable, then why is their society not like that? No parents, no husband and wife, no family? Is it something in their planet atmosphere? Or earth’s? Ahahaha. Maybe dmj’s planet works different in that too. Not just time and the aging, but also the emotions. I just don’t understand. They are curious enough to travel the stars but don’t have any other emotions? I guess we’ll never know. I wish the writer had given more insight about his planet.

        – she’s 8 months prego so no acting for her. –

        Well I’m not saying she’ll forgive him right away… or will she? If it were me, I would never forgive, no matter how similar she looked to me. It would take me a very long time, if ever. But I don’t know about CSY..

        Now I’m off to read episode 34 again, before I comment ^^

        • hahah Misai, I still don’t see Episode 34 comment yet….I’m kinda scared you taking so long 😉 but I suppose it won’t be any worse then Sofea, I think she just wrote a novel!
          I didn’t forget about the Sci-Fi part, lol, it’s coming up soon…I’m only dedicating a small percentage of it but it’ll be there 😉
          I won’t tell you who it is, you’ll find out soon enough, as matter of fact 35 coming up.
          I think the emotional capability is all in them, they are not robots…and because both MJ and Ahnya was very deeply involved and influence by Earthlings whereas the others have not had that opportunity. Their society I see is more of “efficiency” and many many millennium of it “cutting away” relation/family/friends that made the people on his planet that way NOT because they are not capable of it. Will explain more later later on.
          Well, I guess you’re stubborn…just like SY 😉

  22. Omo still, no ep 34. I have been waiting for weeks or 2 but its like it has been forever. TT^TT

  23. Whew – I just finished reading all the comments here and 2 hours later (I’m not kidding and I don’t consider myself a slow reader either), I’m writing my own. When did y’all become master commentators? Despite the long posts (and me getting cross eyed), I truly enjoyed everyone’s insights.
    I share a lot of the sentiments which were already mentioned so I won’t rehash. I adore the YJ-SM loveline. Writernim Faye had wonderful foresight pairing these two together. I can see sparks flying off the page…I mean, screen. They embody the first stage of love – the flirting, the getting-to-know, the denial of feelings…ah, I miss this stage in the wheel of romance.
    I enjoyed exploring the HK-Ahya loveline as well. Though their relationship is just as new, theirs do not feel as innocent as YJ-SM. Maybe because their attraction is more carnal in nature and it feels like they both acknowledge their feelings for/attractions to each other but is somehow conflicted on how to sustain it.
    And last but not least, our DMJ-AltCSY loveline. I told myself to be liberal for once, be open-minded to the fact that DMJ can love another form of CSY but why does my heart hurt for CSY? The underwater kiss…I can imagine it in all it’s cinematographic glory yet my gut wrenches and my tears flow freely. Ottoke writernim? I really want to get onboard this story angle but I don’t know if I can. My will might be strong but I find my heart to be weak. I will need your next episode(s) to convince me off this ledge.
    As an afterthought, the kiss spurred this next question for me: if DMJ never found a way back to CSY, would he have been happy with AltCSY eventually? I don’t know if I have a definitive answer for that. I seem to go back and forth between “yes” and “no” and somehow, can’t decide on which one at the moment. Anyone care to discuss?
    Lastly, I cannot wait for the reemergence of Jin Sunhee in the story. I know she plays a larger part in all of this and she will be the catalyst to finding a solution for the two worlds. My dear writernim, as your fan, I humbly await the next installment to this enchanting story of yours.

    • OMGSHIIIIII….it’s Glamfan!!!! SHE’S BACK!!!! hahahahaha I miss you girl *hugs hugs* first…
      Yeah, lol, gals on here are getting pretty serious with commenting, I swear to you my fingers feel like it might break when I try to do a reply, lol…maybe I should hire a non-paying intern to do replies for me whahahahahaha.
      Awwwww, poor you…no need to jump ship my dear, everyone at their own pace….don’t you worry over much on it and go with the flow. I must confess that I’m trying to convert at least a half half team for SY and altSY….it makes the conflict more interesting that way…but even if that’s not successful, it’s gonna be ok because in the end….either way it’s all worth it, I promise 😉

      OMGOSH….I didn’t think of it like that. You are so right! what a dilemma if that was to happen and DMJ couldn’t go back….I’m thinking yes…and then no….I think he would be ok with altSY in short term but in the long run he would still miss and hold a torch for his original SY….omo, that would be really sad *huhuhuhu

      Thank you love, I will try my best not to disappoint you guys….FIGHTING!

      • Awww – I miss you too Faye! **hugs back** I missed sharing my thoughts here in your blog but I was a frequent visitor even if I didn’t post anything. And thank you for not giving up on your replies. I can imagine the pressure to reply back to all just bec you’re amazing like that and you care about your readers. But no worries and take care of yourself and Ayden. Remember, you can never disappoint when you write with your heart. Himnae writernim!

  24. *tries breathing deeply* Writer nim. Since I have read your fanfictions everyday, I wanted to try out my own fanfiction XD must try out since its the holidays and I guess my writing is like *shit* Is there any suggestions on how to improve on my story in a general base as I need to write another essay soon >_>

    • HEY HEY….no negativity here…lol, don’t say your writing is *shit* never admit to that….just say…”my writing needs improvment” 🙂 see much better, no need to put yourself down (that’s the critics job, lol) besides I haven’t read anything you wrote so who’s to say that it’s *shit* maybe, maybe it’s really really good *shit* LOL …..yes, I encourage you to write if you have the spare time (I don’t have the time but I still do it anyways! haha to my own detriment) but yes, I would love to have the chance to read what you write 😀

  25. background song!!!! its utada hikaru’s-first love, right?
    this is the first time i’m success open this site by my lappy. usually i open it by my phone and i dont know that i’ll hear this song here…

    • lol good question I don’t know my dear…If I did I would have listed it…got it on youtube it has no name 😦
      really? yeah every chapter have a song attached to it 🙂

  26. yaaay! I made it! really made it! *happy*
    I’m so excited about all that!! God I dont know what should I feel about other SY..I mean yeah she made some mess in MJ head and all and at first I don’t like that soft face of SY but now I feel pity for that second wolrd :< Even though that second SY will be absorbed by 'our' SY. I know I'm not into position to ask but It would be so super cute when there would be more 'sweet' scenes with a unborned baby and daddy Q-Q Yeah I know that this is a bad time for it but..XD haha excuse me OTL I love that ones too muuch..
    Anyway I ship SM and JY~ Can't wait to see what will happen with that tatoo she got! haha And why he didn't stop her! Looking forward for new chapter! ;3 Take your time and make it as awesome as always!

    • p.s oh! And in a free time can you please send me a password for TAKE 3 special? I sent you a mail but I know it is not working good sometmes so :<' Sorry to be that impatient q-q'

    • hahahah….that scene is coming up soon ….more DMJ & JSH….
      wait for the tatoo revealing itself, that will be a hoot….and YJ couldn’t stop a drunk older than him noona if she wants something…beside he was busy sleeping and dreaming about her kikiki, hmmm you didn’t have take three? ok, I’ll put you down for that.

  27. Oh yay! I’m so glad to find your fanfics! Actually, I haven’t read them yet. I saved them to my pc and will read them later ^^ (gotta use internet efficiently haha) but I can tell it’s a good one, I kind of browse them already and I’m so excited to read it! Using Song Hye Kyo as part of the cast is so brilliant idea! Maybe, they could use her too if ther will be an MLFAS 2, they will have such a STAR-studded cast! I also developed some kind of scenarios in my mind too. I kind of developing a story like MLFAS with a vampire twist. You know, KSH playing a vampire instead of an hot alien and still, JJH as a beautiful national goddess. Of course, I will exclude those cheesy romance and corny vampire effects you find on those vamp series. It will have some heavy dramas as well, and instead of focusing on fantasy it will focus on the great aspects of true love and sacrifices one can make. Of course it will have funny and hearty scenes you find on MFLAS. I want it to have it’s own charm and strength despite being heavily inspired by MLFAS. I’m kind of excited too, I envisioned it as the legendary great movie that stars Ji Hyun and Soo Hyun that brings new face on the vampire love story genre. Haha, I dream so high! But, I will keep this as an inspiration!
    *Oh before I forgot, can you tell me the password on Yeni-Zam fanfic you made? please I want to read them! Thanks 🙂

    • lol ya get moving on the reading then 😉 j/k ….wow the vampire one sounds cool, are you gonna write that? should be really interesting 😉 and yes please don’t do another Twilight HAHAHAH. Well, you don’t know where you land if you don’t dream high right? WOAH!!! me? inspiration? hahahha I need YOU GUYS to be my inspiration! Yup, got your info, will send it shortly 😉 come back and let me know what you think of the stories once you actually get to read it 😀

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