My Love From Another Star Parody of Their Younger Version MV

Ok, I just found this video on Facebook which was credited to Youku (though I couldn’t find the original source).  It was so funny and cute at the same time so I thought I had to share it with you guys in case you haven’t seen it.  I do wonder who did this video, was it a home video or was it more of a professional production?  HAHAHA….either way it’s funny to watch even if it messes my page up a bit, lol. (oh, if anyone know where the original video is please let me know…maybe I’ll have better luck embedding it here without making the page looking kooky, lol)


10 responses to “My Love From Another Star Parody of Their Younger Version MV

  1. what a cute boy!!! well the girl too 🙂
    their parody is soooooo cute….
    cant stop laughing when i watch this….

      • lol yes you’re the first (watch out for Thao! you took her seat! kiki) I know right? I laughed too but it was soo cute as well, done very very nicely

      • KAMEGOKU!!! HEYA! 👐 💥💨

        Sawwrry ashriey chingu, I just used a kungfu method from Dragon Ball and blow you away leaving me your first seat muawahaha. It’s mine now lol.

        Hehe did I go over board with my comic imagination? But love the young actors there. So cute, so creative, and so MLFAS 👍. I’m melting because of their cuteness ❤️

  2. Thanks. So adorable. And the tears running down her cheek … I wonder who made this and … is it like a school project or …

    • yeah it’s cute, lol, though I’m almost 100% sure those are fake “tears”, they squired in her eyes…I wonder too, it looks more professional than amature. They even make sure the clothes are similiar, that’s a lot of work for just a school project, lol

  3. Daaaaaaawwwwwwwww sooooo adorable. The kids are soooo cute. I don’t know who did it, but seems like a lot of work was put into it. Loved it ❤

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