3rd Poll: Pick The 1st Prize Winner For 50,000 Celebration!


So you guys might think I have forgotton about the 50,000 Reads Celebration, but really I haven’t!  I have been diligently working on this amongst many many other projects so please continue being patient with me.  Now, the only thing I’m waiting on is finishing the prize for 2nd place which is a printed book comprising of picture story quotation from the show.  I will keep you updated when it’s complete 🙂  Meanwhile here’s the next poll.  I have comprise the top 10 commenters on this site, now it’s your turn to VOTE for the winner!  This is THE GRAND PRIZE, kikiki….winner will get a personalized DMJ & CSY eggies custom made by Thao Weo, The Quotation Book, as well as the signed Printed Poster.  Happy voting everyone! And a special thank you to these 10 who made this site active with their continuing contribution of ideas, thoughts, inspiration, praises, and questions.  Below is my quick summery of why these individuals are chosen.  At the very end you will see a list of everyone that has made a comment at one point or another on the site.  By the name will be the number of comments you have made which is also the number of drawings you get, then the number next to that is either 1 or 2.  If you’re in 1, that’s for the 3rd Prize drawing and if you’re in 2 that’s for 2nd Prize drawing.


1. crazy4ywcfts/pinkyjaguar:  Vall has been around since close to the beginning and had commented 23 times.  Her often insightful and excited attitude has been like a breath of fresh air for me and I love how she had interacted with other commenters.

2. cinzia: though cinzia came to the site a little later then most of the folks on this list, she made it a point to be extremely active here with 54 comments.  I’m very happy to hear from her even though often times her comments are short but they range from questions, to ideas, to funny thoughts.  She also interact with newcomers and I’m very happy she became a part of this family.

3. dmjcsy: even though dmjcsy is young and is still in school, her love for me and this site is an extreme blessing for me.  In her 44 comments, often times it is very lengthy and fully thought out for almost every episodes.  I love this girl, especially how she will passionately come to the rescue if this site ever need her to 😉

4. glamfan: lately I haven’t seen glamfan around but she had made her mark on this site for good 🙂  Her 22 comments often is very insightful, funny at times, and very passionate…she’s also one of the first few that interact with other commentors, to me she’s like the “senior” that pave the road to all new commenter.

5. Jade: this girl not only give extremely helpful, thoughtful, and lengthy comments in the 32 that she posts, she also pave way to inspire and persuade me to write the Special Edition of DMJ & CSY, so you guys have her to thank for that 🙂

6. Kisohn: even though Kisohn had the least comments on here at 18, like Jade, she is the first to persuade me and request for the Special Edition of Zampano & Yenical (which will be coming up soon) so you guys will have her to thank for that.  And how awesome is she to use my character name for DMJ as her handle name! what a fan indeed!

7. Misai: beside our Queen Commentaor Thao, Misai probably wrote the most and contributed the most comments to this site with the 47 comments of hers, lol, her writing are like a novel sometimes and gives me the shiver thinking about replying back, hahaha, but it never fails to be insightful, opinionated, and just down right awesome! I’d be real sad if this site is without her thoughts.

8. Mila Grek: ahhh, my little friend from Russia 🙂 she doesn’t speak/write English very well…in fact, she might of use an interpreter…but that doesn’t stop her from being active and excited about where the story is going.  Mila 34 comments often times contain short thoughts because of language barriers but it’s always inspiring hearing from her.

9. Maddie0613/maddie: maddie is my good reader that’s been there from the start! she’s extremely thorough in her comments and always sending out very inspiring messages, positive vibes, and always a die hard supporter!  I thoroughly enjoy the 22 comments that she had grace this site.

10. pippinin/agie: while I haven’t seen her here for a while, she’s one of the first few that had made this site lively with her short, yet consistent 34 comments.  Miss you pippi 😉 hope to see you again soon!


NAME: COMMENTS#: Drawing 1 or 2:
adda 6 1
ahnya 5 1
aidsincera/Aid Sincera 3 1
Ali 1 1
altairi 1 1
Amy 1 1
ashriey 13 2
audi 8 1
ayronics 1 1
babybluepink 3 1
blackcarnation 6 1
blackmegane 1 1
carol 4 1
cinzia 54 2
crazy4ywcfts / pinkyjaguar 23 2
crunchdrxws 1 1
daragd18 1 1
Deny 4 1
Dini Wahyuningsih 1 1
dmjcsy 44 2
dominjoon’s future wife 3 1
doominjoon’s 3 1
doramaluv 1 1
dramabunster 4 1
EimiAmy 1 1
Em Villanueva 1 1
emiie 1 1
emilydark 1 1
ethelpoh 6 1
Eunike 1 1
euphoenix 2 1
fahreina27 6 1
fanMLFAS 1 1
giselle 1 1
glamfan 22 2
grace 11 2
Guest 1 1
hasmah_7 1 1
henny 16 2
hummingss 8 1
hyun2shipper 4 1
i.love.red 6 1
ifikou 1 1
ilikemangos 1 1
imroni 2 1
Jade 32 2
jaduel 2 1
jaimex 9 1
jamiecho 2 1
Janalison 1 1
Jjhyunlover 2 1
joycemay 4 1
junsoohyun 2 1
kalai/Kalainess 11 2
kireisakhi/kirei 11 2
Kisohn 18 2
Kramang 1 1
KSH 3 1
kshstar 1 1
L4E 2 1
Laura 4 1
Lctang 1 1
Lea 3 1
leelu 7 1
lenai 2 1
Lisa P 2 1
llove 2 1
lovelynba 1 1
luv2hyun 1 1
lyana 3 1
lynn abdul ma 1 1
Maddie0613/maddie 22 2
Mademoisellegeline 6 1
mai_hoang 1 1
Mayra 5 1
Mayrola 3 1
Menchoy 3 1
michelle e 1 1
Mila Grek 34 2
milagrofa 9 1
Misai 47 2
mokuren68 1 1
Mulan 1 1
mwh 4 1
Mydigimon 1 1
myra 1 1
nakita1305 2 1
narmecin 1 1
Natasha 1 1
netnotskull 1 1
Ninamaverick 1 1
Noor Ismahwati 1 1
novi 2 1
oceangreen 2 1
onepiece 1 1
pippinin/agie 34 2
prettynoona 4 1
prifaria 1 1
Rin 1 1
roxettew 6 1
Sassy Girl 1 1
Sdust 2 1
shabs 5 1
Shanapar 2 1
Shikin/shikinlee 2 1
Shy Mugga 10 2
Soc Nau 6 1
Sofea 6 1
softee 1 1
Stefanie 3 1
Suney 11 2
sunshine 1 1
swarri 1 1
swingbaby 1 1
t3njo 7 1
Terah Morley 1 1
V911 3 1
viluven 4 1
Vina 5 1
wistywen 9 1
wontbesame 1 1
Xing 2 1
YangD/Yang Dang 2 1
Yorie Tran 5 1
yren 1 1
yufen18 4 1
yuii 2 1
yul 1 1
yulisarah25 2 1
yunia 1 1
yvy 16 2

47 responses to “3rd Poll: Pick The 1st Prize Winner For 50,000 Celebration!

  1. It’s really hard to pick the best commentator out of the best since I’m not in the list lol. But why so quiet people? You chingus no want prize lol?? If me was on the list I’ll make sure to borrow everyone in da house for their laptop/desktop/smartphones/tablet whatever electronic devices to vote for myself and steal the first prize like a boss kaka 😎

    • hahaha, yeah I think I’m more excited to give out prizes then the actual people here, lol. Your comment though is just too funny…me laughing lots….hahahhaaaa…….if you’re on here no need to vote, you’d just win by default.

      • Yes I’m not kidding unnie, I mean who no wants prizes?? It’s like free candy from the sky here too lol

        I want to vote for each one person of this top ten girls too but I only have 4 smartphones and 3 laptops in da house including from da neighbors. Wait my uncle just came he has his phone and iPad, let me steal them to vote for these pals lol

  2. Oh, I did not think that fall into this honorable list . Thank you. My comments are directed more to support and to show that interest in the blog and the topic is not lost . I am pleased to read the comments of others. Many of the ideas are similar to my opinion , can not I express them in writing , I will lay out verbally . Many of my ” friends on the internet ” thank me for what I gave the address of this blog. So thanks for that , I got a list of differences, but it was not my intention . There are so many worthy , I find it hard to make my choice. Choose one of all decent ( I do not pretend ) it’s hard , but ……. I like frank , straightforward people . I made ​​my choice . If you do not understand it, the fault auto translator . Ha Ha Ha . PS All the good days , I run to prepare a festive table for dad Alice and Albina – his Birthday . 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

    • Hiya Mila! apparently we have the same amount of comments,lol.. *high five comment sister!*
      And thank you momma Faye, for the honor.., i never knew such thing exist here,haha..sorry i haven’t blabs much anymore, been busy with children .. keep them going, i’m poppin by every here and there :))
      PS: what zampano-yenicall special ep??? waah,me want that too!

      • pippin, ahhh I know how kids are so totally understand…got one and he’s a handful! Yes, after episode 33 is break time and will go into Special Edition for Zam & Yen 😉 are you excited?

    • Happy B-Day to your hubby Mila! 🙂 and of course you’re on my nice list 😀 thanks so much for referring your friend over and that you enjoy being around here. Your support is a blessing to me, thank you for continuing to give your inputs and thoughts even though you have to use auto translator, lol.

  3. Eeheheh! Wow! I had no idea, I had made so many comments. I’m very happy to be on the list. Thank you! 😀 Writernim describes me really well xD No need to get the shivers when you get a comment from me 😀 I love to comment on your fan fic the most, and I love to share my opinions and read everyone else’s too. Even if I don’t win anything, I will still be here giving you lengthy comments and have a good laugh. That said I would also be very grateful if anyone votes for me. Thank you, I truly enjoy being part of the MLFAS fandom with you all ^^

  4. Vote for Misai!
    Hahaha! Early congratulations for her…
    For safiresea unnie, I just want to say I’m really honoured to be on the top 10 list. Yes I am indeed your fan 😉 can’t wait for the Yenicall Zampano edition. Hihihihi….

    • awww, that’s so sweet of you Kisohn, why not yourself? LOL, I’m actually so torn up I might try and vote for everyone! ahhahhahah….yup after this episode 33 will be our Special Edition time 😉

      • Awww thanks unnie. And no, of course not me, because there are people here that deserve the fabulous prize (especially the eggies made by thaoweo) more than me. Hehe… I am only a cheer leader here. Lol…
        Episode 33 pleaseeee come out soon!
        Yen Zam Special Edition… Cant wait to imagine how wild and extraordinary they will be. Hihihi…

        • lol, cheer away then my dear, it’s ok there’s still a chance for the 2nd prize too 🙂 I’m a little nervous about Yen & Zam, lol….lord I hope I deliver.

    • Ah it’s been such a long time not hearing from you. So glad that your still around Kisohn *hug tightly*

    • Thanks a lot Kisohn 😀 I can’t wait for Yenicall Zampano edition either ehehehe. I wonder what writernim will present us with 😀

      • You are welcome Misai unnie! You deserve it! 😉 i also really appreciate about the bts! Sooo much!! 🙂

  5. unnie-ya..
    OMG, i’m in the list of top commentors..><..glad to hear that you love me..<3..btw, i'm always your fan.. :)..

    i have no idea that i made 44 comments already??..waaa..i thought that my comment here not more than 10..hahaha..

    but seriously unnie, writing sincere comments is one and only way that i can express my gratitude for your work unnie..you are such a wonderful women for making effort to create amazing story to your fan without knowing us in detailed..not everyone is kind to do that..:)..
    wanting to meet you in person, its impossible!!..hhaaha

    p/s : thanks unnie for making me in the list..its already an honor for me..kekeke..not winning the prize is does't matter as i can always read your fanfics..:)..biyanei for my english..hehe

    • yes, hard to believe huh? but you do write a lot on this site and I’m very thankful for your participation 🙂 Awwww, lol, I would love to meet you guys in person too….imagine how fun that would be kikikiki we can all have a MLFAS party woohoo!

  6. Oh Em Gee!!!! I made it to the list of top commentators????? I have been living under a rock for toooo long! Faye, I feel so honored just being mentioned. I’m truly moved by your words I’m crying happy tears here. *dabs eyes*
    Anyway, I know that the poll has ended but I agree with the choice of winner! Congrats Misai!

    • Lol unnie, if you had more time and stayed active through out I bet you have high potential of winning the grand prize 🙂 cuz I love your funny insightful comments on each episode to death especially the byeontae ones haha. But who knows, uri writer nim may open another giveaway prize contest for the most byeontae member. And you may steal the prize muawahaha this time ;)))

      • LOL! I will have to fight off a lot of our byeontae sisters here for the grand prize but I WILL PREVAIL! Mwahahaha indeed!

      • hahahahah….most byeontae would go to YOU my dear…who always complain of dry spell and 69 and such, ahhahahahaha, lol glamfan would come close of course 😉

    • lol, you have been in a rock! but we love you anyhow and miss you lots 🙂 glad you’re popping out to play once again kikikiki….of course you’d be on my top, I don’t forget that easily 😉

      • pwahahaha – uri writernim remembers me and my byeontaeness….THIS is the legacy I’m leaving my kids *shudders at the thought*

          • Yeah, that’s it!! the Tshirt idea! I love it we can create that prize and I can draw lalalalala 🎶🎶

          • Marvelous idea! One of my goals is to get the word byeontaeness in the urban dictionary. The tee shirt will be a nice campaign tool. 🙂

            • hahhahaha….I know right? After this show I think I said this word so often it’s now like a part of my normal vocabulary, lol, the funny thing is in real life everyone around me have no idea what it means hahahhaaa

  7. +++++dagnabit – I can’t edit my previous post++++
    Sorry for posting again but I just noticed this blog has reached 100,000+ reads! CONGRATULATIONS! *throws confetti*

    • I posted a comment regarding celebration for 100,000 read in the Zam-yen byeontae ed.. Omo right now is 100,300> this is so fast. I try to convince uri writer nim open a game for us to play on weekend maybe so that we can interact with each other on the same time frame. It’d be fun don’t you think @glamfan?

      • yes it sounds like a load of fun…..though I’m still thinking on what’s a good time to accommodate most people as everyone has a different time frame….any thoughts?

      • that DOES sound fun….but the time zone might be a problem. hmmmmm. lemme give it some thought. btw – are you done with finals thao? best of luck!

    • THANK YOU GLAMFAN!!!! and thank you to Mila and Thao of course for pre-celebration. I never thought it would move so friggin fast….I haven’t even finished celebrating 50,000 yet and here it is at 100,000 already!!!!!! *huhuhuhuhu….hahahahhahahaha

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