Beauty And The Beer – JJH CF Of Kloud Beer

*Note: sorry everyone! My internet’s been down for 4 days so haven’t been able to put anything new on the site but the good thing is now you’ll be bombarded with new stuff 😉

OK, so normally I don’t put up just any CF of either KSH or JJH (only the one they were suppose to be together: Samsung) and I’m surprised and shock that I want to post this specific CF here.  I ask myself why is this?  And the answer is probably because it’s recent, it’s actually done really well…and again I just want to give another angry shout out to SAMSUNG! lol

(after watching video) *drool, faint*  WAHHH…..Lotte Kloud, you really know how to slay men (and possibly women) everywhere with this new CF!  I could see this as the new PORN for men (I mean what could top a sexy woman and beer?…ok maybe sports too, lol)!

It’s hot and sexy, elegant and classy, alluring and provocative, creative and beautiful.  I hate beer, but even I wanted to have a taste of this so called Kloud beer after this commercial just for the heck of it (knowing it probably taste just as yucky as any other beer, lol)

Somebody PLEASE refer the script/storyboard writer, production crew, the cinematographer/photographer….just send everyone involving in this CF to go work for SAMSUNG!  YA! Samsung, please LOOK at this very carefully and try to be more colorful in your next CF instead of being so lame and boring.  Kloud had only JJH and it’s already burning up the screen….YOU HAVE BOTH JJH AND KSH!!!!  They should be causing a world-wide wildfire catastrophe in their CFs right now!

Remember that sex sells people and just look at the sexual innuendo in this CF, and they do it without being crude or crass!…see pic below of the scenes:

I’m not going to explain why it has sexual innuendo…if you don’t get it that means you have a very cute, little pure mind, lol, which does not need corrupting from me HAHAHHAHAHA (ps: I’m very innocent and even I can see the sexual innuendo here)

Ok, I’m gonna shut my mouth now.  Here you go, enjoy the CF!

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11 responses to “Beauty And The Beer – JJH CF Of Kloud Beer

  1. Samsung should start taking notes. Whoever says they can’t do a sexy commercial for a phone, obviously never sexted in their life.

  2. Sexy gianna jun ♥.♥ I watched the commercial and I am like dayum gurl thid beer is going to be out of stock in no time you know haha

  3. she is so hot..damn hot!!..her body ratio is women’s dream..thats no way KSH can act with her without having ‘nothing’ inside.. *wink*

    • yup. I’m sorry but no man can run away from JJH unscathed…I’m pretty sure plenty had wanted the position KSH is in for years and years and no one had the luck nor the privilege. Then KSH comes along and steal all the kisses, hugs, hand-holdings, bed scenes…..bam! just like that!

      • whaa..both of them are so lucky..very lucky in being in the same romantic drama..~such a hot couple~..
        OH, my poor shipper’s heart!!..

  4. wow… effortlessly hot. KSH you are one lucky guy to have kissed that amazingly gorgeous woman.

  5. Every girl/woman/female pales in comparison next to JJH – no joke. After Baeksang, I took JJH red carpet pictures and literally did a split screen with EVERY other actress at the awards show and none held a candle to uri goddess. With this Kloud CF, I challenge anyone to find another model who’s hotter, sexier, classier, prettier and more alluring than JJH. I think I found my first girl crush. ♥.♥

    • I totally agree with you…I looked at all the other pics and YES, everyone else pale *sigh* that’s why I think KSH thinks the same way now…when he’s next to anyone else, everyone just pale in comparison….it’s like being in the bright presence of the sun and going back to flashlights. I would girl crush her too! ahahhahaha

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