My Love From Another Star – Best 10 Scenes

This looks like the director’s Best 10 Scenes.  Take a look and see if you guys agree.  I generally think it’s about right…it’s still hard to pick and choose though as they seems to be ALL great scenes so it’s pretty tough to rate them.

Though, the scenes I’d like to see on here, that I thought was really memorable was:

– JJH confession on island

– Farewell on the balcony

– DMJ jealousy moments

– Couch kissing scene

Those are some that I could think of right now.


7 responses to “My Love From Another Star – Best 10 Scenes

  1. I don’t agree completely with all the Director’s choices, even though I like them, but I would pick a few different ones, such as SY’s confession or the Drunk scene or even jealous DMJ. I guess there are so many good ones, it gets hard to choose 😀

    • yeah there were a few on there that I’d like to replace with my list above 🙂 high five on DMJ jealousy and SY confession! that’s on my list too!!

  2. My top ten are 1: Last episode kiss. 2:The 15 seconds kiss part 3:The one where she floated and they kissed 4:Cruise kiss 5:The episode where they disappeared kiss 6:DMJ gets jealous after CSY mum said SY and HK will get married 7:Heart beat moment 8:DMJ Drunk 9:CSY propose and DMJ Propose after serenading 10:Yun Jae and Min Joon the finger one. Gosh it is hard to choose my top 10 indeed!

  3. i agree with the director but 10 is such a small number. i think that the list should be top 100 best moments, even that would not be enough, lol.

    • hahhaha, I laughed at your 100 best! yes for sure it would be easier to choose if we have 100 slots to put them in….but then how would we put them in the right order? which scene should be #1 and which #100, lol.

  4. My top 10: 1. Couch kiss, 2. their first meeting at the lift, 3. CSY coming in drunk into DMJ’s house, 4. 15 second kiss, 5. wrestling scene, 6. DMJ and YJ’s ET moment. 7. Red Carpet Kiss, 8. 15 second kiss, 9. CSY drunken rants after being rejected. 10. DMJ jealousy scene..

    PS. i just heard about the US remake, i just hope they would do justice to it. and i hope they would change the names..Lark and james? ugh..I even dig the Philippine version of Steffi and Mateo (Matthew)..

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