50th Baeksang Award – Both KSH & JJH Attended!

–UPDATE 6/8/14–

Another whispering scenario between these two *sigh* why so cute guys? ย Oh and I did my own little skit interpretation on what they are saying at the bottom just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

KSH: noona, later when I win the popularity award, I’m going to confess my love to you
JJH: (*shock face, did I just hear him right?*)
KSH: up there on the stage, I’m going to say I love you…just keep your eyes up there.
JJH: what?
KSH: (*looks at her and smile reassuringly*)
JJH: (*smile to herself, try to contain happiness*) I don’t believe you… (*omg, he’s going to do it! stay calm, stay calm*)
HoSun_27 made this compilation pictures MV with a really touching song…you should check it out, it’s sweet ๐Ÿ™‚


This is KSH acceptance speech and “I love you” to CSY with English Subtitled


More fan cam angles of our OTP (yes, hold it in guys don’t cry…let me do the crying for you)

Part 1:

Part 2:

More added fan cams:

this is the interaction of JJH & KSH from their back…make sure you watch towards the end for some special closeness ๐Ÿ˜‰

And this is an MV of sort with JJH’s winning DAESANG speech subtitled in English ๐Ÿ™‚

Translation: Nesqie

Timing: Freaksworld

Effect + Endcore: Verona

This is what delulu shipper look for:

Here’s what Korea’s Front Page looks like ๐Ÿ˜‰ all in awe of the Goddess JJH:

Look below for some more added pictures during the venue.

Also, just added Fan Cam View of KSH & JJH while MLFAS clips are on and “My Destiny” is being sung on stage. ย This is a better view of these two as the one from the show was too small. ย Though it’s a side view you can see quite a lot if you pay close attention. ย Look out for: KSH holding back his tears (pressing of lips), fingers fidgeting, whispering something to JJH, heaving chest, looking off screen thoughtfully…you can’t see JJH as much unfortunately….and when it’s done, see how both KSH & JJH eyes are looking downward in their own thoughts while everyone else’s eyes are on the stage ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another far away fan cam with big over view of what’s shown on screen during the song


I have some request to view the award. ย So for you guys I dug up the link! here it is enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok so I will guiltily admit that I was 1 hour late to watching the live show ๐Ÿ˜ฆ boo….I sleep with my baby so couldn’t put on the alarm for 5am so I had to utilize my internal clock. ย But my internal clock was 1 hour skewered, oh drat it. ย But it looks like I haven’t missed much ๐Ÿ™‚

OK…so just finished and here’s my rant:

Sad day for MLFAS that didn’t win anything important except for best OST song My Destiny ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *huhuhu* Yeah I don’t think they take Romantic Comedy TV show seriously, either that or it’s a diplomatic move since MLFAS is already so popular, famous, and garner so much money as it is….I don’t know, lol now I’m just making stuff up to control my poor sad heart.

On the flip side ๐Ÿ™‚ KSH & JJH BOTH won awards…KSH got 3 awards: 2 for Most Popular TV & Movie and one for Best New Male Actor in Movie and JJH won for Best Style Award AND most importantly, BEST DAESANG! (even though they both lost the category Best Actor & Actress Award *cries some more*)

BUT I’m sooooo glad for this event (even though they troll us MLFAS lovers) they did bring KSH & JJH TOGETHER IN ONE SCREEN AND SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER AS WELL! ย This is the first time since the show end that they were even on the same screen! So, so happy. ย What’s even more wonderfulย is seeing little things like them smiling at each other when one or the other win, or when JJH gave KSH her purse/belonging when she went up, or when KSH made his acceptance speech and said “I love you” (CHEON SONG YI SSI, … SARANG HAMNIDA”) to CSY…HOWEVER, he uses honorifics which normally reserve for those older than him, if it was indeed for SY it would be Banmal instead, so most likely this is a code for JJH kikikiki….and when JJH won DAESANG, she saidย “Do Manager ah, thank you so much, really truly thank you. DON”T GO, STAY ON EARTH. Kim Soo Hyun, thank you and let’s work together again!!!”ย  erh…here the new interpretation of what she said: โ€œDo Min Jun-ssi, who remained on earthย instead of going back to yourย star. Soo Hyun, thank you soย much. I sincerely thank you. ย Letโ€™s do it again next time,โ€ ย THAT alone is worth the watch! ย I think they are both mixing up their characters & their real self, lol…using the character as a safe-route to mention one another without an outright “scandal”

Here is the FIRST highlight of the night for me ๐Ÿ™‚ this video is when the song “MY DESTINY” is sung live on stage with big giant screen TV in the back of all the great moments of MLFAS show…and then pause…then the 15 Second Kiss and showing KSH & JJH faces! DAEBAK! lol…at the end of the clip you’ll see that KSH could barely contain his tears he couldn’t even smile…on the flip side you’ll see JJH is smiling…put to a slow motion on that…she was looking down then look up and smile nonchalantly but her eyes are teary, especial the left eye ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have eagle eyes when it come to these things kikikikiki

The SECOND highlight of the night, when JJH won DAESANG! and of course her speech mentioning both DMJ & KSH (see more pics on the bottom)

the THIRD highlight of the night is KSH speech with the ending love confession of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s the rest Highlight Recap from beginning to end….I might miss some things and will update later if there’s more to update:

They did not escort or come together on the Red Carpet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ however, happy news is they are sitting NEXT to each other!

Jun Ji Hyun in a spin-around camera:

Kim Soo Hyun in a spin-around camera:



KSH winning the MOVIE NEW BEST ACTOR AWARD!!!!!!! YAH!!!!!!!!!

JJH winning the BEST STYLE AWARD!!!!!!! YAH!!!!!!!!!

KSH winning both the MOVIE & TV POPULARITY AWARD!!!!!!! YAH!!!!!!!!!

And here are the best moment MLFAS in the background in BIG SCREEN:

And of course! JJH WON for DAESANG Award!!!! YAH!!!

After party Photoshoot, lol, KSH is a little scared of touching our Goddess but she have no problem touching him!

credit: all pictures, gifs, & videos as tagged


51 responses to “50th Baeksang Award – Both KSH & JJH Attended!

  1. *cries* I overslept and miss the whole ceremony. I’m wake now and realize everything looks like a dream. Yes this must be a very happy dream! Let’s me slep some more cuz if I wake up it’d end and I have to go work *cries*

    Did I just got a first seat?

    • YES YOU DID!!! lol awwww, I was one hour late too, lol couldn’t be helped but everything is recap for you my dear so don’t cry *pat shoulder* it’s a great day in shipper’s paradise ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • First I got updated on FB and then I came to Soompi and in Shipper paradise alone there are 10 pages for me to swim through. Luckily your site has everything so it’s easier for me to camp here. Thanks unnie for the updates! Today is gonna be the best day ever in my life kekeke ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

        • lol, I’m glad you said that, it is a pain to condense everything here but I did it while spazzing at the same time, hahaha….this way it’s easier to see everything on one screen ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Finally have time to seat and enjoy our OTP moments on your site. It’s truly heartwarming. I’m filled with happiness, no need eating I’m so full with their sweetness. Seeing them like this after the show end, it’s the tremendous motivation for me to continue shipping them like foreverrrr!! Aw so good to be true ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ž

    I’m perfectly happyyyyyyyyy…….
    Congrats to both of them. KSH, JJH are awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now I’m sure they love each other…!!!
    And you can continue the story about them…. and I hope the story will ever end.
    Hihihihihi……….. :p

      • awwwwww lets do tight group huggggg… yayyy… ๐Ÿ˜€
        btw i cannot wait about the yen-zam special edition. byeontae mind activated. lol…
        safiresae unnie.. yuhuuuuu… where are youuuu? :p

  3. congrats for uri OTP…
    finally, they attended the award show and sat side by side. happy dream comes true
    aaaannndddd… for us…
    we can see them in one screen after waiting for a long time. hahayy..
    scream like a crazy when they show 15 sec kiss
    btw, i like jjh dress. so gorgeous

    please forgive me for my grammar as usual ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I know right even us went crazy how could they stay calm?… Er maybe outside, inside like ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ burning hot lolz

    • hahaha ashriey we all are alike, I was squealing and smiling ear to ear when the song comes up….hahaha….now we have so much more materials for them instead of rehashing all the old Thief clips ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Omg! I’m so happy! After the Samsung fiasco I didn’t allow myself to hope for anything in relation to the Baeksang Award Ceremony. So much so that I woke up late and missed almost the whole thing, but was just in time to watch JJH win the Daesang Award! I was a bit sad that MLFAS didn’t win best drama, but I think everything else pretty much topped my expectations. Uri OTP had a chance to shine and the other dramas and actors didn’t walk away empty handed. MLFAS is already a winner this year and nobody can deny it. And the drama was obviously the main theme for the night, even if they didn’t take the awards. KSH/JJH moments were just perfect and a lot more than ever ever hoped or expected. They sat right next to each other, laughed together and complimented one another in their speeches. And in the end they even took pictures together. Finally we have pictures that are not photoshopped XD Iโ€™m perfectly happy! โค

    • Yeah I agree its kind of suck for the drama itself not getting any award but thinking about OTP union alone, it helped to wash away anything else. Nothing else matters to me anymore, so long I see them together on that one stage, smiling and hugging each other like that my poor shipper heart feel so content…

    • same here I was sad for MLFAS but sooooo HAPPY FOR OUR OTP hahahaha….it’s like the prince and Cinderella night ๐Ÿ™‚ ahhhh we are all perfectly happy!!

    i want them to be real!!.. :(..
    oh, my poor heart..seem can’t control it anymore..hahaha

    what they are thinking when listening to Lyn’s song with the background ‘the 15s kiss and red carpet kisses’ like that..*wink3*
    of course, their memory is back!!..hee..its hot here.. โค

    keep in my head n heart ~keep sailing dear~.. โค

    • Let’s jump let’s dance let’s go crazy together chingu!!! I think I can never stop smiling from today and our OTP lives forever in my heart. I love them too!! Let’s sail away together!!

      • ohyeay!!..I also seem can’t control smiling when thinking of them, giggling in front of laptop all the time..lol..
        Miss them so much.. Hope they can be in the same drama@movie again.. :)..*pray hard*

        They will always be together in our hearts.. โค

        • YES! we pray we hope and we pray some more….can’t get enough of them onscreen or offscreen and I’m sure we are not the only one, thank god! I think it’s unusual for same co-star to be together more than once or even that often but I think they should be the exception to the rule…let’s hope their chemistry is so undeniable tempting that they will have more and more and more projects together in the future! kikiki

  6. Unnie !!!! Here I was calmly studying when I saw your email and entered into an extremely extreme spazzing mode hahahaha!!

    Omona what a beautiful surprise these two gave us. I don’t care if they can’t touch or whatever, it’s just too beautiful to see them together after so long. So everything is cool. I was scared that the drama had messed something and that maybe their relationship was broken.

    Also her dress is so gorgeous and she is so beautiful too and him too. Aigoo, my brain is just too overwhelmed right not lol.

    I can’t wait to get home to read your post again and find the video to check it out. Thank you, thank you thank you unnie hahaha!!!

    Btw, that hand thing (not touching her) is considered “manner hand” in Korea. Meaning he doesn’t touch her body because he is polite and respects her. It’s not because she is married.

    And before I go, em… so we are going to get a byeontae version of the after awards events right ?? Or is it too early to request it ? *runs out chanting — happy happy*

    • Haha great minds that collide==> after award sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! Let’s chant together chingus!!
      sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!!
      Nae? Nae? Nae? Writer nim unnie?

      • Ok I will join you maybe that will help her notice our comments: “sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!! sweetly wet byeontae kamasutra chikiwowowbumbum special edition pls!!”

        Hahahaha, let’s be crazy for one. One many times are we going to get the chance to see them like this again – if ever. Btw JJH unnie, don’t tease us by saying you wanna work with him again. Now we’ll star dreaming of your next project *sigh*.

        She is a woman who knows how to keep her fans on their toes hahha.

    • thanks maddie on the “manner hand” explanation! lol it makes sense….although I’m still *huffing* because I know he had hugged…HUGGED with BOTH hands, HGI at an award show…so why can’t he hug JJH??!?! WHY? WHY? WHY? lol, sorry excuse me….let me fix my head and be back, lol.

      erhm….well a version of that is coming out, though I don’t know if it’s going to be byeontae or not since I’ve given all that to Yen & Zam, lol

  7. thanks for the recap! it’s a wonderful surprise. just when we thought that we will never see them again…bam! wish granted, them together, KSH saying he loves JJY, and JJY stating that she would love to work with him again… oh my heart is joyfull. i know that they cannot be romantically link but it is quite obvious that they both cherish each other the best way they can.

    • Muawahaha I’m commenting like I’m the owner of this site lol but I can’t help it since it’s so much fun, so much love, so much magic to see them together again after that long. We were becoming miserable and disappointed after the Samsung event, and this Baeksang award is like life saver to many hopeless shippers, I can’t ask more more! …. But actually I’m getting greedy now I want a never ended scene of them being together, why didn’t the camera for us on our couple only huh? And when he said he loves her.., aww I’m so flying to the moon right now ๐Ÿ’ž

    • yes, yes yes! lol, I did pray lots and lots and even made my imaginary cat pray along with me for the awards part and posted on Soompi, soooo I gues that might help? lol…besides I said that God would be cool if he made that happen….I guess he cares about being cool too ๐Ÿ˜‰

      now…about them spotted with couple shoes (same shoes within days of each other)….omo, we get so carried awayyyyy hahahahaha….but I love it!

  8. I missed the show too, so glad i read yours dan drama bean’s recap. But i am still crave to see more, do you happen to have the link to the full show?Thx Faye ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Unnie I love you so much right now! Thanks for the links and pics and gifs. I couldn’t find it to download online but as someone said above, everything is neatly available here.

        Thank you for the recap and for doing all this for us. It is very much appreciated.

        • *HUGS* you’re so welcome honey! I’m so glad you like it cause I do try to put everything in one place for me but for others as well…that way I don’t have to go everywhere to look at what I need….years from now I can come back here and just scroll down continuously….hahaha

  9. Hi everyone! I also missed the show , I was at a children’s party , but I saw the news on the phone and read your comments , I was so happy ! When I danced, ( prom in Kindergarten ) I thought I could fly, and smile never left my face, not because many young children were beautiful and fun, but because our couple were together with each other!
    Oh my God, in the eyes of Kim Soo Hyun glowed with happiness and love , I’m not even interested in who received other awards (although there was still one of my favorite – Kim Woo Bin) . I’m happy for our favorite couple , I’m glad that we have a lot of emotions and discussions , I am grateful for our Fะฐัƒe watchful eyes and description of all events – they really tried to restrain their tears ! !! !
    Many expect, that Jun Ji Hyun pregnant, so if this is true, it happened after the event Samsung, for the two hours in the hotel ” wink ” ” smile “

    • yahhhh, we all dancin Mila! YES! you got it right his eyes shone so brightly with happiness (and possibly love) whenever they are together in one screen we all just go a little batty, hahahaha….but loving it!

  10. Whoa Faaaye, i just finished watching, daebak! thank you for your time to find the videos, i can say that im very very VERY pleased with this event! and when i watched again Lynn performance, i am sure that the EO staff must’ve an avid fan of MLFAS,lols..it was like a revenge of Samsung events,hahahahaha…they really put THE MOMENT nicely, i can see that they both (JJH and KSH) were kinda surprised with the pause moment,and that EO had set up 2 cameras to zoom in them both exclusively.
    I wish someone would sub them, im curious on what Jae Suk and the other MC (i never get his name though he’s a on SNL and some other TV programme hhaha) asked KSH personally,and mentioned JJH’s name more than 2 times. Also, when the award for best comedian (or whatever that was,lols) came up, the award announcer made jokes about DMJ and CSY.
    And OH MY LORD! JJH really stood out and looks stunning here! amazingly classic and BEAUTIFUL to the core, i dont know if i can ship her more than i am right now (yeah,thats why i was really really about AltSY kissed DMJ on recent ep. i am THAT crazy for JJH)
    well, thats just my two cents of being an avid shipper. Thanks again Faye, you’re awesome!

    • hahaha REVENGE to SAMSUNG!!! well, I think there is a sub somewhere on that clip, not sure if I have it here yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I don’t think so as I’ve been so busy with writing and other life stuff. YEAH she is….ahhhhh…so…..no words…….lol

    • Lol I thought the same when I saw her coming out of the car and walking slowly. I am seriously getting confused. Was CSY ever a character, because I think I saw SY so many times during the show lol!!

  11. So is the Daesang an overall award, meaning best actor/actress of the year across all media? From what I read, this ceremony is a lot like Korea’s version of the Golden Globes, as it spans both TV and film, though not controlled by a foreign press agency.

    • Yeah, pretty much…it’s like THE GRAND PRIZE sort-a deal…and no she’s picked to represent TV, and another gentleman was picked to represent MOVIE. Yeah, it’s like the Golden Globes or the Academy Award I think….well, we still have SBS award coming in December ๐Ÿ™‚ that one has best couple award kikiki so really looking forward to that.

  12. @ safiresea unnie, is it too much to ask for a special edition on Baeksang Award? lol, i know you are busy with Y and Z special edition, but if you can also make one for this it will be like icing on a perfectly made cake.. ( i know, i know i should not ask for so much, sawry unnie)

    • ahhahahahahha….I know I know…you’re not the first to ask it sweetie, and I think I’ll hear some more people voicing it either in Soompi or here, lol, actually I’m more inspired to write that then Yen and Zam ๐Ÿ˜ฆ who knows I might just abandon them for a bit and go write KSH & JJH instead (look at me I’m talking like they are two different couple, hahaha)

  13. i love you unnie! thank you very much for a very detailed article on the Baeksang Awards with DMJ and CSY (KSH and JJH hihi ;P) P.S. hope you’ll have time to read this and may I also ask for the Honeymoon password please unnie faye? thank you again โค

      • kamsahamnida unnie! thank you for being nice ๐Ÿ™‚ your blog is now my most visited site when I wake up hihi. so glad that I also found you. Die Hard Fans of MLFAS. Looking forward to ep 34 of the continuum hihi โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

        • awww, that’s so sweet, thank you sweetheart ๐Ÿ™‚ and yes, now that the special is out I will be working on episode 34 ๐Ÿ™‚ so wait for that.

  14. daebak!
    kamsahamnida for this.
    i just want to know. which happened first KSH confession or JJH speech?

    • hi Yeli!, KSH won first and he says I love you to CSY first…although in the show while JJH was not at her seat, the MC had ask KSH which lady he would pick and he said since CSY-SUNBAI is not here (refering to JJH) he’d pick the other lady…..hahhahaha…so you see the “I love you” was for JJH after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….JJH speech was at the end of the show because she won the DAESANG award which is the grand prize of the night ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Thank you for all the videos..you made my day again safiresea…I’m late for this news but anyways..its really Daebak!!!! JJH is really Koreas Goddess…and yes I’m also seeing CSY in Baeksang…and KSY..what a man ..he’s teary eyed I’ve seen it also during the MY Destiny song…OMG I can’t get enough again of this two….and KSY speech at the end…I love you CSY…I’m going crazy…what it this???…I’m really glad that I found your Blog Faye….thank you again…

    • hahaha, it’s NEVER late menchoy ๐Ÿ˜‰ yeah he’s really brave that kid ๐Ÿ˜‰ ummm….there was even a a clip of interview a few years back I think, that he said if he love someone he will make a public confession, like screaming out I love you…lol, he really mean it! he had said twice I love you to JJH and one to CSY (which we all know is pretty much JJH)

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