KSH Confession of Love To JJH MV

OK folks…so it looks like every time I’m angry or frustrated at least something great for MLFAS related come out.  Here I am struggling with Yenical and Zampano and so frustrated but two very wonderful things happen: one, I got a surprise gift *wink, wink* and two, I got inspired and from frustration and wanting to give something back to the surpriser….so I spend a good portion of my night making this VERY FIRST MV EVER! hahahah….yup, I’ve never ever did an MV and upload to Youtube before so this is a first, please go easy on me.

I hope you guys enjoy because Kim Soo Hyun looks way too cute confessing his love to his noona Jun Ji Hyun, kikiki.  Ok, it’s really late at night I’m gonna stop yapping now, here it is, hope you like it!

Oh, PS: don’t forget to turn up the volume as it’s really low.

19 responses to “KSH Confession of Love To JJH MV

  1. yeppieee!!! thanks safiresea unnie. another MV to droll over. ok let me calm myself first before i watch….

      • first time? it sure does not look like it. it look like it was made by a pro. love it to the bones, lol. thanks a million for taking the time and effort and for sharing it to us.

  2. Thank you Safiresea unnie for another piece of your incredible work ….I LOVE it A LOT and dying to see more . You’re the best of the best unnie , I’ll be your loyal fan z 😉 xoxoxo

  3. I think I’m getting into the sleep deprived state cuz when I first read your post I was so confused haha… Your frustration about writing Yen n Zam, I understood but I don’t know y you’re angry… Everything seems perfectly happy now lol after the award. Anyhow I didn’t pay much attention to the text much and started watching the MV. I was so into it until the last scene when JJH unnie walking away… I saw KSH was chasing after her so I was like hoping to see if he catches up to her but… I was literally almost fall off my bed seeing the yellow scene and the message at the end. It’s was so DAEBAK unnie! Again I love it very much!! Your MV is awesome and worth the time and effort you devoted for. Kudos!!!
    Aw I hope you will enjoy reading those books, sorry I didn’t ask you first before I bought them but lately you sounded so moody and empty so I just want to cheer you up and make your mind busy by reading haha. I hope they are not to childish for you, but I found great peace and enjoyment while reading those. So I hope you do the same. Anyhow, more will be on the way kaka till vol. 10. I’m waiting for vol. 11 to come out in the Fall keke.

    • Oh, I’m not angry at all my dear, lol I was just referring to in general (the angry part was directed at when Samsung event happen and you guys got the re-edit edition) I AM PERFECTLY HAPPY….well, that is more perfectly happy if Zam & Yen would just cooperate. Awww, I’m happy you liked it, lol…it’s the first time doing one and too bad I don’t have the time I used to have when I was in my teens and twenties or else I’d do a better job of it.
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT my dear, thank you so much! It’s actually perfect because I can read them to Ayden, he would love the cat pictures! (though I will keep way way far away from his dangerous hands, lol) I didn’t expect it so I didn’t film me opening it 😦 that’s why I thought to make the MV in dedication to you instead since I know how much you love our OTP 🙂 But….my dear…why you spend so much money ah on your noona? You make me feel bad chingu…please save your money for something more important sweet.

      • Yes thank you unnie, I don’t love each one of our OTP alone but both of them together has a tremendous effect on me. I’m still so ruined lol.

        I’ve watch the 1st kiss of Soohyun with Jihyun in The Thieves for how many times? I lost counts but as for the first kiss of a young, immature image of that character KSH played, there was much passion, admiration and especially sincerity in his eyes after their lips parted it’s not lust that I felt from him for her though. Thus, I’m still swooning so hard kaka

        Oh no don’t feel bad unnie, I don’t think that I wasted my money on that because books for me are precious. If you don’t want me wasting my money on other people book pls hurry up and make your own so that I can buy and support my favorite writer hehe

        • I know what you mean….I used to love My Sassy Girl but I couldn’t “ship” the couple at all…ummm…sorry to fans but I’m just not that into the “guy” same with KSH, all the women he played with in other show I have no desire to ship him with…but put these two together and it’s dynamite on screen/off screen chemistry galor.

          LOL, I don’t mean that you waste money on books…I meant you waste it on me! awwww, lol ahhahahaha….I’ll hold you to that dear, make sure that you’re my first customer to buy my book ok? I’ll reserve an imaginary copy for you 😉 on an unknown book I might write in the future…hahahahaha

    • I got your info…just an FYI, if it’s not related to the post please requests in Feedback Form….a reader just got confused on your password request here and thought there’s some sort of video that need password, thanks chingu.

  4. Because this MV was born out of frustration for the Yeni-Zam story, I had to revisit this and leave a note of encouragement for uri writernim: not bad at all for a first-timer. It’s better than some I’ve seen actually. I appreciate the “clean lines” and the transition felt smooth so it gave a nice flow. You’re like a ninja Faye – one minute you’re in front of the camera singing Bruno Mars’ Marry Me and the next, you’re behind it producing short but sweet videos 🙂 And who can resist KSH when he’s sooo adorbs! Baby Soo was all pouty and nervous – it was so cute! I want to pinch his cheeks.

    • ohhh….yah!!!!! thanks for the encouragement glamfan! You have no idea how many MV’s I wanted to do *huhuhu….but they take so much time to go find clips, then edited them to go together, etc….I wish I was single and in my teens again, cuz then I can have more time to spazz with all kinds of “creation” I can make for you guys; more MV’s, more stories, more photoshop, more games, more fun………..hahahahhahahaha

  5. Wow! To be honest it is well done considering it’s your first time 🙂 And yeah Yenicall and Zampano’s love story in the movie “The Thieves” is too short and frustrating >A< I love them there but their scene is very short compared to other pairings and their relationship is kind of vague. Zampano's feelings towards Yenicall is very obvious (his feelings are pure too!!!), but the latter's is not. And zampano is caught vey early (at least he's not dead 😥 ). Well, I'm kind of happy still that they had that kind of relationship, knowing that they had movie together before is great and finding out that they had almost "romantic" relationship is greater! Anyways, I hope they will work together again just like JJH asked KSH, maybe a movie again with a great plot! Though Korean stars rarely paired together numerous time ;(

    • yeah it’s true Korean stars rarely work again together…but when we have such a power house couple with amazing chemistry people should just continuing putting them together on one screen right? Hahaha I’m delusional but I think so…and thank you for your compliment 😀 I do love doing MV’s but I just don’t have the time to really work on them which is sad because I have quite a couple in the back of my head that I want to do.

      • hi faye….i became now one of ur fan, ur such a great writer huh…and why i keep on visiting ur site is that fact that u are a shipper of the two… i’m not on my teenage that’s why i feel awkward sometimes … hehehe i was born the same year with KSH … not that old right???? I hope to see more of them maybe part 2 of MLFTS or another drama… i just want the both of them…. hehehe…can i ask , where you from??? and can u send me link of your soompi account in my email??? thank you so much unnie…. i will always visit your blog once i’m free from work … God Bless!!! and take care…

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