Website Updates: 5/31/2014

As per usual, here are some new updates for the website and reminders for both new and old readers to this site.


  1. If you are interested in the password protected Special Editions please try to not request it on the comment section of other posts.  Any requests or questions should be done on the Feedback Form (which is on its own post always at the very beginning of the main home page for easy access)
  2. If you write to me it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you give me a GOOD, WORKING email address.  I have many instances where the email does not work at all and my time writing to you was just wasted…..and then you probably think I just ignored you 😦 .  So…if you request for password and never got it, chances are you didn’t give me a correct or working email address.
  3. If you are interested in leaving a comment on the posts and or writing to me on the Feedback Form, I just want to clarify that you DO NOT need a WordPress account to do any of that…all you need is a working email address.  All first time comments are moderated and I have to manually approve it first.  Once approved all future comments you make will automatically go through.
  4. There had been a little confusion about how the scenes in each episodes are arrange.  So in case anyone else have questions or a little confused about the episodes please see this post for longer explanations HERE
  5. I’m incredibly thankful for all the new traffic and readers coming through this site.  But I want to remind EVERYONE that this is a FAN-FICTION site.  While I’m extremely flattered and happy that someone might think this is THE REAL DEAL…it is not.  I’m NOT affiliated in any way shape and form to the REAL My Love From Another Star show; I’m not the writer, I’m not the actress, I’m not PD-nim, I’m not involved in the show at all (only in my dreams for now!)


Is there any reader here who knows English as well as can read Chinese?  Or better yet Korean? …I have DMJ’s Diary that I would love to be translated and share on the site.  As of now I haven’t had any luck finding any English translation for DMJ diary…only a Chinese version (unfinished).  Would greatly appreciated it and I’m sure many readers here would appreciate it as well.  You can contact me on the Feedback Form.  Oh, and as an incentive may I sent you a signed poster of MLFAS 2? Lol.


You guys must have seen by now that I have added the characters for the show on the right sidebar, you can click on it for bigger slide version if you want.  Just thought it’s nice to have a visual of the “actors” for the “characters”.  I haven’t had much time to do any other changes to the site but in the back of my mind a NEW editing of the site is brewing…will keep you guys updated on that.


Ok….so I guess I’ll end the poll since the activities are dwindling down.

This is the chosen Poster for MLFAS:


And for the THIRD POLL, the GRAND Winner for 50,000 celebration is….dum dum dum….MISAI!  Congratulation!  And thank you everyone for being so wonderful, please keep being active ok?

To Thao and Misai, please keep a look out for my email to the both of you.  Once you guys have each other contact, you can communicate on the personalized eggies that you would like Thao to make for you.  I’m excited to know what Misai is going to come up with 😀


For those waiting on Episode 34, sincere sorry as it is not coming anytime soon (oh I do soo want to get back to writing them though).  With Baeksang, it’s been kinda crazy, lol…and on top of which I’m working on Yen & Zam Special Edition right now.  They are giving me a bit of a hard time because in the movie, their characters and stories between one another is not as fleshed out so…I’m stuck with the dilemma of using most of my time to do the STORY or just concentrate on the BYEONTAE (sex,haha) stuff…I’m hoping to somehow find a balance here.  Then I’m also writing the Baeksang for JJH & KSH as well (I’m trying to stretch my time like a piece of gum, lol).  So please be more patient on Episode 34, thanks!


I want to specially give a thank you shout out to my fan, my friend, my soul-sista, Thao Weo….you have successfully surprise me once again, I wasn’t expecting that!  Your gift is very special to me and I will keep it safe. Also, Ayden appreciate it very much as well as he will benefit from nighttime readings.  Chi is very, very adorable indeed! 😉


27 responses to “Website Updates: 5/31/2014

  1. Yaaaaaay!!! 😀 Thank you Safiresea and Thao for organizing the contest and also thank you to everyone that voted ^_^ I will pay attention to my email. I can’t wait to get the personalized eggies and I will share pics with everyone of course 😀
    You can take your time writing the Yen & Zam Special Edition. I’m sure it must be hard. While with MLFAS, all the characters, story and setting was already created, it was easier to pick up and continue from there. But with the thieves, they were just side characters and there is no character development for them. So don’t worry and take your time ^^

    • Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! Congratulations!! <3<3<3

    • Congrats Misai! Now I must brace myself from your request muawahaha, your request surely will surprise me big time!! I’m so excited to see what design you want me bring to life 😉 bring it on!

      • I have no idea what I want. I was thinking about it for a while yesterday and I can’t decide xD I’m going to need your help ^^

        • You can give me options as well, as many as possible so that I can choose the simplest one to go with muawahaha. Just kidding!
          I wonder when uri writer nim will send out email to us kaka my fingers are itching already

    • I’m excited for you! yahhhhhh! I know how much excited you are about it so it makes me happy 😉
      Well, my dear Yen & Zam is out and awaiting your verdict *muahhahahahaha*

  2. Many congratulations unnie Safiresea for your Yen and Zam Special Edition …and unnie Misai for winning the contest…

    • Sofea, I so wanted to put you on there…but alas not enough room *huhuhuhu* because you know I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS right? you just came a little later then everyone else.

  3. Aww thank you my one and only writer nim, its so heart warming that you and your little Ayden enjoy reading Chi’s journeys. I hope it’d make a special mark for Ayden childhood memory waaaa *big grin*

    I love love the poster, it’s the original, isn’t it? I knew it’d win cuz I voted for it many times using different accts *just kidding people*

    And again, congrats Misai on winning the grand prize, I’m so glad that someone was working so hard to aim for 1st prize. For the rest of you, people you are all winners in my heart for continuing to support this site as well as never fail to make our love for MLFAS and 2Hyuns grow bigger and stronger. On behalf of uri dearest writer nim, I appreciate your love so much. Let’s have a tight virtual group hug!

    Lastly, to uri writer nim. Please take care of your health, eat well, sleep well, play well while you’re working on your awesome fanfic. I’m not rushing you ever cuz you know, I’m very patient.

    • awww….I’m sure it will….he will have it to enjoy and not just me….I have a virtual cat on Soompi and now a book cat as well kekekeke….
      HAHAHHA…so you’re the culprit for that poster winning! I should have known, lol….it wasn’t my first choice, but I’m glad that you love it so much, now I don’t have a problem with it at all kekekeke
      *GROUP HUGS!*
      awww, lol, umm…I wish I could follow that, Iol I’m terribly obsessed when I write so I do tend to neglect…oh a few important things now and then. don’t worry I’m still breathing 🙂

  4. I want to congratulate our Director blog and psychic excellent Miss Faye , as well as artistic director , musician and master of all trades Miss Thao . I am glad that you create masterpieces together and bring us a lot of good time , excite our imagination and curiosity. I always charge the joy on these pages and in return will share their positive energy and gratitude, admiration (I know , I have no creative data ) .

    PS when I read paragraph 5 of the instructions, and felt that you wrote to me. I understand that here we fantasize and dream about what we would like to see that our 2 -hyun were together. I understand that all our wishes come true is the probability of one in a million (if Soo Hyun leaves the Army , and Ji Hyun during this time will be one and then they can meet and if they had real feelings , then maybe they will be together – somehow so …… ) public opinion , mentality and many other obstacles. If I do not put it right , I’m sorry and would like to explain everything – the difficulties of translation and language barrier Hee – Hee – Hee :):):)

    PS – 2 34 series we will wait as long as necessary to our writer ( I wonder , when you have time to update all , but always forward ) , not an actress , not associated with the show My Love with other stars 🙂 🙂 😉 Take care of yourself , about his son, about work, friends. We love you ! !

    Thank you ! !

    • “artistic director , musician and master of all trades Miss Thao” wow! Wow! Just wow! Such an awesomely flattered way to address me Mila. I feel so special because of your words… Gosh… It took me awhile to calm down before replying to you. My feeling rite now like:

      The second part of your comment, I think the same as you Mila unnie. I hope although I shouldn’t be hoping but I wish if that could come true then I’m truly happy, I’ll not ask for anything else haha I’ll rest in peace…

    • Mila! I love you too! 🙂 you guys are so awesome to me and always keep my spirit up and very inspiring…so thank you so much for that. Now that the Special Edition is out I can get back to episode 34 which I’m anticipating very much, it’s now SY vs SY, MJ sad vs MJ happy, world 1 vs world 2, whoot whoot!

  5. It’s nice that you invite new stuff for page ^^ Adding characters was a really good idea! Oh And don’t worry about the story! Everything takes time and to write something amazing you have to be concentrated and we patient! I’m looking forward for new specials so tak your time and fighting!
    And Misai – congratulations! ^^ You are very lucky!

    • agiichan! it’s here it’s here! lol it’s finally done so you can go look at it now 🙂 well it would have been much better if I had more time but I didn’t want you guys to wait pass 2 weeks….so enjoy!

  6. Writer nim! If you need a translator from english to chinese or chinese to english I might be able to help because I am a chinese but I am in secondary 1(13 yr old) so I am quite busy with my holiday assignments 😦

    • charmaine! thank you so much for the offer! I have another offer too, see below: I’ll email you guys information soon….so excited….and no worries on the time, just whenever you can 🙂

  7. Hi, Safiresea. May I have the honour to translate the DMJ diary chinese version for you? (Though my english is not as good as yours 🙂 I’ll try my best)

    Before I read this post, I thought you are from China who studied abroad (your english is very fluent)

    • Hi Yong! I’m so happy to hear that you’re willing to translate….I will email you and charmaine about the info soon….actually it might be pretty much easier because I had someone translate quickly, lol, though she’s not quite fluent…so perhaps you guys just need to “proof” read to make sure of what it says it correct…(some stuff didn’t really make sense to me) well you know more when I email you guys 🙂 keep an eye out for my email….THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!

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