Cute Gifs For MLFAS

Hi everyone, sorry that I haven’t updated much in the last few days as most of you aware that I’m in the middle of writing Yen & Zam story…they are much much harder then I thought.  Also my concentrations been spreading all over the place as well.  But since I haven’t put up anything for a few days I feel bad…so how about something quick for now for you to enjoy? 😀  If you think the cartoons are cute look at these! hahah Here are some really cute and adorable gifs made for MLFAS by fans.  Sorry I had this for a while so don’t know who made it or where it came from (since I saved in my computer and they are not direct link).




pinch cheek


stars kiss gif


carry away






12 responses to “Cute Gifs For MLFAS

  1. First? What an honour! These gifs are exceptionally good and cute!!! I fell in love with it instantaneously!

  2. how cute is that towel pulling gif! lol. for some unknown reason it made laugh. so many talented MLFAS fans out there.good job everyone!

    • I know, that’s one of my favorite one too! kekekekekee, sooooo cute! I want to pinch his butt cheeks…..*oh gosh, did I just say that out loud*

  3. Unniee finally there is an update !!
    I miss your writing very much
    stay healthy unnie

    • awww, thanks love… worries, lot’s of writing I just release for the special edition 😉 …………oh ummm…..but are you privy to reading that?

  4. awww they are cute! I love tat one with ‘cheek’ haha
    And please dont feel bad~! Eveyone has their lifes and own problems :3 I bet everyone understand it

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