Happy 100,000 Views Week Long Celebration!


Hello my chingus, I know I’m a little bit late on the announcement as we are now way pass the 100,000 mark, lol, but it’s better late than never!  Let’s celebrate with me folks!  BRING OUT THE SAKE (sorry I don’t like beer) AND CHICKEN WINGS!!!!!!!!!  I want to give a big thank you, hugs, and shout out to everyone that’s been camping here…especially to those who contributed thousands of views (probably from all the byeontae editions, haha)  you know who you are…gomawo!

Ok, so let’s get down to the partying…..where’s all the gifts?……..*suddenly I hear crickets chirping* ……hahaha, don’t sweat it guys I’m not asking for gifts from you………………I’m GIVING YOU some gifts!  So for this wonderful celebration that I’m extremely unprepared for, I’m still preparing something for you (yeah that’s right, I’m still stuck on 50,000 celebration gift prizes haha).  Let’s celebrate the whole week through!  What exactly does that entail Faye-Linh?  Great question folks…..what do you think if starting tonight there’s going to be one NEW post up every day until next Sunday?  Well, that’s what’s going to happen so lock in and get ready to be bombarded. (as I’m writing this I wonder if this is even possible, hahaha)

And another thing…how do you guys feel about a live game? Yes, yes…free wordpress is pretty limiting drat it…but I can make it work, I’m creative like that, kiki.  I’m thinking of doing a live quiz show (thanks to Thao suggestion) my time (Florida, USA) this coming Saturday night 6/14 at 11pm (that should accommodate most people as it’s day time Sunday in other parts of the world and about 8-10pm PST USA time, you can do time conversion here).  If you can make this meeting, please give me a shout out on the comments below, if I have more than 10 people coming then I’ll set up for it 😀 ….it’ll be fun!  The quizzes will consist of 3 sections, one final winner for each section; Section 1: is about your knowledge of MLFAS show, Section 2: is about MLFAS 2 Fan-Fic, Section 3: is about KSH & JJH…you’ll need timing, luck, and knowledge to win! Kakaka.  Oh and the prizes, there have to be prizes of course, hmm…we are thinking of T-shirts right now, some cool designed ones for the winner to choose from (not yet in production)…at least that’s the plan for now!  Let me know what you think.

Lastly, please welcome Kim Soo Hyun for dropping by and giving his encouragement, kikiki, thank you Soo Hyun-ah!

ksh sign


12 responses to “Happy 100,000 Views Week Long Celebration!

  1. Ottoke – I have relatives coming to town to visit….maybe I can sneak away and they won’t notice……hmmmmm……if it gets dicey, I can hide in the closet and swear my kids to secrecy 😁 I’M DOWN!!!!!

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