Reading The Stars – For KSH & JJH




*disclaimer: DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVE NO DESIRE TO SHIP KSH & JJH as it might offend you.  Also, it’s a compilation report done by my online reading research, all this information can be found on the internet…any and all interpretation is by my opinions and deduction and had no factual base so don’t take it out of context or take it too seriously, have fun and enjoy reading*

So after doing some thorough had amplified my earlier beliefs that, while a part of me do ship this couple very much (heck they are the first and ONLY real life couple I ship) I stand firm in my believe that any possible romance should come later rather than sooner…perhaps at least another 4+ years.  In my heart I feel that KSH still have some maturing to do and “settle” down a bit before taking the plunge (if there’s ever going to be a plunge between these two) with his lady love.  There’s good reason behind this…so read my long (researched) rant and make up your own conclusions.

Since this is a couple from the “stars” so to speak..let’s look at the stars then for our REAL couple’s possible insight to their personality and compatibility.  What am I talking about? Their horoscope of course! (yes guys, I have reach new heights in obsessive shipping, haha).  But this is what I do most of my life and I have to say, the stars are fairly accurate in my experience and opinion (about 60-70%) but it is still very broad.  Of course for closer, more accurate reading, many other factors have to be looked into and not just the date they are born but things like what Moon sign they are in, what hour were they born, etc. You don’t have to take this seriously by the way if you’re not into that sort of thing, just read it for fun and with a sense of humor then 😉

Are you still with me?  Ok, good.  Below is my own interpreted summery of all that I’ve read with those in quotation mark being quoted directly from the source because the wording I feel couldn’t be more perfect 🙂 

So the sign for JJH = Scorpio 


The sign for KSH = Aquarius


Scorpio Woman with an Aquarius Man Pairing QUICK SUMMERY:

Typically speaking, this two signs are not technically a “good” combination as they are opposites in many ways but to just say that is a bit “shallow”, sort of like skimming the surface, because there are many factor that comes with each individual.  If you look deeper, with the right attitude, environment/upbringing, maturity, trust, and communication, this pairing is actually pretty magical together.  One thing that is undeniable weather it works out or not on the long term relationship front is that once both parties collided/met, they almost always instinctively and instantaneously attract each other like thunder and lightning!  There’s an oddly intimate connection there that blossom usually from the very first meeting or quite early on (I’ve read quite a number of people were attracted instantly with just a picture and written words over the internet! That’s how strong their vibes are)…it’s just in their personality & chemistry!

So before I go deeper into their compatibility let’s look and learn at their “personality” separately.



This woman is one of the most if not the MOST magnetic, intense, and mysterious sign in the zodiac. Her beauty is exceptional.  She is infinitely sexy, real, emotional, fearless, and dramatic.  This is an extremely powerful sign but her negatives could be controlling, moody, possessive, dark, obsessive, “fixed” and stubborn, extremely jealous, suspicious, may be clingy, and possibly vindictive if provoked.  Let’s just say that she’s highly sensitive to the spectrum of emotions.  Vastly confident, direct, passionate and intuitive…they have a way of reading between the lines and “knowing” the other person without lifting much of a finger but at the same time they themselves are very private.  They like to keep secrets but like to unveil other’s secrets, they are indeed a highly complex, intelligent, and secretive individual.  It might seem like they usual have the upper hand in the relationship but the opposite is true.  Because they are so invested in the emotional aspect, in other words, they care too much that the reality is “the partner who cares the least in a relationship has the control.”  That said, she’s extremely resourceful and strong and in whatever situation she may get caught in, she’s rarely if ever consider helpless so don’t ever underestimate her.  As a matter of fact Scorpio’s are known to be bold and fearless, listening to themselves above all others.  If she wants to do something, you won’t be able to stop her.  If life ever gets difficult for Scorpio, you’ll find that it won’t affect her in the least as she push forward with her head held high.  They are true survivor.  If you’re her friend you’ll benefit 10 folds and they will be there through thick and thin…but if you’re her enemy, it’s best you leave town all together.  Remember that she has a poisonous stinger and she’s not afraid to use it, god forbid should you make an enemy out of a Scorpio, you’ll probably live to regret it.  She’s ambitious and hardworking, when her mind is set on something, nothing will stop her from getting there.  Because they are so gifted with a discerning eye, a more less evolved Scorpio will uses her power to use anyone within her circle for what she wants, she can even be mean and cruel even to those she love.  Thankfully a more evolved Scorpio often channel this in a more productive and positive way.  When a Scorpio dresses herself she doesn’t follow fashion blindly rather most time set the fashion standards.  She normally has a classy style with a touch of seductiveness to it and often finds herself wearing black or red…dark colors suits her best as it is bold, dangerous and assert power.  She usually finishes with a touch of dark sunglasses to keep her mysterious ways.  Scorpio also enjoy either nudity under clothing or sexy lingerie. 

This is an introverted woman with few cares for the social world so she’s very picky with her friends and have relatively few but highly intense relationships. When in a relationship she can be quite “scary” for her intensity but at the same time highly addictive, after all they are one of the very few signs that exude sexuality without even trying.  When in lust, she obsesses about the object of her desires and when in love she thinks about that beloved constantly…her world is a world of deep emotional delights from one extreme or the other there’s rarely in between.  No one will ever complain of being bored in love with Scorpio, she will give you a run for your money so the partner to a Scorpio must possess great internal strength and patience.  Scorpio does not fall in love easily but when in love she wants the unconditional kind, no compromises…love her no matter what they do, if you’re weak-hearted then move along, she’s not for you.  While in love she is beyond loyal and will do anything to protect those she loves.  Flip to the other side of the coin, if ignored or neglected enough Scorpio’s aren’t beyond cheating to fill the emotional void.  She doesn’t like mind games and prefer open honesty and in relationship she wants 100% devotion and to possess her loved one entirely.  Even though this type of woman seems to play “hard to get” at first the reality is she’s usually the one who likes to seduce and experience the “thrill of the chase” when the right partner comes along.  She tend to like men who are genuine and friendly verses those that are flirtatious because of her suspicious nature, and can only attract and respect those with strong personality or stronger personality than herself. 

When it comes to sex, Scorpio is the ruling symbol.  They possess an extremely powerful sexual desire.  For them, it’s the deepest way to channel and be in tune with your emotion.  That said, their sexual prowess is beyond legendary.  They have extremely high libido and pretty much nothing is off limits for these folks.  This powerful sexual being is not for the faint of heart…no guts, no glory!


Aquarius Man (KSH):

When Aquarius step into a room, his smile will light up everything and attract everyone.  His friendliness and big warm heart can usually attract the masses.  They are often gifted with a unique sense of humor as well.  Popular and gregarious, this sign rule the friendship and intellect department.  He is the friend of the world, truly a people’s person and like casting a wide social network and it seems everyone is an equal and special to him.  He loves being in social gathering and garner many friends and acquaintances from all walks of life.  However, there’s always an aura about him that just seems out of reach and unattainable.  He can go missing for days or zone out in his thoughts.  This sign is notorious for “running” away when it comes to deep emotional bonding and commitment, they often see relationship as a restriction on their freedom which often brings them lots of trouble in the relationship front.  This man lives for finding mystery and intrigue, always looking for the next challenge.  Although he tends to be aloof and emotionally lacking at times, he’s genuinely a nice person.  This sign is quirky, offbeat, eccentric, especially loves novelty and the strange and different… they are the embodiment of uniqueness and originality therefore at most time unpredictable and can be confusing to others.  Often time they are perceived as weird and a bit crazy.  Aquarius represents intellect and nonconformist, innovative and inventive, humanitarian and a visionary…in other words a revolutionaire.  He can be soft spoken and courteous but keep in mind that this sign is a born rebel and non-conformist.  They don’t mind going against society and set norms to bring major change if they want to change the world they live in. These people have no desire to conform even amongst group pressure, they are very capable of being their own person.  No one tie down this man, he’s all for independent and freedom and is certainly very fixed and stubborn about it.  And though he’s not well known to be verse in deep emotional connection, if and when he does have emotions, it’s rarely hidden.  His moods and emotion can easily be picked up and he expresses it with daring frankness.

The type of girls he usually would fall for have to have something majorly intriguing, unusual, or unique about her, preferable in the intellectual sense because just looks don’t often work for these folks…he’s more about the deeper characters.  To him mental attraction holds greater importance than just physical appeal.  This man most likely would fall for a friend that does not make too much of an emotional demands of him and most of his relationship may all start off as friends first.  Because Aquarius highly value independence and autonomy, in a relationship this man is hard to pin down to a commitment but when he finds the right woman, he can settle in with unwavering loyalty, faithfulness, and most likely will never stray if his freedom is not being threaten.  It’s almost well known that because of his personality, usually the relationship he enters into somehow someway are odd, strange, or unconventional.  If you expect the traditional way of expressing love from this man, you might wait for a long time…and it might never come!  Dinner, movies, chocolates, flowers, quietly professing “I love you” on a daily basis are for conventional folks…these Aquarius express themselves with over the top gestures and unusual uniqueness for the lucky lady he’s in love with; more like naming a star after you, planning a surprise trip to the Amazon, cloud writing in the sky, just remember to expect the unexpected.  If you’re in a relationship with him, expect to be treated as a friend at times as well and you might at times have to fight for his attention with his long strings of friends.  And don’t try to provoke him either, he’s not as emotionally engaged as other signs, this is one man who hardly if ever gets jealous, he’ll just pick up and move on. 

Sexually, Aquarius male tend to be more emotionally reserve and may be difficult to get close to but do not mistake that for prudishness.  This sign love sexy mind games, they are of the intellect after all and since this sign is a trailblazer, they tend to be very open with just about trying anything and probably be the first to suggest it too! They are experimental and really, nothing is too provocative and challenging for him between the sheets.



The initial meeting between these two is anything but ordinary.  There’s almost always an instantaneous attraction, not necessarily sexual (but could might as well be) but more of an intrigue in each other’s power and differences.  These two are essentially opposites of each other and therefore finding one another utterly fascinating.  They are like magnets, flip the right way they fly towards each other with feelings of an oddly close connection but flip the wrong way and they repel each other from their vast different outlooks and emotional level.  One of the reason they attract each other so much is that they both share a strong personality, one evoking power the other unyielding independence.  They both greatly admire this trait in each other.  Both are highly intellectual beings so surely their conversation would not be lacking in the least and they love to pick each other’s brain.  Aquarius will find that there’s a mysterious aura about Scorpio that drives him wild and intrigues him, wanting to make him dig deeper…in which he will probably never find the bottom end.  It’s not easy to hold an Aquarius interest but Scorpio definitely can!  Then couple this with Scorpio’s undeniable sex appeal, beauty, and magnetism it’s no wonder Aquarius are unusually attracted to this dynamic woman and pretty much done for at first sight. On the other hand Scorpio finds Aquarius friendly, eccentric, and easy going ways, opposite from her, is refreshing…and his aloof nature a challenge she couldn’t resist.  Normally, it’s strange that such a refine, sexy, and beautiful woman would be attracted to the somewhat peculiar, quirky, fun, outgoing, and goofy Aquarius but it happens more often than naught.  There’s just something about each sign that fills up a missing gap from one another.  This two sign makes great and wonderful business partner and they elevate to be the best of friends…it’s when they move into being lovers that things get a little bit tricky.

In love, both partners must find that fine balance to sustain one another or else the relationship won’t last for very long.  The power that both possesses equally, that might have spark interest in one another in the beginning, might also as well be their undoing as neither like to back down. They are both fixed in their ways and both having such vast different ways.  This is two very fixed sign, stubborn, and resilient in their set behaviors, a power struggle that will be a constant push and pull. If channel correctly it’s a great asset as none will be dominant over the other and they will always stand as equal…you can’t get a better partner then that. On the other hand if channel incorrectly, any partner that is discontent with not being able to hold the upper hand might find this struggle tiresome in the long run, as there most likely won’t be a winning partner.  On the upside As the relationship of the Scorpio woman and Aquarius man gets mysteriously interlaced, they can read the unspoken messages through each other’s eyes making their intimacy astoundingly beautiful. She holds him with her beckoning secrets of her eyes and he binds her strongly through the indefinable mystery of his existence.”  The struggle that both ultimately have to face though is in their differences in regards to their emotional stance.  Scorpio is intense in their love and wants to possess and conquer her man utterly and completely.  He, on the other hand, runs hot and cold…one minute you might think you’re the center of his universe because of his intense love and undivided attention and the next, he wouldn’t even reply to your call or text and might go missing for hours or days on end.  Aquarius is infamous for their mysterious retreat and hideout that can raise the suspicious nature in Scorpio, even though they don’t mean any harm.  Also, his friendly ways, especially with the opposite sex, even if innocent, can really drive this possessive and jealous Scorpio up the wall.  And at the same time, a Scorpio explosive temper, short fuse, and dramatic theatrics can be exasperating for Aquarius which he cannot really identify with such strong display of emotions.  However, this male is one of the few kind that can actually be strong enough to withstand her temper and can usually cool down Scorpio’s heated wrath with his wit and humor in his usual calm and cool ways.  He has the needed patience and understanding to work through her emotional outburst if he truly care to stick around.  This pairing could work exceptionally well if 1) Aquarius can learn to put her first before everyone else at least most of the time and try not to do the disappearing act too often in order to give more emotional security to his lady love and if 2) Scorpio learn to be less controlling and give him his much needed independence and space at least once in a while and try to scale down on the emotional outburst of jealousy and possessiveness.

Once in a committed relationship, they can be extremely close as the best of friends and confidant and if marriage is in the card, they are both strong will enough to stick it out for the long haul.  Both can be extremely loyal and supportive of each other if they can work through their differences or make their differences work for them.  His weakness is her strength and her weakness is his strength.  If they can learn to use each other’s strength to compensate for their own weakness, then this pair might just be a match made in heaven and can possibly last a lifetime if not beyond.  He can pull the reclusive Scorpio more into the social world, and she can teach him a thing or two about expressing more of his emotions.  If there’s not enough understanding, trust, and a certain compromise from both parties then most likely their relationship might be like living in a constant hurricane where they attract and repel, love and hate, break up and makeup at the speed of light and this can drag on for years on end.  One thing is for sure though, they can never be bored of one another, the highs are extremely high and the low, extremely low.  One word for such a pairing comes to mind: electrifying.

In the bedroom, the beginning might be slow but once it takes off they can burn down their bedroom with their sexual energy.  Since Aquarius is more of intellect, his mind must be engage first before he can freely express that emotional aspect during sex.  Trust is of the essence, once there is trust, friendship, and understanding, the rest will follow.  And why wouldn’t their sex life be explosive?  She’s daring, wild, insatiable, and shocking while he welcome any challenge thrown his way and perceptive to try any sexual adventure thrown his way.  “This can be an incredibly romantic relationship.  The Aquarius man will be very vulnerable to the Scorpio woman’s erotic skills and talents.  Likely she will take him places he has never gone before.  This will ultimately bring them very close together as they share intimately secrets that they keep from everyone else.  You can be sure that Aquarius has never felt these things before and that is a very precious thing to have between two people.  Whatever fantasies their sexual appetite has conjured, they can expect them to be fulfilled beyond their wildest dreams.”  “Sensual, wild, crazy, beasty; words will not do justice to the physical bond between the two partners if absolute trust is gained!

There seem to be a set trend for this type of pairing.  It seems that they either come out of the relationship, short or long term, with bitterness and strong emotional angst against each other.  Or, if it worked out, they seem to profess extreme close bond with one another, and even confess to “love at first sight” or “love from a previous life” because their instant connection is that incredibly strong and magical…and even if they don’t work out or end up apart, they continue to hold a torch or lament over one another passionately.  The common thing is, work out or not, bitter or happy, they make a strong lasting impression upon each other, exhilarating as a matter of fact, and are generally unforgettable; it’s either strongly negative or highly positive impact but rarely in between or just lukewarm.



Here are the monthly horoscope of both Scorpio and Aquarius taken from one site during the months of November 2013-March 2014.  This time frame is during the filming of MLFAS.  There is some really fascinating highlights to this and startlingly “real” insights…people I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to…these are just short excerpts of what I find to be important or pertinent to the situation.  The red highlight what I thought is very relevant and the parenthesis in green is my insightful thoughts, lol.

November 2013:

For Scorpio women:

You like intensity and you’ll have it. Venus, the ruler of Scorpio’s house of couples, will enter Capricorn on November 5th 2013, where it’ll stay for four months, (about the amount of time it took to film MLFAS) much longer than it usually spends in a sign. Pluto’s proximity will give Venus strong feelings and desires, but it can also make it be prone to possessiveness, jealousy, obsession, and radical actions. That sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? In other words, it’s highly likely that you’ll soon experience something to your taste: deep, ravishing, extreme…The person you’ll be interested in might have intellectual preoccupations(KSH Aquarius is the ruler of intellect) or could be somebody from your close entourage

For Aquarius Men:

You’ll go through a less exuberant month. It’s as if you were forced to face some constraints, as if you couldn’t go where your heart wants to be (We know where his heart want to be but can’t, lol) If you have initiative, you might not get a positive answer, you’ll be likely to face blocks or delays.”


December 2013:

For Scorpio women:

It’ll be like dancing tango: one step forth, two steps back. (I mention this before when viewing their BTS of the DVD, the cat and mouse game, the steps backward and forward, lol) This is how Scorpio’s relationships will work in December 2013…..As for the rest, December 2013 could make significant dates or encounters happen at the sentimental level, and it’s not excluded that it will introduce you to somebody that will matter a great deal to you in the future.(this future important someone, can we hope it be KSH?)

For Aquarius Men:

“…In this position Venus will tend to highlight the sad part of the sentimental life: disillusions, betrayal, loneliness, impossible love. For some Aquarius people Venus in the twelfth house could foreshadow stories about secret love, probably illegal or forbidden…. (this is the best most accurate description of what we think KSH was going through!) and the Sun will also enter Aquarius’ shadowy twelfth house, so the chances for happiness will diminish considerably. The configuration can also indicate troubles for the partner, which will affect you indirectly.

January 2014:

For Scorpio women:

The ruler of Scorpio’s house of love, Jupiter, will be in a powerful position, but it’ll be attacked from several directions. Therefore, your sentimental life will probably go through a more disordered or a noisier period, but rather stable.As regards older or already stable relationships, things could be a bit more complicated. Venus, the ruler of Scorpio’s house of couples, will be retrograde throughout January 2014, in a weak position and in tense relations” (JJH being married with a possible feeling for KSH can be pretty crazy and tense)

For Aquarius Men:

A bit too shadowy, especially in the first part of the month! It’s as if you didn’t have a choice, as if you didn’t have any control on the things happening to you. (yeah, KSH falling in love with an unavailable lady is really not a choice) Traditionally, this astrological configuration speaks of loneliness, disappointment, betrayal, impossible, hidden, forbidden love, or about traumas, frustrations or sentimental addictions, or about the occurrence of some troubles that might affect your partner.”

February 2014:

For Scorpio Women:

“Some action will be taken in February 2014. Misunderstandings will clarify, blocks will disappear, what has been interrupted will be resumed. 

The events in this winter (ever since November) will start showing their meanings. (ever since Nov huh, ever since KSH is back in her life) They are part of the same picture, which has a certain significance for the relational life of Scorpios. If you put it all together and analyze it, you can draw important conclusions for future happiness. (wonder what conclusion will JJH make)

If you have a passionate episode or you’re at the beginning of a sentimental relationship, the first part of February 2014 might be full of whims or confusing situations. (of course it would be confusing for her, poor JJH)

For Aquarius Men:

relationships will be in the spotlight all throughout February 2014. You’ll have magnetism and sex-appeal, you’ll captivate and you’ll challenge the others to get closer to each other… Venus, the planet of love, will remain in a rather restrictive area, but it will be getting ready to take the necessary measures to come out to light. By then, though, there will still be certain frustrations or at least a vague state of dissatisfaction.” (we know the restriction…ah but what came to light? will they talk with each other about it? and we know the frustration and dissatisfaction remain because they can’t be together)

March 2014:

For Scorpio Women:

“…on March 5th 2014 Venus, the planet of love and the ruler of Scorpio’s house of couples, will enter Aquarius (love entering Aquarius, which is KSH, lol can it get any more direct?)…the Sun will cross Scorpio’s house of eroticism and adventure, so it could bring you a love story, if you are open to such things. (we know the love story they are refering to right?) An affair while traveling or with somebody from far away is not excluded.”

For Aquarius Men:

The atmosphere of March 2014 will have the scent of love. (umm…have you seen the Red Capet Kiss?) Mercury, the ruler of Aquarius’ house of passion and eroticism, will be right in Aquarius, where Venus, the planet of love, will come too on March 5th 2014. You should expect a sensual month that promises delights… you’ll become sexier, you’ll manifest a greater power of attraction and fascination, you’ll draw attention and seduce without any effort. At the same time, affection will amplify and you’ll feel a great need for closeness and tenderness.  You’ll receive compliments, declarations, you’ll have opportunities with sentimental potential. (hmm, wonder what kind and if any declaration from JJH, kiki delusional minds, closeness and tenderness definitely there!) You can easily be caught in a trap, because the tendency towards pleasures will be big and because you have a major difficulty in saying “no” to temptations.’



After all that I’ve research on, read through, and observe on real life parings of this two signs, Scorpio & Aquarius (by reading people’s comments) I’ve come to a certain conclusion about Hyun2:

1. I think knowing what I know about their personality dynamics, can conclude that there was an ease of attraction there right from the start, it may not necessarily be a carnal attraction (or maybe it is) but definitely a connection none the less if not instant love at first sight.  Now recalling that JJH spotted him out early in his young career to be casted in a movie role for the first time was a risk isn’t it?  I believe she really did see something in him even before meeting him face to face (and I don’t think it’s just about acting but personal fascination as well…maybe even love, Scorpio has a knack for picking out her meant-to-be-lover)…to act opposite her? And be her first Korea’s on screen kiss?  That is by her design not accident or coincident, if indeed her personality is as portrayed, she have the power and the will to get what she wants and make this happen…and she had wanted KSH.

2. (Don’t read this if you are too sensitive!) In regarded to her husband, I wonder too why she married him and if there was indeed strong love involved because Scorpio play for keep and usually marry with the intention of forever.  I wish I have her husband’s birthday so I can do a comparison with her and him vs her and KSH.  Though without knowing anything about her husband, I think I can still make a highly educated guess that his personality is strong as well if not stronger than her (if that’s even possible).  I’m thinking he’s either another Scorpio, a Leo, an Aquarius (like KSH), a Libra, or Virgo, but definitely another strong sign for sure.  Because I can’t see her tie the knot with a weakling, that’s not her style…and from the short clips about him and what she said of him, he is arrogance and gutsy enough to take her on, that’s no small challenge!  So I conclude she is indeed attracted to her husband in some way and I can also conclude that they had to have a pretty good sex life as well.  Now it might have started out that way but I’m not sure if it’s still that way.  From the look of things, it’s hard to say that it still is or ever was (contradicting myself here) because she work away from him too often.  For a Scorpio in love, it should be the opposite…she would want to be next to her man as often as humanly possible.  He seems to be “honest” and straightforward with her and she likes that, perhaps even dominance over her which she probably enjoy…but I wonder if he meet her emotional needs and give her that close bonding, not only skinship but kinship as well?

3. It’s tough to say what’s on her mind but I think for a Scorpio it’s really tough to be in love with two person at the same time for these folks.  Scorpio love with a strong passion and with absoluteness, there’s no wishi washy in between so it should be rare for her to even consider loving someone else when she’s already in love.  She’s either having major issue with her husband and finding that love and bond in KSH or she’s absolutely in love with her husband and only have an extremely comfortable existent with KSH (like a friendly soul mate bond with a god given natural chemistry…though I can’t say the same for KSH, he’s definitely in love with her).

4. KSH is in love with her.  End of story.  There’s almost no room for error here.  If he’s single, he can’t cross path with her and remain the same, especially not after their shared kiss.  If he can get through the first kiss in the Thieves unfazed and unaffected he won’t be by the end of the Red Carpet Kiss in MLFAS. It’s impossible.  But let’s rewind back to the Thieves in which we get two “JJH I love you” confessions afterward in public interviews.  He said it and he ment it.  This is a man who’s known to be very straightforward and can often threw caution and public views and convention to the wind, be damn about it, he do what he please no one control him.  He’s also known for grandiose gesture when in love…what better way than public confession? For the type of profession that he’s in that’s a huge risk to take…most stars and idols make it their full time job to avoid any romantic linking until they’re really serious about someone possibly to the point of marriage will they come out and admit it (this is in Korea not US).  But he’s man enough to do it even with the scrutiny of the press, her marriage, his and her age difference…nothing could stop his declaration when he’s in love, that’s so Aquarius.

5. I rescind one of my earlier statements a few weeks back about them avoiding each other for the sake of others. NOT so with these two strong personality.  If JJH feels any love, lust, or interest in KSH, these two is strong will enough to find a way to see each other.  What Scorpio desire she will have, her desire comes first…and what Aquarius wants he will achieve, he’s strong enough to go against society set rules.  The only avoidance would result if Scorpio feelings have been hurt or slighted, in which case she will treat him as if he’s not even there and cut him off her inner circle with a vengeance. It’s a good thing that Aquarius men have a way of soothing the stinger out of Scorpio’s heat should he choose to.

With everything said, and although I know the likelihood of KSH being deeply in love with JJH is extremely high if not a fact, I still feel slightly worst for her.  If she does love her husband then the guilt trip must be pretty tough on her as she and KSH share a bond that’s hard to humanly explain and she can’t even pursue it!  Even if she’s not in love with KSH (highly doubt this) it’s still gotta be tough…the uncertainty, the guilt, the pleasure, the confusion…on the other hand I doubt that Scorpio is ever confused on anything…so my gut guess is that something is wrong in her relationship with hubby and her heart is full blown leaning towards KSH.  The way she acts around KSH, a Scorpio wouldn’t act like that around a man she doesn’t love or interested in and not so if she already have a love waiting at home.  Her whole situation is confusing and hard to fathom either which way you dissect it.  KSH, on the other hand is more cut and dry.  If these two (JJH & KSH) ever get together though, I’m afraid for their long term commitment.  In this regard, I might not even mind it if they just remain slightly out of reach, be each other’s confidant, best friend, and work buddies, giving us many great collaboration rather than the risk of them being together and breaking up later, breaking all our hearts.  On the other hand though, if it works out, if their moon sign is more compatible, it will be such a perfectly powerful and magical pair this two will make.  That’s why I initially wanted more time for them…time to develop a stronger friendship bond because KSH value friendship almost above love…and trust and understanding is very vital for this volatile couple.  She needs to understand him well enough to not feel abandoned and hurt if he starts to retreat away from her once in a while and he needs to first understand and learn how to deal with her multiple complex feelings and emotions.  It’s kinda good in a way that he’s younger than her, this may give more power to her so there won’t be as much of a power struggle between the two.  It may also be to their advantage that she’s married…just hear me out….this keep them from jumping the gun and into each other’s arms because without this barrier I’m pretty sure they would have already done so and might have spoiled the relationship prematurely.  With this restrain in place, it forces them to remain friends and confidant, to learn more about one another and when they become best friends, theoretically, if they later enter a relationship together it should give them a smoother sailing.  I’m hoping that KSH could also maybe be wiser with the years and attain more experience so he’d have more patience with her and make it last.  And for her to have even more time to fine tune her tempestuous temper and learn how to keep her destructive emotions in check.  I’m hoping that she’s a more evolved Scorpio that tune her emotions for good and not evil.  Because when everything aligned nicely and most if not all of their negative traits can be identify and utilize for each other’s benefit instead of against one another, it’s going to be such a beautifully enchanting relationship that will be the envy of everyone around them…it could last a long, long time if not infinitely.



Here are some celebrity couples that is SCORPIO WOMAN and AQUARIUS MAN below (note that I did not include the opposite Scorpio man and Aquarius lady…there’s already too much as it and I want to keep as close to the paring as possible) and a little background on their relationship, definitely read it as it gives a lot of insight. For one, it seems like Scorpio women tends to marry once or twice BEFORE marrying her Aquarius man (hmmm…think and squeal over that).  Another interesting note is that ALL the Scorpio female below is older than her male Aquarius counterpart…I wonder is that the little secret to keep them together for a long time? (hmmm…mule over that one too)…hahaha let me include the pictures as well because it’s just so true to its form, Scorpio women looking hot and sexy next to her Aquarius goofy oddball looking men:



Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – This relationship has recently ended with Scorpio Demi at 51 and Aquarius Ashton at 36.  They were separated after 6 years of marriage and divorce 2 years later with no kids of their own.  Some sources said it’s because Demi couldn’t give Ashton kids which puts the strain on their relationship.  I think it’s partly that but also the huge age gap as well…almost 16 years apart, there’s so much that 16 years can come in between and the tempestuous pairing between a Scorpio and an Aquarius was already tough to deal with. 

They met at a casual dinner with friends in 2003 when Ashton was 25 and Demi was 41.  They immediately connected and reportedly talked all night long.  This is so true to this type of pairing, it’s pretty much love at first sight.  After two years dating they got married.  I don’t doubt for a minute that these two loved each other with a passion to try and make it work for that long even though their relationship seems like a joke to most people because of their differences but knowing what I know now about this pairing, it is sad indeed that they couldn’t work it out.  This is a quote from Ashton on his tweet before the fall of their relationship which rings very true to their issues: “Sharing Love & Light while in Israel. Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences.”


Julia Robert and Danny Moder – This is another long time couple, 12 years marriage, that’s unconventional in the public eye and seems to also now be in the gossip news about divorcing but then again, they write about this on almost every married Hollywood couple.

For both partner they already had prior marriages.  They met when Julia was filming the Mexican in 2000, he was a simple camera man.  Report has it that Scorpio Julia was instantly enamored with him (another case of love at first site) and she was quoted saying “I’ve got an instant crush on him,” she said. “I want to be with him. I can’t stop fantasizing about him. I think I’m in a little bit of trouble.” And Danny was quoted saying “Danny said there was no fighting what he felt for Julia, that he would have moved mountains to be with her. After they were intimate, it was clear they had to be together.”  The mutual attraction was the easy part…the problem was he was already married at the time for 5 years to a make-up artist.  Julia was also reportedly sketchy with her romantic involvement as well and was involved with Benjamin Bratt at the time.  Both Julia and Danny broke off their previous engagements and soon after got married amidst angry media, and even angrier family disapproval from Danny’s side.  Even though Aquarius Danny admitted that he had marital problems well before Julia came along it didn’t stop fuel the media reaction that Julia had indeed stolen a married man.  Their marriage is still valid till this day 12 years and 3 kids later…certainly no one would have thought it possible, neither family nor media, but they did and have done it, that’s how powerful and resilient this couple is…no doubt they have their fair shares of turbulence from external forces as well as their own clashing personality but there’s definitely a magical or rather natural bond that holds them together.  Rumors of their divorce started almost as soon as their wedding took place and had been ongoing since and maybe one day it will come to pass…but for now they are still married.


Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan – this couple was dubbed the Angelina Jolie and Bratt Pitt of Bollywood.  Again, another interesting story as the Scorpio lady Aishwarya first met Aquarius Abhishek on set of their first film together.  Source said they got along fabulously but at the time both were romantically involved with someone else.  As destiny have it, they work together again in another movie and they got even closer.  She then later broke up with her boyfriend and dated another co-star even while still keeping in touch with Abhishek.  After collaborating in another film together, love apparently couldn’t be contained and Aish kicked out her current boyfriend to the sideline for Abhi.  Another interesting fact is that Abhi is about 3 years younger than Scorpio Aishwarya.  They tie the knot in 2007 and remained married since and had a daughter.  This is what Abhishek said about his wife and their first meeting which is actually very typical of this pairing:  “…although I had obviously seen her before, since she was Miss World and all that. I don’t remember the moment when I knew she was the one, actually which is weird, but it always just felt right. If you ask her, she will tell you the same thing…that the minute we came together, we both knew that this was something for keeps. So, there wasn’t just this ‘one’ defining moment, it always felt perfect!”


Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell – Jerry admit on an interview that for him it was love at first sight, he was relentless in trying to get her to go out with him.  He also quote saying “The only woman I think I ever was a little obsessed with was my wife-when we first started dating…We laugh a lot.  My wife is my best friend.” (this statement is so Aquarius!).  These two have been married since 2007 for nearly 7 years with a set of twin girls.  I have to note too that Jerry is about a year or two younger than Rebecca, haha I’m starting to see a trend here, most of the Aquarius men are younger then the Scorpio woman…hmmm…maybe this is the glue that can make it work!


here couple


So in conclusion:  I’m very, very interested indeed to keep a close eye on our two OTP even more than ever before.  If they continue seeing each other now and then, something’s going to be bound to develop if it hadn’t already…I meant as in bound to develop publicly.  If ever there’s two souls brave enough to take on the world, it’s this pairing of Scorpio and Aquarius.  Once they are sure of each other’s love (if that ever come to pass) I don’t think anything can stop them from being together…but then again, they are in a country that’s very traditional so not sure how much of that will play into their personality & action.  Only time will tell.  And if nothing ever result from this, know that KSH & JJH coming together is something neither is likely to ever forget as they for sure had made a huge impact upon each other’s life.  They also have a god-given chance to “act” out that love on screen, an undying romance portrayed on screen for all eternity (or at least as long as movies/shows/and cinema exist).


22 responses to “Reading The Stars – For KSH & JJH

  1. Reading from your research, its quite obvious that JJH is a choleric and KSH is a phlegmatic. Wow,how can you have time to do all these when you have a toddler around?

    • lol, 3-4 hours of sleep a night 😉 that’s how. Actually, I think KSH is more Sanguine with a little Phlegmatic mix in and JJH is about half Choleric half Melancholic.

      • Woww,u need to get some beauty sleep, i tell ya..dont torture you body Faye..i was merely pointed at the more dominant temperament 🙂 anyho, you did some outstanding research there..

        • hahah, no one is looking at me anyways as im in the house all the time so beauty not so important at the moment….maybe once I’m finish with the story and stop shipping/thinking about them so much 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing this unnie, it is very insightful. Although I am not really into horoscopes but i do agree that it seems like it is quite fitting to our dear KSH and JJH present situation. I fully agree with you that any romance should materialized later rather than sooner. Maybe because for me, the situation is very difficult right now. A budding romance will bring both of them to a bad light and it will cause more harm than good. I think it is better for them to wait for the right time and get to know each other better before they can pursue it. I don’t care how long it takes,I will patiently wait for that glorious day when they finally declare their love for each other, lol.

    • of course dear 🙂 yeah, it’s definitely keep them in check the situation so I’m all for being “close” in a friendship sort of way and maybe if it’s meant to be, it’ll material into something more at a later time and if it’s not, they still get to be close friends and confidant right?

  3. Hey how r u, idk if u remember me but i like to think of myself as and active reader of ur MLFAS fan-fic blog. I’m interested in reading your Yen and Zam stories but sadly i don’t have the password 😓 I’m 23 so i can handle the “Grownup Parts” lml😉

    • keep your eyes out for the email dear…and now that I have your email address you won’t need to ask next time. Great! continue supporting the blog I love you guys! 😉

    • hahhah, it does with SY more than MJ….MJ disappear for valid uncontrolled reason, ….KSH/Aquarius “disappear” for personality flaw reason, lol….same difference? maybe

  4. hi faye….how are you??? i’m rachelle… i enjoyed reading this and will surely read another part … i just love how you devote your time researching and doing all of this. actually i’m not a fan of any celeb before I have watch MLFTS … i do’nt know but their chemistry is really a magnet that no one can explain.. even me… now i’m active on twitter and digging everything about the two… and can see also the hidden feeling of the two. remember his speech on the baeksang he said i love you Cheon song yi…on the last part….. hoping for the part 2 of MLFTS and i can see that there’s already a friendship developed in them….. lol… sounds so serious……… but let us take it easy… we do not know in the future….

    • I’m right there with you rachelle…I never ship any couple outside of a show before (character couples IN the show but never real life ones) until now 🙂 no matter how much I love a movie or show and how in love I am with the character, I’m still able to differentiate the difference but….this couple….there’s something so SO tangible about their relationship. I have a very, very good instinct and my instinct said that this love is real love portrayed on screen and subconsciously that’s probably why it attract so many viewers…women are real sucker for love, and I think most of us can spot it out…even if we don’t realize it 😉

  5. Hi, your piece is so interesting and your observation on the couple had reach mine too, i hope their love for each other would lead them to an everlasting one someday, not necessarily today….

    • Estela, that’s up to fate, god, destiny…and all things beyond our control. What will be will be but at least we get to see them showcase such a realistic, heart palpating love in this show 🙂

  6. i also feeling the same way about the two of them. coz you can see and feel the attraction . i have seen a video when both actors had won and it seems KSH wants to put his arms around JJH but he didnt perhaps he isnt ready to pursue and/ or he just respect JJH status as a married woman . but who knows ?

    • hi manila, not sure you know this but in Korea that’s suppose to be known as “polite” hands…guys supposedly don’t touch girls when taking picture if she’s not his gf or wife….yeahhhhhh

  7. im so hoping that they will get together…i know its difficult for them now. but who knows maybe one day the stars would align in thier favor and they can be together..just like all those other stars..keeping my fingers crossed for them..hihi

    • yes, well…it all depends on fate as well as their will and their love and how strong it is. But for now, it’s best if they develop a solid friendship and understanding of one another….we can only hope and dream for the future.

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