MLFAS DVD Unboxing


*sigh* yes, yes…I know I’m a couple weeks late in doing the DVD unboxing.  Forgive me guys, when I first got my DVD I took lots of pictures of the unboxing but it sat on the sideline for a while now.  Finally I got some spare time (hahaha…not really I never have spare time) to finally go over the pictures and put them together.  It’s better late then never right? It still might help some of you out who’s thinking of getting the DVD.  By the way here’s some quick facts on the DVD in case you ARE thinking about buying it.

1. When I bought it, it was a Pre-Order (meaning there’s extra products involved) priced at $179.99 free shipping, prices varies base on where you buy but make sure it includes shipping as well, it makes a difference on whatever extra charges that got tagged on as well.

2. Keep in mind that while the show on the DVD is subbed, all the BTS/Director’s Cut, and anything extra is NOT subbed.  Also, the books included are in Korean 😦

3. Make sure it works in your regions, meaning your DVD player will play it.  As of right now it’s only for region 3, 4, 5, 6 (US is NOT in this region)…so you either have to “hack” into your DVD player or if it’s “unhackable” you’d have to purchase separately a DVD player that’s region “free” so it can play.  Note: you can also play on your computer but again, you may have to change region as well (look up on google how to do this for your specific computer type)

On to the unboxing:

a) I arrived to me (FL, US) in a Fedex box and fairly quick (about 1-2 weeks), nicely bubble wrapped…comes with a separately wrapped Pre-Order gift which will be broken down further as you move down.


b) the actual box itself…it’s so beautiful I almost cried, hahaha…sorry I major in Graphic Design so I get easily moved by such intricate design, the foil on the stars really make it pop out of the box and made it shine iridescently.


c) This is in the Pre-Order Special Gift packaging.  If you order the DVD now, I’m not sure if this is going to be included or not (I think most likely not? don’t quote me on it though).  This includes;

1. a book mark of DMJ/KSH on one side & CSY/JJH on the other side

2. special DVD, this is where you get some of the hottest clips BTS of the Red Carpet Kiss scene even if they do tend to zoom out quite a bit *grrr*

3. DMJ Diary, yes it’s in Korean…if you don’t read Korean you’re out of luck…but no worries as I’m trying to upload/collect the translation up on the site.

4. Interview Book, have no idea what this is as I don’t read Korean

5. Hidden Track Book, have no idea what this is as well but I see pics of characters so I’m thinking a break down of the characters? Again, not sure so don’t quote me on it.


c) continuing with the Pre-Order Special Gift packaging below, it also contains a mouse pad which I’m gladly put to use as I’ve been using my mouse forever and ever without a mouse pad…then pics of everything on one screen.


d) you get two folded poster (which sucks because you see all the creases in it) if you want a nice uncrease one make sure you get the ones in a tube, the total is about $10 extra).  When the box is open on one flap you see nice pic of our Alien/OTP couple and when the other flap open out, the first thing you’ll see is a big photo book


e) Here’s some sample pages in the photobook.  As I looked through it I have a first thought that came to mind is that it is quite random…almost as if they didn’t put too much thought or time into this.  I could think of a lot better cinematic moments then these, I felt kinda sad that it’s a bit half-hazard like that…they did photoshop it nicely though.


f) Next in the box, you get a Continuity Book, again in Korean but it has a lot of “comic like” sketches, I’m pretty sure this is like the story board of the show…but it’s only for a few beginning scenes though.  You also get 6 postcards as seen below with their signature…again, I think better pictures could have been chosen…(really who choose the pictures to be use??? let ME handle that job! haha) Ugh, I especially do NOT like the one they use for our DMJ/KSH, the clothes seems to swallow him whole.


g) And finally we get to the actual DVD itself; 13 DVD all together with the last “blue” one being the extra tracks.  These are just funny silly, short songs and it’s not really that long, probably around 10 minutes all together.  Part of Disc 10 is the NG1, part of Disc 11 is NG2, Disc 12 is the Making, and Disc 13 is the Commentary (all these are not subbed)


There you have it everyone!  Phew, sorry for my laziness/business that I didn’t put this up sooner.  Hope you enjoyed it anyways 🙂


19 responses to “MLFAS DVD Unboxing

  1. Now i hv read the unboxed the dvd director cut.. my 1milloon dollar question..
    When can i read zam n yen part 2.. i m curious..

    I want baby to be involved..

    Hahahaha.. ok Faye..

  2. okay…. now i know the contain in the dvd set and i’ve read it and i envying you because i cant buy it.
    but writer-nim, i wanna ask you something.
    when will eps 34 out? and… when will we meet our jin sunhee???

  3. Thanks unnie for letting us have a peek on the Collector’s Item of MLFAS. ❤️ Feels like we also had a chance to own one hihi! I wish to have one but after reading in your comment that it doesn’t have English subtitles, I’m quite disappointed too.. Paging SBS for English trans! and for choosing that picture of KSH in that postcard hahaha. 😂

    • Well just to clarify the do have subtitle for the show itself just in case you miss interpret, it’s all the extras and cfs and bts that doesn’t have it…yes! Haha ask them why choose such an ugly pic for our main lead? Lol…kidding he’s still handsome…(sorta)

  4. Unnie ur so lucky for having that dvd ; (
    Thats why u have to share ur luck with release eps 34
    please unnie
    No altcsy scene is better
    idk why but i dont like her
    and let uri csy find out about her husband affair
    im here in the corner waiting for your story unnie
    dont let me wait for so long

    • Hahaha you guys really need to learn to have more patience..well the preview is out so it won’t be too long now, and sorry dear that you don’t like altSY 😦 but she’s high jacking this chapter 😉 sawryyy

  5. Writer nim why are you so rich haha jkjk… I want to get this but its so damn expensive so I went to comic connection and pampered myself with 32 postcards mainly about kim soo hyun 😀

    • Hahaha darling, if only you knew, lol, I’m a single mother remember? I’m more broke then a 16 yo….but I’m smart about it 😉 I ask the three closest people to me to get it for my birthday (btw my bday is not until 6 months from now at the time of the request)…so all three of them chip in $50 each, and bam! DVD! (Good thing I rarely if ever ask for anything kikiki)

    • no darling, I’m not filipino…I’m Vietnamese…I got it at Yesasia but I hear there’s a few places you can get, forgot what the others names are.

  6. Wow! Thank you for posting these! They are really beautiful and I think it’s worth the price however expensive it is. I agree about the box, it is so beautiful and maybe the one I want the most in the whole set! I hope I can get it on my hands two years from now! 🙂 I love it so much! BTW, I’m surprised to learn that you are a graphic design student ( that’s why you have such a beautifully designed site), one of my dream course! What year you are in now?

  7. Hei, can u uploud BTS video?? I just want to see KSH and JJH playing snow. I search in yt but i cant find this video. Its so sad bcoz i cant have enough money to buy this dvd. So can u uploud, please?? Thx.

    • if I know how to do it I have already hannah….though don’t feel so sad, I will make a special soon to celebrate an upcoming events and it will have all my favorite BTS moments and the snow play will be in there, so just wait for it yes?

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