My Love From Another Star – Episode 34




Previous Preview: MJ relationship with SY in the alternate world just got more complicated as he had underestimated her reaction to his explanation, entangling him further and deeper into her life.  Meanwhile, in the current world…SY’s fateful discovery about MJ’s secret unleash her wrath upon the unsuspecting MJ.  But as his secret is unveiled, YJ began to discover just how close the relationship between him and SM should and could have been, opening his eyes to a whole new possibility.  SM, on the other hand, makes a secret revisit to the tattoo parlor in an attempted desperate plea for help.

*Sorry for those who’s been waiting.  It is hard to write so much in such a short time and with a busy schedule 😦 thank you for your patience.  I actually just finish this and while I feel it could have been written better or with better dialogues, I shall hand it over today anyhow as I’m falling asleep trying to edit it, lol…and I know you guys have been asking for it 🙂 Still hope it’s just as good…*fighting! oh PS: you might want tissues around…it hurts my heart writing this episode (yes, I cried)*

Scene 4: 3rd Year in Alternate World

SY lay in bed grinning up at the ceiling.  It’s past 2am but she couldn’t sleep, not after what happen earlier that night.  Did she dreamt up everything?  She rolled over flat on her stomach, her face bury into the pillow as she scream excitedly then turn back around.  SY felt slightly guilty for tricking Kisohn to show himself like that but she was so desperate to see him and probably wasn’t thinking very deep on her actions.  Of course he didn’t know that beside playing the piano, she was a gifted swimmer and can hold her breath underwater for long periods of time.  She was often with HK in therapy for years and frequently made use of the pool there.

Perhaps she should write an apology letter?  SY sat up and went to her writing desk, pen in hand.  Her mind wasn’t in the task though as she replay the conversation with him in her head for the ninth times.  How do you document the moment your life change, your whole world, when your every concept of your reality shifted on its axle?  There was nothing to warn her of such a day, it was just like any other day until she took a risk and reap the rewards.  It was more than she could have ever imagine it to be.

SY look down at the empty page and put down the pen. Then went back to her bed and pull out her phone instead.

SY: (dial phone and nervously grab her pillow, grinning and waiting like a fool.  He’s going to pick up, he’s going to pick up…) hello?! Hi!

MJ: do you know what time it is?  I gave you my number for emergency…is this an emergency?

SY: no…but

MJ: then I’m hanging up.

SY: NO! Wait!  I can’t sleep right now, how could I after what happen?

MJ: (sigh with frustration) are you anxious because no one’s there with you? I can’t believe your husband could just pick up and leave like that.  HK in the other world would never…

SY: I don’t want to talk about him right now.  I want to talk about us.

MJ: there is no “us”.

SY: (unfazed she tried again) ok then tell me more about her.

MJ: I already told you everything. Me alien, came to another earth different then here, another you out there, she’s whom I’m coming home to.  Look I’ve said all this already, more than three times…in details.  Why….I don’t understand why you can be so…so…

SY: accepting?

MJ: I was going to say repetitive.

SY: (laughs) I’m still trying to process.  I suppose most people would find it crazy, hard to believe, or think you’re nut…maybe all the above (inhale gaily) a part of me still do think you’re crazy by the way, but the way my life is…was…I felt relieved…happy actually, that there’s more to life than just this.  To know I’m part of a bigger scheme in the universe…it…I don’t know how to explain it, but it gives more meaning to my life.  (she pause) Is it strange that I trust you so completely?

MJ: yes, you shouldn’t.  You don’t even know me.

SY: and that’s part of the craziness that makes perfect sense if what you said can be believed.  You love Song Yi…and I am her, just a different version…so, theoretically would it be too far fetch to say I love you?  It seems like we’re fated to be together always.  This world, that world…the past, the present.  It seems we are destined wouldn’t you say?

MJ: listen, I told you earlier, there is no

SY: “us” I got it.

MJ: (groaned) do we have to talk about all this right now? It’s 2:30….

SY: right.  Sorry.  I’m just so excited (she fluff the pillow and lay down smiling at the ceiling again) I actually didn’t call you to talk about that…actually…I want to know, I want to know more about me…can you tell me more about me?

MJ: (became more awake, he pulled the phone away from his ears looking at it perplex) what do you mean?

SY: …you miss her? (Of course he does, now she know why he follow her around protecting her all the time)

MJ: of course I do…

SY: then tell me…it helps when you talk about it…what was I like? As a person…in the other world? What is my life like? (long pause) hello? Are you there?

MJ: ….she was loud (he finally gave in) and obnoxious.  Full of herself because she’s a hallyu star (laughs as he remember their first meeting) she likes to drink and eat chicken when she’s lonely or upset and then end up at a stranger’s house, my house… drunk and obnoxious.  But she’s very strong, stronger than anyone I’ve known, she doesn’t like people seeing her hurt, even when she fell…(his voice fade out as camera pan in on SY listening contently and gradually fell asleep)

MJ appeared in SY’s room, he walked over to her bed and lean down to take the phone out.  His fingers came out and tuck some stray hairs behind her ear.

MJ: what am I to do with you now?

Scene 8: When SY Found MJ’s Secret

SY carries the tray of soup to MJ’s library as Fate and Destiny trot around her feet.  She open the door and walk inside but he wasn’t at his desk.

SY: looks like your daddy is not here at the moment (talking to the cat and dog as they start to tease and chase each other around her legs) quit it guys (but they didn’t listen to her, then Fate made a quick turn and bump into her hard, it was so unexpected that she dropped and spill the soup on the carpet.  Thank god the carpet soften the fall and it didn’t break, it’s definitely not her fault this time.  She swirl around to give Fate a chiding look as he hover in the corner, then quickly ran outside the door along with Destiny.  She held a hand to her belly and closed her eyes with a sigh)  YUN JAI!! YUN JAI!!!

YJ: what’s going on? What happen? (He’s breathing laboriously from running to her) is the baby coming?

SY: what? No!  Just look at this mess that Fate caused (pointing towards the soup-soaked rug and empty soup bowl) can you pick up the bowl for me and pull out the rug to get washed, Min Joon is going to give me one of his boring lecture again about my clumsiness if he sees this.

YJ: (giving her a rebellious look) if you weren’t pregnant…

SY: ya! If I wasn’t pregnant do you think I need you?  C’mon! Make it quick, I don’t know when he’s going to come back.

YJ: it won’t be finished by the time he comes back, what are you going to say?

SY: the truth.  That it needs a wash. (And that’s all she’s going to tell him. SY looked on as YJ picked up the bowl and place it on the desk then pulled and rolled up the rug.  Suddenly, both stop in their track as they saw a latch to a small door on the floor)

YJ: (look back at her) you know about this?

SY: do I look like I know? (She stare at it hard, feeling the uneasiness settling in) just take the rug out.

YJ: but!!! I want to see wh…

SY: take the rug out (she repeat again in a stern whisper. YJ sigh, looking angry that he couldn’t stay to see what’s inside…he rolled up the rug, lifted onto his shoulder, look at his sister again and stomp out)

SY wasn’t looking at YJ at all, her eyes are glued to that spot on the floor…a secret that she doesn’t know about?…a secret?  She shook her head, this couldn’t be happening.  She didn’t even know when her feet walked her closer to the spot until she was upon it.  She gingerly sat herself down awkwardly on the floor.

SY close her eyes and let out a long breath.  Her hands came out to reach for the latch door then pause halfway there.

SY: (laughs nerviously) this must be where he stashes the porn, I can live with that. (She pulled the latch quickly open before she changes her mind.  Then stare down at a black box with a fancy key inserted in it.  SY trace the box with her fingers, all trace of laughter gone.  In that moment it dawn on her that this is no ordinary box, whatever that’s in this, she had a strong feeling it’s about to change their lives forever.

MJ felt a little relief now that he found an ally in his people.  At least for now Ahnya and Qahnki will help him to hopefully solve the issue of the two world colliding.  The thought of the other SY disappearing though was disturbing to him and he couldn’t seem to stop his inside from shaking, buckling in alarm actually, no matter how many times he pacify himself with the logic of the necessity of it.  There can’t be two SY, it’s best this way…he open the door to his office and was shock to see his wife sitting at his desk.  He look into her red-brim eyes from across the empty space between them and knew everything that he’s been fighting to keep safe was in the brink of extinction.  He look down at the rugless floor with the open latch door, the box no longer there.

SY: you’re looking for this? (she threw the empty black box at his feet, her voice chillingly calm) no, of course it’s not the box that you treasure so secretly. (She picked up a letter from the desk and read out loud with bitter sarcasm) “Kisohn, love…how long has it been? Days? Hours? When can I be back in your arms again?  I long for you like the dark night long for the moon and stars to come out.” (She threw it across the desk and pick up another) “…your lips, I drown myself in our kisses (tears are falling down her face rapidly like little raindrops but she kept reading) and willingly trade any possession I have in the world to bottle it and take with me where ever I go, oh how I love those rare beautiful kisses…”

MJ race to the desk and snatch the letter out of her hand, letting it float to the floor.  Her dull eyes assess his guilt ridden face and knew the answer without asking.

SY: I was going to ask who is she but that’s hardly relevant now is it?

MJ: it’s not like what you think, please just calm down and let me explain.

SY: explain? Explain what?! How you lied to me and make a mockery of our marriage?

MJ: it’s not like that! (he grab both her hands but she yanked away immediately. So he comb his fingers through his hair in frustration) I was never unfaithful to you during our marriage.

SY: oh so it’s ok to do it before you married me?  Why didn’t you tell me then? Huh? Why?…So that I can stay the hell away from you! (she slam both her hands on the table but her anger lost its edge when she double in pain as she blow on her red palm) owwww….damn it!

MJ: (lean down and blow on her palm with her) are you ok honey? (she looked at him accusingly and pulled her smarting hands away from his mouth, thought about it, then thrust her hands in his face)

SY: This is all your fault!  THIS (she point at her belly next) is all your fault! As a matter of fact EVERYTHING IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU BASTARD ALIEN!  GO! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU COME FROM, I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!

MJ: common Song Yi, you don’t mean that…

SY: (she move around the desk and stood firmly and closely in front of him, looking at him dead in the eye) I don’t care if I truly mean it or not right now…the truth is, in this instant you’re the last person on this earth I want to look at so either you get out of my sight or I will leave, so which is it going to be?

MJ: you’re not even going to listen to what I have to say?

SY: you had your chance, as a matter of fact you had over a year of chances…were you ever going to say anything if I hadn’t discovered this for myself? (He open his mouth to reply but she held a hand up to stop him) you know what? Forget it! Whatever you’re about to say I can’t believe you, I can’t trust you…I’m not sure if I ever will again. (She suddenly wailed and burst into ugly sobs and cried hard)

Without both realizing it, YJ had walked in on them from behind and is pulling on MJ’s sleeve.

YJ: I think it’s best you leave my sister right now…it’s not healthy for the baby, seeing you will just make her more emotional.  Besides I need to talk to you.

MJ: (he wanted to hold her in his arms so bad to sooth whatever pain she felt…he looked at her closed angry eyes and quivering lips, why does she look so damn adorable whenever she’s angry with him?) ok…fine, I’ll leave for now, just until you want to hear me out…then…

SY: good! I wish you never come back! (Still wailing, she pushes pass him and walk out without looking back)

MJ turned around and face YJ.

YJ: (cross his arms across his chest, looking angry as well) so what is this about another woman Do Min Joon-shi?  I thought you were better than the men here on earth, that’s why I entrust my sister to you.  How could you betray our trust like that?

MJ: (close his eyes in frustration) The other woman is your sister.

YJ: (stagger backward and unwind his arms from his chest in disbelieve) come again?  Did I hear you correctly? I thought you said…

MJ: I said, the other woman that I was with before I married your sister was your sister.

YJ: (pulled MJ from where he stood to the couch and sat them both down) I think I need to sit down for this. (look at MJ with amazement) whaaa, I think this is going be even better then when I first found out you’re an Alien isn’t it? (shook his head with wonder) tsk tsk tsk, the life you lead hyung…

–an hour later–

YJ sat next to MJ, who’s still talking away but he had stopped listening for a few minutes now as his mind had wonder elsewhere.

MJ: …so this is by some warped up design of the universe and I really have very little control over it…I need you to try and explain to Song Yi that….Yoon Jai!….Yoon Jai! Are you listening to me?

YJ: I’m sorry…what? Huh? Something about explaining to Song Yi? Yeah I got it.  Hyung can we back track a bit in your story.  You said I was what with Se Mi? Umm…that we are engage?

MJ: yeah…and?

YJ: can you….can you expand on that a bit? You know….I’m just a bit curious about that world and my part in it. (MJ rolled his eyes and stood up to leave but YJ pulled him back down) promise! Promise I’ll definitely put lots of good words in for you…just tell me more about me…and this Se Mi…I’m just really curios that’s all.

MJ: (look at him for a bit, then gave up) what do you want to know?

YJ: everything! I mean what was she like?…and me, how do I feel about her?

MJ: (smile at YJ eager face…at least there’s something good come out of this) you love and adore her to death.  The couple of times I see you two together, you’re always laughing and hugging her, teasing her about how much you want to kiss her.

YJ: and her? What was she like? Does she love me as well?

MJ: she was much sweeter and carefree in the other world, she laughs a lot and is extremely close to your sister, they are like real sisters…and every time she looks at you, her eyes sparkle with love, it makes her look much, much younger…

Scene 9: SM Seeking Help

Se Mi looked to the left then right, making sure no one recognize her…then pulling her cab down further to shield her face as she open the door to the small shop.  She walked to the counter and spotted the girl that look vaguely familiar to her.

SM: pppssss (then in a low whisper) hi, excuses me…(the girl continue working on someone and did not look at SM.  She cleared her throat and spoke louder) erhhmm…sorry! Excuse me! (The girl turns over to her)

Tattoo artist: yes? Can I help you? (walks over to SM)

SM: yeah…umm…I have a little problem, I need your help.

Tattoo artist: (smile with humor) oh I remember you!…(laughs) you’re coming about the tattoo you got the other day huh? Where’s that hunky boyfriend of yours? Yoon Jai is it?

SM: he’s not my boyfriend!

Tattoo artist: isn’t that interesting? (she grin) Isn’t your tattoo…

SM: (cover the girl’s mouth quickly) shhh, please….the tattoo, can you take it off, like immediately?!

Tattoo artist: I told you you would regret it but you didn’t listen to me.

SM: (still whispering) I was drunk!  How could you take the words of a drunk girl?

Tattoo artist: (shrug) you’re the customer…hey you look familiar…aren’t you that actress?

SM: no, no I’m not.  So can you please remove it for me? As soon as possible, like today please! (The tattoo artist laughs hard attracting the customer now looking over their way) shhhh! What’s so funny?

Tattoo artist: first of all, to delete it cost five to ten times more than it did for you to get the tattoo…

SM: that I don’t care, I have the money!

Tattoo artist: second, it will take months because you need more than one treatment, you’d have to do laser treatment for at least six or more sessions (SM looks horrified) third, we don’t do it here but I can easily give you a referral where you can go to.  And finally the most important thing here is that you can’t do it immediately, your skin is still healing right now, you’d have to wait at least a few months for the skin to heal first.

SM:  WHAT?!? I don’t have a few months!!! (start panicking) what if someone sees it!?? What if…??

Tattoo artist: (look at SM up and down and lean in closer to her) listen, between me and you, the tattoo you had…where it is, it’s not an easily seen location so who’s going to see it? Unless you have a lover?

SM: (look affronted) I don’t have a lover!

Tattoo artist: ironic you should say that considering…(stare at SM’s chest pointedly, then stood up straight looking smirkily satisfied) just as I thought, no lover….so you see? Nothing to worry about, no one is going to see it, so just wait it out…here (she grab a business card on the table) here’s the place you want to go to a few months from now (she pat SM’s hand) good luck! (then walk back to her customer leaving SM standing there looking flabbergasted)

SM turn around about to walk out when she saw the couch in the waiting area.  As she walks towards it, the images came back to her. Her eyes round in shock as her hand cover her open mouth.  She stumble backward out of the door her eyes still on the couch as she left and ran out.

[camera pan back to when she was at the tattoo shop with YJ that night]

SM: (looks at the books, at the pictures on the wall) no…no…no…ew…no…I can’t decide what should I get…(she opens the curtain and stumble drunkenly towards YJ). Yoon Jai, what should I get? You tell me, I’ll get whatever…(she came upon him stretched out sleeping soundly on the couch) wahhh, are you a kid or an old man? (she bend her body down, getting close to his face as her hand came out to trace down his nose) tsk tsk tsk so handsome up close…you sleep like the dead Yoon Jai (he slightly stir but did not wake up) you know, I’ve never been this close face to face with another man…I haven’t been kissed ever before either…ever ever ever! Can you believe that? (she hiccup) You can’t right?……(long pause)…….So how about you do this noona (hiccup) a favor and give me a kiss? Hmm? (she pulled lightly on the collar of his shirt) ya! You’re not saying anything (hiccup) so I take it you’re ok with that, right? Right?

SM stare at him a minute longer then close her eyes and pucker her lips exaggeratedly, moving closer.  As she was just about to touch his lips his hands came out and twist her around and pulled her in a back hug.  She lay awkwardly, her back against his chest, her legs half on half off the couch, his arm curled around her stomach, squeezing her tighter to him as if she’s his pillow.  SM’s face turn flustered red with a stump expression.  The heat radiating from his body made her feel warm, protected, and…hot. She close her eyes for a moment to soak up this strange feeling.

Tattoo artist: erhhmm!!

SM: (opens up her eyes and look at the girl artist) yes?

Tattoo artist: you guys should go home and do that, we do tattoos here, if you’re not then (she made a shooing gesture)

SM: Oh!!! Right, right…(she took his hand off her and stood up.  Then looking down at him some more and smiled to herself) I know what I’m getting (she turn back to the artist and beamed brightly with her lopsided, drunken smile).

Scene 15—17: 3rd Year In Alternate World Continues

SY pack her bags getting ready to move back to her family temporarily.  She glances around the house that she’d been calling home for the past 2 years.  Now that HK is gone, she feels like there’s no more need to put up the pretense.  She caress the black piano on her way out.

SY: I can’t take you with me where I’m going…I’m sorry (she pat it one last time and left.  Camera pan around the lonely piano and empty house)

–sometimes later–

YJ set the table as he nudge SM and they both look at SY humming and smiling in the kitchen as she prepare the food with her mother.

SY’s mother: for a woman whose marriage is on the rocks you’re awfully happy.  (SY smile and shrug) I still think whatever issue you have with Hwi Kyung you guys should try and work it out.

SY: mother…we’ve been through this already (the doorbell rang, she wipe her hands excitedly on her apron) he’s here! He’s here. (she rush to the door then stop short, smooth her hair and clothes then open the door wide, beaming)

MJ: am I late? (he hand her the fruit basket)

SY: no, no…thank you for coming.

Everyone sat at the table looking at everyone else…the air crisp with excited curiosity.

SY’s mother: So you’re…Song Yi’s new friend? (SY looked at him and smile, MJ smile nervously and nod his head)

SY’s father: it’s good to know she have a friend to lean on during this tough times in her life, thank you for remaining at her side (he looked deeply into MJ’s eyes to emphasis his meaning)

MJ: (said quietly) of course

YJ: (look back and forth between MJ and SY) so you’re the reason she’s been smiling all the time (SM kicked him and nudge his side as MJ look down at his food uncomfortably) good enough friends for her to invite you to this small intimate engagement diner.

SY: (cut in) best of friends (she glance over at MJ again smiling)

SM: (unbelieving face) and what am I?

SY: you’re my best girl friend and he’s my best boy friend (then realize the awkwardness of her statement as everyone look around and started eating with enthusiasm)

SM: (mumble) I thought Jae Kyung was…

[camera pan behind and down at the table: MJ continue rubbing his right hand back and forth on his leg nervously.  SY saw it and reach her left hand out and grab his hands in hers, he turn to her in shock but she just smiled at him reassuringly then turn back to eating while still holding his hand in hers]

–sometimes later–

Director: I’m really sorry.  I just don’t think your image right now is…marketable.

SY: but all I’m doing is compose music, I’m not a celebrity…who would care?

Director: (looks conflicted) but…the rumors…and the Kyung family (sigh) please don’t put us in a tough spot.

SY: I see…(HK’s father is extending his influence) well…can I just compose for you and…you can use it  however you like, I don’t need the credit…just um, the paycheck…(he hesitate) please? this is all I know how to do, it’s the only thing I love to do…no one needs to know, just between me and you. How long have I been with you? (he nods his head in resignation and wave his hand for her to leave). Thank you, thank you…(she bow down and left).

SY caught the bus and walk towards the back as people whisper and stare at her.

Man: what’s a wife of a chaebol doing on this bus?

Woman: you didn’t hear the rumor? they split, apparently he found her cheating with another man so he left her for the state in a fit of rage.

Two young girls sneer at her, one girl whisper loudly to the other.

Girl: No wonder…with a face like her, she wouldn’t be faithful to one man.  He probably bought that face for her too, the poor bastard.

SY turn to look outside the window and tune everyone out.

–sometimes later–

YJ helped SY carried out some more boxes getting her ready for the move.

YJ: why do you have to leave? You should stay with us, until things settle down a bit more.

SY: (sigh) I’m a burden to everyone like a black cloud hanging above all your heads.  By keeping me around you, mom, dad, and Se Mi is going to continue getting harass and getting into fights with people.  All for what? Because of my problems?

YJ: you’re family and we can take care of you better where we can see you.  Where you’re going…it’s so far.

SY: I don’t want you to keep continue defending me, you’re not tired but I’m tired (she smiled) this new place will be more peaceful for me.  Tell mom and dad not to worry.  I’ll be home to visit once in a while.

YJ: what about your “friend” Kisohn? Does he know?

SY: I’m going to see him right now.


MJ pace back and forth getting angry again…another gossip news in the paper about SY and her husband.  They are making her seem like a shrewd, cheating, disloyal gold digger.  Does these people have nothing better to do? By the way they are so relentless you would think she’s a celebrity or something when she’s not even that.  He sigh in frustration knowing that they are actually targeting the chaebol family, using her as a means to that end but it still angers him.

His doorbell rang as he crumbles the paper and threw it in the trash.  He opens the door and took one look at her and frowns.

MJ: you shouldn’t be here. Do you want to appear in the front page yet again?

SY: (she shrug nonchalantly) are you going to let me in? I have something important to say. (he hesitated then open the door wider to let her in) guess what? My birthday is coming up this month…

MJ: and?

SY: (looks annoyed at him) and…I want to ask if you can do me a huge favor as my birthday gift.

MJ: tsk, I don’t believe in birthday.

SY: it’s not something you believe in…it’s something you celebrate.

MJ: (stare at her with humor and annoyance then fold his arms to his chest) ok so let’s hear this request.

SY: (grin and grab on his arms guiding him to the couch to sit them both down) can you spend a month with me as if I’m the other Song Yi?


SY: please? (She gave him her puppy eyes) I want to feel what’s it like being with you.  One month is not that long.

MJ: I’m leaving for home!  Soon too! I’m not staying here!

SY: exactly!  Even more reason for you to grant my request right?

MJ: but…but you’re not Song Yi…that would be, I would be…

SY: cheating? (she shook her head and lean closer towards him, looking him in the eye) so what part of me is NOT Song Yi? (he stammer but couldn’t give an answer and look away from her but she guide his face back to look in her eyes looking at him seriously) I’m not asking for forever, I’m not asking for you to marry me, I’m not asking for you to be my boyfriend, I’m not even asking you to be my lover…all I’m asking is that the remaining time you may have left here, if you could spare one month for me….the me in this world, that’s all. (he continue staring at her transfix and conflicted) you said so yourself that I am Song Yi, I just happen to live in a different dimension with different fate and different life, but I’m still me…I’m still Song Yi right? (she broke the intense stare and speech, grin and pat his shoulders) don’t worry, if you cheat on me with another woman then we are going to have big issue…with both of me.  (She again smile sweetly at him) I give you permission to be with me, it’s not cheating.

MJ: (flabbergasted) what kind if reasoning is that?

SY: (cock her head sideways) the kind of reasoning that involved a 400 years old plus alien, two identical worlds in different dimension, and two separate me…

MJ: (scratch his head) now that you put it this way…(shook his head and steel his resolve) no, it’s not the same, I can’t I’m sorry.  You’re also married, everything is just wrong.

SY: (she stood up glaring down at him) I’M SEPARATED! (she raise her voice at him which shock him quite a bit since he’d never seen her so angry before, his other SY, yes, but not her…she was always so, so demure and easy going) He’s the one NOT giving me the divorce! (she closed her eyes and breathe out heavily) Kisohn, please don’t use that as an excuse…god only knows how much I’ve sacrifice to be with you, even if it’s just a short illusion and I’m fully aware of that.  Look…are you going to grant my request or not?

MJ look at her still thinking, still calculating and debating what’s right and wrong, still fighting between the sound logic of his mind and the thundering screaming in his heart.

SY: (her eyes tear up) never mind, I relieve you from answering the question.  Sorry I overstep my boundaries. (she walk out and close the door before he could even realize what just happen)

–next morning–

MJ woke up with a massive headache.  Fantastic way to start the day.  Then found out SY was gone, left sometimes late last night without a word goodbye.  At least the goddamn paper is reliant for something.

MJ knock on the door impatiently, when no one open up he knock again, then rang the bell…then knock harder and louder.

YJ: who is so RUDE this early in the day, I swear this better (open the door and saw MJ) what are you doing here?

MJ: I saw the paper…where’s your sister?

YJ: If she didn’t tell you then that means she didn’t want you to know…so why should I tell you? (he slam the door close in MJ’s face)

MJ walk down the corridor and then lean his head against the wall.  Today is just not a good day for him.  His headache just got worse.

almost a week later–

The countryside with its hills and valleys and flat lands pass by in a green blur as SY Speed down the empty path on her bike.  The air was slightly hot but the billowing wind against her face and hair have a cooling effect.  She made a good choice to move out here.  In this remote place, she can feel more peaceful.  No one gossip behind and in front of her, no tension about what’s the next news is going to be about….just peace.

SY finally reach her small house, the one she bought out of desperation a few weeks earlier while browsing the net, now became her safe heaven.  She got off the bike, took the fresh groceries out of the basket and head for the door. Then stop in her track.

SY: how did to find me?

MJ: I’m an alien remember? Or did you forget?

SY: no I didn’t…(she push pass him to get to her front door but he yanked her around to face him)

MJ: have you any idea how angry I am right now? How could you just up and disappear all of a sudden without any words? After what happen before…

SY: (with her free hand she push his arms down her shoulders) as you can see I’m perfectly fine.  You can leave now.  I’m not your Song Yi so stop following me around as if you have the right to know my whereabouts.  And you can stop worrying about me doing something stupid like killing myself (she laughs bitterly) I’m not that brave.  (she pause) I can hold my breath pretty long underwater did you know that? I’m sorry, but I really just wanted to see you so badly…what I meant to say is, don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl I can take care of myself.  Go home Kisohn.  I meant the other home planet, to your other Song Yi.

MJ: (grabs her and pull her back into his arms with such surprising force that SY drop her bags of groceries) I have something to say too (his breathing starts to rise) I thought about your request…I think…I think after all you’ve been through…it’s not such an outrageous favor to grant, especially if it’s for your birthday.

SY: (her hands tremble on his chest as she bit down her lips) Kisohn…I live most of my life out of pity and guilt please don’t walk down the same path as I have done…even if that path is with me in it. (she tried to push away from his arms but he held her tighter.  Without another word he kissed her.  Angry kisses, passionate kisses.  Tender kisses.  Kisses full of pent up longing.  He wanted to make it clear to her that whatever crazy thing exists between them, pity and guilt is not one of them.

He held her while she sobbed and hugged him tighter.

[camera pans out while MJ narrates]

MJ: I know I’ve crossed that line.  I know I have no excuses this time, what I did was unthinkable and unforgivable.  But in that moment, I never felt more clear; clear on their differences, clear on their similarities.  Here or there, in my heart had only one SY….as one entity or as two separate ones.  The thought of losing her again, for the second time, was just too unbearable for me to take.

[scenes flashes through their times together:

MJ racing SY on their bikes through the countryside laughing.

MJ talking to a man back in the city as he trace his hands on the unfinished white, grand piano.

SY & MJ reading under a tree.  As he look into the sunset, SY sleep peacefully, snuggling into his stomach with her arms wrapped around him.

MJ chasing her around the creek, picking her up as they both laughs.

Them playing the piano together, looking at each other and smile.

SY look out the window at MJ practice his jumps, disappearing and reappearing in front of her eyes. She smile, look down and walk away from the window.

End scenes with them eating at the table]

MJ: (looks up from eating) you’ve been taking pictures more frequently.

SY: (stare at the camera) because you’re leaving soon. (the air become tense and quiet as he continue eating to avoid the subject.  She puts down the camera) Kisohn…when you’re coming home and we get married, how many kids do you think we’ll have?

MJ: (stop eating midway and looked up at her intensely) we already have this conversation.

SY: (smile curiously) we did? (MJ blink, nod, and smiled at her)

MJ: yes…we did.  I said seven.

SY: seven! Isn’t that a bit excessive? And…

MJ: all girls if possible (he smiled to himself) I told you that I don’t like boys because they are noisy but the truth is I didn’t want to share you…I didn’t…(he zone out thinking about that conversation then look down and ate, swallowing the lump in his throat)

SY: (clear her throat and wipe her nose with a napkin. Then in a cheerfully teasing voice she continue) so ambitious…did you and I…did we (he look at her curiously) have we…you know, in the same bed, with roof and four walls (she blush and look away)

MJ: ahh, that…no, but I’m sure you wanted it to badly (he tease)

SY: what? (she threw the napkin at him and stood up) you have a bad migraine when we kiss right? Well, you better prepare yourself because…(he stood up and ran as she chase after him laughing) ya! YA! come back here! I thought you wanted 7 kids!

–sometimes late–

SY: (trace her hand down his black jacket) today is the big day you’ve been talking about right? (MJ nod his head) you’re nervous.  Don’t be. (she looks up at him with pride and love) you’ll do fine…(she step back and look at him from head to toe) you’re going to take my breath away on that Red Carpet (she squeeze his hand) now go…go. (He nods his head and shortly after disappear)

[SY sat back down on the chair, camera pan to the empty room with just her in it]

MJ reappear in SY’s bed as he hugged her from behind.  She didn’t open her eyes or turn around to face him.

SY: did we meet?

MJ: yes…she…you…were beautiful

SY: did you give me a proper kiss after being absent for so long?

MJ: (hesitate) I…

SY: good. I’m glad (she pulled his arms around her tighter) now let’s sleep. (a tear escaped her closed eyes and seep into the pillow)

MJ made sure SY slept before teleporting back to his own bed.  He laid there looking up at the ceiling but couldn’t sleep.  His last jump had help him discovered a way to make it last longer, much longer…but only in theory.  He have to try it out first.  But after seeing SY, having her back in his arms again…he wanted to try leaving again as soon as possible.  But the thought of SY here…he toss and turn.  Ending one life for another…saying hello to one and goodbye to another, he’s not sure if he should be joyful or grievous.

–sometimes late–

SY: (held MJ’s hand as they walk down the deserted bay.  SY stop and took her shoes off, digging her toes into the sand) I want to be like my toes…covered under the blanket of sand so I don’t have to face reality (she look at the full moon beaming down the water and inhale the night air deeply) you’re leaving today (he nod his head) right about now (he nod his head again).  I thought as much, you haven’t been the same since you came back 4 days ago.

MJ: I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for the full month like we had…

SY: don’t worry about it, you’ve given me more than I could ever dream of.  You’ve been asking me about this bag the whole night.  (She pull a black box out of it) I have a feeling you’re leaving tonight…so I brought this along.  A parting gift.

MJ: I shouldn’t take anything back…I

SY: Wei, don’t reject me so fast at least pretend to think about it first (she nudge him playfully with her shoulder then turn serious) please Kisohn…this is all that my heart can give you, and I won’t ask anything more.  Just take this with you wherever you go.  If you never open it, I’ll understand.  But just take it with you.  As for me I’m going to be here, waiting for you…I know you might never come back and I know you don’t want me to.  But what can I do? This stubborn heart no longer see anything but you.  You know I’m good at waiting right? I don’t mind the wait (she sobbed quietly on his shoulder) I can wait forever…

MJ: (he pulled her out from his arms and wipe her teary face). I’ll take the box. Don’t cry.  And don’t wait for me either.  I may not ever come back.  I need to know that you are going to be ok, that you continue living a good life here without me.  I won’t be able to rest well if I worry about you.

SY: (nod her head slowly and smile at him encouragingly) you’re right.  I’m sorry.  I’m fine now.  Why am I crying? I should celebrate with you right?  We are going to reunite and have that…that wonderful wedded bliss and that 7 kids we always talked about.  I should be happy for you.  For us.  I am happy.  I’m very happy. (She hugged him tightly again) I promise to take very good care of myself and live happily if you can promise me one thing.

MJ: what is it? (He rubs his hands up and down her back)

SY: forget me.  The me here. (MJ stop everything abruptly, even his breathing momentarily)

MJ: what are you saying?

SY: when you leave here, don’t look back to this time, this place.  Don’t think of me, or what if, or how I’m doing.  It’s best if you erase all your memories of here altogether.

MJ: but…

SY: please don’t interrupt. Promise me that as soon as you get back, you will drag me…to the closet priest and marry me right away…I’ve been waiting for you for too long.  (She lean her cheek into his chest) I love you so much…I can’t imagine how hard it must be for the me there to wait for you all these years.  Just concentrate on the me there and no one else.  I am her…we are the same…you got that? (He didn’t answer so she pulled out looking at him.  But he only look at her with wonder in his eyes)

MJ: you are so brave and amazing and I (he walked further away from her, each step sounding like thunder to her heart) I promise when I get back home I will love only you, we will marry, and we will live happily together, I promise. (he start to disappear)

SY: DO YOU LOVE ME?! (she rush over to hug him one last time but only gasp air) Have you ever love me? (Her voice fades out into the silent night.  Suddenly she broke out into loud, incoherent sobs.  He’s gone. He’s really gone. He’s never coming back) I’m not brave! (she scream out into the dead sky) I’m not amazing…(she crumble onto the sand in a curl fetus position, wrack with pains she didn’t know was even possible to have.)

[camera pans out from her back framing the trees around her, the water and the night sky…the scenery changes as the moon disappear into a crimson morning dawn but she remains in the same position]


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  9. Awhile back, someone asked if it was better/easier to be the one leaving or the one left behind. In Stars, I’ve always felt more for DMJ, thinking he was trying diligently to get back to CSY everyday…and he was doing this alone with no one’s help or support. Whereas SY was surrounded by her family and friends and had her work as a distraction while she awaits for the day her MJ comes back to her.
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    Bravo, Faye – another solid piece. Your writing gets better and better with each episode you put out. I especially love the ending – very dramatic.

    • lol, no you’re not dear…believe it or not, that’s my intention. The stronger feelings you have the better….for better or for worse. Yes, I’ve calculated out my risks and I know some people (most) will feel like it’s cheating and some (like myself) have a different understand (perhaps it helps that I know the ending). It doesn’t matter which team you’re on because the ENDING…will be the same. This process is absolutely necessary and trust me you will find out why. As a matter of fact, because this is not “REAL” life scenario where a man normally cheat on his wife with someone else. The love MJ feels for both SY’s is imperative to all their survival…I even dare to say that if he hadn’t react the way he did to altSY, displaying a love stronger then LOVE itself (you’ll understand that later), he won’t be saved and neither will SY and their relationship 😉 so it might seem sad now but have faith that it will be good for the story… 😉 besides it makes great conflict, even if you guys hate AltSY kikiki

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    • I remembered that too, lol, I was so happy making you guys cry…and I know that’s because we both love JJH & KSH so much and the possibility of their love so I can understand most of you guys emotional come from. I remember saying I wish I could make you guys cry for the story itself because I haven’t yet achieve that.
      Well, now I’m glad I finally did it in this episode 🙂 I was actually very emotional writing this as well, there’s so many things I want to write in regards to altSY, it was tough condensing it down (haha I still end up with 16 pages regardless). But for the situation I didn’t expand it to the next episode as the next will be dedicated to the regular SY and how she deal. LOL I’m trying not to drag it on longer then necessary.

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            • Thao (HUGS) for all the faith you given me 🙂 I sure hope not to disappoint you (guys)…there are still quite a number of twists, lol, so buckle in good. I think I’m real good with melo-drama but need some more help on the funny haha department kikiki don’t stone me if things start to get a little heavy, just remember I ❤ you!!! 😀

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    • Hoaaa this tears keep falling as I keep felt pity to the AltSY.. she was already alone at her world n then her love left her.. but I felt sorry too for SY.. I can feel her dissapointed to MJ. Beautiful goodbye at the alt world dear.. but why there wasnt any farewell kiss, huh? Huh?? *greedy me LOL*

      • hahah wawabear, you are greedy, lol…that or you want chingu here to kill me? kikiki I dare not push the wrath of other chingus further before the time comes. No worries, you’ll see altSY again 😉 her role is not done.

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    • OMGOSH! LionKing was soooo long agoo!!! OMO, that’s EPIC! *huhuhu, I want to cry just reading your comment. lol, complicated is good Pippinin 😉 as I reply to Glamfan, it’s very neccessary. One episode not to far in the future you guys will appreciate why things go the way it does. The light will shine and (hopefully) most of you will be like “ahh, that is why altSY’s love is so important” or “wow, I never knew an affair is necessary” hahahah, my delulu speaking.
      HAHAHAHA….I laugh so hard on your creative cells comment. lol, if I indeed could sell them I would, I need the money! kikiki

  12. OMG!
    Why am I so sick at heart as if I took over all the pain MJ, SY and SY alternative. Sorry for the confusion in my mind. He should not have to spend a month on the other SY – it is not logical. MJ was ready to die for his woman and did not want to leave. He left her to go back and he came to her a few times in three years – he saw her loneliness and melancholy. The last episode, when there were filming SY saw her MJ among fans and journalists, she always waited only MJ and his only thought about it. So she, too, could meet a man like the MJ and while waiting for the real lover and kissing communicate with others ( And if MJ comes back – she will come to him ” crying”)?? ?? Oh no, it’s so cruel and bitter. I could forgive him if MJ was trying to go back 10-15 years and there was no hope of returning to implement. How could he kiss her passionately on the red carpet? That kiss was passion, longing, love, true feelings!! But he just pulled away from the lips of another woman and ran to kiss SY. Do not understand – correction – I do not want to understand it!! And if you loved only SY, he gave false hopes alt SY. Alternative SY could go the distance and think about their lives, and appreciate all the feelings of her legal husband and to find happiness in their own world. MJ had to help her understand that she did not see happiness beside him. MJ had to do another SY happy with her husband – HK. For their love and devotion HK also deserve happiness even in the alternative world. This is my opinion on the developments in the story.
    Dear Faye, I’m not criticizing your writer’s work. You write well and very realistic, your style on top! You’re the best!
    I understand that if you do not be sad and did not suffer, you will not be able to assess happiness. But I am very sad, in my eyes it is a betrayal of the Intergalactic Love ((((((((((((((((((((

    • awww poor my Mila 😉 I feel you…I’m sure most feels like you. It’s ok that you feel like that now. What I’m interested to know is your guys reaction NOW vs. by the END of the continuum. By then you will know why altSY is absolutely necessary for their survival….and the love of MJ/SY surpasses what I would called “humanly” love/emotion. Gosh, tall order for myself, I hope I can carried that across. As for me, in this moment…I disagree. I think the altSY deserve some of MJ’s love, she love him as much as SY (if not more) and it’s best to have love and lost then never getting the chance to get to feel that height of emotion, which altSY had lack. While I’m sad for altSY, I’m happy for her that MJ gave in to his emotion instead of following his head and give her some unforgettable times. I love pregnant SY too don’t get me wrong 😉 and she’s going to go through some rough times in the next episode, but I remain believing that AltSY is the one with the most pain and with the least to gain.
      But Mila…we want AltSY to be happy sure…but think about it…if she could easily accept the love of HK and be happy with her husband, love him enough to be happy……then I ask you, how “true” is the love of SY for MJ? to me SY, no matter who she is or where she is always and forever belong to MJ, that’s what I called a destined love….even if she married another man it does not always have to signify that she should just be happy with him. That’s just my take. Again, I want to clarify that though it might seems like a case of cheating husband syndrome, to me it’s not, it’s way way way beyond that….for me MJ is always SY and SY is always MJ 😉 just continue following the story and hopefully you’ll get a deeper understanding of what I’m saying.

  13. hi,

    I really admire you. how you write, stories are so.alive its really happening in.front of me. this episode specially made me really desperate to see your writings go on big screen.. oh my I hope and pray that these will be on film. choose your work.

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    • thank you so much fenny…I’m always ecstatic to hear that people can “view” it in their head while reading my writing…that’s what I want to portray to everyone so that you guys can have a movie-like experience. I do this myself while writing, I have to be able to see this playing out in front of me, that’s how best to write it…I see their every action and reaction and I just jot it down. Let’s hope and pray fenny, that we can make it happen because I’m in love with these characters and their stories and nothing would make me more happy then seeing it come to real life 😉

      • please give me the password to the special edition Byeontae.. please.. and please release the next episode.

        Thanks a lot

  14. I really love your fanfics! please give me the password to the special edition chap the byeontae one please please please!

    • hmm I don’t know how would a Prequel go without messing up the storyline of the first season though, then he won’t be able to kiss anyone because his first kiss is in season 1….so rather just have the sequel…and then the third season could be the story of their child 😀

  15. Ummm… as much as I love the story and all, I just can’t accept that AltSY is SY. That is just not the case. They were two different person living different lives (affected by MJ for our SY) and without MJ (for AltSY). So to suddenly have them become one person seems too weird.

    Yes I admit I don’t like AltSY, she is not uri unnie that I love. Sorry Faye unnie, I am sure you have her mapped out in the story and all but her part in this episode feels wrong to me. Especially since MJ is totally cheating with her.

    This […] alien !!! How can he do this? So for 3 years poor SY cried for him almost going crazy when he was with AltSY (who is NOT SY in my head). Just unforgivable. I can give him a chance because of Jin Sunhee and SY who love him so much but we’ll have to see how the next episode goes.

    This is the first episode I feel totally sad… like the part of a drama that you don’t wanna see but you know it’s coming ugh

    • lol, I’m a little confuse here maddie…they haven’t become one person at all. They are two different realities….if you mean how altSY refer to herself as SY…that’s her way of dealing with things is to just accept it rather than be hurt by it…I think she’s just very unhappy with her life and to find out another her exist in a “better” life, that makes her happy…and she probably didn’t want to confuse DMJ/Kisohn as well. It was either acceptance or never see him again, and of course she wouldn’t choose never see him again.
      It’s ok maddie, 🙂 feel how you feel. Well to be fair SY isn’t exactly giving up life and hope over MJ, she’s rebuilding her life and she have her own “life” as well for the past 3 years, of course she missed him dearly and is waiting for him…oh and to refresh, he’s with AltSy for less then 1 month…not 3 years….though I wonder what SY would do if in that 3 years she’s face to face with the future MJ instead of her MJ 😉 just food for thoughts. Well, altSY have a higher purpose than just to get in between them, so…let’s just see it unravel.

  16. Unnie, you did a good job capturing the main character’s grief, confusion, sad …..a bit of everything.
    I was hesitating to comments at first….. Not because I don’t like your writing but I was contemplating should I comment based on fantasy or real life situation? The differences leave me feeling both sad and angry, where real life situation however doesn’t always match up to the magic in fictional fantasy. . ….sighhhh..
    So just forget about fantasy or reality, logic etc etc …. I will just share what are my thoughts with you.

    I find myself feeling with what these 2 versions of Sy feels.
    For alt Sy I was thinking what is her to Dmj actually. To me Dmj is not in a relationship with alt Sy (it might sound weird) but both of them love each other very much. Her love to Dmj, I could say is true love. Relationships are conditional but true love is not.
    That is why alt Sy is easily accepting to whatever Dmj tell her about his alien originated and existence of his other Sy. Dmj is not in a relationship with her that’s why he can confess everything to her about him and the other Sy. I hope it make some sense.

    To Dmj his original SY is strongly connected to his soul . I feel it is not that Dmj have fallen in love with the same person again, but it just the feeling he have for Sy he cannot get over it. The power of their love will later balance his emotions and will help him to keep his perspective to return back to his original Sy. I believe when love is strong enough it will never go away…
    So in other words in his mind he sees Sy thru alt Sy or many many more alt sy ( if any ) regardless of their differences or similarities , if any but in his mind she is his one Sy. Does it make sense?. Except what if there is another one alt Sy, but possess an evil and dark HEART, will Dmj still love her? Will both united as one Sy? Will Dmj feeling remain the same?
    For Sy , she is the person who have a deep relationship with Dmj and her true love towards Dmj. We will place all kinds of conditions when having a relationship with someone. Secrets are the last thing you want in a relationship. But with regards to true love , we will truly love unconditionally our partner, then regardless of what our partner does, we will still love them whether we want them in our life or not . True love never dies. Love is a spiritual state, not an emotion. That is what Sy and Dmj are and will experiencing…. True love is the key for their survival. Dmj never stopped loving Sy….

    Yes, I feel for alt Sy. she‘s surely in great pain because she can’t have Dmj by her side. But at least she still have him for herself for a short period within that 3 years ???? And Sy have lost him to her for 3 years but with him also for a short period before his disappearance? . Although they falling in love within that short period but it feels like FOREVER
    Although Dmj can’t have alt Sy ( unless if he choose and remains with her )but he still have her for that 3 years and his original Sy for himself till date. I might be the minority here, where I might admire his great love but seriously not his attitude…………. He is a such a selfish alien.. At the end of the day whether he likes or not obviously he will surely hurt both of them and he also will be getting HURT the most.

    I think Dmj have to realize that its not that he have fallen in love with Sy again but the fact is he have never got over her. The love is always there. Then when he see her( alt Sy), he feel he love her more(Sy) and that rekindles the flames that are already inside him but what is really going on is that he missed Sy a lot . I think that is true love, one that never dies … no matter what

    Loving two people at the same time is possible since you love them in different ways, however, being in love with two people at the same time is just not possible. Furthermore having 2 different people united as one, it completely bizarre ( so I have to ignore the logic as it only existed in fantasy )

    Ironically I also must say that what your description on how and what would be Sy reaction when finding out Dmj secret is coincidently the same as what I would imagined or maybe I would expect even worse..haha
    Having ” emotional and romantically intimate” with alt Sy, Dmj had already crossed that line of “ “exclusiveness” between him and Sy because he is afraid the feeling being separated again from the woman he loves most. In his heart both of them are his only one Sy ( one entity ), there can’t be two Sy. At that moment he just a confused person.
    I think both Dmj and Sy have said that they would be “exclusive” to each other emotionally and physically, even Sy had warned him not to cheat her before he disappeared ….then if he wasn’t …..he would be considered a cheater and unfaithful in Sy exclusiveness.
    To Dmj and alt Sy the feelings they have could be unconditional love… …. but to Sy that just simply plain betrayal of her Dmj .

    Dmj strongly believed that his alt Sy and Sy are the same person with different personalities living in different world ….Alt sy after knowing the existence of her other half , believed she is the same woman loved by Dmj all this time.
    Sy who was kept in the dark of everything incld. the existence of alt Sy , what would you expect her reaction?????
    Until now Dmj is following alt Sy advice not think of her and forgets the whole thing between them….. If he can honor his promise to alt Sy , what about to his Sy ? She did warn him not to cheat on her….. Dmj having no hesitation to confess to alt Sy , why having difficulty to confess to Sy…Did he loves and trust alt Sy more than he realized …..

    Now the question is what is the right time for Dmj to confess his wrongdoing or should he confess?
    If his reason before married , he is hesitating because he is scared of the feeling to lose Sy again… He is deciding what’s best for her without her participation, and I think that’s unfair. It isn’t him to decide what is the best for her.
    He’s not giving Sy the chance to know who he really is and what he is actual experiencing.
    Denying her this big truth and his resulting emotions, he has done more than merely cheating. He had lied and alienated her. Sy deserves to know and Dmj deserve to deal with the consequences

    We can use whatever words we wish but at the end of the day it comes down to respecting the feelings of another human being who might feel very hurt by their partner cheating.
    If Dmj is aware of his wrongdoing then that is his choice but his Sy should be made aware of the situation so she have the ultimate choice either to stay with him or go…. As simple as that…

    When Sy found out his secret , his justification sort of like”……the other woman is also her? . Is Dmj expected Sy would be more accepting to his reason knowing the alt Sy is accepting her existence?.. Is this reasoning justifying his action to be a cheater? Feeling guilty just forces you to justify your actions for wrongdoing.

    Of course Sy character differs from alt Sy. If Dmj confess to her it would be painful, but she might have to get over it eventually.
    Sparing her pain may seem like the right thing, but in the end, if he doesn’t tell her, his relationship is based on a lie. What is the point of having a relationship if it’s based on lies?
    She deserves to have all the facts, so she can decide for herself whether Dmj betrayal is something which she can accept from him or not. And in the long run, I think that’s the only way to deal with Dmj guilt and move on. Otherwise, Dmj may have to be prepared to live with it.

    Or is Dmj sure his Sy doesn’t need to know? His reasoning could be it would cause her a lot of pain especially when both of them are having a baby together, and that’s a very good argument for keeping the matter a secret, but unless she knows the truth, how can he ever have an honest relationship with her? He is emotionally distancing himself from her. When is the right time to confess, after he settle everything and deal as a family?…. What he think could make the difference……………….

    It’s clear that this matter is eating him up, but I don’t think the guilt solely comes just from the cheating. That’s something that happened in the past and is history. I guess some of his guilt comes from the fact that he has to keep distant from his Sy — maybe not in so many words, but certainly emotionally, and every day. Honestly, I was wondering what would hurt Sy the most — knowing Dmj cheated on her or knowing Dmj have hidden it from her all this time?
    If I am Sy, I would be horrified if I found out my husband had done this – but I would be more horrified to learn if he intended never to tell me. I will definitely take longer time to forgive and never forget …….Yes, finding out now opposed to later would produce different kinds of pain, but as a woman I believe the latter is far worse

    I feel for both Sy…….. With her condition Sy need to struggle with her own emotion eg angry, confusion, betrayed etc …The discovery of cheating is always devastating, particularly so when she felt that she had a strong marriage and loved each other. Yes, I also feel for alt Sy. she’s surely in great pain because she can’t have Dmj in her world and losing her only love to HERSELF.
    Somehow I got a feeling that maybe alt Sy will play a vital role in pacifying Sy feeling towards Dmj.. If yes,I don’t know should I be happy or not….

    Overall good episode unnie, a little bit depressing though……………. Please forgive me for my lengthy comment *bow down 90 degrees ….

    • wooahhhh….DAEBBAK comment! lol, I think you just wrote another chapter there, haha. Nice observation on DMJ & altSY relationship…yes they are NOT really in a relationship…I think of it as more of a…prolonged goodbye? She request his companionship knowing who he is, where he came from, who he belongs to, and that it’s not with her and not in her universe. For MJ, he know he’s leaving her, that’s a fact…him granting her his time is more of a realization of losing her again when she left him that prompted him to do so and probably reminded him too much of the other SY.
      Hmmm…interesting that should another altSY appear but with Evilness what indeed would he do. Though I really can’t see that happening, lol, because a soul remains itself no mater what “clothes” it wears, if she have a good soul, the core of that good soul will always shine through. But that is interesting to think about for sure 😀
      Hahaha, why you and Maddie think they are united as one? no one said they are united into one….altSY REFERS herself as SY because that’s how SHE cope I think it’s easier for her to believe that a better life for her existed out there and also making it easier for MJ to continue seeing her, and for MJ he just see “one” SY because his core feelings when he’s with SY and when he’s with altSY is the same for him and he can’t see any difference even though he see their differences in personality and life, etc. But physically they haven’t merge and I didn’t write to merge them…it’s just the perspective of altSY and MJ on how they deal with an impossibly difficult situation. I don’t think MJ said everything to altSy means he love her more…rather he feels like there’s nothing to loose since he’s not going to be sticking around soon what’s the use in covering the truth…when the truth could very well drive him AWAY from him which is what he wants anyways…but unlucky for him altSY didn’t take it that way at all, haha…instead she loved him more.
      Yes, I agree with you…the issue here is him not telling SY….for me it’s a betrayal of trust but I don’t see him “cheating” on her (haha my mind works in special ways) and the warning SY gave him was I think more about other females in his planet…I mean would she have known to include herself in the deal? lol who knows maybe she would if she had known.
      HAHAHA, I think he’s really afraid of SY and what she’s capable of and rightly so too as we all know her temper…and yes she might eventually cool down and be more accepting but I guess when you’re in the relationship, you’re the one that see things less clearly and MJ for better or for worse had acted upon his deepest fears, after being away from her for 3 long years he probably didn’t want anything to be between them or tear them apart. On one hand I totally understand why he did what he did, I think most people given his situation would do the same (and I’m being honest…in my youth I have said a few things that I would NEVER do…well, god prove me wrong when I’m actually was put in that situation…what you say base on a your moral code will be tested on what you actually do when emotion is involved…teach me never to underestimate emotions), on the other hand I think SY have all the right to feel betrayed and trust is a hard thing to mend once broken. On next episode, we will get a closer look into the feelings of SY and how the people around her feel. 😀

  17. This probably my last comment as tomorrow I will be traveling with my university friends to a remote area in South America for one month. So I’ll just make a quick stop and short comment, hopefully..hihi
    Yes, obviously these two women will not unite as ONE…… I and probably Maddie also understand one will remain and the other one will disappear. Suddenly I feel sad for the one who will disappear…..
    My theory ( lol ) in Dmj mind because of his stronger, greater and deeper love towards his Sy, his feelings when he is with alt Sy and his Sy is the same ( to him there is only one SY). Both Sy and alt Sy existed like an identical twins living separately but to Dmj he cannot see the difference in terms of his heart feelings. However he can still recognize their differences physically, real life situation etc, where they existed in 2 different worlds simultaneously…… See how twisted Dmj and alt Sy mind/feeling have become because the effect of LOVE.
    The fact that he can still recognize their differences but consciously still remains in emotional and a bit of physical attachment with alt Sy, left me in bit of disappointment.. ….. I might fully understand on the emotional attachment part because love happens at subconscious level, where we do not have control over who we love or feel love for or even our action. ( but still I think most woman will always be sensitive when talking about physical attachment her partner has with other woman regardless how small it is.. sort of cheating, this will resulted in conflict bet Dmj/Sy) You do something when your partner is not there that you wouldn’t do it if they were there….simple as that ..
    Therefore I can’t agree much with you, unnie as to me he is still sort of a cheater, betrayer, selfish etc… for so many reasons….will see how the story goes etc… I hope I can access internet over there and able to read your episode 35 soon it release..

    Lastly like I already commented before we have control over who we choose to have a relationship with. You can be in a relationship and be in love( Dmj/Sy) , you can also be in love but not necessarily be in a relationship with that person (Dmj/alt Sy). But to me to have a strong relationship is founded on trust, honesty , attention and a lot of sacrifices including putting aside your own “ individual good” for a greater good ( beyond self). This foundation are important not because it’s impossible to love two people at the same time but because of limitation of human nature eg respecting your partner enough to protect her dignity and shield her from emotional pain and hurt etc etc….thats just my 2 cents..hahaha

    annyeong… bye…. Hope to come back to your blog again in August

    • oh drat 😦 no more of your comment? *huhuhu* ok, I guess I will have to live with it for the month that you’re gone…I’ll depend on Thao and Misai for their lengthy insights. I hope you’ll enjoy your trip, come back and send us some pics if you feel like it 😉

      lol, it’s ok we all see things differently, this is a debate that can go on forever….trust me I feel you and in that I’m gonna write it out in SY’s part…but the people around her will be the head of reasons and logic…but we’ll see if she can soak any of it in…they say the more you love the harder the fall is going to be so this is not something that can be easily mended with a gift and a kiss but at the same time it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion either. 😉 We shall see…

  18. i have a change to read this episode hectic my life this previous week..and this coming week..still got two paper more for the final..oh NO!!, i just take a break for a while to hang around in your ‘heaven fanfic’.. <..your writing in describing each scene is so good, i can picture it in my head easily..i can feel their emotion..their feeling… whaaa.. *thumbs up*

    Unnie, this is so heartbreaking.. i feel sad for SY for feeling she was been cheated by her beloved angry she MJ is feeling about angry nervous he is in that situation but still caring about his lovely wife..AND still got the change to mesmerize by his crying wife..haha

    For your info unnie-ya..before this i'm the person that not really like the fact of the other SY that MJ also loved.. but now, digesting your writing, i feel more relieved that you wrote this kind of character in you fanfic from the beginning.. still she is SY after all, just she being in different version..
    i had teary eyes when reading the Alt SY and MJ she try to be grateful for what MJ had done for her before MJ's last disappearing. how she let MJ go to herself in the real world.. because she know, that person is still her..

    Before this, i might think that MJ is unfaithful if he love Alt SY too although you already mentioned that Alt SY also SY but in different version ..but now, i feel relieved..because i can get the fact that she is SY after all.. also as MJ narrated in his narration :

    "I know I’ve crossed that line. I know I have no excuses this time,
    what I did was unthinkable and unforgivable. But in that moment,
    never felt more clear; clear on their differences, clear on their
    similarities. Here or there, in my heart had only one SY….as one
    entity or as two separate ones. The thought of losing her again,
    for the second time, was just too unbearable for me to take."..
    (who can bear the second lost)

    For the YJ and SM part..

    I love how YJ is so childish when asking about SM in other word to MJ..whether she love him or not.. his sister's problem was been put aside for a while because he wanting to know about SM..*promising to put lots of good words in for MJ *hahahah..

    About the tatoo..i thought it will be exposing in this episode but you, Faye unnie.. you make me wondering, what kind of tatoo is there..have to wait for another episode..PALI PALI..kekeke
    Before getting that tatoo, the scene is funny and kinda romantic between YJ and SM.. 🙂

    p/s : sorry for being late reading your amazing fanfic.. ^^..eagerly waiting to read more..3 more episode before Take 3 Part 2..*wink*..and sorry for my english..hahaha

    ~unnie..saranghae..lots of kisses and warm hugs for you.. ❤

    • awww, don’t worry dearest, I’m always here waiting for you 🙂 I hope you did great so far on your final and good luck with the rest! 😀 aww, I’m glad you kinda warm up to altSY a bit….this episode is really dedicated to her, I wanted to write more but time is very restricting so I have to truncate a few scenes but hoping it’s still as effective.

      Thank you for mentioning YJ & SM! hahaha I think everyone forgot about them because this episode is so conflictingly emotional from all three angles of MJ & SYs. HAHHA, yes, the tattoo revealing is coming but may not be in the next episode as it’s about SY’s facing her feelings with everyone around her.
      kikiki you’re counting the episodes until the Special Edition already?? *hugs* you’re too cute. I’ll see you back soon for the 35th epi 😉

      • Sincerely i’m are very happy to read if your fanfic is in more pages..its does’t feel boring at all..its make me wonder and keep suspend, what are you going to write..what he/she will react to this/that particular i said in lots of comment before, your description in each scene is flawless..*thumbs up*

        but i know that you also have your own wonderful life with your adorable son ❤ , friends, the time is make you write this story is already a blessing for us so no worries, unnie-ya..

        actually, this episode length is already enough for me..its still long. but for your writing's scale(11 outs of 10), long or not, its still effective..its still can make me, and also your fans here shed teary eyes.. 😥

        hee..of course i have to count it..hahaha..oh NO, if i count it, i might feel impatient..but if i'm not counting..hurm..also feel ottoke unnie??..what should i do??..or what should YOU do actually??..*you know what i mean, right??*..^^..PALI PALI PALI..kekeke

        p/s : note to myself..i should go study*wink* and pray hard to God to give you lots of amazing idea.. 🙂
        take your time and create a bombastic story, unnie Faye..
        Love yaa.. ❤

        ~hugssss you tighter~.. ❤

        • I ❤️ u my dongsaeng. Your presence means so much to unnie and especially your encouragement. A fan like yourself helps maintain the passionate writing flame in uri writer nim from dying down.

          You are just too cute that I just want to hug and squeeze the heck out of you hehehe

          Study hard alright? Get only A’s on your final. Don’t get tears like me huhuhu lol

          • Hehe..Thaoweo unnie, you want to squeeza me?? can’t..i’m quite huge for you to do so..haha..not really huge, but mybe a little bit .but not really*pretending not huge*kekeke..MYBE i can squezze you..hahaha..

            Thanks for you encouragement..hehe..please pray for me.. if i do not get all A’s, its ok. but i hope to pass all the taken subjects (actually passing the hardcore subject, its already enough for me..wink*..haha)

            Hugss and kissesss for you Thaoweo unnie.. ❤

  19. Hi hi dear writer-nim ^^ I’m finally going to comment. I wanted to comment sooner but I don’t have as much time as before.

    Before I start my appraisal, I would like to point out that writer-nim shouldn’t feel obligated to post an episode just because we’re expecting it. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer if that means I’m going to get a better edited fic with better dialogues and less mistakes. I did notice more mistakes and a less polished dialogue/story telling, than you usually present us with. I really don’t mind the wait. Part of the fun is to anxiously wait for the next episode.

    Wow, so much has happened in this episode. There is so much in my head. This episode gave me mixed feelings about the characters. I don’t know if I’m angry or sad or hurt or frustrated or annoyed. Maybe a bit of everything. I’m going to go scene by scene because there is so much that I want to say, so I’ll just do it in parts.

    In scene 4 writer-nim didn’t actually write their dialogue at the beach and skipped forward to a point where they already had the conversation. It is something that they do in dramas and it annoys me sometimes because they eliminate some of the tension and I feel that would be interesting to see.
    I’m quite surprised that DMJ told everything to AltCSY while in the drama he always withholds important information from her, keeping her in the dark. But I guess he couldn’t escape it any longer. I would also like to have seen how AltSY reacts to the revelation. Would it be the same way as SY? I would have liked to see the parallel between them. Would she react similarly to SY? Would she ask the same questions to DMJ and pinch his cheeks? I would have liked to see that for one simple reason. It would have made DMJ think about SY, recall those moments and give the reader the same sense its giving DMJ. The sense where he can no longer tell them apart. Maybe if there were more of those moments where AltSY says certain things that mirror SY, I would me more open to his confusion (cheating) but since they are so different, I can’t really forgive DMJ.
    But all things considered, I still like AltSY for who she is and I was surprised to see her accepting everything DMJ told her without any reservation. Not only that, she sees the other SY as herself. Is that her way of coping with the fact that she can’t have DMJ? Poor AltSY, she is living her love story through another woman. I felt so heartbroken for her when she was asking DMJ to tell more about SY in the other world.

    Scene 8 was the moment I was waiting for the most. The part where she gets the carpet all dirty was funny. I just don’t see why CSY can’t be up front about it. It was just an accident, she doesn’t have to hide it, like a child that did something wrong. It’s her house as well. Is it me or sometimes CSY acts too much like a child? Or maybe it’s DMJ that treats her like one?
    I found funny that CSY thought that was the place where DMJ hides his porn… ahahaha I laughed so much. I would never open that box without DMJ being present. I would probably make him open it and explain, but of course CSY had to open that can of worms. AltSY really wrote very detailed letters didn’t she? Really deep love letters. I wonder how much of those letters did she read. I liked the part where she reads about the kisses he gave AltSY and tears just start falling down her face… that part made me so incredibly sad and anguished for her.
    Now the next part where they start arguing, that made me a bit frustrated and angry. Maybe it is because she is pregnant and her hormones are all over the place, but it looked more like she was throwing a tantrum like a spoiled child who had her toy taken, than an adult. I would have demanded an explanation or just left. But of course, as we know, CSY can’t hide her feelings so she just exploded. But what made me angry was DMJ. Did he really say “ it’s not like what you think” ? Well, I’m pretty sure it is what she thinks. So does DMJ really think he’s going to sweet talk her again? Was it just me or was he perfectly calm while she was screaming and crying? She discovers about his affair and all he can think is how “she looks so damn adorable whenever she’s angry with him”. What the fudge??? He is belittling and minimizing her pain like she’s exaggerating it all?
    Then YJ comes in to defend his sister. At first I was glad because DMJ really needs a beating. Then DMJ starts to explain and his excuse is that “ The other woman is your sister”?? What the fudge DMJ??? You think that’s gonna stick? How is that going to go?

    MJ: SY, it wasn’t cheating because it was an alternate version of you.
    SY: Oh Ok! In that case all is forgiven because she was me.
    MJ: Yes exactly! Like a twin clone version of you but with different personality.
    SY: Yes it is understandable, it was my twin, you got confused. No harm done.
    Really DMJ???

    I really don’t know what DMJ could have possibly have told YJ, that he was no longer angry and wanted to know about AltSM instead. Really YJ? Really?? And DMJ wants YJ to be the one to talk to SY and explain? And put a good word? DMJ, how much of a coward can you possibly get?
    What a disaster. I’m hoping to see a more calm SY in later episodes. Even though CSY gets crazy sometimes, she always had the most insightful dialogues while talking and reaching out to DMJ, in the drama. I want to see more of that SY in the future. As we know from the drama, she never had much experience with relationships, but I think that some things like, don’t lie, don’t cheat and don’t break your promises are common sense in every relationship. DMJ on the other hand, even though he’s an alien he is well versed in human behaviour, so he should know better. I guess theory does not always apply to reality. I’m appalled at DMJ’s actions, I really am.

    Scene 9 was one of the most funniest ever. Ahahaha poor SM, she is so confused with what happened and the whole tattoo fiasco. She thought she could remove it right away poor thing. Wait a little, maybe you’ll keep it girl 😀 I could totally see something like that happening in a drama.

    Scene 15 was my favourite scene and also the most hard to read. So many flashbacks happening in succession. Finally writer-nim brought us back to where you started telling AltSY’s story. We’ve reached full circle on the alternate world. AltSY is a character I came to like very much even though I see her as a shadow hanging over uri couple’s happiness. I’m glad she finally took a stand and grabbed control of her life. Maybe not much of a happy life, but she still did it. She fought back, much like SY did when she lost everything. I like the part where DMJ goes to her parents house for a meal. I was hoping for more parallels between AltSY and SY but that didn’t happen. And that brings us to the part where she shows up at DMJ’s place. At first I thought she was going to ask him to stay with her just like SY does, and that would have been a nice parallel, but she does much worse. She asks to spend time with DMJ as if she was the other SY. Omg, she really doesn’t have any shred of self respect does she… that request made me feel so sorry for her fate. She knows that she can’t have him, so she stoops this low to the point of alienating herself, and uses it as an excuse to ask DMJ to be unfaithful. Is she that desperate for a little love, that she believes DMJ wouldn’t love her for who she is, she has to pretend to be the other one. Is she that desperate for him, she would say such idiotic things like it’s not cheating? Hate to break it to you dear, but it is. DMJ said no and that made me temporally relieved. But then he goes after her and what he did next just made no sense to me. Yeah, ok, he could have granted her wish but not in a romantic way. Yes, lets spend sometime together, but our relationship can’t progress to what you would wish it to be. Since DMJ was clear that they were 2 different people it made no sense to me that he would kiss her like that. The line that he crossed was not out of confusion, it was a choice he made being full aware of who she was. He kissed AltSY and lived with AltSY as herself, not SY. SY would never need a piano. He crossed the line and he knows it. Not sure he evens feels guilty or remorseful. He said he didn’t want to lose her, but in doing so he is going to lose more. I want to stab him repeatedly in both eyes 🙂
    MJ and AltSY have really sweet times together and finally a parallel 😀 The conversation about the 7 babies and the roof and walls. I find interesting how DMJ talks to AltSY as SY and the way that she talks and plans as if she were her, while neither of them are really believing it. She is desperately trying to be happy even if that happiness will be in the idea that somewhere, some place, another version of her is living her dreams.
    And then finally we have their goodbye scene. It was so sad and heartbreaking much like the balcony scene. One thing I didn’t like, was how you make the Red Carpet Scene seem cheap and fake. We have SY waiting all these years for him, but here we just see DMJ leaving AltSY’s arms to go kiss SY and returning to AltSY embrace again. What the fudge? If DMJ sees them both as one, then he wasn’t really missing her at that red carpet kiss was he? So why did he go back? He didn’t really have to. Aren’t they the same? DMJ could have stayed. AltSY fully accepts him and doesn’t think he’s cheating. Then why did he go to SY? Yes he did promise to return to her, but he made a mess of everything while trying. Everything he said and promised, looks tainted and broken now.
    Even though I don’t want AltSY around, I feel sorry for her the most. In her last moments together she tried to take his guilt away by asking him to forget her and to concentrate only on SY because they are one and the same. Once again she alienates herself. Oh my poor heart ;_;

    MJ: I promise when I get back home I will love only you, we will marry, and we will live happily together, I promise.

    Once again we have DMJ making promises he can’t keep. I hated DMJ so much in this episode. He gives more credit to AltSY than he ever gave SY. I pity SY, she is being kept in the dark as always. I find troubling the way DMJ treats her. He once again didn’t allow her the opportunity to decide for herself. Bottom line, DMJ has no excuse. SY isn’t that fragile. She doesn’t need to always be protected from things. As dumb as she may seem about trivial things, she isn’t ignorant.
    If DMJ came to me with such a lame excuse as “she’s you” I would send him to her then. “She’s the me that accepts your lying, cheating ass, then go to her and be happy. Maybe an AltDMJ comes through a wormhole and he’s more faithful than you. And since he is technically “you”, then you wouldn’t be jealous right? You’d be totally cool with it.” There is no way in hell, DMJ would tolerate something like that xD

    At this point there is nothing that can come out of DMJ’s mouth that would make me forgive him, and that is why I eagerly await the next episodes to know what is going to happen that could possibly change that ^___^

    Safiresea Fighting!

    • Hi Misai! great long read as always 😉 yes I know…I shouldn’t be swayed by readers but sometimes I do, lol….you might be ok with waiting but poor poor certain someones who updated this page on an hourly bases looking for this episode for days on end. I know it could have been a little bit better but overall I’m not unhappy with it so if it’s about editing, I think all my episodes could use it, lol. After all great scripts requires days/hours/weeks/months/and even years to be marinated, changed and edited until just right, until the time of publication. This, however, is really for entertainment fun and within a deadline period as people are waiting for this on a weekly bases so I really don’t have that luxury of waiting around until my head come up with more cleaver things to say or better way to give the character interaction…it’s not a book but an online published chapter releasing in short time intervals. I’m also very anxious to finish up this whole Season continuum, hahaha…you guys might love it but it’s dragging my life down, I love writing it but I do spend way too much time on something that’s not benefiting me in the least and I just don’t have that kind of luxury right now 😦 no man to provide for me so…I’m preoccupied with baby and thinking of how to make money to survive hahha. Sorry went on a random tangent there.

      As for the scene you were missing of him confessing/dealing with altSY…sorry I skip it. Honestly, I have in my head so much thing to cover I didn’t think this was necessary…I have to cram a lot in this episode and even then I still feel like I didn’t write enough or as much as I wanted to but yes I have to truncate things shorter and to the point and maybe that might of missed out on certain feelings. Sawry chingu *bow down* you do have a point, I would have like to draw a parrallel line between them…then again I do want individualism to altSY, I don’t want her to be SY’s shadow.
      And yes, that is how she cope…I think the way her life is, it’s just such a relief for her to believe that there’s more to what she’s experiencing and it’s easier for her to be more accepting as she’s not the one in the relationship with him and therefore doesn’t necessarily have that “cheated” and “lied” to feelings that’s more rightly bestow upon regular SY. To her, he’s just the man she loved and now she clearly understand why she does so blindly and unconditionally…why because they are linked even before she meet him!

      Hahah, scene 8 about her spilling it, I think she’s naturally clumsy like that and probably broke a lot of things in the house (and burn a lot of things while cooking too!) I don’t think hiding it is out of genuine fear but more of funny escape she’d rather avoid. HHAHA, SY is like a child sometimes but she also have her serious womanly moments, she’s multifaceted it like that..even in the show 🙂 As for YJ, I didn’t want to take a serious route with him…men thinks a lot alike and to know SY is the supposedly other woman is enough to pacify him…it’s not like it’s a different woman and it’s not like he’s doing it while they are married (at least in my head that’s what he would think, I hang out with too much men before so I think less complicatedly like a man, lol, women is very emotional over the slightest thing hahaha) on top of which he have his own budding romance his mind is occupied with 😉

      Haha, diff people see differently I suppose. And yes SY reaction have a lot to do with her pregnancy, not sure if you’re ever pregnant but you’re emotion is highly volatile at that time, even being at “childish” levels (I experience some myself even though I’m usually a very calm cool person…you throw things you curse, tantrum, or be more depress then you normally would etc). As for MJ, I don’t think the magnitude of it had hit home yet…and also a part of him (probably a part he doesn’t even realize) have prepared for this moment (recall back to his conversation with Jin Sunhee, he sorta “knew” this day would come) but you’ll get more of their actions and reaction on the next episode as this one is more for altSY.
      SM scene, I’m glad you found it funny, trying to diffuse some drama here, lol as well as developing SM & YJ relation.

      Ahh, altSY, well…her love life is pathetic, and she knew it too. At a point in her life where she probably doesn’t know yet how to fix it either. She knows full well she’s not going to get him being who she is, a married/separated SY and knowing he can leave any moment…that is her last desperate attempt at having a piece of him I suppose. As for MJ, he fight a good fight, lol, but he’s still just a man/alien. when she left so abruptly without him knowing where she went, he might have gone a little *kuku* in the head, hahahaha and when you have all that pent up emotion of three years holding it in check…well, it burst like a dam out of control.
      You’re right about the RCK, lol, I did do a lot of debating should I or shouldn’t I…should I be reserve and not risk it or should I go with what my gut feeling of how I want the story to be; more controversy, more drama, more angst, more thought provoking…I guess I went with the daring side! HAHAHHA. As much as he had accepted altSY for who she is and who she isn’t, he knows full well he doesn’t belong there so I think getting back to SY had never change even if he had laid down his defenses towards the altSY. I think the hug he gave her after he got back was more of an “I’m sorry” hug…it’s like they both know at that point that it’s officially over between them. Once he had contact with SY, their relationship (MJ & altSY) cannot sustain itself any longer and that is why he left her early before the month ends.
      Hmmmm…I don’t think you see it on MJ’s side but rather SY’s side….which is fine….but I rather think it’s not that he belittle her, or have no trust in her or anything like that….his actions is more about himself. He’s AFRAID, and he acted a lot out of fear…one shouldn’t act out of fear because that’s where trouble comes in but it’s a lesson he’ll have to learn as this is the first time in his life he’s afraid of anything. The only thing he’s afraid of is loosing her and he would do whatever it takes, subconsciously or consciously to avoid that.
      Well, you can wait…but it’s highly unlikely that it’s something coming from his mouth….perhaps more from others. In season 1 he might be the one that saves her frequently and be the hero, but he’s not going to be the hero in my season 2………..even the hero needs saving sometimes so let’s see who have that honor of saving DMJ this time around 😉 altSY? SY? baby Jin Sunhee? YJ? Ahnya? SY’s parents? SM? Lawyer Jang? HK? …..or maybe it’ll take all of them to save MJ one way or another 😀

      • I see your points dear and I won’t ask for DMJ’s head………. yet! Save DMJ? ha! I hope he gets a clue. Song Yi-ah! don’t you let him sweet talk you again!
        Yeah I expect as much. DMJ really messed up this time, so now he’s the one that needs help. I’m looking forward to that. (but first he must pay *cracks knuckles* ) I have a few theories in my head already, but I won’t share them. If I’m right, its like I’m spoiling myself xD
        Dear, take care of yourself. Your personal life is more important. I’m sure we don’t mind waiting another extra day or two for an episode. Fighting!

  20. 1. After read this episode why I still hate altSY, feel DMJ have an affair with another woman, betrayed our SY. grrrrr
    2. @altSY: DMJ only for SY ( take care ur health spin the ring hahaha )
    3. @DMJ: I’ll forgive you if you only choose SY be the one beloved. Do you hear me? Huh? Huh? After that red carpet kiss, DMJ.. you kiss SY and then you hug altSY whoa.. whoa.. how dare you?
    4. @safiresea; I read one of ur comment ‘No worries, you’ll see altSY again, her role is not done’. Why? I hope im not see altSY again. I have a feel you will make SY & altSY meet each other. It’s scare me, SY vs altSY ( CMIIW 😉 ..)

    keep calm to next episide, but when it release?

    • HAHHAHAHA…I feel sorry that you’re so dead set against altSY, lol….because without her SY & MJ & baby relationship will be lost 😉 and yes, brace yourself, altSY is gonna be back.

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