An MV of DMJ/KSH/Zam & CSY/JJH/Yen to Warm the Soul



Below is another wonderful MV to sit, watch, drool over, and ship our OTP.  You’ll see all of KSH/Zam/DMJ confessions all in one place and lots of great BTS of MLFAS as well as the Thieves.  There are talking parts as well during their press conference and what they say to each other, oh and of course Baeksang Award night, can’t miss that!  So really, can’t get any better than this.  Well, maybe it’ll be better if instead of Chinese sub during the parts where they talk if they can also do English then it’ll be perfect.  Am I asking too much? lol, sawry.  The Chinese song in the background sounds quite romantic as well but I don’t exactly know what it means.  Anyways, enjoy it guys *tears* why they look so good together huh?

Oh, if you watch this video in Youtube you can read the English sub in comments…if not you can look below here, the uploader Danbo Lai did the translation as well so I copy it down here for you 🙂

0:00 – 0:20: kim soo hyun said “I love you” in the movie and in the drama.

0:53 – 1:13: the question is how do you feel that to work with Jeon ji Hyun again? kim soo hyun said “the difference is that last time Jeon ji Hyun sang bei was not married but now she is married. Yes, this is the difference. I will do my best (or I will work hard).”

1:45 – 1:50 Jeon ji Hyun said “Why? What happened? Is that because you like me?”

2:40 – 2:47 Question is “what do you think makes the drama so popular?” kim soo hyun said ”I think it is because that Jeon Ji Hyun sang bei come back to drama. ”

2:48 – 2:58 kim soo hyun said “The frozen lake kiss in the drama is worth to watch.”

9 responses to “An MV of DMJ/KSH/Zam & CSY/JJH/Yen to Warm the Soul

  1. I hope my comment this time will not appeared in 1 striaght line…

    Faye.. sorry i wouldnt be able to participate the quiz..

    Be taking my kids for short holiday.. cameron highland. Pahang. malaysia..
    Google if you want to see the place

  2. Awww… What a sweet MV 🙂
    But why JJH said “Why? What happened? Is that because you like me?” I dont understand 😀

    • you know Kisohn, I’m not sure where that is in the video either…the editor might have edit that out and didn’t realize it but i think that’s JJH’s reply to KSH when he conflictedly said what’s different was that she was single, now she’s not…lol so she’s playfully prodding him why he’s say that and if he like her…why else would you mention her marital status? lol

  3. Great MV! Thanks for sharing it with us, Faye.
    The song in the background is actually quite sad. If I did not interpret wrongly, the guy is describing how he feels after a breakup. However, he wants to remember his ex-girlfriend and keep her in a special space in his heart.
    At the end of the MV, the creator highlighted that the background song is not a sad song. Instead of focusing on the breakup, the lyrics highlights the special relationship between KSH & JJH – how they appreciate each other’s talent and friendship, as well as how each of them would have a special space in their hearts for each other….

    • ohhh really? so are you Chinese then or can read/hear interpret Chinese? awww, well I prefer if it’s not a breakup song at all though, haha but it sounds nice 😀 I’m sure KSH & JJH will always have a place in their heart for each other 😉

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