NEWS: Following The Bread Crumbs Of My Fan Fiction




So recently I relented and created a facebook page for MLFAS even though I’m not an active facebook person…I guess I’m putting a little more effort into this in case I can make something out of it.  Here’s the link:

My reason for doing this when I have a perfectly good website?
1. I didn’t realize there’s a whole different group of people that only reside in Facebook! (more expansion for me)
2. I wanted to like all the MLFAS/KSH/JJH Facebook pages but didn’t want to use my personal page as none of my friends know what that is, lol.
3. I realize that people is putting my fan-fic up on their facebook page which is great and fine by me…but it’s getting lost in all other posts and people kept asking where’s this episodes and that episodes which makes it really hard for them to find.
4. Because I’m hoping to one day solicit SBS/Director/Writer/Actors to looking into my script as a starting base and maybe let me work with them  haha tall dream but why the heck not? So it would help if I have a strong crowd/fan base to back me up in facebook as well as website.
Remember that the ubber popular movie starting our own goddess JJH, “My Sassy Girl” was base on an internet blogger talking about his relationship,  sooooo anything can happen right?
So please, if you have a facebook account, come on and like the page and spread the words if you can, thanks!



I haven’t noted here before but I also listed my fan fiction on, though as of right now only excerpt are listed on there and not the full episodes.  Some of you who’s reading this might even come from there, so I have to thank this site for some of my traffic.  I’m thinking of posting the full story there soon though.  I’m not really active but yah!  I got 37 subscribers so far 🙂  It’s not updated as soon as this website so you guys are better to just hang around here.  Though I heard once in a while this site can give a little problem, if so you can go to any of these other sources for the read.






This is another popular fan fiction site that I listed the story on,  Again, right now it only have excerpt on there but if I”m going to list the full story for Asianfanfics then I will do the same for this site as well.  Again, a shout out to this site as some of you might have come from there.



Next schedule on my list, I will look into Wattpad as per one of my reader’s recommendation 🙂


12 responses to “NEWS: Following The Bread Crumbs Of My Fan Fiction

  1. Wow you are expending your territory now huh unnie hihihi. I hope your dream will come true! Fighting!!

    • well, lol, you can’t sit on your butt and expect something to happen right? The most we do is try and let the rest be in god’s hands 🙂 …..and I’m always looking for improvement.

      • Yea so true, dream only comes true when we work hard for it. Again, I congratulate you on your fb launch. Only 2 days and it’s fast approaching 2000 likes 👏🎉. Fighting!! 🙂

        Still I love this place the most, it’s where everything started, me getting to know you… It’s home 🏡🌠 From not liking/ paying much attention to your posts on soompi to become your diehard fan lol… Yea, it’s been quite a journey with so many heartwarming memories… ☺️ I’m glad I found you, unnie ❤️. And I’m so proud of you *cries*

        • yeah, lol though I think it’s gonna be around there or so, it slow down considerably…oh well. YES! this place is home so don’t go anywhere too far 😉 I’m gonna spruce up this site soon with many more great features you wait….I have to finish a website right now since it’s paid gig but I’ll be back haha.
          *GASP* you didn’t like me before!?!?!? *huhuhu, let me go in a corner and cry* lol
          awwww, I’m glad you found me too. thanks for writing those long, funny insightful comments which caught my attention 🙂 and now we are friends! 😀

  2. wow, tx a lot, i really appreciate how you want to please your readers…
    keep it up! i’ll always following you, can i?

  3. I like your script, I previously thought it was the author who wrote the
    original MLFAS …I’ll following every episode…now I already read until eps 30….
    Thanks for ur imagination…it makes me and fans of jjh n ksh as if we watching n follow their lives,thanks so much 😀

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